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Hello folks, It is my dearest wish that your brains have not yet fried themselves to crisps due to over-use as a result of your impending assignments. Just keep your heads down and get them done and you’ll be just fine. Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves though, that’s what we’re here for. In the last issue of Griffiti Anders Behring Breivik the terrorist responsible for the attacks in Norway’s name was misspelled ‘Andreas’. Apologies, I must not have thought him worth the effort of sub editing. A shinny new Griffiti for you here though, packed with all the events of the last month along with the thoughts and opinions of some of our best and brightest. I am nothing if not delighted with the amount of content that is being produced by the students here this year. Please, keep up the good work and remember “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.” (Zig Ziglar) So sit down, produce some content and send it in. It all starts here! And, of course, if you ever want to have a chat about something you are interested getting in to the mag, do not hesitate for a moment to call into the SU and have a chat about it, that’s why I’m here. Having a great year so far, by the way. Hope you all are too! Now, read on to your heart’s content. Ian Donegan, Managing Editor.

Contents State of the Union 4 Find out what’s been going on in the SU over the past month Events 8 The Halloween Ball Relive the horror 10 Road Rage 101 The SU’s Go Karting Trip 12 Party People Can you see yourself? 14

A Hollywood Affair Griffith’s very first Graduation Ball

Features 17 What is there to do in Dublin...While Sober? 19 Movember Why’s everyone got moustaches? 20 Women in the Media A counterstatment to last issue’s article ‘I want to be like you.’ 23

Griffiti at the Movies


The Genuine Article

State of the Union SU President, Rain Aly

Email: Tel: 01 4150 418 Mob: 087 6905 622

Hi there, Most of you went home for assignment week and rest of you have spent your time getting your assignments done. I hope all of you will have finished them by the end of next week so you will manage some more time to relax before the exams. The graduation ceremonies took place in the Auditorium on the10th and 11th of November during assignment week and later on Friday night we had the Graduation Ball. This was a great event for all who were graduating and their friends and families but you can read a lot more about that further on in the magazine. Congratulations to those who graduated and best of luck to you all in your future careers. I would like to congratulate Ian Donegan, Vice President of our SU team on his graduation. The Halloween Ball was a great night for all. Almost five hundred and fifty students attended. The winner of Best Costume was Stan Harding. Congratulations Stan on your terrifying costume. The next day we had the SU hangover day. This involved students who wanted to relax after a very long night by watching scary movies in the SU. We had our first Student Council meeting on Monday 24th of October. We discussed running a survey for a later library closing time. This survey is aimed at students who would like a place to study in college during later hours than 9:30pm. We have introduced several new Wii games to the SU including ‘Mario Sports Mix’, ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Wii Music’. So if you feel like passing some time drop into the SU and have a go on them. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Pinhead’s Pizza for giving the Students’ of Griffith College the two for one deal. If you buy any pizza at Pinhead’s you get another one free! I would like to congratulate Niall Quinn and Jerome Fossier who both came first in their groups in Go Karting. This was a great event and sold out very quickly. Our trip to Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens was one week later and a fantastic day was had by all. It was the Discovery Trip in miniature but no less fun. Our upcoming events include our Skiing and Snowboarding Trip and The Christmas Ball. Skiing and Snowboarding is on the 24th of November and is filling up fast, if you want to go sign up in the SU as soon as you can. You will be provided with equipment so don’t worry if you don’t have a snowboard lying around. It costs €15 if you have your SU Membership Card and €20 if you don’t. Speaking of snow, we also have the Christmas Ball coming up. I’m not going to say much now but this is one event that you do not want to miss, It is going to be golden! You may have noticed that we have sprouted moustaches in the SU. This is for Movember, the charity for men’s health, particularly Prostate cancer. Please, feel free to donate to the cause in the SU. It is a great cause and a lot of fun. Well, I think that’s enough from me. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves so far this year and rest assured, we are only getting started. Seen you soon, Bye!


Email: Tel: 01 4150 460 Mob: 085 1191 317

State of the Union SU Clubs and Socities Officer, Shane Ronan-Duggan

Hey guys, We have another month over and done with. Another action packed one too with Halloween and then assignment week. The Halloween Ball was a great success with loads of you putting in a great effort to get dressed up. I do not even know what I was supposed to be to be honest. I am sure everyone’s heads have melted now at this stage with the work load that’s coming in. So why not pop over to the Students’ Union to play a game of pool or the Wii to help relax. Also, its Movember this month and all of us in the SU are taking part. So why not donate to either myself, Ian or Rain for a really worthy cause against prostate cancer. I will be rocking a wonderful handle bar moustache in no time to help promote this cause. In clubs and societies it was a busy month with many things going on.


Rugby training has been going solid lately and more and more numbers are turning up for training. Get yourself out to training every Wednesday 5.30-7.30pm in the Iveagh Grounds to experience it for yourself.


This month saw our soccer team pick up its first win with a 5-2 victory over Dun Laoghaire FE. If you think your good enough for the team training takes place every Friday at 2.00pm in the Iveagh Grounds.


Salsa is going from strength to strength in the college. With a class full of women I am shocked more men haven’t picked up on this opportunity to learn some new dance skills and learn some new numbers, as in one, two, three of course.

Rock and Roll Dancing

Another one of the dance classes that is on the up. Rock and Roll’s numbers are on the up every week so get out to the next class to learn some new skills and impress your friends with on the dance floor.


We had our second major poker tournament of the year in the Headline bar. This time Vedad Hedovic came out as champion. Can someone beat him next time? Stay in the loop to hear about the next poker tournament which will be happening very soon. Ahead of us this month we have the first ever Ski trip. At the price of only €15 with a students’ union membership card you would be mad to miss it. So pop into the SU to sign your name up for it soon as places are limited. Our Go-Karting trip was such a success it’s hard to see how there would be spaces for the skiing being around for much longer. As always guys, if you have any questions at all pop into the SU and talk to me or you can drop me an email to su.sports@ Until next time good luck with the assignments and oh yea, the exams coming up soon. Bye for now.


State of the Union Carole Wardlaw, Student Counsellor

Email: carolewardlaw@hotmail. com Mob: 087 9729 335

I am writing this on Remembrance Day, where many people from many parts of the world cease all activity and pause to remember those who have fought in wars all over the world. Many millions never returned and many who did return have had to carry the emotional and physical scars throughout the remainder of their lives. Watching the various ceremonies on television today brought a tear to my eye. It is a strange thing, that we can connect with humanity and feel sorrow, even in situations we have never personally experienced. It is heartwarming to see so many people, young and old, bowing in silence and respectfully remembering those who suffered and died for their country. It makes me wonder today for who the present young generation will remember and pause with respect and gratitude in years to come? Older people may look at world leaders such as Churchill, Kennedy and Gorbachev. My time in college studying the political world was the era of the Cold War. We learned about the Cuban Missile Crisis and brinkmanship. We learned about Communism and Pravda. Of course, we didn’t really know what life was like for those living under communist rule, but we were fascinated by the Hollywood version of the Cold War. As such, it was momentous when the Berlin Wall came down with the ensuing fall of communism in Eastern Europe. The Iron Curtain was no longer there. In recent times, I have travelled to Berlin and Prague on several trips. In these cities I look at the people and wonder what are their memories? They have their heroes, and their young people have recent memories of how life has changed. Glancing at today’s newspaper, it is hard to imagine who may emerge as the heroes for this generation? Will the new President of Ireland be someone to remember fondly and with admiration in years to come? Will YOU be a name that people remember fondly? What impact are you going to make on the world in your lifetime? What influence for good are you going to create? We have just witnessed in Ireland what can happen to people when they lose touch with their humanity. So many people ran with the goldrush to increase their wealth, and the circle of humanity and goodness was broken. Thankfully, it can be repaired and many in Ireland today are working hard to pick up the broken pieces and put them together again. In years to come we will remember names of bankers and developers, but not with respect, fondness or gratitude. Today’s generation is more likely to remember the names from technology and sport. When I was younger there was no shortage of causes to march and protest about. There was CND, Save the Whales, abortion, divorce, women’s rights. Some of the old battles continue, some were lost and some were won. It was with great interest last Sunday I listened to Miriam O Callaghan interviewing Nell McCafferty and Margaret McCurtain, two formidable voices from the past. These are women whose voices should indeed be remembered. They along with many other women of their time fought many battles in Ireland in the cause of rights for women. In my work as a lifecoach, I work with the goals people set for themselves and encourage them to take the action needed to realise their goal. It was Maya Angelou who said that people will forget what you said and did, but not how you made them feel. You would not be human if you have suddenly become aware of how you have failed to deliver your best self in this regard. The good news is that you can start afresh. We are all part of humanity. We will mix with people all our lives, and impact for good or bad on many hundreds of individuals. How will we be remembered as a son/daughter, brother/sister, wife/husband, boss/employee, father/mother? Challenge yourself to write down your intentions for all of these. I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED AS... Don’t be hard on yourself where you feel you haven’t measured up in the past. These are your INTENTIONS for the future. Be remembered for being the best you could be!


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The Halloween Monster Ball

A huge effort is made every year by both students and the SU alike when it comes to Halloween. But it has to be said that this years Halloween Ball was a step above any we have seen before at this College. A terrifying sight dominated the front of the SU on October 26th 2011. A gruesome hoard of Ghosts, Goblins, Pirates, Robots, Mimes, Hulks, Zombies, Nurses, Zombie Nurses, Black Swans, Tigers, Skeletons, Little Red Riding Hoods and Super Mario Brothers were but a few among them. This fierce crowd were the attendees of the Griffith College Students’ Union Halloween Monster Ball. You could hear the banter and the craic all the way from the Accommodation Buildings. Everyone was in flying form


and eager to get this horrifying show on the road. But they had their instructions: “Meet at the SU at 10pm.” They waited. 10pm came and went. 10:10pm….10:20pm. The crowd grew restless. There was banging on the front door and many shouts from inpatient party-hungry monstrosities for the SU team to hurry up. Then the door opened and out stepped BeetleJuice, a dead Michael Jackson, a Monk and a…..whatever Shane RonanDuggan was supposed to be,

Miami Vice or a salesman or something. Beetlejuice aka Ian Donegan, shouted for the crowd’s attention for a group photo but his roar was nothing compared to that of the flames that had just issued from the left hand side of the SU Building. Two beautiful women had just appeared breathing fire and performing a number of other impressive acts for the stunned crowd. Students crowded around them, both impressed and warmed up by the huge bursts of flames they spat high into the air. Security appeared muttering something about ‘Health and Saftey’ bless their hearts but the girls had finished at that point. Moments later, the residence of Dublin City were being stunned by our crowd

of misfits, 300 strong, marching purposefully towards the city centre and The Kitchen Nightclub. We arrived without incident (I swear) at the club owned by the internationally famous band, U2. Every SU event this year has been a success but The Halloween Ball was on a different level altogether. Five hundred and fifty people had arrived at the club by midnight, indeed, you could not go to the bar, dance floor, smoking room or even the toilets without running into some of your favourite Griffitians. The fire-breathers returned a little way in to the night, this time carrying a six foot long snake they were happy to let people touch and take photos with. Soon, however, they

Events Paul McCormack stood upon the DJ box and informed us thus: Best Costume: Stan Harding as The Man with a Zip for a Face Worst Dressed: Tony O Connell as Tony O Connell

We danced, talked and enjoyed our night for a long time after that. Then, that was it for another year. The Halloween Monster Ball was, if you’ll pardon the pun, a screaming success that left no student in any doubt that The Christmas Ball was going to be just as much

of a treat, and hey, it’s not that far off.

Best Duo: Sean Towlie Kennedy and Jordan Donnelly:Two (ahem) beautiful Women. Stan Harding, Winner of Best Costume were up on the DJ box dancing and breathing fire again to everyone’s renewed delight. Then, came the moment everyone had been waiting for. The announcement of the winner of Best Costume, Worst Costume, etc. The Monk aka

‘How did you even get passed Security wearing that?’: Lee Synnott as A lady of the night. The Winners were treated to Champagne in the VIP area where they were allowed to feel better than everybody else for a short time.

Speaking of dressing up, have you got your Griffith College Hoodie yet?

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Road Rage 101


busload of 79 students left Griffith at 4:30pm on November 4th 2011. Their destination: Kylemore Indoor Go Karting, where many of them would realise their lust for the screech of tires going round the hairpin and the smell of burning rubber. We arrived and were immediately treated to a video on safety while on the track. Having been indoctrinated to NOT put our legs outside of the Kart, NOT to come in contact with any other Kart (“This is not a contact sport!�) and to STOP when we saw the checkered flag we were given our gear. Once everyone was equipped with their race jackets, gloves and helmet the mood changed somewhat. Where an hour ago you would have seen a group of happy-go-lucky students out for a nice trip, now Kylemore was playing host to a speed hungry lot, each one determined to be faster than anyone else.

As we were such a big group we were split into two groups. The two tracks were of similar length and shape. Each race contained four drivers who began half way up the straight. When the light turned green and a mad scramble would ensue, each person trying to be the first to that first bend, if you made it first you had a huge advantage for the rest of the race as you were the Kart that had to be overtaken for anyone to go any faster than you. Negotiating turns and avoiding understeer, the drivers battled for three laps each race before returning to the pit laughing and discussing their times. Despite our very precise and succinct introductory safety video the tournament was not without incident. Particularly around the hairpin, the tightest corner by far on the track. More than a handful of times a driver, falling vic-

tim to under-steer or crashing into a wall, would stop dead while going around the treacherous bend. As everyone was driving in such close quarters this often culminated in a mini pile-up and many shouts of anger from students experiencing their first bout of road-rage. Everyone got a total of four races around the track, then it came down to the final 18. Now racing six at a time, the pros were allowed to floor the karts among each other. The tracks endure the wrath of our tires for a total of four hours. By which time we had established the winners from both tournaments.

Group A 1.Niall Quinn 2.Benjamin Schalko 3.Max Krassel 4.Martins Strobinders 5.Mahammed Al-Dehneem


Group B 1 Jerome.Fossier 2.Jean William 3.Jochen Trastel 4.Luka Miodrag 5.Ian Fleming Niall Quinn, Winner of Group A

Jerome Fossier, Winner of Group Bw


Screw Vegas, Let’s do Glendalough

John Berrill went along to the SU’s trip to Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens in Wicklow. Here’s how he felt about the experience.


h, Glendalough; I believe the direct translation is ‘a big hill with two bigger puddles’, that, or ‘Glen of two lakes…’ I was never any good at Irish. Regardless of what Glendalough means, I can tell you this – it’s hilly, it’s long and it’s a rain magnet, (not the SU president, but the rain that would ruin a picnic... the wet kind) On Friday, the 11th of November, 43 Griffith students went on a trip to Glendalough and I’m happy to say that all the students made it home, too. Although it rained (a lot), the weather did not take away from the day. In fact, I think the rain added to it; it helped the waterfalls of the glen flow, made the rivers and streams swell and the rain clouds tumbled across the hills. Things that wouldn’t happen if it was a bone dry day. Along the path to the lakes is the old monastery that is complete with a graveyard and round tower. Although I found it creepy, it cannot be denied that it was beautiful (as beautiful as ruins and tombstones can be). The round tower overlooked the ruins and headstones and was all very eye catching, to say the least. One thing I will say is that we Irish don’t really appreciate the beauty of our landscape. On the day where I saw rain, clouds and general gloominess, the students (who were from all over the world) saw a “picturesque glacial valley” “beautiful architecture” and a “snap shot of Irelands beauty”. From Glendalough we moved onto Powerscourt Gardens. Two things spring to mind when I think about Powerscourt; food and om–nom-nom-nom!

By the time we arrived at Powerscourt Gardens we all had only one thing on our minds, and that was to go eat. Oh, and did we eat! We ate like kings and queens! The food was fresh (apparently all is produced on site) and the desserts would be worth losing your toes to diabetes. The pavalova was the size of a child’s head and as fluffy as a cloud. If heaven is edible, it should be made out of Powerscourt pavalova! Although the food was amazing, it was not the main attraction of Powerscourt Gardens… it was, in fact, its

gardens that it’s famous for (go figure). The sweeping staircase led to a walled garden that gave the illusion that it was infinite. Dotted throughout the garden were fishponds, grottos, terraces and statues. Powerscourt garden was a prime example of luxury. In an ordinary house you may have a small pond, a green house, a flowerbed and a spot at the end of the garden where you might have buried a pet dog or gold fish or two. In Powerscourt they have two main ponds, with beautiful water features that spurt water at a height of at least 15 meters, instead of flowerbeds that have whole separate gardens such as the Italian garden and the Japanese garden.

Remember that spot at the end of the garden for your beloved dead pets? Well, in Powerscourt they have a whole pet cemetery (the largest in Ireland) that houses dogs, horses and the ever-faithful family cow. After visiting both Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of the students fell asleep on the bus journey home.You’d be tired too after running around mountains and gardens all day. The general feeling on the journey home was that all the students enjoyed themselves. Everyone was wrecked and well fed. We all got to experience a true Irish day out (as in one where you get soaked and probably develop trench foot). Also, we got to see what Ireland looks like outside the city, which is always a treat. Beautiful is a word that is tossed around too lightly these days; in fact, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used it to describe both Powerscourt Gardens and Glendalough, but it is the only word that gives these areas any justice.To put it simply, that small corner of the country is awe-inspiring. As a student on the trip said, “Coming to Ireland, I visited many wonderful parts. They were all lovely. But coming here to Wicklow is just gorgeous!”


y t r a e P l p o e P

A Hollywood Affair Griffith College’s very first Graduation Ball was a



he Graduation Ball, the first of its kind at Griffith College took place on Friday November 11th 2011. It came about as every year after students have graduated the split into countless groups and enjoy their nights separately. Although everyone is always delighted to see the friends they spent their college years with again, it was decided that everyone would have an infinitely better time if we all celebrated the night together. This notion was extremely accurate. The theme of the ball was ‘A Hollywood Affaire’. Already it was looking like a good night. An enormous effort was put into the planning of the night. While you may associate a ball with a dinner and some dancing afterwards, this particular event involved far more than just that. At 7:30pm we arrived at the Regency hotel, one of the nicest I have ever been in. Guests were treated to a champagne reception, completely free. The ice cold bubbly was just what everyone needed to kick off the night. Dinner was not until 9:30pm but no one was bored or wondering what to do with themselves, everyone was delighted to see their friends again, discussing what everyone else was doing with their lives since they had left college and what their plans for the future were. Girls fawned over each others dresses and the guys laughed at them, all in good fun.

In no time at all the doors to the dining hall were opened. People followed the red carpet, had their pictures taken by paparazzi and gathered around the seating plan to find out what their table number was. But the tables did not have numbers. Instead, each one had a Hollywood legend. There was Sean Connery, Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock and many others. It was a lot of fun going from table to table trying to find the picture of your Hollywood legend. When everyone was finally seated we were fed. The dinner was next to none. Fresh made vegetable soup, turkey and ham and profitto roles for desert. Eating our dinners, our attention kept being drawn to the huge projectors up on the wall. These showed the photos taken by the paparazzi on our way in. It really makes you feel like a movie star when you see your face on the big screen. A stroke of genius. As I said, the dinner was not nearly the highlight of the night. Once we had all finished the MC started getting the crowd going with events. Standing in front o f the stand was a large object not unlike a phone booth. Many of us had wondered what it was during the night. It turned out to be a ‘Grab a Grand’ box. A person would enter, fans would turn on inside the

box and money, unfortunately not real, would start to blow around. The aim of the game is to catch as much money as possible. A guy and a girl were chosen to partake. Brian O Donoghue and Ciara Brennan, both Journalism and Visual media graduates, were chosen. They both made an admirable effort but Ciara stood victorious have grabbed one more note than Brian. This meant that once the Black Jack tables were opened (yes, there were BlackJack tables. What’s a Hollywood themed ball without Black Jack?) girls got 11,000 in tokens but boys only got 2,000. The winners of each black jack table got €100. From Hollywood magic we moved on to actual magic. There was a magician, Shane Black, going around chatting to people and completely messing with their minds. He was sensational. He made the contents of his wallet (a few seemingly worthless cards and receipts) change into €20 notes right before our eyes. He could guess ours dogs’ names, our pin numbers and even particular memories we were think of. At one point, he asked me to pick a card. I picked the queen of diamonds. He took it and placed it back in the deck and shuffled it. He asked me to pick and other card and that the one I picked would be the same one. I picked again. Five of

clubs. “Not the same?” He asked at my expression. “No.” I said. At this moment he threw an invisible card into the air. His eyes followed the progress of the non-existent object until he was looking at the card still in my hand. I looked at it, the queen of diamonds. I swear the five of clubs never left my hand but as I said. He was sensational. Finally, he asked me to shuffle the cards. I did. He asked me to hold the cards between my palms. I did for a moment. “Take any card out now.” I could not. The deck of cards had turned into a

solid plastic brick. The man was amazing. Soon after this bedazzlement, a dance competition was announced. Ten couples gave it their level best dancing to some of Hollywood’s most memorable themes. The couples were judged by the cheers they got from the crowd. A pair of law students won in the end and were presented with a bottle of wine each. This sensational night carried on until all hours of the morning, people expressly did not want it to end. The bus came to bring people back to Griffith College Campus at 3:00am but very few people

left with it, so intent on making this night last as long as possible were the students, ex-students and staff members of the college alike. Many ended up staying in the hotel. They could not be blamed, the rooms were a beautiful, warm and welcoming as the rest of the hotel. It is never likely that someone is going to forget their graduation but people are going to be talking about this one for years.

The Red Carpet


In Ireland

Martina Pettersen Norway

Hey, what’s the craic? What’s what? Being Norwegian I had thought that studying in Dublin would not be a problem. They spoke English and so did I. Or…at least I thought so. The Irish have their own way of putting things and to someone that comes unprepared it can be confusing at times, but don’t worry, it’s grand! Grand? During my first weeks in Ireland people kept answering questions with “I’m grand” “that’s grand”, “you’re grand”, “it’s all grand”. Grand? Not to worry, grand does not mean that you’re huge or that anything is huge in any way, but simply that it’s ok. In the first weeks I was here though, I wasn’t always that grand, but after a couple of minor heart attacks while crossing

Ulrike Schuster Germany Ireland: the land of saints and scholars, simultaneously, the heart of the world’s drinking culture and entertainment. As a foreigner, the very ambiguity that Ireland possesses is fascinating, the multifaceted lifestyle embedded with culture.The very essence of the integration of the ancient, Viking Ireland and post modern compliment each other so beautifully; every stepping stone has a story to tell. For me these atrabilious but at the same time affectionate observations and experiences caused a desire for discovering Ireland and its people.What did I discover? Great but frightening rain, hurricane like winds, which didn’t show any mercy for our umbrellas, sunshine, which relo-


the road (I now just look both ways, instead of just to the right) and getting to ease with the fact that the Irish will usually be around 10 minutes late (In Norway someone will most likely be at set meeting-point on time, or preferably 10-5 minutes before) I could turn my focus to learn that fries are chips and that chips are crisps. Speaking of crisps and chips, they usually come with salt and vinegar.Yeah, that’s right, salt and VINEGAR. In Norway, vinegar is usually used in cucumber salad and to stop mosquito bites from itching, but on chips? Are they just taking the piss? ‘Taking THE piss’ by the way, is not the same as ‘taking A piss’ –which I learned to the amusement of my Irish friends after I in a text wrote: “don’t worry, I’m just taking a piss” in a brave attempt to try out some of my new found lingo – it simply means making fun of someone. However, the salt and vinegar is not a joke, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, after being in Ireland for two years, I must admit that a little bit of vinegar on my chips is not so bad, but to me, putting vinegar on crisps is like putting blackcurrant in Guinness. Speaking of Guinness, when I came to Ireland I wrinkled my nose on the thought of having a pint of it, and I actually did put cate the classes to free air and autumn inspired temperatures inviting us to go climbing. Frequently these phenomenons of the four seasons appear on the same day. The Irish are cordial and open minded without any exceptions. Not just due to the typical and informal greeting ‘Howiya love?’ (it took a while since I realised that nobody really expected an answer from me, although I was always prepared for one) but in particular due to their direct mannerisms, readiness to help others and interest in conversations. It would be a mission to dally into a pub and not be engrossed in the company of like minded strangers enjoying a fun filled Friday night or a mellow Monday evening. Many people may not notice, but the reason for this sociability and cordiality might be the pubs. Every single one of them are unique but at the same time very similar. Every one has its very own distinction in terms of atmosphere and charm but still allows for cosiness, sociability and enjoying a carefully catered and brewed Guinness. In the later hours it gets more and more difficult to find cosiness. Here the advice goes that the early bird catches the worm. It’s nearly not worth going to

blackcurrant in it (with vinegar on crisps, why not?) to sweeten up the bitter taste and embrace the Irish culture by drinking the drink all Irish love. Now, I actually enjoy a pint of Guinness. Now, I have also realized that it’s only a myth that all Irish love Guinness! As a matter of fact, a lot of my Irish friends don’t even like it. Now that was a culture shock! To be honest, after two years I still have to turn around sometimes and ask what certain words mean. The other day for instance one of my friends said that he was just gonna pick up some grub. Grub? Sounds like something one would find in the end of the gutter, but it’s actually slang for food. It’s what I love about the Irish though, they do things their own way, and I might never understand them completely. But hey, at least I know that ‘what’s the craic?’ means ‘what’s up?’, not all Irish love Guinness, and that if an Irish person is taking the piss on your behalf, their most likely one of your best friends. And the rest, I’ll pick up as I go along. Sure, as the Irish would say; I’m grand!

a nightclub at midnight as the lights are turned off at 3am. Afterwards, a slice of pizza or chips, a shamble home or bargain over the taxi price with a red faced driver. Do I therefore miss my Berlin clubs, which close at 8am or even continue for days? Am I nostalgic for the German weather, the aloofness of the first encounter, the anonymity in the coffee shops and bars, the kebabs or the Erdinger Wheat Beer? Perhaps, but more worrisome; the question of the loss of my German identity somewhere within this international abyss of Irish, Middle Easterns, Asians and fellow Europeans galore. Is the general classification of cultures based on the obvious mannerisms, general heritage or geographical location? My personal suggestion: embrace it; no matter where we live, amongst which people we live, or how we live, we only live once.


What is there to do in Dublin... While Sober?

As students in a city where alcohol is even put into your Sunday stew, it might seem difficult to believe that Dublin has more to offer than the plus 1,000 pubs & clubs. It is as if this city has a bar on every street, awaiting people to finish up their businesses and head down to the local, meet up with friends for a pint, and discuss various projects over a drink. Which easily turns into two. Or three. Until you stumble home at the end of the night, forgetting why you went to the pub in the first place. If I had a penny for each time I have heard someone complain about the lack of things to do in Dublin without a drink in their hand I’d be rich by now. But hey, we do have some news for you, and that is that there are nearly endless possibilities of sober shenanigans,you only need to know where to look. Therefore, we have decided to help you out a bit; help you pinpoint activities around town which involves a fun day or night out – without any kind of firewater running through your veins. If staying sober and clearheaded for whatever reason – your time of boredom ends right here.

The Tea Garden


Phoenix Park & Dublin Zoo

Why not take your friends and go to the Tea Garden; a Shisha-bar situated in Lower Ormond Quay in the city centre near O’Connell Bridge? Enter by walking down the stairs, which gives you the sensation of a cache under a busy and noisy road. It’s incredible how, once the first step in, you feel like you are in a completely different part of the world resembling China or Turkey: bamboo canes everywhere, small wooden tables, straw chairs, colorful walls, many carpets and a scent of exotic perfume which permeates your nose causing you to relax immediately. The Tea Garden has many rooms, each one being distant from the others so that you can go there with your friends smoking shisha, drinking tea and playing board games such as scrabble, chess etc. provided by the bar making you feel at home and you can stay for how long as you want. The prices for a cup of tea are quite high (around 5.90 Euro), but the range is wide and some teas can’t be found in any other places in the city. You can also have a milkshake, snacks and so on. The shisha is not expensive either, especially when you share with a bunch of people (9.90 euro) and it lasts for hours. The atmosphere is just unbelievable: imagine yourself in a winter-cold afternoon, sitting on soft cushions, drinking hot tea, chatting with your friends, having a spot of shisha while listening to oriental music. Isn’t it a better prospective than lying on the couch complaining about the weather?!

After a week of studying, being inside of a classroom or in the library, it might be time for you to get out and get some fresh air clear your head. Perhaps you want to get out of the city altogether, breathe the crisp air by the sea? Well, why not get on one of those green bikes that I am sure you have seen around Dublin, being used by a vast amount of people. And it is actually very easy to get one, you do need a credit or debit card though. The new SU card can be used as a debit card, why not sign up for one? With your new Dublinbike you will be amazed how easy it suddenly is to get around town. For an annual fee of just10 Euro, you can use these bikes as much as you want. The first half hour is for free, and then 50 cent will be charged for every 30 minutes that you are using the bike. In this way, it will firstly be cheaper for you to get around town on a bike, rather than getting bus 122 downtown, and secondly you can cycle along the sea, or up to a park together with a few friends – without having to buy a bike that you don’t know how to get rid of at the end of this year. Plus, think about the free exercise you will get at the same time! The closest bike station is just around the corner from the college on Portobello Road, which kind of leaves you no choice but to join this fantastic, green service that Dublin City is offering. For more information on Dublinbikes check out www.

Dublin is a land full of historical sitesand has innumerable activities, and something for you to do some day when lacking imagination would be to head up to Phoenix Park to explore it rather than walk around it. Phoenix Park is one which has a long history. It has a historic landscape of international importance and is one of the largest designed parks in any European city. The Papal cross is one example of a simple large white cross that was founded on the visit of John Paul II on the 29th September 1979. Other monumental sights include that of ‘The Wellington Testimonial’, ‘The Magazine fort’, and ‘The phoenix Monuments’. Thousands of sporting and leisure events take place annually in the park. Phoenix Park offer pastimes such as walking, photography, bird watching and active recreation such as cricket and GAA pitches. Equestrian activities are also permitted in the park in designated areas with permission and depending on ground condition. The main attraction of the park is ‘Dublin Zoo’. Dublin Zoo attracts thousands of people every year, and is a very good recreational place for anyone eager to enjoy a relaxing and interesting day. The Zoo projects itself as a conservation for animals. It is divided into different sections namely, ‘World of Cats’, ‘World of Primates’, ‘The Kazaringa Forest trail’, ‘Fringes of the Artic’, ‘African Plains’, ‘Birds’, ‘Reptiles’, ‘Plants’, ‘City Farm’ and ‘Endangered species’. Experience the Flora and Fauna and enjoy the lifestyle of Dublin.

Chiara Pizzi

Johanna Thorsell

Sheil Poorun



I want out Mirium Naess attended a suicide prevention seminar at Donore Youth and Community Center. The seminar was organised by Ailica Gayson. Hundreds of people die every year due to suicide. With just a little knowledge about suicide you may be able to help save someone’s life. Suicide is something we don´t talk about, but everyone knows that it´s happening. It´s hard to talk about; it´s a private matter. This is strange because suicide, unfortunately, is not unusual. The suicide rate in Ireland is dangerously high. “Nearly 500 people in Ireland committed suicide last year; that´s more than from traffic accidents,” says Ailica Gayson. She started a community action group with others in For every successful suicide there are between 10-30 attempts. Over 80% of younger victims have talked to someone about their ideas two

Dublin 8 three years ago after it was clear that suicide was on a rise in the region. Ireland has the fifth highest rate of suicide in EU amongst younger people between the ages of 15- 24. Men under 35 account for 40% of suicides. “The reason the rate is higher for men is because they don´t talk as much as women and they often choose more violent exits,” explains Gayson.

weeks before their attempt. Gayson gives strong advice: “If someone comes to you and tells you that they are thinking about suicide, don’t be


Signs that someone is suicidal

1. 1Life Suicide Help Line 1life is a 24 hour suicide prevention Helpline and Text Message service. Tel: 1800 247 100 Text: HELP to 51444 Web:

1. Always talking or thinking about death 2. Depression -deep sadness, trouble sleeping and eating 3. Having a “death” wish. They are tempting fate by taking risks that could lead to death. 4. Losing interest in things they used to care about 5. Making comments about being hopeless, helpless or worthless 6. Putting affairs in order, tying up loose ends, changing will, giving away their personal belongings 7. Saying things like “it would be better if I wasn’t here” or “I want out” 8. Sudden, unexpected switch from being very sad to being very calm or appearing to be happy 9. Talking about suicide 10. Visiting or calling people to say goodbye

2. Teen-Line Ireland This helpline is designed specifically for teenagers and young people. Tel: 1800 833 634 Web: www.teenline. ie 3. Console A charity working to support and help people bereaved through suicide Freephone: 1800 201 890 Email: info@ Web: 4. Turn to Me Online support forum. Web:


shocked or angry with them. Talk with them!” It is easier said than done however. Statistics say that 95% of Irish residents are scared to talk about suicide. If you notice that someone is showing signs of suicidal thoughts (listed in the box) you should get up the courage and ask them straight out if they are thinking about ending their life. It is a myth that talking about suicide will ‘put the idea’ into someone´s head. “By talking about it you can save a life,” says Gayson. If someone mentions to you that they are having suicidal thoughts or seriously considering suicide, don´t keep it a secret. See the list below for resources to help a suicidal

individual. If you come upon someone who just tried to commit suicide or has seriously considered taking their own life, the best thing you can do is bring them to the emergency room as soon as possible. Every emergency room has to have a psychiatrist on call. “It´s not ideal, but by the time the victim can talk to someone the immediate danger has passed but they must still seek help,” advises Gayson. Help to turn the tide; one life lost to suicide is one to many. We have listed places to get help, the warning signs, and how to talk to a suicidal person.

How to talk to someone who may be suicidal 1. Ask questions like “Do you ever wish you did not wake up in the morning?” 2. If the answer is yes, the next question could be “Do you actually wish you were dead?” 3. If the answer is still yes, you could then ask “Have you ever thought about doing something to yourself to end your life?” 4. And if the answers above is still yes, the next one could be “On a 0- 10 scale about ending your life, where zero is no such thoughts and 10 is that you are definitely going to do it, how bad does it get at times?”



Moustache Season Y

ou may have noticed a couple of guys not bothering to trim their facial hair this month. Pia Stromme investigates why that is.

During November men from all over the world are encouraged to let their moustaches grow. Universities across Ireland are joining the hair-growing process and the goal is to raise money and awareness for men’s health. This year Griffith College is setting up a team. “Every year you can see some bearded students who normally are clean shaven, so it’s nice to know you’re not alone” Said Jack Jonasson, a student at Griffith. November is the month for charity. It’s the month where men are allowed to look like porn stars from the 1970s, it’s the month that has been renamed Movember. The project started in Australia in 2003 as a bet between a group of friends to see who could grow the best mo (slang for moustache). Since then it has spread across the globe. Last year Ireland raised €1.6 million. 1st of November is the start of the 30 day long project where the participants, also known as Mo Bros, can register with a cleaned shaved face. The rest of the month they will be growing their moustaches, in any shape or size, supported by the women in their lives, the Mo Sisters. The money they raise goes to The Irish Cancer Society. Movember Ireland has been

on tour around the country to get students involved in the initiative. Many universities are organising Movember Parties and other events to engage their students. “We have visited colleges in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.” Said Dave Byrne, from the PR agency Thinkhouse, who is organising Movember Ireland. “One of our biggest challenges is to get people to register at our web site. A lot of students grow the moustache, but don’t register.” Dave said. You can choose to be a part of the college team or join as an individual student. “I think the initiative is very appealing to students, because if there is any time young men can grow a moustache without complaints, it’s in college. It sounds like a fun idea to make a college team.” Jack Jonasson added. This year the Students’ Union has set up a Griffith team. And everyone, girls included, are encouraged to join. “I believe it’s very important for students to get involved,” Shane Ronan-Duggan, head of Clubs and Societies, said “it’s the younger generation that’s most affected by prostate cancer.” Shane has shaved his face and is now ready to let the

Dave Byrne, Organiser of Movmber Ireland hair grow. “It’s going to be hilarious, because very few guys can pull of that look. I’m going to look like my dad!” There are more than 30,000 people diagnosed with cancer in Ireland every year. 2,500 of them are men with prostate cancer. This makes it the second most common cancer for men in Ireland. Movember’s goal is to make people more aware about men’s health, and to make men talk more openly about their problems. They want to create awareness about a serious subject, with a funny twist. Once registered, they are advised to email friends, family and local businesses, asking for support. Manager of the SU, Paul McCormack, thinks it’s important to get students involved in charity in general. He has tried to organise charity events before, but with very little interest from students. “I’m hoping the fun factor of Movember will change this” Paul said. He also said that every week he gets at least one phone call from different charity or-

ganisations, so if Movember goes well, he is hoping to set up a charity society. Movember, the month once known as November, has achieved great success since it started eight years ago. So far 1.1 million Mo Brothers and Sisters from all over the world have raised €123 million. Movember has also started Movember Global Action Plan, for doctors and scientist to work together globally, for the fight against prostate cancer. This way they can share knowledge, results and resources across the borders. When Movember comes to an end they host a number of Gala Parties, both in Ireland and the rest of the world. These events are held to thank all the participants for their help. And rumour says the SU are throwing moustaches too. So to all you Griffith students; GET INVOLVED.



I want to be like you t

a st

er t n

nt e m



Ulrike Schuster writes a counterstatment to the Article ‘I want to be like you’ from Issue 46 of Griffiti

Why young women can become individual and self-determined despite the media’s influence The ideological woman is a skinny supermodel, a housewife, the typical sex symbol. The woman takes care of the children, inhabits the kitchen and fixates on her figure and focuses on providing passionate sex for her man. The woman is compulsively limited to being passive, decorative and aesthetic. She is emotional, sensitive, friendly, dependable and helpless. Men, however, exude power, strength and assertiveness. That’s the way women and men are presented in today’s media. The female role model in the media is unhealthy for young girls. That’s the thesis in the article “I want to be like you.” The reproach against the media is the following: They construct a “male” reality and function by particular criterions which lead to a not unisex constructed reality. In other words they highlight the ruling hierarchy of gender, confirm gender clichés and prevent change in gender stereotypes. Therefore, emancipation doesn’t progress and the female remains at a disadvantage. The notion that the media constructs experienced reality is true.


They use the values, standards and communication which prevail inside society. Consequently they also create attributions to men and women. The crucial question is which role and function the media play in the context of emancipation. From my point of view they are the only element of social development. That’s why they cannot have a beneficial effect on emancipation. The media are observers of social condition and tendencies. They reply to them through a large variety of ways: by portraying rugby matches, producing women’s magazines, quiz shows and other associated forms of entertainment. It’s all about supply and demand. What does this demand look like?

The woman as a skinny model

Why are slender models shown in television and in glossy magazines? Firstly, it is the minimum requirement and a fundamental law in this industry. As a chef needs to have taste, a model needs to have a skinny body. The woman, wearing this piece of designer clothes, is not allowed to shift the spectator’s attention. Rather, she has to look like a “moving clothes hanger”. That’s why top designers are looking for girls with petite measurements. The girls are products and products need to be sold. It is a harsh business which doesn’t ask: “Am I the right rolemodel for young girls?” Secondly, the rating of model casting shows on television, alternatively the women magazines’ (with the entire focus on beauty and fashion) circulation is overwhelming. The pods and adverts are an excellent sources of income. The media simply function according to economic principles as well. People working for them

want to get paid. The key question is why are those ratings dictating what we should believe? For this reason; the casting shows or magazines with skinny models do serve girly dreams of beauty and are able to exude fascination. The physical experience plays a big role for girls and provides them with space for identification. Girls’ dreams are made up of being athletic, productive, seductive, slim and extravagant. With it the hope for appreciation, endorsement and esteem is associated. Essentially, physical perfection is dictated by the size of a woman’s waist, which ultimately dictates the quality of her life. Quite simply, the more petite the waistline – the higher the quality of life.

Woman as a sexual object

The young half naked woman, posing provocatively with nothing on but a lingerie top, has become an ordinary iconography in the western world. The list of famous women who took off their clothes for ‘Playboy’ is very long, and an expressive indicator for pornographic normalization. Is this a triumph for male work on the female image? Or a sign of a relaxed and self-confident new generation of women? Delightfully, sexual liberation has meanwhile proceeded up to the highest social circles. The woman is not forced to be a sexual object anymore; rather she can choose to be. Every woman is free to do and not to do what she likes. Every woman sets her own image – and yes, she has the natural right of her own naked image, too. The triumphant claim of new female sovereignty and recognition, within the old male reach of power and structure. The damage is inflicted not for the young women but for the picture of female avail-

Features ability which stays alive in this way. The reason for the slogan “woman as sexual object” is therefore not the media, it is the women themselves who voluntarily decide upon this sexual staging. The media would rather offer the stage as their experimental phase.

Woman as a housewife

The woman takes care of the children and the household. The man takes care of his career, money and status. Is this all we get? No, it is not - neither in reality nor in the media. We get many examples of housewives and career women if we look at society and the media. It depends on which series, which quality we, as recipients, choose. I want to single out two popular and controversial series. Which image of women is shown in “Sex and the City”? It is the one of an independent, self-confident and self-determined woman. Each actress has a job and is financially independent. Every single lady is on the scout for “Mister Right” and everyone loves fashion, shoes, going out, good food and good sex. They are four friends looking for a fulfilled life. Is this image of being a woman that far from reality? Is it so unhealthy to aspire after people and things, promising happiness and satisfaction? Secondly, there is the series “Desperate Housewives”. The desperate women deal with everyday problems. They are troubled by murder cases, buried bodies and family members being held captive in basements. The poetry of the series is to be found in the total ridiculousness and in the merciless subscription.Those are the commandments of tension, entertainment and amusement which make women switch on the television. Besides this, there are fantastic figures of women who encounter life with mordant sarcasm or rough fury, with bittersweet cleverness or with steel determination; coupled with sex appeal, strong nerves and quality to charge. None of the women in either of these shows, whether career women or housewives, could be described as subservient, passive, or heteronymous. Rather more she is a mixture of typical female and typi-

cal male qualities: attractive and emotional, but also resolute and self-aware.

No women in big business

The next charge to the media is the absence of women in the big business. Why do the media withhold these stories? There is a small but fundamental difference: Both sexes are different creatures entirely. Many surveys prove what we probably suspected already: While men mainly see, hear and read the reporting of sports, politics and economy, the woman’s preferences in lies sections of society, culture and entertainment. Furthermore, there are typical men topics like cars, sports and sciences, and typical female topics like fashion, household, children, education and gossip about celebrities. What does this suggest? From a neurobiological point of view, the reason for this is that women simply have a different functioning structure of the brain entirely. Consequently they think and act in different ways, because nature issued them with various propensities and talents. Gender roles and obliged behavior are much less the result of social indoctrination. Men are normally more willing to take risks and fixate on money, careers and status. Women, as a general rule, are more tentative and emphasize on social aspects of their job, self-fulfillment and happiness.

What are the consequences for women in the working world?

The word is that women in competitive structures of our world of work - made by men for men –hit the brick wall with female patterns and necessities. They are generally not as well equipped in the struggle for positions. If a society also wants that high-qualified, ambitious, young women apply their skills, facilities and female competences - as social responsibility, justice, morals and empathy - then it has to offer the suitable conditions for them. Besides, the society would do better so. Studies prove that companies with a high percentage of women end up with better economic results. Consequently the working world

must keep flexible career ways available for them. The way up to the top positions must no longer depend on having spent 16 hours a day in the office, and having no time for the other things in life. Flexible working hours and part-time models are in demand. If companies still expect from women that they act in the same way as men, the majority of high-qualified women will bow out sooner or later. In this way bright guys are easily lost. Most encouraging women will never be clones of men and bow down to their self-made rules of the game. The job to set the suitable prevailing conditions for women who want and can practice power, influence and designing in society is in the politics’ responsibility, not in the media’s. Anyway, it has not sufficiently happened at all yet. That is the simply reason, why there is not too much to report about women in big businesses. The reality of society today dictates what television and magazines should portray, they are based up on social constructs, manifested in major exaggeration. Shades of grey, in real life, and as well as in the media. It is regarded as imperative to reflect the current conditions, to expose mischief and to examine each other critically. They don’t have the primary obligation and responsibility to produce role models for girls. This is within the parent’s hands. They have the obligation to educate their children to think, to ask questions, and to be critical. They have to impart them with the competence of using the media reasonably. They should talk with them about media contents, ask them the right questions and make them to use their good judgment. Then they will be mentally healthy enough to distinguish healthy role models from the unhealthy ones.


Griffiti at the Movies

Title: Sensation Cert:18 Running Time: 90 mins Release date: Out Now


“Is ‘girlfriend’ really the right word for what she is?” “More or less.” Sensation is an Irish movie about a young hopeless farmer Donal (Domhnall Gleeson) who, after the death of his father, doesn’t inherit anything more than an old run-down farm in rural Limerick. His future? Grazing sheep, eating alone, getting in touch with women only through the internet because he is incapable of relating with others: a life loneliness, monotony and sadness. Until the day he meets Kim, (Luanne Gordon) an escort that he pays in order to have a real and carnal experience with a woman and to fulfill the emptiness he feels after the loss of his father and the bitter realization that he has nobody close to him except, sporadically, his odd and sneaky friend Karl. After spending a night together, Donal and Kim, in search of company as well, start to run a secret business together, which will lead to a predictable ending. Despite the fact that

the plot sounds like a lovestory the movie is anything but romantic: rough and loveless scenes are always followed by a comic background created through the actors’ gags and the masterly direction of Tom Hall which makes you smile and laugh aloud during the first half of the film. On the other hand, the second part assumes darker tones revealing the duplicity of the main character conflicted between his naïve and shy personality, that he previously showed, and the self-confident person he turns out to be. If you have always hated “Pretty woman” because you think: “this is not how things work!” you’ll probably like this movie: realistic, raw and straight to the point.

Chiara Pizzi

Title: Demons Never Die Cert: 18 Running time: 93 mins Release date: Out Now “Hallelujah, we’re dead men walking!” Going to see this movie I had done no more than watched the trailer. About two minutes of screaming, blood and excessive clevage made it quite clear that is was going to be a typical Slasher movie, but it promised a twist. The movie starts with a very upset (and minimally dressed) girl who cries about an unplanned baby on the way. After a heart-felt moment with her father and a loving talk with the supposed father of the kid, everything seems fine. That is until her father goes to check on her and finds that she has killed herself with a knife. The story follows a group of 17-year-olds from the same school of the deceased girl. They feel inspired by their former friend’s suicide they decide to follow her example (They’re not the sharpest bunch). As the mentally unstable group have set a date for the group suicide, the movie – kind of – produces the twist it said it would. All of a sud-

den a murderer with a black mask starts killing the members of the group. As more members die, the friends start to reevaluate the meaning of their existance and support eachother in the face of danger. Even though the movie keeps you guessing who the killer is (‘Ironic’ doesn’t quite cut it) the main focus stays with the protagonist falling in love with a girl from his group, and, through that, finding a way back to enjoying life. So was it worth seeing? If you’re a big Slasher fan and you get your kicks from squirting veins, teenage shreeking and continuously stupid choices then go ahead. But I cannot, as a lover of well written stories and real acting, say that this was a horror movie of any degree on my radar, only possibly an accidental comedy if you see it with some friends.

Jack Jonasson

Griffiti at the Movies

Title: Tower Heist Cert:: 12 A Running time: 102 mins Release date: Out Now “We’re not criminals, we don’t know how to steal…” “Don’t worry, I know someone that does” Starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller. Tower Heist, a crime comedy that tells the story of a group of hard working penthouse employees who are left misfortunate when Arthur Shaw, one of their residences in the luxury complex, is arrested on charges of investment fraud. The complex manager Josh (Stiller) invested the employee’s pensions with Shaw and now their pensions are gone. But when Lester (one of the oldest employees) confides in him, telling him he is pennyless now, because he invested every cent he had with Shaw, Josh takes the law into his own hands, and is determined to get their money back. After gaining some knowledge from special agent Denham, Josh realises that getting their money back might be easier than first expected, that’s if he can master a plan to get into Shaw’s penthouse. This is not made easy as it

is guarded ‘twenty-four seven’ by FBI agents. But things might get a bit more difficult. A not so modest confrontation with Shaw, leaves Josh losing his job at the complex. Now he must seek the help from a number of work colleagues and a dodgy criminal. Together, they conjure a plan to get into the vault which is hidden somewhere in the Penthouse. A very disappointing film in my opinion, and I rate it at best three out of five. It was one of those films, which had funny scenes but overall didn’t leave me with a satisfied feeling. It was Ocean’s Eleven meets light comedy. I found that the film wasn’t as funny as it could have been, especially with great comedians like Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller. They very much captured the serious side to comedy, which is something to admire. I was very disappointed with Eddie Murphy’s character “Slide”, it is nothing like his recent roles, and although he played the character well, I didn’t like him as Slide. However, I am contradicted where other critics praise him in this role, therefore it’s completely up to the viewers own opinion. I suggest that you go see it for yourself and then decide.

Lance Kerrigan

Title: Real Steel Cert: 12A Running time: 127 mins Release date: Out Now “You know you’re talking to a robot.” “I know. Shut up!” Real Steel is a gritty underdog boxing movie that pits gigantic robots against each other in what is probably the most video game-influenced movie you’ll see all year. Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, a washed-up former boxer who talks and acts like Wolverine without the superpowers. In a slightly futuristic America where boxing has evolved and is now being fought by big, powerful, remote controlled robots. He tries desperately to avoid debt collectors and make money through underground robot fights. When he finds out an ex-girlfriend has died, he is temporarily given custody of his eleven-year-old son, Max, who is the generic big-mouthed Hollywood preteen, and as fate would have it Max is a big fan of robotic boxing. Together, they try to make a name for themselves in the robo-boxing business. The action is well choreograped and the sound is amazing; you can really hear the sheer weight of each punch. Hugh Jackman and

Evangeline Lilly (Lost) have a good chemistry. The movie is very well paced, and even if it never gets too serious or heartfelt, the slower portions never seem to drag on for too long and the more actionfilled scenes are just as big and good-looking as one could have hoped. On the other hand, it feels like the movie never really decides what it wants to do. It touches very briefly on the prospect of robot sentience and then quickly discards the notion. It also can’t seem to make up its mind whether it actually wants to be a modern Rocky with robots or something completely different. That, combined with the fact that it’s quite shallow and the character development is awkwardly predictable, ensures that this is only a good movie - instead of a potentially great one. Steven Spielberg’s trademark production values along with a brilliant soundscape and some entertaining robot fights ensures that you won’t have a dull moment. Even if it’s not a movie you’ll fondly remember in a couple of years, it’s a fun watch and two entertaining hours – and somehow, I feel that it was never intended to be more than that.

Otto Johnsson




Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

Released worldwide on 31 October 2011. So much literary interest would probably not have been expected of Metallica. The brand new album “Lulu” in collaboration with Lou Reed is inspired by the plays ‘New Earth’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’ by the German Expressionist Patrick Wedekind, which are collectively known as the ‘Lulu’ plays. It is the ambiguity of Lulu herself, a young abused dancer, both victim and femme fatale, living in a society of lust and greed, which inspired the musicians. The plays of Wedekind were published in the early 1900s and caused much controversy as they questioned the sexual and moral ideas of the time. Lou Reed and Metallica performed together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York in 2009 and there they decided to take their collaboration further. The Lulu project began in may 2011 with Lou Reed’s lyrics and Metallica’s musical accompaniment. He had already developed the album for a theatre production in Berlin. An important thing to note before you listen to the album for the first time, especially for all Metallica fans, and I´m definitely one, is that this is a Lou Reed album and not a Metallica album. Metallica

‘Stronger’ is the fifth album release from the first and most famous American Idol contestant, Kelly Clarkson. The album opens with the first single from the release ‘Mr. Know It All’, and longtime fans of the singer pretty much know what to expect. Clarkson holds a pop/rock sound throughout the album, similar to the sound that she has used throughout her career since her debut album after winning the contest. While commercial, the sound shows the strength of Clarkson’s voice, while coming across as a live performance without the rough edges that we would hear on an actual live recording. The strongest side of the album, without a doubt, is the lyrics. Clarkson has always been known for having deep meaning and stories behind her music (to the level that any pop star can have) wwand with this album she certainly does not disappoint. Having co-written 5 of the 17 tracks, Clarkson shows her skill, even if only slightly. This album, however, does have its faults and shows that Clarkson is only truly suited to one particular style. The ballads, including ‘Standing In Front Of You’, are neither powerful nor interesting enough to make the listener

supports Lou Reed with their musical input and with their special touch, but nothing more. If you don´t keep that in mind, you’ll definitely be disappointed and won´t give it a chance. That was unfortunately my first reaction. The only thing that reminds me of Metallica are the guitar riffs and the tonal structure, but that’s all. To be fair, I like the idea behind this album, but as the album is based on the plays of Wedekind it’s more of a musical theater piece than a good metal album. All songs are sung by Lou Reed, but none by James Hetfield. He only takes on the role of backup singer or enters in during the chorus. Lou’s voice sounds like an old drunk man who decided to perform Metallica songs in a karaoke bar. It is neither melodious or harmonious and yet more dead than alive. Where you expect Metallica, Metallica isn’t there and that makes this album to the worst album I have ever heard from them. It is as if you walk into a candy store and there are no sweets - just disappointing!

Ulrike Schuster

want to keep playing them. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Clarkson to show exactly how strong her voice is, but she fails at the perfect chance, and instead uses her major pop ballads to belt her voice down the microphone. Will this album please fans of Kelly Clarkson? Without a doubt. She holds her previous sound, but has managed to put a newer edge into it. At the same time, it is still very much of what we are used to from this artist. She does not push major boundaries with this album, but Kelly does not have to. She has the fan base, she has made the name for herself, and she knows it. This is just one more step toward having a long music career, and she has definitely removed the American Idol stigma from her name. Make sure to check out ‘Mr. Know It All’, ‘Einstein’ and ‘Stronger’ for a general idea of the sound of this album. For more of the same, listen to ‘Don’t Be A Girl About It’ and for something completely different, check out ‘Don’t You Wanna Stay’.

Laura Lyne

Creative Writing

Poetry by Gabrielle Boyle

Hearts are to Blame She thinks too much, She doesn’t see enough She tries to figure it out Her thoughts fill with doubt She knows how it ends Not quick to chance She doesn’t really know anything But she feels everything Every little thing And her eyes speak the words That her heart holds in Always feeling judged But never to judge again Her figures touch the mirror Looking for a change The tears stream down Because her heart’s the same Oh, her heart’s still the same

The other is lost with thoughts floating in the air In every direction is another life lesson He’s everywhere, oh he’s everywhere She dreams of the pain and trembles at his name She feels so ashamed because she knows she’s to blame She’s the only one to blame And her eyes speak the words That her heart holds in Always feeling judged But never to judge again Her figures touch the mirror Looking for a change The tears stream down Because her heart’s the same Oh, her heart’s still the same They both know that sometime things are bound to change They know what it’s gunna take, when to bend and when to break Oh they both know that it’s coming, and they are the ones to blame But their hearts remain the same, oh their hearts are still the same.

I Like You Best in the Morning Its early in the morning, I usually sleep in But the thought of you next to me, woke me up again I want to talk to you for hours Until there’s nothing left to decide But the way you look when you are dreaming Causes me to change my mind, its then I realize I like you best in the morning When you’re most vulnerable You haven’t put yourself together But you’re still so beautiful When you’re laying on your side The sun hits your silhouette Oh, I like you best in the morning


Creative Writing

Learning to Dance Again “And 5, 6, 7: chasse, leap, turn, jump, and plié. Lift up that back leg and keep that front foot pointed straight. I’ve told you this a hundred times now. C’mon, do it again. You’re not leaving here until you get this right!” said Maggie, my dance teacher. Sweat beads rolled down my face and my feet were throbbing from four hours of non-stop dancing. It was a 9:45 at night and I had a whole load of homework to do when I got home, but I didn’t care. I stared at my reflection in the floor length mirrors like I had a thousand times before and I thought to myself: “Come on, push yourself, you can do. I need to do it. I want that part more than anything.” Tchaikovsky’s music softly echoed in the empty dance studio. I stretched out my leg and began to dance the dance sequence again for the hundredth time tonight. I caught glimpses of my reflection in the mirror every few seconds as I leaped and turned through the dance moves again and again. I could see the concentration and determination written all across my face. I knew this part would be my breakout, all eyes would be on me and maybe, just this once, I would have my time to shine. “You know who’s going to get the part if you don’t fix those mistakes, don’t you?” said Maggie “Yes”, I answered. “Sorry, what did you say? Speak up. Who?” said Maggie. “Jessica will. She always does”, I said. “And you know why she’ll get the part? Because she listens to instructions and fixes her mistakes. She’s flawless. Whereas you; sometimes I wonder if you even know the difference between your left and right foot”, said Maggie. *** I started dancing thirteen years ago when I was four. For all thirteen years I had danced at the same dance studio with the same dance teachers and for all thirteen years I had lived under the shadow of Jessica. We were the same age and similar in appearance. We were both small, had long brown hair and blue eyes and we were always compared to each other. When we danced together it was like watching your reflection in the mirror. We had perfect timing, precise movement and were completely synchronised. However, there was also just something Jessica did better than me. It could have been anything from kicking her leg half an inch higher or having an extra diamond on her tutu. She was always better than me no matter how hard I tried. I looked at my tired reflection in the mirror; the tiny pink dancers stencilled onto the cream walls stared back at me. I looked nothing like a ballerina should. I was exhausted. My bun had come messy and undone so pieces of my hair stuck to my face. My pink velour leotard felt tight against my skin and my ankles felt like they were about to snap from wearing my Pointe ballet shoes for hours on end. The biggest audition of my dancing life was tomorrow; I couldn’t get the steps right and I couldn’t figure out if it was all really worth it. I didn’t know if dancing was what I wanted to do anymore. *** I arrived at the audition early the next morning. I had stayed in the dance studio until 11:30 p.m., until I could no longer physically capable of dancing. I felt anxious and nervous; I just wanted the day to be over. The dance studio where the audition was being held was freezing. I shivered as I put my ballet shoes on. It seemed like such a depressing place for an audition to be held, although it was a dance studio, it was nothing like the studio I danced in. The fluorescent lights that hung from the ceiling made everybody look sick and pale. The long, narrow room that was filled with rows of ballet bars and had one complete wall covered in mirrors. The remaining walls were painted a dirty white colour, the floors were a shiny dark grey colour and one single black and white photograph of Anna Pavolva hung on the wall. I positioned myself against the bar and began to stretch.


Creative Writing “Is everybody in this room auditioning for Clara in the Nutcracker?”, said the woman in charge of the audition. A sea of yeses answered. Jessica was the ninth girl to dance. Every girl before her had sloppy movement, poor technique or badly pointed feet. Which meant Jessica was my only real competition for the part. The music began to play and Jessica began to dance. She moved with such grace, I envied her. She danced perfectly. Every plié, jeté and turn was perfect. Her feet were pointed beautifully and her legs were as straight as could be. The casting directors seemed entranced by her, they never took their eyes off her, not even for a second. When the music ended my stomach dropped because I knew it was my turn to dance. I stood up and fixed my hair, pushing back the loose strands that had fallen from my bun. As I walked to the centre of the floor, Jessica walked past me and whispered, “You know I’ve got the part. I was perfect.” In that moment I felt like slapping her across the face, she always found a way to make things worse for me when we were auditioning or dancing together. She always had to put me down. I looked at myself in the mirror waiting for the music to start. I could see all the other dancers’ eyes on me. I locked eyes with Anna Pavolva and began to dance. I felt the music pulse through my body as I danced. I was trying hard to remember all the things Maggie had told me about keeping my feet pointed and my legs straight. I was thinking so hard that things began to get mixed up, so many thoughts were racing through my head that I couldn’t concentrate. I was jumping and turning to fast that everything around me became a blur. The eyes that were once fixated on me were now a mishmash of colours and shapes. Everything came to a standstill when I felt the cold hard floor pressing into my back. I had been so caught in my dancing that I hadn’t realised that my ribbon had come undone on my shoe and got caught around my foot and I had fallen awkwardly on to the floor. I knew when I left the audition that my dream was over. I knew I wouldn’t be considered for any role at all. I hadn’t returned to my dance studio in the days since the audition and I didn’t think I ever would again. Jessica got the part of Clara in the Nutcracker, just like I knew she would. I could see the smug look on her face in my mind and it made my blood boil. I hadn’t heard anything back from the audition and I didn’t think I would. I finally returned to my dance school two weeks after the nightmare of an audition. I didn’t return to dance. I only went back to collect some stuff I had left there and to thank Maggie for being a great teacher to me for some many years. “There you are stranger. Where have you been? We’ve missed you.”, said Maggie. “Sorry I haven’t been back since the audition. I just haven’t felt like dancing.”, I said. “Why not?,” said Maggie. “Because I didn’t get the part that I wanted. I didn’t get any part at all. I’m not a good dancer and I never will be”, I said. “Just because you didn’t get the part doesn’t mean you should give up something you love. Yes, so you messed up at the audition and fell, so what; you’re only human. And besides, I have a feeling that you did get a part”, said Maggie. “What do you mean? Jessica got the part of Clara”, I said. “Yes, Jessica did get the part of Clara, but there are a lot more parts than Clara”, said Maggie. With that, Maggie handed me a beautiful white lace tutu and a matching white tiara. “You begin rehearsals in two weeks”, said Maggie. “What? I’m so confused. How long have you known for? Wait? I got a part? What part am I playing?” I asked. “Well, my dear, it seems the people auditioning you were very impressed with your dancing up until the moment you fell, of course. They said they knew straight away that you were perfect for the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve known for the past week, but I was waiting for the right moment to tell you.”, said Maggie. I was in total shock that the only thing I managed to do was give Maggie the biggest hug I had ever given her. *** I felt nervous as I waited behind the curtains. It was almost my time to dance. I could hear the hustling noises coming from the audience and the orchestra starting to play Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Although I didn’t get the part that I had wanted to I did get the part as the Sugar Plum Fairy. So what if I only had one part to dance by myself and Jessica had many numbers to do, that didn’t bother me anymore. I knew I wanted to dance and I didn’t care if I danced for one minute or one hour, or if there was one or one hundred people watching. It didn’t matter to me anymore as long as I was able to do what I loved to do. I walked out on to the stage, positioned myself and began to dance like I never had before. For the first time ever, the spotlight was on me, as were everybody’s eyes.

By April Jane Watson


The Genuine Article

Wanted: Someone to write the Yellow Box in ‘The Genuine Article’. Applicants should be experienced in Meteorology and Squirrel Hunting

Dead Poets Society


With our new editorial team in place, one of our investigative journalists has found themselves privy to some secret information. It has been revealed that a certain member of the SU has been using their position to serve their own needs and has been found to have reinstated the famous ‘Dead Poets Society’. Having self-titled himself as a new age poet with an unfathomable wisdom of life, this enigmatic person has stated in his memoirs that the time has come for people to be awakened and enlightened once again. “I don’t want to say I’m the third coming, but if people are saying that I’m not going to argue. I’m a lover not a fighter.” When we challenge his so-called knowledge of life, especially at such a young age, he just smiled and retorted “You could say I’m an old soul, that I have an understanding of life that others just can’t imagine or even comprehend. It’s hard for normal people to understand. I’m simply

too deep, like a well.” “I want to show them the way. Like Michael said ‘”Annie are you ok? So are you ok? Are you ok Annie?”’ What more can I say? This stuff just comes naturally to people like me and Michael.” Although we don’t have a clue what he is actually talking about, we’re seriously concerned about his endevours. He is frequently spotted wearing a preppy cardigan emblazoned with the letter ‘P’, we asked him was this a new kind of uniform look he was trying to establish? ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” There was a long silence then he came clean and informed us that the P stands for Poet but it’s a subliminal message that only certain intelligencia would understand. We decided that a secret operation was necessary to find out more about this society that only so-called elitists could join.

21:45 Friday November – Underground Car Park. Secret Room with door marked ‘P’ Voices: (Chanting) “O Captain, my Captain” SU Officer: “O People my People, grow beards” Voices: “Yes Captain, Speak thy Captain” SU Officer: “I speak my people. I shall now speak in joyous prose” Yes, I am here. Yes, I am near, I am here. So yes, I am near. Yes, you know me. I know you, yes I do, yes, I do. Now you can grow, did you know you could grow?” Voices: “Wow, yes, amazing, golden” Unfortunately, that was all we learned on this occasion as our reporter freaked out at this point. We will keep you informed, however please be careful you don’t get caught up in this shambolic trend of sorts.

At 9:02am aprox, a mail marked high priority came through from the one and only Ronan Fenelon. We gathered around in suspense. “Ladies and Gents”, as he always addresses people in his emails, “I have come up with a master plan that will enhance integration in the College to a point that we will be talked about everywhere from The White House to Lapland.

Griffith College to invest massively in the X’s and O’s Worldwide Challenge

MY PLAN “The X’s and O’s world tournament, the first of its kind. I will call this strategy ‘Integration Initiationis’,” which Ronan told us is Latin for Integration Initiation. We swooned to be honest. He is a hybrid of man and machine. We’re mere philistines, unworthy of his presence. It’s safe to say that there were definitely some critics and pessimists at first, pointing out the high risks of this initiative. He was quickly shot down and asked “Will it cost us?” Ronan, the stationary wizard that he is, laughed manically and spoke out in a proud ‘Queens English’, “No, nothing but the cost of a pencil and paper. Can we get them free from the bookies?” Then came the follow up. “Maybe we could ask


the SU to do it.” Hence, our ‘high priority’ email. So basically this plan, Ronan’s shining moment, is to introduce this tournament worldwide and put Griffith College on the map. As he said himself, laughing manically again “X’s and O’s. I mean every nationality can play this, can understand the game. Before we know it, everyone in the world will be saying not just x, but both x and o. And who will they thank, Griffith College.” THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION Ronan then mapped out the real gem behind the project. “So, frankly, you won’t need to fill out applications the old way, with names addresses and other complicated information. Now all one will have to do is tick boxes with x’s and o’s, meaning that not only will many nationalities be able to understand our applications but so will the lower classes, I think. Griffiti reserves the right not to comment at this point. For more information, please email someone else.

Under the Spotlight

Griffith College Shop to be the first to sell the new iPhone 4S. GHR to launch ‘Cash for Gold’ scheme. Gary ‘The Big’ McLean told us “With my looks I can sell anything.” McLean’s views on his own attractiveness have been deemed inaccurate. Griffith SU staff dressed up as their own fathers for Halloween. Paul’s arrival as a Monk bemuses other staff members. US students spotted hanging out with non-US students. Students finally realize that the Mac Lab doesn’t actually exist. Or does it? Who knows…

Name: Sean Alari Occupation: Opera Singer – Castrato Hobbies: Knitting jumpers Likes: Having a vast range of knitted jumpers in different colours and sizes Dislikes: 50% Cotton, 50% Wool Interesting fact: Sean thought that all Irish people had red hair when he first came here from Italy. He hastily dyed his hair back to normal without delay.

Printing Card to become harder to obtain, if that’s possible. The contents of this section are satirical and may offend. The views expressed do not represent the views of the SU


Three Pairs of Tickets to The Trailer Park Boys Live to be Won Just answer this question. Who won the Rugby World Cup? Email your answer to before Wednesday December 7th to be in with a chance to win

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Giffiti Magazine - Issue 46  
Giffiti Magazine - Issue 46  

Giffiti Magazine - Issue 46