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A letter from the Editor Hi guys, It’s my second issue already, this year is flying by and before we know it Christmas will have come and gone and the exams will be here. I hope you all had a productive assignment week, we missed you while you were away. Good luck with handing in all of your assignments! Firstly I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue. And give a special thanks to Declan Kelly who took the SU portraits this month – don’t we look fab? If you would like to make the SU staff look weird or wonderful for our next issue please don’t hesitate to email me. This issue we have plenty of exciting articles including an interview with the first couple to register for a civil partnership in 2011 on his opinion on the gay marriage referendum. We have an article on the Niall Mellon township trust and why you should overcome your fears. Also we have our usual film and music reviews and plenty of


pictures of your lovely faces on our party people pages. Don’t be shy to by the SU at any stage to say hi and even buy tickets to our Christmas blowout party to get you in the festive mood. See you soon,

Aimee Doyle, Editor


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Claire Aston, Entertainments Officer

Hi All,

I hope that you all had a good assignment week, I’m sure it was very productive and that none of you are under the stress of getting last minute assignments done. This has been another great month in college, and thanks to everyone who got involved. We had the Halloween Blowout last month, which was the biggest Halloween event we have ever had. This month we had the discovery trip weekend from the 15th-17th of November, which was definitely both a busy and eventful weekend, but you can read more about them in the SU News section. In terms of events, we have also got this year’s ENTS Crew set up, so look out for them on campus in their ENTS hoodies. You will be able to find them in Arthurs Bar selling tickets to events between 12pm-2pm. The ENTS this year are;

Ankita Malkan, Colm Corkery, Daniel Flynn, David Dooley, Eoin McKenna, Jack Lawes, Sarah Lynch and Stephen Donnery. These guys are there to ensure that you know what is going on in terms of parties so if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them. Moving on from everything that has happened lets look at what is coming up. Before this semester ends we have the big Christmas Party just around the corner. This will be taking place on the 11th of December in Madison nightclub, and tickets are available for €5 in the SU. Tickets will also be on sale in Arthurs Bar during lunch. You guys are doing a great job of making all the events awesome, so lets not stop there and lets make this Christmas the best one yet. Tickets for this event are limited so make sure to get yours soon.

Claire Aston

Sean Alari, Clubs and Societies Officer

Hi everyone

And welcome back to another great edition of Griffiti! Its nearly Christmas time so I hope you are all being good... Before we get preparing for exams and all that boring stuff, it s important that we keep our partying levels high! So don t miss out on our fantastic Christmas blowout party on the 11th of December in Madison night club. Speaking of Christmas, we have a good few interesting events apart from the blowout party coming your way. We have planned a Christmas beer pong tournament and a Christmas poker tournament. If you re interested please look out

for more details on our Facebook profile Griffith Su. Changing subjects, I d like to remind you to sign up to the fitness room if you haven’t already, keys are 50 Euro for unlimited access until May 16th 2014. This past month has seen us compete in the Student Sport Ireland leagues in badminton and volleyball with excellent results. We also participated in the trinity fencing New novice cup and the basketball league. So if you wish to find out more you can take a look at our sports page. Ok guys, that’s the end of my rant keep it cool! See you all soon Sean Alari


HALLOWEEN Halloween night was a huge success with 700 people in Lafayette nightclub, making that the biggest Halloween Party that Griffith has ever seen. There were some brilliant costumes on the night, with loads of people with their faces hanging off dressed as zombies, demons and many other funky costumes around the place. The dance floor was packed all night and the bar was full with many people walking around with blackout buckets all night, I’m sure a lot of people were quite happy to have no lectures on a Friday, and for those of you that did have lectures, I’m sure getting out of bed was a lot of effort that day. The winners on the night of best dressed, was Sarah Lynch as Best Dressed Female who was dressed as zipper face, and Thiago Lima won Best Dressed Male and was dressed as a devil on the night with some very impressive face details to his make up. See picture below!



Discovey Trip 2013 The first discovery trip of the year took place from the 15th-17th of November. The 64 of us left Dublin on Friday Morning and headed to Galway driving through the beautiful sites of Connemara, and stopping in Cong for Lunch. We made it in to Galway City at 6pm, giving us all some time to relax or continue drinking in some people’s cases before beginning a pub crawl around Galway City. On the pub crawl, we were split in to two groups and headed around the city stopping in various pubs before heading to Karma nightclub. On the pub crawl we were all given a potato each and challenged to have as many as possible by the end of the night. It was fascinating to see just how far some people will go for a potato. A high light of the night was definitely Adam Rifi stripping down to his boxers in the middle of Galway City and doing the Gangnam Style dance, followed by that he began to swing his t-shirt in the air screaming “Fuck The Police”, and then he proceeded to propose to a ran-

dom girl on the street while still only in his boxers. It was definitely a great night with a lot of funny stories coming home with people. On the Saturday morning we left Galway City and headed towards Killarney in County Kerry. On the way there we made stops at The Baby Cliffs, Corcomroe Abbey and The Cliffs Of Moher, where fortunately we had no incidents on the Cliffs and we left with all 64 students and headed to Killarney, where we all met in the pub and listened to some live music and then headed to the Grand Nightclub, where there was a traditional Irish band playing. Sunday Morning arrived and we were all up bright and early, but after 2 days of drinking maybe not too fresh. We left Killarney and hit the road to Cork, stopping at the Blarney Castle, where we kissed the Blarney Stone and now have the ‘gift of the gab’ so watch out because the students on the trip can now get out of any tricky situation. After Blarney we headed to Cork city for Lunch and then back to Dublin. It is safe to say everyone was exhausted after the long weekend, but it was a great weekend and I’m sure there are many stories returning to Dublin of how people had to dance up and down the bus and many more.

FEATURES Same Sex Marriage matters

A gay man’s opinion on the marriage referendum By Juliana Borges

In the first semester of 2015,

Ireland will hold a Referendum about Same Sex Marriage, when the public will be able to vote if same sex couples will be allowed to get married. It has been 20 years since homosexuality has not been considered a crime in Ireland and almost 3 years since Same Sex Civil Partnership became effective in Irish Law. Kieran Rose, chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) told BBC that this is a “historic step” towards equality, other LGBT communities and supporters also said that this is an important part of equality development. However, the Catholic Church of Ireland said that they will hold a campaign against the approval of Same Sex Marriage, believing that the traditional ceremony between a woman and a man is the most important institution for society and this will also affect the children rights to grow up in an environment with a mother and a father. What is the difference between what the public will vote for and the currently Civil Partnership? There are actually 160 statutory differences, but mainly they are related to parenting rights, at present the child is only considered part of the biological parent family; inheritance, as the current system includes less rights than the ones offered to traditional couples; housing, now described as a “shared house” instead of a “family house”, which facing

the law can bring disadvantages to one of the parties; and taxation, although quite similar it still needs to change to match the man-woman family rights, mostly covering maintenance issues. The Public Opinion The Referendum does not mean that marriage equality is approved. Ireland has a history of resistance to change, for instance the Divorce Referendum and its difficulties to pass and the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar and its relation to abortion criteria. The decriminalisation of homosexuality itself only happened after a hard battle of 16 years, starting with Senator David Norris’ case in court. Although, so far the news is positive, the published the results of the first Poll since the Referendum decision and found that the majority is in favour of the approval. “The Red C poll carried out for Paddy Power found that 76 per cent of likely voters say that they support the introduction of same-sex marriage into the Irish Constitution, while 18 per cent say they oppose it. A total of 6.5 per cent of respondents are undecided.” The research was conducted with 1,004 adults, from 4-6 of November. Other results are: women highly support it (85%), people under the age of 44 (87%), Labour Supporters (96%) and Dubliners (83%). Amongst Fianna Fáil supporters interviewed, 29% said they are against it. Q&A: Glenn Cunningham Vilar

Glen Cunningham Vilar and his husband Adriano Cunningham Vilar were the first couple to register in Ireland for the Civil Partnership, in 2011. They have been in a Civil Partnership for three and a half years (originally registered in Northern Ireland) and just over a year ago they had their legal marriage in Canada. In this interview he tells us a little bit about his life in a same-sex marriage, his opinion of the Referendum and why the right to be legally married to someone of the same sex should be approved. What do you think makes a happy marriage? When people are considerate to each other and they share the same common goals. When their values are the same. If they are not the same, that they can always compromise, I suppose compromise for me would be the first thing. Compromise, support and thoughts of each other. When and how did you decide to get married? We decided to get married on Valentine’s Day three and a half years ago. It wasn’t a proposal, it was simply a discussion. I didn’t really like that. We had our Civil Partnership, but then last year an opportunity came up, we were going to Canada, which has equal marriage, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a proper marriage ceremony and also to re-do the plan to get married. We went to Vancouver, I took him out on the pier, one of the most

beautiful views you will ever see, I asked him if he was happy being with me, he said “Yes”, I asked “Would you marry me again if you could?”, “Yes” he answered, so I said ok it is just as well because we are going to get married tomorrow. We had then about 24 hours to plan the wedding. You were the first couple to register for the same sex civil partnership, was it planned? It was not planned at all. We had our ceremony in Newry (Northern Ireland) in August 2010, he is Brazilian and we were afraid that he wouldn’t have the Visa renewed and would have to leave the country, we were more than happy to do our Partnership in Northern Ireland, knowing that would be recognised 6 months later in the Republic of Ireland. The Law changed and in the 13th of January we had a day off together, so we decided to go check his Stamp 4 status. The guys were all flustered because they hadn’t done it before; they said it was just in the Law that day and to forgive them while they were running around. We were the first one to be legally registered, however we didn’t actually know until later on when we were talking to someone from the Gay supporters’ agencies and they told us asking if we would give an interview for The Irish Times and Fm104. It was a coincidence, having said that it is something that our families are very proud of, that we made history in that respect. However, it is not particularly important, in the grand scheme of things there are a lots of people that still struggle with this and a lot of countries around the world that don’t allow any kind of partnership, so that would be more important than this small piece. Do you consider you marriage to be an example to the gay community? How? I don’t know if I consider it an example to the gay community because our marriage is as simple and straight forward as

anybody elses, we have the days that we could kill each other and the days that we adore each other, in that aspect it is perfectly normal. We are only together 5 years, but I know gay couples that are together 30 years, they are an example. Being through a Civil Partnership is an example to young gay people that they can meet people, form proper relationship, fall in love and plan a future together that is pretty much recognised by the country. In your work environment, does it have any positive or negative effect? I remember a company I worked for 15 years ago, we got a new boss and a week into the job he was asked how he was finding the management team; he said “Glenn is great, he’s been really friendly, very helpful” and the higher standing boss said “Well, just be wary, he is gay, you want to sort of keep your distance”, which was shocking, this was just 15 years ago. In my current work environment though absolutely no negative feelings, if anything, people congratulate me. How positive are you feeling about the referendum? Positive but anxious. The opinion polls states that there is a huge support, the last one it was 75%, what mirrors consistently what the polls have been saying for the last couple of years. What the key for me is that this isn’t about gay people getting out there and sorting that out, this is a straight person referendum, so gay people need just to make sure that their families and friends are aware of how important it is that they have that support and that turns into votes. Do you know any LGBT group that are working on a campaign towards it? The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) is doing a lot, I was talking to them last week, they are putting together a committee and they asked if I would be interested to help, which is great because I would love to do that. Marriage Equality has been at the forefront of all of this, pushing the agenda, keeping it on the political agenda. Have you recently met anyone who is against it? Surprisingly I only met one person and he is a gay man. He is a 60 years old Jewish and he argued with me that marriage is defined as a man and a woman, that whatever our relationships are they can’t be marriage and that they should just upgrade the Civil Partnership to exactly the same, but different. It is strange, I wouldn’t have expected that.

How would you explain to someone, who is against it, why gay marriage should be legal? This isn’t about gay rights, this is about human rights. It is about having your love recognised, shared and understood. It is about equality, mainly about two things for me: One is that my family, me, my husband and my child, are legally recognised as a family and that my child can grow up knowing that she is in a normal family, which doesn’t need special laws or doesn’t apply to certain things; Two is for young gay people that are discovering their sexuality, for them to see that they are equal and there is no need to hide. There is just too much emphasis put on us being different and love isn’t different, love is love, doesn’t matter who you feel it for, we don’t have control over it, we have all been there with the heartbreak over someone that when you look back you say “What was I thinking?”, but you can’t control that because love is your love. Can you see any negative aspect if same sex marriage becomes legal? No. I suppose the concern about the referendum coming up is that it could be mirrored what happened in France, where they changed the law allowing equal marriage, there was a lot of debate on TV and some right wing politics went stirring up hatred, saying anything they could think of to try to stop this, so the far right wing stirred up and there was more attacks to gay people over the course of this summer than in the previous couple of years. That is bad and it is probably the biggest concern I would have about any negative aspect. Is there anything relevant to this that wasn’t covered that you would like to include? A.: This Referendum is about changing people lives and giving people equality, it doesn’t take anything from anyone. Nobody that is currently married in a straight relationship has to give up anything in order for this to succeed. It is legal in 15 countries and, I think, 15 states in the US, could somebody show me a study that they shouldn’t have done it because society took a step backwards or something went wrong? There is no proof of it, there is nothing. It has been legal in some countries for ten years or more and it has done nothing to their society. Nothing bad has happened since, just a lot of gay people getting married and enjoying their lives more. As I always say, if you are against gay people getting married, then don’t marry one!

Niall Mellon township trust

Volunteering: Why, where and how? By Laura Murphy


he number of charity and voluntary organisations in Ireland today is currently between 40-50. It is believed that this number is expected to fall in the coming years according to a recent study carried out by the accountancy firm Grant Thornton. The survey conveyed that the main reasons for the expected decline was due to a slowdown in Government and voluntary funding. The Niall Mellon Township Trust is a charity that has been running since 2002

and has its Irish office situated in Taylors Three Rock, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. The charity currently has 5 workers in its Irish branch, this small number is due to the fact that the majority of the work done is out in the Townships. The charity began in Cape Town in South Africa and mainly focused on building houses and schools for the locals. Families of up to seven were living in make-shift houses and tin shacks, there were no sanitary facilities in the areas which resulted in the spread of disease and ultimately death as a result of poor health care services. In 2010 there were 226 informal settlements in Cape Town housing 500,000 people. The Niall Mellon Township Trust began building houses for the locals to free them from the filth they were subjected to by living in these shacks. The charity spent 8-9 years working in South Africa restoring communities and creating a better quality of life for the locals. Not only does the charity benefit the

people living in these poorly developed places but also the volunteers who take time out of their lives to commit to this organisation. A volunteer from the charity with whom I spoke with describes how she feels being a part of

The volunteers take time out of their lives to commit to this organisation

the charity: “To see a family move into a house from living in a shack, to see their faces as they walk into their new home is just indescribable, you can’t put it into words”. The Niall Mellon Township Trust have completed their work in Cape Town, they have left it to the locals who run it like a business. There are 1500-2,000

locals involved in the building which runs year round. The Niall Mellon Township Trust have created the template with which they work from. The South African government came on board with the building and they started to fund it which has benefitted Cape Town hugely. The building is constant in Cape Town as a result of Niall Mellon’s charity who created the prototype for the houses which have been named “Mellon Houses”.

The charity attracts people of all ages ranging from 16-74, it gives the volunteers a life changing experience to witness the difference their work is making To build houses and schools in an area one might predict that the volunteers must acquire a skill of some sort. This is not the case for the Niall Mellon Township Trust as most of the volunteers have no building experience. A volunteer has no requirements needed to part take in the work, all that is needed of them is to be fit and healthy and ready for work. A volunteer of the charity informed me

that “no one is left with nothing to do, everyone gets a job to do”, there is a lot of labouring work involved such as lifting blocks and wheeling wheelbarrows. The charity attracts people of all ages ranging from 16-74, it gives the volunteers a life changing experience to witness the difference their work is making for the poor in Third World Countries. The volunteer with whom I spoke to only signed up for one year and this is currently her 9th year working with the charity. The charity was due to leave for Kenya on the 12th of October 2013 to build two schools and a health care centre for the local people, but have had to cancel their plans as a result of the recent shootings that have taken place in Kenya. The two schools are under construction at the moment and the charity hope to travel to Kenya in 2014 to continue their good work. Niall Mellon himself has recently travelled out to the Township in Kenya to see what progress has been made despite the current violent shootings that have taken place. This exemplifies how dedicated the charity is to helping people and communities in need. The charity have set aside the next 4-5 years working in Kenya to build houses and schools for the people and to create healthy living arrangements and safe houses. The work the volunteers carry out when they are in the countries is compacted into several intense days. They rise at half 6 in the morning and are on a bus at half 7 which transports them to the sites and they begin work at 8. They finish work at half 5 and are transported back to the hotel. The building is organised efficiently with

teams of 70 people and within each team are two head foremen overseeing all the work. Amongst the 70 workers there are 10 local tradespeople who gain experience working with them. The volunteer that I spoke with describes the work as being very grounding as it puts everyone on the same level. Some days you could be working beside doctors, accountants or bankers and you would never know, everyone is equal on site. Like every charity there is a lot of preparation when planning a trip. The volunteers must be vaccinated against a number of diseases such as rabies, meningitis, yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis A and B. The Niall Mellon Township Trust holds fundraisers to raise money for the trips. They hold many events such as leg waxing, charity runs, bag packing in local supermarkets, second hand clothes donations, anything that will raise them money is of benefit. The Niall Mellon Township Trust is now in operation 11 years and is still striving to do better. They are constantly improving the lives of others out in 3rd world countries and creating safe environments for children to grow up in. The organisation creates the opportunity for girls and boys to attend school and to be educated for the future. If you would like to consider becoming a volunteer for the Niall Mellon Township Trust please call 01 4948200.

Dublin’s melting pot

Parnell Street East has been Dublin’s unofficial “Chinatown” for years. How it was created, where the problems lie and By Adam Rifi what the future may look like.


he sudden wave of, mostly Chinese immigrants in the late 1990s and early 2000s is what shaped the area around eastern Parnell Street. Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and African shops illuminate the street at night time in their bright neon signs. But there is one ethnic group that is predominant, that gives the street its name: the Chinese. Just like in real life, the east was late with its rise. The development of Parnell Street as a commercial city route started as early as 1728, according to a study conducted by the Civic Trust Fund. In the late 1700s, the street started to attract Dublin’s rich through the commercialisation of that area. In the 18th and early 19th century, Parnell Street was a predominantly Georgian quarter, with many impressive buildings, shops and theatres. But then came the decline and by the mid-1900s, most of Parnell Street was in a slum-like condition which even led as far as tearing down some of the buildings on both streets. However, while Parnell Street West was rebuilt in the 1970s and 80s, no efforts were made to rejuvenate its eastern counterpart and thus it succumbed to decline and negligence. This however lowered the rents and attracted many foreigners, especially during the years of economic growth in Ireland. “Thirty years ago this was a theocratic cultural dump and we should recognise the contribution of those not born in Ireland,” Fine Gael Councilor, Bill Tormey said in an interview with the “Irish

Central”. According to the 2011 census conducted by the Central Statistics Office, there were more than 21000 Asians living in Dublin’s city centre, compared to, e.g. 6000 Blacks. It is exactly this Asian population that helped to breathe new life into the formerly neglected street. Shops and restaurants were opened, houses were rebuilt and the population in that area rose. Especially in recent years, more and more ethnic, mostly Asian shops have shaped eastern Parnell Street.

According to the 2011 census conducted by the Central Statistics Office, there were more than 21000 Asians living in Dublin’s city centre There are however, some problems connected to the rejuvenation. First of all, the reason why most entrepreneurs and shop owners moved into this area during the “Celtic Tiger Years” in the first place, was that the rents were much lower compared to western Parnell Street and other places around city centre in general. With an increase in demand for shops and housing, people fear that exactly this Asian thriving power may decline or search for cheaper rents somewhere else in the city. According to Independent Councilor, Mannix Flynn “Parnell Street is too small and these people will

move from the area once rents become cheaper somewhere else.” The second problem, brought up by the Dublin Civic Trust in their 2011 report “Parnell Street East-A vision for an Historic City Centre Street”, is that many shop owners just stay there temporarily and therefore don’t care too much about the integration of their store fronts into the historical architecture and in general about the restoration of the area. “Early in this decade, there have been many plans for development of eastern Parnell Street. Ideas ranged from a full scale Chinatown like in London or San Francisco, to a general Oriental quarter with authentic shops, restaurants and architecture. To achieve this however “further investment from property developers and landlords is required to help it reach its full potential,” according Tom Coffey, chief executive of Dublin City Business Association. It seems however, that exactly these investments have been missing following the global recession and that the plans for development in this area have been put to a halt. According to the Inner City Council, “there are currently no plans for further development in that area.” And so it remains unknown whether the investments will come soon enough, before the foreign population of Parnell Street decides that other areas in Dublin might be cheaper and provide a better quality of life. Then it will be shown if eastern Parnell Street will sink into its low of the 1970s and 80s again, or if the ethnic population will stay long enough to bring luck and prosperity to this historic area.

Do the thing that scares you.

By Stephen Donnery

How fear can take control of your life. When you were younger fear was never a thing that stopped you from doing anything. Climbing the highest trees, jumping from the highest rock into the sea. It would never cross your mind to be afraid.

Fear is an irrational emotion

Fear is an irrational emotion. We can’t let our fear dictate our lives, we are not our fears, we make our own fear. Overcoming your fears can be a really good thing. It is healthy and rewarding. Looking fear straight in the eye is not easy but it is one of the most important skills you can learn, ever. And it can open doors onto new and exciting adventures

that you never thought could be possible. Think of the things that scare you the most. If you could get over them your life would change dramatically and it would make you happier. We face fears everyday in our lives - our first date, job interviews, having babies. If we played it safe all of the time nothing would ever happen to us, nothing fun anyway. To overcome your fears you have to learn to trust yourself. And of course it gets easier the more you do it. Going out on your own and talking to strangers can be terrifing, but once you get over that first time it gets so much easier, until you are the chattiest person out of your group of friends and find it so easy to make new ones. For years you may be letting fear dictate your life. We become tired of having missed opportunities just because you were afraid. We have to learn to work with our fears - whats the worst that

To overcome your fears you have to learn to trust yourself could happen? So go travelling by yourself, jump from a plane, sing in front of a crowd. The more control over the fear you have the less powerful it becomes. Don’t let fear stop you from going after what you desire. Too many times people are held back by their fears. It is time to start doing the things that scare you.


High school never ends


ith a recent video of Mean girls 2: The reunion released online, where some things have not changed at all it makes us wonder does anything actually change after we leave school? The band Bowling for soup have a song called ‘highschool never ends’ which focuses on the idea that once we leave school nothing really changes, that we stay the same with all of our immaturities and insecurities. In schools, or the schools we see portrayed on the TV and in movies with the typical cafateriaesque cliches and groups exsist in full force, this is where everything happended - or at least this is the way it used to be. Social media seems to have taken over this role as the school cafateria. Were everyone shares who their friends are, who they hang out with and where they hang out. This deciphering who is ‘poplular’ and ‘unpopular’. It is almost the same, we are still showing the world a fake version of ourselves, how we want

to be percieved. As we get older and start working it is almost like the people with the money making boring jobs are the people who got good grades in

Being good looking will get you places. You believed it in school and somehow that never went away. school and the people who have the fun quirky less paid jobs were the ones who had more friends and less time to study. Just as it was uncool to study society has proven that it is just as uncool to have stable boring jobs. Another thing that never stops after school is gossip. Gossip never goes away. It may not be who kissed who at a party and who got so drunk and got sick in the fridge but it will

always be there. And social media makes gossip easier. We don’t even have to go to parties to find out the gossip. Just check Facebook the next morning. Being good looking will get you places. You believed it in school and somehow that never went away. Getting a girlfriend or boyfriend before all of your friends was huge. In our adult lives some things never change. Whether you get married to young or too old people will always have something to say. Is there ever a right time? If you have a baby to young or with someone you’ve only been seeing a few months, they will still judge you. The idea that once we leave school that we grow up and mature we will get over all of these ideals is a myth. Once you leave school to head to college or work and think it will be different, it won’t. There will still be someone there to judge and be judged. Highschool never really does end. It is a vicious cycle.

Griffith college students Union presents:

Christmas events 2013 Christmas Beer pong tournament 3rd of December @ 5:30pm in the SU â‚Ź10 per team Sign up in the SU now!

Christmas attire essential! Christmas Poker Tournament 28th of November @6:30pm in the SU â‚Ź10 per person Sign up in the SU now! R.O.A.R T&CS APPLY

GCD SPORTS Badminton T

he official SSI (student sport Ireldand) league kicked off with a huge bang for the Griffith College team as we traveled to Galway to face the hosts GMIT alongside IT Tallaght Dublin and DIT. Coach Chris Fusco was confident that his team would put in a solid performance and chose the best 8 players to travel west with him. Unfortunately two last injuries meant that Sarah and Valentin could not take part in the game. This left the 6 travelling players with a tough day of badminton ahead.

Notwithstanding these problems and the team’s inexperience, Griffith managed to win 2 out of 3 games. DIT were the better team on the day with three victories, however with wins over Tallaght IT and hosts GMIT Grffith put in a performance to be proud of. A new round of matches now awaits coach Fusco and the team, with DBS due to host us, IT Blanchardstown and GMIT on Wednesday 27th of November.



college team I’ve played in”.

While one home fixture against WIT and one away fixture against DKIT will have the final say on the team’s prospects for the finals. When asked about the expectations for this season, GCD basketball verteran Abdul Mikeal stated that “this is the best

All in all these three consecutive games in tree consecutive weeks will show what GCD can achieve the rest of the season.

fter two months of pre-season training coach Baker finally has a competitive team. This years Division Two league will see Griffith play three matches before Christmas against NCI, NUIM and DBS.

Basketball scholars KC and Darragh are also confident that the team will perform and have an excellent chance at reaching promotion into Division 1 come March 2014.

Expectations are high and there is no room for error. It promises to be eventful.

Football The football team

travelled across the city to Institute Technology Blanchardston on Tuesday 5th of November to play in our second last league match of the year. Despite having the be best performance of the season to date, our GCD football team fell to its biggest lose. For 65/70 it was a match that was there for the taking. A penalty was all that separated the teams at half time with the away side left kicking themselves after having the best chance of the half, just no one there to finish them. The second half saw ITB come more into the game however with chances falling for both teams. ITB were nothing but happy to pounce on silly mistakes made by the Griffith side.

With 10/15 minutes left on the clock the away side decided to go in attack mode, however that only invited more and more goals from the hosts. In the end the scoreboard read 5-0 with silly mistakes and an all out attacking mode, resulting in the colleges biggest defeat off the season. However hoping to put the bad form from the Division 2 league campaign behind us, the lads are now in the middle of preparations for the massive Umbro Cup game which is coming up on the week commencing the 25th of November. We host Premier Division side IT Sligo in the Iveagh Grounds, with the team hoping to have another good run in the cup, after reaching the quarter-finals last season.

GCD Table Tennis: Hot shots for top spots W

ith this years table tennis league set to start on December 1st in UCD, our team have started training hard. Trying to follow up on last years success (2nd spot in Division 1), captain Eric Choong and the team, will definitely have a shot at finishing top for the first time in Griffith College history.

While UCD (University College Dublin) and DKIT (Dundalk Institute of Technology) are expected favourites for Division 1, GCD ‘B’ and DIT ‘B’ (Dublin Institute of Technology) are strong contenders for top spot in Division 2. Captain Aaron Nam, Kase Buthakwa and Albert Chan will try to give us the

double that we deserve. It will be a tough competition but we are sure that they will not disappoint. We wish them the very best of luck.

GCD Volleyball: A bittersweet start T

wo weeks ago both our Ladies and Gents Volleyball Teams played their first matches of the year. Wednesday 6th of November saw the GCD Girls head out to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght to face IT Carlow, Trinity College and ITTD (Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin). When asked about the performance of the team, coach Marcin Swoboda maintained that the defeats suffered didn’t reflect the true potential of the team. Silly mistakes and lack of experience perhaps

were to blame on the day, but overall there is a strong belief in the camp that the next round of matches will have a much more positive outcome for the Griffith Ladies. Friday 8th of November saw our GCD Lads host AIT (Athlone Institute of Technology) and ITTD (Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin) in Clogher Rd. Community Sports Centre. After winning a warm up friendly match on Wednesday, the lads went into the Friday clash full of confidence, knowing that they were capable of competing with any-

Above: GCD Men’s Volleyball team

one. After a shaky start in the first set against ITTD, GCD came back to win two consecutive sets 25:13 and 15:13. This victory boosted the morale for the next match against AIT who stood no chance against an outstanding performance which saw GCD win three straight sets 25:15, 25:18 and 15:6. Overall, a bittersweet start for the GCD Volleyball Club, with more positives than negatives to be taken from both rounds.


Cert: 15A Release Date: out now! Running time: 153minutes

Prisoners” is an American thriller directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Aaron Guzikowski.


family-drama crime thriller, Prisoners fits the Oscar-wannabe formula of artistic ambition plus star quality. Five of its leading actors — Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis and Melissa Leo — have earned a combined two Academy Awards and seven nominations. Read more: Review: Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Prisoners’ | prisoners-theres-a-good-thriller-in-here-somewhere/#ixzz2l1VbKDID After a Thanksgiving dinner, Anna Dover and Joy Birch, two six year old girls, disappear. Detective Loki, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, gives priority to the possibility of kidnapping after the witness statement of Keller (Hugh Jackman), who is Anna’s father. Alex Jones, played by Paul Dano, is the number one suspect and he is quickly arrested. He is revealed during Detective Loki’s interrogation to have the approximate I.Q. of a ten-year-old and is released a few days later due to lack of evidence, which causing the rage of Keller. Anna’s father decides to keep an eye on Alex because he is convinced that Alex knows where the girls are. Blinded by his grief, the father goes into a race against the clock to find the missing children. He abducts and imprisons him in an abandoned apartment building that he owns. With the reluctant

help of Joy’s father, Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard), Keller repeatedly beats and interrogates Alex for days without any further information. After that, Alex mentions escaping from a maze, Keller visits Alex’s aunt, Holly Jones, to gauge her reaction when he mentions mazes. Days later, Joy Birch is found drugged and is hospitalized, but Anna is still missing. In her drugged state, Joy rambles that she had heard Keller while imprisoned. Keller goes to Holly’s, realizing that the Jones house is where Joy had heard him. Holly confronts Keller and holds him at gunpoint, subsequently drugs him and reveals that she was responsible for the abduction of the girls. She shoots Keller in the leg and imprisons him in an outside pit hidden under a car, where he finds a whistle that belonged to his daughter. Mixing contradictory emotions, fear and suspense, it does not leave anybody indifferent. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes moving, it is easy to feel empathy for Anna’s father looking for his daughter. In some scenes, the characters do not speak a lot which giving us time to observe and analyze the situations. The plot combines intense and unpredictable events to surprise the audience. This thriller, as dark as the night, drives us almost paranoid when we leave the theater.

Eva Paut-Brissaud

Cert: 12A Release Date: out now! Running time: 132minutes

A true story about pirates and the Navy

Richard Phillips is a mariner captain. Before his travel, he checks his graphics board and realizes that he has to pass by the Indian Ocean. This location is full of Somalia pirates. Warned, the captain takes security precautions. The first time, he is confronted to two skiffs but he succeeds to avoid them. The second time will be fatal. In spite of the teams efforts, four pirates manage to ascend the ship. The pirates take control of the Maersk Alabama with the help of weapons. While pirates invade the boat, the American team is hiding in the engine room. They are ready to wrestle with the chief who is examining rooms. The pirate leader has to leave the ship with the money of the boat if he does not want to die. However, the situation is unpredictable. Pirates run away in the ship’s lifeboat but they take hostage the captain Phillips. New slant for the pirates : to exchange the captain for a ransom. Their escapade does not last for a long time. The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Bainbridge is intercepting them. Each pirate seems to become insane because the lifeboat is oppressive and the tension rises. One night, the captain Phillips tries to escape by swimming but it is useless. The pirates catch him and hit him to teach him a lesson. Exhausted and thirsting, the pirate leader, Abduwali

Muse, makes a deal with the Navy : to obtain money in return of the captain. At the same time, Richard Phillips is writing a letter to his wife. He feels it is near the end for him. Suddenly, a special squad intervenes and shoots everyone. Richard Phillips is alive, and safe. Simultaneously, Abduwali Muse, the pirate leader, is arresting for piracy and under penalty of 33 years. From the beginning to the end of the movie, spectators are breathtaking. Indeed, the suspense is present throughout the movie. Furthermore, the story and the suspense quickly settle down, only ten minutes after the beginning of the movie. The tension is at its maximum when captain Phillips is ready to die many times during the attack of the boat. It is necessary to note the performance of the actor Tom Hanks, he plays his role perfectly. In the last minutes in particular, we can see that he releases all the pressure, stress accumulated during the last hours. We would have been able to expect another relation between the American captain and the Somali captain. However, no link is created between them. We should not forget that it is true story. So, it is easy to be more affected when we see captain’s pain but also the hard life of the Somali.

Marie Pinasseau


Eminem - Marshal Matthers LP 2


Guess who’s back….. back again.. C

hristmas came early for many Eminem fans his new album MMLP2 got leaked 6 days before release, but did it live up to the expectations followed by the original MMLP released in 2000? In comparison to previous albums that the artist has brought out, this is getting a lot of airplay and publicity. With huge success with the singles, ‘Monster’, ‘Survival’ and ‘Rap God’ which stole the show at the EMA’s this year. Since Eminem has returned to the music scene in 2009 he has produced album after album, and constantly been compared to his earlier music, and this one is no different. Through all his albums he has discussed his battles with drugs and depression, but now Eminem is doing a throwback to his old songs in this new album, but don’t let the title trick you, this album is not a sequel to his earlier MMLP that he brought out in 2000. Although it is not a continuation to his earlier stuff, there is a touch of what the fans have been waiting for, with a sound of dominance and confidence back in the rappers voice. Since Eminem returned to the music industry in 2009 he has been compared to his early work, and now it seems that not only the fans are doing this, but it seems that he is

looking for a way back to the music he began with, and starts this with a throwback to his earlier songs. The album begins with the song ‘Bad Guy’ which is a reference to the song ‘Stan’ giving an alternate story to the original song, showing the brother of ‘Stan’, Matthew, demonstrating his resentment for Eminem for the death of his brother, and his method of plotting revenge on him. Throughout the album the different styles come through from the murder fantasies, comical genius and the pure storytelling that gave rise to his early success. Of course like all albums Eminem has his ability to put across the shock factor and he has made sure to keep that up. On track number 15 ‘Headlights’ feat. Nate Ruess, Eminem makes the statement; “Ma, I forgive you, so does Nathan yo, All you did, all you said, you did your best to raise us both.” He also refers to ‘Cleaning out my Closet’ throughout the song. Throughout the album there are collaboration with artists such as, Kendrick Lemar in ‘Love Game’ (track 14), Nate Ruess in ‘Headlights’ (track 15), Skylar Grey in ‘Asshole’ (track 7) and Rihanna in ‘The Monster’

(track 12). As well as the vocal collaborations, the hip hop and classic rock kick backs used through out the songs, give this album a strong vibe that will appeal to a lot of people, for example, on track 8, ‘Berzerk’ which samples Billy Squier’s ‘The Stroke’ along with the Beastie Boys, ‘The New Style’. On track 3, ‘Rhyme or Reason’ uses the The Zombies, ‘Time of the Season’ in the back of the track. As well as taking inspiration from other artists, Eminem also takes a riff from his own instrumental directly from his ‘The Real Slim Shady’ on track 13, ‘So Far’ From the heart felt tracks such as Headlights, to the classic Eminem skits in Parking Lot, this track as Eminem’s 8th studio album, is definitely one of the most successful since his return to the industry, with many of the singles mentioned above topping the charts. The performance through the album of songs with hidden meaning and insight into Eminem’s life is complex. The moments of humor, self-reflection and virual expression that are impossible to take apart in a few listens. This deep and reflective album is definitely the closest fans will get to the return of the real slim shady

Claire Aston



Lady Gaga - ArtPop

“Four seconds to lose” K.A Tucker

Is it just all about the fame?

A strip club love story like no other.


aga’s much anticipated new album is less serious than her precious sounds – however it still touches on topics regarding self worth, love and empowerment. It has the general upbeat feel of The Fame but also very much has the lyrical complexities of the visceral The Fame Monster and experimental Born This Way. Still, Artpop is its own remarkable work, even though it’s just yet another ode to sex, drugs, fashion, and stardom. Amped up with hip-hop elements and a very heavy and scattered club sound, Artpop showcases Gaga’s continued drive to stand out and satisfy and shock the pop music world. Although full of ear candy and perfect for listening to while getting ready for a potentially scandalous night out, there are only a few standout tracks worth downloading. Others are okay but ‘meh’ and some are just plain cringe-worthy. Perhaps Gaga is trying to ironize herself in “Aura,” but some of the lyrics really sound more like a pre-emptive defense of her decision to use the burqa as a part of her concept. The pseudo-Middle Eastern musical motifs that begin the song certainly don’t help matters. Gaga also sings “I’m not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice/My veil is protection for the gorgeousness of my face,” lyrics that could hardly be more culturally insensitive. For an artist who has always claimed to

respect diversity, “Aura” seems either completely tone-deaf in that regard, or just another calculated media stunt. “Venus,” “G.U.Y,” and “Sexxx Dreams,” are all rather tepid homages to sex and love set to somewhat limp dance pop backing. There really isn’t much to distinguish these songs from the run-of-the mill, and the sentiments in them have been so much more effectively been demonstrated by other artists, from Prince to the Diviynls. Blatantly sexual songs by a mainstream female pop artist have ceased to have much shock value since, oh, Madonna.


he third book in this fantastic series broke my heart. Cain and Charlie are both broken, but that’s no surprise. K.A. Tucker’s characters always are. Tucker’s amazing talent is showcased perfectly in her new novel. Starring strip club owner Cain as one of the main characters the book is not what it seems. It is a love story of such, a difficult, passionate thrilling love story that will not loose your attention for a minute.

Cain has been running his business for a few years now, he is not the sleazy strip club owner you would expect. Cain cares All this plastic-fantastic soft prov- deeply for the ladies that work at his establishment and lately it has ocation is ruled by committee, taken a toll on him, taking such which is a probable explanation good care of them and caring so as to why “Artpop” lacks focus. Most of the songs are credited to much. Only recently, Cherry has at least four songwriters, and the been calling out “sick” again - last finale, “Applause,” features no less time she called out sick repeatthan eight names on the final tally. edly, it was because her boyfriend was beating her. Also recently, one dancer had to go to counARTPOP is not palatable to all seling for cutting and still another people but Lady Gaga couldn’t was taken to the hospital for care less. The album is clearly aimed at her existing fans and the a botched back-alley medical procedure. It is these types of womfans have spoken and have exen that Cain tries to help find a pressed their love for the album and their queen. No critic or bad better life, particularly when they have children involved. song can waver the love of Little Monsters. Charlie is a young woman in need of cash immediately. She needs to escape the life she has been living and dancing is the only way she can raise the money

Sinead Mkenna

quickly. The moment she walks into the strip club Cain knows she will be different from anyone he has ever met. A direct quote “I believe you don’t have years, or months, or weeks to impact a person’s life.You have seconds. Seconds to win them over, and seconds to lose them”. It is not a straight forward love story. They both have secrets and baggage that is about to get blown open. Before they can continue on or start anything between them they must be honest. And the truth is not always what you want to hear. Of course, Four Seconds To Lose is much more fun to read as far as the romance goes when you know that Cain’s rule is to never get involved with his staff and when you know that Charlie doesn’t want to become too attached to life in Miami because she wants to get out of there as soon as she is able. Sometimes love and attraction changes our plans, guys, and it is glorious when it is in a fantastic book with a fantastic story that you can swoon the heck over.

Sarah Martin



TwoTechPages This months tech pages are filled with some quirky technology that reminds us how far we have come in the 21st century - with driverless cars and printable livers! Also the top 5 apps and top 5 games this month.

Driverless cars

This momth government officials and manufacturers in the US have met to discuss the promotion and build of the future driverless cars. Although not available just yet these cars will begin appearing in Florida - which will be the testing grounds for the cars. The cars do not come cheap at prices ranging from $47,000 to $97,000. The vehicles are said to help stop road accidents and be safer all round than regular cars. We won’t see them on our roads for years to come - but it is good to know they are on the way!

Google news

There has been plenty of news from Google this month starting with the ban of child pornography from its search engine in the UK. Both Google and microsoft have agreed to this after minister David Cameron put pressure on the companies by saying he would make a law against it if they did not oblige. Over 100,000 queries will be blocked, almost any content that involves the sexual abuse of children and a message will appear telling people that they have a problem and how to get help. Also in Google news the company is to invest $80 million in 6 solar power plants in California and Arizona. The plants will power over 17,000 homes. More good news for Google came in the form of it being made legal for the search engine to have every book digitized. So soon every book ever published will be available to find online. Who needs librarys anyway?

3D printing

3d printing is becoming the way of the future. It is a relatively new craze and as the printers have been so expensive up untill now we haven’t really paid much attention to them. But this month the 3d printer has produced a real live liver! The printed liver carried out the same cellular functions as a natural human liver for 40 days in the lab. That may not seem like a lot — human liver cells are

replaced about every 300 to 500 days — but the company’s previous millimeter-sized liver slivers only managed five days. This is a huge achievement and step forward for both medicine and technology. You can print just about anything with these 3d printers - maybe they should be kept away from college students.

Pee powered robots

Scientists this month have become closer to creating the first urine fueled robots. In the past decade, the Bristol researchers have created four separate generations of EcoBot, designed to generate electricity from the digestive action of live microorganisms. All of them are fueled from some material that humans consider “waste,” such as rotting fruit and vegetables, wastewater or sludge. The designers hope that these robots can eventually be used as autonomous sensors and monitors in areas that are too dangerous for human researchers, such as severely polluted locations.

The demise of Facebook

Facebook have released a statement this month that its target audience, the younger generation, are on their way out of Facebook. Just as the older generation - mums, dads, aunts, uncles and even grandparents are getting the hang of social networking sites. The young people today don’t want their relations to be posting cute pictures of dogs and a heartfelt quote on their pages and tagging them in pictures from their baby days. People from the ages of 13 to 23 are heading to other messaging apps such as whatsapp, snapchat and viber which are easier to use on their mobiles. We’re not saying that it is the end of Facebook just yet - but seeing as the young people make the trends and everyone else follows, should we be worried that Facebook will become just like our beloved BEBO? Where will people share every minute of their lives with the rest of the world? Don’t worry, something bigger and better will arrive.

The best online shops for Christmas 1. Littlewoods - one of the most popular online shops for christmas. Littlewoods not only has clothes and gadgets but also has a wide range of personalised gifts that you can have engraved and other quirky items. Also another great aspect of littlewoods is you don’t have to pay for you items all in one go, they offer you a chance to pay it over a few months - which is perfect for us poor students. 2. Amazon - the ole reliable. Stocks pretty much whatever it is you’re looking for. The only problem is delivery can sometimes be a bit slow.

3. pressieport - this cute website is Irish, so therefore it is obviously great. It is perfect for all the stocking fillers you could want, both funny and cute gifts. 4. nosuchthing - if it is something wierd and wonderful you are looking for this is the place to go, for those difficuly people who have everything. 5. redribbon - if you are looking for something a little more adventurous this Christmas this site is packed with different experiences from car racing to water skiing!

Top 5 APPS This Month 1. Bitstrips is a new and somewhat annoying craze. It is a Facebook app that lets you deisgn your own avatar - and your friends. You then choose which comic strip you want to star in and post the annoying image on Facebook. There are over 1000 strips to choose from with hours of filling your news feed ahead get downloading now! 2. Dumb ways to die app has finally arrived on andriod and this must have game is simple yet addictive. There are 15 different puzzile in this game and the objective is not to die.

TOP 5 GAMES THIS MONTH 1. Assasins creed 4 - Argueably the best game in the franchise, A sea based incredable game.

2. Killer instinct- filled with over the top action this game will reinvent the fighting game franchise.

3. Supermario 3D world 3. Just Eat have just released a new app which makes ordering fast food easier - which is just how us students like our food.

The firts multiplayer 3d mario game with each character have a unique abilities in a colourful enviornment.

4. Need for speed: Rivals 4. The Guiness plus app has hit the app stores this month and if you’re a Guiness fan then you should download it immediately, With a free pint when you first download it and other great offers it is one not to be missed for the black stuff lovers! 5. Viber is one of the top 5 this month. Although not a new app it is surpassiing whatsapp and other similar apps due to the fact that as well as message and send pictures you can also call - and all for free. Viber is now compatable with tablets.

Captures the adrenaline and intensity of the streets ultimate rivalry between cops and racers. With a new feature, Alldrive, watch your rear view mirrors for other online racers that can pop in unannounced.

5. NBA 14 - Player attributes and tendancies automatically update daily to reflect true hot and cold streaks. Now each game played in the NBA can have affect on your game


Griffith College President mentions sundial - has the truth been revealed?

Donnery gets mashes in Galway? By Ben Dover

Griffith student with potato addiction brings mayhem to Galway town on SU discovery trip.

Galway city is still recovering from a potato related disaster, the likes of which have not been seen since the famous potato famine of 1840. In the past few weeks GCDSU went mobile by busing their members around the country in search of booze, banter and adventure. What nobody could have forseen was what would happen next. Mild mannered Cavan native and SU regular Stephen

Donnery was harbouring a secret, a secret that would have a devastating impact on the city of Galway, Stephen is a spudo-holic. While on campus Stephen was able to control his addiction at his local clinic. Everyday about 1 Stephen would go to Arthur’s bar and restaurant and get his fix of “a big heap of spuds” but on Friday last this was not possible as he sat on a bus heading west. “I thought I could go cold turkey” Stephen told reporters at a press conference. “I tried to take my mind of the spuds drinks” Despite drinking his energy drinks by the pint load Stephen’s hunger for spuds grew and grew. The situation was not helped when SU staff members


s en

epact ud-

o c. o is fix y last at on ht hen erd of ks”

w not ers

began issuing potatos to everyone on board the bus while setting out a challenge to use whatever means neccesary to gather the most amout of potatoes possible, the winner would be proclaimed King or Queen of the spuds. “It was at that point I snapped, I needed to get my spuds and nothing would stop me. I was like the Hulk at the end of Avengers Assemble” Stephan said. “As soon as the bus pulled over I was out the door and lookin’ for spuds, I was stopping people in the street, shouting at

tractors, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I had reached a low point when I asked a Jack Russell who had stopped to take a piss.” As you can see from the picture Stephen’s relentless search was not in vain as he found his dream potato on the outskirts of the city. “She’s a real beauty” Stephen said. SU president Aimee Doyle eventually managed to locate Stephen and get him back on the bus. Life in Galway is returning to normal and since returning to Dublin Stephen has gotten the help he needed.




Potato addiction helpline: 01-415potato


Deirdre Counihan

SU staff close pool hall due to fears there may be a ghost Discovery trip a success with the return of 58 students - not sure if they all go to Griffith

Occupation: Griffith receptionist by day professsional wine taster by night Hobbies: Measuring her fringe with

Beer pong champions, los a ruler every day presidentes finally loose a game Likes: Longs walks on the beach - use the excuse they were with her dog distracted by mirrors The number of drunk students in Dislikes: students who don’t compliment her fringe class rise due to Arthurs cards distribution Man flu wreaks havoc in the SU office Number of students who refuse to leave campus after graduation rises

Interesting fact: Dee was once a singer on broadway, but missed Griffith too much so returned to reception. Greatest ambition: To get her dog a job in Griffith.

The contents of this section are satirical and may offend. The views expressed do no represent the views of the SU.


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Griffiti - Issue 57  

Griffiti - Issue 57

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