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1ere ARCU -Teacher : Mrs Mora

French-Spanish Partnership During the week from the 30th of March to the 7th of April, St Vincent de Paul and the students welcomed Spanish people to stay and visit France for a week. 20 French welcomed 20 Spanish at home and we will go to Spain to their place in October. During these 7 days, the Spanish went to school with their penpal, we also organized a visit to Disneyland on last Friday. Lets ask few questions to the French penpals

“Did she feel well with the family?” I think so, she was not shy.

These experiences are very important and interesting for students, because it allows them to learn about other cultures.

“Marie, how do you feel after this experience?” It was a very interesting experience. It was nice to live with a Spanish girl. “Which language did you speak at home?” We only spoke French because the Spanish girl had to improve her French. “Did you go well with her?” Yes we have similar lives, so we were very close. “Have you got the same hobbies?” Absolutely, we were listening to the same music, and also practicing the same sport : swimming.

By Marie, Emma, Sarah

The events of second year of BTEC National in Customer Relation ship Job dating:

Student’s exhibition:

The job dating was on the 5th March in Grandchamp in Versailles, from 8 a.m until midday. Our job was to welcome businessman and to show them the way to the meeting room.

The student’s exposition was held on the 18th of January in Versailles from 8 am to 6 pm at the hall, we were 9 receptionists. We had to fill in forms and gave bags with documents. There was a locker room on the right of the hall, 2 people were assigned there. On the first floor there was a conference, 2 students were giving the microphone. There was a VIP room, 2 students were working behind the bar. We were paid 45 Euros and got a red t-shirt.

UNETP (Union Nationale Etablissements Techniques Privés): UNETP was on the 22nd to 23rd November in Grandchamp. Some of us were working in the morning and the others in the afternoon. We welcomed 200 directors from all over France. They came to the locker room to put down their clothes. We were 6 at the locker room we pointed the way to follow to go to the meeting room for the conference. Then they were 2 students to give the microphone for the lunch break and we showed the way to the cafeteria.

By Alizée, Marine, Laure-Astrid, Patrick

The graduated party 2014 The degree party for the BTEC National was held on February, 7th 2014 in Saint-Vincent de Paul Vocational High School in Versailles. For this event we had to wear a profesional clothing. To organize this day some people prepared the decoration and the restauration from 2pm to 5pm. At 5pm the rest of the class came to welcome the former students with their parents and some friends. For this, 4 pupils were at the entrance of the school. This 4 pupils had to make people fill documents. At 6pm the degree party started and pupils of the class helped the teachers to give the degree to the former students. All the people were gathered in a big room, they were called one by one to receive their BTEC National Diploma. After tha,t each student took a picture with a black hat and his degree in the hand. At the end of the party, students could drink and eat together. It was a nice evening ! Des diplomĂŠs heureux de se retrouver

By Johanna , Elisabeth, Victoria

Journée du numérique. The students in BTEC National in Customer relationship participed in a conference on Tuesday 11th March 2014 , in St Germain en Laye at « Les Pyramides » from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

This meeting was organized by the DDEC (Direction Diocesaire de l’Enseignement Catholique). This conference gathered two thousand teachers fom the Yvelines : Teachers from primary schools, Junior high schools, Senior high schools and Vocatinal High schools. The students had to wear a professional black and white outfit. The students did manies tasks :  Dressing-room  Reception  Waitress They had to explain the way to go to the big room which can gather the same number of people as in « Le Bataclan ». We were helped by the students of Grand Champs. To thank us, we got a gift card. BY Camille, Imène, Angélina

DEFI CAP ALIENOR After the first year of sporting success Ecotrail 80 km and Marathon of Paris . Already 1500 euros

The actions of the teacher ! SaintĂŠLyon (75km), Marathon of Paris (42km), Marathon of Lyon (42km)

A new challenge awaits the students and their teacher this year.

Marathon of Mont Blanc in June 2014

What is Alienor ?

The 100 km of Milau.

Alienor is an association that purchases a guide dog : The dog is first and foremost a guide.

He trained 3 or 4 times per week. After work, during the week-end. We had to sell the kilometers he runs : 1 km = 10 euros

With him the landscape changes. There are no more obstacles , the dog avoids , bypasses , reports the curb , crosses the street, drives his master in crosswalks to a bus stop, metro etc. He learned locations to spot patterns that gained through a very rigorous education of over two years : patience, gentleness and trust are the key words. Yes, we can truly say that the dog is the companion guide by which and through which any single movement is performed. It means freedom. Alienor is a project who was created by Mr Guerin, our head teacher who has been running for one year and a half every week end to get money for each miles he runs. By Arthur, Jocelyn, LĂŠa

3 countries, 1 project E-twinning is a website. We communicated from one country to another one. We shared documents « word » and « PowerPoint » The project consists of exchanging with people who live in other countries, to discover other customs, other area and touristic places. The different countries are France, Austria and Croatia. The subject of this project is « Must be seen in my country». We show them many different famous French monuments. They did the same work about their countries. They asked us about our monuments and we answered. At the end, we created an Ebook. You can see it on the website of the school

By Lucas, Margaux, Adrien

French Czech Couple Our e-twinning project is a project between two foreign countries that share a common language : English The aim of the project is to create two people, to get them married and create their future life. This project allows us to improve our English and we learnt about different customs about marriage and adoption.

Two countries, two stories and one love story. One woman liked travelling, she went to Paris for her study in Montmartre. He lives in Montmartre and he like travelling too. This man works as a physiotherapist in a famous sport team. One day they are listening to the radio, their heard publicity about a new specialty in the most famous pub of Montmartre. They met there, talked together for hours. They felt in love and lived together. They became engaged to then get married in France. The marriage was organized by the students from the two countries. They organized the French dinner, the decoration, the music, the invitation cards, the clothes and everything about the choice of the witnesses. They invited both families and a lot of friends. The marriage was beautiful. They liked the dishes from each country and enjoyed the party after dinner. Some months later they adopted a little boy named Stan. By Marina, Lise-Marie, LĂŠo

EVENTS TO COME May 9 For the European’s day, we are cooking pancakes and cakes that we will sell at 20 cents to give it for the association ALIENOR, we do this project with the 2de ARCU.

We hope you like reading our newspaper

We are goingto put the flags of all the European countries. There will be some music too.

Enjoy your holidays

See you in September

September 2014 Both 2de ARCU and 1ere ARCU will visit an hotel in Fontainebleau.

By Kimberley, Miriam, AmĂŠlie

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