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Blending clean lines with classic elements, to ensure elegant, inviting environments. | joan@ 201•683•6936

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Welcome! 125 HARRISON A professionally designed high quality rental building convienently located one block from NJ Transit Light Rail.

Coming Summer 2014!

Serving New Jersey for over 20 years


Personalized Professional Services Tax Planning & Preparation

For more information contact Kyle Enger at 201.315.7041

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Business Evaluation

Retirement Planning

Divorce & Litigation

Management Advisory


SBA Loan Packaging

Buy/Sell Negotiations

Banking Coordination

Estate and Gift Planning

Medical Practice Merger Services

A Professional Corporation 625 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 • 201.659.5873 322 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07060 • 908.322.9055

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EVENT PIX .......... 54-55

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Save a spot today! Season kicks off Sept. 15th. CLASSES FOR CHILDREN 18-MONTHS AND UP


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FALL SLOWLY Fall is here. I know some of you don’t want to hear that just yet. Fall means change, and change can be difficult. The leaves turn, the night approaches earlier, and the air becomes cooler so quickly. But change can be good. I give you permission to hold onto Summer as long as possible because that is exactly what I will be doing. Get outside, soak in the lingering sun, enjoy the foliage and flower displays around town, and maybe even do some Fall gardening of your own. But then, when summer suddenly slips through your fingers, focus on the good side of change. Maybe try out horseback riding at nearby Pine Grove Dude Ranch, or experiment with Idit Or’s gluten-free goodies available around town. Take a look at how Hoboken has transformed through the years. What are you grateful for that did not exist before? Observe what traditions have been preserved, and how some have evolved. See how the town has been improved. There is always more to discover. Every week I learn something new about Hoboken— whether it be by watching a new storefront open its doors for the first time, or meeting someone at a charity event in town. As Marlon Brando’s character says in On The Waterfront, “There’s more to this than I thought.” Fully experiencing Hoboken’s growth is just like embracing Autumn each year. So, I am

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eagerly awaiting what the Fall will bring to Hoboken in 2014. Use this issue of hMAG as your survival guide—check out our RAVES so you can fully enjoy the transition of seasons by: -Getting social and outdoorsy! -Doing something extra special for your pet! -Uncorking a bottle of wine to enjoy outside in the evening! -Having a latte delivered to you on Pier A so you can make the most of your day! If you do take advantage of the RAVES in this issue, or find a unique way to enjoy Hoboken this Fall, please send a photo to I would love to see how you are making the most of this season. Maybe you’ll catch your photo in the next hMAG! All the best, Noelle Tate - Editor & the whole hMAG team

FROM OUR READERS “The (St Ann’s) Festival is truly a site to behold, and those who come to enjoy it help keep it alive. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article!” -Michcella T.

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THREE STEPS TO AN EASY MOVE: Bin It drops off empty bins at your current address You pack & move We pick up empty Bins at your new home, apt or ofďŹ ce

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KARL HAMMERLE photographer CEZARE RAMONE photographer





Jack is a writer, editor, internet-radio DJ, and frequent master of ceremonies. He is the author of several books and his articles have appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Weird New Jersey. Jack has lived in Hoboken for 20 years and chronicles his misadventures at

Jessica is a Hoboken resident and a local Realtor who, when not working, enjoys running and spending quality time with friends, family and her two Pugs, Zoey and Pepper. She can often be seen around town at many local establishments and running along the waterfront.



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CREATIVE TISHA CREATIVE, LLC Tisha Creative, LLC, 201.410.8282,

STACEY SU Writer Stacey Su is a junior at Boston University majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. She has had an amazing summer interning with hMAG and experiencing the Hoboken lifestyle for the first time. In her spare time she enjoys ice skating and coaches in Boston.

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SHERRY RUCZYNSKI Photographer Sherry Ruczynski, a self-taught photographer, is a nine time FWA-One-Photo-a-Day winner and has showcased work in 23 gallery showings, selling 283 photos in under three years. Although urban landscape is her favorite thing to shoot, she has covered fashion shows, conventions, benefits, weddings, and more.,

COVER INFO KARL HAMMERLE photographer, creative direction KEVIN CALE cover design

HOBOKEN, NJ location

hMAG is published six times a year by Hoboken Publications, LLC. ©2009-2013 Hoboken Publications, LLC. Reproduction in whole or in par t without written permission is strictly prohibited. hMAG cannot be held responsible for unsolicited material.

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W W W. C A R P E D I E M H O B O K E N . C O M 14 0 5 GR AND, HOBOKEN / 201.792.0050


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indoor rowing ultimate full body workout Each 55 minute class is half rowing and half weight training with a

Sign up now at 1422 G r and Street (Above the Pilsner Haus)

quick stretch between rounds. Our classes are low impact, easy on

201.448. 5769

your joints and can burn over 1000 calories per session. Each class

50% off first class

is limited to only nine people allowing your coach to give the class plenty of individual attention.

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Gift CertiďŹ cates Available

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It’s pretty cool to grow stuff. Not the most sophisticated statement, but it’s true. Although most Hobokenites do not have the luxury of large, green spaces, it is certainly possible to do a lot with a little, even if it consists of a windowsill or indoor garden. There’s opportunity to take part in community gardens, or join the Hoboken Garden Club. If you’re not the green thumb type, many public places in Hoboken showcase beautiful flowers in Summer and Fall for anyone to enjoy. After talking to Hoboken herbalist Dr. Kathia Rober ts and her husband, Hein Moore, I learned just how many vegetables, herbs, and flowers are successfully grown in Hoboken. The classics—tomatoes, cucumbers, basil—I assumed were doable, but there is so much more to grow beyond those delicious home-grown staples. Each step through their garden revealed more vegetables peeking out behind their leaves, waiting to be picked for lunch. Benefits How many times have you gone to the grocery store and purchased a rather pricey bundle of herbs for just one recipe? Maybe some basil or parsley or cilantro? You promise yourself: “I will definitely use this before it goes bad.” And somehow, a week or two goes by, and you throw it out along with the money spent. Same goes for that moldy organic cucumber in your fridge drawer; why did you buy three? I think we’ve all been there. Wasting food never feels good and I like to feel good about food. When you grow your own, not only is it organic, but can be plucked as you’re

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preparing a meal. That’s as fresh as it can be, and packed with the highest amount of nutrients since it’s farm-to-table. Pick as much as you need from your plant to avoid waste and you will not have to return to the store for more. Need more benefits? Well, there is one more I can think of; one that Dr. Rober ts spoke to me about. “It’s nice to see the sprouts and vegetables you’ve planted growing, and then you get to eat them. It’s fun!” she says. Can you imagine how rewarding it would be to sit down to a salad completely grown by you? While you’re at it, make your own croutons too! What To Grow Alright. Pay attention. Vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans, peas, kale & rainbow chard. Rainbow chard grows nicely in a small pot in the windowsill. Other happy veggies I saw in Dr. Rober t’s garden included green pepper, zucchini (their flowers are delicious stuffed or on pizza!), carrots, asparagus, and different types of lettuce. “If you get a lot of sun and have place to hang them, strawberries grow really well” says Hein. Herbs are easy and can be grown indoors when given ample sunlight. Mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, parsley, cilantro, and lavender are great ideas for an herb garden. Lavender is known for its relaxing scent and can be added to recipes or iced tea. Useful plants for health purposes include echinacea and aloe. Echinacea needs plenty of sun, but as a

perennial, it will return for you each season. Aloe can grow indoors in a flower pot near a window. When a leaf is broken open, its juice flows out and can relieve pain from cuts and burns. If you like to dress up your food, I would recommend growing Nastur tiums, an edible and beautiful flower. The leaves, seed pods, and petals are edible and have a sweet mustard type flavor. Try this plant in omelets, salads, pastas, or as garnish. Minimal care plants include succulents like cactus or hens-and-chicks. These require little water and lots of sun. Hoboken Hothouse on Washington sells small pots with flowering cactus gardens, perfect for a busy gardener. Pansies grow excellently from seeds. Ivy grows anywhere, climbs beautifully, and comes back each year. Hydrangea is another strong perennial, and requires less sun. Want to sweeten it up? Stevia grows well and can be muddled in tea or coffee as a natural sweetener. It’s unbleached—unlike at the grocer—and one of the healthiest, low-carb sugar alternatives when grown at home. Natural Pest Protection Mmmm, these delicious plants growing your garden will attract some unwanted guests. “Sage and mint are natural insect repellants,” shared Dr. Rober ts. “You can plant them in between vegetables.” Sage specifically helps to deter moths. Another trick that

9/19/14 10:58 AM


It’s nice to see the sprouts and vegetables you’ve planted growing, and then you get to eat them. It’s fun!

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this clever couple uses is small, low bowls of beer to catch slugs. These pests are the most damaging to a garden and the beer diver ts them from your food. If you have ants, use peppermint oil to keep them from coming back. Make sure to get rid of standing water to deter mosquitoes and use a fan when enjoying your garden outside. Sprouting You probably have caught on to the trend of adding microgreens and superfoods to your juices or salads. You can sprout these expensive goodies right at home! Mung beans, split peas, wheatgrass, etc. can be sprouted in a jar or a tray that you can order or make. Add these healthy delicacies to salads, or sauté them with olive oil! These are great if you’re doing a cleanse or looking to eat a more plant-based, raw food diet. Dr. Rober ts gets her seeds and sprouting trays from “Make sure there is no humidity to avoid mold and recycle the water often so that it does not get stale,” she advises. Taking It Up A Notch For those of you that do have the space, but need ideas, I suggest taking a look at the gardens of Bo Dziman & Adrienne Choma, and Caryl & Bill Heard. Both have been featured in the Hoboken Historical Museum’s Annual Secret Garden Tour which happens each Spring. Adam Hoppe, of Hoboken’s Green Room Landscape Designs, had a hand in the design for both, and he helped to create green oases of beauty. Bo & Adrienne’s shade garden features a 5ft deep pool

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surrounded by hostas, ferns, and purple secretia. There is also a small flowing waterfall, a deck with a beautiful, well-lit tree rising up from the center, and candle-chandeliers from their travels. Pool mechanicals have been disguised with what looks like old church ruins. Bo explained that, “A combination of yogur t, beer, and moss were applied to the stone to create an aged look.” It’s truly a magical place! Caryl & Bill’s yard is divided diagonally and features a blue stone patio, sustainable Brazilian Ipe, a garden, and a water fountain made with recycled glass. The bluestone patio is embedded with fiber optic lights that change color and create an enchanting glow at night. Out of the garden grows a tall River Birch, suiting for Hoboken and small spaces because the roots grow straight down. Hoboken Flower Traditions Community gardens are becoming popular as everyone wants to get outside and grow, grow, grow! Check out 3rd & Jackson and thank the Hoboken Volunteers for cleaning it up last year. Also, there is a community garden on 11th street that stretches for 3 blocks. Renters or homeowners volunteer time or money to upkeep this lovely garden. I adore when Hoboken restaurants or stores bedazzle their entrances with flowers. It beautifies the streets and invites us in. While driving past the 10th and Willow Bar & Grill, I noticed climbing mandevilla along the outdoor patio. Owner, Mario Steriti, told me,

“We do it every year and choose a different color. Everyone loves them!” Mario recalled a story where a couple got engaged there and returned to take engagement photos in front of the flowers. Swing by 10th & Willow for lunch and ask to sit outside to enjoy the view! I would also check out the oversized flower boxes chock-full of various pansies at Willie McBride’s. A Post Office Tradition Long ago, the Post Office at 5 River was dotted with rose bushes out front tended by a young man. When he passed away over 20 years ago, Naomi Harley offered to continue this tradition. Naomi and her friend, Isabel Fisenne, are still taking care of the garden today. Both live in Hoboken and work at NYU. Naomi researches environmental radioactivity while Isabel is an adjunct professor and also a retired chemist for the US Depar tment of Energy.

Community gardens are becoming popular as everyone wants to... grow, grow, grow!

9/19/14 10:58 AM


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We do it every year and choose a different color. Everyone loves them! They have done thousands of plantings over the years, donated or brought to town from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where Isabel is a member. This year she was able to score two designer forsythia plants. In the Spring, there are tulips, hyacinth, crocus, and miniature iris. The Summer brings day lilies, roses, and hosta. In the Fall, purple hosta blooms abound, while the shasta daisies push white flowers. Naomi jokes, “And in the Winter…everything is dead. Or down there sleeping!” It brings her joy to see the green star t poking through every Spring. Hoboken Garden Club To learn more, the Hoboken Garden Club is a great resource. With about 35 members, the club focuses on the urban gardener. They provide information and oppor tunities to par ticipate in events such as lectures, plant swaps, field trips, tours, and civic beautification projects. Their next event will be a plant swap in mid-October. Check it out at

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Bourbon’ll make it better

happy hour signature burgers best bourbon selection mechanical bull 400 ADAMS STREET, HOBOKEN, 201/706/8589

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Who insures you doesn’t matter. Until it does.

Don’t know where to start?

Come to a HOBOKEN to the BURBS seminar. Enjoy Q&A with top agents from towns like: Summit, Chatham, Madison, Millburn, Short Hills, Livingston, Westfield & Bergen County. Get an experts first-hand account of the towns, commutes & communities, etc. MAKE YOUR TRANSITION TO THE BURBS AN EASY ONE. Save yourself time & money. Start at HOBOKEN to the BURBS. RSVP today at

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Financial Strength and Exceptional Claim Service Homeowners | Auto | Yacht | Jewelry | Antiques | Accident & Health Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (“Chubb”) is the marketing name used to refer to the insurance subsidiaries of The Chubb Corporation. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit our website at Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. Chubb, Box 1615, Warren, NJ 07061-1615. ©2014 Chubb & Son, a division of Federal Insurance Company.

Airplane 7x10 Muller Ins.indd 1

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6/6/14 2:12 PM

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612 garden street hoboken, nJ Brilliant gut renovation & full extension of a historic brick & brownstone townhome w/ 5BD/5.5BA & 3850 SF of living over 4 flrs. Completely renovated to the highest standard in 2014 with the finest finishes

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W W W. H U D SO N REA LT Y G R O U P. C O M New Jersey

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Halstead Property New Jersey, LLC

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704 Bloomfield Street #2 hoboken nJ Spacious and charming 961 SF condominium with 2BD/2BA on the 2nd floor of a wide historic brick building in one of Hoboken’s best locations. $575,000

Hudson Valley

200 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ

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t: 201.478.6700

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Although our town doesn’t even earn a credit in the movie, Hoboken arguably played a more vital role in clinching the Academy’s Best Picture for “On the Waterfront,” than the Oscar-winning performances of Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint. Just how impor tant Hoboken was to the film’s hear t and soul was revealed decades later by director Elia Kazan. “I had a problem right away,” he told Jeff Young in an early 1970s interview. “The actors had to be in the same league as the scenery. They had to be as real as Hoboken.” Without a connection to Hoboken, one might not even know the movie was filmed nearly entirely on location here in the winter of 1953-1954—at working docks, local bars, churches and parks, and on the rooftops of tenement apar tment buildings. Even the interiors were shot in Hoboken. British Film Institute historian Leo Braudy wrote, “The neighbourhood in which the events of the film take place…becomes a central par t of the film’s power, the authentic feel of a real place.” Sixty years later, it’s hard to picture the blue-collar Hoboken that shaped the script and set the tone for the film. Most traces of the bustling piers have extinguished, replaced with parks and recreation space. The dingy bars and threadbare tenements that catered to the piers’ longshoremen have been replaced with high-rise condos and sleek restaurants.

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 26

But Hoboken’s bone structure is intact, if you know where to look.

Corridan, who became Karl Malden’s character, Father Barry, in the movie.

A guided tour is just a click away at the Hoboken Historical Museum’s website, www.hobokenmuseum. org. Under the “Self-Guided Walking Tours” tab is an annotated Google map guide compiled by Museum Associate Darian Worden, which lists many of the sites that appear in the movie, illustrated with images from the Museum’s collections.

Schulberg sought out Corridan, who regaled him with stories of corruption, crime, and murder, and then introduced him to a “docker,” Ar thur “Brownie” Brown, who took him around to the bars and piers on both sides of the Hudson. He described scenes of the waterfront musclemen counting up kickback money and parceling it out to his lieutenants. Brown also showed Schulberg a shape-up, a barbaric system in which too few jobs were handed out to select longshoremen, usually based on who were willing to pay kickbacks for steady work. All these stories made their way into the movie.

Some of the locations are recognizable, including Our Lady of Grace Church, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, and the alleyway of Cour t Street, below Newark, where a truck almost bumps off Malloy and Edie Doyle. Hardly changed are Church Square Park with its stately sycamore trees, and Elysian Park, where the iron fence overlooking the Hudson still stands strong. Others have long since vanished, like Pier C itself, and the tiny floating clubhouse that once belonged to the Hoboken Yacht Club, which also served as the headquar ters of mob-connected union boss Johnny Friendly. Screenwriter Budd Schulberg spent nearly a year researching and writing this beautifully realistic, gritty account of the plight of working-class Americans. He was inspired by New York Sun repor ter Malcolm Johnson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative series on corruption in the longshoremen’s unions all around New York Harbor. At the center of Johnson’s account was the crusading West Side priest, Father John

The mobsters who ruled the unions with baseball bats, knives, guns and beatings—and murder—made Manhattan’s West Side piers too rough for a film crew. “Brownie” introduced Schulberg and Kazan to Hoboken, where the union local had its own struggles with corruption. Anthony “Tony Mike” DeVincenzo, a local longshoreman, exposed the union and testified to the Crime Commission. But the city’s mayor and police chief welcomed the crew as a way to score political points, bringing jobs to the city during a lean winter. Though the script was already fully developed by the time Kazan met him, he was so impressed with “Tony Mike” that he instructed Brando to study the former prizefighter-turned-longshoreman. The por trayal was so similar, the studio later agreed to pay DeVincenzo for his involvement.

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Kazan not only used Hoboken’s piers, streets and tenements to create the authentic atmosphere, but also its people, as he confided in the interview with Young, who included it in his 1999 book, Kazan, The Master Director Discusses His Films. “After finding leads who looked like they belonged on the New Jersey waterfront, I had to surround them with bit players who would also look real…So I was able to use a lot of actual longshoremen.”


In 2004, on the film’s 50th anniversary, the Hoboken Historical Museum created an exhibition that paid tribute to the city’s role in shaping the film. Photographs, oral histories and ar tifacts were added to its collections, many from the Hoboken residents involved in the film. Most were non-speaking extras. Some had more recognizable or unique roles. During the first shape-up in the film, Hoboken longshoreman Matty “John Wayne” Russo cries out, “Who do you have to see to get a day’s pay around here?” Russo, who said he was expressing actual frustration with the hiring system, went onto minor roles in other films. Police officers in the film were real members of the Hoboken Police depar tment. Officer Pete King restrained Johnny Friendly in the cour troom scene (filmed in Hoboken’s own City Hall chambers.) He later responded to a resentful Malloy that he “oughta be glad we’re following you.” Frank Marnell, a gym teacher at Rue School, played the nameless overlord who turns off the television during Johnny Friendly’s testimony. He reappears in the end of the film to say, “All right. Let’s go to work.”

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mentor Ar thur “Brownie” Brown had known Hanley’s father and wanted to get Tommy into the movie. He set up a meeting with Kazan and Schulberg, who cast Hanley as Tommy, a young friend of Terry who looks after the pigeon coop. Hanley recalled in an interview that Brando was nice man, easy to work with, and took the Path train to the set already wearing his costume.


Hanley said that people commended him for his role in the movie, though he did not enjoy the praise because his character wasn’t tough enough for his liking. Hanley later became a longshoreman, a job he held until 2009. Other Hobokenites left their marks. The jacket that passed from Joey Dugan to Terry Malloy actually belonged to a Hoboken longshoreman named Johnny Sanducci. Jimmy Francis, a longshoreman and ex-boxer, helped show Brando how to get up and walk away from a severe beating.

But most prominent Hobokenite in the movie is Tommy Hanley, who was thir teen years old when he went up on the roof of his tenement building at 105 Hudson Street to check out the film crew. He found men setting up a pigeon coop for a movie they were making. The carpenter, a local man, hired Tommy to feed the pigeons. Tom Hanley long believed that his father had been murdered by waterfront gangsters. Schulberg’s dockside

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If you haven’t seen the movie in a while, an excellent boxed set was released on DVD/Blu-Ray last year by the Criterion Collection, with amazing extras such as an interview with Tom Hanley. It also features interviews with Elia Kazan, Mar tin Scorsese, film critics and actors, as well as an interview with James Fisher, the Fordham University professor who wrote the book On the Irish Waterfront, about the real-life characters who inspired the story. Both the book and the Criterion set are available in the Museum’s gift shop, at 1301 Hudson St. More fascinating details are accessible in the Museum’s online collections. Visit for more information. ••

9/19/14 10:58 AM

A Modern Classic

Lunch, Brunch, Dinner & Private Events‌

135 Washington Street, Hoboken |

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The reliable, modern, safe and convenient way to get things done around the house.

SERVICES Specializing in the

Hoboken Condo Market. Whether you are moving in or out of Hoboken, do not hesitate to contact me for the most competitive rates and lending fees in the area.







Joseph Berg VP Mortgage Banker NMLS #218266 Amber Sky Home Mortgage LLC / NMLS# 1063925 / 129 Washington St Suite 100LL

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T: 201.214.8393

Visit us at / 201.706.4501 / •

F: 201.256.4076

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hLIFE 34

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Shopping in Walgreens, you stretch for a moment, looking upward. Whoa… pretty ornate for a drug store, huh? The beautiful high ceiling, light fixtures, old clock, majestic columns… Stepping outside, you realize that this was once the Hoboken Bank for Savings, built in 1929.


Dominus (707 Willow Street) Photo by Joe Epstein

Hoboken is a lot like that: a fascinating mix of old and new, a thoroughly modern city maintaining the charm of its storied past. “You can walk around big areas of Hoboken and really get a sense of what the town looked like when it was built in the late 19th century,” says Bob Foster, director of the Hoboken Historical Museum. The following are just a handful of the classic buildings that have been renovated and reimagined: testaments to the town’s continuing character. DOMINUS (707 Willow Street) The Bethesda Pentecostal Church on Willow, built in 1895, had been vacant a long while. Not much evidence was left behind, beyond a brief listing on a pipe-organ website. (The church once housed a 1904 model from the Hinners Organ Company of Pekin, Illinois.) Yet it was still a striking structure when Red Bridge Homes took over the property, with thoughts of erecting a condominium. But how to preserve the church’s classic beauty while constructing an ultra-modern residence on the same spot?

Passive Townhouse, Before/After Photo Courtesy of Mowery Marsh Architects

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“Our architect, Frank Minervini, came up with the idea to keep the facade,” says Red Bridge managing partner John Heidenry.

9/19/14 10:59 AM


Work at the property began last December, and many challenges became apparent. “During demolition, we thought that the facade was going to collapse,” Heidenry says. With assistance from their structural engineer, Red Bridge was able to keep it intact. Then during construction, the facade literally became quite a hurdle, making it difficult to unload building materials. “Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by using a crane,” Heidenry adds with a smile. PASSIVE TOWNHOUSE Brian and Jennifer Mowery Marsh took an active role in the “passive” transformation of their Hoboken brownstone. After all, they’re both experienced architects! But what exactly is a passive home? For starters, it is well insulated, tightly sealed, and has high-efficiency windows. As a result, heating and cooling costs are greatly reduced (by about 75% for the Marshes) while indoor air quality and year-round comfort are vastly improved. “That’s the beauty of it: how good you feel inside the house no matter where you are,” says Jennifer. Back in 2005, the couple purchased the building, originally constructed in 1889. (In the 1980s, a major renovation to the brownstone eliminated any historic touches within.) In 2010, their company, Mowery Marsh Architects LLC, had just completed work on the first Passive House in New York. “We star ted thinking, ‘Why wouldn’t we do this ourselves?’” Jennifer recalls. She and Brian realized that even on a modest budget, it would result in a great living environment for their family.

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 37


Park Avenue Project Photo by Peter Kubilus, Robert Jenny Design

612 Garden Street Photo courtesy of Halstead

9/19/14 10:59 AM

hLIFE 38

Except for their stairs, some flooring, and exposed brick, the interior was gut ted. The project was fully completed in only seven months, and the Marshes have lived happily ever after. “For the past 18 years, we’ve been working on other people’s homes, so this has been a real treat,” Jennifer says. “It’s given us everything we had hoped for and more.” GARDEN STREET SPEC HOUSE It was a “fixer-upper” to say the least. “There was mold, asbestos, thread-bare carpeting, squeaky stairs, and windows that didn’t work,” says J. Patryce Design founder Joan Enger about the Garden Street proper ty. “You name it—it was terrible!” After gutting the house, Enger and her team set out to create something spectacular. They added a custom stone fireplace mantle with herringbone brick interior, custom-designed stone and tile bathrooms, and high-end, designer-selected lighting—vintage and new. The house sold ridiculously quickly, however the buyer had mentioned a treadmill to be moved into the basement, far too large for its entrance. “We came up with the idea of a secret/hidden wall that could swing open, heading to the basement,” Enger explains. “It’s a super cool feature and turned out to be extremely functional.” For all involved, the renovation was a very satisfying experience. “We had an excellent team—true craftsmen—the architect, general contractor, tradesmen, woodworkers, etc.,” Enger says. “The buyers were

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 38

great to work with and really appreciated the love and attention to detail that we invested.” THE CITADEL (450 Seventh Street) His nickname was already Pupie when little Frank Raia attended Hoboken’s Public School 8, also known as the Sadie F. Leinkauf School. Did he like going there? “I loved my school so much that I bought it,” Raia, 63, explains today. “I wanted to live in my homeroom.” The school, built in 1903, had been vacant when Raia purchased it in 1983. His plan was to convert it into 68 affordable residential units for a specific market: the working class who earned a little too much to qualify for subsidized housing. “I wanted to keep those people in Hoboken. Nobody knew what the hell I was talking about,” says Raia, noting that he had the last laugh: “I ended up selling them all in about 15 minutes.” (Raia says that a couple of the original buyers were his former teachers.) . With 24-inch brick walls, high ceilings, lots of natural night, and commercial space on the lower level, the Citadel remains very popular after more than three decades. In 1985, the Leinkauf School was added to the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. “It has a lot of meaning to me,” Raia explains. “I think it’s the most beautiful building in the entire city.” 612 GARDEN STREET Interest in 612 Garden has reached a fever pitch, so it’s too bad that 1885 resident Henry Weinhagen isn’t still

around. He was a noted thermometer maker! That’s just one interesting fact that Lorraine Arnold of Legacy Roots dug up in her history of the property, which dates back to the 1860s along with its original owners, the well-known Bloomfield family. In recent years, the townhouse had fallen into a state of serious disrepair. The Bloomfields and ol’ Weinhagen might now be rendered speechless by the stunning gut renovation by Hudson Realty Group at Halstead Properties, packed with ultra-modern luxury touches. Sales associate Matt Brown says their goal was to “bring a feeling of history and old-world craftsmanship back into the home after removing almost all the original construction materials.” Indeed, no expense was spared, with features including a professional chef ’s kitchen, wide-plank hardwood floors, a professionally landscaped garden, and heated bathroom tiles. The cornice, facade, brownstone, and original staircase bannister were all lovingly restored. The end result is a five-bedroom townhouse that any family would be proud to call home. “We drew on our collective experience of over 20 years,” Brown explains, “to create a property as close to ‘perfect’ as we could get.” PARK AVENUE PROJECT It was a quaint, 1960s-style kitchen—like something from an old sitcom—but it was definitely not ready for

9/19/14 10:59 AM

To the rescue: Robert Jenny Design Inc. and Robert Jenny Builders Inc., who promised to cook up something new and awe-inspiring in that kitchen area. “Seeing beyond the original space to open it up,” explains Robert Jenny, principal of both firms, “we added a waterfall island to create more cooking and entertaining areas, and also designed and built a ‘desk nook’ for added space efficiency and two-tone top/bottom cabinets to best utilize the natural light.”

tor, Bob Foster, explains, “The building the museum is in was built as a working shipyard in the 1880s by a company called W. & A. Fletcher. Then in the late 1920s, Bethlehem Steel took it over.” Bethlehem Steel’s machine shop originally ran from 14th Street to 13th. But for the war effor t in the 1940s, the building was expanded down to 12th Street. It was a huge, open, garage-like space, with train tracks down the middle, and a giant hook overhead. The company operated 24 hours a day, quickly becoming one of Hoboken’s biggest employers.

By the 1980s, Bethlehem Steel had ceased operations in town. The property was eventually purchased by the Barry family’s Applied Companies. “Joe Barry offered us a small section in the machine shop as a permanent home for the museum,” Foster recalls. “It was a gift— pretty amazing. A 100-year lease for $1 a year.”


prime time. Fifty-year-old cabinets and appliances were in rough condition. And then there was a wall, totally blocking off the kitchen from the rest of the floor. No light, no flow.


The museum opened in its new space on April 12, 2001, and has been going strong ever since, shining a light on every aspect of the town’s compelling history. “...The architecture of the machine shop is inspiring,” Foster says.

Of course, tight spaces are frequently an issue when renovating Hoboken’s century-old buildings. “We were trying to figure out how to get a huge cast-iron stove out,” Jenny recalls, “while finding a way to get a 300-pound fridge up a very narrow, old, twisty stairway.” But for Robert Jenny and his talented teams, that effort is always worth it. “We love creating unique spaces that are functional and beautiful,” he says. “Our greatest joy is seeing the faces of homeowners the day they first see their finished space, and how happy they still are years later.” HOBOKEN HISTORICAL MUSEUM (1301 Hudson Street) It’s only appropriate that the home of the Hoboken Historical Museum is itself steeped in history. Its direc-

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 39

Garden Street Spec House Photo by Lisa Ross

9/19/14 10:59 AM



Attention pet owners! Out with the clanking, noisy pet tags and in with Twigo Tags - they’ll keep your pet safe AND happy. Created by Hoboken resident and pet owner, Janine Berger-Gillet, Twigo is silent, lightweight, weatherproof and not to mention stylish. Made of silicone, the tags are nontoxic and can be personalized at home – no more waiting for engravings! •• Find your Twigo Tag at

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 40

9/19/14 10:59 AM

The Favorite Place to Visit For Hoboken's Finest Artists, Musicians and Chefs

329 Washington Street • Hoboken, NJ (201) 656-9698

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 41

9/19/14 10:59 AM

Bleed Trim




Coffee is just a stone’s throw from Pier A, but why strain yourself? Leave it to Bean Vault Coffee to deliver to all of the downtown sun-soakers on Saturdays and Sundays. One can order a caffeinated concoction through their bike delivery service and the baristas will pedal Brooklyn-famous Toby’s coffee, (locally-made) Tom & Geri pastries, and “the best cold brew in Hoboken” straight to your lawn chair. •• 1 Newark St., 201-526-4380

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 42

9/19/14 10:59 AM


Goes down easier

than my 401k.



N e w York

www.BOOTLEGGER21.cOm PROducT Of NEw yORk, ThE EmPiRE sTaTE Š2013 PROhiBiTiON disTiLLERy. Please enjoy our tasteful spirit with temperance.

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 43


historically smooth, fortunately legal.

9/19/14 10:59 AM



Wine tastes best when first opened, but what happens when you don’t finish the bottle? Armando Luis created Vinfinity, a wine preservation system that keeps the bottle fresh for up to three weeks. After 1.5 years of development, Vinfinity is now in 700 establishments including Disney, Bonefish Grill, and many Hoboken restaurants and bars. Vinifinity is expecting to release a home system in the future! ••

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 44

9/19/14 10:59 AM

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 45

9/19/14 10:59 AM



Hoboken dweller Michael Stenzler started Hoboken Social Sandbox (on MeetUp since 2008) in 2001. There are about 600 active members in HSS - mostly from Hoboken and surrounding areas. They have weekly events, a perfect time to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Popular get-togethers include biking, game nights, happy hours, dinners, hiking, and much more! Check it out and get in the sandbox! ••

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 46

9/19/14 10:59 AM

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 47

9/19/14 10:59 AM



It’s a dog’s life in Hoboken, especially when you walk your pooch into You Lucky Dog. Tails go crazy over the drool-evoking gourmet treats showcased in their doggy bakery. Not your average dog bones – these pup sweets are organic and wheat, corn & soy free. Flavors include peanut butter, honey and bacon. Cakes and cupcakes can be personalized and will make any pooch sit, roll over and put their paw out. •• 932 Washington Street

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 48

9/19/14 10:59 AM

302 1st St, Hoboken (201) 253-0811

VINTAGE AND USED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS BUY. SELL. TRADE. REPAIRS. RENTALS. LESSONS. Guitar Bar • 60 First St., Hoboken • 201.222.0915 • Guitar Bar Jr. • 203 11th St., Hoboken • 201.222.0877 •

Your Premier Color Hair Salon

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9/19/14 10:59 AM



STORY BY RANDI E. ROBERTS PHOTOS BY SHERRY RUCZYNSKI full of protein, anti-oxidants, and healthy fats. Food is as good as our ingredients, so they should be local, clean and organic. RR: Any advice to parents and Hobokenites looking to lead a healthier lifestyle? IO: Be a role model. What you want for your kids, you need to do for yourself. Kids are like “spongebob.” If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, they will too. And star t with small steps. You can’t do it all at once. Look for the healthy version of ice cream. There are rules, and our bodies work according to these rules. They will help you move toward that healthy lifestyle. You can feel the difference in one day. RR: Which of your goodies is most like Hoboken? IO: Hoboken is a fancy city, elegant— the streets, houses, unique stores, and the waterfront promenade. So, either the very elegant and popular chocolate truffles, or the balls, which are also rich, dense and elegant.

RR: What does your business bring to Hoboken? IO: It brings something that is really missing here— healthy snacks. We have health food stores where we can buy some Idit Or, somewhat new to Hoboken, is the founder and baker Pier A; I even do yoga out there. I like all the walking and things, but nothing homemade. Mine are all handmade and of A&I Nutreats, a line of nutrient-rich treats that gives running here. I like Basic Food and how many festivals home-baked. We need sweets physically and to make our the body a healthy boost and soothe those sugar cravings. Hoboken has. lives sweeter. Her cookies contain only natural ingredients, making them clean snacks for adults and kids. Idit dishes out advice on RR: What recipe development did you do for your RR: Where can we buy your goodies? transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and gives the skinny on Nutreats? IO: At the moment, my cookies are available for purchase IO: Some of my products are actually unhealthy recipes her gluten-free and vegan sweet Nutreats. at six different locations in Hoboken including: Basic Food, upgraded to a healthy version: gluten-free and vegan. I don’t Ariele’s Apothecary, Cugini Kitchen, Sobsey’s Produce, think I ever tried the original way. I replaced the junk ingrediRR: What is your relationship with Hoboken? Hoboken Women’s Wellness, and Love & Yogur t. •• IO: It’s health and fitness, and playgrounds for my kids. I love ents with good ones. I am proud to use organic ingredients

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 50

9/19/14 10:59 AM

happy hour monday - friday, 3pm - 7pm 42 Newark St, Hoboken • 201.710.5520 •

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 51

9/19/14 10:59 AM

Two Locations Why pay cash? You can barter it! #1 Business Matchmaker in NJ for

I m a g o B e a u t y G r o u p. c o m

20 years. New office now in HOBOKEN. SALON


113 Washington Street

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Jersey City

Downtown USE CODE #HM2014 for 6 months no monthly service fees!

100% Money-Back Guarantee!



Save 10% on your purchase of

~ Offer good with coupon only ~

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hmag_septoct14_final.indd 53

9/19/14 10:59 AM


hMIXER JULY 17, 2014 PLACE: Mills Tavern PHOTOGRAPHER: Cezare Ramone MUSIC: Mike Buscio BENEFICIARY: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training RAFFLE PRIZES: Cusqueña & Miller Lite QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: ““It’s a good way to socialize. I recently moved out of Hoboken and still come back for the mixers!” - Nicole DeMatteo

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 54

9/19/14 10:59 AM


hmag_septoct14_final.indd 55

9/19/14 10:59 AM




Before Disney took over the family vacation timeshare business, many families headed North. Although the mouse offers some great entertainment, you may still be wanting for some good old fashioned fun. We recently moved into a new home and within a week a pipe burst and we were forced to leave for a few days.  Since insurance was flipping the bill, my wife and I decided to take the kids somewhere special.  We never imagined how special of a place we would find. I stumbled upon a place called the Pine Grove Dude Ranch in Kerhonkson, NY.  Only an hour and a half from Hoboken, you won’t find a better place for family fun.   From the moment you walk into the expansive lobby, you’re taken back in time to the wild west with horses, carriages and everything western you could possibly imagine.  You are greeted by the most gracious staff who continuously takes care of you all weekend. There are two pools with

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 56

slides(indoor and outdoor), horseback riding, fishing, archery, kickball, horseshoes, and on and on. Every half hour, the kids have activities to participate in and can win dollars to spend at the gift shop. This “Old Man”, my new nickname which I found out later, got in on a game of dodgeball.  On Friday night the kids were amazed by an incredible magician and Saturday night by a huge bonfire.  I can go on but you need to book your next family vacation at a place that is focused solely on families.  The Pine Grove Dude Ranch.   Trust me, you’ll want to go back.   My kids haven’t stopped asking since we lef t. Visit to plan your family adventure.••

9/19/14 10:59 AM





The only full school for the Performing Arts in Hoboken Award-winning Performing Art School


Private lessons available from masters in music


Ages 2-adult

American Ballet Theater Curriculum. Broadway Industry Professionals. Masters in music. We specialize in all Dance, Music and Theater Art Forms.

10% Off

(201) 683.9100 108 Washington St., 2nd Floor, Hoboken

your first service. Call now for a FREE estimate.

wind cl e a n o w ing

ove n / m ls i e v mo specia


201.682.0220 Full service residential and commercial Now serving Hoboken, NJ

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9/19/14 10:59 AM




Makeup Artist Caroline Burns has always had a knack for beauty, experimenting with cosmetics since the age of 6. “I learned the tricks of the trade from putting on my own makeup.” In Hoboken, Burns uncovered a network of people to help kickstart her career. “Through working with different mentors, I was able to cultivate my own style and really play with it.” A professional since 2010, Burns’ services include proms, weddings, editorial work and more. She also works closely with, applying her talents to the beauty blog. Listen up readers: Burns has tips to share! You don’t have to go crazy; neutral tones go a long way. Keep it simple and classy. “Not over doing it is something women should keep in mind,” she remarks. For the fall, Burns predicts a gold look with rose tones for the eyes. For more beauty tips or to book an appointment, visit ••

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9/19/14 10:59 AM

Good food, good people, better spirits see what’s new in hoboken


hmag_septoct14_final.indd 59

9/19/14 10:59 AM

hNOW 60



Maxwell Place Park was buzzing on July 12th for the 7th Annual Metropolitan Water Alliance’s (MWA) City of Water Day, presented by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. The festival celebrated the area’s water, bringing awareness to the potential of the NJ-NY Harbor with the help of MWA, a coalition of 800 organizations with ties to the waterways. That sunny Saturday, Hoboken’s waterfront was connected to NY’s Governors Island and other locations across the harbor with free ferry rides and specialty narrated boat tours. People of all ages lined up on Hoboken’s shore for kayaking to experience the focus of the event first hand.

Meanwhile, The Hoboken Historical Society helped to connect activity booklets. City of Water Day was the perfect occasion Hoboken’s past with its present. Mid-afternoon, Surati for the to learn more about the waterfront, the Hudson River and

Music echoed over the chatter of attendees learning about local Performing Arts hypnotized guests with dance moves. Kiddies local harbors, all while getting involved with the community. •• community programs like the Hudson County Improvement engaged in family fun games and face painting, a Big League Authority and the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy. Bouncies bouncy house, and Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 60

9/19/14 10:59 AM

CREATION SPACE a Public Makerspace for All Ages at the Hoboken Public Library



COME MAKE SOMETHING IN THE LIBRARY’S MAKERSPACE Tools and Software Available at the Creation Space are:

Makerbot Replicator II 3D Printer, Makerbot 3D Scanner, 3D modeling software, Arduino Starter kits, Makey Makey kits, Photography Station: SLR Digital Camera, laptop with Photoshop, Inkjet printer, green screen and photography lighting. Music Recording Station: Macbook Pro with GarageBand, midi keyboard, mixer, microphones and headphones. LEGO educational kits, Roominate Dollhouse Building kits, Snap Circuits Jr. Kits, Visit us at Pinback Button Makers, and Cooking equipment.

500 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ or 201-420-2346

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9/19/14 10:59 AM

hNOW 60



Novel Night, Hoboken’s renowned literary dining event to These events, which have been supplemented in alternate years support for the Hoboken Public Library. The Friends of the benefit the Hoboken Public Library, returns this year for its by more-casual ”Novella Night” cocktail parties, have attracted Hoboken Public Library, sponsor of Novel Night and Novella fifth “edition,” on Saturday, October 18. About 200 guests an avid following and produced memorable dining experiences Night, will issue invitations and currently accepting reservations will attend one of 20 dinners offered by local hosts, with each that guests rave about for months after. This event has become for this year’s event! •• dinner featuring a menu inspired by a book of the host’s choice. a Hoboken tradition and in turn has generated much financial

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 62

9/19/14 10:59 AM

11 Ho

20 20

1122-1124 Washington St Hoboken, NJ 07030 201.795.2220 201.795.3635

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 63

9/19/14 10:59 AM

hmag_septoct14_final.indd 64

9/19/14 10:59 AM

hMAG September/October 2014 Issue  
hMAG September/October 2014 Issue