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the view from here As the worst of winter fades away and the drear y looking ice mounds are a mere memor y of what we all went through this season, I encourage you to look around. And to look up, and out, and all around you. Signs of life are here and not just in the spring foliage. There is beauty in the Mile Square City in many of the shops, restaurants and galleries. Writer Jessica Rosero discusses the ar t scene in Hoboken, which is alive and well. It has been for decades because of the vision of ar tists and patrons who worked to make this town a haven for the ar ts. One woman who is tireless in her suppor t is none other than Geri Fallo. Fallo is probably best known for the Ar t & Music Festival, but her passion has been the catalyst for many great ar t events throughout the years. Without ar t I think what a drear y world this would be: all gray skies, no bright colors.

photographer t. bish

But perhaps you think true beauty lies in the real world. A walk through town will reveal hidden treasures if you can tear yourself away from your smar t phone. The Lackawanna Clock Tower is an icon from both sides of the river. While you probably won’t ever get to see the view from the top as Repor ter Bob Bowden did, anyone can appreciate the beauty of the tower.

If you open your eyes even in familiar surroundings, you might see something that surprises you. An interesting piece of ar t, an unusual dish of food, or a slice of histor y. There are stories in ever ything. Look around you. The ceiling of Café Elysian is a glimpse into Hoboken’s past, while the bar conversations keep you rooted in the present. This spring, f ind your own sparks of life. Renew yourself with something different. So bring us your quirky, your fabulous, or just plain fun. We want to hear from you. We thank you and invite you along on our journey. Enthusiastically yours, Diana Schwaeble – Editor & all of the hMAG Team

FROM OUR READERS just wanted to thank you for the great piece in HMAG. Many thanks, and thanks for doing what you do for Hoboken. – Jim

Good food, good people, better spirits see what’s new in hoboken



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Randi Roberts, Hoboken born and raised, is a food blogger and photographer. She has a BA in Art History and a Master’s in Art and a consuming interest in aesthetics, art, fashion, and most of all food. On her blog, foodiventure.blogspot.com, she shares her food experiences from recipes, dining in and out, and her take on food trends.

Bob is the Executive Director of Choice Media, an education reform news service. He also directed The Cartel, an award winning documentary. In addition, he has appeared on the Onion News Network, for both seasons of the Onion’s IFC cable channel show. Previously, he was an anchor/ reporter for Bloomberg Television for six years.

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ROBERT WAGNER Photographer rwagnerphotography.com He is an award winning photographer who has been named among “The Best New York Photographers” by Conde Nast Brides New York Magazine. While he is best known for his exceptional wedding photography, he brings his discerning eye and artistic skill to all his work, which shows his deep respect for all his subjects.

JESSICA ROSERO Writer jessy673@aol.com Jessica Rosero has worked as a Hudson County reporter and photographer since 2004, and has worked for publications including The Jersey Journal, The Hudson Repor ter, HobokenPatch.com, and Let’s Eat Magazine. Additional photography credits in The New York Times and American Motorcyclist Magazine.

info@tishacreative.com, www.tishacreative.com

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direction hoboken, nj location

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Artist Ocean Clark


ART LIVES HERE STORY BY JESSICA ROSERO photos by OCEAN CLARK, ROSLYN ROSE debby L. o’grady and Robert Policastro



Art lives here The City of Hoboken’s beauty stems far deeper than its rich cultural history and quaint small town appeal. One of its most proud and bountiful features is its thriving and diversified ar ts community. From uptown to downtown - in galleries, small businesses and studio spaces – the ar ts are alive and well in Hoboken, and as this May marks the 20th anniversary of Hoboken’s Annual Ar ts and Music Festival, hMAG is taking a trip down memory lane and looking at where the ar ts community is heading. “There has always been an ar t scene in Hoboken ar tists, ar tists’ studios, galleries, studio space, pop up exhibitions, etc,” said Geri Fallo, administrator of Cultural Affairs. “Some have come and gone, but there are always new ones to pick up the torch and fill the gap.” In the beginning… Hoboken’s love affair with the ar ts began in the 1980s when a small group of local ar tists organized the first Ar tists’ Studio Tours, which was held in July of 1981 and will celebrate 33 years of success. Local favorites including Tim Daly, Bob Smith, and Meredith Lippman, who were among the first to exhibit and continue to today. “[The Artists’ Studio Tours] is still a fantastic citywide event, which had started among a group of 13 to 14 artists,” said Fallo, who has been at the helm of keeping the Artists’ Studio Tours and the Arts and Music Festival flourishing for many years.

According to Fallo, she first became involved with the tour when she was working in the layout depar tment of Gold Coast Magazine, a weekly ar ts publication by the Jersey Journal, which after the initial years of the tour offered to help organize it and produced a guide and map for the event. Eventually the Hoboken Repor ter took over the production of the tour guide and map. Back then, Hoboken artists would also exhibit their work at a few local galleries, and what were known as pop up shows in some of the old buildings in the area that weren’t in use. “I remember some of the galleries and pop up shows back then at the Jefferson Trust Building,” said Fallo. “It must have been a bank at one time, but there was this space that was empty and there were pop up art shows. It was a really cool open space.”

the gallery owners in town,” said Fallo. “We thought it was a good way for gallery owners to promote all of the art spaces.” The Gallery Walks have been going on for about two years, and includes local galleries such as Clariond Gallery at the Monroe Center, Issyra Gallery at 313 1st St., and Right Angle Framing among others. Right Angle, which has two locations at 320 Washington St. and 1108 Washington St., hosts art shows featuring different artists from time to time. (For more information visit www.hobokengallerywalk.com) Hob’art Co-operative Gallery at the Monroe Center is also a participant in the Gallery Walks, and has been a driving force in bringing more art exhibitions to Hoboken as well.

The Artists’ Studio Tour has since grown to include well over 200 artists, and the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival – which will be held on May 4th, has grown from 80 artists and vendors to over 900 and spanning eight to nine blocks.

Born in 2002 and after many years without a permanent location, hob’art has made its home at 720 Monroe St., among the vast artists and performance community in the building. Their mission is to work with their member artists to create, promote, market, exhibit and sell their work; and to make Hoboken the “preeminent ar ts destination that it was in the past.”

Gallery walks to co-op art communities In addition to the festival and the tours, Hoboken now hosts “3rd Sundays Gallery Walks” every month. Helping to organize these walks is Al Barsky, who owns Barsky Gallery, located at 49 Harrison Street. “I started working with [Al] two years ago and we got in touch with all

“Liz Cohen [current board president] is the one who came up with the idea of making an association of artists in Hoboken,” said Roslyn Rose, one of the founding members of hob’arts. “We started with about 12 members and now have over 50 members [from throughout] north Jersey and Manhattan.”


“We were hoping for a permanent space and for many years we were wanderers,” said Roslyn. “The Monroe Center has been very generous and supported the gallery.” Hob’art moved into Monroe about two years ago, and hosts a new exhibition every month. This includes group shows open to the general membership, and this year for the first time has included guest artists from outside their membership who pay a small fee to use the space. Roslyn, who takes care of the Public Relations for hob’art, is originally from Essex County and came to Hoboken just over 28 years ago. She established her studio in the Neumann Leather Building, which houses various artist studio spaces and galleries.


“At that point when I came in I already knew artists here and in Jersey City - it was a bustling [arts community],” said Roslyn.

“There has always been an ar t scene in Hoboken ar tists, ar tists’ studios, galleries, studio space, pop up exhibitions, etc” Artist Roslyn Rose


“At that point when I came in I already knew artists here and in Jersey City - it was a bustling [arts community],” Roslyn was part of the first Artists Studio Tours, and her latest exhibition of photographic montages was held in 2012 in the midst of Hurricane Sandy at the Hoboken Historical Museum, which also hosts shows. Her theme for the exhibition was seeing Hoboken from afar, which included interiors of various archways throughout Europe and placed scenes of Hoboken within the interiors. “One of the things I have found here is a ver y warm ar tist community,” said Roslyn. “People do cooperate and people do help you out. That is what struck me here, what a cooperative group of ar tists.”

Artist Ocean Clark Hob’art Gallery always has an open house on the 3rd Sunday Gallery Walk at the Monroe Center - Studio E208 – at 3 p.m. (For more information visit hob-art.org) Alfresco Exhibitions One of the latest additions to the Hoboken ar ts community is the “Ar t on the Fence,” which is located at 1100 Maxwell Place, and was a collaborative project between the city and Toll Brothers – luxury home builders. Maxwell Place on the Hudson, which is the latest development by Toll Brothers in Hoboken, has had fences covered with vinyl during construction. The city approached Toll Brothers about using some

of the vinyl space to include ar twork instead of its usual adver tisements. According to Fallo, it took about a year and a half of planning and prepping to turn over three hundred feet of vinyl into an outdoor exhibition space. “Last year, we had the ribbon cut ting. We are thinking about approaching other developers in town to do the same thing,” said Fallo. “The vinyl came ou t so beau tiful and I would love to see mor e of that .”


Artist Robert Policastro


The City of Hoboken and Toll Brothers “Ar t on the Fence” featured about 20 local artists, and should be on display for at least another year. One of the featured artists for the exhibit was local painter Ocean Clark, who first came to Hoboken in 2005 to be close to his twin brother. His work has since been displayed throughout Hoboken including in Cadillac Cantina and Texas Arizona. “I always felt like I was supposed to be a healer and in my first art class I realized you could heal through art,” said Ocean, who found his calling during his final semester of pre-med studies. “You affect a lot more people with art, so I switched and never looked back.” Painting professionally for 17 years now, Ocean has sold over 30,000 prints of his work and many of his original pieces.

work can be viewed and purchased on Instagram at oceanclarkart and at www.oceanclark.com. Barely scratching the surface These are just among the few that make up the story of Hoboken’s ar ts community, and with new blood constantly coming in; the future of the ar ts is looking very bright. “It’s wonderful, I feel so encouraged that there is a plethora of ar t going on,” said Fallo. “I think the economy has f lour ished and there have always businesses that have encouraged the ar ts. It seems as long as I have been here there is a turnover, but someone always picks up the torch.” ••

“For me it’s about making something beautiful,” said Ocean. “A beautiful painting on the wall is something you can look at. It heals the soul and uplifts the spirit. Making beautiful art well for people to enjoy is my calling.” Ocean and fellow artist Laura Bochet collaborated on a koi fish mural for the “Art on the Fence.” He also has works on display at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, the London Museum of Modern Art, and in the personal collection of prominent celebrities including Lenny Kravitz and Clint Eastwood. He is currently in the midst of creating commissioned portraits for the new beer garden in the Crystal Point section of Jersey City. His

Artist Robert Policastro

hoboken’s best


Photo Credit: Leon Yost


VIEW FROM THE TOWER STORY BY BOB BOWDEN photos by BOB BOWDEN, bob foster & leon yost



I’m pretty sure I’ve been somewhere in Hoboken that you haven’t been. I’ll wager that none of your friends have been, nor the mayor, nor anyone on the city council. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that you don’t know anyone who knows anyone who’s ever been to this place in Hoboken.


Do you know the tower that rises above train station? I’ve walked to the PATH hundreds, nay thousands of times over the past few years, stared up at the Lackawanna Clock Tower and wondered to myself about the section at the top that looks like an observation deck. What an incredible view of New York City, the Hudson River and Hudson County New Jersey someone would have from that vantage point, I thought. How do people get up there, I wondered. On one occasion, I actually got curious enough to squander a couple minutes walking aimlessly through the train station in search for some kind of secret tower entry point. I found nothing. From a distance, the train station clock tower pierces the sky in this part of town, confusing people in two states with the strange word “LACKAWANNA” in luminous, fulsome display. And yet despite the tower’s unambiguous phallic pride when viewed from afar, once you’re actually inside the building, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. No entry point, no signs – not even a hunchbacked bell tower troll resembling Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein who can say a word about it.

Photo Credit: Bob Foster

Wondering about this kind of thing isn’t all that normal, I realize. Most people focus on matters that actually advance their life goals, or are conventionally entertaining — not

So I had to devise a plan of action, and this turned out to be one of the moments when my status as a beloved and celebrated media personality pays off. (Turns out delusions of grandeur, and the lack of self-awareness it offers doesn’t hurt either.) By committing to write a feature story for hMAG about an adventure to the mysterious observation deck, I could credibly approach New Jersey Transit for formal clearance and blow the lid off this whole caper. Or at least take a small step onto a platform that mankind had (virtually) never gone before. Kind of an homage to the late Neil Armstrong. And Shatner. I call New Jersey transit’s press office, and before you know it, I was set with an appointment to meet Bill the public information officer for New Jersey Transit. Turns out Bill had never been up the tower either. Basically, the only people who ever have are a handful of New Jersey Transit maintenance staff who have the job of changing light bulbs, running a giant fan that cools the structure, and setting the clock. One of these maintenance guys, I’ll call him Mike, also met us on site, and he became our Hoboken clock tower Sherpa. The first step was to fit Bill and I with our own brand new New Jersey Transit hard hats. I mildly protested about the


me. I’m often drawn to the very kinds of questions that would elicit a “Why do you care?” from a normal person. And so I kept thinking to myself.... What is that platform that looks like an observation deck? Why does no one know how to get up there? What does New York City look like from up there?



ple were using the word “splendor” to describe anything in Hoboken, and the tower was taken down after it was damaged by high winds, where I’m guessing On the Waterfront thugs sold it for scrap metal and didn’t pay sales taxes. The original was built in 1907 and designed by architect Kenneth Murchison as part of the Beaux-Arts design. It was taller, 225 high versus today’s humbler 203 feet, and most important, it featured a 2,500 pound bell. And while there’s no bell in the new version, its absence underpins the whole premise for this adventure story. What looks like an observation deck from the ground today was only put there to be architecturally consistent with the old structure. You see, in the old tower, it was the belfry, i.e. where the old giant bell went. Nowadays, there’s no bell, nor even bats – just a platform that seems like an observation deck. Until I got there.


need for such silly overprotection. Would a molten ingot really be landing on my head, bouncing off harmlessly to oblivion thanks to my judicious use of the “safety first” dork helmet? Which NJT lawyer was getting paid a full-time salary to come up with what I’ve imagined are hundreds of pages of helmet usage codes? Nevertheless, I cooperated, and once my tender skull was provided a new protective layer, off the three of us went onward in search of elevated glory. What residents gaze on today is, in fact, the second Hoboken Lackawanna clock tower. The original was built in 1907. In that year Teddy Roosevelt was President. In fact, there’s an old postcard of Hoboken that shows that original tower in its original splendor. By the 1950s, however, not many peo-

The way you get to the tower is first by going up to the cavernous, empty second floor of the old ferry terminal, then into one of the decrepit offices with peeling paint. There we found a spiral staircase that started us on our quest in earnest. The first thing to know about going up the tower is that the journey is quite obviously not meant for the public. We took at least six highly-pitched steel staircases, before confronting five stories of completely vertical steel ladders. I hit my head enough times on pipes, braces and lattice supports that I not only tried to keep count, but then I lost count. Turns out the hard hats came in handy. While I’ve never climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, this next tidbit should give you a sense of the difficulty of this trip. When we neared the final ascent to what I’m calling the Observation




Deck, the spectre of the progressively tinier crawl spaces and narrower ladders was daunting enough that Bill, our once-intrepid NJ Transit Media Relations guy, had enough. He would wait there for Mike & I to go the last segment and see what we needed to see. Imagine climbing ten stories of ladders nearing a peak, only to give up one or two stories before the killer view. The only way that would happen is if the going gets daunting. So Mike and I soldiered on to the “Observation Deck.” We made it. It was quite a view on quite a spectacular day. The city. The Boken. The river. All sprawled out before us in magnificent, quiet stillness. The breadth and majesty of the moment was enough to make someone forget about all the bar fights and bad dates that play out every night on the streets below. I even phoned hMAG to inform them of my conquest, and to see if they could have someone photograph me at that moment, waving in triumphant glory as I looked down on everyone literally, (instead of my usual metaphorically). In case you, gentle reader, ever decide to get your bad self up the Hoboken Lackawanna tower, just understand one thing. It’s no observation deck. It’s a tiny space, smaller than half of an average Hoboken bedroom, with awkwardly placed steel bars and equipment bolted everywhere. I don’t have a particular fear of heights, (we can talk about commitment later), but being up there really is a little scary. Still, I finally rose to the highest height in my adopted hometown of Hoboken, NJ, and have the pictures to prove it. ••

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hLIFE 36

Walking down Washington Street has always been one of the best reasons to live and visit Hoboken. You can see all the great shops that have staked claim to Hoboken as the place to open their business. From the Mom & Pop shops to the familiar franchise chains, we are able to find just about anything we are looking for from food to clothing to products.   What most residents don’t realize is beyond what we see on Washington Street there are many international companies that have also setup “shop” in Hoboken. Companies from France, England, Portugal and Australia to name a few have decided to make Hoboken its United States headquarters. As Hoboken continues to grow more companies are following suit.   Viva La France! BEABA launched in 1989 in Oyonnax, France with the intention of marketing baby products for mothers who were looking for high quality, easy to use and innovative lines. With the release of its Babycook line the company took off to become one of the most innovative baby products suppliers in Europe. The Babycook steams, cooks and blends food all in one system. BEABA was the first to introduce this revolutionary product. They also feature unique design and color with three lines to choose from; The Classic, Pro and Pro2X. In 1998, BEABA was ready to introduce their product lines to the United States.     Finding the right location to head ups its operations was the first step and they chose Hoboken as their Headquarters.

Olivier Foglizzo, CEO of BEABA USA, says Hoboken is the perfect fit for the US expansion. Its proximity to New York City is a key advantage. All while reaping the benefits of the Garden State. They don’t have the sky high rental prices of Manhattan, or have to deal with the crowds and the pressure that comes along with working in the city.   The company also loves the fact that Hoboken is an easy place to commute for employees who come in from various towns around the New York/New Jersey area. Hoboken gives them the feel of working in a city with all the shops, restaurants and nightlife without the hassle of getting around New York. Olivier elaborates that there are many lunch options, visitors can stay at local hotels and it’s a great place to entertain clients. Plus, he adds, the skyline view of the city is amazing.   Hoboken was also an ideal place for the company to test its products on its main target demographic: Moms. In the past 10 years, more families have begun to call Hoboken home leaving a company like BEABA to be able to bring in local mothers for focus groups. BEABA has been able to showcase its product lines through groups like the MetroMoms Network and Hoboken Mommies by showcasing their products at events taking place in Hoboken.   Currently you can f ind BEABA products at stores such as Buy Buy Baby and Giggle but also locally at Wee Babe and Copper Kettles on Washington Street. With its great success in the US market BEABA is poised to expand but will be looking for larger off ice space right here in town before it looks anywhere else.

Hola Hoboken Esporao Wines started back in 1973 in Portugal by the Roquette family and has remained a family business ever since. They are currently the largest and most popular wine in Portugal and can be found in over 50 countries.  From standard reds and whites to its vintage series Esporao has been producing quality wines for over 40 years. The Esporao Reserva is a very distinct wine with its unique label produced each year with new artwork by a local Portuguese artist.   Its first US stop was in Newark where they continue to distribute the wine with a local distributor. When Esporao was looking for a new home for the US Headquarters and they landed in Hoboken.  The incredible restaurant and bar scene in Hoboken made it the perfect place to highlight their wines.  Pedro Lopes Vieira, North America Sales Manager, says “Hoboken has the great mix of restaurants, bars and nightlife” that makes for an ideal testing ground for his wines. If you are looking to give Esporao a try it is currently carried by Giannone Wines, Havana Cafe and served to guests at The W Hotel.     G’day Mate Another family winery is also happy to call Hoboken home. Started in 1928 by Italian immigrants, De Bortoli Wines is now the largest family owned winery in Australia. That focus is on quality wines at great price points. Their focus is working with over 27 million cases a year sold in Australia alone and over 75 countries distributing their wines.  They currently have the number one ranked Consumer Reports “Best Buy” for its Emeri Pink


BEABA launched in 1989... with the intention of marketing baby products for mothers who were looking for high quality, easy to use and innovative lines.




by many towns to choose from but ultimately Hoboken was their choice. The ultimate reason for Hoboken came down to attracting the young, educated professionals that are focused on technology. Richard Berzine, the lead broker for Pearson stated, “We wanted to attract the digerati,” which basically translates to they want the best and brightest in the computer industry.   Pearson Publishing is one of the world’s largest educational book publishers.  Pearson International is headquartered in London  with offices across Europe, Asia and South America. Their online chat suppor t is based in the Philippines. In 1998 Pearson purchased the education division of Simon & Schuster from Viacom and merged it with its own education division Longman to form Pearson Education. Located in over 70 countries, Pearson derives 60% of its sales through North America so it’s only suitable to obtain a large US Headquarters.   Pearson plans on moving over 900 employees from its Upper Saddle River and Old Tappan locations into a newly constructed, 14 story LEED cer tified building taking up 200,000 square feet of office space. Other businesses will be setting up shop in the new SJP property with 25,000 square feet of retail space and a 200 car underground garage.     This is great news for Hoboken on many levels as it will attract new retail businesses, other larger corporations to consider Hoboken for its Headquarters and will bring money into the local economy through jobs and employees spending locally.


Moscato. Craig Orchard, Executive Vice President of North America, proclaims one of their biggest goals is “being creative in the marketplace” and always coming up with new blends. It was at a meeting in Georgia when someone announced “Hoboken was the place to be,” and next thing De Bortoli was residing in the Monroe Center.  They spent nine years there before finding a space on the corner of 1st and Jefferson where they have spent the last three years.  The De Bortoli family was intrigued by Hoboken and the fact that it held the same Italian qualities of family that they held dear to their hearts.  Hoboken was all about the community and more importantly focused on great food and great wine. What better place to introduce their brand?     Craig says their team loves the walkability of Hoboken with great options a few steps away from their office. They also find Hoboken a great place to relax as opposed to the chaos of the big city. You can give De Bortoli a try at local establishments like Leo’s, 10th and Willow or The Clinton Social. Or stop by at 1st and Jefferson and you may be lucky enough to be given a private tasting.    The British are coming. The British are coming... After over a year of negotiations with city and state officials Person Publishing officially named Hoboken as its new US Headquarters. Consolidating various offices in the New York and New Jersey area Pearson was solicited



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Sweet & Salty Beginning rave BY randi e. roberts photos by sherry ruczynski

The Peking Duck Crepes starter at the Sushi Lounge is a pretty crisscross of two fat rolled pancakes wrapped with delicate scallions and drizzled with sticky sweet and salty Chinese barbeque sauce. The beer crepes are filled to bursting with saucy duck that is savory and sweet, familiar. While the decadent meaty duck stuffing is a rich counter point, the pancakes are tender and doughy with a subtle sweetness. The sauce contrasts the bold hues of the ivory pancakes and bright green scallions, and plays up the high points of the appetizer. •• Sushi Lounge, 200 Hudson St.

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At Fitness Meets Dance Studio, we move with a purpose. Our classes are a fusion of fitness and dance, whereby enhancing fitness and mind body connection, while adding color and vigor for a fun workout.

We offer Barre, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Burlesque, Latin Fusion/Jazz and more. www.fitnessmeetsdance.com Get fit: 551-221-1458 • Connect 38 B Jackson Street,1A, Hoboken

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Torch Bearers rave BY JESSICA FIGLAR photos by ROBERT WAGNER

Hoboken is well known for many great things, especially being home to world-renowned Stevens Institute of Technology. Roaming the campus, there is so much history. Encircled by a small garden stands a Torch Bearers sculpture. Designed by artist Anna Hyatt Huntington in 1953, the sculpture consists of a nude male figure sitting atop a rearing horse reaching down to accept a torch from another male on the ground. The statue is one of three in the world and has adorned the Stevens lawn since the 1960s. It’s an iconic symbol on campus that signifies the passing of knowledge, exactly what happens at Stevens. ••


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happy hour signature burgers best bourbon selection mechanical bull 400 ADAMS STREET, HOBOKEN, 201/706/8589


Art Up High rave BY Diana schwaeble photos by robert wagner

There is an appeal to buildings with a storied past. Nestled on the corner of 10th Street is Elysian Café, Hoboken’s oldest bar and restaurant. But that should be no surprise to those who know owner Eugene Flinn, who took over in 2003. The ceiling was painstakingly restored to the glory of former days. No small feat with over 1000 repairs necessary, including two bullet holes. If the walls could talk, there would be stories about the mural that spans the bar featuring images of Lake Geneva. It was painted on site in 1895. “The old things are fading away,” he said. It’s important to preserve some. ••

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Dream Sleep rave BY diana schwaeble photos by sherry ruczynski

A good night’s sleep is the best tonic for a weary body, and having sweet dreams is a bonus most adults don’t think about when they stop for the night. Writer and father Paul Epperlein spent a lot of time thinking about sleep and dreams when he would talk to other dads about getting children to bed. Out of those talks the book was born. “Maybe in My Dreams” was co-written by Nick Del Verme. The illustrated children’s book encourages kids to dream big: be the star of the game, win a race, find hidden treasure, basically everything great a kid might wish for. Sweet dreams indeed. ••


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STORY BY DIANA SCHWAEBLE photos BY SHERRY RUCZYNSKI on the menu all year round. Those are the ones that customers will complain about if you change them. DS: What is your favorite food? DG: Probably fish more than steak. There is more you can do with fish, plus it’s healthier for you. DS: What do you like best about Hoboken? DG: I do like that it is competitive. There is a selection of restaurants that foodies can go to. Which is why I think we are as busy as we are. DS: What do you do on a day off? DG: As little as possible! I’ll spend time with my family. Maybe go out to dinner so someone can cook for me for a change. DS: I’ve noticed that you sometimes bring out food to guests. DG: Here especially because I know a lot of the people I am cooking for. I tell them that the food tastes a little better when the chef brings it out!

DS: Do you have any rituals when you finish for the night? DG: Let off some steam and have a beer after work. After everyThere can be art in something as simple as a daily meal. Executive DG: When I first got out of college. I was working at a restaurant thing is done you unwind and get up and do it all again the next day. Chef Doug Gough is passionate about creating a perfect plate of and I thought that I should be doing this. food. There should be a balance of flavors and textures and above DS: Do you have any advice for someone at the Culinary Institute all it should look as good as it tastes. He’s been feeding Hobokenites DS: Did you have any early influences growing up? looking to be a chef? for a decade at the Brass Rail, and more recently at the Stewed Cow. DG: No, it’s not like my mom was a tremendous cook. I think that DG: Don’t do it! (Laughs) You have to be prepared to work holidays While he doesn’t have much free time, it shouldn’t be surprising that is something you feel from way deep inside you. You have a passion and weekends. It’s not for everyone. on a night off he appreciates dining out. Recently, he took some time for it. out of his busy schedule to talk about the restaurant business. DS: Is there a moment when you have 40 covers to do for dinner DS: What are your signature dishes? and you feel at peace with chaos? DG: The skirt steak and the salmon. Those are dishes that we keep DS: When did you first decide you wanted to be a chef? DG: I have that. Being in control all the time is the key.

Sabor de


302 1st St, Hoboken (201) 253-0811

March 26, 2014 7pm-midnight Boa, Hoboken free shuttle van ride home provided by Room 84

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sabor@holahoboken.org TICKETS


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Benefitting the of the Hoboken Dual Language Charter School


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hmixer • jan 23, 2014

STEWED COW, Hoboken intro BY diana schwaeble photos by cezare ramone

The freezing temperatures didn’t deter the throngs of locals from attending the latest hMAG mixer at the Stewed Cow, 400 Adams St. The night kicked off early with the crowds converging on this new local hot spot that is known for its impressive selection of bourbon and a cow named Frankie. Delicious food, great drinks and lively conversation got the party started. The night heated up with music from well-known local musician Phil Ward who kept the crowd entertained with popular covers. There was fun to be had for sure, but also some good deeds. The proceeds from the raffle drawing went to help the Hoboken Family Planning Clinic. The night was co-sponsored by Jack Daniels, Miller Lite, and the Hoboken Social Sandbox. Every month hMAG holds a mixer for a different local charity to help make a difference in the community. To find out how you can help, or if you’d like to get involved as a host or a sponsor, please email info@hmag.com.••




hmixer • FEB 26, 2014 CARPE DIEM, Hoboken intro BY diana schwaeble photos by cezare ramone

The latest mixer at Carpe Diem, 1405 Grand St., attracted a lively crowd despite the cold. The midweek par ty on Wednesday, February 26, included regular fans and friends of the magazine, plus some newcomers. The par ty star ted early and lasted well into the night with guests packing the front room and even the cozy back. The Irish Pub, owned by Joe Jones, provided a warm welcome for the hundred or so guests in attendance. This month’s co-sponsor was HoLa, (Hoboken Dual Language Char ter School). Proceeds from the raffle drawing will help the school. So until next time Hoboken, keep up the good work. We hope to see you at our next mixer! For information on how you can get involved as a sponsor or host, please email: info@hmag.com. ••






Baltimore has everything a great tourist destination should have – good food, interesting history, and more museums than you can possibly see in a weekend – but it has something else that’s even harder to find: a sense of humor. It’s not just the kitschy hilarity of “Hon” culture, but a real appreciation for fun. This became immediately clear when we stepped through the doors of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum – a monument to pop culture adjacent to Camden Yards. Room after room was filled with rare comic books, vintage film posters and memorabilia spanning everything from Mickey Mouse to monster movies. Where else can you marvel at a collector’s classic like a box of “Mr. T” cereal, or shop for a Star Wars Chewbacca keychain (complete with sounds)? From there we walked along the world-famous Inner Harbor to the Visionary Art Museum, an enormous and wellcurated collection of pieces made by self-taught artists. It’s like New York’s American Folk Art Museum, but less stuffy. We marveled at a replica of the Lusitania ocean liner made entirely of toothpicks and had a wonderful lunch at the museum’s restaurant, Mr. Rains Fun House.

Yes, even a museum café can be extra fun in Baltimore; plus the food was tasty and fresh, and the restaurant had a serious wine list and craft cocktails. We also visited the Maryland Science Center and the National Aquarium, with its stunning Blacktip Reef exhibit. It was all within easy walking distance of the recently renovated Brookshire Suites Baltimore Inner Harbor, where we stayed. There are plenty of hotels to choose from, but this small hotel was cozy and convenient, with super friendly staff. (Remember: If you drive to Baltimore, it pays to research parking options because local lots may offer better prices than some hotels.) The neighborhoods are where some of the city’s real personality can be found, including the up and coming Hampden community (about 15 minutes from downtown) which features the Ma Petite Shoe shop, a brilliant combination of designer shoes and – wait for it – gourmet chocolate. Leave it to Baltimore to come up with that one! ••



W W W. C A R P E D I E M H O B O K E N . C O M 14 0 5 GR AND, HOBOKEN / 201.792.0050



khaled dajani story BY Melissa Colangelo Photos courtesy of Meany Fest

Local band Khaled & The Naguals formed around 2008 when lead singer Khaled Dajani went into a studio to record Luci. During the recording process he met bass player Gil who introduced him to drummer, Andres. They instantly clicked both musically and personally. After touring and making web, radio and TV appearances they released their album Luci. The album is comprised of 11 tracks revolving around themes of temptation. The band has adopted the term alternative world fusion to describe their sound. It’s rock with Spanish, Middle Eastern and electronic elements. The world influence comes from Khaled’s Palestinian background. He grew up in the Middle East where many people listen to Spanish music. The band performed at the 2013 Hoboken Music Awards where they won the award for “Best Music Video.” They are currently writing new songs and are considering renaming the band. For now, they are happy playing. “There are not many times when we can go out and support each other. This is one night when we get to see each other play. It was about getting on stage, having fun and showing our friends what we do.” Dajani said. Visit KhaledDajani.com ••


hNOW 62

CHILI COOKOFF A Roaring Success Intro by Melissa Colangelo photos BY CEZARE RAMONE

Saturday, February 23rd was the 5th Annual Chili Cook off Hoboken’s True Mentor program. This year proceeds will go and Home brewing competition. The event took place at to the Jubilee Center. The judges and attendees sampled 27 the Elks Lodge, which was packed to capacity with a line different chili samples before landing on a winner. All difdown the block. The event was sponsored by hMAG, Ben ferent types were represented- turkey, vegetarian and even & Jerry’s, Hotel Victor and Simply Beer and organized by one with chocolate. Before announcing the winners, founder has grown and grown and grown and has been great for the Hoboken Volunteers. Last year, the event raised $10,000 for of Hoboken Volunteers, Tim Occhipinti said, “This event Hoboken community and giving back to the community.” ••

The Favorite Place to Visit For Hoboken's Finest Artists, Musicians and Chefs

329 Washington Street • Hoboken, NJ (201) 656-9698

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