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arsenaløen dwellings [cph] andersen studio

arsenaløen dwellings [copenhagen, DK]

the row house A row house can be distilled down to one singular element , the shared partition wall. Traditionally this wall acts as an inactive element that saves space and material, however, the partition wall has the potential to be expanded to play an active role in the building space. The partion wall can not only define a row house, but also the spatial organization, the extended views and the the contextual relevancy of the entire project. The site, Arsenaløen, offers the opportunity to examine the canal front heritage of Copenhagen and to attempt to extend that to each dwelling unit. The transition from the publicly accessible waterfront to the very private individual dwellings becomes a celebrated progression. In attempting to maintain the serene, comfortable scale of the natural site, the clusters of dwellings break down the mass of housing to allow for more solar access as well as more canal access. The yellow brick has become the staple material for more traditional social housing projects in Copenhagen, in playing with this tradition, the brick wall forms the spine of each unit, touched only by the glazing that acts in visual tension between the masses. the wall

concept spatial organization


the angled walls orient the view through the building. the broader space allows for more relaxing, open spaces where as the circulation takes place in the narrower space where movement is encourged.

progression private upstairs semi-private downstairs semi-public courtyard space public green space

the wall acts as utility and ornament while the open spaces float weightlessly between allowing for maximized views, spatial flexibility, and light penetration.

8 [a]

fall 2009

walls act as an organizing spine within which circulation takes

view orientation

arsenaløen dwellings [cph] andersen studio


the unit and cluster the unit design is centered around the partition wall, using it as not only a means of organization but also as a connection to the cultural and historical context of the site. the strong line created by the walls defines the space within the unit as well as the public and private zones around it. the brick material is used not only to relate to traditional danish design, but also as a means to establish the mass of the core of the building and the circulation systems it houses.



sun angle diagram

the cluster is based on a series of the units placed side by side. the partition wall becomes the organizing element for both units, housing the stairs for each unit. the idea of the partition wall grows from simply being the inactive element the happens to be shared, to an interlocking, active element that bonds each unit and its inhabitants to its neighbor.





6. 7.

9. 10.

first floor plan 12. 11.



second floor plan


roof plan

fall 2009

8 [b]

1. entry way. mud room 2. kitchen 3. living room space 4. dinning room space 5. front patio space 6. back patio 7. private back yard 8. communal space 9. open to below 10. bathroom 11. master bedroom 12. bedroom 13. reading room 14. lower roof 15. upper roof

arsenaløen dwellings [cph] andersen studio north-east elevation and section


south-west elevation and section

8 [c]

fall 2009

the wall

arsenaløen dwellings [cph] andersen studio

physical models

original concept model

final model_section side

fall 2009

8 [d]

final model_front

study model

study model

study model


interior rendering

[view up stair corridor]

[kolumba bricks]

8 [e]

fall 2009

interior rendering

arsenaløen dwellings [cph] andersen studio

material renderings

Arsenaløen dwellings [fall 2009]  

Row houses, in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, DK. Fall 2009, 4th year Cal Poly, SLO [DIS]

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