Having a role in life

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Having a Role in Life

a comic about the Role Center

ElĂ­sabet RĂşn

The Role Center / Hlutverkasetur BorgartĂşni 1 105 ReykjavĂ­k 517 3471 /// 695 9285 hlutverkasetur@hlutverkasetur.is hlutverkasetur.is facebook.com/hlutverkasetur instagram.com/hlutverkasetur twitter.com/hlutverkasetur

The Role Center is an activity center for individuals that have lost important roles for various reasons. The main purpose of the center is to gain or find valuable roles again by staying active. The purpose is also to fight stigma and isolation, to recover at ones own pace, make friends, be a part of a group, learn new things, practice strengths and to promote mental health and well being.

Having a Role in Life

a comic about the Role Center

Elísabet Rún

English translation by Unnur Bjarnadóttir Originally published as a webcomic on hlutverk.elisabetrun.is

publisher The Role Center layout Elísabet Rún printing Ásrún

Elísabet Rún elisabetrun.is

Reykjavík 2018


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[Yes, I've made mistakes. Life doesn't come with a manual.]

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