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Investigation I chose to investigate the advertising industry for this brief because it is an area that I am interested in, but know little about. I began my investigation researching generally about advertising until there was a more defined area that interested me. When I looked into different advertisements, I was interested in how they were made, and who made them, and this soon became my focus for my design investigation. I looked into case studies about specific advertisements, and my main references for these were ‘Campaign’ [Via] the case studies allowed me to get information about the advertisements, and what the strategies were and who the agencies were. To get an insight into the industry I looked into the advertising agencies, which lead me to discover the people behind the adverts, and see what projects they had been involved in. I looked into local ones, and top agencies with global offices. I found that to get information about them at a person in the agency, interviews were the best place to look and I found these online, the most useful ones on their blogs, or from To complete this brief my creative artefact is made of up of the information I have gathered, in a designed way, to inform others.



Agencies Overview

I researched into advertising agencies to look at what work they did. One of the first agencies I looked at was Limelight and their website provided me with information of their involvement in some of their projects and I learnt that with some of their clients their work was on going and they carried out the promotion for businesses, This is a small agency compared to the likes of Wieden+Kennedy or BBH, because these last two have offices in over five parts of the world, meaning their client base is very big. Looking into the work they produced it was also interest to see who else went into making the advertisement, and in some there was a lot of people in the team. From looking at their work I analysed it to draw more information from them, and this has made me consider where I would want to work and what I want to do in the future in terms of a career.

Helen Penfold Design Investigation


Limelight are a design marketing and advertising agency based in Weybridge, Surrey. They mostly do work for local businesses and their work is usually an ongoing project and they keep up their work with their clients.


Brooklands Museum, Mercedes-Benz World, R&H Hair and Beauty, The Watermill at Posana, Ceramic Systems, Brooklands Hotel.



advertising agency, with offices in Portland, New York, São Paulo, London, Amsterdam, Delhi, Shanghai, and Tokyo. They have produced work for some big names in the advertising industry, and have won countless awards for work.

advertising agency with offices in London, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai. They say that they ‘‘Make it our business to understand brands and the psychological levers they need to pull to engage consumers.’’

Wieden and Kennedy are a global


Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Converse ,Diet Coke, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Levi’s, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Disney Pixar, ESPN, Heineken, Jordan Brand, Marie Claire, Cravendale, Honda, Nestea, Oberoi Hotels Group, Invista, Tiffany & Co, Umbro China.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) is a global


Levis’s, Lynx, Audi, British Airways, Google, KFC, Johnnie Walker, Sol, Barclay’s, Virgin Media, Yeo Valley Organic, Dulux, Captain Morgan, Sprite, Vasealine, Persil, J20, Waitrose, Renault, WWF.

Work Example:

Work Example:

Work Example:




Limelight photograph for Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands on a regular basis, they go to their events that are held there and take promotional photography to advertise their venue and their day’s outs, sometimes with a celebrity, or a concert in the evening. Limelight also provides leaflet distribution for them and informs local residents of the news and up-coming events and also occasional signage and exhibition requirements.

Wieden and Kennedy were the advertising agency behind this Lurpak advert which shows people cutting up vegetables and cooking them, and using Lurpak. The advert is very colourful and there are some interesting camera angles used in this advert, which I think makes it more interesting to watch and it is unusual to see. The advert is showing how Lurpak can be used for many things in cooking, and is also good for you being low fat.

This is a well-known advert for Levi Jeans, and features a good looking male character in a laundrette. This advertisement plays on humour, and the music soundtrack creates an atmosphere for this scene ‘‘Heard it through the grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye. All eyes are on him, and so this is portraying anyone in Levis will be centre of attention and have this desirable effect on people.

Primary Overview

For my primary research in this investigation I wanted other people’s opinions on advertising, so I asked people I knew to tell me what they thought about advertising. Some of the answers I received from this were the same, and some had opposing answers. People agreed that having high profile people to advertise products lead them to remember it better, but people disagreed with the form of advertising which was good, TV was seen as both good and bad, and so was being compared to advertising on public transport, where some said that it was easy to ignore, whereas others said that it was in a place that people would see it and view without realising they are being targeted.


Can you tell me what advertising means to you? What is an advertisement that you have seen that has caught your eye recently? And lastly, what type of advertising is good and why i.e. on the television for more exposure

Answers: Katie: “Advertising is selling products”

“[They] usually have good looking people to do this.” “I think radio is quite good because when you are in the car you are listening to solely that.” “I think the item needs to be mentioned first.”

Naj: “I think advertising in its core is about selling a product and

letting people know that the product in question is available.” “The Doritos advert keeps popping in my head as I’m writing this (the one with the Doritos sacrifice in stop motion).” “I think a good advert has to be able to convince the viewer that they need the product weather they do or not, it has to be able to implant the message subconsciously.”

Mark: “Advertising allows me to be educated about new products

that are available to me, and leaves me with a choice to buy or not.” “A recent advertisement that I have seen recently that interested me is the Tag Heuer watch with Jenson Button in it.” “Type of advertising which is good is in magazines, because they are more striking that an advert on T.V, because they are more visual and you can take more time on them, and refer back on your on terms rather than when they appear on television.”

James: “Advertising means capitalism as the majority of

Helen Penfold Design Investigation

advertising is targets the public to buy consumer products.” “An advert that I have seen recently is the NEW BT storyline advert where a group of strangers move into a house. This is because the advertising campaign will last a lengthy period of time with BT using all advertising platforms to explain the story. This was a successful campaign with the story that included Nick from My Family.” “A good advert is placed where you don’t realise you are being advertised. For example a television screen at a train station.”

Konrad: “Advertising to me means, putting a product/idea/brand

out there, making it known, popular, expanding its work area.” “I generally hate all the adverts that are on T.V besides T.V spots ala the new Diablo III T.V spot.” “There’s one by Vanish [that has caught my eye] It’s clever, well designed and straight to the point. “I love billboard/bus advertising because its normally quite interesting. I think they work because there in the public eye, but

don’t distract you from what your’re doing.”

Aloy: “Advertising means promoting the product with humour/life lessons/ideas.”

“The O2 advert [has caught my eye with] the blend of music [which] compliments the overall theme colour of the O2.” “Television [is a good type of advertising technique] as loads of people tune in to their TV’s and it gets more views as supposed to posters that can easily be pass by.”

Shafiah: “The Samsung tablet/phone caught my eye! The alcohol

adverts are always good because they are funny…Fosters!” “I don’t know about good but lately I saw the Vodafone adverts which uses yoda, I feel this is very lazy advertising as it uses an already established character to sell the product and it is not original, I understand why…they want to show they are as legendary as someone/thing as yoda but I feel it lacks creativity and is quite frankly very lazy!” “What makes good advertising? Is capturing the audience.” “TV is good but I think having engaging with the audience so something memorable.”

Emily: “Advertising means promoting businesses and companies, about what they make and do.”

“I like the advert by Audi called unboxed, for their creative idea, and use of technique, using basic materials.” “I think stop motion is the best form of advertising because of the way it is being used, it seems more intriguing and catches your eye.”

Primary Overview

For my investigation I was looking into advertising agencies, and I wanted to get their opinions about projects that I had been researching. I first emailed ‘Limelight’ which is the agency based in Weybridge, Surrey, and I thought that because they were a smaller firm that there was more chance of getting a reply to my answers, but unfortunately they didn’t. For their questions I asked a couple of general questions about the advertising industry to start off, and then more specific questions that would lead to their opinions about working on certain campaigns, and finding out what they have learnt. I also emailed the senior advertising manager of Campaign Live, because I had used this website for a reference for my secondary research, and thought it would be helpful to get their views on advertising as they would have experiences with various advertising campaigns that they have done. Email to ‘Limelight’ agency based in Weybridge, Surrey

Email to Senior advertising manager at ‘‘Campaign’

Helen Penfold Design Investigation

Analysis Overview

In my design investigation I looked at a lot of television advertisements and I started to link them together, and understand the ways in which they were targeting an audience. I was also interested in the style of the adverts and how this has a link to what they are selling, I looked into advertisements for perfumes, cars, food, drink and gadgets to compare within their group and with each other. One group that stuck out for me was the perfume advertisements. The one for J’adore by Christian Dior has actress Charlize Theron strutting in a dress, ripping off everything she is wearing, leaving only the scent of the perfume. I think that the message of this is to portray a woman who can be herself, and be seductive with this perfume, nothing else is needed. It is also interesting to notice that the bottle has an hourglass shape, reflecting a woman’s curvy body. Another perfume advert which is similar to this one is Christina Aguilera’s, where the message for this one too is that the perfume is all you need on, and nothing else. The advert shows Christina looking in her wardrobe ready to pick an outfit out, until she spots the perfume, and decides that with the perfume, that is the outfit. As she sprays, a lace like design is covering her body, which is similar to the shape and design of the bottle itself, much like the Dior one. Those perfumes were aimed for a female audience, and so I compared it with a male one. For the Hugo Boss advert, the style is very futuristic, and simple, with designs representing a busy city, like New York, with the distinctive yellow taxis and the traffic lights and tall buildings, this may be to represent a busy business like man whose life is fast paced, and would need a scent to portray this. Likewise with the other two advertisements, Hugo Boss has used a famous person, the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. From looking at advertising campaigns that are for a particular product, it is clear to see that they use different techniques to show what is being advertised in the best light possible.

Helen Penfold Design Investigation

Charlize Theron in J’adore Dior advert 2010

Christina Aguilera’s Perfume advert 2007

Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Hugo Boss advert 2006



I developed an information book from my research, which showed what I investigated. I wanted to create an artefact that used my research, because this is what the investigation was about, and learning about something that was interesting to me, and I wanted to find out more about. I wanted to present my investigation in a creative way, designing a book has allowed me to do this. This artefact can be read by someone that wants to know about my design investigation and what I did, but also by people that want to know about advertising, and what my approach to researching the topic was. I feel that I have covered a range of areas within advertising, for this investigation, and it will continue to interest me. The artefact is an ordered way to show my research, and I have tried to make it visual and appealing to people to want to read it. The layout I have gone for is a simple one, that lets the content speak for itself.

Helen Penfold Design Investigation

Brief 3 (Design Investigation) Folio Sheets