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Field of study My chosen subject area is communication, more directly the way businesses communicate their products and services to consumers through advertising. Design problem/Question What is the effect of communicating through advertising, and are we aware of this? Context Advertising has been around for as long as we can all remember, and always will be. I want to find out how advertising has changed, and to do so I should gain knowledge about the historical context in which advertising first started, and what it is in now; the cultural and the economical context of advertising may also be needed. I also want to explore the social context of advertising as a use of communication and what methods are used effectively today. Rationale The project is important to me because it is based on a subject area in which I am interested in, and want to learn more about. It is important to Graphic Design New Media because of the ways in which the media is evolving has an affect on advertising, and I want to portray how advertising can affect us. The final piece that I will produce at the end will reflect my skills developed so far in this course. Methods I plan to research advertising as a general means of communication, and understand how the advertising methods have changed over the years, and the reasons behind this, be it a new technological advancement, or an introduction of a new way of working. I need to look into the way people feel about advertising and how it can affect people. I then plan to use my research to aid my practical outcomes for this project, having a go at a variety of working methods to explore the best way to present the findings of my project. Skills Evidence I need to have knowledge about advertising, and the way in which advertising has changed, and what the modern ways of advertising are. To produce a final piece of video, I will need skills in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, and an understanding of techniques used to film, and knowledge of techniques in editing. Predicted Resolutions I am looking to produce a still piece, possibly typographic, or a piece of moving image work that expresses my knowledge that I have gained throughout the project.

Advertising Presentation Boards 1-2  

First draft of 2 presentation boards for my advertising brief.