Department of Health & Kinesiology

Department of Health & Kinesiology

College Station, TX, United States

The Department of Health & Kinesiology (HLKN) is one of four departments in the College of Education & Human Development at Texas A&M University. There are four divisions in the department, which include Health Education, Kinesiology, Sport Management, and the Physical Education Activity Program.

HLKN is currently home to more than 2,950 undergraduate majors, 300 minors, 285 graduate students, 90 faculty members, 35 staff members and 85 graduate assistants.

We are ranked first at Texas A&M in class count, first in student enrollment and first in department salaries per student. Courses generate over 150,000 weighted student credit hours each year, which ranks third at the University.

HLKN is also in the top 40 in one-year and five-year external funding at the university.

In addition to its many degree programs, HLKN offers many outreach programs for continuing students and the community.