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HLH Prototypes Offers Bespoke and Top-Notch Cast Urethane Molding

HLH Prototypes Co Ltd is an ISO: 9001 accredited manufacturer in southern China. They do precision CNC machining and turning, reaction injection molding, vacuum casting, SLS and SLA 3D printing, hand sculpture, rapid and production tooling plus sheet metal work all under one roof. While speaking at an event, Yilia Gong, their Assistant GM asserted, If you need high quality die cast production parts in aluminum, zinc or magnesium, we can deliver fast and in line with your budget. We do thousands of precision pressure die cast parts every year for various industries. Our engineering team is highly experienced and able to assist you through the whole process including being able to suggest changes and offer full tool design drawings and validation. Materials required include aluminium die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting and urethane molding. Our die casting facilities uses urethane parts as well as the full range of post process machining and finishing options. Finishing options include CNC machining, threading and tapping holes, anodizing, powder coat, and paint and others on request. At HLH Prototypes, they specialize in CNC machining and turning of rapid prototype parts and low to mid volume CNC rapid production parts. They machine parts from a wide variety of metal and plastic materials with specialty materials available on request. CNC machining is a robust, fast, accurate, and cost-effective part fabrication option that delivers parts to the client made from production grade materials.

At a separate event, Jason Ke, their Vice GM also stated, Being one of our core services we have always invested in our CNC capabilities to ensure that we have the diversity and capacity necessary to run multiple jobs simultaneously and to handle the CNC volume production needs of our customers. We use CNC machining to manufacture quick turnaround tooling for our low to mid volume Rapid Tooling and ProtoTool services, and we deliver these molds fast. Quality control is a team effort at HLH Prototypes. Each process and part is inspected several times throughout its journey to ensure the client gets the quality parts their project deserves. HLH Prototypes has a state-of-the-art facility in China which offers a massive range of design services tailored to 3D printing, rapid prototyping right through to injection molding and production. Drawing on engineering expertise and extensive experience in project management their design services are supported by a broad selection of technologies and materials. Companies searching for cast urethane molding services need to get in touch with them.

About HLH Prototypes HLH Prototypes is one of China’s largest and longest running prototyping and contract manufacturing bureaus. Opened in 2001, they have grown steadily based on their commitment to cutting edge services and quality, putting the customer first all the time. With hundreds of satisfied customers from around the world, they can be relied upon to provide the service and parts their clients need when they need them. Their clients include large global brands and small independent manufacturers, and they offer the same high level of service and commitment to all.


Hlh prototypes offers bespoke and top notch cast urethane molding  

HLH Prototypes Co Ltd is an ISO: 9001 accredited manufacturer in southern China. They do precision CNC machining and turning, reaction injec...

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