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The Experience April 2014 Issue 6

Hannibal-LaGrange University Student Publication

Eva Mozes Kor Holocaust Survivor Tells Her Story of Survival

Music Man

HLGU’s Spring Musical

Spring Sports Highlights From the Spring Semester

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do experience with yearb thing to do. But as the academic year w life, I have participated in multiple publication writers, section editors, editor in chief, I’ve don of a publication, and The Experience allowed th I can’t say all of this was easy; there were tim end I can say I couldn’t be more proud of this pu traffic picking up on our Facebook account, he in general know what this even is. It’s somethin you have no idea how unbelievably thrilled it with better writing, creative angles, better desig for myself. I wanted to take a second to thank my amazi First let me start with Eric Potts, though he w during the beginning rough patch. He’s the one needed when I would get so overwhelmed with Next, thank you to Kelly Stuttler and Britni you both gave a passionate perspective in subjec the best articles when it is something they are p Thank you to Elizabeth Duzan for being the she would turn things in days (if not weeks) be Liz are appreciated on a whole new level. Magan Dunn always brought a creative side t with the twitter account. Thank you for taking Molley Patrick, not only did she always ha conversation. Meetings without you were pretty Austin Groshong, thank you for always goi problem taking on multiple articles or last min time. Just as I was slowly losing my mind and re to hear from an outside perspective. You have n And finally, Miss Michaela Crawford, you ha have absolutely no doubt in my mind I chose ri good luck with your futures after graduation an With all of this being said, my original goals met. However I have a new goal, my new goal I have graduated for years to come. I look forw As for me? I hope this is something I can con staff, possibly one day becoming Editor In Chie pages. This is what I live for. Look for my name credits, this isn’t the last you’ll see of me.



When The Experience started production for the very first time in August of 2013, it began as an easy way to my senior capstone project. Considering my background and book and magazine production, it just seemed like the smart went on, it became so much more. Throughout my academic n staffs (newspaper, yearbook, and magazine). I have been staff ne it all. But I’ve never had the privilege of being the “creator” hat to happen, finally giving me the “full experience.” mes (especially in the beginning) where I struggled. But in the ublication and what it has become. It makes me so happy to see earing comments from readers, and just knowing that people ng people look forward to reading every time it comes out, and makes me to hear this. We’ve come a long way since August, gn, and so much more. But I can’t take all the credit and success

ing staff for all of their hard work over the year. was only on staff during the fall semester, he was so much help e who came up with the name and gave me that slap of reality I everything making me realize I was freaking out over nothing. Bertelli for covering most of the sports and missions articles, cts you care about, and as far as I’m concerned, a person writes passionate about. most prompt staff member I have ever worked with. Seriously, efore they were due. When you’re on a time crunch people like

to the magazine and plenty of humor to the meetings, especially over my stress with social media, I’m glad I’m not alone. ave an outside perspective but she could easily dominate the y quiet. ing above and beyond in everything you do. He never had a nute ones. And he always knew when to show up at the right eady to give up, he would appear and tell me whatever I needed no idea how much that means to me. ave come so far this year, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I ight leaving the magazine in your hands next year. To my staff, nd all that you do. s for the magazine (to gain readers and be well known) were is for this to be something that is successfully carried on after ward to seeing what is to come of this magazine in the future. ntinue to do with the rest of my life. Working for a magazine ef. But mainly designing layouts for in the


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The Experience The Experience Staff Editor: Samantha Johnson Staff Members: Michaela Crawford Austin Groshong Magan Dunn Kelly Stutler Britni Bertelli Molley Patrick Elizabeth Duzan Advisor: Chris Brennemann The Experience is a student-run publication at Hannibal-LaGrange University. All content is written, edited, photographed and designed by staff members unless otherwise noted. The Experience publishes on a monthly/bimonthly basis on-line with no cost to its readers.

In This Issue...

Remedy Drive Concert

Magan Dunn Talks about capstone project

Anna Bautista

Seeing HLG from a different perspective

Carroll Missions Week

The importance of mission work

Creative Cooking

How to make food in your dorm room

Eva Mozes Kor

Holocaust survivor

Student Missions

PBD, Beach Reach and summer missions

Rebecca De Ridder Senior Profile

The Real Hunger Games Ukrainian Conflict

Trojan Idol

Steep competition and excellent vocals

Music Man

Hearing it from the cast

Senior Goodbye Letter

Making the most of their moments

What we became when we grew up Dreams as a kid versus where seniors will go now

Hoops on Fire

Bringing Christ to basketball

Baseball Recap

Playing like a team and coming out strong

Pink Game

Keeping calm and fighting on

Spring Sport Highlights

Men’s Volleyball, Wrestling, and Cheer

“The Experience magazine is about the whole picture at HLGU. It’s about bringing students and staff together to be aware of what is going on around us. Too often we find ourselves isolated from events and people’s lives. The beauty of our small campus lies within the individuals who work, play and learn from each other daily. Being a part of The Experience has allowed me to join a team of media minded individuals who are dedicated to making HLG’s news available to us all. I encourage each one of you reading this to take the time on campus to get to know one another. Ultimately it’s more about the journey than the destination, and this publication will be there to report every step of the way. ” -Staff member, Molley Patrick

Remedy Drive Concert

I could talk about my senior project all day every day; it’s like my baby! I’m like one of those parents who eagerly awaits that moment when someone, anyone, will ask me about it. I go into too much detail, tell stories that only I think are significant, and have pictures on hand that I can pull out at any minute. When I get to the part of the story where I wrap things up and talk about the results, I start to have mixed emotions and I can’t tell if I’m happy, sad, proud, or depressed. My mom keeps telling me that I have empty nest syndrome. I wouldn’t’ go that far, but her diagnosis might be on the right track (as pathetic as that may be). For seven weeks my heart and soul was dedicated to this event, and then in the blink of an eye it was gone. So let me just take this article to be a proud mama and brag about my kid one last time. For my senior project I planned a Remedy Drive concert for Quincy Christian School as a fund raiser. For those of you who do not know who Remedy Drive is, it is a Christian band that was fairly popular in 2008. They had hits like “Daylight” and “Hope.” After struggling to get my project to come together I made a radical change from a Booster Banquet type event to a concert, which I had never planned before. I contacted the booking agent, read and signed the contract and rider all in a 24 hour period. It was a whirlwind experience and by the end of that day I had to sit back and think “wait, what just happened?” Throughout the entire project I sought council and guidance from people who had much more experience than I had. At times they were critical, but I knew it was for my own good. I was able to learn so much from people such as Bruce Rice and Carolyn Carpenter. The two of them along with many other people took time out of their busy schedules to help me, honestly it is so humbling to think that they saw my event as worthy of their time.

One of the key points that everyone made was that I needed to emphasize social media. I made sure to create a Facebook event page. I updated it often and at different times. I encouraged people to invite their friends to the page, and the page ended up with a couple thousand people invited to it. Thousands of people knew about my event, and I didn’t have to spend a dime. Other than social media, I used radio spots on WGCA as a promotional tool. I was a guest on WGCA’s morning show twice and KHQA’s news at 5 once. I mailed fliers and information packets to local churches, put up posters around the area, and sent press releases to the local media. Yeah, I paid a couple dollars in postage, but other than that all of my advertising was free, and that’s why I love PR! I started out without a dime. I had no budget. I was beyond blessed with donations from corporate sponsors and in-kind donations. I ended up raising over $5,000 in in-kind donations alone! Okay, so let’s talk about PR problems. One of the most surreal things about this project was that I was in charge. I didn’t have anyone above me that I could go to when a volunteer had a question or a band member had a concern. It was all on me. I lead the staff meetings. I sent the e-mails. I signed the contract. I was in charge. I learned a lot of lessons while being the boss lady, but the biggest one that I learned is “there is no crying in PR!”

When you are in PR you can’t freak out, no, you are the person who people go to in a crisis when they are freaking out, therefore you cannot freak out! The day before the concert the lead singer called me and informed me that the band’s tour bus had broken down seven hours away in Nashville. After he had strongly insinuated that we should reschedule the show, all I wanted to do was cry. I wanted to crawl into a fetal position, hide in a corner, and cry like a small child. That’s not what big girls do, and that’s certainly not what a leader does. I had to hold back my tears, suck it up, and put on my PR pants. I called back the lead singer and told him that I would be willing to drive down to Nashville and pick them up. He was completely shocked, but most of all, and to my surprise, he was thankful. The band was more than willing to allow me to help them out and showed me the utmost gratitude for my willingness to help them out. I sent my dad and grandpa down to Nashville to pick up the band. I put my poor father in more awkward situations in 24 hours than he would like to admit. When I say that I have the best dad ever, I very seriously mean it!

I of course had a detailed schedule for the day of the concert, and it of course did not get followed whatsoever! The band was supposed to get there at 9:00 am, but they didn’t get to the venue until 3:00 pm. The doors were supposed to open at 6:30, however due to the time crunch we had to open the doors late. There were two local bands that played before Remedy Drive. After the second band I was able to go on stage with the emcee and thank all of my volunteers and everyone who helped me. It was such a rewarding feeling to be able to give public recognition to all of the people who gave of their time and money so graciously. What was even more rewarding though was getting off the stage and being called back stage by the band. The band gave me a group hug, told me I did an awesome job, and they said “now you can breathe, this is happening.” On stage the lead singer told everyone that this was my senior project and how honored they were that they could be a part of it. I was amazed and humbled by the recognition that I didn’t feel worthy of. There were 235 people in attendance. I made almost $5,000 dollars in corporate sponsorships and ticket sales. All of the bands had an awesome time and told me that I did a great job planning

the event. My goal was to introduce the school to people who wouldn’t have otherwise known about it, my goal was accomplished! The next Monday several families who had attended the concert called the school to say that they were interested in enrolling their children. The Wednesday before the concert Mrs. Brennemann told me to just sit back and be in the moment, so that’s what I did. After running around like a crazy lady all day, I decided to take her advice. I went up to the highest level in the venue, leaned up against the wall, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and let a smile of accomplishment creep across my face. If I close my eyes, I can still go back to that moment. I can hear everything, I can feel the same pride, I can feel the same confidence, and above all I can still feel the peace of accomplishment. I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything in the world. I am so grateful that I was required to do a senior project. I was able to gain more real world experience in seven weeks than I had in the last three years of school. I was able to meet new people, make new connections, and have new experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. It was crazy and chaotic, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! As told by: Magan Dunn

Ruth Anna Bautista Major: Broadcast Communications Age: 22 Hometown: Philippines 1. As a senior this year at HLGU, what will you take away from your college experience on the HLGU campus? As an international student, leaving on campus taught me well in building relationship with others and showing God’s love. 2. What is your favorite memory of your college experience? The most memorable moments as a student here at HLG is when I went to Florida with Praise Song for a mission trip. It was an awesome experience to be able to share God and help local churches not only in worship service, but also reaching out to the community at Pensacola, FL. 3. What is the most important life lesson you will take away from your college years? Humility is very important, especially when you’re trying to negotiate with your professor (hahaha). Real talk, humbling ourselves is the key to success. Also, it’s key to God’s heart (more of Him and less of me). 4. As a professing Christian, what has the Lord taught you during your time spent at HLGU? To look unto Him, the author and the finisher of my faith. Without God’s guidance, I won’t be here. Thus, just submitting all my worries to Him and letting Him lead me instead of my own desires. 5. If you could do one thing differently during your college experience, if anything, what would it be?

Top 3 advice would be: 1) Check your syllabus once a week 2) Act like you’re paying attention in class, even though you’re day dreaming/ half asleep 3) Spend time with your books & notes as much as you spend time with your friends.

6. How are you going to take what you have learned here at HLGU and use it in your future endeavors?

HLGU’s motto is Knowledge for Service = To use all the knowledge that I’ve learned here at HLGU to provide an awesome service for my future employer. 7. Graduation is coming up, what most excites you about your future life after HLGU?

I’m excited to see where God leads me. Also, to meet new people and expand my networking.

Carroll Missions Wee John Edie Educates Student



any people want to make a difference in the world, but Mr. Kenneth Carroll wanted to make more than a difference in the world, he wanted to make a difference in eternity. This led to him and his wife, Rheyma Carroll, establishing Carroll Missions week and the building of the Carroll Missions Center. Mr. Carroll passed away in 2008, but his wife continues supporting this vision by supporting HLGU student missionaries. This year, the speaker for Carroll Missions Week is John Edie of Alongside Ministries in Springfield, MO. Over the past 12 years, Mr. Edie’s ministry has reached over 4,000 people by assisting pastors and church leaders in over nine countries. Mr. Edie has been married to his wife Shirley for 47 years. They have two grown children and 10 grandchildren, two of which have been adopted from Nicaragua. Mr. Edie is currently the first vice president of the International Mission Board Trustees, a trustee for Rockbridge Seminary, and a trustee for Hannibal-LaGrange University. Joining Mr. Edie to lead worship for Carroll Missions Week was the band No Other

ek ts About Missions

Written by: Elizabeth Duzan

Name. No Other Name is an up-and-coming band composed of siblings Sam and Laura Allan and their friend Chad Smith. Not only did No Other Name lead worship at the two chapel services during Carroll Missions Week. They also held a concert in the Roland Fine Arts Center on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. The chapel service on Wednesday, March 19 started off with No Other Name leading the student body in worship, and the message followed worship. The message was titled, “The Missionary Call of Our Great God,” and Mr. Edie posed some important questions during the message. Towards the beginning of the message, Mr. Edie asked HLGU students “What in the world are you doing for our Great God about missions?” He followed this question with the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) and more explanation about how everyone can and should be a part of missions. He concluded the message by asking, “How faithful have you been to share His Great Name?” He then told the audience to “Let it [sharing about God] start with you.” On Thursday, March 20, the message, “Everybody Has

a Story. What’s Yours?” had a slightly different format. Mr. Edie shared stories about three different young couples who are missionaries in West Africa, Thailand, and Ecuador. Mr. Edie talked about what these people do and the fact that when they were in college, the last thing they would have believed was that they would be on the mission field. The fourth story that Mr. Edie shared was about Bill Koehn, Kathleen Gariety, and Martha Myers, all of whom worked at an International Missions Board (IMB) hospital in Yemin. In December 2002, a 35 year old man walked into the hospital and shot and killed all three of the workers. The man’s reasoning for his actions was because his wife saw the love in the missionaries eyes and was likely to renounce her faith because of them. Mr. Edie then went on to talk about a fifth story, your story. He again asked some deep, thought provoking questions as he concluded the message. “If you were to die today what would you want your story to say? Your story is being written right now. What is God calling you to do? It’s time to start writing the next chapter in your life.”

Eggs in a mug: kareninthekitchen. Instructions:

• • • •

Crack two eggs in a coffee mug Add milk, and seasoning to taste Add shredded cheese and or other desired toppings Microwave on high for 2.5-3 minutes

Rice Krispy treats for one: Ingredients

• • • • • •

½ tbsp. butter 3 large marshmallows 3/4 cup rice Krispy cereal Microwave marshmallows and butter in mug for 20 seconds Pour in cereal Stir well

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • •

4 tbsp. self-rising flour 4 tbsp. white granulated sugar 1 egg 3 tbsp. cocoa powder 3 tbsp. Nutella 2 tbsp. milk 3 tbsp. vegetable oil Combine all ingredients in large mug. Whisk until smooth. Microwave on high for 1.5-3 minutes

Nutella Mug Cake: Angie McGowan


s another year winds down, and the freedom that comes along with summer floats on the breeze towards the HLGU college students, our minds and hearts turn toward what the Lord has in store for those three months away from academic pursuits. This year at HLGU, the mission field is where a substantial number of those students will be, with several different Maymester trips in the works, a group headed to East Asia, and various other individuals heading across the seas to spread the good news of the Gospel to those who have yet to hear about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Another Maymester trip will be traveling not to far from home, across the border into Chicago Illinois, also from May 4th to the 12th. Melissa Laramore stated, “We do a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ things for future church planters. Mostly what we do is called mapping.” The team will research the area considered for a church plant and will note any ministries they think would be successful. Laramore also stated, “It’s a great opportunity to learn about how the Lord is working through the church plants in the Chicago area.”

One of the Maymester trips is to good old Boston, Massachusetts during the week of May 4 through the 12th. On this mission trip the team will be working with two churches in order to primarily help with a new church plant in the part of Boston that is in definite need of the Gospel. Tyler Williams said, “We an helping with the will be working church ministries, while also doing some street evangelism and potentially a vacation Bible School.”

Maymester continues with a group to the great northern tundra region of Eagle River Alaska from May 28th to June 4th. HLGU students, including members of Praise Song will be assisting an already established church planter in Alaska. In addition working on various church grounds, lea worship and interacting with youth in neighborhood, the team will be doing d to door evangelism.

HLGU Summer Mis

As the summer continues on, in the month of June, HLGU students will be traveling to Baltimore, Maryland from the 7th to the 11th. Baltimore is the location for the Southern Baptist Convention of 2014, where students will be engaged in street evangelism, assisting local churches in ministry and outreach, and helping new church starts, as well.

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Then also, New Edition, the Drama mission troupe on HLGU campus, will be headed across the big pond to Switzerland and Germany to share the love of Jesus across the sea. From June 2nd to the 11th will travel to the associational camps, spreading the Word of God through skits developed to teach others about Christ. They will be assisting at these camps by leading Bible studies, teaching about missions, organizing recreations, and filling other needs.


Along with all of these mission trips, six HLGU students will be headed to East Asia for seven weeks, spreading the Gospel to all ends of the Earth. Just as it is said “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.� Matthew 28:19-20

“Beach Reach was th excited, I was also ver to see God work, not o life. Even as my heart amazed by the overw erful than sin. Beach blessed to have had the passionate "It doesn't matter how much

Beach Reach

Jesus, Love, Pancakes

Beach Reach is a Mission Trip HLGU students take to Panama City Beach, Florida to share the Gospel with Spring Break Students. Through free van rides, free pancakes and the love of Christ, thousands of spring breakers have the opportunity to hear the Gospel!

biblical or spiritual knowledge you have if your hearts not in it."

“Beach reach w prayer driven we to display our joy worldly pleasure “Beach Reach was a wonderful “Beach Reach is a life changing experience. It makes we worshiped an growing experience. God definitely you think about the impact you are making for the -Rya stretched me. I even got to share Kingdom of the Lord. It is not just about going to Panathe gospel for the first time which ma City Beach to have fun, even though you have a blast, was awesome!” or even about giving drunk college students rides, it's -Micah Ochs“Beach Reach about being excited and overjoyed to see how the Lord works down there and when you return, and sharing the in my heart that showed me on th wonderful news of Jesus Christ with others!” know so many d -Mikayla Toddhumbled me a people ne

-Brandon Fusco-

he first mission trip I have ever been on, and although I was ry nervous. During the course of the week, it was incredible only in the hearts of the spring breakers, but also in my own t was breaking for the lost in a city so full of darkness, I was whelming grace and love of God that is so much more powReach was such a life-changing week, and I was incredibly e opportunity to serve with so many other students who are e about demonstrating God's love to our peers.”

-Natalie Garner-

was a well-organized, eek where we were able y in Christ that trumps es. I grew spiritually as nd shared the Gospel.”

an Quinley-

“Beach Reach is not us interacting with other, is us having a so close relationship with God that we have to share it to those who need it!”

-Edwin Francisco Aquino Jimenez-

h was an amazing trip! I think that trip started something t God is continuing to do a work on. He's making me and hat trip how real I ought to be. I loved so much getting to different people and hearing their stories. God definitely and made me step back to see how much love and grace eed. I learned so much! I can't wait to go next year!”

-Kendra Derryberry-

Beach Reach 3 Weeks of Beach Reach! Van Rides--13,672 people Plates of Pancakes--11,338 (that's 34,014 pancakes!) Spring Breakers who crossed from death to life-- 88!

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.� Isaiah 6:8

Phi Beta Delta O

ver Spring break, a mission team from HLGU Phi Beta Delta men’s service club traveled to Bexley, Ohio, to serve with Paramount Church. Students passed out over 3,500 fliers over the entire suburb of Bexley, to advertise for a free block party that Paramount Church is putting on for the community. PBD President Jordon Troeger stated, “Although we won’t tangibly be able to see the fruit of our work, we understand that we helped pave the way for an event that is more important than what we

were doing” The team also spent a couple of days walking around and sharing the gospel at Ohio State University, on of the largest universities in America. They were able to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to many different groups of people including TORC soldiers, chemical engineering majors, Franciscan Monks, and Buddhist Agnostics. “It was out of all of our comfort zones, but it was amazing to see how God used us despite our inefficiencies and nerves,” said Troeger. By: Michaela Crawford

Echoes from Auschwitz

Eva Mozes Kor Speaks at HLGU


t was at the height of World War II, in the midst of terrors already unfolding before Europe’s eyes that Eva and her family were brutally stolen away to Auschwitz. Eva had grown up in a large Jewish family residing in Transylvania. Eva was a twin to her sister Miriam, and had known only love as a child with a mother and father who both dearly cared for their children. Transylvania became a region of Hungary, and following Hitler’s orders, was subjected to the deportation of Jews. Over 437,000 Jews were shuttled to surrounding death camps within the year. This is almost the population of the state of Wyoming. The family was taken from their home and placed in a Jewish ghetto for five weeks battling food rations before they were taken to Auschwitz. Getting them on the train was like moving cattle, according to Eva. There were so many people being shut tight into box cars that they had no place to sleep or use the restroom. After four days on the train, they arrived at the camp. The unloading process was mass chaos with families being torn from each other. Men on one

side, women on the other. The Nazi guards came over to Eva’s mother who was holding a hand of each of her twins, they looked at her and Miriam and asked “Are they twins?” Her mother responded “Is that a good thing?”… “Yes” they replied. “Yes they are.” Immediately they ripped the ten year old girls from their mothers grasp and took them to the left side of the tracks. Their mother was taken to the right side of the tracks, where Eva states were the incinerators. They never saw their mother again. During their time at the death camp the girls were used for experiments under Doctor Mengele. He had many sets of twins that would be tested 6 days a week. The testing included measurements of every inch of the children to see how closely they aligned with their twin. The most horrific of Dr. Mengele’s experiments involved injections. Eva remembers being taken to the labs every Tuesday and Thursday, where she would be seated with one arm giving blood and the other being injected with a disease. The diseases that the children were injected with included scarlet fever,

syphilis and others causing liver failure. Eva had a fighting will to live and refused to let Miriam and herself die in the camp. She had a vision of them walking out of the gates hand in hand, and reminded herself of it daily. The experiments were only part of their experiences at Auschwitz that left them weakened. For breakfast they received a watery cup of something resembling coffee; lunch was a small bowl of porridge grits, and dinner was a piece of bread two inches long. Eva and Miriam lived starving and weak for nearly two years. Slowly the Allied forces invaded Germany and forced the Nazis to abandon the camps. Eva and Miriam eventually did walk out of the camp alive, and went on to live their lives in a way many of us aren’t familiar with. They lived with a sense of thankfulness for every moment, every meal and every member of their family. Eva continues to tour the United States and share her story with thousands, so that we can learn the terrible power of prejudice and the incredible healing power of hope.

Written by: Molley Patrick

Rebecca DeRidder

Q: When did you first hear about HLG and what made you decide to attend? A: First time I heard of it was the summer of 2010, which was the summer after I graduated from high school. A guy who played on the high school team that I was playing for he had actually heard of the school and came up, tried out, came back, told me that they were looking for some girl basketball players so I got in contact with the coach, scheduled an arrangement, came up to like an open gym thing, a week later they offered a scholarship and I had talked to the financial aid, prayed about it then decided this were I wanted to come so I signed and I got accepted at the school that same summer. I always wanted to come to a small Christian college and I wanted to play basketball and plus I needed scholarship money so I needed a lot of scholarships. Here was a small college I liked the atmosphere even though it was over the summer I got to meet a couple of the players then I was able to get an academic scholarship and an athletic scholarship so it almost played for my whole school. Q: Describe how HLG has changed you. A: I am the youngest of four kids so I was always kind of the baby of the family and going to school seven hours away from where my house so just being here and having to live on my own, I didn’t know anybody here so it really made me grow as a person, maybe and adult I guess. Also just the people here like my teachers, the people that have mentored me throughout the years have really helped me grow spiritually as well and then just the friends that I have had along the way I have met of my best friends here I know will still remain friends probably for the rest of our lives so it’s changed me like made me grow up, made me grow up spiritually in my walk, at first I was a strong Christian, but I wasn’t quite as strong as I am now. Also academically obviously, I learned a lot in for years so it has also grown me towards my career goal as well.

Q: What will you take out of your HLG Experience? A: I’ll defiantly take away the friendships that I’ve made here and then mostly I’ll take away the work ethic that I’ve developed in my classes and stuff. My professors always helping me and pushing me towards making myself better even when I thought it wasn’t possible I was able to complete and finish thing I never thought I would do. I guess mostly I will take away the experience as well, just all of it encompassing. College is so much fun. You’ll take away all of the experiences, I could have gone anywhere to get my education, but I decision to come here and so just being able to experience the college life with my friends that I have had, the small campus that this is and the people, it’s been really great. Q: If you were to give the freshmen or the incoming students next year any advice what would it be? A: Defiantly like you come to college for your career path, I think it’s very important to have a great work ethic, but also don’t be like a hermit. Don’t be in your room all the time, you’re in college so go do stuff experience things like go play some ultimate Frisbee with your friends, go outside or go somewhere and do stuff. Have fun, but also realize why you’re here, that you’re here to get your education so make sure you don’t let your grades slip you keep up with your school work, be self-motivated for sure cause your away from your parents like they’re not going to be there, but you’re going to have professors and friends that are going to be there, but yet there is going to be a lot of self-motivation, so look for that and, but mostly don’t forget to have fun and just experience things as well. Q: What do you plan to do after graduation? A: For now I plan on going home. I just had a job interview when I went home the last time at a professional photography studio. I’m an art major with an emphasis in digital design and photography, I interviewed for a photography position, but I also told them that I could help out in advertising or websites because I love to do that as well so as of right now They said when I come home they want me to come and do like a practice shoot at the studio to see how I work in it and I’ll probably send out my resume a couple other places as well for graphic design positions, but as of right now that actually the only one I have a call back from. No matter where I go, or what I do I know I will be doing whatever God wants me to do and then I plan on probably helping out in some ministry area, or who knows maybe start up my own cause I do the nursing home ministries here on campus. I really enjoy it so I might start one back home. Then also like kids I might help in some children’s ministry as well.

Major: Art, Emphasis in Digital Design and Photography Age: 22 Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

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Written by: Molley Patrick

The Real Hunger Games


hen we watch movies

Trojan Idol

Austin Groshong Tells All Part 2 Written by: Austin Groshong

Round 4

When the fourth round of Trojan Idol began, I knew that it would be a tight competition. Knowing that the genre I selected would be a genre that everyone would expect a good performance from, I knew that I would have to be on top of my game if I were to move on. The song I selected was “Summer Time Blues” by Eddie Cochran. A rock song from the 50’s, this song appeased the genre that I selected while in turn allowed me to be able to use the country like sound that I’m accustomed to sing. Since I would be doing a song that was older, I knew I would have to do something special in order to put on a good performance. Therefore, I decided to use an electric guitar for the performance and do a small picking part that would be ideal for a solo performance. Since the performance would be postponed until after we got off spring break, there was a lot of time in between to practice for the competition and much practice was needed for sure. The picking part took a toll on my finger and when the competition was underway, I had to go out with a band aid over my index

finger on my left hand, because my continuous playing had left a blister. The night of the performance I was number four in the lineup with Amanda, Corey, and Dani going before me and Melissa going after me. When I progressed to the stage and began to sing, I soon discovered that my microphone was not on so I stopped playing and started again without getting all nervous, which later helped me out when the judges did their evaluations. The song, even the picking part which I was mostly nervous for, went good like clockwork after that and the crowd received it good. The main complaint the judges had during this round is that the song choice proved to be too repetitious and somewhat too country for the genre that I selected. In the aftermath, I did end up going to the next round placing second; Melissa had placed first after a wonderful R&B performance. Amanda Martin placed 3rd, and when they had called us all out on stage they told us the next song selection we would be doing two songs. One song would be before 1979, the other would be from 2000 to the present. Thus began the final round of Trojan Idol.

Round 5 The planning for the final round of Trojan Idol began right after the fourth round had concluded. After the show, Samantha Johnson, Elizabeth Miller, and Michael Wright came up to me and proposed a plan that would promote me during the final round. After the plan was devised and preparations were made, I began to work on selecting the songs that I would be performing for that evening. For my before 1979 song, I chose “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Segar and for my 2000 and on song I chose, after much consideration, to do “That’s what makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. For this round I decided to do something different. I had used an electric guitar during the previous round, so with the advice of some friends I decided to use both an electric guitar for “Old Time Rock and Roll” and an electric acoustic for “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”. Before the show started there were a few things that concerned me with these two songs. Being a very popular song I was worried that I would mess up the lyrics to “Old Time Rock and Roll’ and damage the performance and with “That’s what Makes You beautiful” I was worried the I would run out of breath during the song due to the amount of energy and breathing that song required. Finally, the night of the performance arrived. I would be going second and fifth during the line up doing my old song first and my new song second. When it was my turn to perform my first song, I started out by picking the beginning and started into the song with a choppy, keeping focused on the lyrics as I went on. During the middle portion of the song I stopped playing

and started clapping while singing, and during that time Samantha Johnson, Michael Wright, and Elizabeth Miller started throwing guitar picks that I had signed the evening before. They were also wearing blue shirts that said Team Austin on the front. This really got the crowd going and was an excellent addition to the performance. The judges however were not as impressed. They thought that throwing the picks was too distracting and that my performance was a little dry compared to what I had previously done. This was somewhat of a set back, and when I left the stage Sam Johnson asked me if I wanted to do something for the next song or to leave it alone. However, Beth Miller came backstage later on and said that the crowd really enjoyed the guitar picks so then I decided to continue with the original plan. When I went up to do my second song, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that the song was a popular one and because of that I knew I would have to be on top of my game if it was to be a success. Once the song was announced, the crowd went crazy, and after I said a few words, I started playing. At one point in the song where I sang the lyrics “Baby you light up my world like nobody else,” Team Austin came out again and this time threw glow sticks to the crowd. This really got the crowd pumped, and at another point in the song I started clapping and singing and those audience members that got glow sticks start waving them in the air like lighters. Continued on Next Page

After the song had concluded, the crowd went nuts. The judge’s responses were more encouraging than my first song and a few of them even said that they had never liked that song, but really enjoyed that version of the song. After that, I once again descended the stage and watched the rest of the performance. After the last performance had concluded, it was time to vote and the intense waiting began. Again like many of the other instances throughout this competition, the waiting was worse part of it all. During the wait and throughout the entire competition, we had seven minutes with Mattie in which Mattie Buchanan entertained us with some hilarious comedy. Finally, the big moment arrived. MC Drew Askew along with Sarhea Hall ascended the stage, bouquet of roses and card for the winner in hand. Drew then said with a drum roll from the crowd “And the winner is……..Austin Groshong.” I got up on stage with a loss of words and accepted the award. After I after spoke a few words about the

competition and took a few pictures, and by a few I mean many, Trojan Idol 2014 was over. This competition taught me a lot and because of it I’m a better performer because of what I learned. For one, this competition helped me think outside the box and explore different genres and performing styles that I had previously had not been used to. During this competition I also gained a great admiration for the people that participated in this competition with me. The professionalism and creativity that they brought to the table was truly inspiring to me, and I was honored to be able to go through this competition with them. Trojan Idol 2014 was truly an experience I will never forget and even though I will not be able to participate this upcoming year, I will still be in the stands listening to some new music and watching in curiosity to see who will take my place in becoming the next Trojan Idol.

Congratulations 2014 Trojan Idol Winner Austin Groshong!!!

The Music Man


his year HLGU Theatre Department presented a production of the musical, The Music Man. Where “Professor” Harold Hill knows all the tricks. A traveling salesman, Hill fast talks his way into sales and out of trouble everywhere he goes. When he stops in a little Iowa town and creates a false moral crisis in order to sell the town equipment for a boy’s band, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. If he sticks around too long, the stubborn, suspicious townsfolk will get wise that he knows nothing about conducting a band, but there’s a pretty librarian that just might “catch his foot in the door”. This beloved musical has captivated audiences for decades with its delightful songs, quirky characters, and warming charm. The HLGU Theatre Department did an impeccable job drawing the audience into the small town atmosphere of Iowan life, where community gossip and shenanigans flourish as the dreaded rumor of trouble in River City is spread by none other than “Professor” Harold Hill, played by Nathan Hammock. Marian Paroo, the leading lady, was played by Anna Burden. Other members of the cast included: Charles Tyler, Jeffrey DeShon, Jarek Millburg, Jeremiah Craighead, Lucas Carroll, Vicky Cail, Angie Smith, Kason Bonvillian, Lydia Kohl, Ashley Harness, Ashlyn Nichols, Brittany Counterman, Kyrstin Stoneking, Meredith Riggs, Anna Jaeger, Colten Penrod, Travis Black, Katy Aleshire, Dani Bothe, Meggie Hosmer, Clara Stewart, Melissa Jansen, Shelby Tesio, Tiffany Shaffer, C.J. Bothe, Heather Brown, and Lindsey McCloy. The Music Man was, in the words of Barry Kerr, a local community member“Last night we went to The Music Man at HLGU. It was outstanding, wonderful, enjoyable, and just plain great. Thanks to all who were involved in the production.” It was overall a great production, which left the audience with a joyfully giddy light heart when leaving the Theatre.

Cast Thoughts:

“I loved it amazing tim a fun role to such talen made it the really know “So, I played Tommy in the music man who starts out as the troublemaker in River and bring us City. This all changed however when Professor Harold Hill comes to town. He set's me on members pa the straight and narrow. Also throughout the play I have a love interest with the Mayor's a dull mom daughter Zeneeta Shinn. I loved working with such a talented cast and it was truly a g blessing to be a part of this musical.” -Lucas Carroll"It was a true blessing to be a part of such a wonderful and talented cast! Prof. Harold Hill is one of my favorite characters and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to play that role. It was a great way to finish up my last semester of classes before I student teach in the fall. Many memories were made on stage and off that will not be forgotten." -Nathan Hammock -

“Being involved in the Music Man was a g experience. I grew closer to friends and mad ones, while at the same time I was being push performer to be better. I definitely wouldn't t time spent working on this production for any -Anna Jaeger-

“I feel like th I particularly singing in the q have alw

t! As my last show, it was such an me for me. So bittersweet but such o end on. It was great to work with nted people. Dancing, especially, most fun! Sabrina and Mrs. Scott how to put on a wonderful show, s all together. Having community articipate was amazing, too. Never ment in The Music Man, and I'm going to really miss it!” -Heather Brown-

great de new hed as a trade the ything.”

he Music Man was a big success. y enjoyed learning the songs and quartet. My favorite times singing ways been in small groups.” -Travis Black-

“It was a wonderful experience to be able to work with such a talented cast. We were more like a family; especially us pick a little ladies. Sabrina is an amazing director and she was so encouraging to us all!” -Brittany Counterman-

“The Music Man production was one of the best experiences I've ever had! It was an “As a senior, being a part of 'The Music Man' was one amazing opportunity to get to know a great of the best decisions I could have made. It was a lot of group of people. It was a lot of fun filled hard work and many people dedicated countless hours hard work that made it all worthwhile.” to making the show a success! However, I couldn't -Melissa Jansenhave asked for a better show to be a part of during my last semester at HLGU!" -Daniella Bothe-

“Getting to participate in the music man, was such a wonderful opportunity. The cast and crew definitely became a theater family. I am extremely blessed for getting to be involved “This was my first production and I must say, in this production.” being on stage gave me a feeling I have never -Ashley Harnessfelt before. And I recommend it to everyone to try it at least once.” -C.J. Bothe-

Cast Thoughts:

By: Michaela Crawford

, s r o i n e S

OK, let’s face it. By the time we reach our eighth semester of slammed schedules, crazy professors and annoying freshman, we really don’t care so much about the college life anymore. All we want to do is get that rolled up piece of paper that says we’ve made the cut. But these are the last days of something wonderful. The time we have now, here, should be precious to us. They are the last days of freedom when we get to wear whatever we want (aka sweats to class), and the last time we get to run around campus with the people we’ve come to know and love at this school. This is your final opportunity to go to midnight breakfast, the ultimate Frisbee games or stay up until 3am playing video games. This could very well be the last chance you get to steal unchained bikes on campus and ride around with your friends. No, these last few weeks shouldn’t be a tiresome burden to us seniors, but a gift. Learning to live in the present is something that many of us have yet to learn. Over the course of our sixteen year reign in the school system we have always looked forward to next year and the next grade up. Let’s learn how to be happy in the present and to soak in all the madness that is going on around us. “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” -Henry David Thoreau So as we are all searching for jobs, for an apartment, or simply trying to get through that last painful senior seminar class, enjoy the little things. And when the time comes to walk across that stage and leave this all behind, you’ll know that you did everything in your power to make the most of this time at your alma matter. Seniors, I commend you for your diligent work and everything you’ve strived so hard for to get you to this place today. Go forth boldly with the Lord and with purpose. Congratulations and best wishes, you did it!

Congratulations Class of 2014

What I Wanted To Be Whe “When I was 5, I wanted to be an art teacher and eventually own my own art school. After graduation, I will be working in the public relations department of a local power and water company.” -Beth Miller“When I was 5 I wanted to be a secretary at a doctors office because that’s what my Grandma Karen was. After graduation I will be seeking employment hopefully in event planning/coordinating.” -Taylor Lewis“When I was five, I wanted to something different every five minutes. One day, I wanted to be a princess, then the next day I wanted to be a firefighter or a teacher. What I will be doing after graduation, I have an internship with a youth girl’s magazine in Athens, IL called Mighty Strong Girls.”

-Ali Irwin-

“When I was a kid I wanted to be everything from an artist, to owning my own cartoon show, even a Micheal Jackson impersonator in Vegas. Now, I can’t imagine myself doing anything but design layouts for magazines.” -Sam Johnson-

“When I was 5, I wanted to be a pop singer. Instead, I will be an event planner. Pretty close I’d say.” -Heather Brown-


en I Grew Up... “I either wanted to be an elementary school teacher or a world explorer. After graduation I’m wanting to get a job with a news or radio station.” -Kayla Houchin“When I was five I think I wanted to be an ice skating veterinarian princess . After graduation I will be moving to Illinois were I will be pursuing my masters in Teaching English as a Second Language at Southern Illinois University.”

-Cheyanne Boling-

“When I was 5 I wanted to be a dentist and a clerk at Walmart. Plans for after graduation include interning for physical therapy hours with hopes of going to PT grad school in the near future.”

-Kelli Black-

“I wanted to be Marion Jones, the famous track sprinter when I was 5, and I’ll be working in the broadcast industry when I graduate.” -Molley Patrick-

“I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was 5. After graduation, I’m moving to Columbia with my best friend and getting a decent job (hopefully).” -Dani Bothe-

.. What I Want To Be Now

On a Mission: Hoops on Fire

Through these experiences, I have been blessed to work with some of the elite women’s programs in the country. Over and over, I have seen encourLiving in this atmosphere agement and inspiration given created within me a desire to to girls who are searching for it succeed in this sport, and at in their own lives. And through a young age, I had a dream to pursue a college basketball career. observing this encouragement and inspiration, the Lord put it in Recruited out of high school, I rowing up in small town was offered a scholarship to play my heart to bring a camp like this back to my hometown. Indiana teaches you for Hannibal-LaGrange UniOn a Mission: Hoops on Fire something. It teaches versity. Shortly after my arrival, girls’ basketball camp took place you that outside of chores, school I learned that my plans were on March 14-16. It featured and church, you love basketball. not God’s plans and my life was current Purdue point guard, And that I do! I grew up in Milan, entirely changed. Courtney Moses, and former Indiana—home of basis of the A nagging back injury from Tennessee Lady Volunteer and movie “Hoosiers”—where we eat, high school concluded in three current Fellowship of Christian breathe, sleep, and think basketmajor surgeries and a doctor’s Athletes representative, Shanna ball. James Naismith, the game’s order to end my playing career. Zolman. We partnered with the founder, even said that while it During my second semester, I Kay Yow Cancer Fund and the was invented in Massachusetts, was forced to return home and Pat Summitt Foundation in an “basketball really had its origin in began seeking experience in a Indiana, which remains the center coaching career that would allow effort to raise awareness for these renowned organizations. of the sport.” me to stay with the game.


Through this partnership, we were able to honor community members and families that are affected by women’s cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. One of our honorees was Hannibal-LaGrange University’s very own, Dr. Lemons. We were able to raise around eight hundred dollars for each organization to continue supporting a search for a cure. Twenty-one girls attended the three day camp. Several volunteers, including Hannibal-LaGrange’s women’s basketball players, Juliana Lopes-Roberto and Courtney Coulter, as well as HLGU alum, Brittany Adkins made this entire experience one that we will never forget! During the camp, each girl took part in drills and games that improved their skills on the floor as well as devotions and talks that we hope continue to impact their lives off the floor! On Sunday morning, we hosted a worship service that was open to the public, featuring Shanna Zolman. Worship was led by HLGU’s, Michaela McClendon. All in all, the camp was a success and the Lord was moving in mighty ways! I look forward to seeing how the He continues His work in years to come!

As told by: Kelly Stutler

TROJAN BASEBALL Trojans Finish Strong Written by: Elizabeth Duzan


aseball is a team sport, and like other team sports, the whole team has to work together and do well in order to come out victorious. One person cannot carry the team. It takes all nine defenders to stop the opposing team, and it takes the entire team to hit the ball to score runs. This is one of the hardest parts of the game, and it seems to be the part that is getting the best of the HLGU Trojans baseball team. Babe Ruth summed it up best when he said, “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” With a current conference record of 3 wins, 16 losses, the Trojans have struggled to win games, but they have not given up. The Trojans are still fighting to end their season on a high note because, as Tommy Lasorda said, “No matter how good you are, you’re going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you’re going to win one-third of your games. It’s the other third that makes the difference.” This team is capable of great things when everyone comes out swinging and works together. With about 10 games still left in regular season, the Trojans are trying to rally behind some of their lead players to pull out more wins. If the Trojans get it all together so that everything is working right for them, they will finish the season strong.

“Keep Calm and Fight On” Softball Pink Games Supporting Cancer Pink is not one of the Hannibal-LaGrange University school colors, but on Saturday, April 5, the Lady Trojan softball team donned pink shirts to play their games. Fans were also wearing pink and navy shirts printed with the phrase “Keep Calm and Fight On” in support of the annual pink game. The HLGU softball team hosts the pink game in partnership with the Hannibal Regional Medical Center and the James E. Cary Cancer Center. There was support coming from all sides of the field that Saturday since the opposing team, the Lyon College Lady Scots, also participated in the pink game. This year, the pink game was taken on as a senior capstone project by Senior catcher Kelli Black. Black started planning and preparing for the game back in the fall semester. She was in charge of all the scheduling, coordinating, t-shirt designs, and donation requests. Black worked closely with Sarah Dudley, an employee at the James E. Cary Cancer Center, to make sure that everything was completed on time.

Black asked for donations from national, state, and local businesses. The items donated were placed in a silent auction that was held before and during the first game. Bidding ended towards the beginning of the second game, and the money was counted. After all was said and done, the total amount of money raised from the sale of t-shirts and the silent auction was about $2700.“I definitely considered the Pink game a success because it far exceeded my expectations. The amount of donations I received was overwhelming, over 50 places donated. There was also a great turnout of family, students, and faculty, and most of all, the weather was beautiful.” When it comes to the games themselves, the Lady Trojans swept the Lady Scots with scores of 5-3 and 7-0. The first game’s win was credited to Junior pitcher Katy Akins, and that gave her her fourth win of the season. The win from the second game was given to Freshman pitcher Bobbie Henderson. This win was also Henderson’s fourth, and it was her second complete game shutout on the season.


When asked Coach Hawes what he thought about his teams season this year, 2013-2014, this was his response. “This season was a historic season for us. We won a record of 5 dual meets. We qualified 3 wrestlers for the national tournament under the harder and new qualifying standards. Grant Godfrey, Bryce Alexandar and Dan Capp wrestled hard at the national tournament. Alexandar and Capp battled hard in the national tournament and walked away with All-American status. Grant Godfrey had an impressive upset at the national tournament over Jarod Ward from Bethany College who was a nationally ranked opponent. Unfortunately Godfrey suffered a badly sprained ankle prior to the regional tournament and was not able to wrestle at 100% at the national tournament. Bryce Alexander is the first Trojan wrestler to have over 100 wins and also place on the National tournaments All-Academic team. As a second semester transfer Grant Godfrey had an impressive 19 wins and had 15 wins by pins. He finished tied 6th in the nation in all NCAA and NAIA divisions. We had four wrestlers with over 20 wins this season We had Mike Wright 25 wins, Tyler Sonnabend 23 wins, Brady Sloup with 22 wins, and Dan Capp with 22 wins. This historic season has set the stage for the chances of having an even better season next year.” Along with claiming their first two All-Americans, the Trojans finished the tournament in 21st place as a team, it’s the highest ever while competing in the NAIA National Championship.

For more information check out

Men’s Volleyball The Hannibal LaGrange University’s men’s volleyball program had a lot of young players this year that really stepped up for the team. Trey Biggs was the freshman setter for the whole year and he was named MVP of the season because “he always had a winning attitude which pushed his teammates to be better,” said Head Coach Justin Brubaker. “We have a lot of talent that will be back next year. Gillan Octave is an outside for us who is a member of the St. Lucia National Team who did very well for us this year, and I am looking forward to him playing with us next year. David Manganiello was our team captain this year and he will be going into his senior season. I am excited to see David come back to lead the team to a better year coming up.” The team grew a lot over the season and will be working very hard in the off-season to come back next season ready to play well. Everyone did well at some point in the season, there was a breakout game for each player on the team, but we could never get on the same page for one full game. The Hannibal LaGrange Trojans ended their season with a record of 7-19. When asked about his record, Coach Brubaker responded, “This year was disappointing for a lot of us, and I know the team is determined to come back better then they were before so that this year we can hit our goals.”

Cheer The Hannibal-LaGrange cheer squad made their opening debut in competitive cheerleading this past winter, competing in the NAIA North Regional Qualifer at Grand View University on February 15th. HLGU finished in seventh even with several set backs on the cusp of the competition. Head Cheer Coach, Devan Carty, stated, “We had some hurdles to overcome to say the least, but I could not be more proud of my girls.” Senior captain Haley Durham designed the choreography and music used for the competition routine. Carty, who is on her fourth year as head coach, has nothing short but the highest of hopes for the years to come for HLGU cheerleading.

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