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The Experience December 2013

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Ian Sikes

For the Love of Art

Booster Banquet HLGU hosts the 72nd Annual Booster Banquet

Steel Magnolias Laugh Until You Cry

Rake & Run

Students Help Clean Up College Street

The Experience It’s Not Goodbye, it’s See You Later... Writing for The Experience Magazine has been a great opportunity for me. It has helped to prepare me for future life endeavors in the communications field. The group in which I have worked with over the past semester made all the work go extremely smoothly. Every single member did a great job on each and every story. This hard work has been displayed in the quality of the magazine that we have created. That is why I am proud to be one of the original members of “The Experience” magazine team. I hope that this magazine continues not only next semester but many more to come. -Staff Writer, Erik Potts, Senior

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Steel Magnolias Laugh until you cry Choir Concert

Students perform for themselves and others

Beard Off Men grow beards for a good cause Ian Sikes For the love of art Rake And Run Students clean up College Street Booster Banquet

Lynda Randle brings her voice to campus

Public Safety

Preparing students for the line of danger

Finals Week

How will you survive?

Student Cassidy Trenhaile is profiled

How to save a life

The HLGU athletic season finishes up the semester

Student Profile

Jenny Sturgeon Sports Brief

Laugh Until You Cry Written by: Michaela Crawford


hinquaping, Louisiana wouldn’t be the same without Truvy’s beauty salon where everybody who is anybody comes to get their luscious locks done for the day. It is here every morning where six women find companionship to make it through the trials of life. In the play “Steel Magnolias” put on by the Hannibal-LaGrange University Theatre Department, the vibrant and cheerful Truvy styles the hair of her neighbors and friends with a dash of gossip and sarcastic hummer on the side to spice up the atmosphere. Truvy’s assistant Annelle and their closest friends Ouiser, Miss Clairee, M’Lynn, and her daughter Shelby, face together the hard facts of life and the tragedy of what illness can bring upon a family, the tragic death of a loved one.

While this production did have several poignant one liners that caught the audience off guard and left them chuckling in their seats, overall the pace of the products was dragging in some instances. The script of Steel Magnolias is just not a fast paced heart stopper, and therefore can become dry in some instances. It took a while for the plot to thicken to the point where general interest could be felt by the audience over what happens in these woman’s lives. Though, on the other hand, the fact that the script was somewhat dry should not distract from the fact that what this play did have to offer was pulled off by this cast with poise and precision. The all-women’s cast of HLGU did a wonderful job portraying the emotional highs and lows while keeping up a light-hearted humor overtone throughout the production. Overall, the production was well done by all involved.

Memorable Lines: “Relax! You can’t screw up her hair. Just tease it and make it look like a brown football helmet.” “Well, you know what they say: if you don’t have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!” “Pink is my signature color.” “I don’t like her. I don’t trust anyone who does their own hair. I don’t think it’s natural.”

Concert Choir

Students Perform for Themselv


annibal LaGrange is filled with musical talent, and this is found to be no more evident than in concert choir. Concert Choir is Hannibal LaGrange’s school choir and is comprised of a variety of students from all over campus who enjoy using their musical abilities to serve God and to continue in their enjoyment of music. “Concert Choir is a lot of fun,” says choir member Roan Dalo. “I hope everyone gets enjoyment out of the work we put into it.” So far concert choir has performed at several schools throughout the area including Hannibal public school. The Concert Choir also got the privilege to sing with Booster Banquet speaker Lynda Randal, which was their most recent performance. “I’m really excited to hear her,” said Roan right before they were going to perform with her. “We have been listening to tracts of her so now we are going to be able listen to her sing, and we are pretty excited.” The two main events that Concert Choir participates in are the Christmas Concert during the fall semester and the Spring Concert during the spring semester. This year the concert choir will be performing their Christmas Concert on December 5. As can be imagined, there are several preparations that go into making a performance and there are several practices that members must go through in order to get their voices prepared.

ves and Others

Written by: Austin Groshong

“We practice about 30 minutes everyday,” said choir member Makenzie Richards. “We warm-up, sometimes we are student directed by the music majors. Sometimes we practice individual parts, or we are just thrown into a song.” There are an estimated forty to fifty students who participate in Concert Choir including a very unlikely addition. A resident of Hannibal and a former HLGU parent Barry Kerr has been participating in Concert Choir for 4 years and counting. “In 2010 when we moved here, my daughter was in it. Mrs. Griffin needed some tenors so that’s how I got involved.” After Concert Choir, Barry also gives the Concert Choir members, as well as other students, spiritual guidance through a once a week Bible study put on by Calvary Baptist Church in Hannibal which is held at his home. “We study with them, pray for them, feed them, and we have about fifteen to twenty that show up every week.” Barry also expressed his enthusiasm about Concert choir and the privilege of being able to perform with them. “I love to sing, and I love to sing with this group. They’re just a wonderful bunch of people and I like how they have accepted me into their group.”

Beard Off

Growing Beards for a Good Cause


Written by: Michaela Crawford

he test of a true man’s stature can be summed up in one simple test, the ability to grow a masculine beard. This year on the Hannibal-LaGrange University Campus, a few brave men and women signed up to sport their ability to do just this in support of Reid Echelmeier’s and Chris King’s trip to East Asia next semester. The rules of the beard off are that on November 1 each participant must shave their beard off to begin the competition and then from there on out until the end of the semester. No one can shave, trim or in any way cut their facial hair for the sake of the competition. “I did the Beard Off because it was a great and fun way to help support Reid and Chris on their trip.” Alex Baum said. Each day walking into the cafeteria, students are swayed to vote for whichever man or woman they perceive to have grown the best beard. “I chose to do the beard off with my friends Macy and Sarah to raise money for missions. We can’t grow beards, but it is fun to challenge the guys, and other girls supported us. Last year Lacy and Christiana got second place and raised a lot of money. So, we wanted to do the same to help out Reid and Chris in any way we can,” said female competitor Natalie Jeffiries. The competition has become heated as several large donations have been added in these closing days, but anything can still happen. “The really interesting part comes when Beard Off is almost over. People decide to start shaving in elaborate ways. One young man in particular decided to only shave half of his face, leaving half of a beard just hanging. Beard shaving is a kind of an art form all on its own.” said Nick Vandiver. Jordan Troeger walked away victorious for the 2013 beard growing season raising $182.19. The competition was from the beginning of November until December 6 and raised a total profit of $1,018.06.

1st Place:

Jordan Troeger Raising: $182.19

How to Gro Perfect B

as told by: Nick 1. Make the decision to be a 2. Begin by stroking your fa it to encourage growth. 3. Take at least one trip to t for an unarmed bear figh 4. Spend at least three wee large trees with a small a 5. Do not associate with cle don’t need that kind of ne 6. Sing to your beard until i should sound like James E correctly. 7. DO NOT SHAVE OR TRI has a story. To cut them is Don’t commit beard murd

The Results:

2nd Place: Taylor Whitmore Raising: $166.60

ow the Beard

k Vandiver a manly man. ace and whispering at

the Rocky Mountains ht. eks chopping down axe. ean shaven people. You egativity. it can sing back - it Earl Jones if done

IM. Each beard hair s to kill your beard. der.

3rd Place:

Isaac Ellis Raising: $126.70

4th Ranking: Jason Helsby raising $75.28 5th Ranking: Nick Vandiver raising $61.82 6th Ranking: Alex Baum raising $54.18 7th Ranking: Drew Askew raising $53.70 8th Ranking: Steve-O Myers raising $52.26 9th Ranking: Girls raising $52.25 10th Ranking: Dan Capp raising $51.54 11th Ranking: Josh Givens raising $33.94 12th Ranking: Michael Hammrick raising $28.08 13th Ranking: Brad Newton raising $79.52 -Disqualified

Grand Total of: $1,018.06

For the Love of Art

Ian Sikes combines his two loves, Baseball and Art


Written by: Samantha Johnson

very semester Hannibal-LaGrange University hosts various gallery showings in the Hagerman Art Gallery located in the Roland Fine Arts Center. From November 1 though November 19, 2013 Senior, Ian Sikes displayed his work for the public. “My favorite piece of art is one I did of my dad (located on bottom right corner of previous page). It is probably the most time invested of any piece of art. It took my about 72 work hours, so it was kind of tedious. But I feel like it was my best piece I’ve done,” Sikes said. “But a lot of my inspiration is baseball.” Around campus, Sikes is known as a student coach and catcher for HLGU’s baseball team majoring in Art Education; however, outside of here, Sikes has been getting a lot of attention. “Last year I did a painting for one of my coaches. Somebody else saw it in the athletic department and she asked me to do a painting. Then her husband saw it and he really liked it so he asked me to do three paintings for the foundation that he’s on with the schools in the area. So I did three paintings for him and he loved them,” Sikes said. “I’ve done a Peyton Manning that Peyton Manning has signed, which was pretty cool. I’ve done David Freese, Kolten Wong, Michael Wacha, and all of these guys have signed these and they will be auctioned off for the foundation.” Sikes’s paintings went over so well with the athletes some of them have asked him for paintings personally. “A lot of Cardinals athletes have seen my paintings and liked them. Kolten Wong and Michael Wacha actually have paintings that I’ve done because they have requested them,” Sikes said. Some of these athletes liked his paintings so much, they wanted to share them with their fans. “Kolton Wong is one of the first paintings I did when he was in AAA. Blaine Mundle took the original picture to him so he could sign it. After that he was sending tweets to him while I worked on the painting I was going to give him. Apparently he really liked it and has used it as his Twitter picture,” Sikes said. Another reason Sikes’s paintings have been getting so much attention is because of the style he uses when he works. Left: Some of the artwork displayed during the time of Sikes’s gallery showing.

Continued on next page.


“I didn’t choose to work this way, it’s just kind of how I work,” Sikes says. “It comes from my detailed drawings, but when I paint I have to work quick because the paint dries. I’ll start with a sketch and do rough gesture drawing on the canvas with paint. Then I use a bunch of brushes and work with two colors. I use a bright color and a darker blue color and just kind of push and pull colors. I don’t mix my paint on the pallet, which is unusual apparently. The colors are really bright because they’re not diluted or mixed together. I layer paint to create depth and texture and give a three dimensional feel. I try to sculpt with paint. I think it’s the use of brush strokes and the use of color that makes my work a little more different than anyone else.” With any luck Sikes hopes to continue painting professionally in his future. “I’m trying to figure out how to move forward and possibly get licensed by the MLB and maybe be able to sell my work for a living,” Sikes Said. For now, Sikes works from home (with the exception of class time) to create other requests from customers for donations and sales. “I don’t really paint for my own time, I’ve had a lot of paintings to do for other people. Everything I do is for people, which is good. It keeps me motivated to work, and I enjoy doing it. For now, Sikes hasn’t been able to meet any of his star models. “I haven’t actually been able to go meet any of the athletes I’ve painted. The offer has been made. I just haven’t been able to go because I’ve had other stuff to do.” However, Sikes has high hopes for future possibilities. “My ultimate person would be Miguel Cabrera. I’ve done one of him, but it wasn’t for him so it would be cool to actually get to do one for him. My other person would be Chris Davis whose a pretty big Christian guy. He’s really strong and also kind of my man crush.”

try to sculpt with paint.”

For more about Ian Sikes and his artwork, check out his website at:

Rake & Run Students Clean Up College Street

Written by: Michaela Crawford


is the season that all that is green shall pass away and the earth shall go into hibernation for the winter months to come. A winter chill creeps into the bones of those brave enough to venture outside where all the leaves have fallen from above to blanket the earth below with their God-given beauty. On this morning a few brave souls from the HLGU campus have woken with the sun to grab the racks out of the shed and head over to College Street to rack the leaves of those in the community who live there. Decked out in their hats and stockings the day begins with each breath releasing a visible vapor that penetrates the morning air. With determination in each step and smile on every bright red face, over thirty huge trash bags of leaves where swept off the frozen ground below.

It took only four hours for the whole street to have their lawns cleared out. Twice did someone have to run to the local convenient store to purchase more trash bags because there where simply too many leaves that needed to be swept up. Then to wrap up the morning, everyone rolled into their vehicles and drove over to the President Dr. Allen’s house to do one last job of raking up the leaves. As a missionary minded campus the Rack & Run is an opportunity for those on the college campus to be involved with the local community right at their doorsteps. To step out and provide a needed service to the neighbors of HLGU, while at the same time enjoying being able to jump into a few leaf piles with close friends.

Booster Banquet

HLGU holds the 72nd Annual Booster Banquet Written by: Austin Groshong

“I thought it went really well. I thought everyone was enjoying themselves.” That was the Director of campus Life and Spiritual Formation Dr. Jeffery Brown’s thoughts on the 72nd annual Hannibal LaGrange Booster Banquet that was held on November 22, 2013. The booster banquet is a prestigious and anticipated tradition at HLGU where a dinner is held for those who have made contributions to the institution and a guest speaker, someone of great significance, speaks to the crowd. This year’s guest speaker was female gospel artist Lynda Randal. Originally from Washington, D.C., Lynda Randal gained much acclaim for her low alto voice. In 2005 she won a Dove Award for her music and has made appearances on several Gospel outlets including the Gaither Homecoming series. At the banquet she shared her testimony with those in attendance how she rose from being a cab driver’s daughter, to a renowned gospel singer. Randal also explained the importance for students to not just go to Hannibal LaGrange just to get a degree, but also to serve Christ in everything they do and why Hannibal LaGrange should remain committed to that cause. “Don’t forget, you’re a light. God wants you to shine.” Lynda Randal also spoke some words on encouragement to the crowd and how to be strong in times of tribulation. “Sometimes we hit our rough spots, but He will see us through.” The planning for the booster banquet began not long after the previous banquet had ended, even though the contract with Randal was not solidified until April of

this year. During the month of August, planning and preparations for the banquet really began to get into the details. “It’s a never ending thing” said Alumni Director Lauren Youse “it’s an ongoing cycle.” The event started at seven in the evening and had an estimated five hundred and twenty eight people in attendance. The event began with a greeting from Dr. Allen and with the singing of the alma mater. The meal then followed and was served by both staff and students who volunteered for the event. There was an estimated two hundred people that volunteered to work the event and did a variety of jobs that ranged

“Don’t forget, you’re a light. God wants you to shine.” from parking cars, to holding the door for the guests, to serving the food for the guests. Randal was then introduced by Dr. Allan and then she began her speech. Throughout her time on stage, Randal also sang several songs during the event including “God on the Mountain”, “Just a closer walk with Thee”, and “If He carried the weight world upon His shoulders”, featuring the Hannibal LaGrange Concert Choir. After the event, guests were able to purchase merchandise and get pictures with Lynda Randal. The cleanup committee then proceeded in tearing down the setup after the guests had left. Now that this Booster Banquet is over, planning for the 73rd Booster Banquet can now commence. “Hopefully I’ll be making an announcement by February on who the next speaker is,” Youse said.

Public Safety

HLGU gets a lesson from Hannibal Police Department

Provided and Written by: Gabriel Signes Navarro


he last two Wednesdays before Thanksgiving break, November 13 and 20, HLGU Public Safety hosted the Hannibal Police Department tactical training team. The HPD used the old Hannibal-LaGrange University Science Building to realize a training in case of shooting, kidnapping and pretty much everything related with guns and people in danger. Around eight police officers came to our school in order to simulate extreme situations like some that have already happened in some schools nationwide. Some HLGU employees and students participated in the shooting simulation playing roles such as hostages, kidnappers and suicide individuals. The training consisted of three different scenarios. The guns they used are called simunitions, and they are like paintball guns but they hurt a little bit more. The first scenario consisted on hiding the “bad guys” in some of the old science building rooms while the police officers had to clean all the rooms before the cops found the “shooters” and brought them down ... basically shooting them. The second scenario was a little different. The bad guys had as hostages some of the HLGU students. Everything started with some of the hostages running toward the police officers asking for help, telling them that there were people shooting. After that the cops proceeded to clean all the rooms again, and at the same time they were trying to find the villains and the hostages. As the first scenario, once police found the kidnappers, they shot them saving the hostages. Finally the third and last scenario was about an HLGU student being supposedly a “suicide guy” holding a gun pointing at his head while other HLGU students were trying to make the police officers leave because they did not want them to hurt their friend. However by the end of that scenario, the suicide guy, after not following the cops’ orders to drop the gun, got shot when he started pointing his gun at the officers. On November 20, the Hannibal Police Department brought its SWAT team, also known as Special Weapons and Tactics in order to practice to be ready for the most extreme situations. More HLGU students participated in that training. And all the scenarios were more intense with bigger guns and bigger bullets. Pretty much all the scenarios involved “the bad guys” and “hostages.” So in conclusion HLGU contributed to help the community and especially to provide a safer city helping the Hannibal police department be even better prepared in case of any extreme situation as well as our HLGU Public Safety. Plus HLGU employees enjoyed of a great experience.

Finals Week How Will You Survive?

“Going to the library every night. I feel like I have to be productive there. It’s more helpful than studying in my room.” - Devin

“Drinking a lot of energy drinks and watching Breaking Bad.” - Dylan


“Lots of coffee and frequent panic!” - Jenn Trapper

“Play hard, study hard, and have some coffee! And pray a lot that may the finals be ever in your favor- peace!” - Anna

Midnight Breakfast

Take a Break from Finals



Written By: Michaela Crawford

ith finals just around the bend this semester, students can almost taste the

end. With each project finished and only a few more tests to go, the semester is quickly winding down. So, for that last needed boast to get the brain functioning at full capacity, HLGU will be hosting a Midnight Breakfast on December 10, 2013 in the Cafeteria. This is an annual event where everybody and their brother can come get some brain food served by a few of the professors themselves. “Last year they had pancakes. I LOVE PANCAKES. I could eat them every day, so you should go stand in line early, because they are so good.” Morgan Winkler said. So, moral of the story, don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a break from studying for a minute or two and get some nourishment into your body.


How To Survive Finals from a Teacher:

written by: Dr. Judy Lemons

1. Get some sleep. Staying up all night to study leads to brain shutdown during the day. 2. Start studying now. Don’t try to cram for a few hours before the test. 3. Drink plenty of water and eat protein. Sugared drinks and snacks just gives you high and then low blood sugar. 4. Make flash cards and complete study guides. 5. Be thankful you attended all your classes (or learn from that for next semester). 6. If you have more than two finals in one day, talk to your professors. You may be able to take the third final on another day (usually later).

Student Profile: Cassidy Trenhaile Questions Asked by: Austin Groshong

Cassidy Trenhaile is a sophomore from Hannibal, Missouri. She is majoring in Secondary Education English. Q: How did you hear about HannibalLaGrange University and what lead you to it? A: Well since I’ve grown up in Hannibal my whole life, I kind of knew it was here my whole life. I really was against going to it because I wanted to get out of Hannibal cause I’ve been here forever, but the Lord kind of showed me that I need to be here because it’s a Christian based school so if I had gone to like a secular school I probably would have like walked away from my relationship with Christ, so he just showed me that I should be here so I could work on being closer to Him and play basketball is a good part of that, as well as my education. Q: In what way do you think HannibalLaGrange has changed you? A: I say it’s grown me, through chapel and by being able to serve as a team leader for new student orientation and being able to do missions like Hannibal Helping Hands. It has definitely grown me as a Christian, and then probably through basketball, HLGU has grown me tougher both physically and mentally because we have gone through a lot of adversity with the team mates and all that. Q: What impresses you most about Hannibal LaGrange? A: I like the professors and the way that they are very one on one and very helpful and kind and caring, and they actually care about you. They don’t just care about giving the information to you; they actually care about you as a person.

Q: What activities are you involved in at Hannibal-LaGrange University? A: I play basketball, of course. I am vice president of Students for Life, which is a pro-life organization here on campus. I was also a team leader for New Student Orientation this semester. Q: What are your future plans after Hannibal-LaGrange? A: Get a job and work. I want to have a family.

Jenny Sturgeon How to Save a Life

Written by: Erik Potts


n a regular November evening, junior from House Springs MO, Jenny Sturgeon had an opportunity to save a life, a much unexpected opportunity. After working as a lifeguard for three consecutive years, she possessed the skills it took to properly perform the Hiemlich maneuver along with other life saving techniques. After witnessing another civilian attempt to help the father of a friend choking on food, Sturgeon took action. Mr. Alms, the man she performed the maneuver to, went completely unconscious after his airway was fully closed off. After Sturgeon switched from abdominal thrusts to chest compressions, Mr. Alms airway was cleared and was taken away by paramedics. Alms would eventually survive the traumatic experience. Without the skills and action of Jenny Sturgeon it possibly could have been a different story. “I did what I was trained to do. I praise God that I was in the right place at the right time,� said Sturgeon.

Fall Spor


Men’s Soccer Record: 6-3

as of 12/2/13

After advancing to the conference championship, after 2 OT’s, the Trojans suffered a gut-wrenching loss to Park Univ, 4-2 with penalty kicks.

Women’s Basketball

Women Record: 5-2-3

as of 12/2/13

In the conference qua finals, the Lady Trojans 1-0 in double overtime aga Missouri Baptist.

Men’s B

Record: 0-8

as of 12/2/13

With only seven players eligible to play, the women’s team has struggled in the fall semester but have continued to play hard.

For more info

rts Brief

LGU Fall Sports Updates through December Written by: Erik Potts

n’s Soccer

Wrestling Record: 3-1

arter lost ainst

as of12/2/13

The team had four team events so far. They are off to a solid start and will look to do well in the large remainder of the season.


Cross Country

Record: 0-6

as of 12/2/13

The Men’s basketball team will look to change their losing ways in the remainder of the season and pick up conference wins.

Sophomore Kristen Garwood and Senior Breanna Newton were named All-American. Garwood finished in fifth place at nationals which is the highest in HLGU history. Newton finished 26th which is six spots higher than last season.

ormation check out

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