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“AirAsia is more than just an airline: It’s an expression, an experience and a way of life.”



The culture that makes up AirAsia.

15,000 people ...15,000 colours


ourful playful

Creating a destination

“...fueled by creativity, adventure and passion�


AirAsia hangout

Concept Desig


exterior view

Existing Roof Plan

Proposed Roof Plan

the hangout

Perspective SectionView


the hangout

Perspective SectionView


Level 03 (Lower Deck - Sports Level)

Level 04

interior view

interior view

Ground Floor Plan

Level 01-02

Construction Cost

Construction Cost “Phased� 1 Phase 1 = RM46,989,800 (RM108.36/Sqft) Carpark only including piling & foundation work for all future extension. Allowance for temporary work, column stump and starter bar.

2 Phase 1A = RM32,604,540 Cummulative total =RM79,594,340 (RM183.55/Sqft) New Superstructure including Roof coverings and strip ceiling below and swimming pool structure.

3 Phase 1B = RM920,080 Cummulative total =RM80,514,420 (RM185.68/Sqft) Futsal and Tennis court at Level 3

4 Phase 2 = RM38,372,000 Cummulative total =RM118,886,420 (RM274.17/Sqft) Additional structural work to Level 3 & Level 4 and All other element.

Note: 1. The above estimate is based on current market price and does not consider market inflation if Phase 1A,1B and 2 are constructed in the future. 2.Total construction cost in phases will be 3.0% or RM3,511,420.00 higher than the building cost constructed under one whole package due to additional Preliminaries cost and temporary work

Community One for all, all for one.

Allstar family keeping in touch being connected staying connected

bring people together

Sustainability Target: net-zero energy building (NZEB) energy used on site = energy generated on site.

Sustainability Green/sustainable elements Natural ventilation

Cross ventilation, draws in cool air flushes out heated air.

Rain harvesting using rainwater for landscape irrigation

Grey water treatment re-cycle kitchen and handwash water

Urban farm

fresh food growing on site

recycling centre

Wind Turbines

energy from the air

Photovoltaic roof energy from the sun.

Water efficient fittings

Conserve water by reducing water use.

Vertical Garden

Brings life into the building, reduces urban heat, cleans outside air of pollutants and dust and offsets the carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners On when its hot, off when its not

Enviromental Design Awards

GBI (Malaysia) and LEEDS (International) are ecology-oriented building certification programs.

Close your eyes for 5 seconds & place yourself in the most relaxing place you can imagine.

Where would it be?

Biophilic Design Nature in the space Plants, water, and animals in the built environment

Natural analogues

Objects, materials, and patterns that evoke nature

Nature of the space

Differing spatial configurations of the built environments

Oliver Heath

Blue and cyan calm and relaxation

Green calm and creativity

The theory suggests (Palmer & Schloss 2010) that people are naturally more attracted to significant everyday objects that tend to provoke positive emotions

Yellow and orange energy and happiness

Red excitement and concentration



slides swings outdoor cinema fuzball


table tennis board games beach


elevated running track zipline climbing ropes muay thai event hall


food stalls

Kids hangout


Nike Unlimited Stadium, Philippines

HL Design Group Open Air Projects

Asia Pacific University 15,000 Students

Asia Pacific University The Spine Contextual Response to Site The Spine + Teaching Blocks

Pods + Voids internally, a series of lecture pods and voids Tied together with consistent cirviliniear shape


Royal Selangor

Wharf Mall

Beach House

Design is about human experience

thank you

Air Asia Hangout  
Air Asia Hangout