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Boulder Ice Cream Help Save the Planet One Scoop at a Time

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Over view Boulder Ice Cream offers organic ice cream that is made from all natural, pure ingredients. Our products are minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, and provide customers with the freshest high quality organic ice creams. Our values are focused on organic food production and sustainable practices to help leave minimal impact on the planet. We work with local dairy farms that produce milk and cream without any use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Furthermore, we are an co-friendly company who uses alternative energy sources to minimize impact on earth. 2



Table of Contents


1.0 Research

3.0 Style Guide

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Research Paper Abstract Research Paper Creative Brief SWOT Analysis

Logo Usage Logo dos & dont’s Typography Color Palette Imagery

2.0 Creative Development

4.0 Design Solutions

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4.1 Social Media 4.2 Website & Mobile App 4.3 Print Ads 4.4 Billboard 4.5 References

Moodboards Logo Redesign Social Media Website & Mobile App Print Ad

1.0 Research

1.1 Abstract 1.2 Research Paper


1.3 Creative Brief 1.4 SWOT Analysis


1.2 Abstract

Boulder Ice Cream began making ice cream in 1992 in Boulder, Colorado where they provided customers with homemade, all natural ice cream that quickly became popular, so popular that there was a 20 minute wait just to reach the door. They quickly expanded by producing ice cream for local restaurants and grocery stores. Eventually their ice cream was available at Whole Foods, Ideal, and Leever’s Markets, as well as many other grocery stores. Today Boulder Ice Cream is accessible in the Western ad Southwestern US (History, 2011). This campaign will expand the availability of Boulder Ice Cream to the Eastern side of the US so that one day it will be offered around the country.


Throughout this campaign the focus will be concerning sustainable and organic practices that Boulder Ice Cream has in place in order to sufficiently produce fresh organic ice cream that customers can both enjoy and feel good about. This campaign will be launched through print and online mediums, to provide an expression of why Boulder Ice cream is more then just an ice cream company. Furthermore, visual content and messaging will provide evidence of Boulder Ice Cream’s environmental and eco friendly responsibilities as its core value. These values look to produce healthier, hormone free organic ice cream while leaving a minimal footprint on the environment and sharing that information with their customers to help increase positive things that anyone can do to help.


1.2 Research Paper Introduction Boulder Ice Cream offers organic ice cream that is made from all natural, pure ingredients. They work with local dairy farms that produce milk and cream without any use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Their products are minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, and provide customers with the freshest high quality organic ice creams. Boulder Ice Cream is an eco-friendly company who uses alternative energy sources to minimize impact on the environment. Boulder Ice Cream will continue to maintain its promise to use organic ingredients from local dairy farms that do not use pesticides and fertilizers while minimizing impact on the environment and raise awareness about environmental issues.


This paper will discuss the reasons why Boulder Ice Cream is more successful than other organic ice cream companies. By working to save endangered land and focusing on increasing their eco-friendly practices, Boulder Ice Cream will stand out from its competitors. To give Boulder Ice Cream an advantage over its competitors, some ideas in this paper will focus on availability, location, health, economics, environmentally friendly practices and variety. Boulder Ice Cream targets families and young children to buy and enjoy their healthy treats. Opportunities for Boulder Ice Cream are to sustain and increase use of alternative energy by practicing other types besides wind power. They have the potential to expand and offer a variety of flavors and frozen desserts. In turn they will be

expanding their customer base because of variety and offering different products that are unique. To build a stronger brand entity in the organic industry availability is key for the success of building a brand and for customers to recognize and relate to Boulder.

Organization Boulder Ice Cream uses organic diary farms as their primary source for milk and cream in order to produce organic ice cream that has little impact on the ecosystem. Organic indicates how agricultural products such as food and fibers are grown and managed. This type of food production relies on farming were there is no use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides while preserving and replenishing soil richness. These foods are minimally processed without artificial ingredients and additives that help to sustain the reliability of organic foods. In the past decade organic milk production has become one of the fastest growing parts of organic farming in the United States. This


has created new prospects for organic farmers especially in northeastern United States (Pereira, 2013). In order to support a cleaner environment the best method is to practice organic farming, which has little or no impact on the planet. Since they do not use pesticides and fertilizers, no runoff occurs into bodies of water like rivers, streams, and lakes. On Boulder Ice Cream’s website they best describe organic farming as the “Elimination of polluting chemicals and nitrogen leaching, in combination with soil building, works to prevent contamination, and protects and conserves water resources� (What is organic? 2011). Conventional farming uses pesticides and fertilizers, which would eventually end up in the soil and water. Boulder Ice Cream is currently changing its complete grocery line to organic to illustrate their commitment to practicing an organic lifestyle. To go beyond providing organic foods to their customers, Boulder Ice Cream practices an eco friendly lifestyle where they look at every process,

1.2 Research Paper item, and ingredient closely to insure the integrity of their company. As they state on their website “Our philosophy is that the manufacturing of our product does not happen just inside our walls but reaches outside our plant, up the supply chain and down the waste line” (Sustainable practices, 2011). They make every feasible effort to minimize their mark on the earth when producing goods that their company manufacturers. In order to achieve sustainable and green practices Boulder Ice Cream has many systems in place. They look at the distance of their products to consumers, how much water and electricity is used during their processes and where items end up when they leave their facility. To provide evidence that they do what they say Boulder Ice Cream uses 100% of their electricity from wind


power (Sustainable practices, 2011). To even further development sustainable practices Boulder Ice Cream will look into other possible energy sources.

Boulder-based Eco-Cycle’s Zero Waste program has an objective to move 90% of solid waste that

they produce away from landfills. Today 70% of their solid waste is diverted from landfills so they are getting closer to reaching their goal of 90%. They are able to avert solid waste by recycling, reuse and composting. Boulder Ice Cream also uses every effort to get local distributors, delivery drivers and retailers to recycle their packaging by either reusing or recycling cardboard boxes that are use to hold cartons and plastic tubs (Sustainable practices, 2011). They balance their electrical usage by using freezers with defrost cycles. Their equipment is vital to the company’s success. Predominantly Boulder Ice Creams plant is heated by use of recycled hot air that is produced by freezer compressors from their manufacturing equipment (Sustainable practices, 2011). Boulder Ice Cream also has what is called a “Closed loop system” where recycled water is used to cool the refrigeration equipment. Two more eco friendly practices that Boulder Ice Cream does is to re-captured tank cleaning chemicals for reuse this way they will not be released into the sewer system. Additionally their


company’s diesel vehicles use biodiesel. Boulder Ice Cream has various systems and practices in place to do the best they can to benefit the environment while running a successful ice cream company who creates healthier ice cream for it customers. Besides all of the practices discussed in this paper, Boulder Ice Cream could also use proceeds from every purchase to help save endangered land by becoming partners with The Nature Conservancy organization. This would also open up other opportunities for Boulder Ice Cream to expand its effectiveness in helping the planet. All of these best practices show the consumer the many benefits of being involved and purchasing products from Boulder Ice Cream. Furthermore it makes the customer feel good about buying from a company who does the best they can do to help the environment while eating a healthier dessert, which was produced in the best way possible. In everything that they do they always have the same important ideals in mind to insure the integrity and truthfulness of their company.

1.2 Research Paper personable. To provide the best services to their customers, not only does Boulder Ice Cream look at distance the consumer travels, but also its availability. Currently you can order online through their website but they need to increase how many locations they have in the United States in order to raise customer recognition and awareness. Location is very important since Boulder Ice Cream’s targeted audience is children and families. Opening ice cream shops in local malls and offering their ice cream in restaurants will also help brand awareness. Creating an app will allow customers to purchase Boulder Ice Cream for birthday parties and events as a healthier dessert that is delicious and allows them to create their own flavors. Consumers like variety since it speaks more to who they are as a person and allow them to be more


Design Strategies In this section of the paper media collateral, imagery, style, theme, logo, colors and typography will be discussed to provide a description of what the overall look and feel will be for Boulder Ice Cream’s deliverables in all mediums. It is important that all the values and practices in this paper are shown through imagery and logo design to completely create a brand for Boulder Ice Cream. The periodical Brand ‘Em! best describes the importance of a successful brand when stating, “Whether the deliverable is hard-copy paper or virtual PDF files, coordinated and cohesive brand

presentation through packaging is critical for achieving high recognition and brand memory recall. Templates and stylesheets become packaging tools that can help an information center present its brand consistently and establish and trigger brand memories” (Kangiser, 2004). An all encompassing and branded company constantly reflects its values in everything that they do from production to advertising and that shows the quality of the brand. If this is done successfully it will build brand recognition and brand loyalty, which reinforces the customers’ certainty in your company. The company message, the colors, the fonts, the logo, and emotions will all help to target the specific audience of families and children. The branded marketing campaign created for Boulder Ice Cream will be seen in print, online, direct mail, packing, interactively through an app for mobile and other applications. Corporate identity will also be achieved internally through business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, presentations and folders. All of these deliverables will be created for Boulder Ice Cream with their brand identity.


Imagery used in all collateral will illustrate the values of eco friendly, fresh ingredients as well as the everyday sustainable practices in a way that is abstract and unique. For materials such as advertisements the content will include what ingredients or practices were used to create the products or even some facts about the process or how much money will go towards proceeds to help save endangered land. The goal for Boulder Ice Cream is described in Brand ‘Em! “Successful branding uses design to reinforce brand visual memories at every encounter with customers and perspective clients” (Kangiser, 2004). After a full branding campaign is developed customers will identify with the brand by the wording and visuals used in every medium. More specifically Boulder Ice Cream will be represented with a logo that contains visuals, which refer to its organic food production and sustainable practices in a way that is simple but also sets them apart from other organic ice cream companies. Coolvetica is San Serif font that is

1.2 Research Paper based on American chain store logos from the 1970’s (Coolvetica). It is clear, easy to read, has firm kerning and contains curls in certain letters, which gives variety. Coolvetica will reflect the uniqueness of environment with a font that has curly and fun curls for use in headlines, titles and the logo. The distinctiveness of this font will be effective in getting the viewers’ attention and by incorporating Coolvetica in the logo it will give customers something to relate to every time they see and advertisement. This will create brand awareness for Boulder Ice Cream’s targeted audience. “Good typography re­in­forces the mean­ing of the text” this is the very definition of what effective typography does (what is good typography). Typography is crafted around the very meaning and varies on a case-by-case basis. Effective typography gets the


readers’ attention and keeps them interested in what will follow. In the article A Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand the author says, “Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone” (Fadeyev, 2008). This states the importance of color and how it is used in branding and advertising. Typically any brand that is involved in eco friendly practices uses the color green to represent things such as the environment, nature, earth and organic. Symbolism is important when referring to brand colors therefore I will be incorporating some earth toned colors to represent the values of Boulder Ice Cream.

The use of green will represent organic foods, recycling, and nature; while brown will give a rustic feel that signifies the outdoors. Yellow will represent energy and gives off friendly and happy emotions, which will make the viewer feel good about the product. Instead of using green and yellow jointly, as most eco friendly companies do, using a pastel color pallet of green, brown and yellow as well as purple will create differentiation from other organic ice cream companies. A Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand explains why choosing an opposite color from your main competitors is effective because it’s separates your company from the rest. With that said including purple in the pastel color pallet will set Boulder Ice Cream apart from its competitors who usually use green, yellow and orange to represent the earth, planets, fruits, vegetables and recycling. Purple will give viewers a sensual feeling about Boulder Ice Cream that relates to the fresh clean taste that is light and refreshing. Typically graphics represent things that are green


on our planet such as trees and leaves. Otherwise the uses of other elements like symbols that represent recycling, reusing, and reducing and organic farming are used in a green color scheme. Taking these effective elements and showing them in a reinvented way by use of different colors will distinguish Boulder Ice Cream along with its values. Green shades can also be used when messaging is focused on raising money to help save endangered land while money is represented with green as well. In The Green Revolution In Marketing the author states, “Smart green marketers will be able to reinforce environmental credibility by using sustainable marketing and communications tools and practices� (Goswami, 2013). This type of marketing has proven to be effective in illustrating the core values and practices to its customer base in a way that shows reliability.

Conclusion The Eat Organic and Help the Planet Campaign illustrates the positive values and beliefs that

1.2 Research Paper Boulder Ice Cream holds. Their eco friendly practices both inside and outside their manufacturing mirrors principles that help leave a minimal footprint on the planet. This is the core of what Boulder Ice Cream is about and is showed in everything from their logo design, to the company cars they drive, to delivery their goods. Boulder Ice Cream is not just a homemade and natural ice cream company; they are a company who goes beyond manufacturing a product by acquiring milk from local diary farms and use organic ingredients that are free of growth enhancing chemicals. They will continue to learn about new practices in


organic farming as well as sustainable practices that they can use as sources of energy for their production and transportation. To further demonstrate these goals, all of the materials created for Boulder Ice Cream for use inside or outside the company like advertisements and commercials. Media collateral, brand colors, typography, logo and website design will all replicate organic and sustainable practices in a way that is diverse from competitors to guarantee an increase in brand awareness to the targeted audience and also to potential customers. Every part of the campaign relies on consistency


1.3 Creative Brief



1.4 SWOT Analysis Headline This study was has been assembled to evaluate Boulder Ice Cream and how they compared to their competition. This useful tool builds the frame work for reviewing strategy, position and the direction the business should follow.


Strengths: • Availability • Alternative energy • Variety (ice cream, gelato, sorbets)

Opportunities • Increase advertising and marketing • Sustain and increase use of alternative energy • Potential to expand types and flavors of frozen desserts 23

Weaknesses: • Brand awareness • Brand look and feel • Durability of ice cream

Threats: • Cost of diary products • Changing customer choices to buy organic over regular • Consumer buying power

2.0 Creative Development

2.1 Moodboards 2.2 Logo Redesign 2.3 Social Media


2.4 Website & Mobile App 2.5 Print Ad


2.1 Moodboards Moodboards provide visuals to convey your design ideas which often include textures, images, and text as part of the design theme. In Why Mood Boards Matter the author describes mood boards by stating “In essence they are a compilation of inspirational elements used by designers to flesh out ideas at the beginning of a design project” (Why Mood Boards Matter, 2008). Each mood board shows different options for the “look and feel” of Boulder Ice Cream in a distinctive but consistent way. Each idea has a look that will interest many ages. The first mood board is bold and abstract while the second mood board is more realistic and the last mood board is earthy and simple but at the same time somewhat abstract.


Moodboard 1 This moodboard is an innovative and abstract approach that will represent outside of the box visuals. The colors, typography, textures and imagery are bold and modern. It includes design principles such as emphasis, rhythm, shapes, contrast and repetition. The ice cream flavors are shown with a different approach that shows how I would like the “look and feel” for Boulder Ice Cream to be seen.

Moodboard 2

Moodboard 3

This moodboard has more of a conservative approach that is similar to other eco-friendly companies. It illustrates elements that are organic in a simple and clean way that is the most realistic approach out of all three mood boards. This moodboard is the most similar to what Boulder Ice Creams look is currently since it includes organic farming and wind power.

This is a moderate approach that illustrates elements, type, colors and textures that are simple but yet have an abstract twist that is not as far out of the box as moodboard one. This moodboard is based on colors and imagery has the most organic and eco friendly look and feel from the other two. It also emphasizes recycling and reusing more then the other two mood boards.


2.2 Logo Redesign Boulder Ice Cream logo has been redesigned three times in the history of the business. Presently the logo lacks a good font and the ice cream cone shape can be used differently to help set the company apart from it’s competitors.

Logo History 2002




Logo Development The first, second and last rounds of sketches illustrate the design process for the new logo. From the start an abstract style was the focus for this design. Number nine sketch in the last round of designs was chosen as the final.

Second Round of logo designs

First Round of Sketches

Last Round of logo designs


2.3 Social Media Concepts for social media were either going to be focus on a new product or trying to promote Boulder Ice Cream as an Eco-friendly company. Section 4.1 shows the final social media designs for the campaign.

What is means to be “Green�





2.4 Website & Mobile App The website and mobile app are important parts of the campaign because they connected with social media and help drive traffic to the website. Section 4.2 includes finals designs for these campaign assets.


During this stage of designs for the mobile app the color scheme and interface where important components of the design. The final designs show some functionally that is offered through the mobile app.


2.5 Print Ad Concepts The subject of recycle, reuse and reduce was clear from the beginning for design but was altered to include green to reflect the ecological focus of the brand. Section 4.3 shows the final designs of the print ad series.



3.0 Style Guide

3.1 Logo Usage 3.2 Dos & Dont’s 3.3 Typography


3.4 Color Palette 3.5 Imagery


3.1 Logo Usage The re-designed logo consist of the company name “Boulder Ice Cream� in Gill Sans Ultra Bold with an abstract ice cream cone symbol to the right. The logotype is a graphic representation that is unique and is designed for easy recognition and differentiation. Is is the face of the brand and a key element of Boulder Ice Creams identity. To maintain this identity, it is essential that the logo be consistent throughout all media and marketing channels.

Boulder Ice Cream 38

It is acceptable to use different colors backgrounds as long as the logo is legible. Different versions of the logo are available such as a knocked out white version as well as an all black version for use in mediums that require no color in the logo. See examples below as a visual reference.


3.2 Logo Dos & Donts The logo should be an acceptable distance from other elements and should not be used smaller then the minimum size.

Clear Space



B 40

Width: 2.0972


Boulder Ice Cream

Minimum Size

Boulder Ice Cream

Do not alter the logo by squishing, distorting, modifying color or orientation, placing on a pattern, texture or photo that will make it not legible. Rotating, flipping or using separate parts of the logo are not acceptable. Unacceptable Usage X Do not alter the horizontal scale of the logo. Boulder Ice Cream

Boulder Ice Cream

redluoB maerC ecI


Boulder Ice Cream

Boulder Ice Cream

Boulder Ice Cream

Boulder Ice Cream Colorado

Do not alter the vertical scale of the logo.

er m d ul rea o B eC Ic

Do not adds words or graphic element that will interfere with the logo.

3.3 Typography I chose to use CF Crack Bold as the typeface for headlines because its bold and plays on the word Boulder. This font was used in one of my last logo designs and I felt it was very fitting for the name Boulder Ice Cream however I did not chose that logo design as my final but would still like to incorporate this font into the brand. The font is eye catching especially when used with effects which will work well with advertising materials. Rockwell Bold will be the primary font used in headlines and some call to actions. Century Gothic Regular is the typeface that will be used for the body copy and call to action since it’s legible and easy to read. The tone for copywriting will be upbeat, happy, positive, bold, playful and environmentally friendly.


Headines Align Center Rockwell Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 Body copy/sub-head Century Gothic Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789


Alternative Headline when legible Rockwell Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

3.4 Color Palette The bold palette offers dynamic, vibrant, and energetic colors. These characteristics are important for Boulder Ice Creams campaign especially since the logo includes three colors from the color palette. The colors in the palette stand out against bland designs since they are bright and saturated colors that “pop� on dark and light backgrounds. The mood and personality of the brand is complemented by this color scheme. The bold colors help counterpart the bold typography, copy writing style and abstract imagery.


Pantone 660 C

Pantone 376 C

Pantone 219 C

R 136 G 197 B 64

R 33 G 122 B 189

R 210 G 39 B 129

C 51 M 0 Y 100 K 0

C 83 M 46 Y 1 K 0

C 13 M 96 Y 13 K 0

R 247 G 140 B 34 Pantone 144 C

C 0 M 54 Y 97 K 0


Pantone 7404 C

R 253 G 213 B 0 C 2 M 13 Y 100 K 0

3.5 Imagery Photography will capture people in the moment of enjoying ice cream and helping the planet. The mood and emotion will portray happy, healthy, and energetic personalities. Other supporting imagery can be vector based as well and will also represent abstract and positive feelings. These images are innovative and create an abstract approach that will represent outside of the box visuals. This “look and feel� will attract families and children since the visuals are interesting and colorful. For Boulder Ice Cream to be different from its competitors the abstract images and bold colors will set them apart. Showing ingredients in a different way will catch the customers interest and give them a visual way to identify with Boulder Ice Cream.



4.0 Design Solutions

4.1 Social Media 4.2 Website & Mobile App

4.3 Print Ads 4.4 Billboard

4.1 Social Media Social media plays a huge role in the Help Save the Planet One Scoop at a Time campaign because it directly targets the audience by allow consumers to be involved and share their thoughts about Boulder Ice Cream through social media. Whether its a comment or like on Facebook or a video post on YouTube or a photo on Instagram. These are fast and free types of media that will spread the word of Boulder Ice Creams organic flavors and portray their involvement in the environment. Social media will build loyalty with customers and increase brand exposure. This creates engagement that the customer can be involved in. Is is also a line of communicate that is more direct then say print advertising. Its a cheaper type of media that reaches a larger audience. Social media will help reach potential customers while extending the brands audience.



4.2 Website & Mobile App A revamped website is clean and appealing while keeping the existing layout and menus. The current information is relevant and does not need to change since a lot of the content is informative to the consumer. The redesign will display well across various platforms. It is important to update the site to match the new brand image and also for consistency across other media such as Facebook and the mobile app. This redesign changes the bran image to create interest. Creating a consistent modern online image will help communicate and define what the brand is. The revamped website will improve user experience by creating a more user friendly site that is engaging. This also builds brand equity and gives the user information in that is easy to find.


The mobile app gives customers 24/7 accessibility and states of orders placed online through the website or mobile app. The app will be at the customers finger tips and allow for some choices when purchasing. This is a easily accessible way for anyone with a smart phone to order their favor type of ice cream and have it delivered to their door within a short period of time. The app will also help customers locate restaurants and stores that offer Boulder Ice Cream. The app lets the consumer locate a solar powered ice cream stand that only offers Boulder Ice Cream products. The app will connect with users on a more personal level. Mobile App Icon


4.3 Print Ads Print advertisements such as magazines target a more specific audience base on what type of magazine a Mom, teenager, or even a fisherman would purchase and read. Through this type of media communications will drive customers to the website while focusing on Eco-friendly practices and new products that Boulder Ice Cream has to offer. Print ads persuade prospective customers to trust and believe in your brand thus increasing the brands audience. Prints ads will communicate the benefits of the product and include facts about Boulder Ice Cream involvement with Eco-friendly practices.



4.4 Billboards Billboard advertising is important medium for reaching audiences of all ages and lifestyles no matter what their income is. Billboards can reach families and professionals driving to work as well as students going to class. Billboards also reach large amount of people in a short period of time especially if placed near a busy highway or near a city. Billboard advertising will increase brand awareness and extend the customer base for Boulder Ice Cream.



4.5 References Page 12 Wagner, Mindy. Why Mood Boards Matter. Web Designer Depot.




Boulder Ice Cream


Dayh 10 3 1 Final