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Hearing Loss Association of Houston (Formerly SHHH Houston Chapter) PO Box 572091 Houston TX 77257-2091 Website!!: (Be sure to type the dash between loss and Houston) Note: The site is now the ONLY Authorized HLA Houston website and has no advertising Pop-ups. Best viewed with Internet Explorer Browser.

We are an affiliate of Hearing Loss Association of America based in Bethesda, Maryland.Website: CHAPTER OFFICERS Co-Presidents: Teri Wathen: and Susanna Dussling: Vice President: Jesse Pettey, Secretary: TBA Treasurer: Allan Ofield: Newsletter Editor: Mary Honomichl:

February, 2009 Volume 10, Number 2

HLAA (formerly SHHH) is the largest consumer organization dedicated to the well being of people with hearing loss. We believe people can help one another, be helped, and participate successfully in society. Our primary purpose is to educate ourselves and those around us about the causes, nature and complications of hearing loss and what can be done to help. To join the local chapter, please write us at the above address or come to one of our monthly meetings. Our meetings have the following facilities available to attendees: Real Time Captioner and Induction Loop System.

NEW Meeting Time & Place starting in Febuary!! Saturday, February 14, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.!!

We will be meeting at the St. Luke's Center for Counseling and Life Enrichment Center at 2719 Joanel (across Edloe from St. Luke's United Methodist). Their phone number is 713-402-5046. Directions: the Center is between Alabama and Westheimer and Edloe and Joanel facing Kipling street. The actual address is the back of the building. The Center faces Kipling. The February program will be "Valentine Surprise!" Hearing family members will share challenges and endearments of living and communicating with people with hearing loss in panel format. Bring your spouse, child, parent, friend with hearing loss! March 7, 2009: All day Hearing Loss workshop at St. Luke’s Methodist church with Gael Hannan as the featured speaker! Flyer in this newsletter on pages 2 & 3. Register at . March 14, 2009: 9:30 AM. Monthly meeting at St. Luke’s Center, location above. Program will be given by Susanna Dussling: “Dare to be Different!” April 11, 2009: 9:30 AM. Monthly meeting at St. Luke’s Center. Program given by Lois Gibson, Forensic Artist. Chapter Board Meetings are also moving to the St. Luke’s location. Board meetings will be held on the Monday before the second Saturday of each month at 7:00 Pm. As always the board meetings are open to all. We have an opening for chapter Secretary as Susan was forced to resign for health reasons. Please advise the officers if you can serve in this vital position!



Editor: Tell us about your hearing loss, how long you have had it, etc. Jess: I am what is called a “late deafened” which means I began losing my hearing later in life. I first became aware of my hearing loss at about age 55 when loud noises began to bother me. I did not use hearing aids until about 10 years later because the loss in my hearing was so gradual, I was hardly aware of it. Fortunately, It also did not impact my career as an executive with Prudential Financial Services because I retired before my hearing loss was severe. Around age 65 I began using hearing aids in both ears until I lost all hearing in one ear and acquired a cochlear implant 15 years later, at age 80. Editor: What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you because of your hearing loss? Jess: After retiring and living several years in Italy, we returned to our home in Las Vegas and I began again to play saxophone in bands. I did not know it at the time but this activity surely contributed to my hearing loss. One of these bands was a professional touring band that I joined just as the band was preparing for a tour throughout the western states. The first night with the band I became aware that I had a problem. The music library consisted of around 500 different arrangements all numbered in alphabetical order. The leader of the band would call out about ten numbers at a time and we would arrange the music in the order that he called. I could not understand every number and he adamantly would not repeat the numbers he had called. I was compelled to ask the saxophone player sitting next to me to repeat the numbers. This added stress for him to repeat the numbers because apparent soon because when the leader gave the downbeat, he expected every member of the band to be ready to play. Woe is he that is not ready – for he received a long icy cold stare from the leader that would wither an oak tree. Although he soon tired of repeating the numbers for me, fortunately, he continued to do so for the entire five weeks we were on the road. I am grateful to this day for his patience but it was a terrible time for me. Editor: What kind of work do you do? Jess: As I mentioned before I retired with Prudential. For many years after I retired I devoted my time to playing in bands, ensembles, and any group that would allow me to sit-in. A few years ago I was compelled to abandon music because of my hearing loss. I have always enjoyed writing so I began writing a book. Editor: What are your hobbies? Jess: If you had asked me this question before, I would have answered traveling and music but, as you know, I was forced to quit music. I traveled extensively until 9/11 – until traveling became such a hassle. Perhaps my age is trying to tell me something, but I do not enjoy traveling now. I cannot go through the security gate because of my cochlear implant but instead, I must be patted and probed by a security person and take off my shoes so that he can feel the bottom of my feet. I only travel when necessary. After I quit music my children had for years asked me to record my World War II experiences. I finally relented and spent several years writing a book about my experiences as a pilot flying bombing missions in a B-24. Although it is published, I primarily wrote, ONE MORE MISSION: A JOURNEY FROM CHILDHOOD TO WAR, for them. It is a book about my growing up in East Texas, about some childhood experiences, and about joining the Army Air Corps to be trained as a pilot and fly 35 combat missions over Europe. I still enjoy writing but now my main hobby activity is advocating for the hard of hearing. I have been deeply involved in the planning of St. Luke’s hearing loss workshop to be held March 7 of this year. I also speak with various groups about hearing loss. This month, January, I have three groups scheduled to talk about hearing loss and tell them about the workshop in March. . Editor: Why did you run for vice-president of HLA Houston chapter? Jess: After recovering from a traumatic emotional problem caused by my hearing loss, I decided that I would spend what time I have left to working as an advocate for hearing loss. I began attending meetings of the HLA Houston Chapter and found the group struggling to stay alive. The same people had been doing all the work year after year and there were no new members volunteering to relieve those who were working so hard. I believed that with my many years of experience as an executive for a large corporation conducting meetings, speaking to large groups, and (Continued on page 5) planning events, I could help HLA, therefore I volunteered to run for Vice-President.


CAPTIONED ENTERTAINMENT AMC Studio 30, Dunvale @ Westheimer Open Captioned: Not available at press time Check to find titles and dates of OC and CC movies at AMC theatres. AMC Studio 30, Willowbrook AMC 24, Deerbrook 24, Katy Mills 20, Gulf Pointe 30, First Colony 24 also have Rear Window Captioning. Be sure to request the closed captioned show when you buy tickets. For listing of movie times check the Houston Chronicle AMC listings or the AMC website. Open captioned movies are shown as ‘OC and the Rear Window captioned movies are ‘CC” in very fine print.

Deerbrook 24: Curious Case of Benjamin B-1/30 to 2/5 Gulf Pointe 30: UnderWorld-Rise of the Lycans-1/30 to 2/5 Katy Mills 20- Bride Wars-1/30 to 2/5 First Colony 24– Paul Blart, Mall Cop-2/2 to 2/5 Willowbrook 24– Hotel for Dogs-1/30 to 2/5 AMC Studio 30- not announced Edwards Greenway Palace 24 , 3839 Weslayan, have also been showing OPEN captioned movies. They are showing the ‘OC’ in front of the movie that is captioned, so check and input ‘Houston’ in the search field, or the daily newspaper for movie dates & times. You may link to the open captioned movies in Texas at : wtimes.aspx#TX Paul Blart:Mall Cop-2/2 to 2/5 Inkheart-2/6 to 2/9 The Reader-2/10 to 2/12 The Uninvited-2/13 to 2/16 Taken-2/17 to 2/19

Another source of captioned movie listings is You will need to input your zip code. IMAX @ Museum of Natural History-Rear Window Captioning- Anytime –Ask for the device at the door. Not all films are captioned so please ask before you buy tickets. Alley Theatre-615 Texas Avenue, For tickets to the Alley Theatre call the Box office at 713 228-8421 (voice) through Relay Texas. -Click on “Education and Community” on top bar, then click on “Programs for the Audience” then on “Access Services”. **Discounted tickets are available from Illuminations Arts: (713) 529-6910 Voice/FAX (813) 529-6909 TTY**. The last Sunday of every performance is usually captioned. Toyota Center: For non-Rockets events, captioning requests should go through Guest Services @ 713-7587230. They will make arrangements for seating and accommodations for the captioner. Thanks to Susan Henley of Allied Advanced Reporting for this information!

Broadway Series-see houston for shows at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Only one show of each performance is captioned. The TDD# for tickets is 800-755-6244, or phone (713) 6273570. Be sure to request tickets in the best spot to read the captioning. (Note: According to the website the first Saturday matinee performance and the second Sunday evening performance of each show are captioned. Please confirm this when you call to request tickets).

Theatre Under the Stars: Check for details and ticket information. Single tickets are available at 713-558-8887 or online, or at the TUTS box office, M-F 9am-6 pm; Sat.-Sun 11am-4 pm. A.D. Players -Captioned Plays: ( ) Call the box office at 713-526-2721. 2719 West Alabama. Be sure you request a seat with the best view of the captioning bar. New Venue!!! Houston Family Arts Center at Barker Cypress and 290 plans to caption all its plays. The center, also known as Berry Center, is located at 8877 Barker Cypress, Cypress, TX 77433 . The website and tickets can be found at: ********************************************** (Continued from page 4)

At age 85 I have nothing to gain by holding office. I could, and maybe should find a nice shady place by the pool to sit and read, but I feel a great satisfaction in “making a difference” to someone who has a hearing handicap and does not know where to seek help. I am certain that HLA is the best organization to help those who need help. Editor: What would you like to see happen to HLA Houston chapter in 2009? Jess: I would like to see us double our membership this next year. We need new members who live in Houston and near our meeting place and can attend without driving many miles, we need new talent to help make HLA a vibrant organization that can reach out to more people who need help, and finally we need new members who have “clout”, who have contacts that can help us make HLA a place that people want to join. I am hoping that by cosponsoring the St. Luke’s workshop this year our name and purpose will be exposed to many potential members with those talents we need but who have never heard of HLA. Editor:Anything else you’d like to tell us? Jess: No I have perhaps talked too long already, but thanks for the opportunity to express some of my feelings.


STAP The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) was devised to assist individuals with disabilities to obtain a specialized telecommunications device or services to facilitate access to the telephone system. STAP provides a voucher to eligible individuals that may be exchanged for specialized telephone equipment or services. Communication Axess Ability Group provides an equipment demonstration room conveniently located at our North Loop office. You may schedule an appointment by calling 713.807.1176 or you may e-mail the STAP Specialist, Chris Conway, at .

HEARING SYSTEMS INC. NEW LATEST DIGITAL HEARING AIDS Widex, Oticon, Seimens, Phonak, Unitron Demonstration Room / Large Stock of TTY’s And other Assistive/Alert Device Audio Loop, FM and Infrared Systems Earmolds - Batteries - Testing - Assistive Products - Hearing Aids Max McCarthy, M.A., CCC-A

(281) 855855-8916 (Voice/TTY)

Les Callaway

4654 Hwy 6 N, Ste. 201 Houston, TX 77084

Mary Dopico Reporting Services 6142 Southwell Lane League City, Texas 77573

HOH Communication Axess Ability Group proudly offers Hard of Hearing Services (HOH) through a grant from the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) - - Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. The basis for HOH is to eliminate communication barriers and to facilitate communication access through projects to expand or otherwise improve the provision of service to individuals who are hard of hearing, late deafened or oral deaf. To schedule a speaking engagement, seminar or conference, call 713.807.1176 or e-mail the Houston coordinator, Teri Wathen, at .


O 713/520-0084 Fax 713/521-1118 H 281/316-0260 Fax 281/316-0261 C 713/829-2599

Disclaimer: Mention of goods or services in articles or advertisements does not mean HLA Houston endorsement, nor should exclusion suggest disapproval. Please let our advertisers know that you appreciate their interest in our group.


Hearing Loss Association of Houston

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(formerly SHHH Houston Chapter) HLA Houston Chapter is an affiliate of Hearing Loss Association of America. Please remember that making a donation to the Houston chapter does NOT automatically make you a member of HLAA. We encourage you to join both so you may receive maximum benefit from your membership. Membership donations are $12 per year for individuals, or $20 per year for a family, which includes a subscription to the monthly newsletter. Date____________________







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Calendar: February 9-7:00 PM -Board Meeting at St. Luke’s Center February 14, 9:30 a.m. chapter meeting- NEW TIME!! NEW SITE!!! St. Luke’s Center for Counseling & Life Enrichment, 2719 Joanel, Houston March 7-FREE Hearing LossWorkshops 9:00 am to 4:00 pm St. Luke’s United Methodist Church 3471 Westheimer at Edloe Houston, TX 77027 Register at HEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF HOUSTON CHAPTER MEETS ON SECOND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH, except for

June and December, at 9:30 AM., AT ST. Luke’s Center for Counseling & Life Enrichment Center at 2719 Joanel, Houston. The Center is across Edloe from St. Luke’s Methodist Church and is between Alabama & Westheimer , and Edloe & Joanel, facing Kipling Street. The actual address is on the back of the building. The Center faces Kipling.

HLA of HOUSTON CHAPTER PO BOX 572091 HOUSTON TX 77257-2091 VOLUME 10 NUMBER 2 February 2009

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