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Hong Kong Young Chefs Club Membership Form □ New 申請

□ Renewal 更新

□ Update Information 更新資料

Please print in capital letter or mark □ A.Title: □ Ms 小姐 □ Mrs 太太 B. Surname 姓: C. First Name 名: D.Date of Birth 出生日期: Day 日 E. Nationality 國籍: F. Home Address 住址:

Home Tel. 住址電話: E-Mail 電郵地址:

□ Mr 先生Membership No.會員號碼:

Month 月

Other Name 別名: Year 年 Country of Birth 出生地點:

□ Hong Kong 香港 □ Kowloon 九龍 □ New Territory 新界 Mobile Tel. 流動電話:

G.Name of School 學校名稱: Name of Program 課程名稱: Year of Graduation 畢業年份: H. Name of Company 公司名稱: Address of Company 公司地址: □ Hong Kong 香港 □ Kowloon 九龍 □ New Territory 新界 Position 職位: I. To the Committee 致委員會, I hereby apply for membership and declare that the information given in this application is correct. 我特此申請為香港青年廚師會會員, 所有提供資料均是正確無誤。 □ NEW MEMBERSHIP 新會員申請 (HK$250 One Year Membership 一年會籍) □ RENEWAL 更新會員 (HK$250 One Year Membership 一年會籍) Payment Methods 付款方法: □ Bank Transfer 銀行匯款: Deposit HK$250.00 into HSBC account: 817 - 090681 - 001 and mail the receipt back to the following address or email to 到任何一間香港滙豐銀行存入港幣 $250.00 至 817 - 090681 - 001 並把收據一併寄回以下地址或郵 寄到hkyoungchefs@gmail.com便可。 □ Paid by Cheque 支票付款: Enclosed Cheque as below 附上支票如下. (Please do not send cash 請不要寄現金). Bank 銀行: Cheque No.支票號碼: Amount 數額: Cheque payable to 抬頭寫上: 'HONG KONG YOUNG CHEFS CLUB c/o Ringe Marketing Services Ltd ' Mail to 連同表格寄回: 香港灣仔盧押道20號其康大廈401室 Rm 401, 4/F, Dannies House, 20 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong FOR OFFICE USE ONLY 只供職員填寫 Bank-in Reference No.: Official Receipt No: Valid From: Valid To: Handle By: Date:

Membership Form  
Membership Form  

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