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個人捐助:單次捐款或每月捐助,無論數額多少,無任歡迎。 公司或機構亦可以贊助或廣告形式,成為樂團伙伴。 YOU can make a one-off or monthly donation of any amount YOUR COMPANY can partner with us through sponsorship or advertising • 捐款HK$100或以上可憑收據申請扣稅 • 樂團會在一年內舉辦的主要音樂會的場刊中,鳴謝HK$1,000或以上的捐款 • Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible with a receipt • Donations of HK$1,000 or above will be acknowledged in house programmes of major ticketed Hong Kong Sinfonietta concerts for one year

DOUBLE YOUR GIFT! 香港小交響樂團是香港政府認可的藝術發展配對資助計劃藝團之一, 這樂季籌募的捐款將獲一對一配對資助。 Hong Kong Sinfonietta is in the Hong Kong Government’s Art Development Matching Grants Scheme.

您的每 HK$1 捐款會變成 HK$2! Every dollar you donate to us will be DOUBLED!

您的支持 YOU donate

政府配對 GOVERNMENT matches

效益倍增 DOUBLE the impact!

網上捐款 ONLINE DONATION: 或填妥第82頁的捐款表格 or fill in the donation form on p.82

其他支持方法 (例如贊助或廣告形式) For other forms of support (e.g. sponsorship or advertising) 歡迎致電 call us at (852) 2836 3336 或 or 電郵至 email us at to discuss.


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Hong Kong Sinfonietta: 2019/2020 Season Brochure  

Hong Kong Sinfonietta: 2019/2020 Season Brochure  

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