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THE PASSENGER EXPERIENCE Today’s airports are more than runways and terminals; they are transportation cities that serve the community. Evolving concession programs are designed to meet the needs of travelers by offering services

from barbershops to high-end shopping. On-the-go vendor eateries have been transformed into notable restaurant experiences. The business traveler is accommodated with electronic communication stations, mobile phone access and off-site business offices. Healthcare, fire protection, police security and emergency management services are all part of the airport’s community-like infrastructure. Offices, hotels, retail and industry are vital components of these transportation cities.





HKS Aviation listens, innovates and delivers. The group’s experienced staff has developed thoughtful design solutions worldwide, providing aviation planning, terminal design, consolidated rental car facility design, project and design management. Our team wants to understand your unique

1. words We listen. Words are initial thoughts that begin the dialogue. They define your vision. 2. images Images support your words and allow translation into graphic representations.

WORDS operational and financial structure. We will apply an individualized process that successfully builds consensus with all stakeholders, creating efficient user operations.




RESULTS 3. concepts We innovate. Concepts are the graphic transformation of the words and images. 4. refinements Concepts are developed to represent your operational and aesthetic vision. 5. results We deliver. Our refined, interactive design approach delivers on-time, within budget results for you.


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YOUR RESULTS We are good listeners. We listen to you. Using the goals, objectives and space requirements you identify, we develop innovative, functional and operationally efficient aviation design solutions. Through a collaborative effort, we distinctly blend your functional and aesthetic needs to create a world-class experience.

HKS delivers. Our project management experience, technical expertise and construction administration background contribute to streamlined, on-time, withinbudget projects that create memorable experiences.


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WORLD HEADQUARTERS 1919 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas USA 75201-1753 +1.214.969.5599


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Today’s airports are more than runways and terminals; they are transportation cities that serve the community. Evolving concession programs...