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From Aufenau to Brazil via Singapore

HKS actuators guarantee the water management of a drilling platform near Brazil The most recent HKS project is the successful implementation of the entire water management system of a drilling platform located near Brazil. HKS supplied the shipyard, which is located in Singapore and has headquarters in Brazil, with a total of 372 actuators in two deliveries. For this order, HKS designed and produced customer-specific actuator systems from the SA-H and AFR series for use in marine applications in accordance with the highest quality requirements. Within these two series, various sizes were delivered, starting with SA-H 30 to SA-H 125 and from AFR 20 to AFR 520. The construction and production by HKS was completed according to very diverse, customer-specified adaptations, ABS certification and seal tightness class IP 68. For HKS, the process was always focused on the individual customer requirements and the added value to be developed for the customer. In this way, in a cooperative partnership, HKS used the customer specifications to develop a special electronics board that guarantees that the actuators respond when they reach the end position and that the flap can be opened/ closed. All actuators are equipped with a hydraulic control block with which the rotational speed can be set and an EMERGENCY operation function, so that there is protection from overpressure in case of direct solar radiation. The load-holding function is also installed so

that the actuator remains in position if the hydraulic pipe is ripped away. Furthermore, the products in the AFR series have an added safety function, which automatically moves the actuators to a previously specified position in case of a drop in pressure. In this way, in emergency situations, the flaps can be opened or remain closed. Likewise, HKS also met the requirement for left/right rotating actuators. In this application, by customer request all of the actuators have been designed and manufactured with valve control systems and control blocks as standard. In general, there are HKS actuators in a wide variety of designs and versions, e.g. with various shaft connections, flanges according to ISO 5211, double acting or fail-safe designs and versions with inductive, mechanical or electrical signal generators.

blackwater systems and blackwater drainage systems, fuel and oil transfer systems, freshwater generation systems and ventilation systems.

The drilling platform has a carefully adapted trim system and elaborate valve automation technology. HKS actuators can be integrated into existing hydraulic systems or used as local, self-sufficient, hydraulic mini-systems. In this way, they can be modified and are as diverse as the requirements in offshore and undersea environments, which is also reflected in the various options for materials and coating. HKS actuators can be used in the entire water management system of a drilling platform. For example, in the ballast system, in the saltwater and freshwater cooling systems, in fire extinguishing systems, drilling water systems, leakage water systems, tank cleaning systems,

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HKS - Press release - From aufenau to Brazil via Singapore  

The most recent HKS project is the successful implementation of the entire water management system of a drilling rig off the coast of Brazil...

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