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周年工作報告 YEAR END REVIEW 2004-05

公司管治 由㈩位㈳會專業㆟士組成的香港話劇團理事會由周 永成先生擔任主席。㉂2001年公司化起,理事會成員 ㆒直以義務身份㈼督話劇團的長遠發展和指引業務。話 劇團定時向理事會提交節目、市務及㈶務各方面的計劃 建議和工作報告。 為加速決策效率和保持與藝術總㈼及行政總㈼的密 切溝通,理事會㆘設藝術委員會及行政委員會,向兩位 總㈼提供方向性的意見並㈿助相關的工作。 公司於2004年11㈪舉行了㆒整㆝的「發展策略集 思會」,全面檢討話劇團的營運㊪旨、定位及發展。集 思會獲得全體理事的支持和熱心參予,在獨立顧問的㈿ 助和主要職員的配合㆘,認真思考各種建議,檢視話劇 團的競爭力和今後的發展方向,並重訂公司的使命宣 言,即時跟進。


香 港 話 劇 團 年 報 H ON G KO N G R EP E R T ORY T H E AT R E A N N U A L R E PO R T 2 00 4- 0 5



Corporate Management As has been the case since the HKRep’s incorporation in 2001, the HKRep Council, comprising 10 members from different professions and chaired by Mr Vincent WS Chow, oversaw the long-term developmental strategy and business of the Company on a voluntary basis. Proposals and activity reports on the programme, marketing and financial aspects of the Company’s operation were regularly submitted for discussion at the Council’s meetings. Moreover, to provide timely advice with respect to the objectives and modus operandi of the Company to its Artistic and Executive Directors – who have their respective roles and responsibilities carved out under the Council’s guidance – an Executive Committee and an Artistic Committee were set up under the HKRep Council. In November 2004, a day-long Strategic Planning Retreat was held for an in-depth management review of the mission, vision, positioning and future development of the HKRep. The effort received the wholehearted support of all Council members. Everyone took active part in group discussions with senior staff of the Company on specific issues identified by an independent consultant. They also shared their views on the consultant’s various recommendations for a more competitive operation, and eventually came up with a revised mission statement for the Company to follow.


Main Stage Productions


Developing and staging excellent, creative and diverse interpretations of Chinese and Western plays along with original Hong Kong works is the core mission of the HKRep. In the year 2004/05, a total of six major productions – three new plays and three reruns – were mounted. The new plays comprised: Peach Blossom Fan, a Chinese theatre classic, adapted and directed by Dr David Jiang, Dean of the Drama School, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts; Rotate 270°, an original production written and directed by Cheung Tat-ming as an entry for the 2nd New Vision Arts Festival; and Vassa Zheleznova, a Russian literary gem, directed by Alexander Burdonskij from Moscow as an entry for the 33rd Hong Kong Arts Festival. The revivals, on the other hand, consisted of: The Importance Of Being Earnest, an English comedy, restaged by the HKRep’s former Artistic Director Dr Daniel SP Yang; Whose Life Is It Anyway?, a modern British dramatic landmark, directed by the Resident Director Ho Wai-lung; and Sweet & Sour Hong Kong, an original local musical revitalized by Artistic Director Fredric CF Mao.

舊):新作包括邀請香港演藝㈻院戲劇院院長蔣維國博 士改編及執導的㆗國傳奇《桃花扇》;參加康文署主 辦的「第㆓屆新視野藝術節」、由張達明編劇和執導的 原創劇《旋轉270°》和參加「第33屆香港藝術節」、 由來㉂莫斯科大劇院的亞歷山大.波頓斯基執導的俄 國㈴著《鐵娘子》。戲寶重溫劇目則㈲英國喜劇《不可 兒戲》及英國近㈹正戲《生殺之權》。前者由話劇團前 任藝術總㈼楊世彭博士執導,後者由駐團導演何偉龍執 導。藝術總㈼毛俊輝則重排㆖㆒劇季的本㆞原創音樂劇

Profile for  香港話劇團 Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

香港話劇團 2004-05年報 Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2004-05 Annual Report  

香港話劇團 2004-05年報 Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2004-05 Annual Report  

Profile for hkrep