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English Proofreading by Native English Editors

You are considerably fluent in the Queen’s language. In fact, you have been speaking English right from when you were knee high! Yet, you may find that your written English falls short of academic or even business standards. You are distinctly aware of the drawback of English being your second language and, therefore, repeatedly go over your writing with a fine-tooth comb in an attempt to weed out as many errors as possible. But, many corrections later, there’s something that’s still lacking! Or, something does not seem to sit quite right, but you are simply unable to pinpoint what’s wrong. On the other hand, you may even be totally unaware about things that have gone wrong in the text. Well, you can only recognize errors that you are aware of. What about those grammatical and other errors that elude your knowledge and can be perceived by native English speakers alone? Theses, dissertations, academic papers and professional documents necessitate a high degree of clarity and structure. Even slight grammatical errors can tarnish the impression and also distract the readers. In fact, spelling errors in academic and business documents or even resumes are akin to career hara-kiri! And this is where a professional English proofreading and editing service comes into the picture. It’s not just about typos and spelling mistakes though even these can seriously mar any document. Proofreaders even check sentence structure, paragraph breaks, format, style and flow of writing, and also ensure overall clarity in the document.

HKNETS provides qualified English proofreading and editing for all types of theses, dissertations, manuscripts for submission to journals, academic papers, professional documents, business correspondence, emails, professional proposals, resumes, legal documents, etc. Based in Hong Kong, the proofreading staff at HKNETS comprise of highly qualified native English editors and proofreading specialistswho possess in-depth practical and academic knowledge of the English language. They are proficient in a multitude of specialties including medicine, engineering, architecture, general sciences, sociology, finance, insurance, economics, business, etc. Apart from this, there is a qualified solicitor on board to review both the English and legalese in all types of documents from employment contracts to prospectus for upcoming IPOs. When your thesis, manuscript or other text is edited by a native English editor, it ensures a high degree of polish and shine to the written document which was sorely lacking earlier. Moreover, English proofreading at HKNETS not just ensures correct grammar and formatting, but also improves the overall tone, accuracy and quality of the document with a rigorous review. All proofreading and editing is overseen by a senior native English editor and language expert - Mr. Nicholas John O'Dell - which further guarantees complete consistency, clarity and professionalism in the final edited document. But you can still request further revisions free of charge till you are completely satisfied with the final copy. Therefore, the premium quality review at HKNETS can help to greatly enhance your writing by making it lucid, comprehensible and a pleasure to read! HKNETS provides the best proofreading and editing services for thesis proofreading and professional documents in HongKong. They are best in their work and reliable reputation.

English proofreading by native english editors  
English proofreading by native english editors  

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