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Draft Resolution 2.1 Chair: Brian Wong Forum: Historical General Assembly Topic: IDPs in the Second Sudanese War Main Submitter: The Republic of Zaire Co Submitters: Somalia, Niger, Ukraine Signatories: Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Belguim THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Expressing concern with the increasing population if IDPs in the region in Sudan. Emphasizing the severity of the current situation and the need to aid these refugees. Calls for the improvement of shelter, environment, medical aid, food provision and distribution in UN peacekeeping bases and displacement camps. Concerned with the human rights and humanitarian conditions in Sudan. 1. Urges all neighboring countries to not aid both sides of the conflict in any military action, including supplies, and to focus on aiding the displaced Sudanese that have fled their homes; 2. Requests all countries to help supply aid to the Sudanese refugees; 3. Demands the Sudanese militants to ceasefire to reflect and negotiate a peace solution to the conflict in order to secure the safety of the Sudanese people; 4. Decides to not take immediate military action, however if the conflict continues to worsen and Sudanese refugee population continues to rise, a military intervention may be consider for a last resort option, a) If military intervention is needed, urges nations to keep operations and conflicts executed if it is truly necessary to minimise the effects on the civilian population: i) To keep conflicts away for civilian population; 5. Calls for the United Nations to lead the gradual repatriation of the internally displaced people of Sudan;

Draft Resolution 2.1 Chair: Brian Wong 6. Call for creation of long-term plans like micro-financial supports to aid the families who are economically struggling and vocational training for the civilians to help them with rebuilding their lives; 7. Calls for creation of more shelters to compensate for the increasing population of refugees and to improve the existing shelters, environment, medical aid and food provision.

HGA Topic 2 Resolution 1