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Draft Resolution 1.2 Chair: Brian Wong Main Submitter: Federal Republic of Germany Co-submitters: Japan, Republic of Niger, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Signatories: People’s Republic of China, Federal Republic of Somalia, United Mexican States, Republic of India, Federal Republic of Brazil, Republic of South Africa, Russian Federation, Kingdom of Norway, Ukraine, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Republic of Egypt, Republic of Turkey, Italian Republic, Republic of the Philippines, State of Israel Acknowledging the violence and bloodshed that is occurring in Rwanda, Noting with regret the high, yet still increasing level of military activity and sectarian violence, Recognising the complexity of the current situation as having been caused by centuries of sectarian division and ethnic prejudice, Further Recognising the need for humanitarian aid within Rwanda, Noting the need for a long-term solution to the well being and settlement of refugees in Rwanda, Stressing the impracticality of the use of foreign force to end the conflict, Underlining the need for a peaceful resolution to the situation with minimal bloodshed and the overall rapprochement of the Rwandan society, Professing the necessity for the investigation of persons suspected of crimes against humanity in Rwanda, Recognising the need for humanitarian and medical aid to the victims within Rwanda, Reaffirming the necessity for the rapid deployment of international assistance for the reconstruction and revitalisation of Rwanda,

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, 1. Establishes a safe zone within the Northern Rwanda Butaro region utilising its proximity to the Lake Burera as a natural boundary with the with the aims of providing services such as but not limited to: a. Providing temporary shelter to refugees, b. Offering food and clean water, c. Granting protection to the refugees; 2. Further proposes the creation of small scale refugee camps with the purposes of: a. Providing short term food and shelter to the refugees, b. Transporting the IDPS to the larger and more well equipped safe zone in the Butaro region for longer term settlement of the IDPS; 3. Requests the presence of a UN peacekeeping task force in Rwanda to provide protection for the safe zone and refugee camps; 4. Increases the number of United Nations military observers and United Nations police active in Rwanda; 5. Decrees that considering the current turn of events in Rwanda, to extend the mandate of UNAMIR so that it can: a. Utilize its personnel its personnel to hasten the national reconciliation of Rwanda and Rwandan society, b. Assist: i. The IDPS in their reintegration to their homes, ii. The distribution of humanitarian aid, iii. The distribution of medical aid; 6. Suggests that an embargo be imposed on arms trade to the sale or supply of arms to Rwanda; 7. Enlists the aid of Non- governmental charity organizations to provide services such as but not limited to: a. The distribution of humanitarian supplies such as food, water and blankets to affected people, b. The mobilization of medical personnel to provide medical aid to affected people, c. The delivery of medical supplies to refugee camps;

Draft Resolution 1.2 Chair: Brian Wong 8. Encourages bilateral talks and negotiation between the opposing factions- both internal and external to Sudan to formulate a peaceful resolution to the current tensions within Rwanda; 9. Calls upon the external powers involved in the conflict and countries neighbouring Rwanda to mediate negotiation from both sides with the aim of easing tensions adding to the destabilization of Rwanda; 10. Urges other economically stable and developed countries to aid Germany in the process of providing aid to Rwanda in the process of recovery, these services will include but not be limited to: a. Economic funding to UNAMIR for the reconstruction of Rwanda, b. The donation of humanitarian supplies to the Rwandan government and non-governmental charity organisations.

HGA Topic 1 Resolution 2  
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