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Draft Resolution 1.1 Chair: Brian Wong Forum: Historical General Assembly Main Submitter: United States of America Co-Submitters: United Mexican States, Belgium, France, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Eygpt Signatories: South Africa, Syria, Brazil, China Topic: Rwandan Genocide 1994 Strongly alarmed by the ongoing violence in Rwanda, Determined that blatant ignorance of the current situation would only prolong the current situation, Convinced that it is in the best interests of the global community that peace and cultural unity is brought about as soon as possible, Deeply disturbed by the prodigious scale of human suffering caused by the conflict and concerned that the continuation of the situation in Rwanda constitutes a threat to peace and security in the region, Urging that all Rwandan ethnic groups cease fighting amongst themselves, Commending the effort of states, United Nations agencies and non-governmental agencies which have, and continue to provide humanitarian and other assistance, Convinced that the international community should take part in ceasing the bloodshed and make peace between ethnic groups: THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, 1) Demands the establishment of a collective peace keeping committee, composed of willing and neutral member nations which are not involved with the genocide, to assist in laying the grounds for sustainable peace and unity within the region; 2) Calls for a diplomatic summit to be held between a mediatory party and the current presiding head of government in Rwanda to facilitate a swift, efficient end to the loss of human life, assisting UNAMIR with ways including but not limited to: a) Cooperating with the UNAMIR in the implementation of its mandate

b) Ensuring limited access to all areas of Rwanda by UNAMIR forces and human rights officers 3) Calls upon the immediate review of the situation in Rwanda with the limit of 2 months, to ensure a clear status of the ongoing genocide in Rwanda: a) Emphasizes that the committee should not be regarded as mandatory, and rather as a merely voluntary measure in the best interest of all parties; 4) Requires the establishment of a subcommittee, known as the World Relief Fund (WRF) to be tasked with the responsibility of distributing aid in a fair and indiscriminate manner under the guidance of the United Nations under the provisions that: a) The committee strives to be unbiased and non-discriminatory when allocating aid to respective regions, groups and individuals b) The committee be consisted of representatives from a variety of nations, as so to maintain an unbiased nature c) The committee recognizes that different regions require differing amounts of aid in order to facilitate effective usage and recovery; 5) Strongly advises Belgium to reconsider their removal of the Belgian contingent of UNAMIR; 6) Recommends the re-establishment of the UNAMIR to further assist with the proposed UN peacekeepers, with the additions of: a) A larger and better-equipped force provided by member nations, b) A revised mandate that allows UN forces to more effectively limit conflict, with methods such as but not limited to: i) Disarming members of the Interahamwe that are deemed a credible threat to civilians, ii) Establishing larger safe zones to provide humanitarian relief and allow threatened persons to seek refuge, iii) Using force to defend any civilians that are witnessed being attacked, with the understanding that the UN is liable for any action they take; 7) Decides to remain actively seized on the matter.

HGA Topic 1 Resolution 1  
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