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2 – 11 November 2018 Schools Programme Information Pack Every year, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival brings writers to schools for talks and workshops, creating unique opportunities for young people to meet some of the world’s greatest storytellers. In 2017 we worked with more than 47 schools to connect with 8,000 students.

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We strongly believe that literature should be a vital component of every child’s education regardless of their background and reading ability. With the Schools Programme, we hope to promote higher levels of literacy in Hong Kong and to nurture a generation of outward-looking, globally engaged citizens. Schools receiving funding from the government are eligible for our School Subsidy Scheme. Schools can also order books through the Festival’s official bookseller, Bookazine.

To organise an author visit to your school, please fill in the booking form in this pack and email Jacqueline Leung at Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival


There will be two inter-school sessions with two prominent writers, Imtiaz Dharker and Susie Orbach. These sessions will be held at a centralised venue.


Imtiaz Dharker is a poet and artist, awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2014. Dharker is a prescribed poet in the English GCSE syllabus. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and has been a poet in residence at Cambridge University. Her poems have been broadcast widely on BBC Radio 3 and 4, and on the World Service. In this session, Imtiaz will be reciting from her most recent works Over the Moon and Luck is the Hook, followed by a Q&A session.


Susie Orbach is one of the best-known psychotherapists of all time. Her numerous books include Fat is a Feminist Issue, Hunger Strike, Bodies and In Therapy. Her recent series on BBC Radio 4, In Therapy, had over 2 million live listeners. Orbach won the first Life Time Achievement Award in 2017 from The British Psychoanalytic Council. Orbach’s talk will explore various issues including mental health and body image. Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

IN-SCHOOL AUTHOR SESSIONS WRITING YA FICTION WITH ADI ALSAID! What’s in a Young Adult fiction story? Friendship, relationships, identity, an epic adventure – learn how Adi portrays these elements in his works! Adi Alsaid is the author of several young adult novels including Let’s Get Lost, which was a YALSA Teens’ Top Ten Nominee in 2015, and Never Always Sometimes.

IVAN COYOTE: TOMBOY SURVIVAL GUIDE Praised by the Globe and Mail as “a naturalborn storyteller”, seasoned stage performer and writer Ivan Coyote has conveyed their intense experiences of gender identity through spoken word performances and books over the last 20 years. Ivan tells simple yet profound stories to tackle difficult topics such as family, class and social prejudice. Moving and deeply relatable, Ivan’s performance and works, including Tomboy Survival Guide, have proved to be successful learning experiences for students. Watch their school’s performance at the Auckland Writers Festival here:

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival


From desolate desert landscapes to the “hellhole” of Norway’s Arctic reaches, “the less promising his subject, the more brilliant Dyer gets” (Guardian). Geoff Dyer spins dazzling travelogues out of the least likely places on earth with a famous disregard for genre boundaries. In his talk, Geoff will speak about travel writing and how he transforms unlikely subjects and landscapes into rich narratives and journeys.

LETA HONG FINCHER: THE FEMINIST AWAKENING IN CHINA Author of Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China, Leta Hong Fincher contextualises the arrest of the Feminist Five in a talk about the 2015 incident which sparked a larger conversation about feminism in China. In this talk, Leta will speak about interviewing the Feminist Five and other leading Chinese activists and the rise of the a new feminist consciousness within the present #MeToo movement.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival


Aisha Franz is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Berlin and has published several graphic novels including Earthling, Brigitte and Shit is Real. She will give an introduction to graphic novels, as well as how images and words interact to depict story development and human emotion. Since 2014, she has been teaching comics and illustration at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, a college of fine arts in Germany.


How can we tell stories in entertaining ways while still retaining truth and accuracy? True crime and historical writer Paul French will speak about how he weaves creative retellings of history by blurring the line between fact and fiction, and offers new perspectives on how to write history as a genre. Paul is author of Midnight in Peking, a New York Times bestseller, and City of Devils: A Shanghai Noir.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

GUADALUPE NETTEL AND THE NATURAL WORLD IN LITERATURE The fungi, cockroaches, cats and snakes in Guadalupe Nettel’s stories live alongside human characters and magnify their hungers and sorrows. She is the author of Natural Histories and the award-winning novel After the Winter. In this talk, Guadalupe will discuss how she incorporates the natural world in her fiction to characterise, express and represent the depths of human behaviour and emotions.

SLAM POETRY WITH JESSE OLIVER What started out in Jesse Oliver’s Perth bedroom as a practice to combat crippling social anxiety led to his being crowned Australian Poetry Slam Champion in 2017. Jesse’s work is honest, funny and candid; and he will demonstrate how slam poetry can be used to give voice to personal experiences of mental illness, gender transition and homelessness with the universal themes of love and dreams.

SCI-FI AND DYSTOPIA WITH ADA PALMER Set in the year 2454, Ada Palmer’s quartet of Terra Ignota novels depicts a society where religion is outlawed, gender distinctions are considered taboo and surveillance is universal. In this session, Ada, a Harvard-trained Renaissance historian, will discuss how she blends science fiction, fantasy and political philosophy to explore the problems of utopia. Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

MANGA AND ANIME WITH ADA PALMER How do anime and manga explore and depict philosophy and social issues? A researcher and industry consultant on Japanese manga and anime, Ada Palmer will speak about just that. Her areas of expertise include “God of manga” Osamu Tezuka’s works and the role of gender in manga and anime. Ada will also discuss how anime and manga have the potential to lead young fans to further indulge in literature, history and culture.


Fairy tale classics form the backbone of many modern stories – think The Book of Lost Things, or the famous musical Wicked – but often with a twist. In this talk, Indonesian writer Intan Paramaditha will explore how fairy tales can be reinterpreted in fiction, such as in her short story collection Apple and Knife, which combines fairy tales with horror and myth to explore issues of gender and sexuality, culture and politics. Intan holds a PhD from New York University and teaches Media and Film Studies at Macquarie University.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

CLIMATE FICTION AND THE ENVIRONMENT WITH LALINE PAULL Scientific and environmental issues come thrillingly to life in Laline Paull’s two novels, The Bees and The Ice. Whether set in a dystopian bee hive or a future where the Arctic summer sea ice has melted away, Laline’s fiction mesmerises the reader while offering thought-provoking critiques of human greed, racism and hierarchy. In this talk, Laline will explain how she melds research and imagination to create eco-thrillers that illuminate humanity’s dark corners.

THE OPIUM WAR WITH STEPHEN R. PLATT Stephen R. Platt is a prolific Chinese historian and author of Imperial Twilight: the Opium War and the end of China’s Last Golden Age. In his talk, he will examine the politics and symbolic meanings of the Opium War, the relationship between China and the West, as well as the fall of the dynastic empire.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

LOOKING AT HISTORY WITH JEFFREY WASSERSTROM Jeffrey Wasserstrom is a Chancellor's Professor of History at the University of California at Irvine. The editor of The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern China and co-author of China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know, Wasserstrom will speak about how literature intertwines with history and, more broadly, how history has been written, studied and interpreted.

COMING OF AGE WITH JENNY ZHANG In her short story collection Sour Heart, Jenny Zhang shares insights into the complex internal worlds of young girls, the joys and heartaches of growing up and the harrowing search for “home” as an immigrant. In this talk, Jenny will speak about her career as a young writer and how stories can be inferred from one’s own life experiences.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

Author dates and availability

Adi Alsaid

31 Oct 1 Nov (Wed) (Thu)

2 Nov (Fri)

5 Nov (Mon)

6 Nov (Tue)

7 Nov (Wed)

8 Nov (Thu)

9 Nov (Fri) ✓

12 Nov (Mon)

Ivan Coyote

Imtiaz Dharker Geoff Dyer

Leta Hong Fincher Aisha Franz

Paul French

Guadalupe Nettel Ada Palmer

Intan Paramaditha Laline Paull

Jesse Oliver

Susie Orbach

Stephen R. Platt Jeffrey Wasserstrom Jenny Zhang

Photo credit Imtiaz Dharker: Ayesha Dharker | Susie Orbach: Andrew Crawley | Ivan Coyote: Sarah Race Photography | Geoff Dyer: Matthew Stuart | Leta Hong Fincher: Nora Tejada | Paul French: Sue Anne Tay | Guadalupe Nettel: Lisbeth Salas | Intan Paramaditha: Ugoran Prasad | Laline Paull: Adrian Peacock | Stephen R. Platt: Michael Lionstar

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

Booking information

Talks last for an hour and tickets are priced at HK$50 per student. For non-subsidised schools, the price per session is capped at a maximum of HK$7,500 (i.e. you will not be charged more than HK$7,500 regardless of the number of students participating). Schools receiving government funding are eligible for our School Subsidy Scheme, which offers a subsidy of up to 70%. Please complete the School Subsidy Scheme application form and submit it along with your booking form. Schools can order books through the Festival’s official bookseller, Bookazine. Book order forms are available upon request. Please contact Jacqueline Leung at for more details.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

Booking Form Please send us the completed form either via fax at (852) 2153 9260 or via email at You will receive confirmation of your booking within 5 working days of receipt of this booking form. Please note: • All bookings are on a first come, first served basis. If your booking is not successful in the first instance, we will offer alternatives. • The Festival reserves the right to change the programme, including the sessions for which booking has been confirmed. Once your booking is confirmed, payment should be received within 2 weeks or your reserved seats may be released. Name and title of contact person: Name of school: School address: Email: Contact number: Fax: Event name


Preferred date and time

No. of students

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Total cost (HKD)


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Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2018 Application for School Subsidy Scheme All government and aided schools are eligible for the School Subsidy Scheme. The scheme serves to encourage the participation of government and aided schools committed to promoting English and nurturing a love of reading in our Schools Programme. The Festival reserves the right of final decision for the amount of subsidy. School name: ______________________________ District: ________________________ School type: □ Aided □ Government □ Direct Subsidy Contact person: __________________________ Position: ___________________________ Email: _______________________________ Phone: _______________________________ 1. How did you hear about the Festival and our Schools Programme? □ Festival website □ Friends/Teachers □ Promotional materials □ Newspapers □ E-newsletters □ Other (please specify) ______________ 2. At your school, how many subjects use English as a medium of instruction? ____ out of a total of ____ 3. Is English a foreign language for most of your students? □ Yes □ No 4. What is the approximate pass rate of your students in English language exams (e.g. HKDSE, TSA, GCSE etc.)? _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Does your school organise or participate in any activities/programmes that promote the learning and use of English (e.g. book clubs, creative writing clubs etc.)? □ Yes □ No If yes, please elaborate: _________________________________________________________ Please send us the completed form via fax at (852) 2153 9260 or via email at The result of this application will be advised together with the booking status. Thank you for showing interest in our Schools Programme! Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL YOUNG READERS FESTIVAL 4 – 15 March 2019 The Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival (HKIYRF) is catered for children and teenagers aged 4 to 18. Founded in 2012, HKIYRF is an annual event held over ten days each spring, featuring established and emerging writers of children’s fiction, middle grade and young adult fiction from around the world. Our extensive Schools Programme brings writers into schools for a variety of talks and workshops to promote reading and writing on campus. Stay tuned for updates! For more details, visit HKIYRF’s official website:

Hong Kong International Literary Festival Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

HKILF 2018 Schools Programme Pack  
HKILF 2018 Schools Programme Pack