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Chairman’s Foreword 校董會主席前言 President’s Overview 校長的話 Snapshots 2010-11 活動剪影


Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來


Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才


Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移


Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程


International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

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Facts & Figures 資料篇 Major Donations 主要捐款 Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告 Extracts of the Consolidated Financial Statements 綜合財務報表摘錄 Appendices 附錄

Chairman’s Foreword 校董會主席前言


t gives me great pleasure to once again write this Foreword for our Annual Report, the third in my capacity as Chairman of the Council.

2010-11 has been yet another year marked by positive change and progress for HKIEd. As we approach 2012, it is an opportune moment to review the milestones we have achieved in transforming our Institute into an Education-focused, multidisciplinary institution with strong research and research training capacities – a vision that is articulated in our Strategic Plan 2009-12 and Beyond. I am delighted to report that our Institute has been able to accomplish the major milestones set out in the Strategic Plan, not only on schedule but in a number of instances, well ahead of the original timelines. I would therefore like to thank everyone in the Institute community for the tremendous efforts which have been put into completing these challenging tasks. Following on the successful launch of two new multidisciplinary degree programmes in Language Studies and Global and Environmental Studies in 2010-11, we continued to diversify and expand our programmes under the guidance of the Institute’s “Educationplus” concept. The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture, our latest University Grants Committee (UGC)-funded degree programme which is complementary to education, will be offered in 2011-12. With the introduction of our Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy programmes last year, alongside our other self-

年,我第三次以校董會主席的身份,為年報撰寫 前言。有幸能一再與大家共話,着實欣喜不已。

二零一零至一一年度,本校發展再次飛躍向前。如今, 邁向二零一二年,正好藉此良機,檢視過往興革過程中, 我們開拓出的多個新里程。本校興革的目的,就是要發展 為一所以教育為本、提供多元學科兼具研究實力的優秀學

financed programmes, the Institute is now providing a full array of degree programmes,

府;而這正是我們在《策略發展計劃 跨越 2009-12 》內

from undergraduate to postgraduate, and professional and research doctoral degrees.


In our transformation towards a research-active institution, the Institute’s two-pronged

我很高興向大家匯報,本校已如期實現了 《策略發展計

approach to strengthen research and research education has achieved a number of

劃 》內所訂下的多項重要發展里程,不少還提前達標。

breakthroughs. Apart from our traditional strengths in the Education discipline, we have


now expanded our research areas into other related fields in the Humanities, Social


Sciences and Creative Arts and Culture. This has been made possible with the increased


funding support from sources such as the Research Grants Council, Education Bureau,


Quality Education Fund, Hong Kong Jockey Club, non-governmental organisations and

究兩項嶄新多元學科學位課程,把課程學科領域一再擴 展。本校獲大學教育資助委員會 ( 教資會 ) 資助,新辦了

other external bodies. At the same time, we are also seeing an increase in the numbers of applicants competing for admission to our postgraduate research programmes. These successes are testimony to our enhanced capacities in research and scholarship.

創意藝術及文化 ( 榮譽 ) 文學學士課程,以配合教育學科; 該課程將於二零一一至一二年度推出。去年,我們還創辦 了哲學碩士及哲學博士課程,以及多項自負盈虧課程。可

In the face of competition for talent in the local higher education sector, particularly in the


run up to 2012 when the 3-3-4 academic structure* will be implemented at the university


level, the Institute has put in place measures to recruit new staff while retaining existing


colleagues. Refinements have also been made to the staff performance appraisal and


reward systems. These initiatives, I believe, will enhance the sustainability and long-term

多項突破性成果。研究範疇方面,除本校傳統強項- -

development of our Institute as we enter the crucial next stage of our transformation.

教育學科外,還擴闊至其他相關領域,包括人文、社會 科學、創意藝術及文化。該等發展得以實現,有賴更多

During the year under review, the Institute’s Management has taken proactive steps


to fine-tune the pay review structure after extensive consultation with different staff


associations and committees. The new structure, which introduces performance-based


pay adjustments and special merit award components, will provide additional incentives


for staff members to make a greater contribution through the enhancement of their


skills and long-term productivity gains. New initiatives for greater career development

制 * 將於二零一二年延伸至大學實施。為此,本校一方

are also being planned at the time of writing of this report.



The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Chairman’s Foreword 校董會主席前言

In terms of corporate governance, several initiatives were undertaken during the year,


including implementation of risk-rating assessments for all future Internal Audit findings


to enhance and sustain our financial management capacities. We as an Institute believe in, and promote people-based governance, and we therefore actively implement the

年內,本校管理層主動採取措施,在廣泛諮詢不同的教 職員協會及委員會意見後,微調了薪酬檢討架構。新架

UGC’s best practice package on staff grievances and appeal procedures. We also


adopted best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the Institute’s policy,


demonstrating our commitment to high standards of governance and citizenship.

作出更大貢獻。在本年報製作期間,本校正規劃新措施, 促進員工事業發展。

Looking ahead, we will soon arrive at the critical juncture in the key milestones set out in our Strategic Plan.

校內管治方面,我們於年內已推出多項計劃,包括為將 來所有內部審計結果,實施風險級數評估,以加強和保

Over the last few years, our Institute community has been working with unswerving


dedication and concerted effort to not only enhance our teaching and learning, and


research and scholarship capacities; but also to shape the local education landscape and international discourse on education. The Institute has made impressive achievements in the current triennium, and is fully prepared for its transformation into a University of Education.

關處理員工申訴及投訴程序,亦採納有關企業社會責任 的最佳做法為校政一部分,以彰顯我們履行高水準管治 和公民責任的決心。 展望未來,我們即將進入關鍵時刻,以拓展 《策略發展計 劃》 所定下的重要發展里程。

At HKIEd, we remain strongly convinced that the key to bolstering and developing talent is through education, long regarded as an important driver of social progress and mobility. Hong Kong lacks natural resources and our people are our most important asset. I firmly believe the future University will have a vital role to play in this process. The University of Education, working in tandem with other sister universities and institutions of higher learning, will help Hong Kong nurture its future talent and leaders, strengthening its position as the hub for education in the region.

回顧過去幾年,本校仝人上下一心,竭誠不懈地共同努 力,不單提升我們的教與學及研究與學術實力,還塑造 出本港的教育面貌,以及確立國際層面的教育討論。本 校當前的三年發展計劃,已取得多項驕人成就,並全面 準備就緒,成為一所教育大學。 本校依然深信,教育是造就和發展人才的關鍵,一向更 視為社會進步和流動的驅動力。香港缺乏天然資源,人

On this note, I am extremely gratified that the Quality Assurance Council, in its recently


released report, commended this Council for its effective leadership in moving towards


the goal of achieving university status with an Education-plus academic profile. I wish to


take this opportunity to thank Members of the Council, the staff, students and alumni,


for their dedication and hard work.


In closing, let me extend a warm welcome to new Council Members Mr Henry Tong, Professor Joanne Chung, Professor John Lee, Professor Dennis McInerney, Mr Li Chinwa, Mrs Julie Ma and Mr Zero Liu. On behalf of the Institute, I would like to express our gratitude to outgoing Council Members Mr Ivan Choy, Professor Lam Chi-chung, Mrs Lydia Lam, Dr Ng Shun-wing, Dr So Kwok-sang, Dr Jimmy Wong and Dr Wong Ping-ho for their invaluable services to the Institute.

報告讚揚本校校董會具高效領導能力,以「教育為本, 超越教育」為學術內涵,帶領本校爭取大學地位。我借 此機會,特向校董會成員、教職員、學生及校友們致謝, 感謝他們熱誠投入、勤奮努力。 最後,我謹代表本校,歡迎本屆校董會新任成員;他們 是湯修齊先生、鍾慧儀教授、李子建教授、麥翰林教授、 李展華先生、馬李敏慧女士和廖思銘先生。同時,對離 任的校董會成員,更致以深切謝意;他們是蔡雋豪先生、

* The official title of the 3-3-4 academic structure is the New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education in Hong Kong. Under this structure, students will receive six years of secondary education (three junior and three senior), and four years of university education.


* 三三四學制的官方名稱為高中及高等教育新學制,學生在此學制內須接受六年中學教育(三年初中及三年高中) , 及四年大學教育。


Mr Pang Yiu-kai, SBS, JP Chairman of the Council

彭耀佳先生, SBS, JP 校董會主席




President’s Overview 校長的話


ver the past three years, The Hong Kong Institute of Education has been undergoing a significant process of transformation under the “Education-plus”

vision to become a University of Education. This goal was articulated in the Institute’s

Strategic Plan 2009-12 and Beyond, spanning four areas – transforming people, transforming our capacity, transforming schools and the community, and transforming the regional education landscape.

Programme Diversity Supported by our highly committed staff, the “Education-plus” vision has been steadily taking shape in the range and level of our academic programmes, developed upon our strong foundation in delivering Teacher Education at the Bachelor, Postgraduate Diploma, and taught Master and Doctoral levels. Last year, the Institute began to admit students to its new Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and funded non-Teacher Education programme, namely the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in

Creative Arts and Culture has just been launched for 2011-12.

育大學。我們在《策略發展計劃 跨越 2009-12》中,

Environmental Studies programmes. The third University Grants Committee (UGC)-

New self-financed Bachelor of Social Science Education programmes complementary to Education have been planned for introduction in 2011-12, in addition to the existing Bachelor of Music in Education and Bachelor of Health Education. They cover Liberal



已清晰闡明這個目標,並圍繞四個主要範疇發展,包 括:塑造人才、提升實力、改造學校與社區,以及改 變區域教育面貌。

Studies Education, Greater China Studies, Science and Web Technology, and Sports

百花齊放 多元學科課程


本校的教師教育基礎堅實,開辦了學士課程、學士後 文憑課程、碩士課程及博士課程。在這基礎上,我們

Major progress has been made in postgraduate and research education. To meet


professional and community needs, new taught postgraduate programmes have been


planned for implementation in 2011-12: namely, Master of Arts programmes in


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, in Mathematics and Pedagogy, in

去年,本校新辦的語文研究 ( 榮譽 ) 文學學士課程和全 球及環境研究 ( 榮譽 ) 社會科學學士課程招收首屆學生;

Educational Linguistics and Communication Science, and in Contemporary Studio Art and Criticism in Education; as well as Master of Social Science Education programmes in Ethnicity and Global Citizenship and in Greater China Studies. During the year, the Institute admitted the first cohort of research students to its newly

而第三個由大學教育資助委員會 ( 教資會 ) 資助的非教 師教育課程- -創意藝術及文化 ( 榮譽 ) 文學學士課程亦 剛於二零一一至一二年度推出。

launched Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy programmes, following the


establishment of the Graduate School in April 2010. These students have now finished


their taught courses and are commencing work on their research theses. Meanwhile the first batch of students in the Doctor of Education programme will soon complete their dissertations.

外,更多新增的同類社會科學教育學士課程,亦於二 零一一至一二年度設立,學科有通識教育、大中華地 區研究、科學與網絡科技,以及運動科學。 學士後及研究教育方面的發展亦已跨步向前。為配合

Revamping of the Undergraduate Curriculum While fully gearing up for programme expansion, the Institute has not lost sight of preparing for the 3-3-4 academic structure* to be implemented in higher education

專業及社會需要,本校陸續增辦修讀式學士後課程, 計劃在二零一一至一二年度推出的文學碩士課程,涵 蓋領域包括英語教學、數學及教學法、教育語言學暨 言語科學、當代藝術創作與評論教育;另有兩項社會

institutions in 2012-13, whereby students of our core Bachelor of Education


programmes will have a new five-year curriculum while those pursuing other Bachelor


degree programmes will study for four years. A comprehensive curriculum review has been conducted for 3-3-4. Irrespective of programme streams, the new undergraduate curriculum will feature greater connectivity


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

本校已於二零一零年四月成立研究生院,隨即於年內 招收首批從事研究的哲學碩士及哲學博士課程學生。 這些學生現已完成修課部分,正開展研究論文的工作; 同時,首屆教育學博士課程的學生亦即將完成博士論文。

President’s Overview 校長的話

among different areas of knowledge through a more multidisciplinary design, curricular

與時並進 改革學士課程

and co-curricular learning, and a reinvigorated General Education component


underscored partly by a Foundation Course delivered by Chair Professors and Professors

一三年度於高等教育院校推行的三三四學制 * 作好準

in a specially designed lecture series. The new General Education mode is to be pilot-


run in 2011-12.

將要修業五年,選擇其他學科的學士學位課程則修業 四年。

It is hoped that an extended innovative learning experience beyond the traditional classroom-based curriculum, plus overseas exchange and immersion programmes, will form an integral part of the “Total Learning Experience” to broaden the minds and perspectives of our students.

Quality Assurance

為預備推行三三四學制,本校經全面檢討現有課程結 構。不論修讀任何學科,新學制下的學士課程將有所 革新,加強不同知識領域之間的聯繫。課程突出多元 學科的特色;正規學習與聯課活動並重;並加入於二 零一一至一二年度試行的嶄新通識教育模式,當中基 礎範疇的學習內容,包括一系列精心設計、由講座教

The Institute underwent an audit by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) early this year.


The QAC report, just released at the time of finalising this Annual Report, commends


the Institute on the range of support given to student learning through language


enhancement, advisory services and extracurricular activities, and international and


Mainland experiences, and affirms that it is on the move from an earlier approach of quality control, through to a quality assurance approach and on to the implementation

桃李不言  質素核證

of an embedded quality enhancement culture.

年內較早時,質素保證局為本校進行了質素核證,核 證報告並於本年報製作後期公布。報告讚揚本校給予

During the past year, the Institute has strengthened its Teaching and Learning


Framework and established a new Committee on Learning and Teaching under the


Academic Board to drive a quality enhancement culture and learning innovation


initiatives (including e-learning). New President’s Awards for Outstanding Performance


in Teaching, Research, and Service are being planned for introduction in 2011-12.


Research and Scholarship On the research front, the Institute has made significant progress during the year, with research scopes broadened to encompass Education and related fields in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts and Culture. Academic staff have been active in conducting research projects with funding support from the Research Grants Council (RGC), Quality Education Fund and other external bodies and government departments. I am excited to report here that in the latest round of 2011-12 RGC funding


applications the Institute fared very well as a new research-active institution, ranking among the top two in terms of success rates in Education and Social Sciences,

與教委員會,以推動質素提升文化及學習創新項目 ( 包括電子學習 )。我們還計劃於二零一一至一二年度,

comparing favourably with the established local universities.

設立新的校長獎項,以表揚傑出的教學、研究及服務 表現。

As the Institute continues to strengthen its research capacity, its wide array of research is having a growing impact on innovation in teaching and learning, policy discourse and

人文薈萃 研究學術實力

social and human development. New knowledge and research findings are disseminated


through conferences, seminars, journals, publications and extensive knowledge transfer


activities for schools, the profession and the community.

關領域。學術人員熱心於研究工作,研究項目獲得研 究資助局 ( 研資局 )、優質教育基金及其他校外機構和

An increasing number of the Institute’s scholars are also now actively engaged in


policy advocacy and commentary, sharing their research analysis with the community and presenting diverse insights and perspectives in the public arena. With such

很高興在此向大家報告,二零一一至一二年度研資局 最新一輪的研究撥款申請中,本校作為一所新晉發展



President’s Overview

Photo: The Education Bureau of the Hong Kong S.A.R.


Award Presentation Ceremony of the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence 2010-11 行政長官卓越教學獎頒獎典禮

engagements, they unleash intellectual power and create impact in advancing the cause


of educational development, human betterment and social progress.

研究項目,獲批撥款的成功率,於全港大學同一學科 領域中名列首二位。

During the year we were delighted that the academic and research achievements of the Institute scholars were recognised by the wider community. In March 2011, the first Endowed Chair Professorships were bestowed on four distinguished scholars, supported by endowments set up by three generous and visionary donors.

Partnership with Schools and the Community The Institute is known for its close links with local schools and education professional bodies, benefiting the education sector and also providing useful inputs to the Institute’s efforts in enhancing teaching quality. To take school partnership to greater heights, the Institute signed agreements with four

在持續強化研究實力中,本校同工探討多元領域的研 究議題,對創新教與學、政策論述,以至社會和人文 發展方面,作用日益加強。我們透過學術會議、研討 會、學術期刊、出版,以及為學校、教育專業和社群 舉辦廣泛的知識轉移活動等多種渠道,推廣創新知識 及研究成果。 本校學者日趨踴躍參與公共政策倡議及評論,與大眾 分享研究分析,並發表多元見解和觀點。過程中,他 們發揮學術力量,為推動教育及人文發展,以及社會 進步,起著積極的作用。

major school sponsoring bodies in December 2010, namely the Catholic Diocese of


Hong Kong, the Anglican (Hong Kong) Primary School Council, the Hong Kong Council


of the Church of Christ in China and the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The Institute’s graduates have continued to gain recognition in the Chief Executive’s

矚的捐款者慷慨支持,首次頒授冠名講座教授銜予本校 四位傑出學者。

Award for Teaching Excellence Scheme. In 2010-11, of the 104 winning teachers, 89

不孤有鄰 結伴學校社群

were our alumni, with 40 receiving awards and 49 certificates of merit. The awardees


have been enlisted as Teaching Consultants to various departments of the Institute to benefit our staff and students, as well as to strengthen alumni ties.

聯 繫, 讓 學 界 從 中 獲 益, 同 時 亦 有 助 本 校 提 升 教 學 質素。 為進一步加強與學校的伙伴關係,本校於二零一零年

International Linkage and Leadership In recent years, the Institute has placed a strategic focus on transforming the regional education landscape, as we assume an expanded role in leading and shaping the regional education discourse through organising international conferences and projects, and forging alliances and partnerships around the world. Our work has gained international recognition, with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) awarding the Institute a highly prestigious Chair in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

十二月,跟四個主要的辦學團體簽訂協議,分別為: 天主教香港教區、聖公宗 ( 香港 ) 小學監理委員會、中 華基督教會香港區會及東華三院。 本校畢業生繼續在行政長官卓越教學獎中取得佳績, 工作表現備受大眾認同。二零一零至一一年度,一百 零四位獲獎教師中,八十九位為本校校友,其中四十 位獲卓越教學獎,四十九位獲頒嘉許狀。這些獲獎者 還出任本校不同學系的教學顧問,惠及母校師生,協 助加強本校與校友的聯繫。

President’s Overview 校長的話

Lifelong Learning in January 2011. This was the first time for UNESCO to award an

任重致遠 國際聯繫及領導

education Chair to a tertiary institution in Hong Kong, providing an important platform


for the Institute to engage international partners in the promotion of lifelong learning


and poverty alleviation among underprivileged communities.


In addition, the Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the UNESCO Bangkok Office in April 2011, to establish a UNESCO Arts Observatory for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education, testifying to the Institute’s growing standing and impact in arts education in the region. Building on the success of the inaugural Asian Roundtable of Presidents of Universities of Education in May 2009, the Institute is at the time of writing earnestly preparing

和影响區域性的教育論述。 我們的工作成績獲得國際肯定。二零一一年一月, 聯 合 國 教 育、 科 學 及 文 化 組 織 ( 聯 合 國 教 科 文 組 織 ) 頒授予本校「技術教育及職業培訓與終身學習」教席 殊榮,這是該組織首次給予香港的專上院校教育範疇 內的教席,令本校獲得一個重要平台,藉此跟國際伙 伴合作,協助貧困社群促進終身學習及扶貧工作。

for the Second Asian Roundtable, to be held on 3 November 2011. On this important


occasion, around 40 university presidents or their deputies from across Asia and Europe


will converge and share insights into the future of the region’s universities of education


(and normal universities) in the face of global challenges and opportunities.


Looking Ahead

二零零九年五月,本校舉辦首屆亞洲地區教育大學校 長論壇,圓滿成功。有鑑於此,我們再接再厲籌辦第

As we approach 2012, the Institute is entering a crucial year in its final preparation


for taking the title of university. While we are working at full steam to achieve the

時,將有約四十名來自亞洲及歐洲的大學校長或其代 表參加,就如何規劃區域內教育大學 ( 及師範大學 ) 的

milestones as outlined in the Strategic Plan, no efforts have been spared in ensuring that concurrent implementation of the 3-3-4 academic structure will be on track. At this institution, we seek to reinvigorate and connect with the great traditions of university education, where wisdom and ideas are cultivated, humanistic concerns cherished and future leaders groomed. The Institute is also a place vibrant in free thought and free speech, and where rationality and diversity are championed and advanced. Its distinctive vision will enrich the tertiary education scene as Hong Kong


大學之道 未來路向展望 邁向二零一二年,這將是本校為正名大學作最後準備的 關鍵一年。我們一方面竭盡全力實現《策略發展計劃》 內所訂立的發展新里程,同時亦不會疏於落實三三四 新學制的工作,反而會悉力確保學制推行成功。

strengthens as an education hub in the region and beyond.


In review, I am deeply grateful for the support of the entire Institute community, which


works in unison and with great resolve in forging ahead with the “Education-plus” vision.


This is a vision that is propelling the Institute into being a centre of knowledge creation in the region, with contributions to social progress and the enlightenment of humanity.


以至全球的教育樞紐之際,本校獨特的願景當能為本 地高等教育增添姿采。 回望過去一年,我深深感謝本校全體成員的鼎力支持,

* The official title of the 3-3-4 academic structure is the New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education in Hong Kong. Under this structure, students will receive six years of secondary education (three junior and three senior), and four years of university education. * 三三四學制的官方名稱為高中及高等教育新學制,學生在此學制內須接受六年中學教育(三年初中及三年高中) , 及四年大學教育。

Professor Anthony B. L. Cheung, GBS, JP President

大家上下一心,以極大的決心推動實現「教育為本,超 越教育」的願景。這個願景驅策本校向前,發展成為 區域知識創建中心,為社會進步和人類文明發展作出 貢獻。

張炳良教授, GBS, JP 校長



Snapshots 2010-11 活動剪影 November 2010 Students of Bachelor of Health Education Programme, Wong Kam-po and Marco Kwok Ho-ting, members of the Hong Kong Delegation to the 16th Asian Games, netted one gold and two silver medals. 健康教育學士課程學生黃金寶及郭灝霆, 代表香港參加第十六屆亞運會,贏得一面 金牌及兩面銀牌。

Four distinguished individuals were conferred honorary doctorates at the 16th Congregation in recognition of their immense contributions to social progress and human and educational betterment. They were: Dr Ela Ramesh Bhatt: Doctor of Social Sciences, honoris causa, Ms Ann Hui On-wah, MBE: Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa, Professor Sharon Lynn Kagan: Doctor of Education, honoris causa, and Professor Victor Henry Mair: Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa. 在第十六屆畢業典禮上,四位傑出人士獲頒授榮譽博士學位,以表揚他們對推動社會進 步,改善人文發展和教育等方面,作出的重大貢獻。他們是白綺娜博士 (榮譽社會科學博士 學位)、許鞍華女士 (榮譽人文學博士學位)、祈雪蓮教授 (榮譽教育學博士學位) 及梅維恒教 授 (榮譽人文學博士學位)。

January 2011

March 2011

The Institute’s academic impacts reached

In recognition of their research and

new heights with prestigious international

academic achievements, four eminent

recognition twice given by the United

scholars, Professors Joanne Chung

Nations Educational, Scientific and

Wai-yee, Philip Hallinger, Benjamin

Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

T’sou Ka-yin and Allan Walker, were

Following the award of a UNESCO Chair

awarded Endowed Chair Professorships

in Technical and Vocational Education

by the Institute with support of three

and Training and Lifelong Learning in

donors from the private sector.

January, the UNESCO Arts Observatory for


Research in Local Cultures and Creativity


in Education was established in April. 本校於年內兩次獲得聯合國教育、科學及

Six outstanding individuals were named Honorary Fellows by the Institute for their dedication


and contributions to education and the Institute. They were Mr Daniel Chan Wing-kwong, MH,


Mr Fung Hon-man, Professor Ho Pui-hung, Mr Ng Hong-mun, GBM, Dr Jeannie Sun Fong-

頒予本校「技術教育及職業培訓與終身學 習」教席,隨後於四月在本校設立「本土 文化及創意教育研究」觀測所。


chung, BBS, JP, and Ms Ada Wong Ying-kay, JP. 本校向六位卓越人士頒授榮譽院士銜,肯定他們對教育及本校付出的努力及貢獻。他們是陳 榮光先生、馮翰文先生、何沛雄教授、吳康民先生、孫方中博士及黃英琦女士。

The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

May 2011

May 2011

June 2011

Global and Environmental Studies students

With funding of over HK$2.66 million from

in the Service Exposure Attachment

the Quality Education Fund in 2009, the

Programme spent their Easter holidays at

Institute rolled out a three-year "Partnership

a fishing village in Semarang, Indonesia,

Project on Teaching and Learning of

sharing environmental protection

Cantonese Opera in Primary and Secondary

knowledge with fishermen and farmers.

Schools". Teachers and students from


29 primary and secondary schools have

驗計劃,在復活節假期前往印尼三寶壟漁 村,與漁民及農民分享保護環境的知識。

The Graduate Employment Survey 2010

participated in the project since its inception.

reaffirmed that our graduates remain highly competitive in the education sector despite its rapidly changing landscape. The employment figures also reflected the quality and popularity of the programmes offered by the Institute.

Four Mainland students initiated the









July 2011

“Cherish Sunshine: Book Circulation

At the opening of the 2011 International

Project” after the devastating Sichuan

Choral Jazz and Mass Participatory Musicking

earthquake in 2008. The Project collected

Festival held on the same day, around

nearly 6,000 books from Hong Kong and

600 overseas and local school choristers

Shanghai that were sent to the remote

gathered at the Opening Ceremony of the new

mountainous areas of Sichuan and Yunnan,

permanent canopy at Central Plaza.

benefiting schools and communities in the


two provinces. The students’ humanistic


concern and participation in social service


earned them a Commendation in the


President’s Commendation Scheme. 二零零八年發生四川地震後,四名來自內 地的學生發起「守護陽光:流動圖書館計 劃」,把在香港和上海收集得近六千本書 籍,寄付四川和雲南偏遠山區的學校及 社區。有關同學獲頒「校長嘉許計劃」獎 項,肯定其人道關懷及社會服務精神。

The 63rd World Conference of Organisation Mondiale pour l'Education Préscolaire (OMEP), with the theme “Meeting the Learning and Developmental Needs of Our Young Citizens” provided a platform for over 1,000 educators to exchange views on the latest developments and state-of-art practices in early childhood education. 第六十三屆世界幼兒教育聯會國際研討會,以「迎接幼兒學習和發展的新挑戰」為主題,為 超過一千名教育工作者提供平台,就幼兒教育的最新發展及實踐方法交流意見。 香港教育學院2010-2011年報


Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

Path of Transformation

騰飛新天 跨越未來

Over the past year, the Institute continued on its path of transforming itself into a multidisciplinary institution, building on its strong foundation in Education-related areas, and the consolidation of additional complementary discipline areas in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts and Culture. Advancing the “Education-plus” vision, these transformational efforts worked in tandem with a strengthening of teaching and research, underpinned by committed staff who work in unison to create synergy between teaching, learning and research. 過去一年,本校不斷革新,致力發展為一所多元學科院校。與教育相關的 學科,我們已建立了堅穩的基礎;而人文學,社會科學和創意藝術與文化 領域方面,也新增了不少配合學科。在「教育為本,超越教育」願景下, 我們繼續勇往直前,為強化教學與研究而努力;加上教職員熱誠投入、群 策群力,使教與學及研究得以發揮協同效應。 


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

Innovative Programmes


又一新 ── 新課程 新領域

The Institute is keen to nurture students as global


citizens who have the passion for teaching and are


professionally ready to be the agents of change in


schools and the community. 二零一零至一一年度,本校提供四十九個學士及以上程

In 2010-11, the Institute offered 49 University Grants

度學位的課程。部分課程由大學教育資助委員會 (教資

Committee (UGC)-funded and self-financed programmes

會) 資助,其餘為自負盈虧課程。我們提供的一系列多

at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The wide


array of discipline areas adds value to and complements


the Institute’s core Education programmes while addressing the evolving needs of society.

Undergraduate Education


The undergraduate years are the first step in the direction


of an initial career choice and an enriched and deeper


experience of general education. These years forming


a coherent set of learning experiences in a chosen


discipline area also provide the foundation for future


postgraduate studies. With this multiple positioning


of undergraduate education in mind, the Institute is committed to creating an academic environment and curriculum to ensure that the undergraduate experience will enable individual students to reach their selfactualisation and social goals.



Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

Under this concept, the newly configured five-year Bachelor of Education (Honours) programmes and the four-year non-Education general degree programmes share a common curriculum framework characterised by greater choices and different learning pathways with both breadth and depth in their learning, as well as local, regional and international dimensions, meeting the needs of contemporary society in the era of globalisation and the knowledge revolution. Further to launching the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies, the Institute will be offering its third UGC-funded programme, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture, in 2011-12. The programme will aim at preparing students to be community-based artists who are able to work across a range of established art forms and advance the arts and arts education in the local, regional and international cultural and creative industries. On the core Education front, the Institute has developed

Dr Anissa Fung Siu-han (centre) 馮笑嫺博士 (中)

Learn with Sensitivity, Practise with Joy in the Art World 敏學樂行‧依德游藝 Dr Anissa Fung Siu-han Associate Professor of Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

cross-sectoral Bachelor of Education programmes


covering four majors, Chinese Language, Music,


Physical Education and Visual Arts, to be offered in 2011-12. This initiative is intended to equip our students with professional knowledge and experience in teaching at both primary and secondary schools while maintaining a central focus on the sector in which they

Dr Anissa Fung Siu-han began her studies at the Northcote College of Education. Upon graduation, she furthered her education in the UK focusing on ceramics and three-dimensional art design, and subsequently obtained her Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art. After returning to Hong Kong, she joined The Hong Kong Institute of Education in 1995 as a visual arts lecturer. For Dr Fung, the Institute

aspire to teach. This innovative arrangement will not only enable our students to understand more thoroughly

在這概念下,新設計的五年制教育 (榮譽) 學士課程及四

the requirements of and cognitive development needed


in their studies, but will also provide them with a more


integrated education experience.

習的廣度和深度,同時包含本地、區域及國際視野,以 回應現今全球化及知識革命年代的社會需要。

The Institute has also introduced other self-financed programmes that are strongly linked to Education. The Bachelor of Music in Education (Honours) (Contemporary Music and Performance Pedagogy) and Bachelor of Health Education (Honours) programmes are designed to nurture community musicians and cultivate teachers, school nurses and social workers with substantial educational skills and knowledge to serve beyond conventional school settings. Self-financed programmes preparing educators and trainers in other fields to be launched in 2011-12 include Greater China Studies, Web Technology, Sports Science and Liberal Studies Education.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

is a platform for developing her multiple interests. Although others may say she is a workaholic, she derives great satisfaction from and understands herself much better through work. As an artist, Dr Fung is a perfectionist. Her students see her as a role model, and are motivated by a combination of admiration and fear to work hard under her strict discipline. Yet her humour, wisdom and creativity set the scene for an inspired and focused classroom. Dr Fung places a strong emphasis on moral education. For her, the personal integrity and professionalism of her students are more important than their artistic skills and knowledge. She believes that learning is not restricted to the classroom, and often leads her students to participate in community service. The Visual Arts Education and Community Development Project is one such initiative, providing students with pre-employment exposure whereby they learn to create and share art through teaching the subject to people from all walks of life. In doing so they also develop organisational and problem-solving skills. Dr Fung firmly believes in learning through practice – that students’ personal integrity, confidence and empathy are established and reinforced through observation, participation and reflection.

馮笑嫺博士於羅富國師範學院畢業後,赴笈英國進修陶 藝和立體藝術設計,其後在皇家藝術學院深造碩士課程 學位。回港後機緣巧合,一九九五年加入教院,擔任視 覺藝術科講師,揭開教育工作的新頁。對馮博士而言, 教院是發展多元興趣的平台,旁人說她沉迷工作,她卻 自得其樂,認為從工作中更清晰地看到自我。 作為藝術家,馮博士是位完美主義者;她的學生一則以 嚴師為典範,學習敢疏懶,二則以欣賞老師的風趣比 喻和創意睿智而格外用心上課;馮博士尤其關注品格教 育,除了藝術本科的學養外,更重視學生的德行和專 業能力。她認為學習不應限於課堂和學校,故此帶領學 生參與社區服務,以汲取務實工作經驗。其中「藝展 計劃」正是最好的職前培訓:學生透過教授不同階層人 士創作和分享藝術,培養組織和解難能力。『行之、得 之』 - - 馮博士深信學生的學行操守,自信和同理心, 是透過觀察、參與和反思而得以建構及鞏固。

To Dr Fung, living itself is a source of inspiration for creation, with art enriching and fulfilling one’s emotional needs. Recently, she came up with the ingenious idea of creating a banana-shaped ceramic tool that the elderly can use to exercise their hands while they participate in other fitness activities. Every object in life can offer a point of interest and learning. Dr Fung enjoys pondering the wonder of this process, always exploring with sensitivity, and practising with a joyous heart. For her, this is “The Way Towards Great Learning”.

“Candle Holder: A ceramic interpretation of corrugated paper product”, by Dr Anissa Fung in 2010. 《燭台:演繹瓦通紙的陶塑 》,馮笑嫺博士2010年作品。

馮博士認為,創作靈感往往源自生活,藝術可豐富和 滿足心靈需要。最近,她構思了別具心思的陶土手部 運動器具,讓長者有機會親自製作香蕉形狀的陶器, 再配合學習健康操。長者的投入,其家人的支持,令 她深受感動。 生活中的每事物,皆蘊藏着趣味和學問,馮博士樂於思考 箇中奧妙之處,用敏銳的觸覺探究,抱愉快的心情學習和 實踐。這正是她對「大學之道」的體悟。

本校除了推出語文研究 ( 榮譽 ) 文學學士、全球及環境 研究 (榮譽) 社會科學學士課程外,亦於二零一一至一二 年度,新設第三個由教資會資助的創意藝術及文化 (榮 譽 ) 文學學士課程,旨在培育學生成為以社區為本的 藝術工作者,能夠為多種藝術形式獻力,並參與在本 地、區域及國際層面的文化和創意工業,以推進藝術 和藝術教育的發展。 在核心的教育學科方面,本校發展了四個橫跨中小學級別

Postgraduate Education

的教育學士課程,涵蓋中國語文、音樂、體育及視覺藝術 四個主修科目。課程於二零一一至一二年度推出,目標是

The Institute is further expanding its contribution to


enhancing the leadership and professional capacities


of the teaching and related professions through its


postgraduate programmes. Taught Master’s programmes,


including the Master of Education, Master of Arts and Master of Social Science Education, are designed for 香港教育學院2010-2011年報


Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

educators, trainers and professionals in educational and related settings, with the aim of developing their professional knowledge and competence to meet emerging demands and challenges locally and internationally. These programmes cover a wide range of specialisations in educational studies (e.g. language education, early childhood education, mathematics education, science education, curriculum and innovative teaching, special education, educational and developmental psychology, etc.), linguistics and communication sciences, music education and contemporary studio art, ethnicity and global citizenship, and Greater China studies. Professional doctorates extend the training to include the systematic and critical investigation of educational practices, processes or policies, in the form of a dissertation. The Institute also offers an International Executive Master of Arts (IEMA) degree for educational leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Since the launch of the UGC-funded Research Postgraduate programme, the first cohort of research students have finished their taught courses and are now commencing their work on research theses. The Institute will also see its first batch of students in

本校亦開辦了其他與教育密切關聯的自負盈虧課程,包 括音樂教育 (榮譽) 學士 (當代音樂及演奏教育學) 課程、 健康教育 (榮譽) 學士銜接課程,旨在培育社區音樂工作 者及教師、學校護士及社工,透過提供豐富的教育技巧 和知識,使他們得以在傳統學校以外的環境服務。在二 零一一至一二年度推出的其他自負盈虧課程,涉及大中 華地區研究、網絡科技、運動科學及通識教育等領域, 以培育相關的教育工作者及導師。


the Doctor of Education programme completing their


dissertations in the coming months.

導和專業人才,作出更大貢獻。包括教育碩士、文學碩 士及社會科學教育碩士等的修課式碩士課程,專為教育

Pursuit of Great Learning


Teaching and Learning


Aiming high at nurturing quality graduates, the Institute seeks to groom its students as the leaders of the “learning future”– a future that will require them to think out of the box, be thoughtful problem solvers, embrace ambitions that go beyond solely personal gain and demonstrate genuine humanistic concern for the wider community and the world. These demanding qualities will only be achievable through a total learning experience acquired by learning both in and out of the classroom, through formal and non-formal curriculum, and supported by curricular and co-curricular activities.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

現的需要及挑戰。這些課程廣泛涵蓋特有領域的教育研 究 (如語文教育、幼兒教育、數學教育、科學教育、課 程及創新教學、特殊教育、教育及發展心理學等 ) 、語 言學暨言語科學、音樂教育及當代藝術創作、民族及全 球公民,以及大中華地區研究。專業博士學位課程的研

Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

Teaching and Research The Institute adheres to the fundamental value of using high-quality research to inform innovation in learning, teaching and curriculum development, and to support professional practice, policy discourse and social and human development. Key research outputs of Institute staff are used as required materials to enhance learning and teaching at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Through the Institute Library’s HKIEd Research Repository and its Hong Kong Education Bibliographic Database launched in January

究則伸延至就教育實踐、過程或政策等,進行有系統及 具批判性的探索,並以論文形式表達研究所得。本校亦 為亞太地區的教育導袖,開設了一個國際高級行政人員 文學碩士課程。 自教資會資助的研究式學士後課程推出後,首屆從事研究 的學生現已完成修課部分,正開展研究論文的工作;本校 首批教育博士課程學生亦可望於未來數月完成博士論文。

大學之道 學習永無止境

2011, research outputs are now easily accessible online


to inform learning, teaching and research development.

成為「學習型未來」的領袖。他們在未來世界必須具備創 新思維,能慎思明辨地解決問題,懷抱理想,不僅只追求

Focused research areas underpinned by a critical mass of


active researchers led by renowned scholars are pertinent


to a quality teaching and learning environment. The five


Institute-level Research Centres and ten Faculty-level


Research and Development Centres continue to advance


cutting-edge multidisciplinary knowledge in diverse areas strategic to education and the community in Hong Kong and the region, such as leadership and change, assessment and measurement, linguistics and language information science, governance and citizenship, language education and acquisition in multilingual societies, lifelong learning and international education, and Greater China studies. The Institute also bolsters its research culture through a holistic approach of capacity building of Institute staff at various levels. At the Faculty and Department levels, team spirit in research is fostered through well-established researchers taking the lead in promoting a nexus between teaching and research. At the Institute level, the overall academic capacity and research leadership

本校堅守一個基本價值,就是透過高質素的研究來影響學 與教及課程發展的革新,同時支援專業實踐、政策論述, 以至社會和人文發展。本校教職員重要的研究成果成為學 士及學士後課程的必用教材,冀能改善學與教。透過本校 圖書館的「香港教育學院學術典藏」及其於二零一一年一 月推出的「香港教育文獻數據庫」,各項研究成果現在能 簡易地供各界從網上取閱,從而促進學與教及研究發展。 由知名學者領導一眾活躍的研究員,針對若干領域進行研 究,能建立優質的教與學環境。本校五所校級研究中心及 十所院級研究與發展中心,持續在對區域及香港的教育和 社會具策略價值的多個領域內 (包括領導與變革、評估和 量度、語言及語文資訊科學、管治與公民、多元社會語文 教育、終身學習與國際教育、大中華研究等),創建尖端 的多學科知識。



Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

are strengthened through global strategic recruitment of Chair Professors and Professors, and the development of research postgraduate education. The work on these fronts has borne fruit, supporting and informing learning and teaching, and creating a vibrant research culture and growing research capacity across the Institute.

Research Education Our internationally renowned academic leaders and major grant holders form a pool of supervisors for research students. They provide supervision on a wide range of educational and related areas, offering quality team-approach supervision to research students and mentorship to less experienced researchers. Each of our research degree students is affiliated with an Institute- or Faculty-level Research Centre so that his or her research capacity development can benefit from considerable exposure to multidisciplinary research activities and experiences locally and internationally. With

Dr Lam Bick-har (third left) 林碧霞博士 (左三)

Best Blend of Teaching and Research 教研互融 ‧律人律己 Dr Lam Bick-har Associate Professor of Department of Curriculum and Instruction

林碧霞博士 課程與教學學系副教授

Dr Lam Bick-har is a veteran educator who accumulated experience through over a decade of teaching and research at local universities before joining the HKIEd. Her career started as an educational developer promoting “action research” to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in universities when Hong Kong was fast expanding higher education in the mid-1990s. That was a period when academics began to teach a much larger student population and first felt the need to master teaching skills to deal with a diverse student profile. Since then, there has been an increasing awareness that academics should excel in teaching as well as research.

over 200 ongoing research projects in different areas of education and related disciplines, they provide excellent opportunities for students to participate in scholarly activities and share first-hand experiences and insights that are crucial to the development of their research competence and horizons. The overall progress made in the last few years has set the Institute firmly on the path of transformation into an Education-focused multidisciplinary institution, strong in research and research training. The changes enable the Institute to play an active role in knowledge creation and knowledge transfer, where distinguished scholars and experts are working together to foster a culture conducive to the pursuit of Great Learning, growth in Intellectual Diversity and dynamism in Free Thinking.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Dr Lam’s research is firmly grounded in and drawn from her teaching experience. She is the most critical examiner of her own teaching effectiveness. To walk the talk, she videotapes all of her class teaching, reviews the inadequacies and thinks through ways of improvement. Without any reservation, she shares her videotapes with colleagues by uploading them onto her website. Her real-life teaching practice turns into a treasure of research, where she can explore theories and the best pedagogies to enhance student learning. Whoever crosses paths with Dr Lam can feel her passion for teaching. “I love to communicate with young people. My joy comes from seeing my students grow on the academic path, transforming into confident prospective teachers who can support teaching with solid theories”, she beamed. To ensure her students are best prepared as leaders of future learning, she sets the bar very high. Yet the demanding standard Dr Lam asks of her students has not prevented her from being deeply appreciated by those students and fellow teachers. This explains why she was one of the recipients of the Institute’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010. For Dr Lam, “The Way Towards Great Learning” is to employ every means to transform her students into all-rounded competent professionals who can apply knowledge, have the capacity for profound reflection and maintain the determination to achieve excellence.

Path of Transformation 騰飛新天 跨越未來

本校亦透過全方位提升各級教職員的能力,來強化研究 林碧霞博士是位資深的教育工作者,加入本校 前,已累積了逾十年在本地大學教學和研究的經 驗。她原為教育發展工作者,專業生涯始於推 動「行動研究」,以提升大學學與教的質素;其 時,香港適值一九九零年代中期,高等教育迅速 發展,接受大學教育的學生人數急速增長,教學 人員因而首次感到有需要改進教學技巧,以適應 不同類型學生的需要。此後,人們日益察覺,大 學教學人員不單須優於研究,也要教學出色。

文化。在院級和系級層面,透過資深研究員帶領加強教 學和研究之間的連繫,能促進研究團隊士氣。在全校層 面,整體的學術實力及研究領導能力得以強化,有賴從 全球策略性招聘講座教授和教授,以及發展研究式學士 後教育。上述多方面的工作已見成果,包括支援和推動 了教與學、創建了活力充沛的研究文化,以及令全校的 研究實力持續提升。

林博士的研究建基於豐富的教學經驗,她對自己 的教學效益要求極為嚴謹。她以身作則,把自己 上課時的情景錄影下來,檢討不足、設法改善, 並把上課錄像上載到其網頁,毫無保留地與同事 分享。她日常的教學實踐成為了研究的寶貴資 源,讓她從中探索理論和最好的教學法,提升學 生的學習效益。 任何曾經與林博士共事或交往的人,均感受到她 的教學熱忱。「我愛與年青人溝通,當我見到學 生在學術路上羽翼漸豐,逐步成為充滿自信的準 教師,並能以堅實的理論基礎來支援其教學時, 我便感到欣慰。」為確保學生獲得最好的裝備, 成為明日之師,林博士對他們要求極為嚴格,但 這不但沒有嚇倒他們,反而令學生更欣賞她,這 正是她於二零一零年獲得本校「卓越教學獎」的 原因。 林博士所詮釋的「大學之道」,就是竭盡所能,培 育學生成為具專業素養的全才,懂得應用知識,具 深切的省思能力,以及堅持追求卓越的決心。

研究精益求精 校內享譽國際的學術領袖及獲主要研究撥款資助的學者形 成導師團隊,指導從事研究的學生。導師們就一系列有關 教育和相關學科的廣闊研究領域,為學生和經驗較淺的研 究員,提供優質的團隊為本指導與輔助。 每名修讀研究式學位課程的學生,均附屬一所校級或院級 的研究中心,使其研究能力發展受益於本地和國際的大量 多學科研究活動和經驗。我們現正進行有關教育或相關學 科的不同領域研究項目,合共逾二百個,給予學生極佳機 會,從事學術活動,並能分享到第一手的經驗和啟悟,這 對發展學生的研究能力和擴闊研究視野,極為重要。 我們在過去數年取得的長足進展,使本校得以鞏固步伐, 穩步向前,邁向成為一所以教育為本、提供多元學科兼具 研究實力的優秀學府。上述變革措施令本校在創建和轉移 知識方面,扮演積極角色;讓學者與專家們共事於此,培 養一種有利於追求大學之道、增強多元學術和激活自由思 維的文化。



Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才 In the fast-paced globalised information era, knowledge is no longer static and acquired through rote memorisation in the classroom. To be professionals and leaders of the “learning future”, school teachers are expected to have a broad and integrated knowledge base, make connections with life situations and be able to think critically to make personal judgements and value considerations. The nurturance of such demanding qualities among teachers and in turn students is at the core of the 3-3-4 academic structure* to be implemented in higher education institutions in 2012. 際此全球化資訊年代,知識日新月異,單憑課堂上死記硬背的學習, 已趕不上時代的步伐。教師作為專業人才和「學習型未來」的領袖, 必須具備廣泛而全面的知識基礎,把知識連繫於日常生活,並能以批 判思維作出個人判斷和價值考量。二零一二年高等教育院校即將推行 的三三四學制*,正以培育上述高質素的教師及其學生為主要目標。

* The official title of the 3-3-4 academic structure is the New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education in Hong Kong. Under this structure, students will receive six years of secondary education (three junior and three senior), and four years of university education. * 三三四學制的官方名稱為高中及高等教育新學制,學生在此學制內須接受六年中學教育 (三年初中及三年 高中),及四年大學教育。


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

New Undergraduate Curriculum


At the Institute, the new undergraduate curriculum


aims at advancing whole-person development through


a total learning experience among our students.


Under the 3-3-4 academic structure, students of our


core Bachelor of Education (BEd) programme will


experience a new five-year undergraduate curriculum,


whereas those pursuing other Bachelor degree


programmes will study for four years. In addition


to the stream of teacher-education programmes,


the Institute has launched another stream of non-


Education programmes encompassing the areas of


language studies, global and environmental studies


and creative arts and culture, as well as programmes


strongly linked and complimentary to education


including music in education, health education, sports


science, science and web technology, Greater China studies and liberal studies.

全新的教育學士課程更著重教學及特殊需要教育方面的專 業操守、責任和價值。本校於二零一一至一二年度試驗推

To facilitate synergy and cross fertilisation, the


Education and non-Education programmes share a


common curriculum framework featuring an enhanced


General Education component providing a varied but balanced mix of individual courses across a range


of subjects, a co-curricular learning component


to integrate out-of-classroom experiential learning


activities into the curriculum, a language enhancement component to ensure that students have a reasonably high level of English proficiency and a good command of Putonghua in addition to Cantonese, and enriched overseas experiences to widen our students’ horizons.



Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

Our new BEd curriculum takes into account the increasing importance of professional ethics, commitment and values in teaching and special needs education. A new Education Studies learning framework aiming

The Joy of Giving Service 見義樂為

to guide students through exploration of the psychological, social, theoretical and practical perspectives of education, the basic theories of teaching and learning, and issues pertinent to education has been developed for a pilot run in 2011-12. Emphasis on learning beyond the formal curriculum has been a major vision in our student development strategy. The strategy advocates student ownership of experiential learning through the provision of ample opportunities to take on responsible and leadership positions in cocurricular and service-learning activities.

Since her senior secondary years, it has been Wuhan native Starry Zhu Xiaowei’s ambition to be a teacher. Driven by a strong interest in the English language, she joined the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) programme at the HKIEd four years ago. Independent and always keen to try new things, Xiaowei is an explorer by nature. She regularly takes part in extracurricular activities, but she best remembers the Advanced Leadership Enhancement Programme co-orgnised by the HKIEd and the Hong Kong Red Cross in 2008. It still seems just like yesterday when she travelled to Ethiopia for 15 days, teaching English in a refugee community centre and meeting students from the University of Addis Ababa to exchange views and seal an agreement. She learned so much from the trip that she is still an active volunteer for the Hong Kong Red Cross. Xiaowei was awarded a Certificate of Achievement of Leadership in the President’s Commendation Scheme 2010-11 for her proactive participation in community service and outstanding academic performance. The award was not only an immense encouragement but also offered a great opportunity to hone her leadership skills, allowing her to reflect on her decisions for the future and clear her thoughts about the chosen path. “As limited as mankind’s power is, my responsibility as a prospective teacher is to go beyond mere knowledge transfer to my students, and instead share with them problems faced by refugees on the other side of the planet, call upon them for the need to be socially caring and globally aware.” In the fast-paced globalised information era, Xiaowei believes that teachers not only need to be well equipped in teaching and learning skills, but also need to develop an international outlook and a broad knowledge base.

Total Learning Experience Framework The Total Learning Experience framework will ensure that students admitted under the new 3-3-4 academic structure experience a smooth transition to university learning. Because these students will be one year younger than previously admitted entrants, the Institute will fortify among them the depth of knowledge and connectivity of different areas of knowledge through General Education. In the course of four to five years, students will have to go through a Foundation Course, Breadth Courses and conclude with a Consolidation Course. One of the unique features of the Foundation Course is a specially designed lecture series, to be given by Chair Professors and Professors, where the advanced scholarship of academic leaders will inform


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

朱曉薇來自武漢,念高中時已立志當教師。由 於對英語深感興趣,遂於四年前報讀教院的英 國語文教育 ( 榮譽 ) 學士課程。 曉薇性格獨立,樂於嘗試,且有探索精神;她 熱衷參與各類型課外活動,其中教她最難忘的, 就是二零零八年本校與紅十字會合辦的「進階 領導訓練計劃」。回想那十五天非洲埃塞俄比 亞 之 旅: 在 難 民 社 區 中 心 教 授 英 語、 與 亞 的 斯亞貝巴大學的學生交流意見和訂立協議等 往事,仿如昨天,期間的學習更令她獲益良多。  至今,曉薇仍然投入紅十字會籌辦的義工服務 活動,延續當天協議的承諾。 朱曉薇積極參與社區活動,加上學業成績優異,  因而在本年度獲得本校校長嘉許計劃傑出表現 獎。她感到雀躍之餘,更坦言參與過程除有助 發展其領導才能,更引導她反思,對她認清住 後的抉擇和路向,大有裨益。 「   人 的 力 量 雖 然 有 限, 但 我 作 為 明 日 之 師,  除了教授學生本科知識外,還有責任將地球彼 端的難民問題與他們分享,喚醒他們對社會及 世界的關注。」 朱曉薇認為在現今急遽轉變的全球化知識年代,  老師除了要不斷裝備教學技能,以提升教學質 素之外,還需培養國際視野,建立廣泛而全面 的知識。

Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

undergraduate teaching. Another innovative feature is the introduction of Co-curricular Learning courses, which incorporate carefully and well-planned activities mix, to extend students’ learning experience beyond the traditional classroom-based curriculum and broaden their minds and perspectives.

Teaching and Learning Framework

全面學習體驗 全面學習體驗框架確保在三三四學制下的學生能順利過 渡至大學階段。由於該批新生將較過往的學生早一年入 讀大學,本校開設的通識教育,將有助其加強知識深度和 結合不同領域的知識。在四至五年的課程中,學生將修讀 一個基礎課程、多個具廣度的拓寬課程,並以一個鞏固課 程作結。

Keeping students’ best interests in mind, “Learning”


shapes the Institute’s Teaching and Learning


framework. By adopting an outcome-based learning


approach, we seek to start with what students are


expected to learn, then focus on the creation of a


teaching and learning environment that is conducive to attaining the desired learning outcomes. The multiplelevel outcomes include generic outcomes that are expected of all students, programme outcomes that are pertinent to the distinctive dispositions expected from degree graduates, and course outcomes that can be gauged from student achievements. Based on the expected learning outcomes, programmes are designed to encapsulate a broad conceptual framework that aims at nurturing all-rounded graduates who are professionally competent, intellectually active, morally responsible, functionally trilingual, socially caring and globally aware.

全才教學框架 我們以學生的最大利益為念,通過「學習」確立本校的教 與學框架。我們採用以成果為本的學習取向,首要是讓 學生學習應學的知識,然後集中創建一個有利於達至某 種學習成果的教與學環境。學習成果是多層次的:包括 預期所有學生均須達至的一般成果;預期學位課程所達 至的、培育學生某種性向的成果;以及可由學生成績作出 評估的課程單元成果。建基於預期的成果,課程的設計 包含廣闊的概念框架,旨在培育出具多方面能力的畢業 生- -既具有專業實力,亦能敏於思考、秉持道德責任、 精通兩文三語、關懷社會及放眼世界。



Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

Rich and Rewarding Campus Life Academic pursuits alone cannot provide the all-rounded development that the Institute seeks to foster among its students. Upon admission, students are provided with ample opportunities to explore a wide array of alternative, diverse and exciting opportunities. Such exposure includes internship programmes, through which students can enhance general knowledge and workplace skills and identify personal strengths and weaknesses so they can formulate future development plans that best realise their potential. In 2010-11, around 110 students participated in an eight-week Summer Internship Challenge Programme where they had placements in different industries and organisations in Australia, Germany, Ireland, the UK, the USA, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Students commended the Programme for having successfully inculcated among them an attitude of embracing cultural diversity and readiness to work with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our students are also encouraged to participate in and initiate projects to serve the mentally and physically handicapped, marginal youth, senior citizens, deprived students and ethnic minority children. To expand the service-learning concept, apart from involving local NGOs and schools as collaborative partners, overseas organisations have been covered under the Leadership Enhancement and Development Programme. Students who have gone through service projects have been observed to have transformed into more engaging young people, ready to think critically to identify solutions, more sensitive to community problems and willing to challenge social inequalities.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

全人校園生活 本校旨在培育的學生,不獨追求知識,更著重促進他們的 全面發展。同學入學後,即有一系列多元化和精彩的另類 學習機會。這些體驗包括實習計劃,讓學生提升一般知 識及工作間技巧,並能辨識個人的強弱項,以利他們定立 能發揮個人潛能的發展計劃。二零一零至一一年度,約一 百一十名學生參加了為期八周的暑期實習體驗計劃,到 澳洲、德國、愛爾蘭、英國、美國、北京、上海及在本港等 地的不同行業和組織中實習。學生讚賞這項計劃提供與 不同族裔和文化背景的人共事的機會,也讓他們從中成 功建立起能懷抱多元文化的態度。 我們鼓勵學生參加和開創各種服務計劃,為患有身心殘 疾的人士、邊緣青年、長者、貧困學生及少數族裔兒童服 務。我們為擴大實踐以服務為本的學習概念,不單跟本 港的非政府組織和學校結為協作伙伴,本校的領袖能力 提升及發展計劃亦涵蓋海外組織。我們觀察到,學生在 完成服務計劃後,變得更積極、勇於通過批判思考來解 決難題、對社區問題更敏感,並更願意挑戰社會的不公 平狀況。

Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

The real-life experience of handling people with


varied needs, first-hand knowledge of community


issues, appreciation of diverse cultures and


differences, and the growing network of people


developed during the service-learning process prepare


our students to face and cope with dynamic work lives. These invaluable experiences groom today’s


students to become tomorrow’s all-rounded teachers


and professional leaders.


Shining through Martial Arts 我武維揚

Elevating one’s state of mind and building character are often regarded as the key features of Chinese martial arts. A graduate from the Institute’s Master of Education programme, Shi Yan is as passionate about martial arts as he is about the virtues expected of martial arts practitioners. Poised to begin his career as a physical education teacher, Shi is full of dreams and hopes. He strongly believes that physical education lessons not only build a student’s body and physical strength but that they can also help to develop positive attitudes and the virtues of righteousness and personal integrity. Fondly nicknamed the Monkey, Shi Yan came to the Institute from Leshan in Sichuan province. He was a national champion in the Monkey Cudgel category, and won the category again at the Hong Kong Wushu International Championship. Prior to entering the HKIEd, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Beijing Sport University through the National Level Master Athlete’s programme. “Finishing a Master’s degree is an important milestone as a student”, Shi said. “I am now entering a new phase of my life, embracing the challenges of teaching and the transfer of knowledge to the next generation. I hope to accumulate more teaching experience in preparation for education research in the long term.” For Shi, “the Way Towards Great Learning” has a profound meaning. During

his studies, he was inspired by professors and lecturers from around the world in developing and advancing his critical thinking. Living with fellow students from different cultures also greatly widened his horizons. The most significant learning experience from his tertiary education is that the search for breakthroughs and new knowledge is a continuous process. 中國武術往往帶有提升思想境界及個人素養的特 質。香港教育學院教育碩士課程畢業生石 不獨 熱愛武術,更重視當中蘊含的哲學精神 ─ 武德。 快將成為體育老師的石龑,對教育事業充滿憧憬。 他深信,體育課程不僅能幫助學生強健體魄;在 思想德育方面,也能培養他們的積極態度和正直 品格。 石龑來自四川樂山,人稱「馬騮仔」,曾於全國武 術冠軍賽,獲得猴棍冠軍;來港後也在香港國際武 術節勇奪猴棍冠軍。入讀教院之前,石龑已完成北 京體育大學教育學學士(國家健將級運動員)課程。 石龑說:「修畢教院碩士課程,標誌著學習生涯的 一個里程碑;今後,我將邁進人生另一階段,迎接 傳道授業的新挑戰;我希望多積累一些教學經驗, 以備進行長遠的教學研究。」 對石龑而言,「大學之道」意義深遠。石龑在求學 期間,深受世界各地的教授與講師所啟蒙,培養出 深層次的思維;與不同文化背景的同學一起生活, 也令他的眼界大為拓寬。他對大學教育最深刻的體 會,是在學術路上不斷尋求突破、獲取新知。



Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

Success through Perseverance 有志者事竟成 “As a child, I had very little direction in life. When asked about my favourite subject, I could never give a certain answer. Then I discovered visual arts and I had a target. I kept reminding myself to work harder than the others, and I received confidence-boosting recognition from the Institute and others. I will thus always be generous in my praise to students, encouraging them to better themselves.” Kwong Kai-tak is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Visual Arts) programme. He will soon be a secondary school teacher in visual arts and integrated humanities. When he arrived at the HKIEd he only wanted to secure a stable job after graduation, but the rewards he gained along the way have been beyond his wildest dreams. He is grateful for the learning opportunities provided by the Institute, such as meeting renowned artists in Beijing, organising a joint-university arts fair and producing integrated performances. In the process of organising these activities, Kai-tak learned to take the initiative. He also began to appreciate that teachers need to learn very broadly. Through his teaching, he hopes to help his students understand the importance of hard work, as conveyed in the Chinese proverb “the more you plough and weed, the more you harvest”. Kai-tak also believes that the essence of education is not confined to knowledge transfer; principles and integrity are equally important. Despite fierce competition,

A vibrant campus and hostel life also have lasting


impacts on the personal development of students.


The Institute is keen to foster a dynamic hall culture

令校園生活更豐富多元,兼且促進學生參與公民活動 。

underpinned by a great variety of hostel activities. In 2010-11, over 300 students volunteered their


service to fellow students through taking up posts in


the Student Residents’ Association, Tutorial Team and


Floor Committee. The Embracing Diversity Project and


Environmental Commentary Group were also organised


during the year to promote a pluralistic outlook and


civic engagement among students.

Initiatives on Advancing e-Learning Further enhancing the Institute’s hardware for integrating information and communications technologies, the Learning Commons Phase II project was designed to provide flexibility in maximising space utilisation for diverse usage, facilitating student learning and activities, encouraging effective mobile communications and face-to-face exchanges and interaction between staff and students. A “Learning Technologies Corner” inside the Learning Commons, equipped with iMacs and interactive whiteboards


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

部iMac電腦、互動白板及WIFI無線上網服務,提供了至 優的環境,供師生們探索使用最尖端的學與教科技。

Journey in Teaching and Learning 教學相長 培育英才

one must never seek to achieve goals ruthlessly. During his teaching practice, Kai-tak has tirelessly impressed on students that there are no shortcuts in the pursuit of knowledge. By staying firm to his principles, Kai-tak is indeed living a virtuous life, as taught in the Book of Great Learning. 「我自幼沒有甚麼人生目標,被 老師形容為『半桶水』,別人問 我最喜歡的科目是甚麼時,總是支吾以 對。直至發現自己對視覺藝術感到興趣之後,就瞄準 這個目標,並提醒自己要比其他人加倍用功;我的努 力沒有白費,最終得到校方和外界的認同,自信心因 而大增。因此,我將來也不會吝嗇於讚賞學生,希望 能鼓勵他們,做得更好。」

教院視覺藝術教育 ( 榮譽 ) 學士課程四年級學生鄺啟 德, 快 將 成 為 中 學 老 師, 任 教 視 藝 及 綜合人文科。 回想最初入讀教院時,他原本只期望畢業後可擁有 一份穩定職業;但四年下來,他卻有意外的啟發和 收穫。他感謝教院為學生提供參與藝術創作的機會, 例如到北京與著名的藝術家訪談、舉辦大學聯校藝 術展及製作綜合藝術表演等。 他 坦 言, 在 策 劃 活 動 的 過 程 中, 他 學 會了主動,視 野開拓,並明白為人師表需要具備淵博的學識。他 立 志 執 教 鞭, 教 導 學 生「 一 分 耕 耘, 一 分 收 穫 」的  道理。 不過,啟德認為教育的真諦不僅在於傳授學識,原 則及操守也十分重要。雖然社會競爭激烈,但絕不 能 為 求 目 的, 不 擇 手 段。 實 習 期 間, 他一直對學生 諄諄善誘,強調求學問不能走捷徑。啟德的堅守原 則,這正好體現了不被私慾蒙蔽- -「明德」的精神, 他期望學生也能領會他的苦心。

and allowing free WIFI access, provides an excellent environment for staff and students in exploring the latest cutting-edge technologies for learning and teaching. The “Mahara” e-portfolio system, an innovative technological device in teaching and learning, was set up during the year to help staff build their individual digital teaching platforms. The system can be extended to cover students’ learning portfolios. The use of Moodle was also piloted during the year as an alternative learning management system to the Institute’s current Blackboard 9 e-learning platform. Moreover, through Teaching Development Grant projects, staff are encouraged to explore the use of information technology and e-learning initiatives to enhance their teaching and learning.

年內,我們 建 置了一項創新的 教 與學科 技設備,名為

Mahara電子儲存庫系統,讓教職員在此建立個人的數碼 教學平台,系統亦可擴大予學生儲存學習資料。學習管 理系統方面,除了使用已有的 Blackboard 9 網上學習平 台外,年內還增添了Moodle 試驗計劃。此外,為改善教 與學,我們亦鼓勵教職員透過教學發展補助金,探索使 用資訊科技和電子學習的研究計劃。



Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

The Institute is proud of and committed to its applied research tradition, which emphasises excellence in scholarship, professionalism, service to the community and the workplace through knowledge transfer, and advancing knowledge locally and internationally. Grounded in the “Education-plus” vision, the scope of research undertaken by the Institute has been broadened to encompass Education and related fields in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts and Culture. 本校一直致力於應用研究,更以能秉承此優良傳統為榮。我們透過知識 轉移,致力促進優質學術和專業發展,冀能惠澤社群,為本地和國際創建 知識。建基於「教育為本,超越教育」的願景,本校的研究範疇,已由教育學 科拓展至人文學、社會科學和創意藝術及文化等相關領域。


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

Making Breakthroughs in Research


The wide variety of research conducted by the


Institute aims to inform innovation in learning,


teaching and curriculum development, as well as to

發展。過去幾年,由研究資助局 ( 研資局) 資助的持續研

support professional practice, policy formulation and


social and human development. Over the past few


years, there has been a significant leap in the total


number of on-going research projects funded by the Research Grants Council under its General Research Fund (GRF), Public Policy Research (PPR) Fund and Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Fund, as

本校的眾多研究與發展計劃獲得研資局、教育局、優質教 育基金、賽馬會、非政府組織及其他校外機構資助。二零 一零至一一年度持續進行的研究與發展計劃數目為二百二

highlighted in the table below. Comparison of HKIEd’s On-going GRF/PPR/SPPR Projects: 2006-07 and 2010-11 本校於二零零六至零七年 度及二零一零至一一年度 獲優配研究金/ 公共政策研究金/ 策略性公共政策研究金 資助的持續研究計劃 數目比較

On-going GRF/PPR/SPPR Projects 優配研究金/公共政策研究金/策略性公共政策研究金資助的持續研究計劃



Subject Area










Education 教育





Social Sciences 社會科學





Humanities and Creative Arts & Culture 人文學與創意藝術 及文化





Other subjects 其他科目





Total 總數





Total Amount (HK$) 總金額(港幣)


Diversity and Impacts of Research The Institute has a large number of Research and Development (R&D) projects funded by the Research Grants Council, Education Bureau, Quality Education Fund, Jockey Club, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other external bodies. The number of on-going R&D projects was 225 in 2010-11, with funds amounting to HK$113 million, averaging HK$503,613 per project.

Total Amount (HK$) 總金額(港幣)


十五項,總資助金額達一億一千三百萬元,平均每項計劃 的資助額為五十萬零三千六百一十三元。 過去一年,本校教職員繼續著力進行高專業水平且能影 響本地和區域政策的研究,以及具國際影響力的創新研 究。例如,由公共政策研究金資助的一項研究,一反慣常 在調查和測試中採用的非層級數據分析,而設計一項創新 方法,採用多層級結構,透過電腦測試及分類應用功能運 作。這項研究將為公共政策制訂人員及研究員,提供一種 隨時可用的尖端技術,以進行更佳的數據分析。


Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

Over the past year, the Institute’s staff continued to focus on projects with high professional and policy impact for the local and regional communities, and on innovative research with international impact.

The Power of Literature 文學的力量

For example, a PPR-funded project on innovative

Professor Leonard Chan

methodology critiqued the common practice of

Chair Professor of Chinese Literature Dean of Faculty of Languages

non-hierarchical data analysis in surveys and testing,


and devised a new methodology that considered complex hierarchical structures, demonstrated through computerised testing and classification applications. The study will provide public policy makers and researchers with a ready-to-implement, state-of-the-art technique for better data analysis. With Education at the core of the Institute’s mission, most of our research projects focus on education policy, practice, reform and innovation, or are closely related to the education field. Research topics under Education include: school leadership; creativity and arts assessment in curriculum reform; citizenship; cultural diversity and the learning needs of ethnic minority students in Hong Kong; online research-based inquiry learning; science learning among Chinese school pupils; the psychological well-being and academic performance of adolescents; a comparative study of the changing roles of universities in East Asia; a new assessment methodology; and the impact of voucher schemes on parents’ choice of early childhood education services. The Institute has rapidly expanded multidisciplinary research under the concept of “Education-plus”. Research projects in the Social Sciences, among others, cover: older persons with cognitive impairment; the reading achievements of Chinese children from different socio-economic backgrounds; dementia and the caregivers of Alzheimer patients; gender and school leadership; China and global warming; socio-spatial embeddings of South Asian ethnic minorities in Hong Kong; and a fear-avoidance model of Chinese patients with chronic pain. A GRF-funded project on social safety nets during economic crises is examining the situations in four middle and high income Asian countries. The first of its kind in Asia, upon completion the project


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

中國文學講座教授 語文學院院長

As a scholar whose specialisation is Chinese literature, Professor Leonard Chan embraces its soft power. When asked what that entails he explained, “I fully acknowledge the importance of modern sciences and technology in improving our living quality. However, beyond satisfying our physical well-being, we all have the yearning for spirituality whereby we can only look inward to unravel our problems at heart. This is when literature comes in”. Professor Chan believes that literature is not merely a discipline of knowledge to be acquired, but that it holds the magic to calm perturbed minds, helping man to re-discover the truth in life and transcend to the next higher level of being. He elaborated his thoughts by citing the experiences of people who have undergone great suffering during political upheavals and oppression. “When men are under duress, literature, as the light against darkness, will shine as a ray of hope for those in despair.” He hopes that our students can appreciate the power of literature. To his dismay, as university education has become increasingly commercialised and utilitarian, disciplines in the humanities including literature, history and philosophy have been sidelined as “disposable” with little relevance to the job market. Yet the financial tsunami seems to have broken the spell of marketisation. People have started to question whether the commercial and

Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

陳國球教授的學術專業為中國文學,他深信文學的軟 實力。他解釋說:「我完全認同現代科技對改善我們的 生活質素,十分重要,但除了滿足物質需要,我們還 有靈性上的渴求,以省視內心的困惑,這正是文學的 功用。」 陳教授認為文學不僅是一門學科知識,它還具備一種 不凡的力量,能夠安撫焦灼的心靈,讓人重覓人生真 諦,昇華到更高境界。他以那些在政治動盪和種種壓 迫下受盡苦難的人為例:「當人們在壓迫之下,文學猶 如黑暗中的亮光,在絕望中透出一線希望。」他期望 學生能領悟文學的力量。 banking elites – despite their mastery of wealth management knowledge – have the ability to reflect, act with clear conscience and demonstrate the necessary humanistic concern for others. To Professor Chan, the answer lies in the rediscovery of lost integrity and principles through re-instating the importance of the humanities. It is with this conviction that he is working with great passion in transforming the Faculty of Languages into the Faculty of Humanities, which will be finalised in 2012-13. On the meaning of “The Way Towards Great Learning”, Professor Chan likened it to a farmer patiently sowing the seeds of humanistic concern and the understanding of life among students.

他慨嘆,大學教育日益功利且趨商業掛帥,人文學科 如文學、歷史和哲學等因缺乏就業價值被束諸高閣, 甚至棄如敝屣。不過,金融海嘯似乎已破解了市場化 的魔法,人們開始質疑那些滿腹財富管理學問的商界 和銀行界精英,是否有能力反省、按良心做事,以至 展示應有的人道關懷精神。 對陳教授來說,解救之道在於恢復強調人文價值,重 覓已失落的操守和原則。憑此信念,他正滿懷熱忱, 致力推動本校的語文學院,於二零一二至一三年度邁 向成為人文學院。 談到「大學之道」的真義,陳教授將此喻作一位農 夫,耐心地在學生的心田上撒播種子,栽種出人道關 懷和能夠感悟生命的性靈。

will make a vital contribution to empirical


appraisal and theoretical debates on social


protection in the region.

涉及教育的研究題目包括:學校領導、課程改革中的創意 與藝術評估、公民、文化多元性及香港少數族裔學生的學

Research in the Humanities and


Creative Arts and Culture has also


made good advances, covering diverse


areas in languages, literature, art and


cultures. Research topics include: a sentiment analysis of Chinese and


English in media texts; word formation


in Modern standard Chinese and Early


modern Chinese; Tang poetry in the late


Ming period; Chinese literary tradition in modern


studies of Chinese Literature; the impact of Sanskrit


on Chinese language and creating a database of


Chinese Buddhist translations to facilitate research


into historical Chinese linguistics; Hong Kong living




Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

heritage arts and living treasures; children and


cultural vitality in Hong Kong; arts events and their


role in enhancing an Asian city’s human and creative


capital; and understanding the meaning of the


stereotyped images of Japanese caricatures created


by adolescents in a popular visual culture context.

譯資料庫以推動中文語言史學研究、香港現有藝術文物及 珍藏、香港兒童與文化活力、藝術活動及其在提升亞洲城

Research Outputs Scholars at the Institute are increasingly research active, generating important research findings and activities disseminated through publications, scholarly

市人文及創意資本的角色,以及了解在流行視覺文化情境 下青少年對日本漫畫形象定型所建構的意義。


books, monographs, academic journal articles,


conference papers, creative and literary works, and


consultancy reports. In 2010-11, of the 480 research


output items produced by our academics, 37 per cent


were related to the various sectors of education – early


childhood, primary, secondary, and technical and


special education, while 63 per cent were related to


teacher education and the discipline areas of language


and humanities, social sciences, and creative arts and culture, reflecting the Institute’s strong commitment to relevant and impactful research for education and the broad liberal arts.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

The World is Not Flat 地球就是這麼圓 Dr Simon Shen Associate Professor and External Relations Coordinator of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

沈旭暉博士 文理學院副教授及對外關係統籌主任

“As a child, my hobbies were mostly indoor activities, like reading and collecting stamps”, recalled Dr Simon Shen. With a highly developed internal life he could readily appreciate that there was more to the world than met the eyes and began “researching” the countries and cultures from which his stamps came. As he grew older his interest in far-flung destinations led him to travel, and eventually to pursue an academic career in international relations. Today, Dr Shen is a well-known scholar whose research areas span Chinese nationalism and China’s foreign policy, Hong Kong’s external relations, anti-terrorism and regional security in Asia, among others. He has incisive observations on the rise of China and its relations with the West and the rest of the world. With its civilization and culture, China values “harmony” over “confrontation”, maintaining close relationships with Asia, Africa and Latin America since the Mao Zedong era. Given its increasing importance on the global stage, other world powers harbour expectations that China should follow the Western model in its governance and rule of law. Such wishful thinking, according to Dr Shen, will not fit the “China model”, which he trusts will be perfected over time. An active researcher and with publications in many academic journals, he is also a regular commentator for newspapers and the electronic media. Apart from giving his views on terrorism and other international topics, he is remembered as the “World Cup Scholar” who appeared between football matches transmitted by a local TV station in 2010. His ability to explain complicated international relations through “telling stories” attracted a score of fans, young and old alike. At the HKIEd, Dr Shen’s feat of making complex global politics simple is aided by “teaching tools” such as movies, music, sports and magazines. He considers pop culture a good starting point to inspire his students, hoping they will relate isolated international incidents to learning in the social sciences, and that he can till the land of knowledge on campus. For him, this is “The Way Towards Great Learning”.

沈旭暉博士回顧他的童年歲月:「我兒時嗜愛室內活 動,如閱讀和集郵。」他心智早熟,深感單憑表象不 足以認識世界,於是從郵票入手,潛心「研究」其來源 地及相關文化。年紀漸長,他嚮往遙遠的他方,四出遊 歷,最終走上學術路,專研國際關係。 今天,沈博士是知名學者,研究範圍橫跨中國民族主義 和外交政策、香港對外關係、反恐和亞洲安全問題等。 他對於中國的崛起及其與西方以至全球的關係,觀察入 微。他指出,中國的文明發展及文化重視「和諧」多於 對抗」,而自毛澤東年代以來,中國便與亞洲、非洲 及拉丁美洲維持著緊密關係。隨著中國在全球舞台上越 加舉足輕重,其他世界大國都寄望中國追隨西方國家的 管治及法治模式,但沈博士認為這想法純屬一廂情願, 並不適用於「中國模式」,而他相信「中國模式」假以時 日,定必漸趨完善。 沈博士熱心研究,不單在許多學術期刊上刊出著作,亦 經常在報章和電子傳媒發表評論。除了暢論恐怖主義和 其他國際議題外,觀眾對他在二零一零年於本地某電視 台播放「世界盃」足球賽事時,出鏡評述,也記憶猶 新。沈博士以「說故事」形式把複雜的國際關係解說得 淋漓盡致,因而吸引一眾老中青的支持者。 沈博士擅長將複雜的全球政治問題化繁為簡,在教學時 每每輔以電影、音樂、運動及雜誌等「教學工具」。他 認為,流行文化是啟導學生的良好起步點,他希望學生 能把個別的國際事件連繫到社會科學的學習上,而他亦 得以在校園內努力耕耘,傳授知識,這恰是他對「大學 之道」的演繹。

Sharing through Knowledge Transfer


The Institute attaches great importance to achieving


impactful research and innovative scholarship that


not only extends the frontiers of knowledge but


also benefits the education sector and the wider


community. Knowledge transfer activities are key to


this pursuit, such as partnership and development


projects, development workshops, seminars and


conferences. During the year, 6,942 schools, 81,831 teachers, 755,085 students, and 60,025 parents and stakeholders benefited from these activities.*

* The total number of beneficiaries has been calculated according to the actual man-times and number of schools involved. Some of them may have been involved in more than one activity. * 受惠者總數:指個人及學校受惠總次數,部分受惠者或有重複。



Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

Scholars Working Towards Great Learning


At the Institute, we have a critical mass of scholars


at the Chair Professor and Professor levels who are


academic leaders. Their diverse range of research


expertise covers the following fields: Curriculum and


Instruction; Education Leadership and Change; Special


and Inclusive Education; International, Comparative


and Lifelong Education; Assessment and Measurement; Educational and Community Psychology; Applied


Linguistics and Language Sciences; Chinese Language


and Literature; Governance, Public and Social Policy;


Social Research; Environmental and Health Studies;


Science Education; and Music and Creative Arts.


Knowledge creation aside, our scholars have displayed


a genuine concern for promoting Hong Kong as a


civic society. Many of them seek to disseminate their


research, scholarship and analysis through media


commentaries, public events and community activities. Their works and expressed views very often attract extensive media attention, and become valuable and useful references for policy makers. The Institute believes that scholars should have an important role to play in intellectual and social enlightenment. Our academic community advances knowledge and scholarship, unleashes new paradigms and perspectives, and advocates policy and curriculum changes, thereby creating impacts not only on education development but also on human betterment and social progress both locally and beyond Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Direction of Research and Knowledge Transfer 創新研究 知識轉移

As at 1 September 2011 截至二零一一年九月一日

List of Chair Professors and Professors 講座教授及教授名錄 Professor Leonard CHAN Kwok-kou Chair Professor of Chinese Literature

Professor LO Sing Kai Chair Professor of Social Research

陳國球教授 中國文學講座教授


Professor CHENG Sheung-tak Chair Professor of Community Psychology

Professor MACLEAN Rupert Donald Iain Chair Professor of International Education

Professor May CHENG May-hung

鄭相德教授 社區心理學講座教授



Professor CHENG Yin-cheong Chair Professor of Leadership and Change 鄭燕祥教授 領導與變革講座教授

Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung Chair Professor of Public Administration 張炳良教授 公共行政學講座教授

Professor Joanne CHUNG Wai-yee Peter T. C. Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies 鍾慧儀教授 利定昌「健康學」講座教授

Professor COOPER Paul William Chair Professor of Special Education 郭柏賢教授 特殊教育講座教授

Professor HALLINGER Philip Joseph Lau Chair Professor of Leadership and Change 賀靈傑教授 劉鑾雄慈善基金「領導與變革」講座教授

Professor HARRIS Paul Gordon Chair Professor of Global and Environmental Studies 全球與環境研究講座教授

Professor KENNEDY Kerry John Chair Professor of Curriculum Studies 甘國臻教授 課程研究講座教授

Professor John LEE Chi-kin Chair Professor of Curriculum and Instruction


Professor ADAMSON Robert Damian 鮑勃教授

Professor BENSON Philip


Professor MCINERNEY Dennis Michael Chair Professor of Educational Psychology

Professor CHEUNG Hin-tat 張顯達教授

麥翰林教授 教育心理學講座教授

Professor Joshua MOK Ka-ho Chair Professor of Comparative Policy 莫家豪教授 比較政策講座教授

Professor Magdalena MOK Mo-ching Chair Professor of Assessment and Evaluation 莫慕貞教授 評估與評鑑講座教授

Professor RAMESH M Chair Professor of Governance and Public Policy 饒墨仕教授

Professor Kevin CHUNG Kien-hoa 鍾杰華教授

Professor FORLIN Christine Irene 霍艾蓮教授

Professor Alexander FUNG Chi-wah 馮治華教授

Professor Samuel LEONG 梁信慕教授

Professor David LI Chor-shing 李楚成教授


Professor Benjamin T’SOU Ka-yin Chiang Chen Chair Professor of Linguistics and Language Sciences

Professor LIM Cher Ping 林質彬教授


Professor Sonny LO Shiu-hing



Professor WALKER Allan David Joseph Lau Chair Professor of International Educational Leadership

Professor MASON Mark Bernard


Professor Winnie SO Wing-mui



Professor WANG Wen-chung Chair Professor of Educational and Psychological Measurement

Professor SPLITTER Laurance Joseph

李子建教授 課程與教學講座教授


Professor LEE Wing-on Chair Professor of Comparative Education

Professor ZHU Qingzhi Chair Professor of Chinese Language

李榮安教授 比較教育學講座教授





Professor Richard TSANG Yip-fat 曾葉發教授

Professor Margaret WONG Ngai-chun 黃艾珍教授



Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

The Institute is devoted to advancing scholarship and transferring the knowledge it creates to schools and the wider education community. In the process, we help contribute to lifelong learning and human betterment in Hong Kong, the Mainland and the region, where education has long been regarded as the principal engine of social progress and mobility. In return, the Institute receives tremendous community support for its academic contributions. 本校致力發展學術,創建知識,予學校及學界廣 泛應用。在本港、內地以至亞太區域,教育向來 被視為推動社會進步及流動的原動力。本校 於創建知識與轉移知識過程中,倡導終身 學習,謀求人類文明進步,因而深獲社會 大眾鼎力支持。


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

Supporting the Education Community


Special and Inclusive Education


The Institute has established itself as a hub in the


fields of special and inclusive education, including


guidance and counselling, and gifted education. We


are playing a key role in the Asia-Pacific region in the


paradigm shift towards inclusive education, leading and shaping the discussion locally and globally to better


prepare teachers to facilitate access for all learners.

個國家的組織及八十六位教師教育工作者參加了相關活 動。我們支援全校參與模式,顧及香港的多元需要,並

During the year, more than 5,200 pre- and in-


service teachers, 40 organisations representing


14 countries and 86 teacher educators participated


in our activities. We support the move towards a whole-school approach to catering for diversity within Hong Kong, and aim at promoting it locally and internationally, to teachers, teacher educators and educational organisations.

Partnership with Schools

本校與學校的伙伴關係源遠流長,我們致力協助廣大學 界提升教師質素、改善教學方法及推進教與學發展。隨 著二零一零年十二月八日,本校與四個主要辦學團體簽 訂協議,令協作關係更形鞏固。該四個辦學團體為天主 教香港教區、聖公宗 (香港) 小學監理委員會、中華基督 教會香港區會及東華三院。

With its long and established partnership with schools,


the Institute seeks to contribute to enhancing teacher


quality, improving teaching methods and advancing


teaching and learning within the wider education


community. That collaboration was further fortified through the sealing of agreements on 8 December


2010 between the Institute and four major school

高瞻遠矚 支持頒授冠名講座教授

sponsoring bodies: the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, the Anglican (Hong Kong) Primary School Council, the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China and the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

二零一一年三月二十三日,本校首次頒授冠名講座教授 銜予四位傑出學者,以表揚他們的研究與學術成就。此 項盛事由三位高瞻遠矚的捐款者鼎力支持,分別為蔣震 工業慈善基金主席蔣震博士、劉鑾雄慈善基金劉鳴煒先



Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

Under the collaborative framework, the school sponsoring bodies and the Institute will work even more closely together in the pursuit of excellence in educational research and development. Both sides will pursue significant institutional-level activities, such as the organisation of leadership and teacher development programmes, support in pre-service field experience, and the hosting of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Engaging the Wider Community Visionary Benefactors Supporting Endowed Chair Professorship Four distinguished professors were named Endowed Chair


Professors in recognition of their research and academic


achievements at a ceremony on 23 March 2011. The first Endowed Chair Professorships were supported by

獲此榮譽的學者分別為鄒嘉彥教授 (蔣震「語言科學」講

three generous and visionary donors: the Chiang Chen

座教授)、汪雅量教授 (劉鑾雄慈善基金「國際教育領導」

Industrial Charity Foundation, the Joseph Lau Luen Hung

講座教授)、賀靈傑教授 (劉鑾雄慈善基金「領導與變革」

Charitable Trust, and Mrs Nancy Lee, wife of the late

講座教授) 及鍾慧儀教授 (利定昌「健康學」講座教授) 。

Peter T C Lee, former Chairman of Hysan Development.

Integrating Theories and Practices in Inclusive Education 知行合一‧有教無類 Dr Kenneth Sin Kuen-fung Director of Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education Associate Professor of Department of Special Education and Counselling

冼權鋒博士 特殊教育需要與融合教育中心總監 特殊教育與輔導學系副教授

Dr Kenneth Sin Kuen-fung has devoted his entire career to inclusive education. His advice for special education teachers is to hone their professional skills to look after individual differences while addressing the entire student body. Dr Sin believes that it is an emphasis on teamwork, coupled with an extensive school network developed over the years, that allows the torch to be passed on from generation to generation. For him, it is still a heartening moment every time a student decides to devote his or her career to special education, as the life-changing decision reflects a transformation in the student’s mindset, testifying that the hard work of educators has borne fruit. “Although we are not able to achieve absolute equality, we can at least protect basic rights and provide an equitable learning environment as well as the opportunity for full participation. We might not be able to address every person’s need, but we still strive to respect individual differences, helping students realise their full potential.” The key to integration lies in positive and effective support to enhance the ability, performance and confidence of students with special needs, and to facilitate learning and communication among them.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

The establishment of the Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to inclusive education. In the last decade, the centre has organised various development programmes and activities to forge closer ties with different organisations and provide a practical and effective platform to support prospective

Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

The scholars were respectively named Chiang Chen Chair Professor of Linguistics and Language Sciences (Professor Benjamin T’sou Ka-yin), Joseph Lau Chair Professor of International Educational Leadership (Professor Allan Walker), Joseph Lau Chair Professor

同心同德 推進校外協作 本校持續與其他校外持份者及非政府組織協作,包括圓桌 研究及教育協會、環保和藝術團體;我們亦是每年一度的 社企民間高峰會的支持組織。

of Leadership and Change (Professor Philip Hallinger) and Peter T C Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies (Professor Joanne Chung Wai-yee).

teachers. Such collaboration provides the opportunity for those teachers to interact directly with their students, gaining first-hand experience beyond textbooks while benefiting the community. In response to the challenges of inclusive education, Dr Sin offered this quote from a Chinese classic: “Although the journey is not far, it cannot be reached without taking steps; although the task is small, it cannot be achieved without taking actions.”

冼權鋒博士委身教育,雖經歷了不同年代教育制度的 轉變,對融合教育的熱誠,卻始終如一。他常常教導 特殊教育教師須堅持「有教無類」的信念,並致力提 升他們的專業技巧,冀能達致「面對全體學生,照顧 個別差異」。 他強調團隊精神的重要性,加上多年與地區學校所建立 的網絡,令薪火得以延續發亮。每當有學生決定投身特 殊教育事業,皆使冼博士動容及欣慰;因為學生能在思 維及生命上作出改變,印證了同工們努力的成果,這也 是他工作動力的來源。 冼博士說:「我們雖不能達致人人平等,但仍能保障每 人的基本權利,提供平等學習及全面參與的機會;我們 雖不能全面照顧每人所需,但仍能尊重個別差異,因材 施教、盡展所能。」融合的重點,在於透過正面及有效 的支援,提升有特殊教育需要學生的能力、改善其表現 及增強信心,從而促進他們和同儕間的學習與溝通。 特殊教育需要與融合教育中心的成立,顯示了教院推動 實踐融合教育的決心,在過往十年,中心所籌辦的各類 型培訓計劃及活動,與不同機構建立的緊密聯繫,為特 殊教育準教師提供了實用而有效的平台,一方面讓他們 能親身體驗、接觸學生,累得比書本知識更為豐富的學 習成果;另一方面也惠及社區、促進共融。 面對融合教育的各種挑戰,尤其是教師培訓,冼權鋒博士 回答說:「路雖邇,不行不至,事雖小,不為不成。」



Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

Community Collaboration

鑑古識今 香港教育博物館歷史展覽

The Institute has continued to collaborate with


other external stakeholders and NGOs such as


the Roundtable, and green and arts groups. We


are a supporting organisation of the annual Social


Enterprise Summit of Hong Kong.

展覽探尋香港鄉村學校的源起、特色及在本地教育制 度內的獨特角色;為配合展覽,更舉辦了連串的學者

History Revisited at the Hong Kong Museum of Education During the year, two major research-based exhibitions, entitled “Under The Trees: the History of Hong Kong’s Village Schools” and “From Rooftop Schools to Post-Millennium Schools: The Post-War Evolution of School Buildings in Hong Kong”, were staged by the Hong Kong Museum of Education, established by the Institute on campus

公開講座,探視村校的發展。第二個展覽則追溯香港 自一九四五年以來,中小學校舍的設計及發展歷史, 探討其所反映的不同時期的教育關注和概念。 博物館自開幕以來,已成為遊覽新界北文化及歷史景 點的必到之地。兩個展覽吸引了逾五萬名訪客前來參 觀,另有三百七十名人士參加了期間的公開講座。

集思廣益 創辦「拉闊教育對談」活動

in May 2009. The first exhibition explored the


origins and styles of village schools in Hong Kong,


and their unique role in the local education system.


To tie in with this exhibition, invited scholars


presented a series of public lectures examining


the development of village schools. The second


exhibition traced the historical evolution of the


building design and development of primary and


secondary schools in Hong Kong since 1945, examining how this has reflected the educational concerns and concepts in different periods. Since its inauguration, the Museum has become a regular stop on the itinerary for many groups visiting the cultural and historical sites of the


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

northern New Territories. Over 50,000 visitors visited the two exhibitions, and a further 370 participants attended the public lecture series.

Education-plus Dialogues Discussions on education always strike a chord in the community. To provide a platform for the sharing of views, “Education-plus Dialogues” were organised between September and November 2010. In the four-part series, the Institute’s scholars, members of schools and members of the community engaged in active exchanges with thought leaders from different sectors, including Dr Stephen Fisher, former Director of Social Welfare; Mr Fred Lam, Chief Campaigner of the Roundtable Community; Mr Alfred Cheung, film director, writer and producer; and Mr Leung Chun-ying, Convenor of the Non-official Members of the Executive Council. Attracting extensive audience participation, the Dialogues shed light on topics of wide community concern – inclusive education for ethnic minorities, the post-80s new social movement, the Hong Kong education system and the role of higher education.



Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

Beyond Education Causes Green Campus The Institute is conscious of its environmental responsibility, striving to reduce its carbon footprint. Since joining the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium in 2010 along with other local universities, we have sought to become an increasingly environmentally friendly campus through the introduction of alternative energy systems. In 2010-11, the replacement of air-cooled chillers with water-cooled chillers helped to achieve a 25 per cent reduction in electricity consumption compared to the old system. In recognition of our efforts in sustaining and initiating self-improvements in environmental protection, the Institute was granted the IAQwi$e (Class of Excellence) and Wastewi$e (Class of Excellence) Labels of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence in early 2011.

Donations In the 2010-11 Fifth Round of the Matching Grant Scheme operated by the University Grants Committee (UGC), around HK$35 million of the HK$37 million

The Magic Touch of Installation Art 輕裝雅置‧ 觸處花開 Miss Pauline Lam Yuk-lin Teaching Fellow of Department of Cultural and Creative Arts Winner of the“Award for Best Artist (Visual Arts)”of the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2010

林玉蓮女士 文化與創意藝術學系導師 2010香港藝術發展獎年度「最佳藝術家獎(視覺藝術)」得獎人

the Institute had raised in donations from major donors, supportive alumni and members of the public met the criteria for dollar-for-dollar matching by the UGC. This was the Institute’s best result since the Scheme was introduced in 2003. The funds will help to support a range of teaching and learning initiatives, as well as research and development.

Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence The exemplary performance of our alumni was once again highlighted in the 2010-11 Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence. The Award recognises achievements in three Key Learning Areas: Mathematics Education, Moral and Civic Education and Special Education (Special Schools). Of the 104 winning teachers, 89 were our alumni, with 40 receiving awards and 49 certificates of merit. These recipients have been invited to extend their support to the Institute as Teaching Consultants, to benefit our staff and students.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Installation art is Pauline Lam’s passion. With a career in arts education spanning ten years, she is an outstanding role model for her students. Pauline has held numerous personal exhibitions, garnering countless awards. Most of her work is highly conceptualised and exhibited in locations as varied as prisons, shopping malls, traditional Chinese “walled villages”, ferry piers, ferry cabins and Chinese New Year Flower markets. Her recent works focus on the exploration of cultural development and interaction between men. Pauline’s dedication to creative arts deeply affects her students, who learn to take the initiative and participate in the exhibitions and creative art activities that she organises both inside and outside the Institute. She often encourages her students to reach out to the community and gain exposure to creative activities off-campus to hone their observation skills and understanding of daily life, and to develop a sensitivity to society. She believes in the far-reaching influence of art, and advises against chasing after “instant” success. Although Pauline hopes that her students will master the use of different art media, she places a stronger emphasis on their attitudes towards learning. She believes that to have a thorough appreciation of contemporary art, one needs to go beyond aesthetics and explore the ideas behind the creation, as well as its relationship with society. Pauline considers her mission to be broadening students’ horizons and developing their problem-solving skills. She often advises her students to explore and think as much as possible about the journey of learning to understand what installation art is all about. In Pauline’s words, “as a teacher, I try my best to take a hands-off approach and allow my students to roam freely in the vast space of creative arts”.

Milestone in Interaction with the Community 廣繫社群 拓新里程

參加者,「對談」系列討論了廣大社會關心的課題, 包括少數民族的融合教育、八十後新社會運動、香港教 育制度及高等教育的角色等,意見令與會者獲益良多。

超越教育課題 綠色校園 本校以保護環境為己任,致力減少碳耗用量。自二零一 零年與其他本地大學加入「香港可持續校園聯盟」後, 本校嘗試引入替代能源系統,令校園變得更為環保。二 零一零至一一年度,我們採用水冷式空調系統,代替風 冷式空調系統,耗電量因而比前減少百分之二十五。二 零一一年初,本校獲「香港環保卓越計劃」頒發清新室 內空氣標誌 (卓越級別) 及減廢標誌 (卓越級別),以肯定 我們在保護環境方面,自發作出的不懈努力。

籌募捐款 在二零一零至一一年度的大學教育資助委員會 (教資會) 第五輪配對補助金計劃中,本校向主要捐款者、竭力支 持我們的校友及公眾人士募捐,籌獲的三千七百萬港元 中,有約三千五百萬元符合教資會一元對一元的配對條 件。這次是該計劃自二零零三年推出以來,本校錄得最 佳的籌款成績。籌得的款項將用於支援一系列教與學的

Photo: The Education Bureau of the Hong Kong S.A.R.


熱愛裝置藝術的林玉蓮,從事藝術教育工作十多 年,她對藝術創作的堅持,成為學生的榜樣。林 玉蓮曾舉辦多次個人裝置藝術展覽,並獲獎無 數。她的作品多以概念化的裝置藝術為主,展出 場地眾多,包括監獄、大型商場、傳統圍村、港 外線碼頭、渡輪船艙及年宵市場等等;而近期作 品,則著重探討文化發展以及人與人之間的互動 關係和影響。 林玉蓮老師對藝術創作的專心致志,感染了學 生,學會主動參與老師校內外的展覽或藝術活 動。她常常鼓勵學生走出校園,接觸外界各類型 的創作活動,培養對日常生活事物的觀察及認 識,並提高社會觸覺;她又認為藝術的影響深 遠,切忌急功近利。 雖然林老師期望學生能充份掌握不同媒介的運 用,但她更著重他們的學習態度。她認為,要深 入而全面地欣賞當代藝術,不能止於美學觀賞, 而須探究創作者的背後理念,和其作品與社會之 間的關係。 她視開闊同學的眼界,和培養他們解難的能力為己 任;她勸勉學生須在學習道路上多探索、多思考,方 能明白裝置藝術創作是怎麼一回事。最後,林老師道 出心底話:「作為老師,我會盡量放手,讓學生在藝 術創作的無盡空間,自由飛翔。」

行政長官卓越教學獎 二零一零至一一年度行政長官卓越教學獎的結果,充 分顯示本校畢業生的卓越表現堪為業界典範。獎項肯 定了三個重要領域的教學成就,包括數學教育、道德 及公民教育和特殊教育 (特殊學校) 。在一百零四名獲獎 教師中,八十九人為本校校友,其中四十人獲卓越教 學獎,四十九人獲頒嘉許狀。獲獎者更應邀出任本校 教學顧問,繼續支援母校,惠及師生。



International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

In recent years, the Institute has placed a strategic focus on transforming the regional education landscape. We have intensified our efforts on the international and regional fronts, seeking to extend our footprint through academic networking, programme and research collaboration, and the organisation of international conferences and symposia. 近年來,本校銳意轉化區域教育面貌,加強國際及 區域內的工作,包括拓展學術網絡、課程及 研究協作,以及籌辦國際會議與研討會 等,學術影響力正與日俱增。


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

Academic Accolades


During the year, the Institute’s academic impact

年內,聯合國教育、科學及文化組織 (聯合國教科文組織)

reached new heights, with international recognition


given by the United Nations Educational, Scientific


and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for our work in lifelong learning and vocational education, as well as in


culture and creativity in education.


UNESCO Chair in Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning

二零一一年一月,聯合國教科文組織頒予本校「技術教育及 職業培訓與終身學習」教席,此項崇高榮譽乃該組織首次 給予香港的專上院校,以肯定本校與日俱增的發展和影響

In January 2011, UNESCO awarded the Institute a


highly prestigious Chair in the area of Technical and


Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Lifelong


Learning. This was the first time for UNESCO to award


an Education Chair to a tertiary institution in Hong Kong. The award recognises the Institute’s growing


profile and sphere of influence, and its capacity in and


commitment to education and human development


within the Asia-Pacific region. The UNESCO Chair will


help the Institute advance knowledge and promote


best and innovative practices in TVET and lifelong learning not just in Hong Kong but also throughout China, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Through the Chair, the Institute has already forged strong links with 40 prestigious universities and international organisations, such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in the UK, the University of Melbourne in Australia, the Beijing Normal University Institute of Technology and Vocational Education in Mainland China, the UNESCO Offices in Paris, Beijing and Bangkok, and the Asian Development Bank. 香港教育學院2010-2011年報


International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

Lifelong Learning: The Best Way Towards Great Learning 終身學習‧止於至善 Professor Rupert Maclean Chair Professor of International Education UNESCO Chair in Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning

馬敬言教授 國際教育講座教授 聯合國教科文組織技術教育及職業培訓與終身學習講座教授

In January 2011, the Institute was honoured for its efforts to strengthen and upgrade lifelong education through the award of a UNESCO Chair in Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning. Professor Rupert Maclean, an internationally renowned expert in the field and highly committed to promoting lifelong learning, was named holder of the Chair by the Institute with UNESCO’s consent. For Professor Maclean, “lifelong learning refers to learning from cradle to grave – it is both lifelong and life-wide. In other words, it embraces all stages and aspects of education and learning, spanning early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, adult, and elder education; and includes learning through formal, non-formal, and informal means”. As an international organisation with 193 Member States, UNESCO initiates programmes to mainly help developing countries reduce their high rates of illiteracy by achieving the universalisation of primary education, adult education and high-quality relevant education for all. Professor Maclean commented that “the Institute is proud to be part of the worldwide UNESCO Chair network, helping meet the needs of developing countries in Asia and beyond through promoting best practices and innovative approaches to learning and education. But as we focus on meeting the needs of developing countries in our region, we must also remember that there are poverty related problems here in Hong Kong which we need to address. I believe that the advancement of lifelong learning, and skills development for employability, whether through formal means such as schools, or through informal and non-formal means such as on-the-job training in the workforce, are extremely important”. The Institute has a key role to play in achieving this noble task – helping to equip student teachers to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that enable them to assist their own pupils in schools. For Professor Maclean, this is the best way Towards Great Learning.

UNESCO Observatory for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education In April 2011, the Institute and UNESCO Bangkok Office signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a UNESCO Observatory for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education. This Observatory testifies to the Institute’s standing and impact in arts education, as well as its expanding academic and research capacity in the areas of music, visual arts and cultural studies, at both the regional and international levels.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

二零一一年一月,本校榮獲聯合國教育、科學及文化 組織 ( 聯合國教科文組織 ) 頒授技術教育及職業培訓與 終身學習教席,肯定了本校在推進終身教育方面作出 的努力。聯合國教科文組織接納本校提名馬敬言教授 為此教席的得主,他積極參與推廣終身學習,在該領 域飲譽國際。 馬敬言教授認為: 「終身學習是指一個人從呱呱墜地到百 年歸老的整個學習歷程,是畢生和全方位的學習。換言 之,它包括教育和學習的所有階段和面向,由幼兒教育、 小學、中學、大專、成年以至高齡教育,亦包括正規和非 正規的教育途徑。」 聯合國教科文組織是由一百九十三個成員國組成的國際組 織,致力啟動多項計劃以協助發展中國家減低文盲率,包 括實踐小學教育普及化、成人教育,以及高質素的相關全 民教育。 馬敬言教授指出: 「能成為聯合國教科文組織全球教席 網絡的成員,本校與有榮焉。我們致力推廣有關學習和 教育的最佳實踐和創新方法,以滿足亞洲及其他地區發 展中國家的需要。但我們在全力集中回應本地區發展中 國家的需要之餘,務必緊記香港也有亟待解決的貧窮問 題。我相信,正規途徑 ( 如學校教育 ) 或非正規途徑 ( 如 勞動人口的在職培訓 ),對推動有利於就業的終身學習 和技能發展極為重要。」 本校就此崇高的任務扮演重要角色 - - 協助培育師訓學生 增進知識、技能和理解,好使他們能協助在校的學生,對 馬敬言教授而言,這是力臻至善的大學之道。

International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

The Observatory will form a network of collaborations with


other UNESCO Arts Education Observatories, including


its counterparts in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand, cooperative partners in other UNESCO member states, and the wider arts community.

Shaping International Landscape in Education In recent years, the Institute has played host to and become a popular venue for a great number of regional and international academic events. Through active engagement with strategic partners beyond Hong Kong, the Institute has played a leading role in

二零一一年四月,本校與聯合國教科文組織曼谷辦事處 簽訂諒解備忘錄,以在本校成立「本土文化及創意教育研 究」觀測所,印證本校的藝術教育在區域和國際間的地位 與影響力,以及我們在音樂、視覺藝術和文化研究方面,日 益增強的學術和研究實力。 觀測所將與聯合國教科文組織設於澳洲、新西蘭、新加 坡、南韓及泰國等地的其他藝術教育觀測所、該組織其他 成員國的合作伙伴,以及廣大的藝術界組成協作網。


regional and international discourses in education.


Major international conferences held during the year


covered a range of areas, such as university education,


teacher education and learning, lifelong learning,


language education and spirituality education, with


highlights as follows.


The Second East Asian International Conference on Teacher Education Research


The Institute organised the Second East Asian


International Conference on Teacher Education


Research with the theme “Teacher Education for


the Future – International Perspectives” on 15-17



December 2010. At the Conference, 650 teacher educators, researchers and government officials from 30 countries converged to share their research findings on teacher education. The participants also exchanged views on addressing the challenges of globalisation, international competition and



International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

technological advancement, through a change in the focus of teacher education from an instructorcentric to a student-oriented teaching approach.

International Symposium on Lifelong Learning 2011 On 12-13 January 2011, the Institute hosted an

二零一一年終身學習國際研討會 終身學習國際研討會由本校主辦,於二零一一年一月十二 至十三日舉行。包括聯合國教科文組織駐曼谷及北京代 表、位於馬尼拉的亞洲開發銀行教育部主管,以及來自全 球的五十名具影響力的教育決策者、研究員和政策執行人 員雲集會議,探索終身學習的未來研究和發展方向,尤其 是關乎亞太地區扶貧及可持續發展的課題。

International Symposium on Lifelong Learning. High ranking members of the international education community, including the directors of the UNESCO Offices in Bangkok and Beijing, the Head of the Education Section of the Asian Development Bank in Manila and 50 influential education policymakers, researchers and practitioners from around the world gathered to explore future directions of research and developments in lifelong learning, particularly in relation to poverty alleviation and sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Fourth World Universities Forum With the rise of Asia, there is an increased need to study the shift of focus in higher education among Asian countries and beyond. On 14-16 January 2011, the Fourth World Universities Forum took place with 170 academics, researchers, university administrators, policymakers and analysts exchanging views and sharing the latest findings on issues related to the development, role, management and governance of universities, under the theme of “Asia Rising and the Changing Architecture of Global Higher Education”. This was the first time that Hong Kong had hosted the Forum.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

第四屆世界大學論壇 隨著亞洲崛興,區域內外國家的高等教育轉向日益受到關 注。於二零一一年一月十四至十六日,本校以「亞洲崛起與 全球高等教育變革」為主題,首次主持這個論壇,匯聚了一 百七十多位學者、研究員、大學行政人員、政策制訂者及分 析員,就大學的發展、角色及管治等課題交流意見,分享最 新的研究結果。

International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

The Second Asian Roundtable of Presidents of Universities of Education


Building on the success of the inaugural Asian


Roundtable of Presidents of Universities of


Education in May 2009, the Institute worked


at full steam during the year to prepare for


the Second Asian Roundtable, to be held on 3


November 2011 under the theme of “Envisioning


the Future of Asian Universities of Education”.


The upcoming Roundtable will again provide


a platform on which university presidents can



share insights into how to shape the future of the region’s universities of education in the face of global challenges and opportunities, and to support social transformation and human development through education. It is expected that around 40 presidents or their deputies from across Asia and Europe including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea,

學術協作網絡 無遠弗屆 本校一直積極推進與世界各地院校的緊密學術協作,網絡 遠至俄羅斯及沙特阿拉伯。直至二零一一年六月,連同新 簽訂的協議,與本校進行學術協作及交換生計劃的院校共 有一百三十三所,網絡覆蓋中國內地、台灣及澳門、亞洲 其他地區、澳洲、歐洲及北美洲。

Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,


Thailand, Vietnam, Austria and Switzerland will


attend the Roundtable.


Collaboration and Networking The Institute has been working actively in forging closer ties and academic collaboration with institutions around the world, as far afield as Russia and Saudi Arabia. In June 2011, with newly signed agreements, the Institute boasted a network covering 133 institutions in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, other parts of Asia, Australia, Europe and North America for academic collaborations and student exchange.



International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

During the year, the Institute reached an agreement with South China Normal University to offer dual degree programmes, with students taking courses in both institutions. Outreach to Taiwan also successfully developed further links and student exchange programmes.

The Best of Both Worlds 兩個世界‧一以貫之 Ms Fiona Wong

Dr Simon Xu

Head of International Office

Head of Mainland Development Office





Building on its growing international network, the Institute actively partnered with other institutions to plan and provide dual degrees or joint programmes for enhancing student learning. For example, a Master of Social Science Education (Ethnicity and Global Citizenship) programme was planned for launch in 2011-12 in collaboration with the University of Illinois, USA, and a new Master of Arts in Education for Sustainability was planned for launch in 2012-13 in partnership with Royal

Ms Fiona Wong (second left) 黃文蕙女士(左二)

Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.

A Thriving Multicultural Campus The Institute has been working towards creating a dynamic campus, thriving with diversity. With close to 500 non-local postgraduate and undergraduate students, together with an increasing number of international inbound exchange students, a vibrant pluralistic environment is being created, helping to raise local students’ global awareness and fostering cross-cultural understanding among students from different countries and ethnic backgrounds. The Buddy Programme is a successful initiative that enables local students to extend their international exposure while serving as local ambassadors. Other cultural learning and exchange activities beyond the classroom such as cultural excursions, Cantonese classes, social gatherings and receptions were organised throughout the year. A Farewell Party in May rounded out the diversified profile of year-round activities, with inbound exchange students sharing their feelings about and experiences of time spent at the Institute, giving local students much food for thought about their education paths.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

“I’m excited about the prospects of bringing the outside world to the Institute and taking HKIEd students to see the outside world”, said Ms Fiona Wong, Head of the International Office. Dr Simon Xu, Head of the Mainland Development Office, concurred. In their respective positions, Fiona and Simon have first-hand experience of how overseas and Mainland students have had impacts on and enhance the cultural diversity of the local student body. Mainland students are known for being very hard working, with great determination to excel in their studies. Upon graduation, employers invariably have high regard for their performance. Their learning attitude is also a strong impetus for local students to do better in academic pursuits. Foreign students from Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and beyond are eager to share their cultures with local students through informal exchanges and cultural activities. They love to mingle with the students and explore what may have gone unnoticed in Hong Kong among the locals, a process in which HKIEd students naturally become cultural ambassadors. In very different ways, after HKIEd students have returned from study visits and language immersion programmes in the Mainland and overseas, there are noticeable changes in their outlooks. Being away from home and exposed to other cultures, they have the time and space to reflect on themselves and their futures, which makes them aware of broader global issues beyond their immediate concerns. The exposure to other cultures and societies also affects our prospective teachers profoundly, steeling their determination to have lasting impacts on their future students through new insights. An old Chinese saying aptly describes the dynamism of learning – “It is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books”. Conversely, HKIEd students travel long distances and achieve Great Learning through “studying beyond borders”.

International Collaboration and Academic Footprints 國際協作 拓展學術

我們日益擴大的國際網絡,促成本校積極跟其他院校 結成伙伴,策劃提供雙學位課程或聯校課程,以加強 學生的學習。例如,本校跟美國伊利諾大學合辦的社 會科學教育碩士課程 ( 民族與全球公民 ) 便於二零一一 至一二學年推出;另一個於二零一二至一三學年開辦 的文學碩士課程 ( 可持續發展教育 ) 則與澳洲皇家墨爾 本理工學院合辦。

Dr Simon Xu (second left) 許聲浪博士 (左二)

「能把外面的世界帶進本校,又讓本校學生走出 去增長見識,這項工作使我雀躍。」對於國際事 務處處長黃文蕙女士的這番感言,內地發展事務 處處長許聲浪博士亦深有共鳴。 黃女士和許博士在彼此的工作崗位上,親身領略 到海外和內地學生如何豐富本地學生的多元文化 體驗。眾所周知,內地學生勤奮好學,力爭上游, 畢業後往往因工作表現良好深得僱主器重;其學習 態度也大大激勵本地學生,鞭策他們發奮向上,用 功求學。 來自亞洲、澳洲、歐洲、北美及其他地區的外地學 生,則積極參與非正規的交流和文化活動,藉此與 本港學生分享自己的文化。他們喜歡與本地學生交 往,也每每發現一些連本地人都容易忽略的香港事 物。在這過程中,本校學生自然成為外地學生的文 化大使。 不約而同,本校學生在完成內地或海外遊學或語文 沉浸課程歸來後,思想也有明顯的轉變。在離鄉別 井體驗他邦文化這段期間,他們有更多時間和空間 去省思自身及前途,且加深認識全球議題,視野更 為廣闊,不再只集中個人榮辱。接觸其他文化和社 會,對這群未來之師影響深遠,使其矢志以新知灼 見,啟迪後進。 中國古語「讀萬卷書不如行萬里路」,巧妙道出學習 的多元活力。反過來說,本校學生千里遊學,透過 「跨境學習」成就了大學之道。

多元文化校園  朝氣蓬勃 本校一直著力締造一個多元文化、朝氣蓬勃的校園。接 近五百名非本地學生入讀本校的學位後課程及學位課 程,還有數目日增的國際交換生,令校園文化生氣煥 發、豐富多姿,有助提升本地學生的全球意識,促進不 同國家和民族背景學生的跨文化了解。 老友記計劃」為一項相當成功的計劃,讓本地學生透過 成為本地大使,擴闊國際視野。其他課堂以外的全年文化 學習和交流活動包括文化遊覽、廣東話課程、社交聚會和 接待會等。在每年五月舉行的交換生歡送會上,交換生總 結全年的多元學習體驗,分享在本校的所感所歷,能讓本 地學生省思自己的教育路向。



Facts and Figures 資料篇 Student Information 學生資料 All figures quoted are collected as at 30 June 2011 所有資料計算截至二零一一年六月三十日

Student Admission 申請入讀人數 課程類別

Programme Type

No. of Applications

No. of Students Recruited



University Grants Committee Funded Programmes 大學教育資助委員會資助課程 Research Degree




Bachelor Degree




Postgraduate Diploma in Education




Higher Diploma




Sub-degree Courses










Self-financing Programmes 學生自費課程 Doctor of Education


Master of Education / Master of Arts

教育碩士 / 文學碩士課程



Postgraduate Diploma




Bachelor Degree








Graduate Information 畢業生資料 Graduate Employment Statistics (2001-2010) 畢業生就業統計(二零零一至二零一零年度) Percentage employed or engaged in further studies (Full-time pre-service graduates) 就業或繼續升學百分比(職前全日制畢業生) 98.6%


























* The remaining 1.8% comprises graduates who were still seeking jobs (0.9%) and graduates who did not seek any employment due to personal reasons (0.9 %). 尚餘的1.8%包括仍在尋找工作的畢業生(0.9%)及因個人理由而沒有求職的畢業生(0.9%)。


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Facts and Figures 資料篇

Student Enrolment by Level of Programmes 2010/11 二零一零至一一年度學生人數(按課程程度歸納) Programme Type








Full-time 全日制

Part-time 兼讀制

Full-time 全日制

Part-time 兼讀制

Research Postgraduate







Taught Postgraduate







Bachelor’s Degree







Higher Diploma / Certificate

高級文憑 /證書課程






Professional Development Programmes














Full-time 全日制

Part-time 兼讀制





* The full name of UGC is University Grants Committee. 教資會全名為大學教育資助委員會。

Self-funded Programmes Run by the School of Continuing and Professional Education Student Statistics (2010/2011) 持續專業教育學院開辦之自負盈虧課程學生人數(二零一零至二零一一年度) Programme Type



Sub-degree Programme


Professional Development Programme





Continuing Education Programme





New Senior Secondary / Alternative Secondary Programme

新高中 /其他中學課程











Major Donations 主要捐款 As at 30 June 2011 截至二零一一年六月三十日

Donors of HK$100,000 or above 捐款十萬港元或以上的善長

Donations (HK$) 捐款(港元)

Donation to support Endowed Chair Professorships - Peter T. C. Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies

捐款支持冠名講座教授席── 利定昌『健康學』講座教授

Nancy C. Lee


Donation to support Endowed Chair Professorships - Chiang Chen Chair Professor of Linguistics and Language Sciences

捐款支持冠名講座教授席── 蔣震『語言科學』講座教授

Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation


Donation to support “Zippy’s Friends for Beijing 2008-2011”

捐款支持「比比與朋友」 北京計劃 2008-2011

The Hongkong Bank Foundation


Donation to support “The Asia Pacific Partnership for Learning Behaviour”





捐款支持 「亞太區合作計劃:學習行為」

Fu Tak Iam Foundation


Donation to support “Zippy’s Friends for Hong Kong 2009-2011”

捐款支持「比比與朋友」 香港計劃 2009-2011

The Hongkong Bank Foundation


Donation to support “Whole Person Education”


Wofoo Foundation




Donation to support “HKIEd Development Fund”


Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation Cheung Wong Wan-yiu, Angela

盧家驄慈善基金 500,000.00 張黃韻瑤 100,000.00

Donation to support “Research on the Teaching Strategies 捐款支持「非華裔學童學中文 of Non-Chinese Speaking Students Learning Chinese 的教學策略研究 2010-2011」 2010-2011” Hong Kong Unison


Donation to support “Primary Science Projects Exhibition”

捐款支持「常識百搭」 科學專題探究展覽

Drs Richard Charles & Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation 利銘澤黃瑤壁慈善基金


Donation to support “Community Leaders of Tomorrow Project 2010-12”

捐款支持「今日公益 明日領袖」 社會服務計劃 2010-12

Yue Yuen Industrial Limited


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011




Major Donations 主要捐款

Donors of HK$100,000 or above 捐款十萬港元或以上的善長

Donations (HK$) 捐款(港元)

Donation to support “Project Aspire”


Fok Woon-chi, Cecilia Cheung Shuk-ling, Zoe Yang Hsueh-chi Various donors

霍奐枝 張淑玲 楊雪姬 眾捐款人

Donation to support “Croucher Chinese Visitorships 2010-2011”

捐款支持「裘槎中國訪問 學者計劃 2010-2011」

The Croucher Foundation


Donation to support “Optimising Assessment for Learning Using SP-Xpress in E-Reporting”

捐款支持「善用SP-特快電子報告 優化評估反饋計劃」

Hong Kong Education Publishing Limited United English Publishing Limited

香港教育出版有限公司 聯合英語出版有限公司

Donation to support “A Research on Primary and Junior Secondary Chinese Language Textbooks in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan”

捐款支持「兩岸四地中小學語文 課程與教材研究」

Modern Educational Research Society Limited


Donation to support “Development Tree & Adopt-a-Seat Program”

捐款支持「樹人樹木. 雅座留芳」捐款

Grantham College of Education Past Students’ Association Various donors

葛量洪教育學院校友會 眾捐款人

Donation to support “HKIEd Entrance Scholarship for Tai Po Students”

捐款支持「香港教育學院 大埔友好育才獎學金」

Kwong Kai-to Rural Training College Alumni Association Ltd / Kai To Charity Fund Various donors

鄺啟濤 香港官立鄉村師範專科學校同學會 / 啟濤慈善基金 眾捐款人

Other projects, scholarships and bursaries, awards, conferences, activities, etc.

其他項目、獎助學金、獎項、會議、 活動的捐款

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Parsons Music Limited HKU Old Halls Alumni Association China Fortune Foundation Limited Hang Seng Bank Limited Hong Kong Rugby Football Union Zheng Ge Ru Foundation The Hongkong Bank Foundation Innofoco Limited The Croucher Foundation Various donors

香港賽馬會慈善信託基金 柏斯琴行有限公司 香港大學「明原堂」舊生會 中國富強基金會 恒生銀行有限公司 香港欖球總會 鄭格如基金 滙豐銀行慈善基金 勰高有限公司 裘槎基金會 眾捐款人

300,000.00 150,000.00 100,000.00 278,560.00


200,000.00 200,000.00


100,000.00 355,500.00

100,000.00 100,000.00


913,200.00 290,000.00 230,000.00 207,200.00 140,000.00 120,000.00 120,000.00 103,488.00 102,038.00 100,000.00 1,084,044.00



Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告 Report of the Treasurer to the Council on the Group’s


Financial Statements for the Financial Year from 1 July


2010 to 30 June 2011




The Institute continued to move steadily towards becoming an Education-focused,

香港教育學院 (「本校」) 持續穩步發展,邁向成為一

multidisciplinary and research-strong institution. After the launching of new


UGC-funded non-Education degree programmes, the Institute was in the process

學府。本校隨著推出由大學教育資助委員會 ( 「教資

of launching new self-financed non-Education programmes, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, to enrich the range of programmes offered to the community. Following the significant reduction in expenditure of last year (2009/10) as compared with the previous year (2008/09) after the strengthening of various cost controls, the expenditure in current year (2010/11) continued to decrease, in spite of an increase in income. As a result, the Institute had turned the net funding

會」 ) 資助的非教育學科學位課程後,為豐富課程的 多元學科,亦會進一步開辦自負盈虧的非教育學科學 士及學士後課程。 隨著本校加强多項成本控制措施以來,二零零九至一 零年的開支相比二零零八至零九年已大幅削減,是年 的開支亦進一步減少;儘管年內 ( 二零一零至一一年 ) 收入增加,支出仍持續下降。因此,本校已把二零零 九至一零年的六千二百萬元的虧損轉為是年八千二百

deficit of $62 million in 2009/10 to a net surplus of $82 million for this year.


Academic Programmes and Student Numbers


There were five new progammes launched during the year. New UGC-funded


programmes were Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor


of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies. For the


self-financed programmes, they were Bachelor of Health Education (Honours),

榮 譽 學 士 課 程 、 國 際 高 級 行 政 人 員 文 學 碩 士 課 程

International Executive Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Change, and Master of Arts in Music Education. The total number of UGC-funded students in Full-Time Equivalent (“FTE”) terms studying at the Institute as at June 2011 increased by about 6.5% from 2009/10 to about 4,897 FTE students in 2010/11. The increase mainly came from undergraduate programmes, of about 8.4%, but was slightly offset by a decrease of

(教育領導與變革),以及音樂教育文學碩士課程。 截至二零一一年六月,本校獲教資會資助的學生總數 以等同全日制學額計,約為四千八百九十七人,較二 零零九至一零年增加約百分之六點五。此數額增長主 要源自就讀學士課程人數的增多,較去年多出約百分 之八點四,但同時亦被學士後課程學生人數的下降而 稍微抵銷,其下降約為百之一點六。

about 1.6% in students at postgraduate level. 在非教資會資助的課程中,教育碩士課程仍是最受歡迎

Among the non UGC-funded programmes, the Master of Education continued to be


the most popular programme with student enrolment of about 421 FTE students.


The Doctor of Education programme had 76 FTE students.



The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告

UGC-funded Student Enrolment Statistics for the Year 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11 2008/09, 2009/10及2010/11年獲教資會資助的學生人數 3,000


No. of FTEs 等同全日制學額





19 0 2008/09 2009/10

Full-time 全日制

Part-time 兼讀制

Undergraduate 學士課程

Full-time 全日制

Part-time 兼讀制

Full-time 全日制

Taught Postgraduate 修讀式學士後課程


Part-time 兼讀制

Research Postgraduate 研究生課程

Full-time 全日制

Part-time 兼讀制

Professional Development & Early Childhood Education 專業發展及幼兒教育課程

Programme 課程

The HKIEd School of Continuing and Professional Education Limited (“SCPE”)

香港教育學院持續專業教育學院有限公司 ( 「持續專業

continued to offer the Project Yi Jin Programmes (“PYJ”), with about 1,013 FTE

教育學院」) 年內繼續開辦毅進課程,共約一千零一十

students, and the Pre-Associate Degree Foundation Certificate Programmes (“Pre-


AD”) and Associate Degree Programmes (“AD”) with about 526 FTE students in




Income and Expenditure


The Group adopts the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards (“HKFRS”) issued


by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. For details of the changes in accounting policy in relation to the new standards, please refer to

( 「財務準則」) 。與此新財務準則相關的會計政策改 動細節,請參考本校綜合財務報表附註二。

Note 2 of the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Institute.



Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告



There were net increases in the UGC Block Grants and Earmarked Grants of about


$42 million and $29 million respectively, as compared to 2009/10. The increase


in UGC Block Grants was mainly due to increased student enrolment, whilst the increase in UGC Earmarked Grants was mainly because of the receipt of Matching Grant during the period and the increase in research projects. However, there was a decrease in donation of about $7 million. With the growth in student numbers, Tuition, Programmes and Other Fees of the Institute had increased by about $32 million. Regarding investment, the Institute continued to invest in bank deposits with a diversity

萬元。教資會整體撥款的增長,主要來自學生人數 的增加;而教資會的指定撥款的增長,則主要源於 年內收到政府撥發的配對補助金,以及研究項目的增 加。然而,是年的捐款收入較去年減少約七百萬元。 隨著學生人數增加,學費、課程及其他收費亦增加約 三千二百萬元。有關投資方面,鍳於全球經濟仍然不 穩定,本校繼續分散投資於不同銀行的銀行存款。由

of banks, as the global economy remained to be unstable. With the anticipation of


appreciation of the Renminbi, new deposits in Renminbi had been made over the year


which had contributed positively to the investment return for the year. The Institute


will continuously oversee its investment strategy and will make adjustments where


appropriate in response to the changing global economic conditions. 在附屬機構方面,持續專業教育學院二零一零至一一

At the subsidiary level, the SCPE had a total income of about $70.3 million in


2010/11, which was $7.9 million lower than that of 2009/10 and was mainly due


to lower student intake.


Over the year, the Group’s non-UGC-funded income had steadily increased by $12 million to about $293 million. The increase was mainly attributable to increase in tuition fees from self-financed programmes and more tendered training

二百萬元,達至約二億九千三百萬元。其增長主要來 自自負盈虧課程的學費增加,及提供更多由數個政府 機構以招標形式批出的培訓和合約顧問服務。

and consultancy contracts awarded by several government agencies.

Income 收入 2010/11: $1,164 million $11.64億 2009/10: $1,061 million $10.61億


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011





Government Subventions 政府撥款



Tuition, Programmes and Other Fees 學費、課程及其他收費



Interest and Net Investment Income 利息及淨投資收益



Donations and Benefactions 捐款及捐助



Auxiliary Services 附屬服務



Other Income 其他收入

Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告

UGC-funded and Non-UGC-funded Income 來自教資會資助及非教資會資助的收入

HK$ Million 港幣百萬元


Non-UGC 非教資會


UGC 教資會

600 400 200 0 2006/07







The expenditure of the Group decreased by about $43 million as compared to last


year to a total of about $1,116 million. The expenditure at the Institute reduced


by about $33 million while the expenditure of its subsidiaries decreased by about


$10 million in 2010/11.


At the Institute, all of the expenditure categories had experienced decreases, except for Other Academic Services which showed a small increase. The decrease of about $14 million in Learning and Research was mainly due to the reduction in staff costs following the retirement of academic staff members as well as staff turnover. With regard to the small increase in Other Academic Services, more resources were deployed to support the new academic programmes and the preparation for the New Undergraduate Programme under the 3+3+4 Academic Structure.

本校各項支出中,除其他學術服務錄得輕微增加外, 其餘項目均告下降。在教育及研究方面的開支減少約 一千四百萬元,主要由於年內僱員福利開支因教學人 員退休及其他職員離職而減少。稍微增加的其他學術 服務開支則因為更多資源投放予支持新教學課程,及 為配合「三三四」新學制而作的準備。 本校於教學支援各項開支中共節省約一千九百萬元。 主要節省支出的項目包括來自因應於二零一零年四月

Under Institutional Support, a total saving of about $19 million was achieved. The


majority of the savings was contributed by a reduction in Premises and Related


Expenses of about $11 million, as a result of a decrease in repair and maintenance


works, utilities, cleaning and security expenses, after a review of the service requirements done in April 2010.

在附屬機構方面,持續專業教育學院二零一零至一一 年的總支出約為六千一百九十萬元,較二零零九至一

At the subsidiary level, the SCPE had a total expenditure of about $61.9 million


in 2010/11 which was $9.9 million lower than that of 2009/10. The decrease


was mainly due to decreased course fees paid to PYJ partners as a result of the


decreased number of PYJ students, and lower staff costs.



Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告

Expenditure 支出 2010/11: $1,073 million $10.73億 2009/10: $1,116 million $11.16億







Library 圖書館



Central Computing Facilities 中央電腦設施



Other Academic Services 其他學術服務



Management and General 一般行政及管理





Instruction and Research 教學及研究

Premises and Related Expenses 校舍及相關開支 Student and General Education Services 學生及一般教育服務

Superannuation Scheme


Membership of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Superannuation Scheme


(“Superannuation Scheme”) stood at 393 and the Superannuation Scheme had

劃 (「公積金計劃」) 共有三百九十三名成員,資產淨

total net assets of approximately $482 million as at 30 June 2011.


In addition, a total of 1,575 members of staff participated in the Mandatory


Provident Fund Scheme with an approximate total fund balance of $82 million as at 30 June 2011.

百七十五名員工參加了強制性公積金計劃,該計劃的 總基金結存約為八千二百萬元。



Through prudent financial planning, the Institute has maintained a healthy


financial position, and is ready to meet the challenges of curriculum reform in


the next triennium. Contingency funding is built into the 2011/12 budget, to


empower management to make swift decisions to address any unforeseeable risks


in the preparation for the double cohort in 2012. Under the 3+3+4 Academic Structure, students of our core Bachelor of Education programme will experience a new five-year undergraduate curriculum, whereas students pursuing other Bachelor degree programmes will study for four years. This will be an exciting journey for the Institute in providing our students with different pathways, which enhance the breadth and depth in their learning to meet the changing needs of contemporary society in the era of globalisation and knowledge revolution.


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

風險迅速作出應對。在「三三四」學制下,修讀本校 核心教育學士課程的學生將須修業五年,而選擇其 他學士學位課程的學生則須修業四年。學生們將在本 校經歷精彩多姿的求學旅程,他們可以選擇不同的路 徑,作深廣的學習,以應付當今全球化和知識革命時 代不斷改變中的需要。 

Treasurer’s Report 司庫報告

Seven years statistics of the Institute 過去七年統計數字

No. of FTEs 等同全日制學額

UGC-funded Student Numbers by Type of Sectors (in FTE) 受教資會資助的學生人數 (按類別歸納,以等同全日制學額計) 2,000

Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育


Primary Education 小學教育


Secondary Education 中學教育


Professional Upgrading 專業教育


Research Postgraduate 研究生教育


Non-Education 非教育

0 2004/05







UGC-funded Student Enrolment (in FTE) 獲教資會資助的學生人數 (以等同全日制學額計) 3,500

No. of FTEs 等同全日制學額


Full Time 全日制

2,500 Part Time 兼讀制

2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 2004/05







Group Income and Expenditure (HK$Million) 集團收入與支出 (港幣百萬元) HK$ Million 港幣百萬元

1,200 1,000

Income 收入


Expenditure 支出

600 400 200 0 2004/05



Dr Eric LI Ka-cheung, GBS, JP Treasurer The Council of The Hong Kong Institute of Education 14 October 2011





李家祥博士,金紫荊星章,太平紳士 香港教育學院校董會 司庫 二零一一年十月十四日



Extracts of the Consolidated Financial Statements 綜合財務報表摘錄

THE HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION 香港教育學院 (Expressed in Hong Kong dollars unless otherwise stated) (除另有說明外,所有金額以港幣為單位)

Balance Sheet


At 30 June 2011 二零一一年六月三十日 Group 本集團

Institute 教院

2011 2010 2011 2010 $'000 $'000 $'000 $'000 港幣千元 港幣千元 港幣千元 港幣千元

Non-current Assets 非流動資產

(restated) (restated) (重列) (重列)

Fixed assets 固定資產 2,007,199 2,046,119 2,002,833 2,041,531 Investments 投資 1 1 1 1 Held-to-maturity investments 持有至到期日投資 23,746 41,447 23,746 41,447 Time deposits 定期存款 23,488 80,495 23,488 80,495 2,054,434 2,168,062 2,050,068 2,163,474 Current Assets 流動資產 Held-to-maturity investments 持有至到期日投資 17,529 - 17,529 Accounts receivable, deposits 應收賬項、按金及 and prepayments 預付款項 54,595 39,116 54,160 38,178 Financial assets at fair value 按公允價值計入損益 through profit or loss 的金融資產 20,485 13,692 20,485 13,692 Time deposits 定期存款 300,299 518,028 300,299 517,941 Cash and cash equivalents 現金及現金等價物 697,985 384,908 654,364 346,076 1,090,893 955,744 1,046,837 915,887 Current Liabilities 流動負債 Accounts payable and accruals 應付賬項及應計款項 159,759 158,944 155,473 151,697 Provision for employee benefits 僱員福利撥備 49,907 63,262 48,377 60,129 Borrowings 貸款 2,870 4,243 2,870 4,243 Deferred income 遞延收入 208,664 222,977 208,587 222,716 421,200 449,426 415,307 438,785 Net Current Assets 流動資產淨值 669,693 506,318 631,530 477,102 Total Assets less Current Liabilities 總資產減流動負債 2,724,127 2,674,380 2,681,598 2,640,576 Non-current Liabilities 非流動負債 Provision for employee benefits 僱員福利撥備 8,327 8,655 8,157 8,591 8,327 8,655 8,157 8,591 Deferred Capital Funds 遞延資本基金 2,003,128 2,043,684 1,999,739 2,039,893 Net Assets 資產淨值 712,672 622,041 673,702 592,092 Funds


Restricted funds 指定基金 58,615 46,279 58,615 46,279 Other funds 其他基金 654,057 575,762 615,087 545,813

基金總額 712,672 622,041 673,702 592,092

Total Funds

Approved and authorised for issue by the Council on 14 October 2011. 校董會於二零一一年十月十四日批准及授權發表此財務報表。

Mr PANG Yiu-kai, SBS, JP 彭耀佳先生,銀紫荊星章,太平紳士 Chairman of the Council 校董會主席

Dr Eric LI Ka-cheung, GBS, JP 李家祥博士,金紫荊星章,太平紳士 Treasurer 司庫

Prof Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP 張炳良教授,金紫荊星章,太平紳士 President 校長


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee 黃敏兒女士 Director of Finance 財務處處長

Extracts of the Consolidated Financial Statements 綜合財務報表摘錄

THE HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION 香港教育學院 (Expressed in Hong Kong dollars unless otherwise stated) (除另有說明外,所有金額以港幣為單位)

Statements of Comprehensive Income


For the year ended 30 June 2011 截至二零一一年六月三十日止年度 Group 本集團


Institute 教院

2011 2010 2011 2010 $'000 $'000 $'000 $'000 港幣千元 港幣千元 港幣千元 港幣千元


Government subventions 政府撥款 768,755 685,511 738,351 656,558 Tuition, programmes and 學費、課程和其他收費 other fees 322,587 299,449 260,059 227,841 Interest and net investment 利息及淨投資收益 income 15,651 16,147 15,595 16,111 Donations and benefactions 捐款及捐助 20,170 27,228 19,483 26,917 Auxiliary services 附屬服務 25,818 24,746 31,254 29,885 Other income 其他收入 10,711 8,066 15,338 12,531 1,163,692 1,061,147 1,080,080 969,843 Expenditure 支出 Learning and research 教育及研究 Instruction and research 教學及研究 628,991 645,590 556,544 564,018 Library 圖書館 42,458 45,346 42,458 45,346 Central computing facilities 中央電腦設施 62,152 66,323 62,152 66,323 Other academic services 其他學術服務 45,161 44,647 45,161 44,647 Institutional support 教學支援 Management and general 一般行政及管理 65,415 71,853 65,051 71,322 Premises and related expenses 校舍及相關開支 172,845 184,099 171,151 182,176 Student and general 學生及一般教育服務 education services 55,912 57,775 55,826 57,724 1,072,934 1,115,633 998,343 1,031,556 Surplus/(Deficit) from operations

營運盈餘/(虧損) 90,758 (54,486) 81,737 (61,713)

Finance costs 財務成本 (127) (157) (127) (157) Surplus/(Deficit) and total 轉撥前本年度盈餘/(虧損) 及全面收益總額 comprehensive income for the year before transfers 90,631 (54,643) 81,610 (61,870)

Transfers (from)/to:


Restricted funds 指定基金 15,458 5,179 15,458 5,179 Other funds 其他基金 75,173 (59,822) 66,152 (67,049) 90,631 (54,643) 81,610 (61,870)



Appendices 附錄 63 64 67 71 72

Appendix I HKIEd Council Committee Structure 附錄一


Appendix II The Council Membership 附錄二


Appendix III Council Committee Membership 附錄三


Appendix IV Academic Board Membership 附錄四


Appendix V Organisation Structure 附錄五


Appendix I 附錄一 HKIEd Council Committee Structure 香港教育學院校董會架構 As at 30 June 2011 截至二零一一年六月三十日

The Council 校董會

Academic Board 教務委員會

Audit Committee

Donation Committee

Finance Committee




The Superannuation and MPF Schemes Management Sub-committee 公積金與強積金 計劃管理分委會

The Hong Kong Institute of Education Development Fund 香港教育學院 發展基金

Investment Sub-committee 投資分委會

Honorary Degrees Committee 榮譽學位 頒授委員會

Staffing Committee 人事委員會

Staff Appeal Sub-committee 教職員上訴 分委會



Appendix II 附錄二 The Council Membership 校董會成員 As at 30 June 2011 截至二零一一年六月三十日


Members Appointed pursuant to Section 8(1)(f) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Ordinance

根據香港教育學院條例第 8(1)(f) 款委任



Mr PANG Yiu-kai, SBS, JP

彭耀佳先生 , SBS, JP

Deputy Chairman


Mr Patrick MA Ching-hang, BBS, JP

馬清鏗先生 , BBS, JP



Dr Eric LI Ka-cheung, GBS, JP

李家祥博士 , GBS, JP

Other Members


Professor Andrew CHAN Chi-fai, SBS, JP

陳志輝教授 , SBS, JP

Dr Susan FAN Yun-sun


Professor Edmond KO, JP

高彥鳴教授 , JP

Mrs Lydia LAM LEE Tuen-yee


Miss Stella LEE Wai-fun


Professor Frederick LEUNG Koon-shing


Ms Bella LO Sung-yi


Ms Ruth SHEK Yuk-yu



Mr Teddy TANG Chun-keung, MH, JP

鄧振強先生 , MH, JP

Mr Henry TONG Sau-chai


Mr Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung, SC

袁國強先生 , SC

Public Officer Appointed pursuant to Section 8(1)(c) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Ordinance

根據香港教育學院條例第 8(1)(c) 款委任的

Secretary for Education (“SE”)


Mrs Betty IP TSANG Chui-hing, JP, representative of SE

葉曾翠卿女士 , JP, 教育局局長代表

Staff Members Elected pursuant to Section 8(1)(e) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Ordinance

根據香港教育學院條例第 8(1)(e) 款選任的

Dr FUNG Shu-fun


Ms Anna HUI Sui-yee


Mr LI Chin-wa


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011



Appendix II


Members Nominated by the Academic Board and Appointed by the Council pursuant to Section 8(1)(d) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Ordinance

根據香港教育學院條例第 8(1)(d) 款由

Professor Joanne CHUNG Wai-yee


Professor Dennis Michael MCINERNEY


Dr NG Shun-wing


Full-time Student Appointed pursuant to Section 8(1)(g) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Ordinance

根據香港教育學院條例第 8(1)(g) 款委任的

Mr Zero LIU Sze Ming


Ex-Officio Members pursuant to Sections 8(1) (a)&(b) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Ordinance

根據香港教育學院條例第 8(1)(a) 及 (b) 款的

Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP,

張炳良教授 , GBS, JP

President Professor John LEE Chi-kin, JP,

Vice President (Academic) Professor CHENG Yin-cheong,

Vice President (Research and Development) Mr Chris MONG Chan

Vice President (Administration)




校長 李子建教授 , JP

副校長 ( 學術 ) 鄭燕祥教授

副校長 ( 研究與發展 ) 蒙燦先生

副校長 ( 行政 )



Mr Chris MONG Chan


Vice President (Administration)

副校長 ( 行政 )



Appendix II


Four Members retired from the Council during


the year: Dr SO Kwok Sang (up to 26 September 2010) Dr WONG Ping-ho (up to 6 December 2010) Mr Ivan CHOY Chun-ho (up to 18 March 2011) Dr Jimmy WONG Chi-ho, BBS, JP (up to 25 April 2011)

One Member ceased to be Member of the Council during

蘇國生博士 ( 至二零一零年九月二十六日 ) 王秉豪博士 ( 至二零一零年十二月六日 ) 蔡雋豪先生 ( 至二零一一年三月十八日 ) 王賜豪醫生 , BBS, JP ( 至二零一一年四月二十五日 )


the year: Professor LAM Chi-chung (up to 30 June 2010)


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

林智中教授 ( 至二零一零年六月三十日 )

Appendix III


Council Committee Membership 校董會屬下委員會 As at 30 June 2011 截至二零一一年六月三十日

Audit Committee




Professor Andrew CHAN Chi-fai, SBS, JP

陳志輝教授 , SBS, JP



Mr CHAN Wing-kwong, MH

陳榮光先生 , MH

Mrs Lydia LAM LEE Tuen-yee


Mr Henry TONG Sau-chai




Ms Connie WONG Tsz-mei


Donation Committee




Mr Patrick MA Ching-hang, BBS, JP

馬清鏗先生 , BBS, JP



Ms Bella LO Sung-yi


Mr Henry TONG Sau-chai


Dr Angela CHEUNG WONG Wan-Yiu, MBE, JP

張黃韻瑤博士 , MBE, JP

Dr Simon IP Sik-on, JP

葉錫安博士 , JP

Mr KWOK Tsun-kee


Mr Edwin LEONG Siu-hung


Dr Angela LUK CHIU Kwan-hung, BBS

陸趙鈞鴻博士 , BBS


施德論博士 , GBS, JP

Mr Frank YU Siu-fung


Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP

張炳良教授 , GBS, JP

Mr Chris MONG Chan




Ms Patricia LUI Shi-mun




Appendix III



Finance Committee




Dr Eric LI Ka-cheung, GBS, JP

李家祥博士 , GBS, JP



Miss Stella LEE Wai-fun




Professor Frederick LEUNG Koon-shing


Ms Bella LO Sung-yi


Mr Teddy TANG Chun-keung, MH, JP

鄧振強先生 , MH, JP

Ms Anna HUI Sui-yee


Professor Dennis Michael MCINERNEY


Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP

張炳良教授 , GBS, JP

Mr Chris MONG Chan




Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee


The Superannuation and Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Management Sub-committee of the Finance Committee

財務委員會屬下之公積金與強積金計劃管理 分委會



Mr Chris MONG Chan




Professor Frederick LEUNG Koon-shing




Ms Anna HUI Sui-yee


Professor Dennis Michael MCINERNEY


Dr FUNG Shu-fun


Ms Loretta LEUNG Mee-kuen


Ms Winnie WONG Miu-ling (vacant)

黃妙玲女士 ( 出缺 )



Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Appendix III


Investment Sub-committee of the Finance Committee




Dr Eric LI Ka-cheung, GBS, JP

李家祥博士 , GBS, JP



Miss Stella LEE Wai-fun Mr Chris MONG Chan Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee

李慧芬小姐 蒙燦先生 黃敏兒女士



Mr Raymond LAM Ying-po


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Development Fund




Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP

張炳良教授 , GBS, JP



Professor CHENG Yin-cheong Professor John LEE Chi-kin, JP Mr Louis LIU Man Shan Mr Chris MONG Chan Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee

鄭燕祥教授 李子建教授 , JP 廖文山先生 蒙燦先生 黃敏兒女士



Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee


Honorary Degrees Committee




Mr PANG Yiu-kai, SBS, JP

彭耀佳先生 , SBS, JP



Mr Patrick MA Ching-hang, BBS, JP Professor Edmond KO, BBS, JP Professor Magdalena MOK Mo-ching Professor ZHU Qingzhi Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP

馬清鏗先生 , BBS, JP 高彥鳴教授 , BBS, JP 莫慕貞教授 朱慶之教授 張炳良教授 , GBS, JP



Mr Chris MONG Chan




Appendix III



Staffing Committee




Mr Patrick MA Ching-hang, BBS, JP

馬清鏗先生 , BBS, JP



Dr Susan FAN Yun-sun




Dr FUNG Shu-fun


Professor Edmond KO, BBS, JP

高彥鳴教授 , BBS, JP

Dr NG Shun-wing


Ms Ruth SHEK Yuk-yu


Mr Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung, SC

袁國強先生 , SC

Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP

張炳良教授 , GBS, JP

Mr Chris MONG Chan




Mrs Belinder YUEN LAW Oi-kwan


Staff Appeal Sub-committee of the Staffing Committee




Dr Susan FAN Yun-sun




Mr Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung, SC

袁國強先生 , SC



Dr FUNG Shu-fun


Dr NG Shun-wing


Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung, GBS, JP

張炳良教授 , GBS, JP



Mrs Belinder YUEN LAW Oi-kwan


The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Appendix IV 附錄四 Academic Board Membership 教務委員會 As at 30 June 2011 截至二零一一年六月三十日



Professor Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung






Professor John LEE Chi-kin


Professor WANG Wen-chung


Mr Chris MONG Chan


Dr LAI Kwok-chan


Professor CHENG Yin-cheong




Professor Joshua MOK Ka-ho


Professor Richard TSANG Yip-fat


Professor LO Sing Kai


Dr Andrew SMITH

Andrew SMITH博士

Professor Joanne CHUNG Wai-yee


Dr Thomas TAM Cheung-on


Professor Kerry KENNEDY


Dr Doris CHENG Pui-wah


Professor Dennis MCINERNEY


Dr NG Shun-wing


Professor Leonard CHAN Kwok-kou


Dr AU Chung-to


Professor Samuel LEONG



Bidisha BANERJEE博士

Professor ZHU Qingzhi


Dr Jacqueline CHAN Kin-sang


Dr Sam LEUNG Cheung-shing


Professor Philip BENSON

Philip BENSON 教授

Professor Allan David WALKER


Professor Bob ADAMSON


Dr KONG Siu-cheung


Member and Secretary*

Professor CHENG Sheung-tak


Ms Polly TSE Po-ching

Professor Christine FORLIN


Dr Winnie SO Wing-mui


Professor Paul HARRIS

Paul HARRIS 教授

Professor Philip HALLINGER


Mr CHEUNG Lok-ping


Student Representative


Mr LIT Ka-shing Student Representative




*Acting Registrar


Professor Thomas Andrew KIRKPATRICK 柯安竹教授 馬克連教授 Professor Rupert MACLEAN Professor Magdalena MOK Mo-ching


Professor M RAMESH


Professor Benjamin T’SOU Ka-yin




Appendix V 附錄五 Organisation Structure 組織架構 As at 1 July 2011 截至二零一一年七月一日 President 校長

Vice President (Research and Development) 副校長 ( 研究與發展 )

Associate Vice President (Graduate Studies) 協理副校長 ( 研究生與高等課程 )

Vice President (Academic) 副校長 ( 學術 )

Associate Vice President (Research and Development) 協理副校長 ( 研究與發展 )

Associate Vice President (Programme Development) 協理副校長 ( 課程發展 )

Graduate School 研究生院

The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership & Change 劉鑾雄慈善基金 亞太領導與變革研究中心

Research and Development Office 研究與發展事務處

Assessment Research Centre 評估研究中心

Department of Curriculum and Instruction 課程與教學學系

Department of Chinese 中文學系

Department of Cultural and Creative Arts 文化與創意藝術學系

Centre for Governance and Citizenship 管治與公民研究中心

Department of Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育學系

Department of English 英文學系

Department of Health and Physical Education 健康與體育學系

Research Centre into Language Education and Acquisition in Multilingual Societies 多元社會語文教育研究中心

Department of Education Policy and Leadership 教育政策與領導學系

Centre for Language in Education 語文教育中心

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology 數學與資訊科技學系

Research Centre on Linguistics and Language Information Sciences 語言資訊科學研究中心

Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning 國際教育與終身學習學系

Faculty-level R&D Centres* 學院級研究與發展中心 (2)

Department of Science and Environmental Studies 科學與環境學系

Faculty of Education Studies 教育研究學院

The Hong Kong Institute of Education Annual Report 2010-2011

Faculty of Arts and Sciences 文理學院

Department of Psychological Studies 心理研究學系

Department of Social Sciences 社會科學系

Department of Special Education and Counselling 特殊教育與輔導學系

Faculty-level R&D Centres* 學院級研究與發展中心 (3)

Faculty-level R&D Centres* 學院級研究與發展中心 (1)


Faculty of Languages 語文學院

Vice President (Administration) 副校長 ( 行政 )

Associate Vice President (Quality Assurance) 協理副校長 ( 學術質素保證 )

Associate Vice President (External Relations) 協理副校長 ( 對外關係 )

Registry 教務處

International Office 國際事務處

Council Secretariat 校董會秘書處

Communications Office 傳訊處

Library 圖書館

Mainland Development Office 內地發展事務處

Estates Office 物業處

Alumni Affairs and Development Office 校友及拓展事務處

General Education Office 通識教育事務處

Town Centre 市區分校辦事處

Student Affairs Office 學生事務處

School Partnership and Field Experience Office 院校協作與 學校體驗事務處

Finance Office 財務處

Strategic Planning Office 策略規劃處

Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology 教學科技中心

Human Resources Office 人力資源處

* Faculty-level R&D Centres are founded by faculty members to work on common research interests


(1) Including: Centre for Childhood Research and Innovation 兒童研究與創新中心 Centre for Development and Research in Small Class Teaching 小班教學發展與研究中心 Centre for Learning Study 課堂學習研究中心 Centre for Lifelong Learning Research and Development 終身學習研究與發展中心 Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education 宗教教育與心靈教育中心 Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education 特殊學習需要與融合教育中心

Office of Information Technology and Services 資訊科技服務處

Information Systems Office 資訊系統服務處

(2) Including: Centre for Popular Culture and Education 流行文化與教育研究中心 Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture 中國文學文化研究中心

(3) Including: Centre for Greater China Studies 大中華研究中心 Centre for Research in Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies 跨學科及通識教育研究中心

** (4) Vice President (Administration) is charged to oversee the School of Continuing and Professional Education, a HKIEd subsidiary 副校長 ( 行政 ) 負責監督本校附屬機構持續專業教育學院

School of Continuing and Professional Education** 持續專業教育學院 (4)



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HKIEd Annual Report 2010-11  
HKIEd Annual Report 2010-11