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The Dubai Sea Festival Promoting the Natural Beauty of Dubai to the world


The Dubai Sea Festival The Aims: • Promote the natural beauty of Dubai’s beaches and sea line. • Attract the local and International visitors to embrace and enjoy more of the Natural attractions of Dubai. • Create and promote participation in sport and physical activities to build fitness and health. • Create a sustainable tourism event that will rise above the clutter.

The Dubai Sea Festival Strategy • A Week of Activity on the three main beaches of Dubai. • Sporting competitions, Educational projects, entertainment for local and international visitors during the school holidays. • Attract Local companies for team building, as well as sponsorship opportunities. • Year round festival around the “Easter holidays”.

The Dubai Sea Festival Target Market • All Nationalities in Dubai. • All residential families with children during the school competitions. • Companies for participation and sponsorship. • Tourists enjoying the “School holidays and spring weather” in Dubai.

Sea Festival Logo A single logo has been created that will 1. Promote the ethos of the annual event. 2. Allow for merchandising. 3. Allow for commercial sponsorships. 4. Allow for flexibility in the various different events and cultural attractions that will take place.

Beach Strategy 3 Beaches in various locations have been chosen that appeal to the broad cross section of the resident population and within easy access to the hotels and other institutions for Tourists. • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). • Al Mamzar Beach. • The Sheikh Hamdan Beach, Jumeirah.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Al Mamzar Beach

The Sheikh Hamdan Beach, Jumeirah

Beach Strategy • The 3 Beaches are within easy access of different residential areas of Dubai appealing to different nationalities / age groups. • Promoseven sports marketing designated certain beaches for certain sports and activities, depending on the sports and the nationalities. 1. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR); Residents of Dubai marina and New Dubai areas, along with hotel tourists from the Dubai marina / Jebel Ali conurbations. 2. Al Mamzar Beach; Residents of the northern suburbs of Dubai, as well as the emirate of Sharjah. In additional the hotel tourists, predominantly Arab, Eastern European and Asian. 3. The Sheikh Hamdan Beach, Jumeirah; Residents of jumeirah, Umm Sequiem, and the main residential area along Sheikh Zayed road.

Sports Strategy Fixed sporting competitions and cultural activities across all three beaches • Beach Football • Beach Volleyball • Sand sculptures • Food tasting and food stalls • Fitness Challenge • Kids activities & sports days • Paddle ski races

Specific activities to be run on specific days on specific beaches. E.g.; • Beach Cricket competitions

(Hamdan/Al Mamzar)

• Traditional souq

(Al Mamzar)

• Yoga @ Sunset

(JBR, Hamdan)

New Sports Strategy In addition, to promote new sea sports, clubs and organizations would be encouraged to offer free “ try the sport Activities” on key days. • Kite Surfing


• Paddle Boards

(Hamdan, Al mamzar)

• Kayaking

(Hamdan, Al Mamzar)

• Surfing

(Hamdan, JBR)

• Rowing

(Al Mamzar)

• Parasailing

(Hamdan, JBR)

Extra Activities • Movies by the sea will offer FREE movies for all the family. • Bean bags and rugs would be provided and the public would be encouraged to bring picnic’s and blankets. • Concession stands could also be arranged to offer popcorn, snacks and soft drinks. • Movies by the sea would run from Saturday 6th - Friday 12th April, @ JBR Only

Calendar of events Date



Sheikh Hamdan Beach

Al Mamzar Beach

Friday 5 April

7.00 – 9.00pm

Opening Parade/ skydivers/ fireworks



Saturday 6 April

2.00 – 5.00pm 7.30 – 10.00pm

Sand sculptures display Kids watersports & activities Volleyball Comp

Sand Scultures Kids watersports & activities Rugby Comp Paddle Ski

Sand Sculptures Kids Watersports Traditional dive boats display Football Comp

Sunday 7 April

2.00 – 5.00pm 7.30 – 10.00pm

Kids watersports & activities Sunset Yoga

Kids watersports & activities Fitness challenge

Kids watersports & activities Ladies only come & try sports

Monday 8 April

2.00 – 5.00pm 7.30 – 10.00pm

Kids watersports & activities Rugby Comp Paddle Ski

Kids watersports & activities Football Comp

Kids watersports & activities Volleyball Comp

Tuesday 9 April

2.00 – 5.00pm 7.30 – 10.00pm

Kids watersports & activities

Kids watersports & activities Sunset Yoga

Kids watersports & activities Fitness Challenge

Wednesday 10 April

2.00 – 5.00pm 7.30 – 10.00pm

Kids watersports & activities Football Comp

Kids watersports & activities Volleyball Comp

Kids watersports & activities Paddle Ski Cricket Comp

Thursday 11 April

2.00 – 5.00pm 7.30 – 10.00pm

Kids watersports & activities Fitness challenge

Kids watersports & activities Cricket Comp

Kids watersports & activities Sunset yoga (Ladies Only)

Friday 12 April

2.00 - 10.00pm

Watersports Multi-sports come & play Family entertainment & food

Turtle rehabilitation Watersports Multi-sports come and play family entertainment & food

Dragon Boat Racing Watersports Family entertainment & food

Saturday 13 April

2.00 – 10.00pm

Music by the sea – closing party



Competition Strategy 1. All the sports would be run as competitions on each beach and composed of; a. Youth competitions b. Senior competitions

Entries would be encouraged from; 1. Companies 2. Organisations 3. Schools 4. Individuals who can be formed into teams Entries would be free

Admission Strategy All Admissions will be FREE for the First YEAR ! 1. Entry to members of the Public to watch will be FREE to all Beaches. 2. Entry to the sports for all, whether companies or not will be FREE for the first year. 3. All entries for the sports will be conducted through an on line portal to allow ease of communication and management.

The on line portal will allow companies and individuals to 1. Chose their sport 2. Chose their beach 3. Chose their classification i.e., youth or senior Simultaneously, the portal will allow all to register their interest in the “Try me sports� so that the correct preparations can take place for these at the respective.

Launch Strategy Event launch: In order to create high profile publicity, it is important to have an official launch with senior signatories and local and regional press invited. Date : Friday 5 April Venue: Jumeirah beach residence

Entertainment: - Opening Parade (Mardi-gras style, including Stilt walkers / clowns / acrobats / local dancers and drummers etc) - Children’s entertainment - Skydivers - Fireworks - first beach football competition - children’s sand competitions

Closing Strategy Music by The Sea Date : Saturday 13th April, 2pm – 10pm. Venue: Jumeirah Beach Residence Engage one of the established open mic nights such as ‘The Music Room’ or ‘Peanut Butter Jam’ to assist engage and celebrate local bands and musicians for a FREE music festival. All types of music can be celebrated such as rock, pop, and Arabic.

Public Relations Strategy The Public Relations Strategy must be focused on 1. Promotion of the Clean Attractive Beaches / Sea in Dubai 2. Exciting Family entertainment for all, both residents and tourists 3. Health and Fitness for all 4. Support by the government and all departments The strategy to include press conferences, Television interviews, sponsored supplements, and most importantly the development of the Web site that will be the underpinning of the while event, both from a public relations point of view and the window for the management of the activities.

Public relations‌ Editorial Programme - Press releases profiling the event and launching the activities will be released on a regular basis to raise awareness and generate interest. - All releases will to link to the official webpage and social media.

Sea Festival Event Website - Develop content, look and feel, promotions.

Press Conference - A press launch will be held 6 weeks prior to the event to introduce the event profile and media support. - Invite all press to the official launch / opening ceremony. - Organise press interviews with members of the public, government representatives, partners and sponsors.

Advertising Strategy The Advertising Strategy will focus on above and below the line strategy utilizing the following media * Social Media, including Face book, Web advertising, Dubai Calendar. • Print advertising in major Dailies, both English and Arabic - Full and half page adverts in English and Arabic • Radio Advertising - Adverts to run on multiple stations - Promotions and competitions - Interviews • Outdoor Advertising - Lampposts and bridge advertising on SZR

Mascot Strategy A mascot is an essential part of Any sporting and Cultural Event, for the mascot. 1. Projects the character of the event through the identity of the mascot 2. Creates a visual link for the event and the environment 3. Works in all languages 4. Creates a merchandising tool 5. Creates a revenue Stream 6. Allows a Symbol for in store awareness 7. Creates a relationship with children

“Habibi� the beach ball mascot

Festival management For the Dubai Sea Festival to be managed correctly and successfully, the management company should have a. Experience of managing large public events in the UAE Promoseven sports marketing has over ten years of large events in the UAE and has managed the Emirates airline Dubai rugby 7s for 10 years with planned growth each year and audiences equaling over 80,000 over the event each year. Growth at the 7s has seen the audiences grow from 17,000 in 2003 to 86,000 in 2013. b. Working with the local authorities and understanding the dynamics of Dubai Promoseven sports marketing has over 22 years of managing public events in Dubai, including the World cup 7s, Dubai Football challenge, Spinneys Dubai 92 cycle challenge, louis vuitton cup, and others. Being a local company, we believe in the growth of Dubai and its future as the leading city in the world.

Festival management c. Marketing and advertising experience Promoseven sports marketing has over 30 years of direct and personal advertising experience in the middle east. d. Sponsorship experience in the UAE and internationally Promoseven sports marketing has extensive sponsorship experience, in the middle east and Asia and an international channel to multinationals for sponsorship. This has been demonstrated in Football, Swimming, Rugby, Tennis, Pool, Asian Games, in door Asian games and others. e. Budgeting and operational experience Promoseven sports marketing runs and manages large sporting events including the budgeting for rugby, Cricket, Cycling multinational launches for NIVEA, Land rover, BMW, and others. The senior personnel of promos even sports marketing have 30 years of experience in the middle east advertising, public relations and marketing profession and are owners of the company.

Festival Logistics It will be important for the management company to immediately conduct a full site audit to include; • Security and Risk Assessment including fencing and car parking • Sport facilities (temporary pitches / goal posts etc) • Equipment (Sports equipment / large screens for movies etc) • Health and Safety and Toilet facilities / cleaners • Shade solutions during children’s activities • Lighting • Space for Food and Beverage stalls • Emergency procedures • Wifi and IT connections • Power outlets • Traffic flows • Signage and Event Branding • Permissions; DTCM, Police, sports council, RTA, Municipality, DED

Festival Personnel The personnel required for the successful management of the Sea Festival will be: • Overall Sea Festival Manager and admin support • PR & Communications Manager - three pr assistants, one per beach • Sponsorship Manager - three sponsorship assistants, one per beach for activation and anti ambush • Website & Social Media Manager - one Face book / twitter - Creative and back of house operator - three results input assistants, one per beach • Website team (3) • Creative Designer and support • Branding Director and on ground assistants

Festival Personnel The personnel required for the successful management of the Sea Festival will be: • Overall Operational manager including - Overlay assistant - 3 site leaders - 9 site operational assistants • Logistics manager, for permissions, safety, transportation - one assistant • Children’s camps will need additional paid staff to ensure acceptable working ratio’s for health & safety.

Budget Strategy For any event, there are 5 fundamental Revenue streams that are necessary to put in place. 1. Gate or Team Receipts, either gate receipts or participation fees. In this case, we are suggesting there will not be any receipts from participation for the first year. 2. TV right sales. This will not be possible for the televising of the events is crucial to the promotion of it plus potential sponsorship sales. 3. Food and Beverage Sales. This is a definite revenue stream for there should be either participation fees or percentage income fees. 4. Sponsorship. This is possible and will grow with the success of the event but time is of the essence. We have designed a matrix overleaf. 5. Merchandising Sales. This is possible and a large growth in future years.

Sponsorship Matrix A sponsorship matrix will need to be developed for the Sea Festival. Sponsorship can include the following formats as income streams • Main Sponsors of the Event • Main sponsors of the Beaches • Main sponsors of the actual events • Co-Sponsor of the Event, and beaches • Official Supplier to the Event in total • Media Sponsor, normally barter to reduce expenditure • Naming rights of sub events or activities, either cash or barter. This has a large potential for there may be companies who will want to manage key events in return for branding or fees. • Participation fees by the Food and Beverage companies, outlining their rights and benefits. Promoseven sports marketing has designed numerous matrixes for a wide variety of events, from the Dubai football challenge to the Asian Games 2006 in Doha.

Budget Strategy As noted, we envisage there will be some income streams available for the first year but they will be marginal due to the time and non awareness of the event The budget will be determined by the costing of the following which can only be determined once the company has been appointed and the audit carried out. • Sport facilities (temporary pitches / goal posts etc) • Equipment (Sports equipment / large screens for movies etc) • Health and Safety and Toilet facilities / cleaners • Shade solutions during children’s activities • Lighting • Wifi and IT connections • Power outlets and temporary generators • Signage and Event Branding • Permissions; DTCM, Police, sports council, RTA, Municipality, DED.

Budget Strategy Against those costs will be the following income streams a. Food and beverage rights for hotels and restaurants to sell food b. Sponsorships (as noted previously) c. Barter costs to reduce pressure on the budget d. Selling of the individual events to private companies who will manage the games e. Merchandising rights These revenues are not possible to establish at this juncture as it is a new Event and has not been launched. A full budget can be established, if required based on a non sponsorship budget, if the company promoseven sports is appointed for this visionary event.

Sea Festival • Promoseven Sports Marketing would welcomes the opportunity to discuss all options proposed within the presentation. • Partnerships, activity, schedule of work and finalised budgets would be developed on confirmation of the project and it’s chosen activities.

Sea Festival  


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