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cal labor, and ser vice to

Verde Valley School Board of Trustees


President, Charles “Chuck” Adams ’78, Sedona, Arizona Vice President, Steven Mangold ‘65, San Jose, California Treasurer, Tammy Cohen Stanton ‘88 Secretary, Jennette Wright Bill ’71, Sedona, Arizona Members:

Andrea “Andi” Coville ‘76, Waban, Massachusetts Jim Higdon ’88, North Hollywood, California Reid Miles, New York, New York Brian Morgan, Bethlehem, New Hampshire Holly Morin, Minden, Nevada John Peed, Venice, California Michael Dean Shelton, Los Angeles, California Anca van Assendelft, Marblehead, Massachusetts John Griffiths, Interim Head of School


Contents Letter from Interim Head of School John Griffiths

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Letter from Chairman of the Board of Trustees Chuck Adams ‘78

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Report of Giving 2008-2009

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Report of Giving 2009-2010

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Silent Auction Consecutive Years of Giving

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Clifford C. Perkins

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Gerry Cunningham

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Terry Suckow ‘06 and Ricardo Unger ‘84

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Class Notes & Alumni Profiles

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Reunion Weekend 2011 VVS School News

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VERDE VALLEY SCHOOL 3511 Verde Valley School Road Sedona, AZ 86351 928-284-2272

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Report of Giving 2009 & 2010 On the cover, “Cathedral” oil on canvas paintings by Sam Kim ‘10, currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Writer, editor, photographer, graphic designer: Hilde Keldermans, Director of Communications Reports: Dana Blavat, Assistant to the Head of School

Dear Verde Valley School Community, I am pleased to present this annual Report of Giving, which documents gifts made to the school during the past two fiscal years. July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2010. Donations to the school in the 2009-2010 fiscal year have surpassed giving over the previous years. Your generous support is a very important indicator of your level of commitment to VVS and is greatly appreciated. Offering an academically rigorous, values centered curriculum to students from around the world, VVS has for generations been educating young people according to the ideals Hamilton and Barbara Warren held dear. Our mission, to teach teenagers to become world citizens, is fully deserving of our support and, if anything, more relevant in the current state of the world than it was when the School was founded. I am proud to be part of a school that has shaped the lives of so many generations of teenagers - young people who have taken their place in the world as thoughtful, caring, and involved adults who are making a difference in a world that increasingly needs them.

John Griffiths, Interim Head of School Habiba Warren-Olson ‘13 works in the school’s organic garden.


Dear Friends, I hope that this letter finds everyone in good health and high spirits. Spring is arriving here in Sedona as winter quickly fades; it is hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago a snowfall had transformed our little corner of Red Rock country, creating spectacular vistas in each direction from campus. Winter snows have always been my favorite time in Sedona. Watching VVS through the seasons is a unique experience shared by so many of us. The natural beauty of Verde Valley School is ingrained in our minds and memories, and held dear by those of us fortunate enough to have been VVS students. It is these memories and the value of our experiences that keep us coming back to support the school. We are deeply grateful to have such committed supporters who share our enthusiasm for an unparalleled educational experience. VVS has delivered on its unique mission for over 60 years thanks to the generosity of our alumni, current and past parents, grandparents and many friends. It is your ongoing support that allows VVS to serve our current generation of students. As many of you know, we are in a transformative period at VVS and there is much to be energized about as we move ahead. Our students are excited to be here and remind us daily of why we are working hard to reach our potential as a premier boarding school. Our faculty and staff demonstrate great dedication to the success of VVS, and under John Griffith’s leadership they are setting the foundation for an even brighter future. The last six months has really underscored for me the level of our community’s commitment to Verde Valley School. In addition to current trustees, we have had past trustees and numerous volunteers offer their time and talent to help to move the school forward to a position of greater strength. I appreciate everyone’s willingness to help VVS achieve its potential and know our efforts today are setting a strong foundation for the future. The strength of our community helps insure that we will not only succeed but excel as an organization. All of us play a critical role in achieving our collective goal of excellence. On behalf of the School and the Board I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to VVS. I’d also extend my gratitude for your ongoing support and for sharing in the vision of Verde Valley School. All the best,

Chuck Adams ‘78 President, VVS Board of Trustees



Giving Levels

Founder’s Society $25,000+

C. Diane Christensen ‘61 and Jean M. Pierret Edward E. Ford Foundation Robert Gross Cathedral Rock Fellowship $10,000-$24,999

Sung Hee Choi The estate of Lin Fairchild ‘61 Anthony Fiscella Hecht-Levi Foundation Gil and Elizabeth Morris Suckow ‘72 Dan Wigutow ‘60 Napoleon Circle $5,000 -$9,999

Karen M. Kahn ‘65 Arkay Foundation Crusader Rock Society

VVS students scored higher than the international average in these IB subjects on the 2010 IB exams: Higher Level Biology Higher Level Spanish Standard Level Environmental Systems Higher Level Visual Arts Standard Level Visual Arts Higher Level Music Higher Level Theatre Arts

$2,500 - 4,999

Laura Olson Adams ’79 and Chuck Adams ‘78 Zoann Dusenbury Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund John F. Hamilton ‘62 and Carol Leonard Peter ‘69 and Cleo Hardin Steven Mangold ‘65 Joy Mercy Peter and Ingrid von Thiereck Verde Valley Society $1,000 - $2,499

Todd ’62 and Charlotte Ackerman Pamela and Douglas Ayres Se Yoon Bang and Kyung Ok Oh Michael Beaury David and Jennette Wright Bill ‘73 William and Audrey Bladt Dana K. Blavat Tam Pham ‘11 of Vietnam

Robert and Pamela Breen Marc ’71 and Loren Burke William J. Burke ‘73 William and Susan Cammock John Campbell Charles B. Sweatt Foundation Tamara Nydell Cook ‘83 James Crary and Janelle Rossignol C. Lawrence Decker and Carol Scribner Craig and Lynn Dible Paul and Dale Domingue Dan Eckert ‘82 and Maria Duque Eckert ‘83 Tilden Edmonston and Janet Hoffmann Peter and Janet Fagan Aiden and Linda Ferry Jeff and Debra Fleeger Michael and Sally Foster Nick ‘62 and Hiltraud Fuller Eugene and Jackie Gottlieb Paul Hansen and Sara Flynn Homer and Kathryne Harmon Kenneth Holland Alex and Chris Horchak Robert and Flavia Horth Won Joon Hyoung and Mi Kyoung Edward Ingraham and Martha Mertz Brent and Cheryl Johnson Sandy and Margaret Jones John ’77 and Yanett Kenney Satwant Khalsa Chong Min Kim and In Hye Song Peter and Beverly Kingsley Jeff and Carmen Kobacker Kirk Kroloff

James H. Landis ‘66 Robert and Loretta Larson Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lerner Alexander and Vicki Gold Levi Henry C. Louderbough ‘62 Walter Mason III Dennis Mobley Judson C. Mock ‘90 Frederick and Virginia Newnam John and Sue O’Neill James and Andreas Zukerman Palmer ‘87 James and Pam Pease John Peed Cliff and Marguerite Perkins Herbert and Ursula Plocher Ronald and Dolores Puchi Dean and Susy Ridlon Leslie Warren Sarn ‘61 Ernest P. Schloss ‘66 Harry and Lelia Schoenberg Chris ’69 and Janet Schrager William and Sheri Slater Donald and Bonny Smith Noel Smith Sodexho, Inc. & Affiliates Ed Southwell Thomas Standring ‘78 Paul A. Stein Kirk and Mary Strawn Louise Sumner John Swingle and Janet Meyer Carolyn Harms Terman ‘62 Eduard Uzumeckis and Elizabeth Yancey Peter T. Votichenko ‘67 Kevin Warren ‘78 Jake and Leann Weber John Wesnitzer Kay and William Whitman, Jr. ‘57 Dan and Debbie Williams Ramon and Alice Woodall

Countries Represented by VVS Students One each from: Australia


El Salvador

Russia S. Korea


Ger many


Hong Kong Italy




Malaysia Mexico

2009 - 2010 Cathedral Rock Fellowship $10,000 - $24,999

Hecht-Levi Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Napoleon Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Daniel and Victoria Bresnan Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Karen M. Kahn ‘65 Sodexho, Inc. & Affiliates Gil and Elizabeth Morris Suckow ‘72 Crusader Rock Society $2,500 - $4,999

Chuck ‘78 and Laura Olson Adams ‘79 John and Carol Hamilton ‘62 Peter ’69 and Cleo Hardin Patricia Ihara ‘71 Jeff and Carmen Kobacker John Peed James and Leslie Warren Sarn ‘61 Verde Valley Society $1,000 - $2,499

Todd ’62 and Charlotte Ackerman Arkay Foundation Douglas and Pamela Ayres E.M. Bakwin Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Gordon Barienbrock ‘54 Michael Beaury David and Jennette Wright Bill ‘73 Robert and Pamela Breen Jeffrey and Royce Buresh Marc ’71 and Loren Burke William and Susan Cammock John and Susan Campbell Patricia Brown Campbell ‘60 Chia-I Chen ‘08 Josh Crawford ‘89 Bert and Ellen Zimmer Darling ‘77 Paul and Dale Domingue Tilden and Janet Edmonston Peter and Janet Fagan Tamara Fernandes Thomas and Linda Ferry Sally and Michael Foster Nick ’62 and Hiltraud Fuller Patricia Goudvis ‘71

Giving Levels Paul Hansen and Sara Flynn Homer and Kathryne Harmon Takahiro and Saeko Hashi Eben and Elizabeth Titcomb Haskell ‘60 Ed and Martha Ingraham Brent and Cheryl Johnson Hilde L. Keldermans John ’77 and Yanett Kenney Peter and Beverly Kingsley Kirk Kroloff Robert and Loretta Larson Jae Young and In Kyung Lee Alex and Vicki Levi Max and Clare Licher Henry Louderbough ‘62 Steve Mangold ‘65 Dennis Mobley John and Sue O’Neill James and Pam Pease Jeff ’72 and Crissy Perkins Clifford and Marguerite Perkins Steven Perry ‘70 Carol S. Prentice ‘73 Dean and Susy Ridlon Ernie Schloss ‘66 Edward and Gillian Warren Smith ‘73 Deryn Warren Springer ‘62 Paul A. Stein John and Janet Swingle Peter ’62 and Marjorie Titcomb Eduard and Elizabeth Uzumeckis Marc and Jan Viafora Peter T. Votichenko ‘67 Chris ’71 and Jennifer Warren Jake and Leann Weber Dan and Debbie Williams Monica Williford ‘83 Ed Southwell Seven Warriors Society $500 - $999

Antonin Aeck ‘65 Septimus and Jennifer Bean Christine Bejnar Victor and Carole Benedict Nathaniel Bill Dana K. Blavat Susan and Helen Brown Beth Ann Robertson Calefati ‘87 John ’78 and Cynthia Calley Margaret R. Casey Charles B. Sweatt Foundation Hans and Antoinette Churchill

John and Karen Dansby William and Mary Davis Steve and Anita Dawson Bunny ’62 and Jeff de Berge Margery Paxton d’Epremesnil ‘60 Carlene Estacion Joshua ’66 and Jill Fernandez Tracey Glass ‘78 Dietmar and Daniela Glodde John and Catrien Griffiths Walter and Eleanor Hamilton Jim Higdon ‘88 John and Nina Portis Charitable Trust Elizabeth Kauffman Kay ‘70 Hong Ryong Kim David S. King ‘59 Trish Kubal Millicent E. Leenhouts John and Cecilia Leonard Margaret T. Lovejoy Antonio J. Martinez ‘93 Sandra and William Meyer Judson C. Mock ‘90 Hope H. Owen William T. Perparos Judith Perparos Herbert and Ursula Plocher Florence A. Pool Ronald and Dolores Puchi Dee Hall ‘61 and King Redd Jim and Marilee Richards Jennifer A. Roberts Rochester Area Community Foundation Zdenek and Joy Salzmann Linda Salzmann and Peter de Lannoy Audrey Sarn So Takeo Sayashi ‘99 Elizabeth C. Schloss ‘71 Harry and Lelia Schoenberg Stuart Schupack Marianne and Joe Scully Reinhard and Doris Senff Steven Shedd Noel Smith Laura Fisher Smith ‘67 Tom Standring ‘78 Jacqueline Storr Mark Swab ‘80 Bradley Tabach-Bank ‘62 Carolyn Harms Terman ‘62 John B. Upham ‘63 Nicole VanDemark

John W. Wally Julia Lovejoy ’61 and Lawrence Weiser John Wesnitzer Daphne Minton White ‘77 Ben Whitney ‘74 Louis Wilson Elizabeth Yu ‘68 $200 - $499

Edward A. Ackerman ‘60 Stuart Allan ‘ 60 Susan E. Alland ‘61 Anonymous Russell D. Avery ‘60 Se Yoon Bang and Kyung Ok Oh James B. Barnard ‘65 Sabra Worswick Besley ‘60 Zirque M. Bonner Elizabeth Brown Braun ‘66 Charles Burrus ‘62 Buysee Family Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Calabrese Nelson Camp and Alice W. Maxfield Gregory Chandler ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Cheavens Kathy Cheeves ‘79 Sun Ho Choi and Tae Kyoung Park Chris Couture ‘71 Eli Crews ‘90 Janet Schultz Cupples ‘59 Gregory C. Dahl ‘65 Ann Rambo Dahle ‘74 Carolyn Elder da Silva ‘55 Georgia Dickson Deborah Drew ‘60 Eveline Dunham ‘72 Arnold D. Fielding ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Fiscella Dr. Janina Mukerji Fisher ‘62 Lorna Brown Flynn ‘63 Philip B. Fouke, III ‘60 Sarah Moyer French ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Frye William L. Gibson ‘60 Dr. and Mrs. Kent Graham Dr. and Mrs. Richard Griesenbeck Ulrike Hager-Sherman Lyssa Hall ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Higdon Jill Gurney Holt ‘60 Tammy Keyston Horan ‘59


VVS students like Dako Lesman ‘12 (below) and Issac Dudley ‘12 are making ceramic bowls for a fund-raiser later this year. Local “celebrity potters” (like Jeff Perkins ‘72) also contribute pieces that are auctioned off.

All proceeds go to nonprofit organizations. In 2011, the proceeds will be split between the Educational Fund for The Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Community Center, and the Sedona Food Bank.

Our students are also spending time at the food bank serving meals, at a local retirement center (Adopt a Grandparent), at the Sedona Humane Society, and three adopt-a-highway sites for monthly clean-up.

Christopher F. Horner ‘71 Erik Huntsinger Mr. and Mrs. Won Joon Hyoung Sarah E. Huffman ‘97 Robert C. Keyston ‘61 Byeong-il Kim and Yeong-Suk Lee Dr. Michael L. Lampton ‘58 Dr. Raymond Lesser ‘72 Ellen T. Louderbough ‘64 Susan F. Lovejoy ‘66 Kendra Marcus ‘61 Gail Burggraaf Martin ‘54 Jane R. McKinnon ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. McKnight Amey S. Miller ‘65 Brad and Lucy Nelson Dr. Maria E. Nemeth ‘62 Mani Niall ‘77 John N. Ogilvie ‘61 Creed Ostler Andreas Zukerman Palmer ‘87 Joseph ‘79 and Elizabeth Neely Perkins ‘84 Taj Peyton ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. James Richey Rick Ridder ‘71 Willow M. Ringer ‘95 Nancy Wyle Romero ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Rubovits Priscilla Salant ‘70 Anne Salzmann Jennifer Shadur ‘90 Barbara Jane Fisher Shelton ‘61 Angus Shorey ‘69 Jon H. Simpson ‘63 Diana C. Stewart Seung Ae Suh and Kab Soon Kim Ching-Wen Pu Taylor ‘61 Ali Taqi ‘60 Chloe Texeira James Tropp ‘65 Ricardo Unger ‘84 Jerome Y. West ‘66 Barbara Givan Wallace ‘61 Margaret A. Weiser ‘95 Christina Wiener ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Wise Cynthia Kramer Wolf ‘83 Stephen Wyle ‘61 Tiffany L. Zelaya ‘95 Samuel R. Ziegler ‘60 $100 - $199


Carolyn A. Adams Gloria J. Alee ‘70

Walter D. Alvey ‘74 Erica Anders ‘95 Robert P. Andrus ‘69 Dayna Arneson-Roos ‘83 Julie E. Handleman Baerwald ‘90 Dr. Conrad J. Bahre ‘60 Travis Ball Laurie Brecheen Ballard ‘74 Beth M. Berman ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. James Blaney John Blaustein ‘65 Leslie Blumberg ‘63 Michelle Bowling ‘95 Christopher W. Brown ‘64 Sarah Spaght Brown ‘66 Drew Caughlin ‘78 Curtis Clay, Jr. ‘96 Carole Coburn ‘56 Forrest P. Davis Caroline Diehl Christina A. Dinkins ‘00 Cassie Levitt Dippo ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Dougherty Kenneth Drogin ‘70 Dan and Gertrude Dudley Sandra Ehlermann ‘89 Noah Farrell ‘86 Jessica M. Feinsmith ‘89 Sanna Franklin ‘74 Jen and Andy Gill Elizabeth Stephens Gilmore ‘65 Johanna K. Glenn ‘94 Jos Goehler ‘01 Greater New Orleans Foundation Adam Haas ‘73 Yvonne R. Hayes ‘70 Katharine M. Heisler ‘73 Elysia Marsh Heller ‘88 Catharine Voorhees Hiersoux ‘56 Heidi Hopkins ‘72 John M. Hulett ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hymes, Sr. Myron Hymes, Jr., DDS Mr. and Mrs. William W. Huffman Marshall A. Jensen, II ‘01 Leila M. Jones ‘04 Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Kissock Mary B. Kittredge David Kohlan Ann Jacobus Kordahl ‘76 Serafina M. Krag ‘81 Phillip Lichtenhan

Morten Linell ‘69 Peter Lowenthal ‘71 Kipley J. Lytel ‘83 Russell Marcus ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Marshall Rodney Radosevic and Patti Mars Stacie McIntyre Seeger Matheson ‘80 Michael C. McDermott ‘95 Sara Jonnes McDonald ‘79 Michael P. McGarry James M. McManus Leslie Selig McNamara ‘67 Denea R. Mesa ‘95 Margery A. Mico Jeffrey Miller ‘75 Judith Wallace Miller ‘55 Linda Priano and Matt Moran Rosemary Moore ‘71 Emily Carpenter Mostue ‘66 Justine A. Nape and Matt Nape Sandy Tompkins Nayak ‘63 Tom Nerini Suzanne M. Connaway Nuanez ‘75 Talya N. Philippe ‘08 Amie Rodnick ‘71 Zachary Ronan ‘90 Chuck Rossiter ‘72 Peter Schireson ‘64 Christopher Schrager ‘69 Mike Shawn Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Silva Barbara Spencer ‘68 Eric Steinberg ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stepanian Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Stern Wanda Stewart Jean Strouse ‘63 Christopher Szecsey ‘67 Sherman Taishoff Richard Targow ‘62 Jennet S. Walker ‘75 WellPoint Associate Giving Campaign Wetherill Cresson Winder ‘58 Frank S. Wyle Christa Yearta Under $100

Margaret Agnew ‘79 Suzanne Aldrich Lauren Andrews ‘71 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Applegate Lee Appleton ‘67 John V. Bacon ‘82

Hellen Von Harbou Bayliff ‘80 David D. Barron ‘01 Wendi Bell ‘86 Bina Breitner ‘62 Christopher K. Briggs ‘69 Meredith Bunting ‘69 Ellie Childs ‘97 Bethany Cobb ‘74 Christine Coffey ‘60 Josara R. Cogley ‘00 Frances Crouter ‘88 Penny Cunningham ‘71 Roger M. Dahl ‘64 Carol Decker Jane Koester Dewey ‘62 Marilyn Thaden Dexter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DiSisto Bo Duckett Eugene D. Eaton, Jr. ‘59 Adel T.K. Foz ‘59 Wayne Franklin ‘72 Roger Friedman ‘80 Timothy Fuller ‘65 Theresa Goodrich Charlotte Gorman Anne Horton Grice ‘78 Rachel S. Griffiths ‘93 Barbara Jenks Haack Nathan Hall Dr. Owen Hamel Kirk J. Harris Carolyn Hart ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Heubeck Marian Wharton Hickey ‘54 Janet Hillerud ‘82 Ethan Hirsh ‘64 Ronald Gary Howser ‘62 Dr. Jennifer Hunter ‘79 Lauren and John Kelley John L. King, Jr. ‘56 Carlos S. Kronen ‘03 Deirdre Morris La Rouche ‘54 Alan S. Lewis ‘69 Gordon V. Lewis ‘70 Dawn M. Lorenzo Hope Martin ‘73 Vicente M. Martinez Margaret McNaughton-Ayers ‘72 Bart McMann Jonathan Meredith ‘69 William J. Mergener ‘61 Dalasie M. Michaelis ‘98 Dianne Moen Paloma Navarrete ‘96 Sarah Terry Nordstrom ‘89 Philip E. Noyes ‘84

Grace J. Olson-Davidson ‘06 Lorae H. Pawiki Robert Philippe Terry L. Philips Elizabeth Leonori Pun ‘53 Roslyn E. Ross ‘00 Thomas E. Roth ‘57 Francoise Ryan Mel Rycus Robin Sandbach ‘69 Christie McIntyre Schucker ‘82 Kevin J. Scott Edward M. Shippen ‘58 Martha Paxton Sinquefield ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. David Smeeth Harriet Standring Morgan Stanley Jane M. Stilley Target Stores Linda Thor Sarah Erif Thunen ‘60 Wendy Treash Michael A. Votichenko ‘64 Kevin H. Warren ‘78 Sarah Wenzlick Roland A. Wilhelmy ‘55

Silent Auction Donors 2010

Albert Gaulden Amie Rodnick ‘71 Arthur Moore Hugh Bayliff and Hellen von Harbou ‘80 Bobbie Sevier ‘66 Bonnie MacGilchrist Mumford ‘62 Bunny de Berge ‘61 Café Jose Carolyn Terman ‘62 Chris Means ‘75 Chuck ‘78 and Laura Adams ‘79 Cucina Rustica Dale Domingue Dee Redd ‘61 Deirdre LaRouche-Donnellan ‘54 Devon Susholtz ‘73 John Dinwiddie ‘57 Dzidra Kathryn McHenry Elizabeth Yu ‘68 Flor Dufour Fork in the Road Gail Burggraaf Martin ‘54 Genevieve Naunez Prestis ‘79 Greg Chandler ‘71

Hilde Keldermans IGA Jane Shelton ‘61 Jeff Perkins ‘72 Jennifer Doris Jessica Feinsmith ‘89 Jim Higdon ‘88 Jim Lehman ‘62 John Hamilton ‘62 Julia Lovejoy Weiser ‘61 Karen Kahn ‘65 Laura Covin Laura Olson Adams ‘79 Leslie Warren Sarn ‘61 Lynnie Appleton ‘66 Maggie Perkins Mary Joy Sun ‘11 Nancy Pearlman ‘66 Nancy Sweatt ‘75 Paloma Navarrete ‘96 Peter Hardin ‘69 Phil Lichtenhan Russell Marcus ‘60 Sara Whitaker Hale ‘51 Sarah French ‘96 Sedona Ace hardware Sedona Dental Arts Stefka Regelous Tamara Cook ‘83 Silent Auction Buyers 2010

Tony Aeck Laura Olson Adams Stuart and Karen Allan Sue Alland

Cedric Manzi ‘11 from Rwanda

Russell Avery Septimus Bean Judith Bell Wendi Bell Sabra Besley Jennette Bill Dana Blavat Michelle Bowling Chuck Burrus Tish Campbell Ellie Childs Josara Cogley Mike Coop Eli Crews Linda de Burge Deborah Drew Sally Foster Bill Gibson Charlotte Gorman Nancy Green Cleo Hardin Peter Hardin Elizabeth Haskell Hollis Hemingway Sarah Huffman Anya Hulett Hilde Keldermans Karen Kahn Anabel Mangold Steve Mangold Jane McKinnon Paloma Navarrete AZ Palmer Joann Payton Joe Perkins Dee Redd Flore Ryan Linda Salzmann Anne Salzmann Joy Salzmann Jennifer Shadur Eric Steinberg Ken Stevenson Elise Switzer Ali Taqi John Upham Chris Warren Dan Wigutow Dan Williams Deb Williams Tina Wienert Julia Weiser Maggie Weiser Monica Williford Tiffany Zelaza


Consecutive Years of Giving to VVS 33 years

Roger M. Dahl ‘64 Denny and Joy Salzmann 29 years

Clifford and Marguerite Perkins 28 years

Scott and Barbara Givan Wallace ‘61 27 years

Amey S. Miller ‘65 25 years

John Hamilton ‘62 and Carol Leonard Above, oil painting by Jasmine Varela ‘11. The painting was inspired by her 2010 Field Trip to

20 years

Mr. John F. Hamilton, ‘62 19 years

Karen Kahn, ‘65

El Salvador. A group of students

18 years

also traveled to Germany on

John ‘77 and Laura Kenney

another Field Trip.

17 years

The VVS mission principle - “world citizenship” - is lived every day with special events celebrating other culutures (national anthems at morning meeting, international dinners, celebrations of special cultural

Chuck ‘78 and Laura Olson Adams ‘79 John and Lorna Brown Flynn ‘63 Marian Wharton Hickey ‘54 James and Caroline McManus Diana Stewart Lawrence and Julia Lovejoy ‘61 Weiser 16 years

Carole Coburn, ‘56 Bunny de Berge ‘61 and Jeff Firestone

holidays, and in the day-to-day

15 years

interactions among our diverse

Carolyn Elder da Silva ‘55 Nick ‘62 and Hiltraud Fuller Chris ‘67 and Mary Szecsey Elizabeth Yu ‘68

student body.)

10 years

Adam ‘73 and Marsha Haas Sara Whitaker-Hale ‘51 Peter Hardin ‘69 Harry and Lelia Schoenberg Don Smith Elizabeth Morris Suckow ‘72 Richard Targow ‘62 9 years

Dana K. Blavat Christopher ‘69 and Patricia Briggs Margery Paxton d’Epremesnil ‘60 Paul and Dale Domingue Kenneth Drogin ‘70 Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Arnold ‘73 and Robin Fielding Jerome West ‘66 and Nancy Green ‘69 Sandy and Margaret Jones Deirdre Morris La Rouche ‘54 Peter Lowenthal ‘71 Elizabeth Leonori Pun ‘53 Roslyn Ross ‘00 Louis ‘55 and Karen Stephens Cornelia Voorhees ‘54 Monica Williford ‘83 8 years

Diane Christensen ‘61 and Jean Pierret Jim and Leslie Warren Sarn ‘61 David Shambaugh ‘71 and Ingrid Larsen Kevin ‘78 and Amy Warren

Septimus and Jen Bean Margaret Casey Dan and Gertrude Dudley Andy and Jenifer Gill Margaret Lovejoy Arthur Moore James and Pam Pease Barbara Loeb Sevier ‘66 Kendall Smith Michael and Tania Stepanian WellPoint Associate Giving Campaign

12 years

7 years

14 years

Carolyn Harms Terman ‘62 13 years

Bill and Margaret Agnew ‘79 Bill Burrus ‘64 Walter and Holly Mason 11 years

Lauren Andrews ‘71 Patricia Brinton ‘66


Patricia Brown Campbell ‘60 Greg Chandler ‘71 Jim Landis ‘66 Brian Morgan Sodexho, Inc. & Affiliates Dan and Debbie Williams Richard and Dori Witte

James ‘65 and Rosanne Barnard Elizabeth Brown Braun ‘66 Bill and Susan Cammock James and Janelle Crary Jan Dierks ‘70 and Lyman Fancher

Dan ‘82 and Maria Duane Eckert ‘83 Charles and Elmina Edmonston Mike and Sally Foster Tracey Glass ‘78 Catharine Voorhees Hiersoux ‘56 Ann Leonori ‘57 Steven Mangold ‘65 Matt Moran and Linda Priano Maria Nemeth ‘62 AZ ‘87 and James Palmer Jeffrey ‘72 and Crissy Perkins Dean and Susy Ridlon Edward and Nancy Rubovits Hank Scheid ‘72 Paul Stein Leon and Broncha Stern 6 years

Todd ‘62 and Charlotte Ackerman Bank of America Matching Gifts Program David Barron ‘01 Christine Bejnar David and Jennette Wright Bill ‘73 Nathaniel Bill Robert and Pamela Breen Marc ‘71 and Loren Burke John and Susan Campbell John and Karen Dansby Craig and Lynn Dible Equity Foundation Peter and Janet Fagan John and Catrien Griffiths Bruce and Linda Gruenewald David ‘61 and Patricia Hamilton Debra Hershman Rachel Dushoff Hess ‘79 Jennifer Heyer ‘84 Alex and Chris Horchak Rosemary and William Huffman Edward and Martha Ingraham James Lehman ‘62 Gail Burggraaf Martin ‘54 Margaret McNaughton-Ayers ‘72 Sara Burks Ohgushi ‘81 Hope Owen Jim and Marilee Richards James and Chris Richey Rick ‘71 and Joannie Ridder Linda and Peter Salzmann Ernie Schloss ‘66 Chris ‘69 and Janet Schrager Laura Fisher Smith ‘67 Noel and Donna Smith

Meg Grassie Sorensen ‘54 Mark Swab ‘80 Eduard and Elizabeth Uzumeckis Peter Votichenko ‘67 Daphne Minton White ‘77 5 years

Edward Ackerman ‘60 American Center for Philanthropy Jeffrey and Joan Applegate Douglas and Pamela Ayres Gordon Barienbrock ‘54 Michael Beaury James and Martha Blaney Meredith Bunting ‘69 Hans and Antoinette Churchill Christine Coffey ‘60 Janet Schultz Cupples ‘59 Greg and Mary Davis Georgia Dickson Patrick and Tina Dougherty Eugene Eaton, Jr. ‘59 Gita J. Endore ‘62 Fred and Laurel Estrada Joshua ‘66 and Jilll Fernandez Thomas and Linda Aiden Ferry Don and Edith Frye Bill Gibson ‘60 David Graumlich, Jr. ‘88 Owen and Leah Hamel Paul and Sara Hansen Bonnie MacGilchrist Himberg Mumford ‘63 Yoshinori ‘83 and Yumiko Imagawa Hilde Keldermans Fiona Sarn Krause ‘89 and Shawn Krause Kirk Kroloff Alexander and Vicki Gold Levi Eleanor Call Livingston ‘68 Kipley J. Lytel ‘83 Vicente M. Martinez National City Public Affairs Frederick and Virginia Newnam Phil ‘84 and Lisa Noyes Paul Paddock ‘66 Lorae Pawiki John Peed Florence Pool David and Anne Salzmann Kevin J. Scott Deryn Warren Springer ‘62 Harriet Standring

Thomas Standring Village Ace Hardware Charles B. Sweatt ‘78 Foundation Village Ace Hardware John W. Wally Weber’s IGA Food Stores Priscilla J. Wright ‘57 Stephen ‘61 and Deborah Wylie 4 years

Se Yoon Bang and Kyung Ok Oh Victor and Carole Benedict William and Audrey Bladt Zirque Bonner Eleanor Brown William H. Bucklin ‘80 Vincent and Lynda Calabrese Joseph and Georgine Cheavens Chia-I Chen ‘08 Forrest P. Davis Sue Griffith Davis ‘51 Jane Koester Dewey ‘62 and William Dewey Caroline Diehl Fred Dortort ‘65 Bo Duckett Enchantment Resort Barbara Epstein ‘69 Patricia Epstein ‘75 Carlene Estacion Adel ‘59 and Blanche Foz Joella Gipson Patricia Goudvis Nellie Graves ‘71 Floyd Gumble, Jr. ‘74 Homer and Kathryne Harmon Susan Harris Hecht-Levi Foundation Hilton Sedona Resort It’s Movie Time Brent and Cheryl Johnson Leila M. Jones ‘04 Chung Bae Kim and Hye Kyoung Lee Peter and Beverly Kingsley Robert and Loretta Larson Millicent Leenhouts Max and Clare Licher Carl Lincoln ‘74 Rodney Radosevic and Patti Mars Michael McGarry Judson Mock ‘90 Toby Morral ‘82

Pictured above from left: Shenandoah Cornish ‘12, Jennifer Warren, Yemaya Amadora ‘12, Keely Bates ‘11, Maddie Smith ‘13, Caroline Diehl, and Carlie Gildon ‘13. The VVS Endurance Equestrian Team competed in the Springdale Romp 35-mile Endurance Race on February 5, 2011 in Safford, Arizona The riders all crossed the finish line together in 5th place (a seven-way tie) out of 20 riders in the event. “The judges remarked that our horses were the most fit of all the horses in the race,” says Caroline Diehl who is the director of our equestrian program.

Emily Carpenter Mostue ‘66 Ronald and Dolores Puchi Red Chopstick Jennifer Roberts Erica Salzmann-Talbi Jamie Saunders Charles and Nancy Carpenter Showalter ‘62 Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter Ervy Clark ‘69 Nancy Smith Chong Min Kim and In Hye Song Tammy Cohen Stanton ‘88 and Tim Stanton Catherine Daley Von Karolyi ‘74 Peter and Ingrid von Thiereck Christopher ‘71 and Jennifer Warren Deborah G. Watrous ‘74 Jake and Leann Weber Sarah Wenzlick Dan Wigutow ‘60 Cynthia Kramer Wolf ‘83 Christa Yearta

Keely Bates ‘11 of Germany



Print by Jeff Perkins ‘72

OCTOBER 1, 1923 - November 1, 2009

“ Cliff, though he scoffed at the idea himself, was not just an educator, but also an intellectual. His entire life he was interested in ideas and thought seriously about current events, history and whatever he was reading. He was a great story teller who used his gifts of humor, wit, insight into human events and exaggeration to entertain.

- Academic Dean Paul Stein, Cliff’s colleague and friend since 1979.



orn Clifford C. Perkins in Wilmington, Delaware on October 1, 1923, his happy childhood and youth furnished him with a wealth of rich detail which he incorporated in the many stories he continued to write throughout his life. He graduated from P.S. Dupont High School where he began a career as a radio announcer in his senior year. In 1944 he entered the U. S. Army, serving in the Pacific in Japan. He entered Hobart College in 1946 where he met and later married Marguerite “Maggie” Hymes. Graduating in 1949 with a B.A. degree in History and Political Science, he went on to Columbia University,

receiving an M.A. degree in American Literature in 1951. Later he did further study in American History at U.C. Berkeley and at Harvard. He began his teaching career at the Perkiomen School in Pennsylvania. While there, he read an article in Arizona Highways about a new school in Sedona, Arizona, the Verde Valley School. Its emphasis on international relations and its program of field trips and studies of Southwest Indian and Mexican cultures interested and excited him. He met with the school’s founder, Hamilton Warren, who offered him and his wife positions on the faculty. In 1955 Cliff began teaching American literature and history at

From left - the Perkins Family: Nicholas (in front), Joseph and his wife, Liz, and their elder son Samuel. In the center are Cliff and Maggie, Jeff and Crissy are on the far right.

the Verde Valley School and continued to teach there for 34 years. Cliff also served the school over the years in various other capacities. He directed the school’s summer camp in the early years, was in charge of West Dorm (later named Perkins Hall in his honor) for 13 years, was Dean of Students for five years, led field trips to Mexico and the reservations and later was head of the field trip program. He initiated and took part in a number of projects such as the building of Classroom 7 and, particularly dear to him, the building of the Thoreau Hut with his students in the mid sixties, an idea that caught fire at a time when they were studying Walden. He chaired the history department for many years and developed several new courses, one of them a study of the Negro in America, and another a U.S. History honors seminar. Throughout his teaching career Cliff continued his personal writing,

completing a novel, a screenplay, and numerous short sketches and stories, as well as keeping up a continuous correspondence with friends and former students. Cliff was a beloved teacher who challenged, inspired and entertained his students. He was dedicated to teaching and to Verde Valley School. Upon his retirement he was given the title of Dean of Faculty Emeritus in honor of his many contributions to the school and to generations of students. In his retirement he continued to write his stories and memoirs, and to enjoy discovering new writers and new ideas about history and politics. In the cards and letters his family has received from former students, colleagues and friends, many things about Cliff are mentioned again and again. Among them, his sense of humor, his contagious enthusiasm, his joy in teaching, his expansive story telling, his generos-

ity of spirit, his warmth and ease with all persons, his ability to instill in his students a love of learning. One of the great comforts to his family is the knowledge that in Cliff’s lifetime he experienced the love and respect of many of his former students who frequently wrote and visited him, sharing with him memories of their days together and their enjoyment of his classes.

The Thoreau Hut was built over a period of two years by Cliff and his students who were inspired by the study of Henry David Thoreau. (Photo by John Dinwiddie.)


Memories of Cliff In the words of his family:

In the words of his students and

Most of you know Dad had a large Katsina


collection. Many times Jeff and I would ask him about one of them. We learned very quickly that they were not objects he possessed. They were not objects he coveted.

The following quotes were culled from letters Maggie received after Cliff’s death:

They were worm holes to lengthy stories of experiences. Experiences of faraway lands

Past Faculty and VVS Connections:

and strange people that lived with a spiritual

It wasn’t long after we arrived [at VVS]

connection to this world that was magical

before we came to appreciate and greatly

and scary. The movie reels of his experience

admire Cliff’s talent and ability to ignite

would appear in our minds as he explained

the imagination and excitement of each

every detail of the moments leading up to

student….We’ll always remember with much

and following the acquisition of the Katsina in

appreciation his original and incisive sense

Above: Cliff in the doorway of a Navajo Hogan

question. His voice would change, his body

of humor, his concern and his warmth.

on the reservation in the late 1950’s.

would lean forward, his eyes would focus on

– Ann-Lawrie and Pedro Aisa

us with an intense pressure and Blammo, we were transported into his world. A world of

[I arrived] at VVS…feeling very much like

smell, color, taste and sensation that he cre-

a new recruit fresh off the troop train being

ated with only his words. Dad would recall all

immediately thrust into a raging battle. Cliff

the nuances of the experience in such detail

took me under his wing – and watchful eye

you practically felt you had the experience

– with humor and perspective that decades


at VVS had inspired.

– Warren Dusenbury

- Joseph Perkins Below: a sign that had previously warned

There are so few words that can describe his

parents at the rim of the Grand Canyon

It’s not every day that a student is blessed to

legacy – but there are countless lieves living

suddently appeared in Cliff’s classroom.

have her history/literature teacher become

it…our few years together have made and

her grandfather. Cliff touched the lives of so

continue to make an indelible mark on our

many who passed through his classroom ...


– Peter Vedro

his passion for teaching [was] infectious.

- Stacie Seeger Matheson

He was a wonderful friend and a great teacher, and his stories were the funniest.

...Cliff was the inspiration for so much of what went into some of his [Russell

Cheers to the memory of Hokkaido Harry!

– Ellie and Peter Kunniholm

Marshall’s] paintings... it came from the visual images Cliff created with his words in

Our world will be different without his vision,

those exciting letters he wrote. Because of

depth and humor.

his great imagination, we were blessed to see beyond the immediate present into the historical past. His letters, with their honest musings and insights, are treasures.

- Carol Ann and Russell Marshall


– Lyndley Hunter

For mer Students:

Cliff was a showman, an intellectual

What a teacher he was – opening our young

Our great mentor and teacher Cliff, to me,

raconteur whose act the rest of us were

minds to American history and thought.

was very much a beloved wise uncle; with so

lucky to have heard even once.

– Judy Whiteley Morris ‘63

– John Dinwiddie ‘57

many nephews and nieces he nevertheless made me feel special and worthy…I will carry

Cliff was the person, more than anyone else,

What I learned from Cliff was – it doesn’t

many of his lessons and stories with me to

who taught me to always question authority,

matter how interesting the subject is to

my dying day.

that no one was better than me including

you…if you can’t make it interesting to the

the President of the United States….He was

students. I never doodled in his class.

- Jonathan Delbruck ‘65

amazingly gifted at imparting this wisdom

– Claudia Kenyon ‘58

How blessed I was to have had Cliff

while at the same time he was personally

inspire, challenge, teach and guide me. He

and emotionally present and yes, even from

Cliff, of all the teachers we ever had, was

was so very important in my intellectual

the eyes of a 16 year old, vulnerable.

the most gifted at making school real

development. My love for reading and

– Daniel Wigutow ‘60

literature remain as a highlight in my daily life, thanks to Cliff.

– Susan Anneke Dicus Chittim ‘58 I have had a life long love of history and politics that was first instilled in me by Cliff; I have these great memories of Cliff’s history classes and minority studies. Cliff would

sense of hoops to jump through. I can literally still hear his voice in class as

pile tangent upon tangent. I would wonder, “Where the heck is he going with this? There’s no way he’ll ever pull this together!” Wrong! And, or course, he would pull it all together, in that uniquely Cliff way. He made

I can still feel his gentle hand on my arm for

No one exerted a more powerful influence

emphasis or to collect my attention. In a sea

or left a deeper impression than Cliff. His

of teachers I have had in my life, I am lucky

passion for American history and literature

to count a great man like Cliff as one of my

became mine and led me to major in

friends and stewards.

– David North ‘83

history a part of the narrative of my life, and, as such, he is a part of the narrative of my life.

– Marc Burke ‘71

legend in our own time and will continue to exemplify how much influence a single person can have on the lives of so many.

– Karen Kahn ‘65

– Ali Taqi ‘60

generation or more of students. From Cliff

A larger than life figure when he stormed in

I developed my love of history and political

the small classroom. His energy was felt by

science which still burns bright within.


- Melita Cutcher ‘73

- Carolyn Harms Terman ‘62 Cliff, our dear friend and teacher. His My father once told me that you should not

presence, his person and his legacy are as

expect to have more than one great teacher

much a part of Verde Valley as Napoleon and

in a lifetime. I was lucky to have that great

Cathedral Rock.

– Meredith Bunting ‘69

teacher several times in courses with Cliff.

– Henry Vaux ‘58

of students, or post-VVS friend. He was a

American writers of all kinds.

[School] who positively influenced a

We were all fortunate to have had the “Cliff Experience” whether as our teacher, dean

American history, to retain a lifelong interest in he subject and to gain an appreciation of

He was the iconic teacher of Verde Valley

history, not a bunch of names and dates and events, but a living narrative. He made

– Lisa Van Horne and Larry Rubenstein ‘66

he would get excited about some subject….

begin a lecture. Soon he would get off on a tangent, and then another tangent. He would

– something that applied to life, not just a

You know how much he meant to all of us. The memories seem so fresh, the friendship

One of the backbones of my education

so enduring. He changed my life. I will never

at VVS, and one of the most memorable

forget him.

– Henry Louderbough ‘62

aspects of student life were all of Cliff’s lectures – his manner of delivery, his subject

The breadth of his influence on our

matter, his enthusiasm and enjoyment

generation is unfathomable, his harangues a

always came through loud and clear It was

key to our understanding of the world and a

an enormous pleasure to attend his classes,

spur to do something for and about it.

to talk with him, to be entertained by him.

– Richard Targow ‘62

– Jane Koester Dewey ‘62


Above: Gerry and Ann in front of the off-grid dome they built in Patagonia, Arizona.

Gerald “Gerr y” Arthur Cunningham, 88, former headmaster of Verde Valley School (1974-1978), died May 15, 2010 at his home in Patagonia. He was born February 17, 1922.

Gerry was preceded in death by his wife Ann Carman Cunningham and is survived by his children, David, Peter and Penny Cunningham, daughter-in-law Jeanne Richardson, five grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and one greatgreat-grandson.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Verde Valley School Scholarship Fund or to the Nature Conservancy.

The 1977 VVS Anbro was dedicated to the Cunninghams. Here is the inscription: “In the two years since Gerry Cunningham became headmaster of Verde Valley, the school has again become financially viable and has rediscovered its former ideals and sense of community. That it has done so has been due in large part to the tireless work of both Ann and Gerry Cunningham. In appreciation of their devoted efforts the yearbook staff dedicates the 1977 yearbook to them.”


A Tribute to:

Gerry Cunningham

by Penny Cunningham ‘71


erry Cunningham, father of Penny Cunningham ’71 and VVS headmaster from 19741978, passed away on May 15, 2010. His wife, Ann, preceded him by a year and five days. Before their time at VVS Gerry had made a name for himself by designing and manufacturing lightweight backpacking equipment. Their first involvement in the school other than as parents was when they helped the previous headmaster, John Huie, conduct the first orientation hikes in the early seventies. A few years later they stopped by the school to donate some money. John talked them into donating their time and talents as “designersin-residence.” They agreed, provided they could finish and live in the dome,

which had been left an empty concrete shell by the field trip group that built it. Gerry taught a class in making backpacking equipment, took over the work job program, and decided he couldn’t run an effective work job program without taking over the whole maintenance department. Thus, when he was appointed headmaster by the board a few years later, local headlines read, “Janitor Takes Over School.” During the time Gerry was headmaster, Ann took on the challenge of the kitchen and dining hall, converting it from typical school food to salad bars and other healthy food. Inventor, headmaster, sailor, Director of Energy programs for Arizona, mapmaker, dome-builder, off-grid advocate… Gerry lived a full life, but of

his time at VVS he said, “For my part, I consider the six years spent at VVS to be the most rewarding of my life.” Ann, in reflecting on what she might leave behind at life’s end, wrote, “Some ideas left in isolated spots—of friends, a chance acquaintance, a student or two who hopefully might make use of a dimly remembered fact or skill or even kindly thought. Affection for some lonely ones—here and there—not important but my optimism gives me hope that I may have helped someone along the way…For memories, my only request is to plant flowers or trees to renew some spot that needs some cheer—in native blossoms or some native shade. My life was filled with much quiet and peace contemplating such as these.”

VVS alumnus Terry Suckow ‘06 passed away Sunday,

Ricardo Luis Unger ‘84 passed away surrounded by

December 19, in Flagstaff. He had attended a VVS boys

family and loved ones in Phoenix, Arizona, on January

soccer game during which the field was named in honor

28, 2011.

of his grandmother. Pictured with him is his mother Liz Suckow ‘72. Memorial Services were held on December

Ricardo was born in Manchester, United Kingdom, on

28 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

March 24, 1965. Ricardo graduated in 1984. His close friend Sherry Holland ’85 shared memories of their

Our condolences to his parents Liz and Gil Suckow, and

days at VVS at the memorial service held February 4,

his sister, Sarah.

2011 in Sedona.


1993 Toby Shulruff (nee Cremer ‘93), and her husband, Jim, welcomed their first son, Asher Natan, who was born the morning of August 30th in Olympia, Washington with a midwife attending. Toby has been working as a consultant to nonprofit domestic violence and sexual assault organizations, and her

Kenyon Taylor, Kyla Taylor Short ‘98, and Bill Landau generously donated this Conover baby grand piano to Verde Valley School, in honor of Kenyon’s mother Lois Taylor Davison.

husband is part of the staff at the Olympia Food Co-op.

“We are so happy we have found a new home for the piano, where it will be played and appreciated. It began its life in a school and now has come full circle. We know that the students and this piano will have many, many years of happiness. Bravo!!” – Kenyon Taylor

2001 In 2003 Nicolin Gallhöfer began her studies in veterinary medicine, first in Leipzig, then in Hanover, both in Germany. She finished her studies this spring and since then,

In the photo, above, are music teacher Misuzu Kitazumi with her piano students: Tran Tran (Vietnam), Kay Lee (South Korea), Polina Telitsina (Russia), Sasha Petkovic, Habiba Warren-Olson and Sam Grandaw. Seated at the piano are Rachel Lee (South Korea) and Jill Nguyen (Vietnam).

she has been in Zurich, Switzerland, writing her doctoral thesis and doing a rotating internship in a small animal clinic. She would like to start with a residency (specialization)

Pete Sabori ‘05 graduated from Dart-

in veterinary ophthalmology next summer.

mouth in 2009 with a double major in

“VVS definitely had a big impact on my life,

Sociology and Native American Studies

as I learned so much about different people,

with a focus in Education. He taught

cultures, ways of life and especially different

English, Math and Science for the

personal backrounds. Some teachers and

third and eighth grade classes at Kili

also Babs Warren taught me a lot for life and

Elementary School on Kili Island in the

very much impressed me.”

Marshall Islands. Outside of the classroom he developed after-school ELL standardized test preparation, required for entry into high school, and led culturally-sensitive sessions focused on community growth through sustainable development.


Alumni Profile:

Diep Ngoc Pham ‘05


iep Ngoc Pham came to VVS in 2003 from Hanoi. She was the first Vietnamese in the school’s history, and while she was here, the only one from that country. (VVS now has eleven Vietnamese students, and three alumni.) Her VVS experience has shaped her life. She still values what she learned and how she grew at VVS. Diep’s experience on the Native American field trip her junior year is the one VVS memory that has had the most impact on her, and the one she remembers most vividly. Yet she was also influenced by the adults from whom she learned. In the classroom, Diep fondly remembers her favorite teachers - Jim Richards and Thom Dougherty: “They are both very funny but in different ways,” says Diep. “I loved Jim’s science classes because he taught me much more than just science,” says Diep who added that much of what she learned from Jim still sticks with her and became applicable during her college years, and even now, at her job. In Jim’s class the focus was on teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking, and system effects. “Projects in his classes were always fun to do. I recall building a cardboard boat, making a wind chime, and building a pin-hold camera.” Thom was very energetic most of the time. “It’s just fun to be around him,” she said and explained that as a teacher, he gave students complete freedom to express themselves with art, but at the same time, offered guidance, suggestions and commentary to help them improve their work. “And he himself is a great artist,” she says. While Diep says every adult at VVS was inspiring and welcoming, that Sally Foster and Dave Dishon stood out since they gave her a lot of support. “Sally was always at her desk, offering to help and Dave took me and some other students on a memorable ‘gold-mining’ trip. He also helped me with some fund-raising projects for the junior class,” she says. According to Sally Foster, from the moment she arrived on campus Diep threw herself into the VVS com-

munity. She was a Development Office volunteer, a math tutor, served as a resident assistant in her dorm, Junior class co-president and a member of both the newspaper staff and the filmmaking club. She was on the Dean’s Scholars List, she received the Math Deparment award her junior year as well as the University of Rochester’s Humanities and Social Sciences Award. Diep credits VVS with teaching her that it’s important to speak up and voice your opinion in a group, “Because it not only matters to you, but also matters to other people who can benefit from hearing your perspective, no matter how unfamiliar it is.” In fact, she adds, the more diverse the opinion the more essential it is for it to be heard. “I realized that at times, I didn’t speak up enough during my two years at VVS. I have since tried to change that.” Diep is now working at a consulting company, Precision Economics LLC - an economic research and consulting firm based in Washington, DC, She graduated from Dartmouth College.

Diep explains that many of the VVS principles (academic excellence, service to others, environmental stewardship, value of physical labor, value of world citizenship) have stayed with her in various aspects. From little things: “I often recycle paper without even thinking about it since I was so used to doing that at VVS.” She says she learned to appreciate and value diversity at school, at now in her workplace. “I love to listen to stories of people from different places. It’s always interesting to view the world from others’ perspectives.” “I think VVS is a unique place where people come from truly different cultures. It’s amazing enough that students live, learn, and work with those from other countries. However, I hope that current and future generations of VVS students appreciate that diversity in the community and don’t hesitate to approach and learn from one another.... It is understandable that people want to stay in their ‘comfort zone’ but I hope that students take more chances to hang out with people outside their ‘circle’.


Join us for Reunion Weekend


Milestone Reunion Years

If this is your 60th, 50th, 25th, or any milestone year for your class and you would like to do something special - a dinner, a special gathering - give us a call and let us know how we can help you celebrate. Contact Dana Blavat - 928-284-2272 x23 or email: WEEKEND SCHEDULE

Thursday June 16

Friday June 17

Gourmet Dinner $150 Registration ($275/couple) Evening Welcome Reception Register before May 1st and you can Dinner & Special Performance request a seat at the following tables: The Warrens, The Perkins, The Salzmanns, or The Griffiths.

Saturday June 18 Work Projects Appetizers & Dinner Warren Award Presentations Special Recognition of Classes Class Photos Silent Auction

Contact Dana at 928-274-2272 or email: to register

Work jobs This year we will be continuing the tradition of coming together to make improvements to the campus with our Alumni. We are looking forward to the return of our Flagstone Crew, landscaping projects, identifying historic photos, and more! Please be sure to sign up when you arrive on campus.


Reconnect with classmates

Members of the Class of 1960 at their 50th in June 2010

Benefit Gourmet Wine Dinner - June 16 Inviting all VVS alumni, parents and friends to join us at this year’s Alumni Weekend Benefit Dinner on Thursday, June 16 at the Warren House. Changes at VVS in the past few years have been fast and furious, but one thing remains the same: the love and dedication shown to this school by our tightly-knit community of students, parents, alumni and faculty. In order to encourage more attendance and participation at the fundraising dinner, this year we’ve dropped the donation amount to $150/per person or $275/per couple. Come mingle with VVS faculty past and present and be part of the fun while you help raise money that directly benefits students. Bring your friends, parents, and neighbors! This year’s dinner will be helmed by Chef Shari Sollars and the cuisine is All-American. When you attend the dinner and register for reunion, you will automatically have on-campus housing on Thursday night. Please let us know if you’d like to request a room for that night. Hope to see you at Reunion Weekend 2011!

Silent Auction The Silent Auction has successfully funded a number of scholarships for deserving students. Please contact Laura Olson Adams ‘79 if you would like to help with the Silent Auction: We are accepting art work, ceramics, dinnerware, jewelry, scarves, wine, and any item that will raise money for scholarships. Go to our website to download a donation form:


Outdoor program Receives Sponsorship


Above: VVS Climbing Team. Below: Isaac Dudley ‘13 climbs with fellow team mates and coach Andy Gill.

erde Valley School’s rock climbing program received a sponsorship from Evolv climbing. Evolv is providing climbing equipment and promotional materials to many aspiring VVS climbers at little or no cost. John Kelley, dean of students and outdoor program director, says, “We feel fortunate to have received this sponsorship. It is great to work with a company like Evolv, not only because they offer great products, but because they support VVS’s guiding principal of environmental stewardship.” Evolv is the first climbing shoe company to use a more environmentally friendly rubber on climbing shoes,

and they integrate the use of green technologies in their manufacturing. “We look forward to partnering with Evolv for years to come,” says John. VVS has a comprehensive outdoor adventure education program that is designed to encourage students to engage with the spectacular natural environment of the Southwest and to help them increase self-confidence by challenging their personal limitations. VVS offers outdoor programs both during the school week as well as on weekends. Each season, students are afforded the opportunity to take part in outdoor-oriented sports during the required afternoon activity slot.

IB enriches Our service program

From left: Minh Nguyen ‘12, Kay Lee ‘12, Eric Sease ‘12, Dang Hai Nguyen ‘12, and Lainie Benedict ‘11.


ommunity service has always been an important part of the VVS educational experience. The IB’s Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) requirment has only strengthened that commitment to service. Since January, students have worked at the Cornville Food Bank’s Valentine’s Dinner where they set up, served meals to 215 people, and helped clean up. Three students made durable signs for the Food Bank that have been


placed on the side of the road by the food bank to advertise its soup kitchen and its donation drop boxes. The signs are in English and Spanish. Our students regularly help at the soup kitchen as well serving lunches to families in need. The foodbank is providing 415 needy families with food each week,” says VVS CAS Coordinator Caroline Diehl. “They have also opened a thrift store and truly appreciate any help we can give,” she adds. Students are also visiting residents of Sedona Winds Assisted Living Facility to offer an “Adopt-a-grandparent” program on Tuesdays and Thursdays during sports for the remainder of the year. Students are also volunteering at the Sedona Humane Society where they walk dogs and socialize with cats every Sunday morning.

VVS has adopted three areas of local highways where students and faculty will be picking up litter on weekends. Ceramics students are participating in the Loving Bowls project along with ceramics teacher, Jeff Perkins ‘72. This community fund-raiser helps support The Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Community Center, and the Sedona Food Bank. Students have committed to making more than 75 bowls for this event which will be held in December.

For more VVS news, go to:

A Daunting Task: The VVS Organic Garden students, however, have been taking on increased responsibility and decisionmaking. Goals for fall 2010-spring 2011

From left: Habiba Warren-Olson ‘13, Rachel Lee ‘11, Jing Liao ‘11, and Tre Sloan ‘11.


he current VVS Garden started out as an experimental area built during the May 2009 Project Period and has survived multiple animal invasions and drought. In the beginning a group of students led by Catrien van Assendelft cleared land behind the Griffiths’ garage and fenced it in and built raised lined with rocks from a nearby wash. They also brought several wheelbarrow loads of horse manure from the barn to incorporate into the soil and planted seedlings. The first year of the garden’s life was plagued with animal invasions. Over the summer, javelina broke in several times, birds were able to sneak under the bird netting to eat vegetables, gophers and other rodents burrowed under the garden and even through the lined beds. A few successes however included basil and some eggplant in summer and fall, chard and kale in winter, and lettuce and garlic in spring. Several fruit trees were also planted last fall. The students experimented with different irrigation equipment, different shaped beds, and allowed weeds to remain as habitat for beneficial insects. In May 2010, a new group of students built a chicken coop in the

same area with the intention using the chicken manure as garden compost. Chickens were raised from day old chicks (four died from a squirrel attack and three died from a javelina attack). Securing the grain from javelina proved to be the most daunting task but the students learned they need to tightly close the grain container and keep it in a high location. Over the summer of 2010, the weeds in the garden grew rampant and out of control, and volunteer labor to maintain and improve the garden in preparation for fall was inadequate. However, a number of vegetables put in during the spring survived: tomatoes, basil, carrots and potatoes, beans, and cucumbers. By August 2010, everything had been thoroughly weeded, beds had been rebuilt and expanded, new warm season seedlings had been planted. The garden was yielding a harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, carrots, beans, and some squash and corn. The nine remaining chickens, all different breeds, were flourishing. This school year a strong work job crew, under the student leadership of Rachel Lee and Tre Sloan, were assigned to take this experimental garden to the next level. Catrien continues to supervise and guide the enterprise; the

• Use all available bed space to grow seasonal vegetables all school year. • Begin a VVS Garden Market to sell produce and eggs to the VVS community at least once a week. • Contribute at least once a semester to an all-local meal in the dining hall (October and April). • Develop and use low-cost, high efficiency technologies and management practices to maintain and protect the garden (e.g. irrigation, pest protection, frost protection, weed control, compost, and soil management). • Increase knowledge and experience with small flock (chickens) management. Possible future goals

• Increase size and productivity of garden to be able to contribute weekly to dining hall produce. This may be done through not only improvements in the current garden, but expanding gardening efforts around campus (dorm gardens, soccer field “farm”, greenhouse). • Initiate partnerships with local community gardeners and farmers to a) increase our positive relations/contributions to the community and b) increase healthy, local food offerings in the VVS dining hall. • Increase chicken flock size and include raising broilers and/or turkeys for feast days. • Work Job Assignments While the challenges have been daunting, Catrien and the students have not given up and continue to improve upon an organic garden for VVS.


Above: “Avery Stairs” oil on canvas painting by Sam Kim ‘10.

VVS Report of Giving  

Annual Report for Verde Valley School

VVS Report of Giving  

Annual Report for Verde Valley School