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Fall 2013 · Vol 112 No. 1 (ISSN 1529-6709; USPS 627-120) 3450 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 (317) 872-0540

STAFF Editor Ashley Martin

Vice President Alumnae II Carolyn Hof Carpenter (right) celebrates Austin, TX Chapter’s 100th anniversary last fall with her alumnae chapter sisters.

Director of Education & Communications Heather Matthews Kirk, Delta Kappa Graphic Designer Haleigh Castino, Alpha Psi Contributors Christy Marx Barber, Alpha Psi Susan Beard, Delta Psi Patricia Cords Levitte, Beta Phi Courtney Long, Eta Xi Julia Mohr, Theta Omega Executive Director Deb Ensor, Beta Gamma

NATIONAL COUNCIL National President Keeley McDonald Riddle, Iota Sigma Vice President Collegiate I Natalie Yingling, Delta Omega Vice President Collegiate II Lynn Compton Chapman, Alpha Nu Vice President Collegiate III Kristen Moeller Fauré, Iota Pi Vice President Alumnae I Dana Brasington Atkinson, Delta Omicron Vice President Alumnae II Carolyn Hof Carpenter, Theta Tau

I will be honest. In the fall of 1988, joining an alumnae chapter was not a priority of mine. I had recently graduated, married and relocated across the country. I was focused on my new husband, new home and new job. One day, however, I realized something else was new about me. I was lonely. I had no girlfriends. I missed my sisters. I decided to attend an alumnae event. I was nervous, didn’t know what to wear and worried no one would talk to me. But I went anyway. I was greeted at the door by a delightful lady who invited me to sit by her and kept the conversation flowing throughout the evening. I was grateful she made such an effort to welcome me. When I left, she gave me a hug. It felt good to be among Zetas again. My ZTA alumnae experience has taken me from coast to coast. Along the way, I realized alumnae chapters are wonderful places to meet people and get involved. I have sometimes been a member who merely pays dues, reads the newsletter and attends occasional meetings. Other years, I have served as an officer and attended Zeta Days and Conventions. I have made lifelong friends in each chapter I joined, and my sense of sisterhood has grown far beyond my college experience. This fall will mark 25 years since I attended that first meeting. I have learned that alumnae chapters vary in size, scope and activities. What they do not differ in is sisterhood. I have never joined a chapter because of what members did; I joined because of who they were. I have joined because every time—like the first time—I have been met with a smile and left with a hug.

Secretary-Treasurer Dinah Jackson Laughery, Beta Gamma National Panhellenic Conference Delegate Laura Ladewig Mauro, Theta Psi Extension Director Marlene Dunbar Conrad, Eta Iota 2 · Themis

Vice President Alumnae II Theta Tau

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On the Cover National Leadership Conference 2013 empowered collegiate chapter leaders to Take Charge. To help spark their creative spirits, women answered prompts each day on a colorful chalkboard. Read more about how the attendees learned to creatively manage their chapters. See page 6.

Features 12 Alumnae Involvement — The term Zeta Is Forever means

different things to different people. In fact, there is a wide variety of ways alumnae can stay connected to ZTA after graduation.

24 ZTA Foundation Donors — Thanks to its donors, the ZTA

Foundation is able to fund ZTA programming, philanthropic endeavors and its scholarship program.

42 Celebrating Themis — November 2013 marks the 110th

anniversary of the first issue of Themis. While much about this magazine has changed over the years, its mission and purpose remain the same.

Statement of Ownership

ZTA FRATERNITY HOUSING CORPORATION President Julia Marthaler Hill, Eta Rho Vice President Martha Gorum Jackson, Epsilon Treasurer Lacy Schneider O’Connor, Theta Omicron Secretary Marty E. Sik, Alpha Chi Directors at Large Susan Beard, Delta Psi Jayne Ann Scoggins Hungate, Epsilon Jan Spradley McCarthy, Gamma Phi Kay McCoy McKelvey, Delta Delta Karen Farmer Mills, Gamma Iota Terri Dew Millsap, Alpha Nu Anne Petro Tamulaitis, Alpha Kappa Christine Stull-Walter, Gamma Chi Directors Keeley McDonald Riddle, Iota Sigma Dinah Jackson Laughery, Beta Gamma Becky Hainsworth Kirwan, Gamma Beta

ZTA FOUNDATION President Becky Hainsworth Kirwan, Gamma Beta Vice President of Development Deb Ensor, Beta Gamma Vice President of Philanthropy Sherry Server Tilley, Zeta Alpha Vice President of Scholarship Catherine G. Slaughter, Alpha Eta Vice President of Special Events Cynthia Byars Courtney, Gamma Tau Secretary/Treasurer Kay Dill Kreutzer, Eta Rho Directors Martha C. Edens, Beta Omicron Nora Nell Hardy Jackson, Beta Gamma Keeley McDonald Riddle, Iota Sigma Dinah Jackson Laughery, Beta Gamma Julia Marthaler Hill, Eta Rho Lacy Schneider O’Connor, Theta Omicron

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Letters to Themis

of Zeta Tau Alpha

The return of Alpha Chapter Today & Forever: Living Our Values Promoting values-based recruitment



I want to commend Themis for the outstanding article “Values-Based Recruiting.” Since I received my first Themis in 1977, I have not seen any writing as poignant as this article in the spring 2013 issue. What a wonderful legacy for ZTA if every member of every link of our Chain embraced this guidance. Thank you for bringing such meaningful dialogue to the table.

The ZTA Foundation was recently recognized by the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation with the Award of Distinction for Best Use of a Foundation Grant for ZTA’s Alcohol Skills Training Program. ASTP focuses on strategies for reducing risks associated with drinking.

Jane Porter McCoy Summer 2013 ·1 Summer 2013

The summer 2013 Themis celebrated the reactivation of Alpha Chapter and focused on ways members and chapters can live ZTA values.

Gamma Tau Texas Tech University

Thank you for publishing The Creed. It brought back memories of recruitment and meeting all my sisters. It was fabulous to read it again. I love when my Themis comes in the mail.

Danaka Fay Bulthuis

Alpha Kappa University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign I was reading Themis last night and came across our Creed. I can’t believe five strokes and 36 years later I still remember it word for word. It brings back beautiful memories of sisterhood, and it actually means so much more now than 36 years ago.

ZTA also received the following awards during the 2013 Fraternity Communications Association’s Annual Conference. • First place, Social Media Engagement • First place, Human-Interest Article (short) for “ZTA Becomes 90th Birthday Gift” in the winter 2012 Themis. • Third place, Design – Two-Page Spread for “Where Does My Money Go?” in the spring 2012 Themis. TOP TWEETED

I was wearing a @ZTAFraternity shirt, and the sweetest nurse taking care of my grandpa smiled at me and said “I’m a Zeta too.” #bondofsisterhood

Cheryl Clup Kappa Chi Shorter University

Sandi Keeton Ramirez Beta Omega Union University

TOP POSTED In response to the prompt, “I joined ZTA because...”:

Even as a recent alumna, reading about the reactivation of Alpha Chapter in Themis still makes me so proud of @ZTAFraternity! #lifelong

The ladies I knew in ZTA were the leaders on campus, and I had to be a part of that!

Paige Koch

Beta Psi Stetson University

Kappa Phi Christopher Newport University 4 · Themis

Freya Gutterson Sturgeon

Crown & Co. C




A. Black Quilted Tote, $25 B. Monogram Rain Jacket, $55 C. Crest Chambray Shirt, $35 D. Turquoise Crested Portfolio, $10 E. Volunteer Think Pink® Fleece, $38 F. Think Pink® Spirit Jersey, $40



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Being a Zeta Tau Alpha collegiate chapter officer can be rewarding but hard work. These young women are asked to manage their peers, maintain big budgets, implement educational programming, plan large philanthropic and social events, and more. Let’s not forget all the problemsolving that occurs along the way. At National Leadership Conference 2013, ZTA further prepared our collegiate leaders to Take Charge of their chapters. July 11-14, at the Wyndham Indianapolis West in Indianapolis, 431 collegians gathered together to become better leaders and create stronger chapters. The crux of NLC programming was modeled after the DO IT method for solving problems, which was created by Robert Olson in “The Art of Creative Thinking.” Broken into four parts, it helps a person: • Define the Challenge • Open Mind and Brainstorm • Identify the Solution • Take Charge Throughout the course of NLC, attendees learned how to put each step of the DO IT method into practice by defining a challenge they face in their office and developing a personalized action plan, complete with measurable and actionable goals, to overcome it. “When National Council chose Take Charge as the theme for NLC, we chose it because we see ZTA’s 6 · Themis

biggest challenge as chapters who don’t get up and do the things they have promised they will do,” said National President Keeley McDonald Riddle during the State of the Fraternity Address at dinner on the first night of NLC. “We hope that by teaching you—the leaders of our chapters—to use the DO IT method of problem-solving, ZTA will see a resurgence of excellence across the country. More chapters will be empowered to Take Charge and truly go from good to great.” During general sessions, ZTA National Officers and guest speakers spoke about each step in the DO IT method. Speakers included Vice President Alumnae II Carolyn Hof Carpenter, Dr. Lori Hart of CAMPUSPEAK, Aimee Ash of Willow Marketing, former National President Alice McCann Mathews, Vice President Collegiate II Lynn Compton Chapman, and local improv comedy troupe, INDYPROV. Following each general session, collegians met in small groups—called Creative Crown Groups—for further discussion and to apply the DO IT step to the personal challenges they defined. Creative Crown Group meetings were facilitated by National Officers and provided time for hands-on activities. Women participated in team-building games, practiced numerous brainstorming techniques and more. For example, one activity was similar to speed dating, but instead of talking about themselves, pairs discussed their challenges and offered suggestions.

“Collegians always want to brainstorm and idea share, and I think ZTA put together a great program to let them do that,” said Jessica Eovino, Province President IV-B and Creative Crown Group facilitator. “They want to fix their problems. I think giving them tools on how to find new solutions was really perfect.” Katie Owens, President of Delta Zeta Chapter (Sam Houston State University) reiterated that sentiment. “I feel like now that we’ve seen the activities demonstrated and have actually done them ourselves, we can go back to our chapters and do it with our EC and PC, even with our new members. It will help us build those leaders.” Collegians were not the only ones who benefitted from NLC’s educational programming. National Officers arrived in Indianapolis prior to the collegians for their own training sessions. Beginning Tuesday evening, July 9, Province Presidents, Mentors, Directors of New Chapters and Supervisors discussed ZTA policy changes, best practices and more. District Presidents met about alumnae chapter operations. Phired Up

Productions, an educational firm specializing in recruitment, also met with both groups of National Officers to discuss its partnership with ZTA in terms of collegiate recruitment workshop assistance and the development of alumnae recruitment resources. “With help from the ZTA Foundation, who funds much of NLC, and the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation, ZTA has become a leader in the fraternity/sorority community,” said Mrs. Riddle. “It is our duty to develop leadership potential at all levels. This is why NLC is so important.” Now armed with action plans created at NLC, collegiate officers are more inspired than ever to Take Charge of their chapters. “I’m excited to Take Charge because I want to see my chapter grow,” said Erica Bullard, President of Eta Tau Chapter (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte). “In five years, I want to see us be the No. 1 chapter in the nation.”

Fall 2013 · 7

STATE OF THE FRATERNITY ADDRESS Fraternity Housing Corporation President Julia Marthaler Hill, National President Keeley McDonald Riddle and Foundation President Becky Hainsworth Kirwan presented the State of the Fraternity Address during Thursday’s dinner. The address showed just how ZTA’s three entities have used the DO IT method to identify and solve ZTA’s challenges.

INTRODUCING THE DO IT METHOD Vice President Alumnae II Carolyn Hof Carpenter challenged attendees to follow in the footsteps of our Founders who took charge to create something new. She introduced the DO IT method to serve as a guide for chapter leaders.

NATIONAL OFFICER ACADEMIES Collegians were not the only ones benefitting from NLC’s educational opportunities. National Officers, particularly District Presidents, Province Presidents, Mentors, Directors of New Chapters and Supervisors, attended educational sessions to help them Take Charge of their positions. Beginning Tuesday night—two days before collegians arrived—these women learned best practices, reviewed new and existing ZTA policies, shared ideas, and more! Phired Up Productions even joined in on the fun. The educational firm provided tips on how to make both collegiate and alumnae chapter recruitment easier—by creating meaningful connections with one another.

8 · Themis

DEFINING OUR CHALLENGES No chapter is perfect. Dr. Lori Hart of CAMPUSPEAK showed collegians how to define their challenges—the first step in DO IT.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS Collegians discussed ways to motivate members, get women invested in ideas, lead with courage and engage creatively on social media during breakout sessions led by National Officers. Each session was aimed to help sisters Take Charge of challenges and implement new ideas.

WEARING OUR CREATIVE CROWNS At NLC, your “creative crown” was just like a “thinking cap.” In groups of 10 collegians each—known as Creative Crown Groups—throughout the week, women walked through each step of DO IT, using creative techniques to solve challenges their chapters face.

ZTA IMPROV Having fun is part of the creative process. INDYPROV, an improv comedy troupe, taught the importance of thinking on your feet and outside of the box. Following a performance, troupe members led small groups for training. “It reminds you that it is ok to be ridiculous because good things can come from that,” said Lauren Guinn, Theta Eta Chapter (Stephen F. Austin State University).

Fall 2013 · 9

THE PRICE IS RIGHT Using the “Price is Right” Money Game, Former National President Alice McCann Mathews drove home the Identify the Solution part of DO IT. Four women were asked to identify the price of a Crown & Co. item from a list of possibilities. Problemsolving in our chapters is similar. We must narrow our options to find the best one.

INTERNATIONAL OFFICE TOURS The Fraternity Housing Corporation and Former National Presidents led tours of IO as chapter representatives got a chance to take pictures, see the Chain of Chapters and find their chapter’s flag.

HONORING CHAPTER SUCCESS NLC is a time for learning and celebration! Saturday evening’s Crown Chapter Dinner honored those collegiate chapters that excel in multiple areas of chapter management. This year, 109 Crown Chapter Awards, 118 Quota/Total Awards, 29 Helping Hands Awards and four Financial Improvement Awards were given. (See page 12 for a complete list). In total, 133 different chapters were recognized!

10 · Themis

MENTORING Thanks to the DO IT method, each woman at NLC left with an action plan for solving a challenge within her chapter. On Saturday afternoon, each chapter met with its Province President/ Mentor/Director of New Chapters/ Supervisor to review these plans.

ZLAM JAM NLC is not all work and no play! ZLAM Jam provided the perfect late-night sisterhood event, complete with a giant ZTA dance party.

A BRUNCH PROVIDING FOOD FOR THOUGHT Following ritual services and before everyone left Indianapolis, Executive Director Deb Ensor had one more chance to inspire chapter leaders to Take Charge by leading with their values. During brunch, Ms. Ensor said, “It all starts with you. What you do today matters and will help you lead others. As a leader, you should strive to do the right things, for the right reasons, all of the time.”

REFLECTING ON OUR RITUAL Ritual and sisterhood go hand-in-hand! Formal Pledging and Rededication services were conducted in a teachable format to promote the significance of ZTA ritual.

Fall 2013 · 11

Epsilon, University of Arkansas · · Zeta, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville · · Theta, Bethany College · Kappa, The University of Texas at Austin · · Lambda, Southwestern University · · Mu, Drury University · · Nu, The University of Alabama · · Omicron, Brenau University · Sigma, Baker University · Phi, Duke University · · Psi, University of Washington · · Alpha Beta, University of Pennsylvania · Alpha Gamma, University of Michigan · · Alpha Theta, Purdue University · · Alpha Mu, Washburn University · · · Alpha Xi, Indiana University · · Alpha Upsilon, Oklahoma State University · · Alpha Phi, Northwestern University · Alpha Psi, University of Missouri · · · Beta Gamma, Florida State University · · Beta Delta, Miami University · · Beta Theta, Franklin College · · Beta Iota, Centenary College of Louisiana · Beta Lambda, University of Louisville · · · Beta Omicron, University of South Carolina · · · Beta Phi, Michigan State University · · Beta Psi, Stetson University · · Beta Omega, Union University · Gamma Alpha, University of Miami · · Gamma Beta, Washington College · · Gamma Gamma, The University of Texas at El Paso · Gamma Epsilon, Pennsylvania State University · · Gamma Iota, University of Florida · · Gamma Pi, The University of Georgia · · · Gamma Kappa, James Madison University · · Gamma Mu, University of Nebraska Omaha · · Gamma Xi, Indiana University of Pennsylvania · · Gamma Omicron, Central Michigan University · Gamma Rho, Auburn University · Gamma Nu, University of Virginia · Gamma Tau, Texas Tech University · · Gamma Chi, Indiana State University · · Gamma Psi, Texas Christian University · · Gamma Omega, University of Houston · Delta Beta, Florida Southern College · · Delta Gamma, High Point University · · · Delta Delta, Baldwin Wallace University · Delta Zeta, Sam Houston State University · · Delta Theta, Ohio Northern University · · Delta Kappa, Louisiana State University · · · Delta Iota, Clarion University of Pennsylvania · · Delta Mu, The University of Tennessee at Martin · Delta Nu, The University of New Orleans · · ·

12 · Themis

Delta Lambda, Georgia State University · · · Delta Omicron, Lenoir-Rhyne University · · · Delta Sigma, Lamar University · · Delta Upsilon, West Virginia Wesleyan College · Delta Chi, William Jewell College · · Delta Psi, Samford University · · Zeta Alpha, University of Evansville · · Zeta Beta, Thiel College · · Zeta Gamma, Youngstown State University · · Zeta Xi, Georgia Southern University · · Zeta Sigma, The University of Texas at Arlington · Zeta Psi, Jacksonville State University · · · Eta Gamma, West Chester University of Pennsylvania · · Eta Beta, Duquesne University · Eta Alpha, Georgia Southwestern State University · · Eta Zeta, Elon University · · Eta Iota, Valdosta State University · · Eta Lambda, College of Charleston · · Eta Nu, Radford University · Eta Xi, Virginia Tech · · · Eta Mu, Georgia Regents University · · Eta Rho, University of North Alabama · · Eta Theta, Missouri University of Science and Technology · · Eta Pi, Wright State University · · Eta Sigma, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke · · Eta Tau, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte · · · Eta Phi, Illinois State University · · Eta Upsilon, Missouri Southern State University · · Theta Gamma, Texas A&M University · Theta Delta, Salisbury University · · Theta Theta, Arkansas Tech University · · · Theta Iota, University of North Florida · · Theta Eta, Stephen F. Austin State University · · Theta Kappa, University of Missouri-St. Louis · · Theta Omicron, Baylor University · · Theta Zeta, Wofford College · · · Theta Xi, Rutgers University · · Theta Nu, Auburn University at Montgomery · · Theta Tau, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill · · Theta Phi, California State University, Fullerton · · · Theta Psi, Texas State University-San Marcos · Theta Chi, George Mason University · · · Iota Alpha, Robert Morris University · · Theta Omega, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona · · Iota Gamma, The College of New Jersey · · Iota Delta, Towson University · Iota Theta, Georgia Institute of Technology · · Iota Eta, University of Nevada, Las Vegas · · ·

Iota Iota, Fairleigh Dickinson University · Iota Xi, Christian Brothers University · Iota Pi, University of Dayton · · Iota Sigma, Old Dominion University · · Iota Rho, East Carolina University · · Iota Phi, North Carolina State University · · Iota Psi, Rochester Institute of Technology · Kappa Beta, Presbyterian College · · Iota Omega, University of Maryland · · Kappa Alpha, Colorado State University · · · Kappa Zeta, Clemson University · · Kappa Eta, Rockhurst University · · Kappa Iota, Moravian College · · · Kappa Lambda, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh · · Kappa Nu, Monmouth University · Kappa Xi, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey · Kappa Rho, University of South Carolina Upstate · Kappa Tau, Florida Gulf Coast University · · Kappa Upsilon, Georgia College & State University · · Kappa Phi, Christopher Newport University · · Kappa Chi, Shorter University · · Kappa Psi, Kutztown University · · Kappa Omega, Saint Louis University · · Lambda Alpha, Sacred Heart University · · Lambda Beta, University of Rhode Island · · Lambda Gamma, The University of Texas at San Antonio · · Lambda Delta, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi · Lambda Epsilon, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis · · · Lambda Zeta, Lehigh University · · Lambda Eta, Virginia Commonwealth University · · · Lambda Theta, New York University · · Lambda Iota, Vanderbilt University · ·

· Crown Chapter · Financial Improvement · Helping Hands · Quota/Total

Collegiate Member Profile

Wrangling in a bright future Even as a little girl, Alexis Bloomer was a natural reporter. Her parents, owners of a horse trailer company, would take her to rodeos and fairs across Texas, exposing her to the life of western sports—bull-riding, roping, etc. She would walk around these events with her hairbrush, stick it in people’s faces and ask them questions about their jobs and lives. In place of her hairbrush, Alexis now uses a real microphone to ask her questions. As a college junior, the Delta Zeta Chapter (Sam Houston State University) member has landed herself a few big-time sports broadcasting gigs. Most notably, this summer, Alexis became co-host of Western Sports Round Up, a daily, hour-long show on SiriusXM satellite radio’s new Rural Radio station. “This radio show is the first show of its kind,” Alexis said. “We are the ‘Sports Center’ for the western sports world. We give you live updates, live results. We have guests call in from events.” At 17 years old, Alexis’ journey into sports journalism began when she started writing for Rodeo News Magazine. This work and her familiarity with rodeo led her to subsequent reporting opportunities and her eventual role with Rural Radio. This fall, she will also host a nightly four-minute western sports segment on RFD-TV, a cable channel specializing in rural news and partner of SiriusXM.

Alexis Bloomer Delta Zeta Sam Houston State University SiriusXM radio host

“I don’t just want to report on rodeo,” Alexis said. “I want to revolutionize it. It’s just like every other sport, and I want to show people that.” One of the ways Alexis plans to “change the face of rodeo” is by giving it a face. While she broadcasts live from the Sam Houston State University campus in Huntsville, Texas, the plan for Western Sports Round Up is to highlight not just events but the lives of the athletes both inside and outside of rodeo. “I want to know the things behind the jersey,” Alexis said. “I want to get into the personal interest. It is what captures the audience’s attention.” In terms of her own attention, Alexis vows not to let her work come between her studies, ZTA—she serves as the Director of Social Events—and other campus activities. While recognizing her workload will be difficult, Sam Houston’s Outstanding Student Sophomore Leader for 2012-2013 recognizes that both school and work will benefit her education. “I am a big dreamer,” Alexis said. “My ultimate goal is to become the next Oprah Winfrey. I want to be able to have a talk show where I can interview people from all walks of life, find out little niches about people and highlight them.” And for now, reporting western sports is Alexis’ stepping stone toward that dream. The hairbrush interviews as a little girl have already helped her accomplish more than many 20-year-olds. Who knows where Rural Radio’s airwaves will take her? Fall 2013 · 13

How do you prove Zeta Is Forever? BY: ASHLEY MARTIN, EDITOR

Fall collegiate Formal Recruitment is over. Across the country, thousands of Zeta Tau Alpha new members are learning about the lifetime commitment they have made to our Fraternity. They hear the term Zeta Is Forever— which happens to be the name of ZTA’s new member program—and wonder what role the organization will play in their lives as alumnae. Will they still be friends with the women from their member class? Will they join an alumnae chapter? Will they strive to someday be a National Officer? It is not only our new members who question how to stay connected to ZTA after graduation. Alumnae too struggle with how to honor the bonds of sisterhood as they juggle their families, careers and other commitments. Fortunately, there are many ways one can prove Zeta Is Forever. You can be an active member of an alumnae chapter, or maybe simply reading each issue of Themis is how you stay connected. There is no “right” way to stay involved, and that is one of the best things about ZTA. As new members, the connections made with Zetas during recruitment are some of the main reasons we joined ZTA. As alumnae, those connections are the same reasons we stay involved. Zeta Is Forever is about honoring the relationships, new and old, that you create with sisters. It is the reason our Founders created the Fraternity and why our organization’s purpose statement begins, “The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the intensifying of friendship.” This article highlights a few of the many ways an alumna can prove Zeta Is Forever. ZTA alumnae membership is not one-size-fits-all, and certain activities may be a better fit at one point in your life and not another. That’s ok. We 14 · Themis

encourage all alumnae to find some way, big or small, to connect to ZTA. What does Zeta Is Forever mean to you?


One of the easiest ways to stay connected to ZTA as an alumna is to join one of the 239 alumnae chapters across North America and overseas. (Yes, ZTA has two chapters in Canada and a Zetas Abroad chapter for sisters in Europe.) Alumnae chapters provide a wide variety of social, philanthropic and personal development programming for their members. Whether it is dinner out, a pink ribbon distribution or a book club, sisterhood is at the core of alumnae chapter membership. Katie Espinosa (Delta Pi Chapter, Eastern New Mexico University) joined the Eastern New Mexico Alumnae Chapter shortly after her graduation and eventually became a chapter officer. Making new friends was important to her, but as she moved to a different part of the state, distance made it harder and harder for her to stay involved. After months of wishing there was an alumnae chapter closer to her new home, she finally called International Office and asked how to start a new chapter. “A couple other ladies in town and I had talked about it, but we didn’t really know how to do it,” Katie said. “Even though we had no clue what we were doing, it’s not as hard as you think.” Since the Pecos Valley, NM Chapter’s first meeting in November 2012, Katie and the other chapter officers have learned a lot about managing an alumnae chapter and getting women engaged. For them, getting people to join the alumnae chapter is a lot like collegiate recruitment. At the chapter’s first event, the women simply had conversations with one another and used

Alumnae Feature their stories to determine women’s interests and hobbies. This information is what was used when developing the chapter calendar. “We are trying to take the seriousness out of it,” Katie said. “We try to become friends. The biggest part of an alumnae chapter is being social and reconnecting, getting that sisterhood back.” Although the chapter is small and diverse in age, Katie wouldn’t have her alumnae experience any other way. “I’ve made so many new friends,” Katie said of her alumnae experience. “Our oldest member isn’t anywhere close to my age, but she is so excited about ZTA. If someone is still that interested in ZTA this far out of school, it really shows you Zeta Is Forever.” To find an alumnae chapter near you, utilize the Chapter Locator on or call International Office at (317) 872-0540.


Kaye Forsythe Fenton (Alpha Zeta Chapter, The Ohio State University), is not a member of an alumnae chapter and her own collegiate chapter is no longer active, but she does not let that stop her from being connected to ZTA. Attending Convention is her way to stay involved.

“There is a special, intangible bond that connects your hearts together. That’s what I think ZTA is.”


Soon after her graduation from The Ohio State University, Kaye joined the Columbus, OH Alumnae Chapter and became an advisor with her collegiate chapter. For years, she attended alumnae chapter events, mentored young Zetas and relished the alumnae membership experience. But after moving to North Carolina, Kaye’s relationship with ZTA began to change. Her ZTA friends were no longer close by, there was no alumnae chapter in her area to join, and her Alpha Zeta Chapter closed. It wasn’t until ZTA’s Centennial Convention—36 years after her initiation—that Kaye found a way to be involved once again. Kaye, along with several of her ZTA sisters from college, attended the Convention to celebrate the Fraternity’s 100th anniversary. Here, she discovered that it didn’t matter if she was no longer involved in ZTA in any other capacity, this was her opportunity to reconnect with the reason she joined ZTA—friendship. “Convention makes me feel like I am involved and I can share things with the younger members,” Kaye said. “I love getting to spend time with the other women from North Carolina and cheering for them. It gives me a way to contribute and help move ZTA forward.” Over the past 15 years, Kaye has only missed one ZTA Convention. And because her collegiate chapter is inactive, she has been honored to carry Alpha Zeta’s flag in the processional during Convention’s opening business meeting. It is her own way to prove Zeta Is Forever.


Hope Carberry Brusevold (Kappa Chapter, The University of Texas at Austin) and Brandi Dickenson Elmore (Zeta Chi Chapter, Tennessee Technological University) are two of 861 women who currently serve as ZTA collegiate chapter advisors. These important alumnae volunteers mentor collegiate Zetas and serve as their most visible example of ZTA involvement at the alumnae level. For Hope, the Program Council Advisor for Kappa Chapter, the reason she became an advisor was the desire to give back to ZTA in the same way she was helped as a collegian. “I have been really blessed by all of the mentors I have had in my life who have taught me the importance of leadership and development,” Hope said. “One of my mentors was my advisor while I was in college. I want to give back and provide that for the next generation. She really gave us tools to be leaders and create ideas.”

Fall 2013 · 15

Alumnae Feature

“It’s very hard, especially as a working mom, to keep close friendships. In ZTA, that support system already exists. All you have to do is reach out, and the sisterhood is there.”


Brandi, the General Advisor for one of ZTA’s newest chapters, Lambda Kappa Chapter (Appalachian State University), agrees. “There were sisters before me who paved a silver path, and now I want to continue that service so future Zetas can benefit from the love we share as a sisterhood.” At the same time advisors provide guidance for collegiate chapters, skills advisors learn throughout the experience also play a vital role in their own lives. The ability to work with younger people, manage others and balance 16 · Themis

schedules are all strengths honed by advising. It also brings you closer to Zeta Tau Alpha. “As advisors, we get to see women come in as new members, graduate and become alumnae,” Hope said. “At one time, we get to see and be a part of friendships at all levels. We have a really great view of seeing Zeta Is Forever.” “One thing I did not anticipate,” Brandi said, “was all of the new alumnae I have been blessed to meet throughout the process. From my fellow advisors, to National Officers, to legacies’ moms, I have really loved making so many new ZTA connections.”


Roxanne Trovato Wood (Gamma Xi Chapter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania) has stayed connected to Zeta Tau Alpha in many different ways over the years. She has been a member of the Silver Spring, MD Alumnae Chapter, attended Conventions, helped colonize new collegiate chapters, and even served on National Council as Vice President Alumnae I. But one of her favorite ways to give back to ZTA is to donate to the Foundation. “I have been donating to the Foundation since I first graduated from college, even though it was only $25,” Roxanne said. “We see the result of our contributions on college campuses around the country and in every Themis.” For Roxanne, the Foundation’s scholarship program is one of the main reasons she gives. But the ZTA Foundation funds—either fully or partially—so many aspects of Zeta Tau Alpha. Think Pink® activities, educational programming for collegiate and alumnae chapters, Convention and National Leadership Conference, the Traveling Leadership Consultant program, and more are all paid for by donations to the Foundation. Whenever asked why someone should donate to the Foundation, Roxanne will always give the same answer. “I tell them the same thing former National President Martha C. Edens said to me in 1989. ‘It is important to donate your time, but we need to lead by example and make a financial contribution.’” Without even having to leave your home, donating to the Foundation is one of the easiest ways for a member to ensure Zeta Is Forever. Visit donate to make a donation to the Foundation.

Alumnae Feature

This summer, 107 Epsilon Chapter (University of Arkansas) alumnae gathered for a special reunion. Large and informal gatherings of sisters are just a few of the ways alumnae can stay connected to the Fraternity and prove Zeta Is Forever.


One of the most important aspects of Zeta Tau Alpha is the friendships you make with your sisters. Nurturing these relationships is perhaps the easiest way to prove Zeta Is Forever. You don’t even need a ZTA-sponsored activity to do it.

“It’s the relationships in life that matter more than anything,” Darra said when asked what Zeta Is Forever means to her. “Friends we had when we were children, we are still friends with. It is just a bond. It is like family.”

All across the country, ZTA alumnae quietly gather for coffee, attend each other’s weddings, and even plan vacations together. This summer, alumnae from Epsilon Chapter (University of Arkansas) were just some of the many Zetas who celebrated their friendships during a special reunion.


Twenty-five years ago, Linda Butler Auman and Darra Dismuke helped plan the first reunion for women who joined Epsilon Chapter in the 1960s. Now known as the Sisters of the Sixties, these Zetas have their own Facebook page, email listserv, event planning committee, and meet annually to reconnect with one another and ZTA. From a trip to St. Simon’s Island in Georgia with about 30 women, to a gathering of 107 Zetas in Fayetteville, Ark., nothing stops them from getting together.

ZTAlways is open to all alumnae Zetas and provides a forum to make new friends, stay up-todate on ZTA happenings, and encourages service in one’s local community.

“When we get back together, it’s like we were never apart,” Linda said. “I think the older we get, the more we realize how important these ZTA connections are.” Activities vary from each Sisters of the Sixties gathering to the next, but friendship is always at the core. Each year, a Memorial Service is held to honor sisters who have passed, scrapbooks and photo albums are dusted off, and memories of college life are reminisced.

Are you looking for a different way to reconnect with ZTA? The ZTAlways virtual alumnae chapter is a great way to get involved.

“For me personally, as a military spouse, I have found ZTAlways has allowed me to reach out to sisters across the globe,” said ZTAlways Chairman Jennifer Kuehl Williams (Eta Xi Chapter, Virginia Tech). “It is a great way to stay connected even when you don’t have time or access to a landbased alumnae chapter.” Visit for more information on how to join. Fall 2013 · 17

Certificates of Merit Honor Alumnae The alumnae Certificate of Merit is a national award presented at Zeta Day or another special event. To receive this honor, members must have a minimum seven years of significant post-collegiate service to Zeta Tau Alpha. Alumnae groups may submit the names and qualifications of alumnae to District Presidents by Oct. 1. National Council considers each recommendation and awards certificates to those who receive unanimous approval. Congratulations to the following 72 dedicated Zetas, listed by their current state of residence, who received the Certificate of Merit in 2013. ALABAMA Andrea Miller Pound, ΓΖ Mississippi State University CALIFORNIA Barbara C. Chang-Holt, AO The University of Iowa Joanne Kane Keenan, ΓΕ Pennsylvania State University Michelle Kou Lieberman, ΘΩ California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Kathryn M. Neri, Y University of California, Berkeley Jackie Lindbergh Parslow, ΘΩ California State Polytechnic University, Pomona CONNECTICUT Barbara Moeller Bowman, ZB Thiel College Madge Alexander Vining, ΓΡ Auburn University FLORIDA Michelle M. Faivre, BΨ Stetson University Tammy Doris Ward, ΘΔ Salisbury University GEORGIA Kathy Pope Reinhagen, HI Valdosta State University Christina Lee Romano, IΘ Georgia Institute of Technology

18 · Themis

Kathy Leamon Smith, Z The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Suzanne Peterson Ward, ZΞ Georgia Southern University HAWAII Helen Hwang Ransom, HT The University of North Carolina at Charlotte ILLINOIS Barbara Urbanczyk Hague, AΦ Northwestern University Lisa Zembowski Klemm, HΦ Illinois State University Linda J. Kresca M.D., AK University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Stephanie Ziegler Sutton, BI Centenary College of Louisiana INDIANA Janice L. Couts, ΓΧ Indiana State University Pam Myrick, ZA University of Evansville Mary Bartelt Winters, ZA University of Evansville KANSAS Jennifer Knapp Riggs, Σ Baker University LONDON, ENGLAND Kathleen Marie Doyle, Ψ University of Washington LOUISIANA Antoinette Rizzuto Bearden, ΘH Stephen F. Austin State University Karon Kristensen Brown, ΔK Louisiana State University Liz Louise Hartzog, ΔK Louisiana State University Margot Tauzier May, ΔK Louisiana State University MASSACHUSETTS Jenna Lauren Kelley, AO The University of Iowa MARYLAND Brenda Alane Amrhein, HN Radford University

Zetas Abroad Alumnae Chapter President Kathleen Marie Doyle (left) is presented with her Certificate of Merit at the British Library in London. Jessica Laczkowski Lemmo, ZN Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Betsy Keyser Selby, ΓK James Madison University MICHIGAN Kendra Davis Moyses, ZΩ Ferris State University MISSOURI Christina Welch Ayres, HΘ Missouri University of Science and Technology Sara Louise Cochran, M Drury University Stacie Rapp Gentry, HΦ Illinois State University Becky Burke Harlow, AΨ University of Missouri Michelle Darby Heck, BΩ Union University NEW JERSEY Kelly Lyn Czajka, IΓ The College of New Jersey Heather Marie Evans, ΓB Washington College Lauren Mary Seber, IΓ The College of New Jersey Erica Stacy Siegel, KN Monmouth University NEW MEXICO Anita Sanders McGuire, BN New Mexico State University

NORTH CAROLINA Alice U. Jones, X University of Pittsburgh OHIO Geri O’Hara Cupito, AΨ University of Missouri ONTARIO, CANADA Sabrina Faust Zuniga, Σ Baker University PENNSYLVANIA Gina Ginda Medvedz, A Longwood University Jenni Rowles Rach, IN Susquehanna University Katie Peoples Zamulinsky, ΘΞ Rutgers University SOUTH CAROLINA Donna Deragon DeTroye, ΔB Florida Southern College Nicole Flippo Crook, KΠ University of South Carolina Aiken

Ansley Harrison Evans, IO Lander University Kimberly Marie Newton-Burgess, IO Lander University Sharyn Beard Pittman, ΘZ Wofford College TENNESSEE Heather Whitehead Blair, IX Middle Tennessee State University Meredith Sims Crawford, IK Delta State University TEXAS Maude Smith Allen, ΘΓ Texas A&M University Leanne Weed Drake, ΔZ Sam Houston State University Kat Reed Evans, AY Oklahoma State University Kimberly A. Geertz, BZ Iowa State University Shery Kime Goodwin, ΓΨ Texas Christian University Stancy Robinson Hagans, ΓT Texas Tech University

Margaret E. Hale, Ω Southern Methodist University Cara Largesse Howard, ΓA University of Miami Marilyn Leigh Russell, E University of Arkansas Mary Ellen Jackson Sims, ΔZ Sam Houston State University VIRGINIA Laura E. Sullivan Friel, ΘΧ George Mason University Dawn Zacherl James, ΘΧ George Mason University Rachael Wax, AO The University of Iowa WASHINGTON Molly Nichols Barry, Ψ University of Washington Jaime Elduen Keith, Ψ University of Washington Melissa Reitbauer Kline, KI Moravian College

White Violets prove Zeta Is Forever A White Violet is a Zeta Tau Alpha who has been a member of the Fraternity for 50 years. In 2013, ZTA honored 395 of these members with the Order of the Shield Recognition Service at Zeta Day or another special event. These women receive a White Violet pin and certificate from the Fraternity in recognition for their continuous dedication to friendship and sisterhood. Members who reach the 75-year membership milestone receive a White Violet charm as a gift from the Fraternity. Congratulations to these 16 women who have celebrated 75 years as Zeta Tau Alphas. Charlene Chandler Ayers, K The University of Texas at Austin Betty Baldwin Booth, ΓB Washington College

Margaret Doggett Crow, K The University of Texas at Austin Beatrice Kroger Dimpfl, Y University of California, Berkeley Rose Kueffner Donnell, Φ Duke University Helen Wittenberg Dusse, BT Albion College Virginia Christian Koos, Δ Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Cynthia Cheshier Lott, BΩ Union University Kathleen Fox Pedersen, Y University of California, Berkeley Felicia Pacelli Riccio, ΑΚ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Katherine Knott Redmond, BE University of California, Los Angeles Palla Koenig Schreurs, BX Washington University Juliet J. Sharp, AY Oklahoma State University

Virginia Newberry Taylor, BN New Mexico State University Mary Wesson Townsend, BΩ Union University Ruth Mangels Williams, Σ Baker University

Two women at Oregon Zeta Day receive certificates honoring their 75- and 50-year memberships. Fall 2013 · 19

Alumna Member Profile

Education under the sea The ocean is more than 1,000 miles from Kansas, but Kim Houk Houtz doesn’t let distance keep her from learning and teaching about it. In 2010, the high school biology teacher began traveling with National Geographic on oceanography expeditions. Kim, a Sigma Chapter (Baker University) alumna, was encouraged to apply for National Geographic’s National Teacher Leadership Academy on oceans by a fellow teacher. Given Kansas’ not-so-close proximity to any ocean, Kim applied but doubted she would be selected as one of the 60 teachers to participate. “I think one of the reasons I was selected, is that everyone, everywhere is affected by the ocean,” Kim said.

Kim Houk Houtz Sigma Baker University teacher

The academy included two years of traveling, researching and studying with other teachers and oceanography professionals. During her first year, Kim studied at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif. For her second year, Kim studied at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. As her term with the academy came to an end, Kim wasn’t ready to complete her oceanography adventures. She was selected for a Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship, awarded to teachers who demonstrate excellence in geography education. The goal is to enhance educators’ learning through direct experience they can bring back to their classrooms. As part of the fellowship, she went on an Arctic expedition for 11 days, traveling very near the North Pole. “Not many people get the opportunity to go to the Arctic,” Kim said. “Almost everything there is a preservation area. It was a great experience.” While on the expedition, Kim worked with students to answer questions and help them understand the lessons. For these students, and her own back in Kansas, Kim strives to help them connect the information to their own lives. “I think the key to being a good teacher is to have students see that what you’re teaching them applies to their lives,” she said. “It needs to grab their interest so they see it is worth learning and is going to have an impact on them or on society as a whole.” This is something ZTA did for Kim. “Being a Zeta helped shape my life,” she said. “I wasn’t really thinking about going into teaching in college, but ZTA encouraged me to take on leadership roles and become a better rounded person.” Both ZTA and her work as a teacher allow Kim to give back. These days, she stays busy by not only teaching and taking Arctic expeditions, but she also gives back to ZTA as Financial Advisor for Beta Upsilon Chapter (Kansas State University) and Historian-Reporter for the Flint Hills, KS Alumnae Chapter.

20 · Themis

Donor List Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation

This annual listing honors donors who have cumulatively given above $2,500, including a gift this year.

GOLD $50,000+ OMICRON Brenau University Ms. Martha C. Edens THETA PSI Texas State University-San Marcos Laura Ladewig Mauro

SILVER $25,000-$49,999 OMEGA Southern Methodist University Nan Barkley Boettcher Jerry Rainey Putt ALPHA ETA The University of Cincinnati Catherine G. Slaughter ALPHA THETA Purdue University Bobby Seitz Turnbull BETA GAMMA Florida State University Nora Nell Hardy Jackson Nan Godfrey Locher BETA DELTA Miami University Karen Lowman West BETA EPSILON University of California, Los Angeles Ethel M. Cullom GAMMA BETA Washington College Becky Hainsworth Kirwan GAMMA PI The University of Georgia Stephanie Arnette Powell GAMMA TAU Texas Tech University Cynthia Byars Courtney ETA IOTA Valdosta State University Alice McCann Mathews

ETA RHO The University of North Alabama Kay Dill Kreutzer

BETA OMICRON University of South Carolina Dinah Helms Cook

ZETA ALPHA University of Evansville Sherry Server Tilley

IOTA SIGMA Old Dominion University Keeley McDonald Riddle

GAMMA BETA Washington College Barbara Townsend Cromwell

ZETA DELTA University of Louisiana at Monroe Joy Hathorn Watson

GAMMA IOTA University of Florida Karen Farmer Mills

ZETA THETA East Central University Brigette Donaghey Gean

GAMMA PI The University of Georgia Bonney Stamper Shuman

ZETA OMICRON Arkansas State University Nona Douglass Richey

GAMMA XI Indiana University of Pennsylvania Roxanne Trovato Wood

ETA ALPHA Georgia Southwestern State University Elizabeth Harpe Ruf

BRONZE $10,000-$24,999 EPSILON University of Arkansas Martha Gorum Jackson KAPPA The University of Texas at Austin Mary Kay Lattimore Evans Mary Holt Walcutt Pat Joiner Woliver LAMBDA Southwestern University Suzanne Morrow Ellis Shirley Oliver Sanders SIGMA Baker University Dr. Darcy L. Russell Pat Wooster-Jackson UPSILON University of California, Berkeley Gene Marie Slanker Hassan OMEGA Southern Methodist University Janet Rendleman Bergstrom Anne Barkley Manning ALPHA KAPPA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Stacy J. Froschauer ALPHA XI Indiana University Debra DeVault Marlett Dorothy Graf Thorman BETA GAMMA Florida State University Deb Ensor BETA DELTA Miami University Barbara Wheelock Hamilton

GAMMA TAU Texas Tech University Leslie Liem Hix Beverly Kunze Randall GAMMA CHI Indiana State University Trixy Swearingen Brill GAMMA OMEGA University of Houston Lynne Howard Eckels Nancy Bowne Morgan DELTA ALPHA California State University, Long Beach Kathy Benzini Stampe DELTA DELTA Baldwin Wallace University Hellen M Greenway Michelle Macartney Kay McCoy McKelvey DELTA ZETA Sam Houston State University Judy Berry Jackson DELTA KAPPA Louisiana State University Sherry Stagg St. Aubin DELTA OMICRON Lenoir-Rhyne University Dana Brasington Atkinson

ETA XI Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Francine Marie Vannicola ETA RHO The University of North Alabama Julia Marthaler Hill Malaea Nelms Seleski Dr. Mary Ann Stratford Stegall THETA TAU The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Mary Albert Ward THETA EPSILON University of San Diego Shannon Smith THETA CHI George Mason University Lucia Prenzel Knudsen IOTA DELTA Towson University Liza Gundell

TURQUOISE BLUE $5,000-$9,999 ALPHA Longwood University Kim Cave

ZETA The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Melissa Still KAPPA The University of Texas at Austin Linda Liles Williams Cattanach MU Drury University Janet Vigen Levy Kathy Vogt Thuneman OMICRON Brenau University Melissa Garner Hankinson TAU Millikin University Elta Turner Cooke Patricia Rannebarger Ford PHI Duke University Janice K. Church Jackson Ph.D. CHI University of Pittsburgh Alice U. Jones OMEGA Southern Methodist University Tish Tichenor Hall Kim Knight Rice PSI University of Washington Marilyn Woodmark Hanson Lucy Brown Kanikeberg Kori Sosnowy Voorhees ALPHA GAMMA University of Michigan Bonnie Martin Kohl Sue Goodwin Peyron ALPHA THETA Purdue University Connie Fotos Grace Janet Graab-Miller Jan Houska Plunkett Karen Manteufel Ripp Sherrill Corley Weary ALPHA XI Indiana University Patty Foellinger Smith

Fall 2013 路 21

Donor List ALPHA NU Birmingham-Southern College Terri Dew Millsap Carol Burr Petrusek ALPHA OMICRON The University of Iowa Morgan Hallett Banasiak Loretta Bridgeford Mealy ALPHA PI Ohio University Denise Frissell Rogers Ruth E. Sadler ALPHA UPSILON Oklahoma State University Debbie Bacher Bell Sara Hays Johnston Dorothy Coates Pataky ALPHA CHI University of Kentucky Linda Lawrence Green Marty E. Sik Shirley A. Wilson ALPHA PSI University of Missouri Christy Marx Barber BETA GAMMA Florida State University Susan Jones Baker Dinah Jackson Laughery BETA EPSILON University of California, Los Angeles Carolyn Rogers Morris BETA ZETA Iowa State University Sherry K. Sunderman BETA XI University of Akron Mary Gillam Anderson BETA OMICRON University of South Carolina Patti Knight Shelley BETA PHI Michigan State University Susie Sherman-Hall Kristen Humeston Harthorn

BETA PSI Stetson University Debbie Barrett Cooke BETA OMEGA Union University Diane Wood Tucker GAMMA ALPHA University of Miami Shari H. Robins M.D.

DELTA BETA Florida Southern College Elena C. DeVilliers Barbara Kazanjian Purks

GAMMA DELTA University of Mississippi Betty Coe Cruzen Manuel

DELTA ZETA Sam Houston State University Claire Winn Dowden Mary Ann Hansen Macey

GAMMA IOTA University of Florida Susan Brown Long Joelen Kilbas Merkel

DELTA KAPPA Louisiana State University Sally Huffman Czerwinski Dianne Worsham Rube

GAMMA PI The University of Georgia Pam J. Garrison Dr. Kelly M. Smith

DELTA MU The University of Tennessee at Martin Vicki Clark

GAMMA NU University of Virginia Edwyna McMullan Wingo

DELTA OMICRON Lenoir-Rhyne University Janet Baker Hassing

GAMMA SIGMA University of Tampa Sylvia Sears Danner

DELTA PSI Samford University Susan L. Beard

GAMMA CHI Indiana State University Chris Flora Stull-Walter Judy Jordan Wright

ZETA IOTA Western Carolina University Franlyna Barrett Charles

GAMMA PHI University of North Texas Jan Spradley McCarthy GAMMA PSI Texas Christian University Marnie Brown Cranmer GAMMA OMEGA University of Houston Alice DeWalt Hahn Renee Broussard Jongebloed Sandy Shumate Lewis


ZTA members have collected almost 2 million lids since we first partnered with the Save Lids to Save Lives® program, generating more than $100,000 donated to the ZTA Foundation. Popular lid collection events range from yogurt eating contests to collection competitions on campus. 22 · Themis

DELTA ALPHA California State University, Long Beach Nancy Spessard Carman Nyla Stanley Parker

ZETA KAPPA Louisiana Tech University Christy Carroll Slack ZETA XI Georgia Southern University Mardee Coyle Austin ZETA PI Woodbury University Kathy Cook Apogee Norma Jenkyn Simon ZETA PSI Jacksonville State University Gloria Culberson Hice

ZETA UPSILON Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Sally Schott Wellman ETA IOTA Valdosta State University Marlene Dunbar Conrad Leilani Struzick Rabourn Kery Reinkemyer Webb ETA LAMBDA College of Charleston Pam McMillan McKinney ETA RHO The University of North Alabama Joan Kimball Mollohan ETA THETA Missouri University of Science and Technology Kristine Marie Fleming THETA DELTA Salisbury University Dixie White Leikach THETA THETA Arkansas Tech University Diane Hicks Bayes Kelley Snow Harmon THETA OMICRON Baylor University Angela Malone Kelly Lacy Schneider O’Connor THETA PI California State University, Northridge Mary Curtin Cruse THETA TAU The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Carolyn Hof Carpenter Carla Martin Cobb IOTA ALPHA Robert Morris University Karen M Rose-Roper THETA OMEGA California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Cheryl Lisa Day

Dolores Gonzales Gastineau Diane Hanson Keegan IOTA SIGMA Old Dominion University Coleen Ann Ryder IOTA PSI Rochester Institute of Technology Vicki Decker Griffith

STEEL GRAY $2,500-$4,999 ALPHA Longwood University Linda Bowers Deviney Janet T. Thompson EPSILON University of Arkansas Kim Callico Cordes Gaye Warren Cypert Jayne Scoggins Hungate Allison Ross Thompson ZETA The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Judy Golden Bentley Valerie Cowles KAPPA The University of Texas at Austin Frances Navratil Bredthauer Ava Scott Demopulos Cindy Hendrick Kozmetsky Carol Williamson Mitchum LAMBDA Southwestern University Janice Alexander Smith NU The University of Alabama M. Darby Forrester Cheryl Civils Winslow OMICRON Brenau University Sally Richardson Hardin Kimberly B. McCoy

Donor List SIGMA Baker University Mary L. Jefferson TAU Millikin University Norma Jean Janes UPSILON University of California, Berkeley Mary Beth Covert Jump Lynne Russell Ruedy PHI Duke University JoAnne Withrow Eaton-Morriss OMEGA Southern Methodist University Martha Maxfield Cottingham Diddy Schroeder Ellis Virginia Hansen Robins PSI University of Washington Sarah Ruhwedel Porter Julia Greek Prosser Eleanor Marino Ross Karla Lundgren Wheeler

ALPHA PHI Northwestern University Audrey Moerschel Grove Jane Lenberg Lindgren

GAMMA ETA University of Toledo Darcy Annette Dom Sherrie Shipman Gilchrist

ALPHA CHI University of Kentucky Terri Lacy Barbara Jacobs Priest Carol Hamlin Shannon

GAMMA THETA University of Colorado at Boulder Carol Bartlett Benner

BETA GAMMA Florida State University Barbara Youmans Probst BETA DELTA Miami University Irene Krenek Broyles Stephany Moore Joslin BETA EPSILON University of California, Los Angeles Geri Beal Greer Mary J. Harrison Chris Christiansen Olson BETA ZETA Iowa State University Terri Vanderlinden Elias

ALPHA GAMMA University of Michigan Norma Clarke Powell

BETA IOTA Centenary College of Louisiana Kelly Willer Hamilton

ALPHA ZETA Ohio State University Nancy Bennett Bauman Peggy Betley Johnson

BETA KAPPA Tulane University Louise Trimble Kepper

ALPHA ETA The University of Cincinnati Mary Lippelman Corley ALPHA THETA Purdue University Jean Heusel Bradley Gwynne L Johnson Jeanne Manley Kennedy Kelly J. Murray Mary Hobbis Schubert Sandy Clarkson Stuckman ALPHA KAPPA University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Prabha Parameswaran ALPHA XI Indiana University Marge/Sammy Ingels Evans Barbara Lockhart Taylor ALPHA NU Birmingham-Southern College Lynn Compton Chapman Celia Cheney Ellis Jane Gillespie ALPHA OMICRON The University of Iowa Vicki McDonald Aden ALPHA RHO Syracuse University Peggy McDonough Corey Laura-Jean Learned MacDonald ALPHA UPSILON Oklahoma State University Leigh Ann Pruitt McClain Ann White Truscott Christina Higgins Wright

BETA LAMBDA University of Louisville M. Sue Lyon BETA OMICRON University of South Carolina Cathy Coleman Knox BETA RHO University of Manitoba Karen E. Miller Susann MacQuarrie Monroe BETA SIGMA Rhodes College Nelly G. Shearer BETA PHI Michigan State University Robin Walker Volden BETA PSI Stetson University Sydney Millard Legakis Alyson Cook Stage GAMMA ALPHA University of Miami Ana V. DeVilliers Cara Largesse Howard Heather Katherine WarrenReynolds

GAMMA IOTA University of Florida Jean Hanna Evelyn Hanna Wiley GAMMA PI The University of Georgia Cindy Gower Glover Kimberly Mason Hanna Mary Beth Ewing Letke Dr. Laura Smith Lord GAMMA KAPPA James Madison University Mary Sue Whitt GAMMA OMICRON Central Michigan University Cathy Thompson GAMMA RHO Auburn University Eugenia Malone Zallen GAMMA TAU Texas Tech University Jennie Vought Baker Sharon Seeliger Boynton Pam Evans Cho GAMMA CHI Indiana State University Joan Benner Banning GAMMA OMEGA University of Houston Sylvia Funk Ashbaugh Kim Bruder Clarke Mary Blann Cooper Kathy Milligan Wilson DELTA ALPHA California State University, Long Beach Denise Dube Motter Sharon Peterson Parkins DELTA BETA Florida Southern College Robin H. Sullivan DELTA GAMMA High Point University Raechel Bennett Biggs Pamela Klinedinst DELTA ZETA Sam Houston State University Susan Gregory Bohan Vicky Donaldson Fleisher Tami Sims O’Brien

DELTA MU The University of Tennessee at Martin Barbara Demlow Briggs Susan Durham DELTA LAMBDA Georgia State University Meredith Harris Braselman DELTA OMEGA Westminster College Debra George Lannon JoAnn Cassebaum Weisel Natalie Marie Yingling ZETA ALPHA University of Evansville Pam Morris Blessing Bryn Hemsley Masiuk Tracey Maddox McCord Jacqueline O’Donnell Merk Sherry Bryan Murray ZETA IOTA Western Carolina University Kelly Edwards Kent ZETA MU Jacksonville University Debbie E. Buscher ZETA OMICRON Arkansas State University Debbie Goff Apel

THETA ZETA Wofford College Ginny Gibson Fowler THETA XI Rutgers University Kathy Walker Ashton Pam Kievit Dorman THETA TAU The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Catherine Rowland Liemohn THETA PHI California State University, Fullerton Carol Stickels Bradford THETA PSI Texas State University-San Marcos Alicia Patten Williams THETA OMEGA California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Shamim Syed Wu IOTA DELTA Towson University Laurie Burnham Przybylski

ZETA SIGMA The University of Texas at Arlington Marti Cherry Diaz

IOTA XI Christian Brothers University Monica Norris Lori M Patton

ETA KAPPA University of Central Florida Karen Henning Sparkman

IOTA NU Susquehanna University Tina Ohta Kile

ETA LAMBDA College of Charleston Jessica Sara Eovino

IOTA PI University of Dayton Kristen Moeller Faure

ETA XI Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Christine Elizabeth Callaway Larkin Watson Fields

IOTA SIGMA Old Dominion University Samantha Ashley Bass

ETA MU Georgia Regents University Natasha Hendrix Pratt ETA PHI Illinois State University Michelle Ledger Frank ETA OMEGA Louisiana State University in Shreveport Marnie Marlar Frazier

IOTA PSI Rochester Institute of Technology Stacy Kalisz Johnson IOTA OMEGA University of Maryland Janel Thomson Jauntirans KAPPA PI University of South Carolina Aiken Nicole Flippo Crook

THETA ALPHA California State University, Chico Trish Manners Ferenz

GAMMA GAMMA The University of Texas at El Paso Lilla Lide Blatterman

DELTA THETA Ohio Northern University Lisa Paul Sierk

THETA DELTA Salisbury University Kenna Brigham Lowe

GAMMA EPSILON Pennsylvania State University Sally Leight Lazorchak

DELTA KAPPA Louisiana State University Susan Alves Bonnette Marcy Cann Helen Kristensen Fish Heather Matthews Kirk Dawn Arceneaux Palermo Deborah J. Verges

THETA IOTA University of North Florida Carla Jean Burks

GAMMA ZETA Mississippi State University Virginia Barfield Perkins

THETA OMICRON Baylor University Meredith Hahn Moore

THETA ETA Stephen F. Austin State University Toni Devine Chandler Stacy LaRue Gannon Mandy Pierce Scott

Fall 2013 · 23

Donor List

Annual Donors ZTA Foundation 2012-2013

This annual listing honors donors who gave $25 or more during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. ALPHA Longwood University Carol Farleigh Cashman Kim Cave—4 Linda Bowers Deviney—5 Susan DuPriest Flowers—6 Mary Franklin Fulghum-Palmer Diane Stancill Hall Gayle Turpin Heese—6 Annie Slayton Herbert Margaret Bell Herrin—6 Debbie Cosby Kelley—6 Janet T. Thompson—5 Ednamae Hudson Trevey Julia M. Williams—6 Pat Coleman Winstead DELTA Randolph College Betty Dabney Charles—5 Sarah Wakeman Penney—6 EPSILON University of Arkansas Brittany Anne Alexander Anne Wyatt Bailey Amanda Kay Barber Cassie Campbell Brothers—6 Diane Jones Brown—6 Krista Lynn Coonts Kim Callico Cordes—5 Caroline Anne Crosthwait Gaye Warren Cypert—6 Jerry Stebbins Floyd Kelsey Dawn Furr Olivia Grace Gholson Pamela June Haynie—6 Dorothy Menard Hays Jamie Lynn Hill Traci Chappell Hooker Jayne Scoggins Hungate—5 Martha Gorum Jackson—4 Frances Hook Jernigan Mary Graydon Jessen Betty Harris Kell Andrea Ellen Larimer Sarah Elizabeth Martin Pam McCasland Deanna McCasland Mitchell Charlotte Hervey Moore—6 Kaylyn Maye Murphy—3 Jennifer Mary Pacione Scarlett Elizabeth Patterson Jenna Dale Poe Caron Smets Roberts—6 Cate Ashley Scott—6 Lizzie Jane Seal—6 Wanda Richards Spivey Kellie Ann Stringer Julie Ann Swain Allison Ross Thompson—3 Carolyn Jackson Tolley

24 · Themis

Ashali Jade Vise Tiffany Schmidt Warriner—6 Alexa Lea Wattelet Jo Ann Fielding Williamson—4 Felicia Sammons Wilson Flannery Lyle Wilson ZETA The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Molly Louise Albin Briana Christine Averwater Susan Gilbert Barnes—6 Judy Golden Bentley—4 Sandy Keck Bogle—6 Stephanie Sargent Burns—6 Betty Young Catron Susan Helen Comstock—6 Cynthia Connor—5 Valerie Cowles—6 Lu Ann Woolwine Crockett—6 Ana Ownbey Davis—6 Tricia Dres Lindsay Hancock Elliott Terri Carter Fisher Makayla Jean Flatt Tiffany A. Fleenor Kathleen Clarkson Frey Meghan Danielle Gattas Susan Eckel Gohn Elizabeth Schofield Graf Ellen McCleary Gregory Jessica Leigh Gwinn Jeanne Mack Hansen Kate Horton Jane Stuart Hudson Emily Victoria Huntzinger—6 Sula Hensley Inklebarger Joy Millsaps Kelly—6 Kerri Killgore Lovegrove Mrs. W.S. McFadden—6 Taylor Magdeline Nave Cathy Dailey Neal—5 Kathy Cobb Parsons Gabrielle Haley Pozin Betsy Boody Quillin—6 Beverley Broadwater Roberts—6 Cynthia Ogdin Senger Peggy Raymond Slater Melissa Still—3 Jennifer Fitzwater Tomasetti Lauren Kenly Trupovnieks Jeannette Smith Tysinger—6 Sally Reeves Walter Doris Douglas Webster Kellie Suzanne Wilburn Elaine Blaydes Wright THETA Bethany College Anne Elaine Carter—6 Dina Johnson Fulmer

Joanna Gusta Sibylla Eisenhauer Linden Betty Murphy Weimer KAPPA The University of Texas at Austin Anne Macfarlane Alexander Amy Christine Allen—3 Julia Hyland Ambler—6 Jerry Johnston Andrew—5 Susan J. Bayliss Jene’ Lanclos Bearse—6 Susan Scott Birdwell—6 Sarah Elizabeth Bodin Patricia Kidd Boyd—6 Frances Navratil Bredthauer—4 Diana Beavers Bresk—6 Natalie Ann Buncher Mary Sue Williams Butler Charlynn Anderson Casey—6 Linda Liles Williams Cattanach—6 Sue Miles Chamlee Nancy Stevens Craig—6 Charlotte Adams Crawford—6 Aubrey Anne Crenshaw Barbara Bearden Davis—6 Lex Pryor Davis Ava Scott Demopulos—4 Suzanne Beilharz Duin—6 Sondra Hampton Durso—6 Mckenzie Noelle Edwards Mary Kay Lattimore Evans—6 Elizabeth Jane Flury Sherry Louis Fontenot—6 Beth Van Horn Furgerson—6 Chiara Francesca Geremia Cynthia Lynne Harkness—6 Rosemary Buaas Harrison Maggie Mudgett Hatfield—5 Tracey Hall Hime—5 Susan Kirkpatrick Hinson—6 Penny Pounds Hollyfield—6 Margaret Flynn Hunt—6 Suzanne Goodwin Jones—6 Linda Burk Kemp—5 Sandy Wright Kibby—6 Cindy Hendrick Kozmetsky—4 Lauren Joy Kraut Betty Burt Kyle—6 Kelti Bailey Late—6 Lindsey Scarborough Little—3 Sue Heidelberg Marshall Sammie Farrier Marshall Susan Gillespie McCollum Megan Leigh McGill—5 Carol Williamson Mitchum Jerry Carter Montouri—6 Ortrud Lefevre Much—6 Sally Hamilton Nagy Jenna Lynn Nelson Mayre Richards Overstreet

Angela Reagan Payne—6 Marilyn White Phillips Alexia Niccole Phipps Eleanor Preston Pulver Anne Szablowski Robillard—6 Rachel Adele Robillard Sarah Elizabeth Roe Beverly McDowell Rossy—6 Barbara Broesche Ryan Skyeler Marie Saar Lynn Boettcher Schaezler—6 Alice Davey Schroeder—5 Gabi Natalya Sicher Lois Bearden Smith—6 Heather Lange Sullivan Margaret Johnson Talley—6 Lisa Holsenbeck Thompson—6 Peggy Stark Trieschmann Kristie Adams Wade—6 Mary Holt Walcutt—3 Liz Cowden Walter—6 Kailey Ann Wardlow Lisa Marie Watkins—6 Nanette Rountree Wheelis—6 Kristen Rose Wilkinson Pat Joiner Woliver—3 LAMBDA Southwestern University Dorothy Stevens Bruner Megan Elaine Bush—6 Kim Carter—6 Sarah Tunnell Clark Suzanne Morrow Ellis—3 Karen E Hanson-Flowers—6 Cindy Davis Griffin—5 Helen Hicks Groos Bethany Yoder Gusmer—6 Mary Carolyn Garrett Howell Connie Lynn Krueger Kara Faye Manning Francine Furlow Meyer—3 Carolyn Berry Moore—6 Amanda Marie Morris Patricia Pegues Morrow Christina Nicholls Kylie Elizabeth O’Connor Jane Wheat Parks Polly Sistrunk Porter—3 Sheri Belknap Sager Shirley Oliver Sanders Janice Alexander Smith—6 Catherine Earles Turer M.D.—6 Courtney Cristiani Varner Allie Shea Watts Dorothy Deffebach White MU Drury University Taylor Marie Cantrell Natalie Clare Endejan Jackie Ann Faiferlick


1- $5,000+ 2 - $2,500-$4,999 3 - $1,000-$2,499 4 - $500-$999 5 - $300-$499 6 - $100-$299

Carlee Claxton Johnson Janet Vigen Levy—4 Katherine Schirmer Maltais Michelle Dianne Martin Janis O’Connell McCosker—6 Laura Schmutz Meador—5 Erin Danielle Oswalt Anna Alayne Stark Delaney SheaStevie Sweeney Nicki Linn Thompson Kathy Vogt Thuneman Alice Trigg Zago NU The University of Alabama Linda Schnell Ball Shannon Leigh Flournoy Beale Shannon Rae Bove Molly Jewell Carr Frances Roberts Smith Clement—6 Beverly Smith Colditz—6 Flynt Stebbins Connor Anna Lee Walker Crysel Lauren Nicole Danielson Jane Nell Davidson Elaine Schaefer Davis Ruth Fahey Flemming Camila Francisca Flores M. Darby Forrester—4 Meghan Hyatt Freeman Thelma Marshall Gaston Eugenia Johnson Giles—6 Ashleigh Lynne Giliberto—5 Laura Wilson Glass—6 Susan Beckley Helt Trisha Condon Heup—6 Danni Victoria Heverin Melissa Mitchell Kilpatrick—3 Sam Daisy Maceil—5 Tracy Moore Manush Sarah Skipper McCullom Sara Kate McLaughlin Kelly Elizabeth McMahon Dianne McNabb—4 Eileen Marie Morgan—3 Catherine Moore Neal—6 Beverly Newburn Newman—6 Carlee Marie Owens

Donor List Suzanne Allan Page Lisa Orth Rogers Zoe Rosenberg Sandra Whitmire Ross Emily Adams Schwab Heather Serwecki Stroud—6 Morgan Louise Taylor—6 Lianna Elise Tomas—6 Ricki Zuck Treleaven—6 Kimberly Watson—5 Judy Stone Weaver—6 Molly Francis White Kaila Dawn Wiggins Morgan Elizabeth Wilbourne Cheryl Civils Winslow—5 XI University of Southern California Frances Tomlinson Boothe—6 Rosalie M. Chase—6 Carolyn Lupfer Ehrlich Dotty Freeman Fonley—6 Betty Woldstad Fullerton—6 Arlette Etchart McGurty—6 Mary Crowley Messner—6 Jo Ann Ridenour Ellen Praytor Wilson OMICRON Brenau University Valerie Edwards Aiken—6 Lori Dixon Bunn—6 Qing Cao Kara Nichole Corley Ms. Martha C. Edens—5 Melissa Garner Hankinson—4 Sally Richardson Hardin—5 Pennie Reid Hebble Page Dyer Houseman—6 Melissa Ann Stephenson Kent Kristen Repetto Leavell Marissa Ann Markyna—5 Kimberly B. McCoy—5

Abby Maria Miles Constance Sirr Moxley Missy Lajuan Murphy—6 Cathy Rawlinson—6 Chavigny McDonald Revelette Daisy Goodnight Waldrep Lisa Williams Joan Sorensen Wilson SIGMA Baker University Beverly J. Crute Ph.D. Audrey Buohl Curran—6 Mary Trussell Hand Marcia Rossiter Hawk Mary Lambert Holland—6 Tamara Michelle House Joan Reed Iverson—6 Mary L. Jefferson Sonya Picking Jones—5 Phyllis Stegner Kidd Mary Cragoe Magalee—5 Morgan KaLyn Miller Maria D’Anna Ondras—6 Allison Christine Reeve Dee Smith Reid Dr. Darcy L. Russell—4 Jimi Burke Sato—6 Linda Carlson South Brenda Tuller Stasiulis Linda G. Stegner Ashley Dolezilek Turman—5 Barbara Harrison Wardwell Pat Wooster-Jackson—4 TAU Millikin University Linda Chapman Arends—6 Marilyn Reining Brazelton Ellen Scherer Conville Elta Turner Cooke—4 Patricia Rannebarger Ford—3

Norma Jean Janes—6 Louise Walker Keen Sue Douglas Maxwell DeeDee Chapman Olson—6 Sue Logan Prange—3 Lisa Hoffman Waight Marilyn Brandt Winterberger UPSILON University of California, Berkeley Joyce Larsen Boehmert Fran Roberts Congdon Dorothy Jackson Emerson Miranda Michelle Hart Gene Marie Slanker Hassan—3 Sherry Simpson Hibbard Mary Beth Covert Jump—6 Lois Swanson Manbert—6 Kathryn M. Neri—5 Jean Neri Riley—6 Lynne Russell Ruedy—5 Judith Stark Zaccone—5 PHI Duke University Tori Alexandra Cohen Madeline Krupenie D’Alessio Ann Danello Martha Jean Dunn Jessica Lauren Feldman Kelsey Goon—6 Dorothy Daniel Gyurko—6 Liz Burke Howell—6 Janice K. Church Jackson Ph.D.—5 Courtney Leah Lang Caroline Minton Michelman Caterina Mia Rodriguez Hannah Danielle Schechter Emily Jean Sloan Mrs. Edward L. Stewart Emily Jana Tucker Browne Warren—6

Chloe Elisabeth Wolf Anne Kauffman Zayaitz—6 CHI University of Pittsburgh Alice U. Jones—4 Dee Schwarzbach Nestel Georgian Steinhart—5 OMEGA Southern Methodist University Patsy Wheeler Angel Royce McKee Bedford Pam Sullivan Berdanier Janet Rendleman Bergstrom—2 Nan Barkley Boettcher—3 Edwina Millican Brown Nancy Penick Burnett—6 Karen Poliner Burton Ph.D. Martha Maxfield Cottingham Nancy White DeYoung—6 Diddy Schroeder Ellis—6 Virginia A. Gunn Margaret E. Hale—6 Tish Tichenor Hall—5 Susie Frazier Howard Rachael Chipps King Anne Barkley Manning—3 MaryAnne Park Owens—5 Angela Manalo Protacio Jerry Rainey Putt—1 Melissa N. Quevillon—6 Kim Knight Rice—5 Carol Jean Ritchie Virginia Hansen Robins—4 Cynthia Nix Savelli—6 Amy Rhoads Smith Joe Bath Stamey—6 Glenda Bracken Williams—6 PSI University of Washington Patricia Gilpin Anderson

Blake Elizabeth Ballantyne—6 Annalise Dickey Beck—6 Maria Elena Blocker Shari Storm Drummond Erika Leigh Eagan Hannah Lee Eichers Rebecca Ryanne Fox—5 Kimberly Jones French—6 Kari Lindstrum Garis Mikaela Alexis Gomes Marilyn Woodmark Hanson—4 Julia Ann Heydenreich Lucy Brown Kanikeberg—5 Jaime Elduen Keith Carol Olson Kelling Maisie Alexandra Leese Sara Kathryn Leonetti—5 Mary Alice McMullen McKenzie—6 Beverly Eckert Meln Carol Atherton Phelan Emily Christine Phillips Sarah Ruhwedel Porter—5 Julia Greek Prosser Shirley Thompson Richardson Eleanor Marino Ross—6 Barbara Cope Scott Renee Choi Steyh Nancy Helen Thomas—5 Jennifer Waters Thompson—6 Alexandra Elizabeth Uhrich—6 Kori Sosnowy Voorhees—5 Dara Lynn Welch Karla Lundgren Wheeler—5 Betty Ellis Winter Kelci Simone Zile ALPHA ALPHA Iowa Wesleyan College Marlys G. Allen Dr. Shirley Wood De Lucia—6 Sheryl Langenbau Goos Jean McKinney Gratton—6


awarded in two years to more than $1.3 million. The photo shows scholarship recipients who were present at National Leadership Conference. The ZTA Foundation was established to provide financial support to women pursuing higher education. While the mission has expanded to include educational programs and philanthropic support, scholarships are still a high priority of the Foundation’s mission. Each year, the Foundation has been able to keep up with

increasing costs of education by providing more scholarships of a significant amount to graduate and undergraduate members. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the ZTA Foundation awarded a record-breaking $649,871 in scholarships to 284 members, bringing the total amount of funds

“With the rising cost of education, donations to the Foundation go a long way to support our members,” said Foundation Vice President of Scholarship Catherine G. Slaughter. “We are honored to provide these inspiring sisters assistance to further their education.”

Fall 2013 · 25

Donor List Helen Scott Hauser—6 Ruth M. Traylor Linda Faron West Sandra Randle Woodard ALPHA BETA University of Pennsylvania Tilden Avery Bissel Sarah Elizabeth Careyva Alexandra Sarah Cole Anne Gruhl Hess—6 Angie Manno Hopes Angela Anqi Huang Clare Elizabeth Sheil Sandlund Sarah Anne Stein

Pink Out

Pink Out games with college and high school teams are a popular way to spread breast cancer awareness to people of all ages. Chapters partner with athletic teams to turn stadiums pink by encouraging fans to wear pink, handing out ribbons and breast health information, and holding survivor tributes during the game. Midland, Texas Alumnae Chapter partnered with a local high school for its Pink Out football game.

ALPHA GAMMA University of Michigan Leila Reese Baker Trudy Eisenberg Balogh Alison Leigh Berg Susan Hopkins Biggart Daisy Marie Bishop Katie Maura Bowerson CJ Jane Burroughs Amanda Clementine Caccavo Kayla Renee Cockrum Barbara Ilene Cossman Blair Elizabeth Darnell Hillary Leigh Donahue Dina Bartram Edwards Caitie Ann Fey Emily Bryson Fraser Jessica Lee Fryer Julie Ann Ernatt Garza—5 Kassandra Smith Gilbert Deborah Rotunno Hamlin—6 Elizabeth Nicholson Hamm Linda Lewis Hecht Grace Mary Hildensperger Laura Elizabeth Kallil Ellie Elizabeth Kirn Bonnie Martin Kohl—5 Marian Beam Kurapka—6 Nancy L. Niemela Carrie Charlick Olejniczak Stephanie Lynne Pappas Sue Goodwin Peyron—5 Norma Clarke Powell—6 Clare Kathleen Rasmussen Nancy Huesmann Reed Debby Rossman Retzer Diane M. Rivard Jaclyn Danielle Rose—6 Lauren Christen Rose Thea Rose Senger Kayleigh Raye Sherbutt Patricia Wedler Shipman Mrs. Elizabeth Gates Shuter—6 Emily Creighton Siegel—6 Shauna Kay Sitarek Jordan Alexandra Steiger Elizabeth Catherine Timoszyk Lauren Elizabeth Uhlian Cristina Alesis Villarreal Linda Wai Yee Yeung Kamie Zaracki—5 Kara Nicole Zmyslowski—5 ALPHA DELTA Butler University Aileen Universaw Bolton—6 Martha Demaree Davis Hilda Humke Hadley Pearl Richardson Mears ALPHA ZETA Ohio State University Nancy Bennett Bauman—6

26 · Themis

Marjorie Eibling Bosen—6 Kathleen Chapman Clarke Cathy Ramogida Crum Judy Brushwood Erickson—6 Marion Tanner Gore—6 Yuka Marushige Hendershot Beth Leigh Hinckley-Robles Peggy Betley Johnson—6 Lucinda Lee Klevay—6 Helen Roberts Kuhn Ruth Matechek Lawrence Karen Hunsinger Little Rebecca P. Maykowski Mazie Gills Quigley—6 Terry Duey Rowe Stacey Aufderheide Selby Marilyn Cox Stucki Johanna Murtha White Molly Mowbray Winters ALPHA ETA The University of Cincinnati Nancy Shank Arnn Elaine Pfeiffer Burton—6 Deborah Wolf Campbell Mary Lippelman Corley—6 Virginia Brunswick Elliot Patricia Horak Fierro Dr. Barbara J. Howe Shelley Mather Meyer—5 Jacqueline Dee Morgan Catherine G. Slaughter—4 Dorothy Goepp Spiess Janet Joachim Stenger ALPHA THETA Purdue University Theresa DeVries Allen Lynn Dolembo Bailey—6 Ruth Clark Bowles—6 Jean Heusel Bradley—6 Rosemary Lafuze Brasie—5 Amy Bridges—5 Anita Douglass Clegg Dr. M. Margaret Conway—6 Nancy Boyle Cooke—6 Diane Trout-Cummins—6 Sarah Boing Dixon—6 Victoria Ann Engblom Sandy Cross Forville Kaitlin Victoria Ginder Connie Fotos Grace—5 Barbara Mulkey Grant Dina Raja Hanania—6 Susan Krauch Hayhurst Stacia Kay Hazzard Allison JoAnn Hoffman Pat Heckaman Horvath Barbara Turner Jameson—6 Gwynne L. Johnson—6 Hannah Louise Keaton Jeanne Manley Kennedy Katie Aaron Kessler—6 Kathy Adams Kohout—6 Esther Schaffer Lambert Julie Fleek Lupinacci—6 Nicole Martucci Beth Stickles McDaniel—6 Yvonne Edwards Meltzer—6 Janet Graab-Miller—4 Kelly J. Murray—5 Sharon Bryant Murray—6 Julia Claire Panebianco Jan Houska Plunkett—5 Donna Olsen Rines Karen Manteufel Ripp—6 Amy Marie Ritter Mrs. Donna Wanderer Runyan—6

Allyssya Gossett Russell Mrs. Joseph L. Sannella Susan M. Schloss Margaret Dowell Scott Anne Metzger Seeger Mary Bryan Sherman—4 Ruth Ceisner Skillman—6 Carol Apple Steele—6 Leta Alexandra Stevens Ruth Rattay Stockdale Sandy Clarkson Stuckman—4 Sara Headley Thrasher—6 Bobby Seitz Turnbull—3 Sherrill Corley Weary Rachel Michelle Weber Melissa Meythaler White—5 Susan M. Wiggenhorn—6 ALPHA KAPPA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Elaine Pohl Benisek—6 Cathy Connell—6 Cheri Ronat Crew Kimberly Stanfill Cromer—5 K.C. Coyner Dickerson—6 Arlene Irvine Edwards—6 Stacy J. Froschauer—4 Geri Gilbert—6 Shirley Cross Ginos Kristan Jatczak Hickman—6 Betsy Kitch Sylvia Byun Lee Colleen McNamara Mansfield—6 Kristin Erickson McChrystal Marjorie Gower McDermott Aldona Malelo Nainis Mrs. Kent A. Noble Kelly Anne Olsen—6 Prabha Parameswaran—6 Lorraine Roulette Paull Marilyn Miller Pugh Robin B. Ritter Harriette Renken Schmick—6 Sharon Chizu Shimizu—6 Amy Courtin Sohl Sylvia Kolpack Tadin Anne Petro Tamulaitis—5 Virgene Anderson Vatthauer—6 Dorothy Ruter Vitter—6 ALPHA MU Washburn University Jean Mize Anticoli—6 Tamara Lewis Boten Erika Nichole Crider Pam Ananis Doctor—6 Krystal Lynn Harry Sharon Mize Johnson—6 Bonnie Kay McKee Diana Delfelder Ramsey Tomi Rockey Rues Carol Engler Stevenson—6 ALPHA XI Indiana University Catherine Margaret Armario—6 Marilyn Nigh Beattey Catherine Mallett Beeker Kim Beach Belz Nicole Marie Biberstine—5 Sheelah O’Donnell Buse—6 Mary Jo Gillen Ciganek Mary Jo Day Mary McHie Diskey—6 Taylor Noel DuBois—6 Carole Regas Economou Eleanor A. Ellis

Donor List

Traveling Leadership Consultants

In 2013-2014, there are 20 women serving as Traveling Leadership Consultants to assist collegiate chapters with officer education, leadership development and more. Foundation donations fund a portion of this important ZTA program. Lisa Bodine Enright—6 Marge/Sammy Ingels Evans—6 Sue Bartos Farquhar—6 Julia Breslin Furnary Kendra Lower Gilbertson Karen Gillen Kendall—5 Nancy Anderson Klinge Emma Christina Koehler Lauren Kaelin Kriner—6 Judith Harris Lee Patti Annexstad Marinovich—5 Debra DeVault Marlett—4 Judi Ann McCoy—6 Debbie Bridgers Minnick—5 Miriam Laura Nelson—4 Shae Mullen Oca—6 Louise Leisey Poier Justine Marie Pomierski Mary Shutt Rust Kristi Morgan Ryan—6 Maggie Laird Shea—5 Patty Foellinger Smith—6 Mary Mullins Sugar Molly Sue Supinski Barbara Lockhart Taylor—6 Dorothy Graf Thorman—4 Mary Menzies Tierney Nicole Marie Weckerlin Maureen Jefvert Wolf—6 Janet Bunger Wortley—5 Marilyn Zahnen ALPHA NU Birmingham-Southern College Ashley Lane Biggins Martha Hayes Blackburn—6 Geneva Blackburn—6 Lynn Compton Chapman—4 Jamie Barton Cook Nichole Good Cornell Celia Cheney Ellis—4 Alex Elaine Faust Elizabeth Sharrai Gebhart Jane Gillespie—6 Annette Davis Lovett—6 Martha Wait McSwain Terri Dew Millsap—4 Georgina Simmons Perry Carol Burr Petrusek—6 Shirley Boutwell Prickett

Jayne McCain Prude—6 Janice Lyda Rivers Laura McGahey Van Pelt—5 Savannah Katherine Weidman ALPHA OMICRON The University of Iowa Vicki McDonald Aden—4 Amanda Watanabe Anderson Stephanie Jean Bakosh Morgan Hallett Banasiak—4 Elyse Krauss Bertram—6 Judy W. Burling Lauren Alexis Cerza Barbara C. Chang-Holt Rosalie S. Clark Janice Keeline Cozad—6 Kerry Ann Diminuco—4 Sara Smith Frerichs Karri Ann Goeldner Becky Fairchild Graf—6 Natalie McFarland Gulbranson—5 Carolyn Mueller Halbach Sarah Ann Halper Tara Oiler Hartman Jessica Georgiana Holmberg Kate Louise Huisinga—6 Kristen Carlstedt Johnson—6 Jenna Lauren Kelley Jessica Etnier Little Jo Anne McCarthy Mayhall—6 Loretta Bridgeford Mealy—4 Morgan June Miller Daphne D. Emmack-Owens Jennifer Mary Peterson—6 Tricia Johnson Petrow Sara F. Rusch Susan Sayre Amy Schultz Snyder Mrs. M. Sommerhoff—6 Jan Harvey Thake—6 Sunny Swanson Wandro Tanya Wentzel Mara Bernson White Ashley Courtney Wiginton ALPHA PI Ohio University Betsy Martin Bauer—6

Kathy Gerard Carvin Janice Kowalak Chasman Sandy Stanley Engel—6 Corrine Towstiak Horton—6 Karolyn Shepherd Ketter Marilyn Madden Kirkendall Margaret Biewener Krieg—5 Claire Jones Marshall Frances Bauer Morrow Denise Frissell Rogers—5 Susan Rademaker Schmidt Jane Remley Sibila Corinne Clutter Tribe Sarah Janusz Trout

ALPHA TAU University of Minnesota Alice Brand Hawks Mary Ann Olson Johnsen—6 Gloria Law Moen—6 Pamela Isaacson Morse Donna Cunningham Shern Marilynn Anacker Weber—6

Rachel Ann Boggio Mary Downing Davis Kay Rutherford Dixon Kat Reed Evans—5 Laurie Abernethy Guthmann Dana Robinson Huser Kelsey Lynn Ingraham Stephanie Louise Ingraham Peggy Weger Jackson Brenda Moore Johnson—5 Sara Hays Johnston—4 Stephanie Lynn Knudsen Jodi Hodgens Laplant Julie Karen Lemish—6 Diana Gaye Loeffler Linda Tatum Luse Chelsea Nicole Mai Leigh Ann Pruitt McClain—4 Jo Walton Moore Lauren Katherene Nanni Dorothy Coates Pataky—5 Kelsey King Poe—4 Julie Marie Potter Barbara Ann Ramey Mrs. Fred Rathbun Kate Failing Richardson—6 Megan Marie Shaver Mary Loraine Shimp Carol Robinson Smith—5 Joan E. Smith—6 Eileen Edmonson Smith—6 Courtney Lisa Swick Tammy L. Tindle Sally Durham Trapnell Ann White Truscott—5 Mary Guthrie Van Gieson—6 Rachelle Robson Vinson Marcy Skeeter Wakeford—6 Linda Minter Wegener—4 Vicki Rudolph-Williams—4 Pat Taylor Wood Christina Higgins Wright—4 Jane Gertsen Yetts

ALPHA UPSILON Oklahoma State University Susan Sidwell Addison Lisa Edwards Albers Monica Hightower Allen—6 Debbie Bacher Bell—6

ALPHA PHI Northwestern University Deana Davis Duckworth Diane Joy Froelich Audrey Moerschel Grove—6 Judith Anderson Hohorst—6

ALPHA RHO Syracuse University Evelyn Bartels Barker Peggy McDonough Corey—6 Lynn Percy Hunderup—6 Lynda Fain Johnson—6 Mary Anne Howard Jury Kay Brown Keckel—6 Laura-Jean Learned MacDonald—6 Ruth E Sadler—6 ALPHA SIGMA Oregon State University Kathleen Doyle Gardenhire—6 Lois Ann Hamner Holmes Martha Locke Patricia Manley Oberndorf Linda Damm Umphrey

Emily Bee Howell Anne Campbell Johnson—6 Jane Lenberg Lindgren—6 Kelley Ann Manuel Irene Kernaul Nero—6 Diane Germaine Ostrow Beverly Jones Payne Thalia Pavis Roberts Lauren Michelle Sadowsky Janet Wood Skoglund—6 Christine Elizabeth Smith—6 Cynthia Kanela Stamelos Barb Bollman Tuitt Morgann Rose Turkot ALPHA CHI University of Kentucky Linda Lawrence Green—5 V. Carol Hill—4 Beth Rogers Hill—6 Mona Turner Huber Robin Merryman Kelty—6 Terri Lacy—5 Kathy C. Laudwein Shirleen Sutton Maynard Barbara Jacobs Priest—4 Mona Twyman Sandefur Carol Hamlin Shannon—5 Marty E. Sik—4 Bonnie Jackson Slater Shirley A. Wilson—5 ALPHA PSI University of Missouri Christy Marx Barber—4 Joan Hambrick Bigham—6 Loraine Sewell Blackwood Connie Messinger Blakley—5 Hannah Catherine Brown Geri O’Hara Cupito—6 Shannon Ashley Ferguson—5 Beth Astroth Garza—6 Becky Burke Harlow Danielle Marie Hechler Kelly Ryan Holmes Dee Schwieder Huffine Helen Clark Johnston Jule Wolters Koenigsfeld—6 Megan Lynn Landess

Fall 2013 · 27

Donor List

Major Donor Program

Individual and chapter donations provide the resources that allow the Foundation to award scholarships, support breast cancer education and awareness, and implement relevant educational programming for our chapters.

and ribbons to correlate with their level of donation.

The Foundation recognizes those individuals and chapters that donate more than $300 per year as Major Donors.

“Each year at Convention or NLC, we like to honor our Major Donors,” said ZTA Foundation President Becky Hainsworth Kirwan. “Their donations make a significant impact in allowing the Foundation to provide cuttingedge programming and scholarship support to our members.”

At the 2013 National Leadership Conference, 444 Major Donors were recognized with a button

These initiatives fulfill the mission of the ZTA Foundation: to support programs that are

Margie Bartholomew Langdon—6 Geri Jordan Macauley—5 Emily Elizabeth McCammon Jill Bryant Meyer Lauren Elizabeth Mueller Haley Elizabeth Packer—6 Sara Geraghty Ryan Karen Litzsinger Sancho-Bonet Jane Elizabeth Shepherd Sara E. Sternberger—5 Barbara Stewart Van Loenen Irma Fanning Waring—6 ALPHA OMEGA Ohio Wesleyan University Neva Sharpe Brandon Madeleine Kraemer Bryant Sheila Wagner Ploger—6 Mrs. Joseph Sheldon Eloise J. Sulzman BETA ALPHA George Washington University Lydia Giordan Alles Carol Westbrook Beaver Karen M. Collier—6 Helen Warren Jorgensen Diane Hail Kanak Jeannie Carlson Richter Dorothy Sutherland Whitt BETA BETA Dickinson College Jean Weller McClelland BETA GAMMA Florida State University Judy Tripp Anderson Carol Anderson Judy Mays Andrews Ikey G. Arnold—6 Susan Jones Baker—6 Carla Lynn Beyrouti

28 · Themis

Barbara Read Burger Rosanne Kalil Bush Melinda Jones Culliver Lynda Cawthon Darnell Madeline Michelle DuPlessis Deb Ensor—3 Doreen Moloney Furnari—6 Rose Marie Linda Galietti Diane Arden Grubbs—6 Clarice Cash Hurd Hunter Nora Nell Hardy Jackson—4 Alexis Marie Jacobsen Marianna Girtman Keesee Barbara Reynolds Kemp Brooke Schnebly Kennerly Burke Burkhardt Kirkland—6 Aubrey Victoria Kuester Dinah Jackson Laughery—4 Lucy Council Lively Nan Godfrey Locher—5 Jill Jordan MacMillan—6 Kacey Jane Mahler Brianna Dorothy McComeskey Selby Allen Mills—6 Catherine Miranda Michelle Gordon Mullineaux—5 Doris Pickels Nimmons—6 Gabbie Mary Owens Ginny Delvalle Paulk Edna Moore Phelan—5 Sally Ford Pomeroy Barbara Youmans Probst—4 Sherry Nichols Rasmussen Carla McKinney Roche Katie Alexa Simpson Lauren D. Sorese Taylor Simmons St. Clair Zoe Elizabeth Sterk Dr. Ida Santos Stewart Tylere Cristina Styga Yvette Mira Talbott Amanda Elizabeth Talbott Terry Sue Turner Lexy Shane Walker

Marion Swanson Wattenbarger Lin McGuirt Weber—6 Sandra Jackson Wortman BETA DELTA Miami University Susan Feiock Breece Peggy Grayson Cole Lauren Marie DeYoung Lisa Cramer Dierbeck—5 Catie Elizabeth Ewen—6 Wendy Hana Fischer—6 Alexa Catherine Geist Dorothy Krenek Haas Barbara Wheelock Hamilton—4 Katie Lynn Jonas Stephany Moore Joslin—5 Ellen Berger Kus—5 Kathy Vereecken Lane—6 Jean Schilling Nelson Cara Beth Olson—6 Christina Elizabeth Palazzo Lynne Widlitz Pilot June Becker Sereque Mrs. Martha Waines Swartz Rose Marie Balzano Theis Mandy May Valentine Jean Niemeyer Vesper—6 Linda Barger Weisflog Karen Lowman West—3 BETA EPSILON University of California, Los Angeles Carolyn Roberson Allen Ruth Ruedy Bird Marilyn Tomlinson Cantey Barbara Kimball Cowdery Ethel M. Cullom—3 Kathy Dixon—6 Carol Heaton Escapite Jean Warwick Gaddie Geri Beal Greer—6 Mary J. Harrison—6 Sali Gold Johnson—6

educational, philanthropic and always responsive to the needs of a changing society, further enhancing Zeta Tau Alpha’s leadership position in the fraternity/sorority community and its influence in the world.

Kathleen Jennett Johnson Carolyn Rogers Morris—3 Chris Christiansen Olson—6 M. Elizabeth Patterson Charlene Parmley Schade Mary Margaret Wammack Smith—6 Ginny Pugh Stephens BETA ZETA Iowa State University Terri Vanderlinden Elias—5 Cindy C. Maltry M.D. Darlene Anderson Oswalt—4 Sherry K. Sunderman—4 BETA ETA University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nancy Rogge Admire—6 Carla Wademan Clark—6 Karen Larson Cole Marcia McCallum Davis Carol Hughes Getz Jane Wilhite Hines Sharon Messineo Jacobson Karen Bangert Frey Junker Pamela Story-Staker Susie Hodge Sup Sherry Glaser Talbitzer BETA THETA Franklin College Rebecca Rose Bonomini Lillian Pomeroy Bridenhager Kristy Kay Brown—6 Susan R.K. Canady—5 Nancy Kivett Cassel—6 Stefanie Leigh Davis—5 Carolyn Scudder DeBoer—6 Susan Eldon Deter—6 Sarah Cummings Faulkner Brenda Thom Ferguson Debbie Sue Fraley Susannah Bridges Hallgarth

Brelynn Nacole Hinman Jenny Johnson-Kappes Rachel Marie Lucas Joan Roler Norman Marge Lansing Salmassy—6 Marti Dorrel Schrock Jan Saylor Shuman Brianne Alaine Steppe—5 Frances Morris Stewart Marilyn Zellers Williams Barbara Hipple Wilson BETA IOTA Centenary College of Louisiana Faye Mellynn Baker Louise Harris Benoit—5 Jane Rhodes Caruthers Leslie Gamble Clampitt Kelly Meredith Fossard Kelly Willer Hamilton—6 Shelby Nicole Jackson Madelyn Alexandra Mull Jennifer C. Pearson Meaghan Marie Rogers Dawn Calhoun Sandoval Betty Mosely Soloman Morgan Elliott Wood BETA KAPPA Tulane University Louise Trimble Kepper—6 BETA LAMBDA University of Louisville Diana Dunker Andrews Tessa Carolyn Burke Elizabeth Ann Carl Carrie Anne Ellis Andrea Lucille Eshenaur Judy Anne Gay Catherine Ann Greenwell M. Sue Lyon—6 Donna Walker Mancini Megan Marie Roberson

Donor List Kelsey Elizabeth Wood Doris Lockwood Wooldridge BETA NU New Mexico State University Dr. Sara Howes Stone Barkley Erika Edgerly-Kiziuk—6 Pat Guthrey Frankman—6 Lexi Marie Goodwin Norma Fillngame Hay Emily Lytton Holmgren—6 Rajini Gunaji Ihler—5 Joanne Hamiel Lytton Kali Henz Marsh—6 Anita Sanders McGuire—6 Cherri Newsom Porter Breanna Olivia Ruiz Tracy Clarke CooperTuckman—6 BETA XI University of Akron Mary Gillam Anderson—3 Marna Darst McGrath Marguerite Ann Murphy Phyllis Jean Werner-Fuehne BETA OMICRON University of South Carolina Mickey Caughman Anderson Danielle Alexandra Baldino Adrienne Dawn Ballenger Curry Austin Berg Alexa Nicole Black Ally Christine Bray—6 Lexi Elizabeth-Marie Carino Meghan Barbara Cassidy Emma Renee Ciciriello—6 Dinah Helms Cook—3 Virginia Higgins Cook McKenna Andrea Cooper Heather Marie Darazs Lindsey Nicole Ferris Trudy Richardson Frierson Hannah Elizabeth Gilmartin—6 Lisa Floyd Hahn Patricia Nicole Harris Adrienne Leah Helbing Katlyn Joanne Johnson—6 Toni Dellinger Justus Cathy Coleman Knox—5 Cara Lin Lee Marisha Monica Letki—6 Deirdre Honoria Love Sarah Lynne Markiewicz Marianna Gulledge McDonald Olivia Judith McKinney Danelle Copeland Noyes Hannah Meggan Parrish Margaret Ulmer Pierce Danielle Joy Rardin—5 Laura Jean Rudnick—6 Kylie Fischer Ryan Jill Gregory Sanders—6 Sydney Jane Sanders Mary Elizabeth Savard Lisa Lynn Schexnayder Ashton Lynn Scott—6 Morgan-Mae Selby Cindi Blackburn Sensibaugh—6 Christine Brittany Severin—6 Patti Knight Shelley—5 Cynthia Beall Suich Maxine Faul Summers Jean Johnson Thomas—6 Kirsten Kerry Trachsel—6 Ellen Richards Truett Lindsay Taylor Williamson Abby Phillips Wing—6

BETA PI University of Oregon Rhoda Wolfe Collier RN Janeann Judson Downs—6 Ruth Bernau Engel—6 Dolores Friedrich Graves Beverly Jean Gunstone Cheryl Frad Longshore—6 Vicki Kathryn Paulk Marilyn Peterson B. Jeanne Pinkerton—6 Evon Faller Stalker Karen Hugdahl Trotter BETA RHO University of Manitoba Karen E. Miller—6 Susann MacQuarrie Monroe—5 BETA SIGMA Rhodes College Dorina Slaton Bartek—6 Mary Louise O’Kelly Betty A. Russell Nelly G. Shearer BETA TAU Albion College Margaret Barry Bashur—6 Andrea Maurer Card Betsy Stephenson Kenas Patricia Norris Smith BETA UPSILON Kansas State University Katherine Marie Altendorfer Rachel Catherine Black Wilma Tonn Boggs—6 Barrett Kathlyn Coughlin Danielle Naomi Estivo Alexis Marie LeMay Meagan Nicole Miller Amy Catherine Wellford—6 BETA PHI Michigan State University Nora Mae Allen—6 Kimberly Bibik Baker—5 Karen Michelle Borgman Barb Bell Burke Patricia Syfers Callaghan—6 Sue Krum Chaffin Christina Jaclyn Chapekis Linda Semark Chapekis Amanda Marie Chodnicki Lindsey Rae Darling Janice Hill Ferguson Ph.D. Emma Jane Ferrera Karen Beckett Firos Betty Strobel Freeman Marjorie Premo Fitting Gifford—6 Jennifer J. Greening Susie Sherman-Hall—5 Mrs. Norman B. Hall Kristen Humeston Harthorn—4 Kaity Elizabeth Kapnick Jackie Landback Keathley Leigh Chirgwin Kleinert Marilyn Barr Leppek—6 Patti Cords Levitte—5 Malvina Smith McCreight Kelly McGowan—6 Diane Dunn McKay Sandra Avery McRae Autumn Kucka Moricz Candice Jean Morrison Alyssa Diane Nens Erin Dickey Niebylski—6 Amanda June Niester

Katelynn Marie Niester Keaghan Lynn Ottenbaker Kelsey Mary Polansky Jaclyn Renee Pritchard Ashley Ann Rankin Ashley Elizabeth Scheidel Maryalyce Smith Martha Porritt Wiers Strange Lauren Alicia Swanson Jordyn Marie Sweat Robin Walker Volden—4 Joan Elizabeth Wright—5 Emily Noll Zerbe Rachel Suzanne Zoet BETA CHI Washington University Betty Steinmetz Ruhlman Carol Anita Sagner Jacqueline Bickel Schapp—6 BETA PSI Stetson University Renee Dickinson Butler Debbie Barrett Cooke—4 Dr. Diane M. Disney—6 Michelle M. Faivre—6 Michelle Hall Hungate Beth Wactlar Koller Sydney Millard Legakis—6 Ruth Pendleton Perdue—6 Lisa Statham Posteraro—5 Theresa Crea Reichenbach Deja Felicita Rivera Karen Schmitt Roberts—6 Sarah Walker Salyers Rayeann Sherrill Shelly Lyn Soffer—6 Layne Stringer Spotts Alyson Cook Stage Randell Elizabeth Worrell Bunny Ogletree Yeargin—6 BETA OMEGA Union University Marian Forrest Shari Marvin Gaddy Jill Burrows Levine—5 Belinda McEwen-Mays Deborah Webb Nichols—6 Christine Sisson Rogers Stefanie Glass Smith Diane Wood Tucker—5 Jane McMaster Wilson GAMMA ALPHA University of Miami Cristina Manaricua Blanco Ana V. DeVilliers Katie Blair Dorsey Carol Gaylord Elefante Christine Marie Freeman—5 Kristi B. Hnyda—6 Cara Largesse Howard—3 Winifred Fickle Kosachook Mary Catherine Lester Karen Gilbert List—5 Ruth Mazeau Ludwig Sandy J Miniutti Tara Jean Myers Remi Elizabeth O’Connor Eli Otero Jenny Leal Page—6 Shari H. Robins M.D.—3 Jamie Joan Santucci Joan Martens Tapocik Heather Katherine WarrenReynolds—3

GAMMA BETA Washington College Jasmine Angelique Bibbs Kathleen Virgina Bromelow Megan E Ward Cascio—6 Chelsea Glee Corona Lynn Diana Covington—6 Barbara Townsend Cromwell—2 Bethany Morgan Daller Becky Hainsworth Kirwan—3 Sarah Elizabeth Lambertson Linda Phinney Ormsby Rachel Ann Petrie Emily Dryden Russell Lauren Alexandra Shull Corinne Nicole Staub Kelly Jo Stroemel Eleanor Blair Towers GAMMA GAMMA The University of Texas at El Paso Rachel Wofford Barnes—6 Lilla Lide Blatterman—6 Kay Crawford Burgess Nessa Castaneda Iliana Martinez DeAvila Kaliko Hutchins Farmer Nancy Miller Hamilton Beverly Ann Knox-Pipes Patricia Milliken Lowenfield—5 Ann Davidson McGehee—6 Dr. Sue G. Mottinger—6 Betty H. Rogers—6 Nancy Cole Warden GAMMA DELTA University of Mississippi Nancy Puller Barclay Linda McDowell Davis—6 Esther Williams Killough Katherine C. King Betty Coe Cruzen Manuel Vanessa Thomas McDaniel Molly Webb Meisenheimer—5 Ruth Owens Erminnie Simpson Pavelski—5 Kelly Phillips Lynn Pierce Debbie A. Pierce Karen Cloutman Tackaberry Evelyn Kendrick Wantland GAMMA EPSILON Pennsylvania State University Patricia Uplinger Brown—6 Anna Hartline Brown Carolyn Klein Burrell Sandra Pohlman Dillon—6 Betty Holter Ebyb-Deardorff Miriam Olander Fee Joanne Kane Keenan Sally Leight Lazorchak—6 Linda Stehman Lewis Huberta Young Manning Britney Ann Massimino Megan Ann O’Connell Gianna Rose Scaglione Linda Virginia Shaffer Barbara Nolt Sorisio—6 Ann Marie Staron Kelsey Lynn Tamburri GAMMA ZETA Mississippi State University Lainie Tubertini Anthony—5 Margaret Weathersby Applewhite—5 Lauren LaPorte Arington Alli Courtney Beasley

Melanie Hankins Booth Jessica Eileen Bowers Maggie Breedlove—6 Molly Elizabeth Brimm—6 Vivian Hope Buie Olivia Smith Cada Kelsey Taylor Carter Christina Ashley Conrad Stephanie Elizabeth Dallas Andrea Danae Drake Joan Harrelson Dorothy E. Harrelson Tiffany Jane Hill—5 Anna Camile Jones Cindy Ellis Lang Delsene Virginia Lawson Donna Richmond Lukacs Millie Guice McElya Jennifer B. McPherson—5 Kathrine Neel Merwine—6 Morgan Grace Pace Suzanne Reddin-Parker Virginia Barfield Perkins—5 Hannah Plavnick Saralyn Simpson Quinn—6 Molly Riley Ratcliff Lauri Ellen Sartor Stacey Ratliff Stegura Gail Moss Turner Becky Vinson Vickery—6 GAMMA ETA University of Toledo Darcy Annette Dom Sherrie Shipman Gilchrist—6 Jean O’Neil Hadley Cathy Kraemer Krall Patricia Hendricks Lindemann Georgia L Martin Gwen Garrison Piehl Dorothy MacKenzie Price—6 Bev Ward Reed—6 Linda Volotta Shanteau Judith Pope Willett GAMMA THETA University of Colorado at Boulder Sue Price Baker—6 Patty Hurd Bodden Bartlett—6 Carol Bartlett Benner—5 Nedra Poch Bird Judeen Qualteri Byrne Frances Schuller Ebbert Sandra Smith Hardesty Barbara Brown Johnson—6 Pam Mumford Lochrie Barbara Herbstreit Miller—5 Sharon Nevin Rouse—6 Pat McCone Sanger Caroline G. West GAMMA IOTA University of Florida Sherri Caldwell Alfieri—6 Dee Dee Dowling Amos—6 Alice Virginia Griffith Susan Pintcke Bydlon—6 Ann Johnson Conn—5 Linda Bowers Duggan Sally Irene Evans—6 Kathy Ford Gallop Michele Leonita Gatto—6 Paige Meacham Gault—3 Sandra Lee Goldberg—5 Dorothy A. Gramling Jean Hanna—5 Mary Font Herrmann Debi Taormina Hudson Kim Schrader Johnson

Fall 2013 · 29

Donor List Sarah Umstot Jones Megan Alyssa Kelly Beth George King Lyla Bryan King Julianne Keller Lewis Meredith Lincoln—6 Mary A. Logvin—6 Susan Brown Long—5 Joelen Kilbas Merkel—6 Karen Farmer Mills—3 Monica Faye Mills Patti Wilson Morgan—6 Mallory Alyssa Neumann Donna Walter Nickerson—6 Renee Westbrook Parkinson Ellen Dawn Pautler Zinta Lumans Petterson Kristi Howe Resch Aubrey Nicole Stevenson Emma Nicole Sullivan Jill Kijowski Van Houten—6 Evelyn Hanna Wiley—5 Beth Ann Petrovich Wilkerson Cynthia Gray Winterkamp Sharon Smith Zebley GAMMA PI The University of Georgia Evelyn Earle Patton Mycla Palmer Baker Ellen Lorraine Barnes Susie Graddy Brown—6 Brenda Jones Brown Callan Berkeley Brownfield Romi Williams Chadwick Phyllis Sacile Chastain—6 Mary Jane Jentzen Chester—6 Virginia Somerville Cochran Liz Hampton Cornelius Jackson Sloan Crook Domini Re Darling Denise Cummins Demick—6 Becky Ferguson Donatelli—6 Taylor Stevenson Elser Rachel Elizabeth Fleming Carol Archer Freeman Pam J. Garrison—5 Glenda Rogers Gehri—6

Brenda Ward Gerspacher—6 Erin Elisabeth Gillis Mary Bowden Gilmore—6 Shearon Wiggins Glover—5 Carlie Renee Grubbs Katherine Ann Hamil Kimberly Mason Hanna—4 West Westbrook Hardin Hutton Hardin Julia Heilman Hellman Lee McGee Herrin—4 Cathy Hester Huffines—5 Diane Futch Johnson—6 Willa Ferguson Jones Marti Burlison Jordan Traci Doar Kemp—4 Kathy Ray King—6 Sandy Barnes King Linda Kemp Sellers Lamb Mary Beth Ewing Letke Laura Phillips Lewis Dr. Laura Smith Lord—4 Kelly Louise Lord—5 Terri Eith Marks Ali Rae McClure Catherine David McKemie Kim Worsham Menefee—6 Holly Free Mobley Sara Allen Morrison Caitlin Virginia Mueller Tommie Medlock Nichols Stephanie Arnette Powell—2 Joyce Reinkemyer Rachel Lynn Robertson Cynthia Mercer Rogers M.D. Kelsey Margaret Schmidt Bonney Stamper Shuman—3 Dr. Kelly M. Smith—4 Katherine Mahan Stewart—6 Kristen Allyson Taylor Kathy Bradley Thomas Lucy Grace Tyler G. Gwen Walker Patricia Miller Wann—6 Alice Brown Watkins Lauren Elizabeth Williams Stephanie Brown Zehna


Collegiate and alumnae chapters host many types of events to raise money for the Foundation that involve the community. Popular fundraising events include 5K runs, talent competitions and pancake breakfasts. These events not only support the Foundation, they also promote ZTA and its philanthropic efforts to neighbors and friends.

30 · Themis

GAMMA KAPPA James Madison University Mrs. George H. Blood Brenda Sharon Bradley Betty Hudson Brown Geordan Alexis Burton Carol Frisbee Busey—6 Monica Renee Chetwin Lynne Michelle Dohner Shannon Kelley Donegan Diana Fox Edwards Krista Lynn Fourounjian Ashton Fuller Garafalo Amanda Kristen Geuss Claudia Chapman Hottenstein Cathy Iddings Howdyshell Carol Ohl Hudson—6 Martha Trenary Irvin—6 Kaitlyn Grace Lema Lauren Ashley Martin Kathy Moorefield Olmstead—6 Suzie Hornak Schools—6 Shirley Kodrich Sinclair—6 Diane Myers Stone Faye Fergusson Traylor Carolyn Lautenschlager Wallace Mary Sue Whitt—5 Carrie Elizabeth Young GAMMA LAMBDA Hartwick College Mrs. Douglas B. Hurd Shirley Comins Smith GAMMA MU University of Nebraska at Omaha Bobbie Macek Connelly—6 Penny Cody-Cox Linda M. Gomez—6 Marti Anjelica Lococo Samantha Nicole Reznicek Kristen Lynn Toner GAMMA XI Indiana University of Pennsylvania Kelly Calvert Gustafson Mrs. Barbara Lee Klingensmith Susan Freni Larned

Eunice Walker Millen Judith Barnes Stewart—6 Opal Wetzel Stockwell—6 Miss Sally Jane Wolfe—6 Roxanne Trovato Wood—3 GAMMA OMICRON Central Michigan University Brittany Elyse Bishop—6 Katie Ann Campbell Joyce Oehmke Cornelissen Wendy Wiklund Fischer Jenna Marie Forge Amy L. Goodwin Elizabeth Conner Hammond Brittany Jo Koch Gera Ballast Peel Kaitlin Marie Petrillo Rachel Alexandria TaylorShinneman Christina Marie Terrasi Cathy Thompson—5 Rachel Patricia Tracey Kay Dowell Trosko Joanne Witherow Troy—6 Barbara Dowell Walker GAMMA RHO Auburn University Meriweather Montiel Adams Patricia Moore Adams Ashley Catherine Ahner Anne Marie Binder—5 Catie Carol Faison Jennifer Connor Gibson—6 Laura Jean Gilbert—6 Pat Lake Grant—6 Laura Stevenson Healy Lisa Wells Drawe Heiser Leslie Theresa Holloway—6 Mrs. John M. Jeffries Shari Cottingham Johnson Patsy Kane—6 Rachel Owens Knain—6 Darcy Lynn Lock—4 Alexandra Dominique McGauley Ruth Lovett McMullen—5 Joanne Webb Michael—6

Laurel Gibbons Nelson Ashley Morgan Rogers—6 Joan Edmonson Rose—6 Teri Stricklin-Rowan Elaina Estrada Turley Dee Walker Vickers Eugenia Malone Zallen—6 GAMMA NU University of Virginia Joi Lynn Baumgardner—6 Elaine Ellis Burden Dorothy Pettice Crute Madeline Jane DuCharme Janet E Hinchcliff Ginger Layman—4 Heather McAfee Neubauer Shelby Flack Shires Edwyna McMullan Wingo—5 GAMMA SIGMA University of Tampa Jean Lackovic Amuso Judy Lynn Andrews Sylvia Sears Danner—5 Helen Sinclair Siebert GAMMA TAU Texas Tech University Jennie Vought Baker—5 Carolyn Lucas Bass—6 Kellye Buchanan Baum Tammy Dickie Beene—5 Sharon Seeliger Boynton—6 Jessica Faith Brantley Patsy Lou Smith Brister Janet Jaeckle Bronocco—6 Kathleen Sarah Carlough Patsy Colwell Chandler—6 Pam Evans Cho—4 Leslie Ann Chunta—6 Cynthia Byars Courtney—3 Jensine Darlene Doyle—6 Caron Craig Ducote Marilyn Morris Elliott—5 Judy Schmidt Erickson Donna Bell Fields Kaye Freeman Garner

Donor List Barbara Pope Gonzales Stancy Robinson Hagans—5 Nancy McDonnell Harlin—5 Sally Edgar Hicks—6 Leslie Liem Hix—1 Haley Danielle Hopper Kay Hines Houston Mrs. Karen K. Huffman Cameo Annette Jones Nanci Oden Kerlin—5 Erin Leigh Kovalski Joyce Davison Long Jeannie Pitts Mayo—5 Connie Thomas McWhorter—6 Lauren Elizabeth Nelms—6 Elizabeth Jones Plant—6 Beverly Kunze Randall—3 Laura Alyssa Rodriguez Janice Phillips Schoonover Sarah Frances-Margaret Street Lisa Crouch Swick—6 Annette Christenson Thompson Franchesca Teresa Valforte Jeni Fey Wood—5 GAMMA UPSILON University of Oklahoma Frieda Straka Miskovsky Glenda Crumm Truitt GAMMA CHI Indiana State University Nancy Grosser Atkins Joan Benner Banning Mary Alice Lehman Bertram Carol Seebren Bodart Trixy Swearingen Brill—4 Anita Bloomenstock Clark Janice L. Couts—6 Theresa Wolfe Coyner Orilla Ellen Cruse Patricia Schwenk Gillies Jessica Nicole Glazier Catherine Scheid Haynes Evelyn L. Hixon Saundra Powelson Lange Caroline Butt McCullough Carolyn Delay Poer Sherry Rose Ruby Shelton Rusk Marlene Newton Scott Debbie Kiefner Smith Erika Love Steele Donna Sniffin Stockment Chris Flora Stull-Walter—4 Helen Eikenberry Underwood Mallory Lyn Wehr Judy Stone White Nancy Schultz Wirth Mary Brown Woods Judy Jordan Wright—5 GAMMA PHI University of North Texas Jana Jones Amyx Allison Marie Bowers—5 Sterling Amber Brawley—5 Madeline Ashlea Cochran Tiffany Cordes—6 Krissy Nicole Costa Delphine Angle Dodd—6 Pamela Redden Drenner—6 Susan Sharp Ferguson—5 Jennifer Michele Garrett Gayle Browne Hansen Judy Hummel Koncak Gina Goertzen LeGare—6 Brie Stampe Leung—3 Jan Spradley McCarthy—5

Darlene McNatt Kristian Mariana Michel—6 Phoebe Kathryn Moyer—6 Brittainy Wolfe Murphy—6 Julie Davison Ryan—6 Susie McMordie Shields Devin Thompson Sharyn Spuller Tudor Barbara Kerr Vaughan—6 Charlotte Brazil Wilson Bonnie Flaa Wright GAMMA PSI Texas Christian University Edie Focke Atkins—6 Abbey Marie Baxter Katie Nicole Biggers—6 Jeena Marie Bonutto—6 McKenzie Beryl Butler Caitlyn Nicole Clark Marnie Brown Cranmer—3 Sarah Moore DeHondt Maren Anderson Gibbs Melanie Miles Hirschfeld Maddie Marie Morgan Kipphut—5 Lydia Grace Longoria Nicole Eve Luongo Caroline McCormick Danielle Marie Post Gracie Isabella Roberts Patricia Horne Roberts Megan Renee Robertson Catherine Courtney Schmuck Tyler Rae Shahin Cissy Mayne Shankles—6 Sumer Criswell Simone Lu Rasor Smith—6 Simone Katerina Stamelos Mimi Gaiennie Tudyk Alina Maria Valle—6 Amanda Lee Vandiver Alyssa Nicole Waller—6 Ellen Williams Wheeler GAMMA OMEGA University of Houston Sylvia Funk Ashbaugh—4 Barbara Hicks Boek—6 Kim Bruder Clarke—2 Mary Blann Cooper—5 Mandy Ann Bader Dillehay—6 Lynne Howard Eckels—1 Colleen Patricia Griffin—6 Alice DeWalt Hahn—3 Cindy Remmert Haynes—6 Renee Broussard Jongebloed—4 Cyndy Reagan Klinger Sandy Shumate Lewis—3 Karen Bolin Malkey Sara Spencer Malone—6 Rosanne Jaworski Malone Cherika Miranda Manford Lucy Foote McKinstry Melinda Wehmeyer Moore—6 Nancy Bowne Morgan—3 Noell Bernadette Myska Kelsey Madison Noble Allison Michelle Poore—5 Liz B. Schlotzhauer—6 Kimberly Rose Seddon Margaret Gaden Shallock Sarah Ruppert Waedemon Candice Cheek Williams—5 Kathy Milligan Wilson—4 Betty Blount Wood—6 Marinel Chambers Woolrich—6 Nikhi Nored Young—6 Amelia Margaret Zepeda

DELTA ALPHA California State University, Long Beach Vi Walter Ammann Pat Ankeny Carol York Burke—5 Nancy Spessard Carman—5 Pamela Pando Anspach-Colletti Gretchen Raugust Farrell Kay Hubel Harris Denise Dube Motter—5 Nyla Stanley Parker—5 Sharon Peterson Parkins—6 Linda Crossley Ramsay—6 Molly Saxlund Setmire Madeleine Hodges Skoog Kathy Benzini Stampe—5 DELTA BETA Florida Southern College Tina Hurt Carlton Maureen MacGeorge Cavallaro—6 Auburn Mckenzie Cherry Tami Shearer Cocco Ashley Elizabeth Cook Elena C. DeVilliers—5 Bonnie Leigh Harper Megan Stevens Lyshon Shauna Young Marshall Flo Sapp Martin Klem Kleman Olivier Martha Saulsbury O’Reilly Serena Anna Sinos Nancy McCormick Smith Robin H. Sullivan—5 Jean Graham Tate Anita Greta Vorlicek Edie Ewald Wiseman—6 DELTA GAMMA High Point University Raechel Bennett Biggs—5 Cody Alexa Davidowski—6 Brittany Frances Dietz Caroline Elise Durkee Gallagher Foxworthy—6 April Kilduff Fritts Lynn Caldwell Hemby Lexie Ann Kenny Kelsey Gallagher Kershner Pamela Klinedinst—6 Connie McDaniel Laster—6 Shannon Nicole Novak Sarah Elizabeth Roof Taylor Anne Sheetz—5 Nicole Marie Trombetta—6 Angie M. Yerkes


At NLC 2013, collegiate leaders attended sessions that encouraged them to Take Charge in their chapters through problem-solving and creativity. Engaging presentations and workbook materials at Convention and NLC are funded by the ZTA Foundation.

DELTA DELTA Baldwin Wallace University Phyllis Meinke Budinger—6 Joey Caccarozzo Jane E. DelCamp Alexa Christine Donner Hellen M. Greenway—3 MacKenzie Lauren Hollar Brittany Nicole Huff Pallavi Lakshmi Iyer Kristin Elizabeth Kolick MaryAnn Kupczyk—6 Michelle Macartney—3 Kay McCoy McKelvey—4 Breanna Nicole Mullen Kathleen Suzanne Papp—5 Sara E. Scalzo Ellen Giberson Shook Lara Schenk Skuza Stephanie Ann Starek

Fall 2013 · 31

Donor List Ms. Sandra Letitia Strong Biffy Gayle Tufts H. Joanne Tucker Underwood—6 Emily Frances Venner Kristen Pugh Weaver—6 DELTA ETA West Texas A&M University Donna Taylor Easom—6 Nicole Denise Freeman Charlotte Mears Gilbreath Lee Ruth Wiggins Gilliland—6 Nancy Hinds Hall—6 Jessica Ann Kay Elisabeth Smith Marriott—6 Renee Sublett Middleton Juliahna Stockham Cathy Phelps Vincent Meghan Dawn Wedel Nancy Newsom Woodman DELTA EPSILON Wagner College Charlene C. Guest—6 Virginia Giles LaFalce—6 Katherine Kuhn Wendel Loretta Faulkner Werts DELTA ZETA Sam Houston State University Tori Nicole Bales Alexis Lauren Bloomer Susan Gregory Bohan—5 Cherie Miller Countz—6 Claire Winn Dowden—6 Leanne Weed Drake—6 Vicky Donaldson Fleisher—4 Linda Catherine Gaskill—6 Meghan Elizabeth Grosch Chelsea Taylor Hanly Alycia Colleen Hester—5 Deborah Powell Houghtaling—4 Judy Berry Jackson—3 Jill Vetter Jeffrey Mary Ann Hansen Macey—3 Malory Alice Moyer—6 Randy Firsching Mullins Sarah Elizabeth Neal Tami Sims O’Brien—4 Susan Schneider Susan Schmidt Smart—6 Linda Anderson Smith—6 Pam Schima Stanford Natalie Hurlock Taylor—5 Molly Traeger Terry Amber Kristy Treybig Brenda Krauss Vorhies Brittany Faye Wiegand Cortney Adelle Wilganowski Kara Taylor Williams DELTA THETA Ohio Northern University Sharon Lawrence Brady—6 Lorrie Zacharias Burns Kelli Karnes Chiles—6 Marcia Jo Dennis Barbara Johnson Johnson Sarah Nicole Prasher Lisa Paul Sierk—6 Alison Michelle Storch Tara Lynn Tarziers DELTA KAPPA Louisiana State University Idell Wade Adams Rachel Leigh Archey Julie Rogers Bell Cyndi Lodwick Bellina—6

32 · Themis

Kiersten Coleman Blair Anne Mumfrey Boerner—6 Susan Alves Bonnette—5 Candy Archibald Bourgeois—5 Whitney Nicole Brown—6 Terry Ann Brown Marcy Cann—3 Susan Redditt Carpenter Emily Nicole Carpenter Nicole Elise Carter Rhonda Marie Carver Roslyn Marie Carver Diane Lais Cevasco Rita Carver Cunningham Sally Huffman Czerwinski—6 Marci Ann Defelice Abby Orkus Donnelly Dottie Bagwell Durband—6 Mildred Stephanie Fanz—6 Helen Kristensen Fish—6 Karen Richards Gay—6 Kathryn Otwell Greene—6 Kate Alexandra Guba Gail Rombach Guevara—6 Katie Ferguson Guidry Carolyn Hitt—6 Heather Matthews Kirk—4 Amy McBride Kurtz Kandis Nicole Lakin Margot Tauzier May Lisa Perkins Mayer Courtney Nicole Moore—6 Madison Olivia Moore Rae Martinez Motahari—6 Julie Foren Nimmo—6 Dawn Arceneaux Palermo—6 Peyton Elizabeth Parro—6 Lori Fariss Pennison Marcella Stephanie Peraza Sheila Youngs Porada—5 Nancy Cannon Reed—5 Sarah Perkins Reid—6 Dianne Worsham Rube—5 Stacey Shane Schott Laura LaGrange Smoorenburg—6 Meredith Allegra Sorrells—5 Sherry Stagg St.Aubin—2 Lana Mancuso Truax—6 Deborah J. Verges—6 Brooke Nicole Winner Jenny Claire Wyrick DELTA IOTA Clarion University of Pennsylvania Juliana Barbara McMeans Berry Jacqueline DeMann Fibbi—6 Sally Gazda Green—6 Sharon Argast Lawrence Kathy Brown Linnan Nancy Coax Malacarne Sandy Lauth Mervosh—6 Patty Hanna Myers Helen Grudowski Porter—6 Joni Fox Raybuck—6 Marie Lilly Rozakis DELTA MU The University of Tennessee at Martin Betty Murphree Allen—4 Sherry D. Ashe—5 Darlene Raines Bacigalupo—6 Martha Permenter Barry Barbara Demlow Briggs—6 Sue Stanecek Broadwater—6 Joan Collier Callis Vicki Clark—5 Cheryl McGinley Cobb Rebecca Derousse—4

Susan Durham—4 Rima Block DuVall—6 Debbie Florendo—4 Shirley Roney Harmon—3 Bethany Carlene Henderson Jessica Marie Hollingsworth Dr. Sue Hudson Hunt—3 Bonnie Brooks Johnston Barbara Kaye Kittrell Susy Permenter Lovell Lisa McIllwain Merritt Tina Crawley Mills Connie Page—6 Jacie Corinna Pride Mrs. Anita D. Roy Karen Stanecek Scruggs Vickie Shackelford Linda Crone Speer Becky Johnson Turcotte Kathy Kuykendall Vaughan Kay Paschall Wand Carla Latham Wilhite Charla Fuqua Wilson—6 Katy Parker Wright DELTA NU The University of New Orleans Martha Mary Blanchard Laine Hartley Buquoi Stephanie M. Caluda—6 Mignon Marie Donaldson—6 Michelle Bertram Douglas Traci Parker Dubuisson Karen Everett Duffy Shari M. Fisher—5 Elfriede Vahrenhorst Fleming Rose-Marie Browning Fletcher—6 Lisa Gennusa Ledet Anna Marie Moody Tressie Bisesi Morey Kelsey Ann Murray—6 Janna Lynn Pecquet—6 Melissa Roth Rousset Gabriela Alejandra Sabillon—6 Lorie T. Schilling Rosemary Nelson Shaffer—6 DELTA LAMBDA Georgia State University Jessica McGregor Blalock—6 Meredith Harris Braselman—5 Maria Daniela Castro J. Renee Claxton—6 Joanne Evans Dixon Jane Edwards Kristen M. Gittings—6 Amelia May Hallenberg Lynne Rogers Latham Courtney Becker McGuire—6 Joanne Fleeman Moody Colleen Cargill Papciak Marjorie Quinton Simmons Mary Ingle Tinkey—5

Heidi Johnson Rhyne RN Lynette Kimball Riley Betty Finley Schwartz—6 MaryEllen Ellen Stephens Emily Donn Young DELTA PI Eastern New Mexico University Ralene Wilson Adami—5 Traci K. Mays Coker Kathleen Elizabeth Espinosa—6 Nancy Phillips Hall—6 Erin Christine Hand Carol Fleming Mason—6 Elizabeth Pantoja DELTA RHO Eastern Michigan University Gail J. Authier Nancy Swaney Helsel Barbara L Piotter—6 Liz Loy Pomeroy DELTA SIGMA Lamar University Chrisa Ponthieu Atkins—5 Jeanne Clinefelter Becker Elizabeth Street Cokinos Nicole Daigle Giglio—6 Gina Gallagher Halbert Stena E. Kettl Mary Jacobs Lipnick—5 Kati Barrett Mize—6 Mandy Anderson Street—6 DELTA UPSILON West Virginia Wesleyan College Denise A. Drinnon—6 Adrianna Maria Espinosa Katherine Anne Hoadley—6 Josette Holtzworth Jones Barbara Purbaugh Loftis Alice Warner Shumlas Tammy Mowry Smithers Cassi Faye Stovash Beth Bucher Woolever Christine Quinn Zuendt—6 DELTA CHI William Jewell College Emily Elizabeth Gates Lisa Segerstrom Nishimura Paula Rose Peterson—3 Cheryl Dunlop Steinkamp Sue Meyer Wright

DELTA PSI Samford University Susan L. Beard—4 Kailey Elisabeth Compton Lisa Smitherman Compton Marty Elaine Desforges Patrice Renee Donnelly Charlotte Stevens Hamby DELTA XI Heather Elizabeth McCall California University of Pennsylvania Karen Anne McCall Jamie Amato Paci Sarah Grace Pryor—6 Lindsay Macfarland Salsbery DELTA OMICRON Cyrethia Millette Vines Lenoir-Rhyne University Averiett Holley Wesson Dana Brasington Atkinson—3 Lynn Monroe Bolick—6 DELTA OMEGA Katelyn Ann Canonica Westminster College Kathy Lyerly Davis—6 Emily Rebecca Breisinger Tamela White Eggleton Stephanie Lynn Bucci Karen Blume Feezor Sandra J. Carlson Susie Lee Greene—6 Laurie Susan Duchateau—6 Janet Baker Hassing—5 Elizabeth Manor Eisinger—6 Amber Nicole Hollar Debra George Lannon—4

Linda O’Bryant Messier Kimberly Anne Palastro Dorothy Pollock—6 Nancy Herrington Poole Jaclyn Marie Staudacher JoAnn Cassebaum Weisel—5 Natalie Marie Yingling—4 ZETA ALPHA University of Evansville Denise Lamon Amick—6 Deborah Jones Baresic Pam Morris Blessing—5 Amanda Greer Bureau—6 Cassandra Leigh Cude Barbara Fulmer Dunn Shawna Marie Eckerle Jennifer Holman Frazier—6 Andrea Jo Huston—6 Tiffany Julianne Iseler—6 Angela Spring Kennedy Jane Weesner Lane Bryn Hemsley Masiuk Maura Hand McCabe Tracey Maddox McCord—3 Jacqueline O’Donnell Merk—6 Mary Howell Miller—5 Beth Moore—6 Sherry Bryan Murray—5 Phyllis Haas New Christina Louise Nowlin Taryn Elaine O’Laughlin Vicki Spitzer Richmond Nancy Morris Roberts—5 Kate Mary Schlarf Heather Leigh Sisk Robin Franz Stricklin Mrs. Judith Dudley Sullivan Sherry Server Tilley—4 Melissa Anne Wagler—5 Mary Bartelt Winters—6 Michelle Leasure Woodburn Melinda Sprigler Ziegler ZETA BETA Thiel College Jayne Malburg Fogle Rev. Bonnie H. Peltomaa Taylor LeeAnne Runser Kathy Gira Sigall—6 Francine Duncan Simon Cynthia Marie Tallerico—6 Rebecca Joy Tate—6 Barbara Peterson Tosh Ashley Karen Wolanin ZETA GAMMA Youngstown State University Margaret Fogaras Burkey Phyllis DeGennaro Chila—6 Susanne Heidi Dreier Marla D’Andrea Dull—5 Deborah Basinsky Liptak ZETA EPSILON Texas A&M University Amy Baldillez Harp—6 Joanna Hoover Joy Huntington—6 Phoebe Tally McNeill ZETA DELTA University of Louisiana at Monroe Jan Hillman Lisa King Judice Roslyn Crosby Kear—6 Joy Hathorn Watson—3

Donor List ZTA provides meaningful enrichment programs to collegiate chapters thanks to funding from the Foundation. Today & Forever: Living Our Values is the newest resource. It allows members to explore and reflect on ZTA’s organizational values and discover how to apply them in their daily lives. Other resources provided to chapters include Harm Reduction Mentors who present the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP). These mentors help members understand and prevent risky behaviors through mentoring and coaching. The ZTA Foundation ZETA ZETA Athens State University Margaret Hodges Butler—6 ZETA ETA Slippery Rock University Kathleen H. Donley—6 Rebecca Jo Bryner Phinney Linda Salvatora Witherel—6 ZETA THETA East Central University Janet Walker Battles—6 Brigette Donaghey Gean—4 Christy Robertson McPherson Joy Morris Walker ZETA IOTA Western Carolina University Franlyna Barrett Charles—4 Phoebe Revis Hooper Kelly Edwards Kent—4 Angela Crisp-Stocker—6 Barbara Thiets Waller ZETA KAPPA Louisiana Tech University Lynn Aicklen Franklin—5 Christy Carroll Slack—4 ZETA LAMBDA Rider University Lynne Cassel Brillhart Danielle Colomba Masi Samantha Joy Pallitto Carly Marie Ryan ZETA MU Jacksonville University Debbie E. Buscher—5 Liz Jonsson—6 Cynthia Leialoha Lucy—6

Educational Programming was recognized in August by the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation with the Award of Distinction for Best Use of a Foundation Grant for ASTP. The program was presented to 46 chapters in its pilot year, reaching almost 5,000 collegiate sisters. This fall, 30 more chapters are scheduled to receive the program that uses motivational enhancement strategies to focus on strategies for reducing risks associated with drinking.

ZETA NU Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Karen Byers Arnold—6 Jen Snively Cassidy—5 Mrs. Stephen Girard Clouser Danelle Del Corso—5 Jodie Summer Nesta—6 Debbie Olexia Stilley Jessica Sweinhart

Shawnda Irena James Nicole Lindsey Nona Douglass Richey—5 Debbie Harris Riehm—6

ZETA XI Georgia Southern University Paige Elizabeth Amoss Mardee Coyle Austin—4 Brittany Leigh Buck Erin Helbling Chadwick—6 Devon Payton Clark—6 Jodi Willis Clark Tori Lyn Copper Linda Coyle Audrey Elizabeth Dixon Meaghan Hope Gildea Sheila Garvin Hoynes Courtney Faith Iwinski Kay Stroud Jones—6 Abby Katelyn Jones Jordana Melissa Klein Mary Hannaford Odom Terri Smiley Parker—6 Ashley Nichole Seay Betty McKenney Smith—5 Taylor Leda Brooke Stroup Alexis Renee Swafford—6 Tammy Sawyer Viviani—6 Suzanne Peterson Ward Janice Doherty Whitcomb—6 Merricks Grace White

ZETA SIGMA The University of Texas at Arlington Jodie Dell Applewhite—6 Misty Lynn Barth—6 Samantha Baxley—6 Cynthia Tabor Beckett Shelly Dolan Brandt Deejay Thi Pesting Bui Paige Childress—6 Marti Cherry Diaz—5 Brittany Dill Harper—6 Michelle Kaumeyer Hoffman—6 Jessica Anita Lemmer—6 Sandye Powell Mailandt Joanie Morris Manson—4 Araceli Marquez Julie Renee Monaghan Karen Sands Moree—5 Tara Rose Mulkey Connie Wallace Perdue—6 Kali Elizabeth Peterson Leigh London Pilkington Ana Figueroa Short—5 Cassandra Leigh Vokes—6

ZETA OMICRON Arkansas State University Debbie Goff Apel—6 Lisa Sitzer Golden—5

ZETA PI Woodbury University Kathy Cook Apogee—5 Anne Michel Schubert—6 Norma Jenkyn Simon—5

ZETA PHI University of South Alabama Karen Tompkins Barkman Betty Huff Deborah Etheridge McKelvey Janis Felis Menges—6

ZTA is also a Crown Level sponsor of, which supports the Zeta Tau Alpha Award for Innovation in Campus Hazing Prevention and Education. The award seeks to motivate campuses to counter hazing, recognize the good work of campuses that use prevention practices effectively, and encourages campus-based personnel to initiate effective practices to combat hazing. The College of William & Mary was selected for the award in 2013.

ZETA CHI Tennessee Technological University Carleen McKinley Alexander Annette Coorts Flanders—6 Brenda Franks Krause Gretta Guyton Stanger—6 ZETA PSI Jacksonville State University Tina Vickery Chandler Gena Elizabeth Farmer—6 Rachael Ginn Gloria Culberson Hice—4 Ashlee Laurel Jones—6 Katie Danielle Ledbetter Christy Gaines Lewis—6 Emily Stewart Torruella Kathy Kelley Tucker Jade Alexis Wagner—6 ZETA UPSILON Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Jamie Amorose Bostard Helen Scherrah McKenzie Laura Ague Perri Marnie Menser Repasky Sally Schott Wellman—5 ETA GAMMA West Chester University of Pennsylvania Staci Foerst Dabrow Joy Smith Linton Stacey Pellechia Kira Marie Shollenberger Sami Weisburg Weisberg ZETA OMEGA Ferris State University Lesli Leigh Baar Nancy Wrobel Beals—6 Sadie Roberta Buyse Rachel Rene’e Ciarkowski Kristina Wheeler Edmonds—6

Debbie Erickson Gustafson Dawn M. Lawrence Wendy Jean Lukazcek Karie Lynn McGowan Gabrielle Katherine McMaster—6 Kendra Davis Moyses—5 Marguerite Twombly Nowitzke Lauren Elizabeth O’Brien Dawn Zimmerman Senge Kristina Shannon Sklut ETA BETA Duquesne University Cara Lynn Costa—6 Sarah Quinn Cottone Emma Bickford DeCourcy Jessica Adams Meyers—5 ETA ALPHA Georgia Southwestern State University Holly Elizabeth Brown Beth Edwards—5 Pam Griffin Hinson—6 Nancy Perkins Jackson Ansley Joy Plymale Elizabeth Harpe Ruf—4 ZETA RHO Morehead State University Sue Ann Schroer Arts—6 Julie D. Dragoo—6 Mrs. Durhonda Potter Stacy ETA EPSILON Mansfield University of Pennsylvania Christine Knouss Allen—6 Jan Sewell Bonnell Susan Greenfield Collins Becky Dunlap Hulbert

Fall 2013 · 33

Donor List

Think Pink


Think Pink® is a registered trademark of the Foundation and is used as a recognizable way to spread breast cancer education and awareness at collegiate and alumnae chapter events.

ETA ZETA Elon University Rosemary Helen Kelley Haley Suzanne Laird Courtney Avery Moloney—4 Alexandra Taylor Obradovich Helen Victoria Phelan Caroline Shaina Satalof—6 Kara Grace Soler-Sala Francesca Anna Spendiff Devon Allen Tadler—5 Ari Maggie Vickers-Davis Elyse Anne Yoder—6 ETA ETA McNeese State University Maggie Ellen Atkinson Mary Skelton Guth Brown Sherry Ann Campbell Patricia A. Ogea—6 ETA IOTA Valdosta State University Kate Lynne Breitbach Marlene Dunbar Conrad—3 Katie O’Toole Harrison Kaleigh Marie Humphreys Jana Hancock Johnson Alice McCann Mathews—3 Amber K. McEachin—6 Leilani Struzick Rabourn—4 Ashley Boone Snider—5 Kery Reinkemyer Webb—3 Jennifer Suddeth Williams—5 Elizabeth Lovelace Wisenbaker—6 ETA DELTA Livingston University Faye Fancher ETA KAPPA University of Central Florida Susan Lander Brooks—6 Elaine Louise Chamberlain Jessica Amber Dees Amee Hernandez Grant Gabriella Marie Jacques Patia Parker Modia Maria Jessie Noto—6 Nina Marie Paganucci Amy Fluman Rettig—6 Morgan Sonntag Karen Henning Sparkman—5 Linda Stoddard Walker—6 Cassie Patricia Wilkinson ETA LAMBDA College of Charleston Kendall Currin Bickett Tootsie Hucks Billings Haley Suzanne Clarke Bailey Jane Dunn Laura Lewis Eddy Heidi Frank Edwards—6 Jessica Sara Eovino—6 Lisa Sterling Frizelle Colby Mackenzie Gabel Amy Guess—6 Carrie Armentrout Hoffeditz Cheryl Martschink Leonard Anne Tisdale McChesney Pam McMillan McKinney—5 Rachel Anne Collins Miller—6 Anna Cate Catherine Miller Kerry Mobley Missel Dianne Turgeon Richardson—6 Chloe Emilie Rock—6

34 · Themis

Emily Catherine Taylor Katie Rebecca Wilkes—5 ETA NU Radford University Brenda Alane Amrhein Cynthia Godwin Snyder Beck Jenna Lynn Brady Kimberly K. Carabetta—6 Tracy Traylor Fabricant Alex Elise Farris Jordan Nicole Grubb Linda Smith Halpin Julie Mae Jordan Kristin Ashley Kayes Robin Schira Mounts Loren Ashley Wallace ETA XI Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Robin Medlin-Braat—6 Christine Elizabeth Callaway—6 Camille Marie DaDamio—6 Megan Horan Dailey Larkin Watson Fields—6 Judy Hendrick Griffiths Carole A Grzeskiewicz—6 Laurie Wilson Harrsen—6 Krissi Leigh Hooker Brynn Margaret Huffman Cindy Wellener Hyman—6 Tullia Valentina Johnston Sarah Grubbs Layne Meghan Louise McDermott Yvonne Tedrick McGill—5 Cassandra Emily Sheehan T.L. Tunstall Francine Marie Vannicola—3 Donna Yenney ETA MU Georgia Regents University Amber Lee Colquitt—5 Montana Polina Dawkins Karley Michelle Green—6 Tiara Denise Hankerson Rebecca Ashley Hawk—5 Savannah Allison Maddox Ashleigh Nicole Miller Sarah Ayfer Ozturk—5 Patti M. Peabody—6 Natasha Hendrix Pratt—6 Lauren Ashley Short—6 Christy Lynn Sikes Brooke Hunter Stagich Laura Reichel Tallent—6 Jessica Lynn Thigpen—6 Macy Moss Tuner ETA OMICRON Western Illinois University Cindy Carroll Schobert ETA RHO The University of North Alabama Kristie Renee Barnes—6 Samantha Marie Beckinger—6 Corinne Marie Beckinger—6 Tosha-Paige Brewer Mackenzie Layne Brown—6 Caitlin Alexandra Calhoun—6 Kelsey Leigh Cook Carol Sloan Dean—6 Myra Parker Garton—6 Lyndel R. Hardy—6 Lynn Tate Hartselle Julia Marthaler Hill—4 Emily Elaine Hodge

Maria Grace Holland Bonnie Lynn Keeton Kay Dill Kreutzer—2 Sarah Beth Looney Cara Mckenzie Martin Natalie Ann Martin Lisa Smith May—4 Joan Kimball Mollohan—4 Alana Renae Pollard Sarah Elizabeth Powers Brooke Elizabeth Rose—6 Malaea Nelms Seleski—3 Dr. Mary Ann Stratford Stegall—3 Jessie Elizabeth Wampler—6 ETA THETA Missouri University of Science and Technology Jennifer Speidel Baker—5 Jessica Marie Bone—6 Katelyn Elizabeth Boushon Sara Matthews Campbell—6 Karla Marie Casper—6 Kristine Marie Fleming—4 Janet Rimmey King Danielle Christine Miller—5 Karri Michelle Richardson—6 Jennifer Abbott Sciarra—4 Jennifer Ward Whalen Dottye Haas Wolf ETA PI Wright State University Kasey Layne Bryant—6 Teresa Ishmael Ebersole—5 Rebecca Jane Little Anita McGuire McClure—6 Erica Marie Pyle Ashley Marie Robellard Nikole Arianna Ronfeldt ETA SIGMA The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Brandi Nicole Cross Lindy Jones Griffith Amy Elizabeth Hamilton Natalie Marie Leitz Kristen Moore Nolan Dana Essick Revier—6 ETA TAU The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Anna Marie Albuquerque Fran Frances Broadhurst Sarah Anne D’Addese Denise Vance Fluhr—5 Shirley Simpson Harkey—6 Ivey Mckenzie Lee—6 Tamera Johnson Nisbet Gabrielle Louise Retcho Laila Marie Tafazzoli ETA PHI Illinois State University Ashley Diane Althoff Tori Jordon Atwood Michelle Ledger Frank—6 Gina Ellis Fritz Jen Glorioso—6 Kelly Marie Klein Celynn Elizabeth Mayfield—6 Demi Marie Miller—6 Laura Lee Payne Katy Jean Winge

Donor List ETA UPSILON Missouri Southern State University Sheila Schwartz Parsons Heather Garner Replogle Mallory Lynn Roberson Kimberly Hoffman Stoddard Sarah Elizabeth Turner-Hill Kenzie Marie Warren

Teri Snelling Williams Spring Mrs. Jennifer Yates Tietz

THETA GAMMA Texas A&M University Maude Smith Allen Diane Ingraham Amundson Cheri White Armstrong Kelly Zagotta Austin ETA CHI Lauren Hunter B’oris Francis Marion University Nanette Campbell Boyer—6 MaryEllen Baker Melody Delmar Butler Georgia Stone Hess—6 Saysha Kovacevich Cangelose Erin Carter Maxwell Sally Coolidge Cheadle—4 Debbie Jones Meggs Ali Faith Moherek—4 April Pittman White—6 Jenny Miller Nelson Whitney Morriss Ormond—4 ETA OMEGA Andrea Lynn Perrard Louisiana State University Catherine Castille Pierce—6 in Shreveport Ann Duffy Radney—4 Tracye King Albone Kimberly M. Rohlfs—6 Marnie Marlar Frazier—5 Allie Shea Rollins Bridget Denise Higginbotham—5 Jennifer Bradshaw Rollins WynNelle Marie Leeth—6 Kate Shirey—6 Kendall Chamberlin Spangler ETA PSI Madisen Elaine Stites California Polytechnic State Laken Taylor Vichich University, San Luis Obispo Peggy Cooley Vogt Margie Szumigalski Clarke—6 Rhonda Rudloff Warren Erma McHugh Fennema—6 Rachel Renee West Kelly Marich Jaeger—6 Sarah Murski Williams Erin Jacobs Matheny THETA DELTA THETA ALPHA Salisbury University California State University, Chico Valerie N. Ahmuty Lisa Penrose Driver Chantel Kushner-Samuel Kimberly Palm Enzensperger—6 Dixie White Leikach—5 Trish Manners Ferenz—5 Kenna Brigham Lowe—5 Jennifer Polzin Fox Michelle Christine Malone Nancy Devries Fregoso—6 Heather Brogan Meek Darcie Edmunds Gettings—6 Valerie Dobbins Roddy Natalie Peifer Herdell—6 Tammy Doris Ward—6 Janet Rew Herrington Donna Curtiss Watson Michele C. Horsky—6 Susanne Marie Krauland—6 THETA BETA Liz Bozek Krohn—6 Eastern Washington University Mrs. Susan Marie McFadyen Kathy Blank Harper Wynne Zabel Nord—6 Donna Voss Pittman Deanna Rothschild—6 Cyndi Ann Smith-Porter

Donations to the ZTA Foundation were made in memory of the following people in 2012-2013. Stephanie Alexander Vickie Combs Baskett Harriet Jones Bass Sidney Quick Berger Clyde Boothe Carol Futch Bores Margaret Ann Brewer Dorothy Culbreath Bridwell Mike Broadwater Betty Copeland Capen Paula Caputo Kathy Holland Charleson Lynne Kipp Christianson Greta Kanzig Chubb Marcie Stewart Clark Mrs. Bob J. Combs Mrs. Suzanne K. Condon Nathaniel Courtney Polly Shook Cummings Mrs Chester Cummins

Cyrus M. Day IV Linda Windfield Dunbar Florence Williams Dunn John Edmonds Harold Ehrlich Phyllis Luvera Ennes Louise Ambrosius Eversull Nina B. Feinzig Kay Ridout Galm Sonya Oyan Gedstad Lynn M. Gomez Nula Purichia Harmon Nancey Moreland Harris Peggy Pleune Harvin Laurie Stencel Heden Beverly Radcliffe Hellman Carolyn Hendricks Hester Nancy Meagher Hicks Donna Coy Hoffman Elaine Johnson Jackson Richard Jackson Marienne Harrison Jacques Gayle Prince Jones Margaret St. Clair Kalpakjian Ann McMaster Kemmer

THETA THETA Arkansas Tech University Diane Hicks Bayes Taylor Nicole Burgess Kaylyn Hendricks Busch Ann Cooper Childs—4 Karen Mitchell Dahlke Shellie Brown Hanna Whitney Leigh Ann Hardin—6 Kelley Snow Harmon—6 Annette Borland Holeyfield—6 Jacquelyn Ruth Hudon Nancy Lee McNew Sarah Elizabeth Parsley Elaine Zankl Puckett—6 THETA IOTA University of North Florida Carla Jean Burks Samantha French Chafin—6 Leanne Elizabeth Dye Lynnann Brown Guastella—6 Aimee DeFoor Kane Rhonda Reeb Ly—6 Samantha Alice McCollum Joni Allman McIntyre Lindsay Gail Mitchelson Ashley Nichole Plotts Jaclyn Frances Waterman Faith Allison Woods THETA ETA Stephen F. Austin State University Deanna Michele Arslanlar Antoinette Rizzuto Bearden—5 Toni Devine Chandler—6 Caitlin Frances Chandler Lisa Gregory Demiano Stacy LaRue Gannon—3 Julie Ann Johnson—6 Rachael Rice Marhofer Francesca Ann Presta Kelly Corser Richmond—6 Victoria Michelle Rolater—5 Mandy Pierce Scott—5 Cheryl Coomer Sherrill—6 Lisa M. Togneri—6 Paislea Monique Wallstein—5 Lisa Williams Wilson—6

Theodora Demakes Kessis Margaret Kosinski Wilhelmine Scarlach Kuennen Dara Michelle Kusiv Renee Reid Lejeune Ruth Fredriks Liggett Dr. Jaap Jan Lind Meg Gray Lindeman Elizabeth Van Frank Lister Dick Locher Jean Shenton Longobardi Cindy H. Lyster Lucile Pritchard Maguire Cass Elias McCarter Marianne Harper McConnell Ann Elise McGuffey Deborah Bohannon McKinney Walter David McNabb Jean Stacy Milisits Caroline Morrell Pat Litten Moulden Eddie Mueller Carolyn E. Newey Winifred Dinsmoor

THETA KAPPA University of Missouri-St. Louis Meg O’Connell Naes—6 Rachel Michelle Paz Rosemary Tansey Saffer Jenny Stephanie Stephan Hope Marie Votaw

Kat Paige Light—6 Anna Gibbs Post—6 Carter Tindall Rebecca Faye West

THETA OMICRON Baylor University Kara Borgmeyer Abrameit Liz Ann Berringer Melinda Gant Burns Ali Marie Cantrill Dixie Lowery Carlton Sarah Grace Carson Claire Beeler Clark—6 Lucy Mae Crenshaw Taylor Leigh Dess Savannah Elizabeth Diedrich Tobi Crouch Faile Nancy Snell Fields Taylor Nicole Flaig Brooke Ann Greger Jessica Marie Hinshaw Amy Elizabeth Howard Kimberly Stewart Hudson—6 Angela Malone Kelly—4 Susan Pullig Lipscomb—5 Riley Lyn Livingston Amy Mayo McLin—5 Meredith Hahn Moore—3 Lacy Schneider O’Connor—4 Kaycee Dan Thompson Tricia Horner Wilcox THETA ZETA Wofford College Kinli Marie Bare Casey Lee Bolton—6 Lauren Elisabeth Cabe Suiter Coxe Margaux Marie Foster—6 Ginny Gibson Fowler—6 Leslie Hamilton Griffin—6 Merrill FitzGerald Hagerman Mary K. Hall M.D. Beverly D. Jones Maria Joann Kapousidis Lauren Elizabeth Lewitt

THETA XI Rutgers University Marybeth Angilella—6 Kathy Walker Ashton—4 Sandra Maria Azzollini—6 Laura F. Beddini Sarah Elizabeth Bugen—6 Jackie Garder Colgan—3 Alexis Marie Corcoran Maureen Medina DeMarco Amanda Elizabeth DeVincentis Pam Kievit Dorman—6 Kelly Laccetti Gioia—6 Randi Dorman Hawkins—5 Therese McDonnell Lambert—6 Christa Rae Najarian Alexandria Theresa Trovato Jill Faith Vanzino Katie Peoples Zamulinsky—5 THETA NU Auburn University at Montgomery Kristina Koch Brooks—6 Laurie Sylvest Houlditch Brittney Roland Simms Margaret Strickland Smith THETA MU Bowling Green State University Sue Rader Regonini THETA SIGMA Winthrop University Erin Paige Curran—6 Joye McQueen Garrett Julie Ward Moxley—5 Ashley Hatcher Oliver Megan Marie Sink Kristen Walker Stephenson Carol Hudel Williams Tidwell—6 Jaclyn Raschelle Warden

In memory of

Nightingale Elizabeth Osborn Elizabeth Steinhauer Ott Cecile K. Ownbey Barb Dolak Peters Leanna Piver Sandra Reiley Pritchett Frances B. Raine Patricia Ryan Rein Ken Riledy Kathryne Schoedel Ringo Mrs Klara (Patsy) Ellis Roach Carolyn O’Neal Robison Barbara Luke Romzick Sylvia Bratfish Rucker Donna Thompson Rylee Lynn Husband Saffell Sylvia Link Schell Mary J. Schroeder

Phyllis Buck Seilkop Rosa Cusano Shockey Annette Wade Simmons Hester P. South Adelyn Denhard Spalding Joseph Stanecek Helen Hille Bonneau Steven Sally Tucker Thompson Virginia Stoddard Tolson Jean Heinlein Turner Ann Morris Vinson Joanne Arata Wehmueller Peg Collins Wehrly Kirk Werner Marguerite Roessler Whitney Gladys Tonn Winkler Peggy Day Wood Brandy Alyssa Yeoman

Fall 2013 · 35

Donor List THETA PI California State University, Northridge Mary Curtin Cruse—5 THETA TAU The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Hallie Grae Altman Bre Rae Blaney Beverly Craig Brown—6 Hanna Laurie Cacace Carolyn Hof Carpenter—3 Rita Dickerson Chambers Carla Martin Cobb—3 Beth C. Del Savio—6 Janie Robinson Faulkner Jennifer A. Fite Anne Carlisle Hancock—6 Paulina Herrera Christie Ellen Hill Lauren Elizabeth Kangas Laura J. Lamkin—6 Nancy C. Leatherman—6 Catherine Rowland Liemohn—4 Pamela K. Lowrance Kylie Norman Shannon Lynn Renegar—6 Paige Carmela Sferrazza Katherine Alexander Snipes Sarah Fraley Stewart Mary Albert Ward—5 Cynthia O’Connor Warley Allie Kathryn Weber THETA PHI California State University, Fullerton Kacey Leanne Baerst Laura Arvin Boling Carol Stickels Bradford—6 Allison Lowe Brounstein Sylvia Christina Contreras—5 Lisa Sanborn Delong

Wendy Barnard Folger Julie Sepulveda Gibson—6 Debra Powers Gilster Catherine Perez Chapman Gold—6 Nicole Bryana Guzman Stacy Bassett Hollenbeck Christie Lynn Hopkins Christa Zafuto Jech Barbara Paddock Kemper—6 Angela Langord Kosan Michelle Zola Metcalf Chris Kelly Moeser Mary Stockinger Natalizio Maryanne DiLisa Othmer Brittany Nicole Raffaniello Robin Terry Ridgeway Kelly Jones Rieth Valerie King Smyth—6 Teresa Crowley Steele Gail Campbell Thomas Chantell Ness Tibbets Sharon Lynn Topping Laura Stegemeier Whited Vivian Maruko Wisdom

Tracy Massey Moore—5 Brittany Marie Reilly Deanna Brooke Simon Sara J. Staggs—5 Halie Nicole Stutz Renee Vercher Svitek—6 Susan M. Vohtz Alicia Patten Williams—3 Taylor Lauren Wilson THETA CHI George Mason University Lexi Nicole Baker Lauryn Lynn Cartagine Emily Nicole Charnock Katie Shelia Clarke Kelsey Alexandra Correia Emily Carter Daniel Camille Neubauer Degen Julia Christine Dixon Lucia Prenzel Knudsen—3 Mary Elizabeth O’Brien Valeria Castleman Walters Roberta Lynn Wodenscheck—6

THETA EPSILON University of San Diego Mary Stollenwerk Matthesen—6 Shannon Smith—6 THETA PSI Texas State University-San Marcos Christian Andrea Alvarado—6 Lindsay Nicole Boddie Helen Elizabeth Burnett Holly Jordan Dannelly Anna Rose Maria Elkins Tiffany Leigh Kasper Taylor Gayle Lewis—6 Kellye Cornelius Loving—6 Laura Ladewig Mauro—4 Holly Nicole McLain—6

IOTA ALPHA Robert Morris University Sarah Africa Affrica Trisha Louise Brandt Karen M. Rose-Roper—5 Kimberly Lynn Topolewski THETA OMEGA California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Erin Souheila Assaf Arielle Tian Beauvoir Cindy Manuel Calm—6 Cheryl Lisa Day—5 Danielle Ashley DeGuzman Dolores Gonzales Gastineau—5 Cassie Leigh Gstrein Taryn Alissa Gunaji

Bailey Nicole Hand—6 Annalise Helen Iezza Olivia Claire Jacobson Marjorie de Guzman Javier—5 Diane Hanson Keegan—5 Michelle Kou Lieberman Maya Badri Mosher Jaime Kauffman Palumbo—6 Alexandra Mae Rosetti Madeleine Clare Tweedt Sabrina Lynn Worsfold Shamim Syed Wu—3 Janice Sui Won Yee IOTA GAMMA The College of New Jersey Kelly Lyn Czajka—5 Chrissy D’Elia Gerage Dyan Lurtsema Kelly Bryanna Lee Kirner Samantha Nicole Landwehr Lauren Mary Seber—6 Lynda Joan Spady—5 IOTA DELTA Towson University Liza Gundell—5 Mrs. Veronica Walters Iyer Stephanie Lynn King Melissa Ball Parlon—6 Laurie Burnham Przybylski Jessica Becker Quastler IOTA ZETA University of New Mexico Jo Ella Silver—6 Katerina Vaitkus—4 IOTA THETA Georgia Institute of Technology Kathryn-Ruth Bergstrom Nicole S. Boer Anna Maria Christina Callas

Dee Dee Jones Gebhardt Gina Jiampetti Stewart—6 Joni Marie Kazmierczak Brenna Christine Lohec Jessica Ann Luza Jenn Anne Martin Blaire Parlo—6 Chamberlyn Shelton Madison Anne Spartz Cassandra Wallace Tetrault Michelle Vanquez Vazquez Elyse Andrea Watkins IOTA ETA University of Nevada, Las Vegas Ariana Marie Maskunas Stephanie McKenna Nelson Rosa Solis- Rainey—4 Savannah Smith Stallworth Chanda Pulis Wilcox IOTA IOTA Fairleigh Dickinson University Patricia Ann Samms IOTA KAPPA Delta State University Lee Ann Krause-Henry—6 Cindy Green McNair—5 IOTA MU Central Missouri State University Diane Nancy Miller—6 IOTA XI Christian Brothers University Sara Clark—4 Christa Crowe Rebecca Curtright Monica Norris—5 Lori M. Patton—5 Jessica Elise Schneider—6 Ciara Rae Stevens

Partnerships The ZTA Foundation continues its initiatives to spread breast cancer education and awareness through partnerships with the NFL, Yoplait® and the Race for the Cure® Survivor Recognition Program. This season, Zetas will distribute pink ribbons and turn NFL stadiums pink throughout October. Visit to view ZTA’s “A Crucial Catch” schedule.

has been donated to the ZTA Foundation through the Save Lids to Save Lives Program.® The 2013 lid collection will continue through Dec. 15.

Since ZTA has partnered with Yoplait®, more than $100,000

Zetas also spread breast cancer awareness throughout the year as

36 · Themis

a national sponsor of the Race for the Cure® Survivor Recognition Program. At races across the country, ZTA volunteers provide signature pink T-shirts and caps to survivors, as well as pink back signs for participants to wear in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.

Donor List Whitney Peirce Torok Angela June Williams IOTA NU Susquehanna University Tanya Zelger Amme—6 Rachel Beth Consoli Lynn Drolet Tina Ohta Kile—5 Christina Marie Wendel IOTA OMICRON Lander University Patti Patterson Renwick Kelli Jackson Weaver Jordan Nichole Welmaker IOTA PI University of Dayton Stefanie Lyn Arlinghaus—6 Jordan Lyubov Blake Kara Dixon Colety Bridget Mary Corrigan Kristen Moeller Faure—4 Lisa Niekamp Henkel—6 Taylor Kathleen Martin Jennifer Marie Maslar Elise Ann McNall Trisha Margaret Meier Elizabeth Lynn Rea Julie Herman Roach Christy Curtis Thiele IOTA SIGMA Old Dominion University Samantha Ashley Bass—4 Shari Lyn Coble Meredith Keegan Ensley Imani Samira Hamami Devon D. Kendall Natalie Rae Painter Keeley McDonald Riddle—4 Coleen Ann Ryder—5 Betsy Murphy Wilson—6 Ryan Witzig IOTA RHO East Carolina University April Elizabeth Anderson Katie Reed Buzard Aryssa Lee Ciuffo—6 Brandi Foster Heatherly Cara Ann Linens Jordan Elizabeth Lytton Kelly Elizabeth McLees Morgan Alyse Nelson IOTA PHI North Carolina State University Delaina Davis Boyd Madeline Claire Brown—6 Jennifer Rae Canady Sarah Linville Canady Mia Faith Chamberlain Molly Prescott Eatherly Catherine Elizabeth Guy Sarah Huntington—4 Kimberly Weaver Iadevaia Hannah Leigh Smith Jordan Leigh Watkins IOTA CHI Middle Tennessee State University Morgan Sierra Burrows Brittany Skelton Gammon Cari Alice Hartlage—4 Meagan Marie Klein Lindsey Barnes Moreland Lesley Wilson Pascoe—6

Casey Guimbellot Pash—4 Becky Jane Stephens Robyn Reuther Swafford—6 IOTA PSI Rochester Institute of Technology Jessica Marie Backer Vicki Decker Griffith—5 Stacy Kalisz Johnson—5 Heather Huebner Lady Jennifer Pepe Pedicone Amy Joanna Perazzo Alex Kate Rick—6 Courtney Anne Sciotti Bailey Elizabeth Tam KAPPA BETA Presbyterian College Ashton Michelle Avent Renee Geneve Blais Taylor Jo Phillips Bess Rebecca Reynolds Charleston Hannah Thompson IOTA OMEGA University of Maryland Gab Nicole Cerami Rebecca Traino Everitt—5 Jen Ellen Ewing—6 Jannah Van Kirk Hobday Anna Michele Hornstein Janel Thomson Jauntirans—4 Lauren Cohen Klenosky Abby Rose Landis Emma Grace Larson Amanda Marie Orzewicz Kristen Aya Sabatini—6 Elizabeth Ruth Spinney Brenda Zimmerman Stokes Bonny Sue Sunderland KAPPA ALPHA Colorado State University Sarah Schroeder Alessi Andrea Evans Beck Erin Michelle Datteri Kirby Lee Dyrendahl Lauren Elizabeth Fuino Anya Shea Guy Karen Baranski Johnson Victoria Ann Korthuis Sam Ann Malpiedi Kelly Ann McCracken Erin Marie Mowry Britni Victoria Rockwell Andrea Nicole Rosenhahn Kathryn Mae Zwettler KAPPA GAMMA West Virginia University Jamie Hart French—5 KAPPA ZETA Clemson University Emily Delilah Beasley Laura Ashlyn Berglind Kimberly Hannah Buehler Anna Manning Frierson Caroline King Julie Marie Resua—6 Amanda Padgett Stevenson Allyson Morgan Swygert Janey Davis Turner Julie Anne Will KAPPA ETA Rockhurst University Charli Renee Bultmann Emily Marie Carnie

Angela Hazel Deatherage Allison Elizabeth Moran Gina Marie Scaglione Alexandria Ann Walz

KAPPA RHO University of South Carolina Upstate Shannon Noel Ford Hannah Marie Gresham

KAPPA KAPPA Southern Utah University Bonnie Hardy Compagno—6 Alisa Smith Sanders

KAPPA SIGMA University of South Florida Stephanie Anaya Baker—6 Leah Serena Bebey Joelle Teresa Bellmund—6 Brittany Marie Grossfield—5 Emma Pierson Jagasia Veronica Presley Moyer Savannah Marie Perry Carlee Thomson Brittany Lynn Zahn

KAPPA THETA California State University, San Bernardino Kelly Ann Barron Yvonne Marie Cortez Angie Estrada Henry Katrina Eberly Loff Jasmine Leann Olmos Melissa Ruiz Dafne Solano Wineroth KAPPA IOTA Moravian College Amalia G. Dignetti Kaitlyn Amanda Gill Michelle Bartlett Guirlinger—6 Melissa Reitbauer Kline Rachel Taylor Knecht Sarah Elizabeth Lucci Meghan Anastasia Pak KAPPA LAMBDA University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Nikki Stephanie Mohr—6 Alysia Vulgaris KAPPA MU Linfield College Jordan Nicole Beck Brita Anne Gaeddert Mackenzie Lynne Green Jami Elizabeth Kenny Tayy Nichol Martinez Heather Ndene McClellan—6 Kelley Victoria Nemchick KAPPA XI The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Christina Marie Amerman Kirby St. John Bate Stephanie Caruso Jess Rae Ciano Kristin Ashley Earle Caitlin Ashley Keating—6 Lauren Michelle McAvey Mary Margaret Minock Kelsey Bernadette Price Kaitlyn Victoria Rothenberger Carly Taylor Schultz Taylor Renee Tomasello Stephanie Michelle Tusi KAPPA OMICRON Merrimack College Caitlin Marie Burke—6 Melissa Marie Greenfield—5 KAPPA PI University of South Carolina Aiken Linsay Stephens Beard Nicole Flippo Crook—4 Megan Smalley Gmerek Julianna Mckenzie Radford Carolyn Blair Russell

KAPPA TAU Florida Gulf Coast University Kimberly Michelle Bova Taylor Ashley DiMeo Niki E. Donner Kristy Lynn Hennessey Morgan Catherine McComas Elizabeth Romanucci Gabi Alexis Theologis KAPPA UPSILON Georgia College & State University Tara Lynn Mayfield Jennifer Marie Miltenis

Tess Kristine Wilson Evelina Ann Wozniak LAMBDA ALPHA Sacred Heart University Stephanie Marie Puleo Gabriella Linda Rosen—5 LAMBDA BETA University of Rhode Island Kara Lorraine Babineau Aspen Holly Burke Katie Noel Hodes Kaitlyn Rachael Summers LAMBDA EPSILON Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Ashley Diane Alexander Olivia Kathleen Anderson Sydney Zudora Breazeale Mallery Rae Deaton Dyelynn Ella Fasnacht Sierra Anne Fultz—5 Mary Katherine Higgins Mollie Elizebeth Johanningsmeier Annie Catherine Smiley LAMBDA ZETA Lehigh University Kendra Claire Carter

KAPPA PHI Christopher Newport University Paige Elizabeth Butterfield Chloe Alexandra Christoforou—4 Ashlee Morgan Kemp Lauren Blair Passaro Jenny Rebecca Schmitt Meghan Elizabeth Smith

LAMBDA ETA Virginia Commonwealth University Jenny Erin Caine Lydia Marie Davey

KAPPA CHI Shorter University Lauren Juanita Campbell Caitlyn Cook Amanda Mae DeJiacomo Emily Paige Fusan Charissa Ranae Moore Hannah Marie Nowlin Kassi Cynthia Oldham Jessica Michelle Yardman

LAMBDA IOTA Vanderbilt University Sarah Catherine Catherine Billups Meghan Alexandra Collins Gabie Pilar Frisbie Georgette Amanda Hattier Chrissie Constance Kasper Lyla Alyssa Kotsch Macy Reed Pigman—5 Layne Marie Shottenkirk Caroline Hilary Stock Isabelle Rose Vidro

KAPPA PSI Kutztown University Maura Anne Drumm Alison Kathleen Duffy Nicole Gollmer Amber Ashley Gornik KAPPA OMEGA Saint Louis University Liz Therese Beskow Tori Alexandrea Busch Madeline Louise Cordier Kelley Elaine Dufour Alyson Rae Goudzwaard Margaret Mary Hennessy Taylor Wellingh Howeth Erin Michelle Kidd Brittany Lee Kleinschmidt Morgan Elizabeth Malone Kate Anne Maratea—6 Katelyn Marie Miller—6 Anne-Marie Eva Murat Lauren Elise Olson Jordan Anne Rendell Caitlin Rose Rich Shayna Dawn Ringering

LAMBDA THETA New York University Mel Katherine Taylor

LAMBDA KAPPA Appalachian State University Mary Kathryn Allen—5 Meredith Marie Black Hanna Christine Caudill Olivia Hvezda Easly Emily Marie Kerr Katlyn Ann Kohler Allie Julienne Larre—6 Colleen Margaret McDevitt Callie Janice Payne Haley Marie Peter Lauren Elise Rideout Lauren Elizabeth Sutten Lindsay Renee Truitt Alexis Kay Wilhelm

Fall 2013 · 37

Jeweler Ad




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N. P.

To order:

Visit or call 1.800.422.4348

A. Crest Festoon Necklace, #1025 SS...$48, 10K with GF chain...$85 I.

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B. Stack Ring, #335GR (whole sizes 5-9) Stainless Steel...$60


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D. Pearl Necklace, 18”, # 682054 SS...$47


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H. Crest Earrings, #2638E GE...$38, 10K...$50


38 · Themis

K – karat gold, KW – karat white gold, SS – sterling silver, GF – gold-FILLED, GP – gold-plated Prices subject to change.

Barrel Bead, #BEAD SS...$30 Find us on Facebook:

FHC News

House Directors Seminar expands The successful operation of a sorority house requires an effective partnership between the House Director who manages the operations and staff, the ZTA alumnae volunteers who serve as caretakers of the property, the collegians who live in the house and the chapter advisors who mentor the members. For 24 years, the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation has trained House Directors at a biennial seminar, funded by the ZTA Foundation and held at the Iota Theta Chapter house at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. But housing volunteers and advisors were left to learn on the job, with the help of a manual and communication with FHC directors.

volunteers attended. Among the House Association Presidents was Sally Reeves Walter, who this year will help her own Zeta Chapter (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville) move into its very first chapter house. “I was thrilled to find out I was invited to attend,” Sally said. “The notebook we received is excellent and it’s a good place to go for resources. But I need to know ‘why’ if I’m going to do a good job. At the seminar, the information we needed was discussed and we learned the reasoning behind the ‘why.’”

The July 2013 seminar enlarged the invitation list. “Through the generosity of the Foundation, we were able to invite housing volunteers and advisors to learn along with the House Directors,” says FHC President Julia Marthaler Hill. “Having the different players together was wonderful.”

For Alpha Upsilon Chapter (Oklahoma State University) General Advisor Sheila Schwartz Parsons (Eta Upsilon, Missouri Southern State University), the seminar enlarged her focus. “Our perspective is what happens with the local house corporations at OSU,” she said. “It’s helpful to know what works for other chapters and that we have the support of the FHC team. Their knowledge and resources have shown me that there may be better options.”

Nineteen house directors, six advisors and seven local housing

Even veteran House Directors learned they still had more to learn. Janet

Wiewel worked 10 years for another sorority at Colorado State University before moving to Beta Upsilon Chapter (Kansas State University) to be closer to family in the Kansas City area. “We were given so much valuable information,” Janet said. “We were made to feel ZTA was there to pick us up if we stumbled. The presenters made us all feel valuable to the Zeta Tau Alpha family.” Debbie Dickinson is in her sixth year as House Director at Theta Tau Chapter (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.), but for family and health reasons, she had not yet attended a ZTA seminar. “I am so glad I went,” she said. “Getting to meet the other House Directors, I realized we are all dealing with the same problems. Sometimes I think I’m the only one. “But the greatest benefit was meeting the FHC board. I am amazed at the dedication of these alumnae and the time and expertise they put into making sure ZTA housing across the country runs smoothly. They truly love ZTA and it shows.” Nineteen House Directors, six advisors and seven local housing volunteers join ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation board members for the House Directors Seminar in July. The event is hosted at the Iota Theta Chapter house and funded by the ZTA Foundation.

Fall 2013 · 39

Points of Pride

National Leadership Conference 2013 1. Collegians take advantage of a photo op with the Chain of Chapters. 2. Brainstorming putty helps creativity flow as attendees’ ideas and action plans begin to take shape. 3. Talk about Creative Crowns. The ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation board dons crowns made of silverware on Friday evening. 4. The ZTA Foundation presents Major Donor buttons to individuals and chapters who donated at least $300 to the Foundation in the past year. 5. Happy shoppers can always be found in the onsite Crown & Co. store.



3 5

4 40 ¡ Themis

Points of Pride


6 8

9 10

6. National Council finds time in the busy NLC schedule to spend time with one another. 7. FHC President Julia Marthaler Hill greets collegians as they arrive at International Office on Saturday. FHC board members and Former National Presidents led the office tours. 8. NLC attendees share their thoughts on the event chalkboard. Each day, a new prompt was given to provide motivation and notes of praise. 9. Attendees create their own kind of chain during ZLAM Jam Saturday night—a giant conga line. 10. Creative Crown Groups give collegians the opportunity to try out different brainstorming and team-building techniques.

Fall 2013 · 41

From the Archives

Themis turns 110 By Susan Beard, Delta Psi Patricia Cords Levitte, Beta Phi Archives Committee Co-Chairmen

serve as a quarterly journal, Themis soon expanded into a softcover, bound magazine.

November 2013 marks the 110th anniversary of the first issue of Themis. Our Fraternity’s magazine has not only chronicled our organization’s development, but has provided a snapshot of the changing cultural history of the nation. We want to share with you some early history of Themis and how different it is from the magazine you receive today.

The earliest issues are very chatty and assume most of the readers know each other. As ZTA was a very young organization at this point, it was probably true that readers personally knew most of the people mentioned. Themis was very focused on the social aspect of our organization. There was information about chapters but not as much as you might think. Many of the early issues had articles or poems written by Zetas, and they covered a wide range of subjects that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with sorority life. A large part of the magazine was taken up by directories and social announcements such as engagements, weddings, births (even

The first issue (shown below) was four sheets of folded newsprint paper. This was the only issue to be printed in such a way, and it was done mainly as a test to see what would be the most economic form of printing. Realizing that four pages were not enough to

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baby photos) and deaths. There were even long stories about histories of universities where ZTA had chapters and full texts of speeches given by Zetas at luncheons and club meetings. Constructing each early issue was a task, as the editor had to wait for members to submit articles. Many of these articles were handwritten and had to be converted to typewritten copies before they could be sent to the publisher. Often, telegrams were sent to request overdue articles and information from members. In fact, the ZTA Archives has many of these expensive, early reminders. The magazine has had a variety of members serve as editor and staff since its inception, and the high turnover of volunteers did affect the quality


Before there were email reminders, Themis editors like Shirley Kreasan Strout had to send pricey telegrams to magazine contributors. and tone. Subscribing to Themis was optional in the early years, and the uncertain finances of the magazine also played a part in the varying quality of the issues. Themis had its greatest challenges in the early 1910s, due to the illness of editor Margaret Levy Feuille (Kappa Chapter, The University of Texas at Austin) and the untimely death of editor Mary Wyatt Galbraith (Zeta Chapter, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville). At this point, Grand Chapter (what is now National Council) began to focus on a permanent solution to improve the magazine. It took almost another decade, but the golden age of Themis really began in 1922, when Shirley Kreasan Strout (Tau Chapter, Millikin University) was elected to Grand Chapter as the National Editor. By 1923, she became the National Historian-Editor, adding archival tasks to her responsibilities. At this time, Themis began to improve quickly, partially in thanks to the creation of the Themis Endowment Fund. This fund provided lifelong subscriptions to all members who kept their addresses updated with our headquarters. It also solved the magazine’s financial problems and allowed Mrs. Strout to focus on writing, rather than soliciting paid subscriptions.

Over the next three decades, under Mrs. Strout’s leadership, Themis would become a densely packed, information-filled journal, noted in the Greek publishing world for its high quality information. Reading issues of Themis from the 1930s and 1940s may require a magnifying glass, as the text is tiny and every inch of the paper is filled. The Themis copies from this time are filled with lists of new members, detailed descriptions of “rush parties,” and stories about Zetas with unique jobs and lifestyles. The magazine also began to focus more on ZTA collegiate and alumnae chapters. Mrs. Strout’s National EditorHistorian position on Grand Chapter was paid and was the beginning of what would eventually become ZTA’s Communications Department. Like the department today, she was responsible for not just Themis, but for writing and editing all ZTA publications. So while an early issue of Themis might bear little resemblance to the awardwinning magazine we now publish, the basic idea is still the same. For the past 110 years, Themis has aimed to promote our mission, purpose and activities while inspiring members to maintain contact with our Fraternity, wherever they may be. Interested in learning more about the history of Themis? Visit our website at to read the article from 2003 commemorating Themis’ 100th anniversary.

Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha, the official publication of the Fraternity, has been published continuously since 1903. HOW TO MAKE AN ADDRESS CHANGE In the Sisters Only section of www., select “Update Information and Privacy Settings.” You can also email changes to (subject: Address Change) or call IO at (317) 872-0540. Parents, while your daughter is in college, her magazine is sent to her home address. If she is no longer in college and not living at home, please send us her new permanent address. HOW TO SUBMIT NEWS All Zetas are encouraged to submit news to Themis. All submissions become the property of ZTA and are subject to editing. Include full names and chapter information. Photos must be roughly 1 MB (1,024 KB) or larger to be printed. Send all news and photos to communicationsdept@ Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha (ISSN 1529-6709; USPS 627-120) is published quarterly by Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, 3450 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268-1334. Subscription: $2 per year. Single copies: $.50. Periodical postage paid in Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices. Printed in the United States of America. Postmaster: Send address changes to Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha, 3450 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268.

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Founders’ Day Proclamation 2013 Zeta Tau Alpha was just 15 years old in 1913 when Grand Chapter decided each alumnae chapter should have a “definite piece of work” to do. Rose Nelson Hughes, the second ZTA Director of Alumnae wrote, “I have urged each chapter … to take up some definite work either for the Fraternity … or to engage in social service work in its community. This plan, we find, answers a twofold mission: it helps to conserve interest; it is working for others.” One hundred years later, our members continue to find the “definite piece of work” that binds them to ZTA for a lifetime. As collegians, we learn that Zeta Is Forever. Every day our alumnae exemplify this truth and reap the 44 · Themis

rewards of their dedication. Our collegiate advisors experience the joy of mentoring young women who mature from new members to confident graduates. Our alumnae chapter officers find delight in engaging sisters through social and service events. Our ZTA Foundation donors take pride in providing scholarships that help other sisters continue their education. And many alumnae renew their bonds of friendships at reunions with college sisters. Each of us can find her own way to “conserve interest” in Zeta Tau Alpha for a lifetime.

tone and sound—its definite piece of work—to create the complete, magical effect. In this year, I hope each of you will find the definite piece of work you will contribute to the lifelong symphony of our beloved Zeta Tau Alpha.

The Creed tells us we should strive to make our lives a symphony of high ideals. A symphony is not a solo; it needs each instrument’s individual

Keeley McDonald Riddle National President Landing, New Jersey−October 2013

Given under my hand and seal, I proclaim the fifteenth day of October, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and thirteen, as our 115th Founders’ Day.

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Fall issue of Themis for Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity