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Nov 2015

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reetings! When our annual Newsletter reaches you, you probably are leading a busy yet fulfilling life again after summer, as a member (faculty or student) in the higher education network around the globe. We are excited to update you on our progress and achievements in striving for research excellence and quality postgraduate education. (For updates throughout the year, please visit 家好!隨著新學年來臨,新一期《研究院通訊》又再次跟大家見面!香港浸會大學作為環球

大 高等教育網絡的一份子,不論你是教職員還是學生,定必忙於當中充實而多樣的生活。卓越

研究的發展和優質研究生的教育向為香港浸會大學向前的動力,今期學院快訊為大家帶來最新動 向和成果(如要取得全年最新消息,請瀏覽 :。

Global Engagement to Enrich Students’ Learning Experience 8

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Our taught postgraduate programmes are strategically designed to meet the objectives of the University in providing solutions to various local and global issues. Dr Noel Siu, Programme Director of MSc in Global Marketing Management (a joint degree with University of Sheffield) shared: “Meeting the needs for global marketing specialists is the major reason for internationalizing our taught programmes. To enhance students’ cultural experience and international exposure, it is important that we identify compatible strategic partners. Like HKBU’s Business School, the Management School of Sheffield is also triple-accredited by AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA.” The collaboration with University of Kent on MSc in Operational Research and Business Statistics and MSc in Mathematical Finance is truly a “win-win-win” situation as both parties and students are benefited. “Collaboration with compatible international partners enables both parties to leverage on the niche of each other. The collaboration not only strengthens the competitiveness of our students who will obtain a degree from each institution upon graduation, but also renders students more culturally competent in having the chances to engage with both UK and HK faculties,” said the Programme Director Professor Michael Ng.

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Dr Noel Siu (second from left, first row), Professor Gerard Prendergast (middle, first row) and teaching staff with the first batch of graduates of MSc Global Marketing Management 蕭霍綺文博士 ( 前排左二 ) 、Professor Gerard Prendergast ( 前排中 ) 及任教老師與環球市場管理學碩士學位課程第一屆畢業生

”Students come from different parts of the world; and the exciting mixture and the opportunity to study in both UK and HK allow them to gain a real global experience.” Dr Noel Siu

蕭霍綺文博士 :「來自世界各地的 學生能與不同文化背景的人打成一 片; 學 生 可 在 英 國 和 香 港 兩 地 學 習,感受真正的環球體驗。」

G S Message

Global Engagement

球 教 研 國 際 化 Professor Michael Ng and students from the dual degree programme at the University of Kent 吳國寶教授與雙碩士學位課程的學生在英國肯特大學留影

擴大環球網絡 豐富學習體驗 浸大的授課式研究生課程以大學的策略發展為本,致力為本地以至 全球問題提供解決方案。與英國謝菲爾德大學合辦之環球市場管理 學碩士課程主任蕭霍綺文博士分享道:「我們的課程力臻國際化, 主要是為了滿足環球市場營銷人才的需求。為加強學生的文化體驗 和國際視野,物色理念相符的策略性合作夥伴是十分重要的。與浸 大商學院一樣,謝菲爾德大學管理學院榮獲國際商管學院促進會 (AACSB International)、歐洲評審組織(EQUIS)和工商管理碩 士協會(AMBA)的三大認證,學術地位優越。」 與英國肯特大學合辦的運籌及商業統計學及金融數學理學碩士課程 令雙方院校和學生獲益良多,可說是「三贏」。課程主任吳國寶教 授表示:「與合適的國際夥伴合作可互惠互利,學生既可獲得兩所 大學頒授的學位,增強競爭力;學習期間又可與英國和香港的學者 交流,培養兼容多樣文化的能力。」

Strategic Collaborations for Innovative Research Development The University has moved a step forward in developing an internationally integrated research environment. With the support of the Haimen Municipal Government in the Mainland, the HKBU (Haimen) Institute of Science and Technology [IST] was established and had a soft opening in April 2015. It is an important bridgehead in the Mainland to develop global research networks on interdisciplinary research and strengthen the University’s research profile. In particular, the partnership with The Ohio State University in developing a dual PhD degree programme in Drug Discovery and related themes has been progressing well. We will continue to forge ties with strategic partners in both research collaborations and programme development.

”Students of joint programmes are able to join two big alumni networks, which would definitely help them to develop a better career in future.” Professor Michael Ng

吳國寶教授 :「雙碩士學位課程的學生可加入兩院校的 校友網絡,接觸更多的人和事,以助事業發展。」

香港博士研究生獎學金計劃 浸大深明建立多樣化的學生群體能產生協同效益,鼓勵創新,豐富 校園生活。為此,我們歡迎世界各地優秀學子加入這個多元文化大 家庭。今年,透過「香港博士研究生獎學金計劃」,浸大錄取了來 自孟加拉、意大利、中國大陸、巴基斯坦、波蘭、瑞士和美國等優 秀學生。 In this issue, three young researchers will tell you the opportunities available at HKBU in their exploration of the world of research. You will also learn about the key to building a fullfilling life as an HKBU student from the new Director of Student Affairs, and a lot more on our research strengths. Enjoy reading! 浸大重視薈萃研究人才,發展創新研究。今期的《研究院通訊》邀 請了三名浸大年青學者細說他們求學和從事研究的點滴,而新任學 生輔導長亦會分享建立充實校園生活的關鍵所在。另有不少豐富內 容,讓你全面認識浸大的卓越研究。

策略合作發展 促進創新研究 近年,浸大在發展國際化綜合研究的道路上,邁進了一大步。在江 蘇省海門市政府的大力支持下,浸大 ( 海門 ) 科技研究院於 2015 年 4 月開始啟用。它將成為浸大在內地開展全球性跨學科研究的重要根 據地,擴大大學的科研領域。此外,大學與美國俄亥俄州立大學合 作開辦的藥物研發及其他相關領域的雙博士學位課程正穩步發展。 我們往後將繼續與不同的策略性夥伴合作,推動科研和課程發展。

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Diversifying the student body could create synergy among different peoples, generate innovative ideas and enrich campus experience. We earnestly invite quality students from around the world to join our culturally enriched environment, in particular via the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme [HKPFS]. This year, we have recruited quality HKPFS students from Bangladesh, Italy, Mainland China, Pakistan, Poland, Switzerland and the US.

Through the newly established IST, the University promotes academic and research excellence in the Yangtze River Delta region as well as across Mainland China. 透過浸大 ( 海門 ) 科技研究院,浸大在長江三角洲以至整個中國大陸地 區推廣卓越學術和研究。



C over Story

Nurturing Young Talents • Inspiring Great Minds - HKBU’s next generation of researchers 育英才 ‧ 勵慧心



t h e W e s t p a r t i c u l a r l y i n G e r m a n y, acupuncture treatment faces many issues due to problems with the training of practitioners and the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge [Birch, 2007]. Thanks to my five years’ study in Beijing on Chinese Medicine, I had been able to understand traditional Chinese culture and obtain first-hand training in acupuncture in its native setting. Later, I heard about the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) from Professor Zhang Shi-ping (and he became my PhD supervisor!) of HKBU’s School of Chinese Medicine. That was where my journey began for fulfilling my academic goal. 西方社會,尤其在德國,針灸療法面對一系


Researching Chinese Medicine in native and global setting 浸大本土及國際化之中醫藥研究 Marcus Gadau PhD Student; 2012/13 HKPFS Awardee School of Chinese Medicine 博士研究生;2012/13 年度香港博士研究生 獎學金計劃獲獎者 中醫藥學院

中醫藥(TCM)的認知問題 [Birch, 2007]。幸而我 在北京學習了五年中醫藥,得以在當地學習傳統中 國文化以及接受第一手針灸療法培訓。其後,浸大 中醫藥學院張世平教授向我推薦香港博士研究生獎 學金計劃,他本人亦成為我的博士論文導師。從那 時開始,我得以逐步邁進自己的學術目標。

HKBU, an international hub where East meets West Here at HKBU, I was impressed by the close academic links to many overseas and mainland universities, and the School of Chinese Medicine is a well-established place for scientific research of TCM. My PhD research studies are focused on international collaborative acupuncture clinical trials. One of my major projects is the multi-centred international clinical acupuncture trial TEAISCHAI (Tennis Elbow Acupuncture International Study - China, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy). The experiences gained can be used to establish guidelines for future studies of this kind. HKBU is a place of plenty opportunities for students. I have finished an overseas attachment at the National College of Natural Medicine in the US and carried out a thermo-scan study at the biggest Chinese Medicine clinic there. I gave oral and poster presentations at internationally renowned scientific conferences such as the Society for Acupuncture Research Conference, and have been running acupuncture and pulse diagnosis workshops across the globe - from the US, to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and France to Australia. Currently, I have a bi-weekly radio show on TCM to the English-speaking audiences of Hong Kong. All these events are very fun. My future goal is to continue my post-doctoral research as well as to build up a large TCM clinic in Germany. Eventually I want to promote Chinese Medicine internationally by conducting high quality Chinese medicine clinical research and service.


GS Newsletter

香港浸會大學 - 中西文化交匯的 國際樞紐 浸大與不少海內外高等院校有緊密的學術合 作,而中醫藥學院更是傳統中醫藥科研的重要 基地。我的博士研究項目主要透過國際合作, 進行針灸臨床實驗,其中一個主要項目名為「網 球肘針灸治療 – 內地、香港、澳洲及意大利之 跨國研究 」,當中累積的經驗應可作為未來同 類型研究的參考。 浸大為研究生提供不少學習機會,擴闊視野。 以 我 為 例, 我 於 美 國 的 National College of Natural Medicine 完成海外交流,並在當地最大 的中醫診所負責一項有關熱能掃描的研究。我也 曾於國際知名的科學會議發表口頭和書面報告, 其中包括針灸研究學會會議。從美國到德國、奧 地利、盧森堡、以至法國和澳洲,我走遍世界各 地,籌劃針灸和脈診工作坊。現在,我每兩週主 持一次電台節目,向香港的英文聽眾講解傳統中 醫藥。這些活動都充滿樂趣! 我的未來目標是繼續從事博士後研究,並且在 德國創辦一家大型傳統中醫診所,憑藉高質素 的中醫臨床研究成果和優質服務,向全世界推 廣中醫藥。

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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2016/17 HKBU invites candidates from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with evidence of academic excellence, research ability and potential, and good communication, interpersonal and leadership abilities to apply for full-time PhD study under this Scheme. Established by the Research Grants Council, the scheme aims to attract the best and brightest students from all over the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong. For details, visit:

香港博士研究生獎學金計劃 2016/17 不論任何國籍,只要你具備優異學術和研究能力、良好溝通技巧和 領導才能均可透過本計劃入讀香港浸會大學全日制博士研究生課程。 本計劃由香港研究資助局設立,旨在吸引世界各地優異生來港從事 博士研究。詳情請瀏覽:

School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU – A pioneer among local higher education institutions As the first of its kind in Hong Kong, the School of Chinese Medicine is renowned for its excellence in all endeavours, including promotion of Chinese Medicine profession, standardization and internationalization of Chinese Medicine, and integration of Chinese and Western Medicine. It has made significant advancements in postgraduate education and research in the following areas: • • • • •

Biomedical Sciences Chinese Medicine Translational Medicine Pharmacy in Chinese Medicines Chinese Herbology, Traditional Materia Medica

More about the School can be found at:

本地中醫藥教研翹楚:浸大中醫藥學院 浸大中醫藥學院乃本地高等學府中首間成立之中醫藥學院,憑藉各方面的 成就享譽學界,其中包括推廣中醫藥專業化、標準化、國際化以及中西醫 結合。本院之研究生課程和下列的研究領域均取得顯著成果: • • • • •

生物醫學 中醫學 傳統醫學 中藥學 中草藥學、傳統藥物學

浸大中醫藥學院網址 : Marcus and his PhD supervisor Professor Zhang Shi-pang (right) Marcus 與導師張世平教授 ( 右 )



C over Story

At HKBU, refreshers plugged in my path as an artist 極具啟發性的浸大藝術生涯 Law Nga-wing (Alias: Wen Yau) PhD student; Recipient of Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Awards 2015/16 Academy of Visual Arts


博士研究生;2015/16 年度 研究資助局 富布萊特(香港)青年學人計劃研究獎得獎者 視覺藝術院


ife is a process with refreshers at different stages that inspire different choices. After working in a local theatre company for some years, I earned my first graduate degree in the UK, which was eye-opening and brought me closer to being an artist. I was interested in drama and theatre, and later on I moved on to live art or performance art where artists perform their subjectivity instead of playing roles. Also, my conscience shouted when I witnessed many injustices surrounding us. I have been thinking how we can voice out our concerns, and one way was through performing ourselves in art activism. The idea of art activism kept crossing my mind and by chance I learned that the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) at HKBU was recruiting students. Believing that my relatively unique research interest would be a good match with this young, vibrant academy, I started my PhD study at AVA under the supervision of Professor John Aiken, Director of AVA and Dr Anson Mak, Assistant Professor at the academy. My doctoral thesis is focused on Hong Kong post-colonial art and activism from the perspective of performance studies, and I hope to be able to contribute to new theories of identity building in Hong Kong.

The Many Possibilities at AVA The first of its kind in local institutions, AVA emphasizes cross-disciplinary studies and opens students up for exposure and experience. Last year, I had a chance to present a paper at the Performance Studies International Conference 20 in Shanghai. There, I met people sharing similar research interests and had a fruitful time exchanging our views. At AVA, doors are open to expose you to the many possibilities in life. With the support of my supervisors, I applied for the Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar awards. And I made it! I’m now visiting the Northwestern University in the US. I will have the chance to look at my research areas in a distant, or even detached, way, which I believe would be helpful to consolidate my thesis. The road to being an artist always needs persistence, proactive drive, and care for the happenings surrounding us. I wish that in future, I would be able to pass on these attributes to young people in their artistic pursuit.

人生就是在不同階段得到啟發,從而作出不同選擇。在本地劇社工作數年後, 我在英國考取首個研究生學位。那段經歷讓我眼界大開,亦使我步近藝術 家生涯。我熱愛戲劇,但與其扮演一個角色,我對著重個人主觀表達的現場藝術 和行為藝術,更感興趣。尤其是當我看見周遭充斥著不公時,我內心的良知會吶 喊,並思考如何表達對社會的關注,其中一種方式莫過於以藝術行動主義來演繹 自己。 這個想法在我腦海揮之不去,機緣巧合下,我得悉浸大視覺藝術院招收研究生的 消息。我相信,自己相對獨特的研究方向會與這個年輕而充滿活力的學院產生共 鳴,於是開始在這裡從事我的博士研究,師從總監莊藝勤教授和助理教授麥海珊 博士。我的博士論文重點是從表演學的角度,探索香港回歸後的藝術和藝術行動 主義,期望能夠為香港文化身份研究帶來新啟示。

在視覺藝術院的多種可能 作為全港同類型機構首創的視覺藝術院著重跨學科研究以及開拓學生的視野和 體驗。去年,我有幸在上海第二十屆人類表演學國際大會上陳述自己的論文, 並與志同道合的學者交流,收穫甚豐。 視覺藝術院鼓勵學生不斷探索,發掘生活的多種可能性。在我兩位導師的支持 下,我成功申請了研究資助局 - 富布萊特(香港)青年學人計劃研究獎。現在,我 於美國西北大學進行研習,有機會從一個較為抽離的角度來審視自己的研究,這 對我的論文很有幫助。 要成為藝術家需要堅定不移的決心、滿腔熱忱和關注周遭事物。我希望在將來, 追求藝術理想的年輕人能傳承這些特質。

(Photo courtesy: US Con sulate General in Hon g Kong and Macau) (照片來源:美國駐香 港總領事館 )

About Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Awards

The Research Grants Council (RGC) launch ed the Awards in collaboratio n with the US Consu late Ge ner al in Ho ng Ko ng and Ma cau , to sup po rt young scholars to con duct research in the US . Nga-wing (second fro m left) was one of the eight recipients for 2015-16.

研究資助局 - 福布萊特 ( 香 港 )青 年 學 人 計 劃 研究獎 獎項 由香 港研 究資 助局 與美 國駐 香港 總領 事館 合 辦,以資助在港修讀的 優秀博士研究生赴美進 行研 究。 雅詠(左二)是 201 5-16 年度八位得獎者之 一。

Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU – The first of its kind in Hong Kong AVA seeks to produce highly creative individuals with distinct personal abilities and solid foundation for a life-long artistic development through excellent teaching and dedicated research efforts in the following areas: Studio-based and applied research • Image: Visualisation and Interpretation • Body as Interface • Object: Aesthetics, Context and Material Culture Theoretical and community research • Visual Arts as Education and Community Resource • Visual Arts: Management and Dissemination To know more about AVA, visit:

教研並重 全港首創:浸大視覺藝術院 浸大視覺藝術院致力培育具備獨特個人風格的創意人才, 配以卓越教研,為他們的長遠藝術發展奠定根基。學院的 研究範疇包括: 藝術創作導向及應用研究 • 影像:視像化與詮釋 • 身體作為媒介 • 物件:美學,情境和物料文化 理論及社區研究 • 作為教育和社區資源的視覺藝術 • 視覺藝術:管理和傳播 浸大視覺藝術院網址:


GS Newsletter

C over Story

My inspirations and aspirations in the world of environmental management 環境管理:我的靈感與志向 Winifred Lau Graduate of MSc in Environmental and Public Health Management and PhD Programme (Biology) Faculty of Science


環境及公共衛生管理理學碩士及生物系博士 理學院


ndividual efforts can go a long way in protecting our environment. This message had a great impact on my decision to study Environmental Resource Management in Canada. After graduation, I moved to Hong Kong and hoped to continue my studies in Environmental protection. What attracted me most about the MSc in Environmental and Public Health Management (EPHM) programme of HKBU was the diversity of subjects being offered. The programme enabled me to expand my knowledge in environmental management and learn about practical applications.

HKBU guides my intellectual growth and career path After completing the EPHM programme, I continued to pursue PhD at HKBU where I could rigorously explore my research interests with the help of world-class faculty members. My doctoral thesis was the first systematic study of e-waste recycling in Hong Kong. We established the material flow of e-waste and quantified occupational safety and health risks associated with their recycling. The aim of the study was to contribute to the knowledge base such that proper and sustainable recycling practices may be adopted in Hong Kong. Being able to pursue both my postgraduate degrees at HKBU had been an amazing experience. HKBU is a young university with lots of energy. It fosters a closely-knitted intellectual community across a broad spectrum of academic environments. I began my research with practically no knowledge of laboratory work. Yet with the support of my peers, experienced technicians and dedicated professors, I was able to successfully complete my degree. My journey at HKBU led me to many life-long friendships with both local and exchange students from around the world. We had many opportunities to participate in academic conferences and to share and learn among leading experts within our field of research. My academic background has provided me with opportunities to develop my career in what I love to do most. I now work as a Senior Environmental Officer in a metals and electronics recycling company. All in all, I strongly believe that, with a suitable nourishing environment, some luck and lots of hard work, you too will be able to discover your passion and pursue your dreams.

人努力也可以為環保作出重大貢獻 ─ 憑此信念,我當年在加拿大 選擇了修讀環境資源管理的本科課程。

本科畢業後,我回到香港,並希望在環保方面繼續進修,故選讀浸大的環 境及公共衛生管理理學碩士課程,這個課程提供多元化科目,課程結構也 能增進我在環境管理的知識,讓我掌握相關應用方案。



完成碩士課程後,我繼續在浸大攻讀博士學位,在優秀的導師指導下努力 探索自己的研究興趣。我的博士論文是有關香港電子廢料回收的首次系統 性調查,我們建立電子廢料的物料流程,並量化與廢料回收相關的職業安 全和健康風險。該研究的目的在於促進現時相關知識體系,為香港爭取設 立一個合宜和可持續的回收標準。

能在浸大攻讀我的碩士和博士研究生學位可說是一段奇妙歷程。年輕 而充滿活力的浸大,孕育了一個跨領域合作的學術環境。在開始研究 之初,我欠缺實驗室經驗。然而在優秀的導師、經驗豐富的實驗室人 員的指導和同學的幫助下,我最終順利完成學業。我在浸大還結識了 很多來自世界各地的好友。我們有很多一起參與學術會議的機會,並 與頂尖的專家學者互相交流和學習。 我的學術背景給予我很多機會,讓我可以循自己喜愛的範疇發展事 業。現在我在一家金屬及電子回收公司擔任高級環境主任。我堅信, 一個合適的環境、一點幸運再加上十分的勤奮努力,你也可以找出心 中那份熱忱,追求自己的夢想。

Want to pursue your postgraduate study at HKBU for 2016/17 fall admission? Taught Postgraduate (TPg) Programmes: Open for application starting from mid-November 2015 Regular Reasearch Postgraduate (RPg) Programmes: Application is open all year round. For details, visit the website of the Graduate School:

你有意修讀浸大 2016/17 秋季入學的研究生學位嗎? 授課式研究生課程申請將於 2015 年 11 月中旬開始。 研究式研究生課程申請則全年開放。 詳情見研究院網頁:

Faculty of Science, HKBU – Key player in science and technological education Comprising Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, the Faculty of Science strives to develop students’ intellectual strengths and engage in innovative, high-impact and leadingedge research that is recognized internationally. Partner State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis (PSKL) The Faculty was also granted the prestigious status of PSKL by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, which is an interdisciplinary research platform focusing on environmental science, biological science and material science. More about the Faculty of Science, visit:

理學及科研教育的先驅:浸大理學院 浸大理學院設有生物、化學、計算機科學、數學和物理學系,致力於培育學生的 才能,並致力於創新、具高效益和地位前沿的國際級科研。 環境與生物分析國家重點實驗室夥伴實驗室 此實驗室乃獲得國家科學技術部批准而成立,是一個跨學科的科研平台,重點為 環境科學、生物科學和物料科學。 浸大理學院網址:



F eature

From Teaching to Student Affairs – Enhancing Student Experience

從教學到學生事務—為全人發展  An interview with Professor Gordon Tang, Director of Student Affairs 專訪學生輔導長鄧裕南教授


n a relaxing Friday afternoon, in an upbeat spirit, Professor Gordon Tang shared with the Graduate School Newsletter at the Office of Student Affairs about his new challenges. Having just switched from his teaching and administrative roles as the Head of Department of Finance and Decision Sciences to the new directorship for student affairs, to Professor Tang, everything is just exciting. Whatever the changes are, one thing that Professor Tang holds tight is the care for students, a long-held mission of the Hong Kong Baptist University inherent in its Christianity tradition. It’s manifestation? The pursuit of Whole Person Education.


在南教授於學生事務處的辦公室 分享他的新挑戰。作為財務及決策 學系前系主任,鄧教授從教學及學 術行政崗位轉為學生輔導長,對他 而言,一切是那麼的新鮮和令人振 奮。不管身份如何變換,鄧教授始 終秉持的,是對學生的悉心關懷, 這亦是香港浸會大學長久以來承傳 基督教傳統的一大使命。說到實處, 即是全人教育的追求。


GS Newsletter

F eature

for Whole Person Development

 豐富學生體驗 The Pursuit of Whole Person Professor Tang described the directorship for student affairs as an opportunity that came by smoothly. “Professor Albert Lee, former Director of Student Affairs, had a good chat with me before I took up the position officially. He reassured me of the meaningful challenges ahead as supporting the development of students is an all-time mission for everyone in the higher education sector.” Professor Tang stressed that the Office of Student Affairs contributes towards the University’s mission in developing “whole person” in all its teaching, research and service endeavours. The office provides comprehensive, balanced support services for students, be they undergraduate or postgraduate students. Indeed, the University’s Graduate Attributes for undergraduates, taught postgraduates, and research postgraduates and professional doctorates are all geared towards the development of seven areas of a whole person at varying breadth and depth in our students of different academic levels. These seven attributes are: Citizenship, Knowledge, Learning, Skills, Creativity, Communication, and Teamwork.

Co-curriculum to Realise Whole Person Education University life is an important phase where students may transform themselves and realise their potential before they embark on the world of work. In this regard, the Office of Student Affairs is expanding the co-curriculum and support for students to meet students’ progressive needs, the increasing external demands for graduates with an international outlook, and the University’s Whole Person Education goals. The new director enthusiastically enumerated the rich array of educationally and socially purposeful activities organised to meet these goals. These include enhanced leadership programmes with a focus on experiential learning, integrated workshops to build up students’ career preparedness, and strengthened campus life support to assist students with different learning needs. More attention will also be given to the mental health of students by the counselling services. And relevant programmes will be developed to enhance students’ global awareness. Needless to say, hostel life is another key element in HKBU’s holistic education.

對全人之追求 對鄧教授來說,出任學生輔導長一職來得自然:「在我上任前,前學生輔導長李慧明教授曾 與我一席話,讓我更深信學生發展從來是每位高等教育工作者的使命,既富挑戰性又具意 義。」 鄧教授強調,大學在教學、研究以至服務等範疇均促進全人教育的發展,而學生事務處則不 遺餘力,無論是本科生或研究生,我們都致力為他們提供全面而均衡的支援服務。 為促進全人發展,浸大提倡七種畢業生特質(Graduate Attributes) ,按學生在本料或不同階段 的研究課程中作多元化發展。這七種特質是:公民、知識、學習、技能、創意、溝通和群體。

聯通課程實現全人教育 大學生活是人生的重要階段,學生有機會超越自我、發揮潛能,並為踏入職場做好準備。為此,學生事務處積極拓展聯通課程和支援服務, 以配合學生的發展需要、切合外界日益重視大學畢業生具備國際視野的要求,及實現大學的全人教育目標。 學生事務處開展了很多具教育和社會意義的活動。鄧教授興致勃勃地列舉例子,包括加強以體驗學習為主的領袖素質計劃、為學生作好職 場準備的綜合工作坊、以及輔助學生不同學習需要的校園支援服務;並透過輔導服務,關注學生的精神健康;以及舉辦旨在提升學生環球 意識的項目。當然,舍堂生活也是浸大全人發展的重要一環。 研究院通訊


F eature

An Integrated Approach to Nurturing Students We’re interested to know if postgraduate students would have special needs. As an academic-turned administrator who has spent 27 years at HKBU, Professor Tang is fully aware of the needs of postgraduate students. Adapting to new environments and the demand of the programme; taking up multiple roles of student, teacher, and researcher; and attending to personal relationships are elements that impact upon postgraduate students’ progress towards their degrees. Professor Tang stressed that no matter whether it’s undergraduate or postgraduate, an integrated approach to nurturing students in terms of both curriculum development and the collaboration of academic and non-academic units is essential. He cited as an example the Master of Science in Applied Accounting & Finance, of which he served as the Programme Director. “We intend to produce professionals with balanced development in both fields, with emphasis on business ethics,” he said. Such emphasis also echoes taught postgraduates’ Graduate Attribute on citizenship, viz. a sense of upholding professional ethics and social responsibility consistent with their roles as local and global citizens. Student Affairs could attend to the cultural adjustment issue where needed to enhance the sense of citizenship. This is particularly essential when HKBU, as a globally connected university, has attracted a large number of non-local students, which may bring about adjustment and other issues. While graduate programmes are organised to develop students’ mastery of discipline, Student Affairs and other administrative units could attend to the nonacademic needs of students.

以整合策略培育學生 浸 大 素 來 重 視 研 究 生 的 特 別 需 求。 鄧 教 授 在 浸 大 工 作 二十七年,對研究生的需求更是瞭如指掌。學生能否完成 學業需配合多方面因素,包括適應新環境和課程的要求, 肩負學生、教師及研究員這三重身份,以及人際關係的妥 善處理等。

Peace of mind For any changes and challenges in life, Professor Tang would embrace them with peace of mind. His composure is due to family support as well as his faith in the Bible: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Psalms 23:1) He hoped that students would share his thoughts and enjoy every part of the university life - to learn to be a Whole Person and a responsible citizen in local and global communities.

平安的心 不管生命中經歷任何變化或挑戰,鄧教授都能處變不驚。他的 堅定與沉著堅穩來自家庭的支持和宗教信仰,如聖經所言:「耶 和華是我的牧者,我必不致缺乏。」(詩篇 23:1)。 他希望學生能對此有所共鳴,並享受大學生活的每一點滴 — 學 習成為「全人」、和一個具使命感的本地和國際公民。


GS Newsletter

鄧教授強調,不管是培育本科生還是研究生,一種涵蓋課 程發展、以及校內學術與行政單位合作的整合模式尤為重 要。鄧教授曾為應用會計與金融理學碩士課程的主任為例: 「我們在培育人才時會在會計與金融兩個專業間取得良好 平衡,並強調商業道德。」此商業道德的重點正體現了授 課式課程畢業生的「公民」特質,即秉持專業道德與社會 責任的原則,以符合本地及世界公民的身份。對取錄眾多 非本地生、作為國際級學府的浸大來說,各國文化的協調 問題可說是不容忽視。因此,學生事務處既著手加強公民 意識,亦與其他行政部門攜手合作,讓研究生從課程進深 學術造詣的同時,也在學術以外的範疇得到適切援助。

F eature

Students are Equal Counterparts


Professor Tang sees students as equals. He quoted the “learning experience” gained from supervising a research student Archimedes David Guerra, who came from the Philippines via the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and is now Lecturer at HKBU’s Department of Marketing. Archie’s home department was Finance and Decision Sciences. When he worked on the dissertation proposal, he sought help from Dr Henry Fock of the Marketing Department, who eventually became his co-supervisor. “Despite being Archie’s principal supervisor, I always felt it’s him who taught me the essentials of cross-disciplinary research,” said Professor Tang.

鄧教授認為,學生與老師是平等的,亦是相互學習的對 象。他說,指導自己的博士研究生 Archimedes David Guerra ( 別名“Archie”) 就是一段寶貴的「學習經歷」。 這位菲律賓學生透過香港博士研究生獎學金計劃來港, 現已成為浸大市場學系的講師。Archie 原本的專業是財 務與決策學,在準備博士論文時,他向市場學系的霍廣 賢博士討論課題,而對方最後亦成為他的副導師。鄧教 授說:「儘管我是 Archie 的導師,但他令我深深領略跨 學科研究的重要元素。」

From this perspective, Professor Tang thus would handle student movements, a hot global topic in higher education nowadays, with composure. “Trusting and supporting students while maintaining impartiality and mutual respect is, and will always be, our motto in handling student movements, or any other issues,” he said.

正因如此,面對學生運動這當下環球高等教育界的熱門 話題,鄧教授亦能泰然處之。他談道:「以客觀和互相 尊重的態度,信任及支持學生,一直是我們處理學生運 動和其他問題的座右銘。」

On his fresh start, to learn more about the needs and concerns of students, Professor Tang has joined various student orientations, met hall tutors and student groups, and is set to join different university meetings and meet students of various backgrounds. So don’t be surprised next time you see him on different occasions. He’s always there for students.

新任伊始,為多了解學生的需求和關注,鄧教授參與了 各式各樣的學生迎新活動、探訪舍堂導師和學生團體, 並參與學校會議,與不同背景的學生見面。下次你若在 不同場合碰到鄧教授,請勿訝異,有學生的地方,總不 難看到他的影蹤。

Through Thick and Thin – Highlights of Resources and Support of Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

學生事務處的資源及服務重點介紹 • New Student Orientation Day Every summer, OSA extends warm welcome to freshmen before they begin their studies in a new environment. A session is organised exclusively for mainland students, including those from TPg programmes.

• Learning Commons A cosy and user-friendly environment on campus. Located on the 4th floor of the Academic and Administrative Building, “My Zone” and “Our Zone” of the Learning Commons cater to your different study needs, whether you’re on your own or with your fellow classmates.

• Career Planning & Support Services Don’t do it till after you graduate. Plan ahead! The Career Centre runs workshops and programmes to facilitate students’ career planning and development.

• Scholarships & Financial Aid Student finance issue may be complicated. The good thing is OSA will clarify and guide students through the financial enquiries.

• Support for Students with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN) HKBU values equal opportunities. A specialised unit is set up to support students either with disabilities or SEN to settle well into the university life of HKBU.

• Mainland Student Services A team to support mainland students in their adjustment and development in Hong Kong.

• Counselling & Mental Health Enhancement Counselling services are available to students who need somebody to listen to and understand them. Mental health programmes are in place to guide students through healthy personal development.

• 新生迎新日 每年,學生事務處為新生舉辦活動,以迎接新開始。 當中有為內地生而設的環節,歡迎授課式研究生參加。

• 學習共享空間 位於教學及行政大樓四樓的空間,既舒適又方便。內 裡分為兩大地域,無論你打算自行研修,或是與同學 一起學習,均可找到合適的空間,滿足不同學習需要。

• 職場策劃及支援服務 為事業發展,提前計劃!就業中心舉辦不同工作坊和 活動,協助學生的職場策劃和發展。

• 獎助學金及財政支援 財政問題或很複雜,但學生事務處會致力協助學生處 理相關事情。

• 支援殘疾或有特殊教育需要學生 浸大重視平等機會。學校已成立一專門小組,協助殘 疾或有特殊教育需要的學生融入校園生活。

• 內地生關顧服務 一個支援內地生的團隊,以助他們在港發展和適應本 地生活。

• 心理輔導及精神健康 心理輔導是為有需要的學生而設,而精神健康活動則 旨在為學生提供指導,培養健康個人發展。

More about OSA: http://sa





R esearch Excellence

Cantonese culture in Hong Kong


Professor Eva Man 文潔華教授


lthough Hong Kong (HK) is situated in Guangdong province, the Cantonese culture, or Lingnan culture, in the territory has been undergoing changes, especially after it came under British colonial rule. For over a century, the culture has gradually become a unique stream of Cantonese culture in its own right, with cultural exports such as Cantopop, HK films and comics as well as a distinctive HK-style Cantonese dialect. Nevertheless, in the rising tide of globalisation, it is unavoidable that many aspects of Cantonese culture will be forced to transform or diminish.

Two years ago, Professor Eva Man, professor of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing and Executive Associate Dean of the Graduate School, jointly with the scholars in the department, organised a conference “The Future of Cantonese Culture in Hong Kong” to gather humanities scholars from different tertiary institutes to discuss the changes in Cantonese culture in HK and its future. After the conference, she gathered some of the theses presented and invited a few other scholars to write on the subject and published a book “Cantonese culture in Hong Kong”. The 13 theses are divided into three sections, namely “pop culture”, “living space” and “tradition, identification and resources”.


Professor Man reckons that both culture and language are alive, forever changing and growing. “Instead of dwelling on what are legitimate and what are not, we should try to understand and appreciate them.”

港位處廣東省,曾是英國殖民地逾百年。 嶺南的廣東文化在香港,慢慢演變成自成

一格的本土廣東文化,如香港流行音樂、港產電 影、香港漫畫、港式粵語等。然而,在全球化的 大潮流下,許多廣東文化正無可避免地逐漸轉型 或消失。 人文及創作系教授兼研究院常務副院長文潔華教 化的未來」學術研討會,匯聚本港不同院校的人 文學者,探討相關議題。她其後把研討會部分論 文歸納,並邀請學者撰文,結集成《香港嘅廣東 文化》一書。該書輯錄共 13 篇文章,分為「流行 文化」、「生活空間」和「傳統、認同與資源」 三大部分。 文教授認為,文化和語言是有生命的,會不斷變 化和成長。「與其深究哪些正統、哪些不正統, 倒不如去了解它、欣賞它。」

Ever-changing pop culture


In the book, Dr Fan Sin-piu shared his thoughts on his study on the supplement of New Life Evening Post, a popular HK newspaper in the 1950s and 1960s. He found that there was a historical background for the wide acceptance of writing with Cantonese. “Post-war HK was like a giant apartment, with people from all areas of the Chinese mainland living together. Many of them were Cantonese, whose cultural identity was maintained with their language. People simply didn’t care if they were considered refined.”


On Cantopop, Dr Chow Yiu-fai shared how his life shaped his writing of Cantonese lyrics and discussed the influence of Cantonese culture on his lyrics. Professor Man says, “His discussion led to a very important conclusion: all creative works should be seen within the context of an ethnic group and interpersonal relationship.” In another article, Professor Anthony Fung said that the introduction of new media indeed opened another space for the survival of Cantopop.

五、六十年代《新生晚報》的「新趣」版,指出 以粵語寫作之所以得到當時民眾的廣泛接受,有 其歷史背景。「戰後的香港就像個大公寓,來自 五湖四海的人住在一起,其中不少是廣東人,他 們的文化身份靠着語言來堅持,故以粵語入文並 無雅俗之分。」 在流行音樂範疇上,周耀輝博士分享了他創作廣 東歌詞與其生活的關係,並從而討論粵語文化。 文教授說:「他的討論帶出一個很重要的主題: 創作必須在族群裡、在人與人之間的關係裡。」 至於馮應謙教授則談到新媒體已成為了香港流行 音樂的另一生存空間。

HK films and comics also reflect our unique Cantonese culture. Dr Lo Wai-luk talked about several phenomena in HK film history while Professor Mak King-sang

香港電影及港漫亦反映着本土廣東文化特色。盧 偉力博士和麥勁生教授分別闡述了香港粵語電影


GS Newsletter

R esearch Excellence

explored how Wong Fei-hung, a kung-fu hero from Foshan, became a pop icon after a “local remake” process.


“The article by Dr Fan Wing-chung on HK comic Dragon Tiger Gate shouldn’t be missed either. He started collecting this comic book when he was a child. He is so well-versed in it that he can, at any time, talk about every detail of the comic series, from its storyline to new weapons and style changes. In his article he discussed how the Cantonese cultural image permeated through and inherited from this comic series,” says Professor Man.


On the section of “living space”, advertising veteran Mr Tsang Kam-ching talked about the spoken language in HK through the work of famous actor Stephen Chow and his visceral sense of humour achieved by crafting dialogue to comic effect. Professor Man also says that Professor Sydney Cheung’s article is very special. “Through a comparison between how the fishing villages were nurtured in the New Territories, HK and New Orleans, USA, he explored how the geographical resources enjoyed by an ethnic group are related subtly to their cultural identity. This kind of study is quite unusual.”


Understanding the root of culture


Professor Man continues, “Professor Tang Wing-shing and Dr Joanna Lee also conducted field studies on how the Cantonese culture was re-structured, re-made and re-interpreted in the living space of HK in the light of capitalist urbanisation and economic consideration. This is also a research rarely found.”


On “tradition, identification and resources”, Professor Man invited Dr Jack Lee to speak on the interdependence of Hong Kong and Guangdong province by looking at the art activities in both places since the territory opened its doors to trade. On the other hand, Professor Liu Tik-sang was invited to discuss how six of the items listed in the national list of intangible cultural heritage interact with and continue to grow in importance in the lives of Hong Kong people and the development of the territory. The book also includes two articles on HK’s tertiary education sector. Dr Shae Wan-chaw and Professor Stephen Chu wrote about the impact of globalisation on tertiary education. Professor Man says, “This involves an important question of knowledge inheritance. I especially agreed with Professor Chu’s conclusion which quotes the concept of cosmo-parochial, reminding us that one should start by gaining an in-depth understanding of one’s own culture if one wishes to lead a life entrenched locally yet have a global vision.”


從小收集和熟讀《龍虎門》,能如數家珍般談論 其故事情節以至新型武器和形象變化。他的文章 便探討廣東文化形象如何在此『港漫』系列中滲 透,並得到承傳。」文教授說。

馳的作品及其港式幽默,講述香港口語的某些表 象。此外,文教授認為張展鴻教授的作品題材很 特別,她說:「他透過對比新界漁村和新奧爾良 培殖漁農業的方式,研究族群居住所享有的地利 資源與其文化身份之間的微妙關係,這種研究是 不常看到的。」

田野考察,探討廣東文化在香港的居住空間如何 在資本主義城市化的帶動和經濟考慮下被重組、 再造和再詮釋,也是一篇很難得的文章。」 在傳統、認同與資源方面,文教授邀請了李世莊 博士談論自香港開埠初期的港、粵藝術活動,以 說明兩地互相依存的關係;廖迪生教授則應邀就 香港六大國家級非物質文化遺產項目撰文,講述 該等項目如何在香港社群生活和發展中,與環境 進行互動並繼續創造。 本書另收錄了佘雲楚博士和朱耀偉教授撰寫的兩 篇文章,探討全球化對高等教育的影響。文教授 說:「這是很重要的知識傳承問題。我尤其認同 朱 教 授 以 學 者 墨 美 姬(Megan Morris) 的『 世 界——本位』觀點作結,提醒如要具國際視野, 又能認同生活本土化,便須從深入認識自己所屬 的文化開始。」 (Adapted from HKBU Horizons, CPRO)



R esearch Excellence

Physics scholar invents ultra-hard antiscratch cover for touch screen devices



Physics scholar and his team developed a submicron thin film that is ultra-hard, nonfragile and scratch resistant for use as covers on electronic devices including smartphones and tablets. Compared with the existing less durable and easily scratched glass cover on mobile devices, this non-fragile thin substrate can be applied to screens providing excellent scratch protection. Its manufacturing cost is approximately half that of sapphire covered glass. Professor Cheah Kok-wai, Chair Professor of the Department of Physics, said: “Currently, glass that is vulnerable to scratches is commonly used to make screens for mobile electronic devices. Sapphire cover glass can also provide excellent protection from scratches, however this alternative involves high costs and processing is complex.   ArmoGlass ®, a new material invented at HKBU, is a layer of nano-materials that have ultra-hard and anti-scratch properties and can be deposited onto a transparent substrate, ideal for use on touch screen devices. Its hardness is proved to be comparable

to the hardness of single crystal sapphire, which although hard is fragile. Hence, our team developed this nanomaterials sapphire that provides an ultra-hard Professor Cheah Kok-wai and strong surface.” 謝國偉教授 Professor Cheah added that the fabricated layer can be deposited onto various types of substrate including quartz, fused silica and silicon. The fabrication process can be completed using standard industrial deposition processes; therefore production can be scaled-up with minimal development time.   To commercialise this HKBU technology and begin pilot production, Professor Cheah and his team established a company using the fund granted by the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities set up by the Government’s Innovation and Technology Commission. After having applied for a US provisional patent last year, a full US patent has been filed in March this year.

The new invention can be deposited onto various types of substrate including quartz, fused silica and silicon. 新研發的物料可與不同材料,如石英、熔融矽石或矽結合 後鍍於基板上。

浸 米超硬、強韌、抗刮薄膜。目前,流動電子產品普遍採用較易刮花的玻璃屏幕, 大物理系學者與其團隊研發出可用於智能手機及平板電腦等輕觸顯示屏的亞微

浸大新發明的薄膜更耐用、強韌度更高,並易於鍍在顯示屏上,提供極佳的抗刮保 護,而且生產成本只是藍寶石玻璃顯示屏幕約一半。 物理系講座教授謝國偉教授說:「現時,流動電子儀器通常採用較容易刮花的玻璃 屏幕,而採用單晶藍寶石玻璃屏幕雖能提供超強抗刮保護,但生產成本高,加工亦 較困難。   浸大新研發的物料 ArmoGlass ®(「鐵甲玻璃」),是一層非常堅硬、抗刮能力高 的納米物料,可以鍍在透明基板上,是輕觸顯示屏的理想物料。實驗證明新薄膜的 硬度可媲美單晶藍寶石,然而藍寶石堅硬但易碎。因此,我與團隊研究將此納米物 料與藍寶石結合,製造出堅硬而強韌的薄膜。」   謝教授表示,該納米物料更可與不同材料,如石英、熔融矽石或矽結合後鍍於基板 上。結合過程簡單,使用標準的工業薄膜沉積技術便可,有助增加生產量。   謝教授與團隊善用創新科技署大學科技初創企業資助計劃的撥款,成立一間公司, 將此項科研成果商品化,並已投入試驗性生產。團隊已就此項技術向美國申請專利。


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(Adapted from HKBU eNews, CPRO)

R esearch Excellence

Get voices heard for migrant workers in the study of left-behind children in Mainland 從農民工父母聲音 探討內地留守兒童問題


t HKBU, research grows with the innovative mind of our scholars. One good example is the research project of Dr Peng Yinni, Assistant Professor of the Department of Sociology, who brings in new perspective for the issue of left-behind children arising from the mass internal migration in Mainland China. The issue of left-behind children has been arising since late 1970s. In the research project “Trans-local Parenting: How the Intersection of Social Structure and Individual Agency Reconstructs Parenthood among Migrant Workers in South China” supported by the Early Career Scheme 2013-14 of the Research Grants Council, Dr Peng attempts to look into the agency of migrant parents and the influence of internal migration on parental practices.

Dr Peng Yinni 彭銦旎博士

“I started being interested in this research topic back in 2007 when I was conducting field work at a

factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and heard of stories on left-behind children from migrant workers,” said Dr Peng. “Later, I joined my colleague Dr Odalia Wong on the project of transnational motherhood of Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong, and gradually came up with this project idea.” While there have been many studies on the problems of leftbehind children, Dr Peng wants to get voices heard among their migrant parents. Specifically, the project adopts a multi-site and multi-voice design to investigate: (1) how the interaction among migrant parents, left-behind children, and substitute caregivers of left-behind children re-constructs the meaning of parenthood for migrant workers; and (2) how diverse structural factors shape migrants' trans-local parenting practices. In the past two years, Dr Peng has conducted numerous field trips to Sichuan and Hunan, the sending provinces of migrant workers, and Guangdong, the receiving province, meeting over a hundred migrant parents and the substitute care-givers of leftbehind children. “I expect that this research project will provide a thorough picture of migrant families in Mainland China and deepen our understanding of gender, migrants’ families, and parenthood issues in post-reform China,” said Dr Peng.

Dr Peng's research attempts to look into the parenthood of migrant workers. 彭博士的研究項目主要討論農民工父母如何在與孩子長 期分離的情況下,履行父職與母職。

浸 例子,莫過於社會學系助理教授彭銦旎博士的研究項目。她


嘗試採用嶄新角度,深入探討內地農民工因到城市工作而衍生的留 守兒童問題。 內地留守兒童問題源於上世紀七十年代末期。彭博士希望透過研究 項目「農民工與留守兒童:社會結構與個體行動如何重構南中國農 民工的父職與母職」,討論農民工父母如何在與孩子長期分離的情 況下,履行父母的職責。 此研究項目獲政府研究資助局轄下的傑出青年學者計劃 (2013-14) 資助。 彭博士說:「2007 年,我在東莞的工廠進行實地考察期間,經常 聽到很多有關農民工留守兒童的故事。其後,我參與同系黃何明雄 博士的研究項目,探討在港菲律賓傭工的跨國母職問題,從而有感 而發,逐步發展出自己的研究題材。」

過往學術界對 留守兒童的討 論主要集中在 兒童因與父母 長期分離而產 生的心理問題和越軌行為,彭博士則希望自己的研究裡頭有更多農 民工父母的聲音。她的研究涵蓋多個地方,及採用多重聲音的調查 方法,試圖深入探討中國的父職與母職、和豐富農民工家庭關係的 研究。過去兩年,彭博士多次前往被視為農民工流出地的四川和湖 南,以及流入地廣東;並訪問過百位農民工和留守兒童的照顧者, 聆聽他們的聲音。 彭博士稱:「我期望這研究項目可全面解構內地的農民工家庭,同 時加深大眾對當代中國有關性別、移民家庭和父母職責問題的理 解。」



S napshots

MVA graduate selected for a remarkable arts experience in US 碩士畢業生赴美開展非凡藝術之旅 P


arry Ling, graduate of Master of Visual Arts (MVA) in 2014, started off his arts journey in the US as one of the first two Arts Fellows under the Yale-China Arts Fellowship.

014 年畢業的視覺藝術碩士生凌展騰 (Parry),成為首屆「雅禮 協會藝術研究員」項目的兩位獲選者之一,前赴美國開展藝術 之旅。

Run by the Yale-China Association in partnership with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office - New York (HKETO), the programme aims to provide emerging artists with an opportunity to learn and serve together through arts.

此項目由雅禮協會聯同香港駐紐約經濟貿易辦事處合辦,旨在給新 一代藝術工作者賦予發展機會,以藝術為媒介,互相學習和支持。 2015 年 7 月,Parry 於美國紐黑文完成為期六個月的駐訪,並與當 地藝術家和學者交流,發展研究課題。明年 6 月,他將重返紐黑文 參加國際藝術創意節,展出自己的作品。

In July 2015, Parry finished his six-month residency in New Haven, the US, where he was able to meet and learn from practicising artists and scholars while developing a project of his own. He will return to New Haven to showcase his project at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in June 2016.

有關 Parry 駐訪之旅的詳細分享,可到「浸大,創新研究」網站瀏覽:

For an in-depth sharing by Parry on his experience during the residency, please refer to the “Innovative Research @HKBU” website:

Picture taken at Yale farm – Food waste would be caused by misshapen and unattractive fruits and vegetables. Parry is interested in this topic which involves aesthetics and human perception. He spent much time on field research in New Haven and visited local farms, community farms, farm markets, grocery stores, schools and NGOs related to food.

Parry (right) and Diane Brown, community leader in Dixwell - At the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, Parry was invited to make a sculpture in appreciation of her years of contribution to the community. Parry ( 右 ) 與迪斯威爾的社區領袖 Diane Brown – Parry 於國 際創意藝術節獲邀為她創作雕塑,以表揚她對社區的多年貢獻。

Crowd in New Haven Green - At the Festival, concerts and performances were held every day to ask people to put aside their daily roles and racial backgrounds, have fun together and feel the good in their community. 在紐黑文公園的群眾 - 藝術節每日都舉行音樂會和表演, 鼓勵大眾拋開自己的日常角色和種族身份,一同享樂,感 受社區的美好。


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耶魯農場 – 蔬果變形和欠吸引的外表往往導致浪費食物,Parry 對這個涉及美學 和人類認知的題目很感興趣。他走訪紐黑文多個本地農場、社區農場、農墟、雜 貨店,以及與食物有關的學校和非牟利組織,進行實地研究。

C onnect & Collaborate

Making Chinese Scale at the Festival – The participant Tatiana completed a Chinese scale for measuring her lunch box at the workshop hosted by Parry in the hope of raising people’s concern about food waste. 中式秤製作 - Parry 在藝術節中主持工作坊,向公眾示範製 作中式秤,以表達對浪費食物的關注。圖中參與者 Tatiana 正利用她完成的中式秤來計量自己的午餐盒。

The inaugural meeting of the research group for the collaborative project “Migration, China, and the Global Context” 「移民、中國和全球領域」合作項目研究小組的首次會議

Research group established for collaborative project with Max Weber Foundation 社會科學院與德國馬克斯韋伯基金 會聯合組成的研究小組正式成立


embers of the research group, which was set up under the collaborative project between the Faculty of Social Sciences and Max Weber Foundation, Germany, presented their research plan at the inaugural meeting on 29 May 2015. In the collaborative project entitled “Migration, China, and the Global Context”, Max Weber Foundation provides significant funding to support activities of the research group – including a postdoctoral fellow and two PhD students currently – who is co-supervised by Professor Sabine Dabringhaus of University of Freiburg in Germany and Professor Ricardo Mak of HKBU’s Department of History. This collaboration enables both parties to leverage synergies in research and teaching, build partnerships across borders and disciplines, and contributes to the development of young scholars. Max Weber Foundation is an internationally active institution that has 10 research institutes as well as two branch offices abroad and is funded by the Federal Republic of Germany. It reports to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 過社會科學院與德國馬克斯韋伯基金會合作項目而成立的研究小組,

透於 5 月 29 日的首次會議上發表其研究計劃。 Kidz Kook Workshop at International Festival of Arts & Ideas – Based in Dixwell, the neighbourhood of New Haven, Kidz Kook Association is an NGO where volunteers guided children to eat and cook healthy food at the Workshop. 國 際 創 意 藝 術 節 的 Kidz Kook 工 作 坊 – Kidz Kook Association 是毗鄰紐黑文、位於迪斯威爾的非牟利組 織,義工於工作坊教導兒童食用和烹調有營養的食物。

雙方的合作研究項目名為「移民、中國和全球領域」,馬克斯韋伯基金會為 研究小組的活動提供主要經費資助。研究小組成員現有一位博士後研究員 及兩位博士研究生,由德國佛萊堡大學 Sabine Dabringhuas 教授和浸大歷 史系麥勁生教授共同指導。雙方希望合作可為教研產生協同效應,促進跨 地域和跨學科合作,培育年青學者。 德國馬克斯韋伯基金會是一所活躍國際的學院,設有十間研究所及兩個海 外分處,由德國政府資助,向聯邦教育及研究部匯報。



P rize, Award & Honour New piece of Aureola series developed during the Bellagio Residency Programme 貝拉喬駐村計劃的「聖光」系列新作品

Visual Arts scholar Dr Ho Siu-kee gains international recognition 視覺藝術院學者何兆基博士獲頒國際殊榮


r Ho Siu-kee, Associate Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts, was selected by the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Programme to work on his creative series entitled Aureola in the Foundation’s Bellagio Centre in Italy from midAugust to mid-September 2015.

Aureola is a series of wearable sculptures using the symbol of the halo to depict the limitation of the human body and the sublimation of the human mind. Dr Ho started working on this series a few years ago. He has created over 10 pieces of work with reference to the use of halos in Eastern art. Dr Ho is further expanding this theme by exploring its use within Western (European) art during his stay in Italy. Aureola (or halo) is a universal symbol that appears in both Eastern and Western cultures. It has been used widely throughout human history, appearing in religious art of Buddhism in India and China as well as Catholicism and Christianity in Europe. Dr Ho aims to take a step further by exploring this motif and gaining insights from cross-cultural exchange with other artists and academics during his residency.

Aureola No.13 – Mongkok 「聖光十三號」– 旺角

視 中旬至 9 月中旬於該協會位於意大利貝拉喬中心創作他的作品「聖光」。

覺藝術院副教授何兆基博士最近獲選參與「洛克菲勒協會貝拉喬駐村計劃」 ,在 8 月

何博士的作品「聖光」是一系列可配戴的雕塑,他利用「光環」的象徵,描繪人類身體的 限制及思維的昇華。何博士多年前開始創作「聖光」系列,現時約有十件作品,主要與 東方文化中「光環」的面貌有關。 何博士表示,是次留駐意大利貝拉喬中心,將以西方(歐洲)文化繼續探討、延伸這個主 題。「聖光」 (或「光環」)是一個存在於東方和西方的普及形象和思想,在印度和中國的佛 教傳統,以及歐洲天主和基督教都非常普遍。何博士期望就歐洲文化研究這個主題,與 其他藝術家和學者交流,深化這個意念,從而獲得啟發。 (Adapted from HKBU eNews, CPRO)


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Dr Ho's studio in Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre, Italy 何博士在意大利洛克菲勒協會貝拉喬中心的工作室

P rize, Award & Honour

Professor Zhao Zhongzhen receives recognition for his contribution to Chinese materia medica research 趙中振教授獲頒中藥科研貢獻獎


rofessor Zhao Zhongzhen, Associate Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, received an award from the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Industry Association for his outstanding achievement and contribution to Chinese materia medica research.

P ro f e s s o r Z h a o w a s g r a t i f i e d t o have won the recognition of the industry and pledged to continue his best endeavours for the advancement of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. 醫藥學院副院長趙中振教授榮獲

Professor Zhao Zhongzhen (right) receives the award from Professor Sophia Chan, Under Secretary for Food and Health of the HKSAR government. 趙中振教授 ( 右 ) 從香港特區政府食物衛生局 副局長陳肇始教授手上接獲獎狀。

Professor Zhao has made valuable contribution to Chinese medicine education, research and international exchange. In recent years, he has been actively engaged in the authentication of Chinese materia medica and quality assurance of herbal medicines/proprietary herbal medicinal products and has published a number of books on the authentication of Chinese medicines with his wealth of experience. In addition, he has also been contributing to the establishment of Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards.

中香港中藥業協會頒發中藥科研貢 獻獎,表彰他在中藥科研工作方面的傑 出成就和重大貢獻。 趙教授長期致力於推動中醫藥教育、研 究與國際交流,近年主要從事中藥鑑定 和中藥品質控制方面的研究,並將他累 積數十年的心得編著成多部中藥鑑別的 著作。他亦一直參與香港中藥材標準制 定的工作,對中藥科研貢獻良多。趙教 授很高興自己的努力獲得業界認同,並 承諾會繼續盡最大努力,促進香港的中 醫藥發展。 (Adapted from HKBU eNews, CPRO)

HKBU PhD student receives Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 浸大博士生獲頒香港藝術發展獎


noch Tam, PhD student of the School of Communication, received the Award for Young Artist (Arts Criticism) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2014. The awards are presented to acknowledge arts practitioners who have achieved excellence in their respective art forms. As a film critic, Enoch has contributed regularly to the Hong Kong Film Critics Society website and later Cinezen, a film review website that he set up. His work raises the bar of film criticism, in particular public dialogues on Hong Kong cinema. Currently, he boasts a monthly output of over 10,000 words in the form of short reviews and lengthy essays. Enoch thanked his PhD supervisor Professor Emilie Yeh, Director of the Academy of Film, for the professional insights she imparts during numerous thought-provoking discussions.

在 藝術發展獎」中,傳理學院博士研究

香 港 藝 術 發 展 局 舉 辦 的「2014 香 港

生譚以諾獲頒「藝術新秀獎(藝術評論)」。 該獎項表揚過去一年於文化藝術界別有傑 出表現的創作人。 作為影評人,譚以諾經常在香港電影評論 學會網站,以及他之後自創的「映畫手民」 影評網站投稿。他的文章提升影評的水平, 尤以公眾對香港電影的評論。現時他每月 撰寫短評和文章逾萬字。譚同學感謝其導 師、電影學院總監葉月瑜教授在專業知識 上對他的啟發。 (Adapted from HKBU eNews, CPRO) Enoch Tam (right) receives the Award for Young Artist. 譚以諾 ( 右 ) 獲頒藝術新秀獎。



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1 December 2015

HKBU Graduate School Newsletter (Vol.42 Nov 2015)  
HKBU Graduate School Newsletter (Vol.42 Nov 2015)