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Hill & Knowlton credentials Online Gambling April 2011


Hill & Knowlton Belgium is a leading public affairs and public relations agency supported by a network of over 20 offices across Europe. We help clients make their voices heard on legislative and policy issues both in Brussels and in Member States by offering unrivaled public affairs and communications services.




International symposium on gambling problems

Hill & Knowlton organized an international symposium on gambling problems in Oslo 2006. 2006. The symposium featured leading international experts in the gambling studies field. field. Participants at the symposium were Norwegian researchers, decision makers and NGOs. NGOs. The symposium was arranged on behalf of Norsk Lotteridrift. Lotteridrift.

THE BRITISH HORSERACING BOARD British racing was accused of breaking the law by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the sport’s system of governance was faced with demolition IMPACT • 150+ ‘on the record’ support from MPs • DCMS support • Extensive coverage outside racing pages • BackBack-off from the OFT

The British Horseracing Board Issue British racing was accused of breaking the law by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the sport’s system of governance was faced with demolition Insight Focus on MPs with racing interests in their constituencies Emphasis was based on the economic importance of racing – a major British industry Highlighting the OFT impact on the sport (e.g. course closures, job losses) Integrated political and media campaign Recruitment of support from across the sport and within Government Expertise Use of PQs, EDMs and debates MPs’ letter writing campaign to DTI and OFT Recruitment of support from political ‘stars’ and racing celebrities Programme of political briefings Strategic placing of media stories Reposition the issue from a racing story (back page) to a business story (front pages) Use of economic impact assessment research Impact 150+ ‘on the record’ support from MPs DCMS support Extensive coverage outside racing pages Back-off from the OFT

Generating and managing a media “frenzy� Issue We were briefed by to drive consumers to participate in the world‘s first $1m Freeroll Tournament and create media interest in future tournaments Impact The $1m Freeroll Tournament attracted over 250,000 players from around the world In the two days following the announcement of the $1m Freeroll winner, received over 35 pieces of print and broadcast coverage including seven national newspaper pieces, seven television news pieces and 15 radio interviews The campaign reached over 60 million people in just two days and provided a ROI for of more than 15:1. Insight While the Freeroll Tournament was of interest to the trade media, we needed to create a human-interest angle to raise media interest in the event The story of Lee Biddulph, the novice poker player who won the $1m Freeroll Tournament provided us with the perfect angle to gain publicity around the tournament and upcoming freerolls on


H&K have been retained by Aviva for the past five years working across their sponsorship of UK Athletics. Athletics. As the lead agency within their integrated agency approach we are responsible for sponsorship consultation and management at their six world class athletics events (Aviva Series), creating innovative PR campaigns to activate their position as number one sponsor of the GB team and producing impactful ideas to help demonstrate how Aviva are providing opportunities for the next generation to get involved in athletics.. athletics..

In 2010 alone we delivered campaigns totalling over £13 million EAV and creating over 2.5 billion opportunities to see producing a RO1 RO1 of 21: 21:1 © Hill & Knowlton Limited, 2010




79 offices in 44 countries worldwide

60% of revenues are shared between 2 or more countries; 20% between 10 or more countries

More than 50 years of international experience. experience. Founded in 1927, Hill & Knowlton set up its first nonnon-US office in Paris in 1954

Work with over 185 of the Fortune 500

Worked with half of the latest Forbes Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations over the past two years

Most respected consultancy by peers (Holmes Report)

No.1 employer of choice (Holmes Report)

OUR PRESENCE IN EMEA H&K OFFICES Abu Dhabi Amsterdam Athens Barcelona Berlin Brussels Budapest Cairo Copenhagen Dar Es Salaam Doha Dubai Dublin Frankfurt Helsinki Jeddah Kampala Kuwait City

EXCLUSIVE ASSOCIATES Lisbon London Madrid Manama Milan Moscow Munich Nairobi Oslo Paris Prague Riga Riyadh Rome Stockholm Tallinn Warsaw

Algiers Amman Bucharest Casablanca Dakar Istanbul Lagos Ljubljana Sofia Tel Aviv Tunis Vienna Vilnius Zug NON-EXCLUSIVE ASSOCIATES Bratislava Belfast Cape Town

Johannesburg Kyiv Reykjavik


Founded in 1967

People make the agency: 55 dedicated Communication Professionals in several disciplines and a broad range of industry sectors

Brussels’ leading public affairs and public relations agency

European hub for public affairs and communications campaigns

MultiMulti-lingual, multimulti-cultural staff with strong ties to local and international media and other stakeholders

Unbeaten track record of delivering results



An effective lobbying strategy will need to connect with all 3 of the EU’s Institutions

Council of the EU (Member States) Determines policy and priorities; adopts EU legislation

European Commission Sole right of legislative initiative, Guardian of the Treaties

European Parliament CoCo-legislator in most areas


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Hill & Knowlton International Belgium: case studies around gambling

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