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Board of Governors Chairman: Karl C. Kwok, Chairman Wing On International Holdings Ltd. Vice Chairman: Bernard Auyang, Chairman, Vida Nova Ventures Inc. Treasurer: Robert McBain, Chief Financial Officer, SJM Holdings Limited Secretary: Ada Tse, President & CEO, PineBridge Investments Asia Limited Peggy Blumenthal, Senior Counselor to the President, Institute of International Education Albert Chan, Vice Chancellor & President Hong Kong Baptist University Tony F Chan, President The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Yuk-shee Chan, President Lingnan University Cheng Yin Cheong, Acting President Hong Kong Institute of Education Kevin Dunning, Head, Hong Kong International School Yiu-Kwan Fan, Executive Director, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Janie Fong, Managing Director, International Business of East West Bank Nini Forino, Director, Public Affairs Section, American Consulate General Eric J. Heikkila, Director of International Initiatives, Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California Patrick Ho, Business Group President, Epoxy & Specialty Chemicals Albert Ip, Independent Non-Executive Director, Eagle Asset Management (CP) Limited; Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Limited

Dear Friends of the Hong Kong America Center: Greetings and Best Wishes for the Year of the Snake! Thank you for your interest and support for the HKAC. We assist our university members in HK to link with their counterparts in American academic programs, and to serve as a bridge between China and America in higher education. I wish to share some highlights of the programs the HKAC organized with our member universities in second half of 2012. Looking into the New Year, I want to convey to you what we see on the horizon for programs in spring and summer 2013. More information is at HIGHLIGHTS OF SUMMER/ FALL 2012 International Conference in General Education and University Curriculum Reform. The HKAC and City University of HK jointly organized a major three-day conference in summer as the culmination of the four-year Fulbright HK General Education Project. We highlighted the accomplishments of the eight HK universities in re-engineering the undergraduate curriculum, and invited senior educators from universities around Asia, thanks to the United Board, to share ideas for building general and liberal education in their institutions. Most former GE Fulbrighters from the US returned to HK for the conference, which hosted over 400 academics from across Asia and the US. What does a liberal education mean for Asian universities in the 21st century? Hong Kong has shown leadership in addressing this question.

Way Kuo, President City University of Hong Kong Mark Michelson, Senior Counselor APCO Worldwide Lloyd Neighbors, U. S. Foreign Service (ret.) Joseph J. Y. Sung, Vice Chancellor Chinese University of Hong Kong Timothy W. Tong, President The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Details of the conference can be found at:

Lap-chee Tsui, Vice Chancellor The University of Hong Kong Richard Vuylsteke, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Tel.: (852) 3943-8748 Fax: (852) 2603-5797

Michael Wu, Managing Director Maxim’s Caterers Limited

Mail: The Hong Kong-America Center Ltd., Room 503, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College,

Pauline Yu, President American Council of Learned Societies


The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong SAR, China


February 18, 2013

FULBRIGHT RETREAT AT KADOORIE CENTRE With support from the US Consulate, the HKAC organized a weekend retreat in late September at HKU’s Kadoorie Centre in the New Territories for 30 Americans on Fulbright grants in HK and Macau this year and Fulbright alumni in HK.

RGC-FULBRIGHT HK SCHOLAR PROGRAMS The Fulbright Advisory Committee (FAC) selected two senior and eight pre-doctoral scholars from HK Fulbrighters made moon cakes during the Fulbright retreat. universities to go to American universities in 2013-2014 academic year for research with generous support from the FULBRIGHT ENGLISH Research Grants Council (RGC). Ten HK scholars TEACHING ASSISTANTS IN returned in late summer 2012 after their Fulbright MACAU sojourns in American universities. They add to our active The HKAC assists the US Consulate in Fulbright alumni association in HK. supporting four young American teachers of English at the Macau Polytechnic and six at the University of St. Joseph in Macau. We organized their orientation program in August in HK and Macau. The HKAC also recruits young teachers of English to work in English language centers in HK universities.

Dr. Lockwood shared English learning culture in Hong Kong with new Fulbright ETAs.


Fulbrighter Dennis Berg shared his views on teaching and learning with sub-degree teachers.

Drawing on Fulbright resources, the HKAC is working with the Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education (FSTE) in HK to consult with providers of associate degree and higher diploma programs on their curriculum and teaching-learning practice for general education. This project also includes developing articulation pathways between the sub-degree and the university sectors in HK.

Please visit HKAC website at:

February 18, 2013


ST OLAF COLLEGE PROGRAMS IN HK The HKAC hosted two groups of 30 undergraduate students from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Based at CUHK, the September program was on global public health and the December program was on Chinese fine arts. Participants of St. Olaf College Programs in Hong Kong.


Dr. Shive provided commentary on the US election at RTHK in November.

The coverage in HK-based media of the American election this fall gave me many opportunities to speak on TV and radio about the American political system and its prospects. I also spoke on many campuses in HK, Macau and the mainland about the election process and outcome.

AMERICAN PANORAMA: A SERIES OF BOOKS BY FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS TO CHINA The HKAC has joined with the Peking University Press to edit and publish a series of new books of essays written by Fulbright scholars. They feature American lecturers who have taught in Chinese universities and were asked to write up their favorite lectures. I will edit a three-volume anthology of new writing about the US called American Identities as a part of this series. Other volumes deal with American law, post-WWII history, education, and literature and popular culture. I will work on this series while being a Senior Fellow at Peking University in spring 2013. LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION IN BURMA The HKAC assisted the Open University of HK to create a program of study in social sciences in Burma for 40 mid-career professionals working in civil society organizations. The US Embassy in Burma funded two cohorts, the second of which will graduate in summer 2013. The HKAC has also assisted the United Board in developing a national project to strengthen liberal arts education in Burma.


February 18, 2013

TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP: SIMULATION OF TRADE NEGOTIATIONS In early January 2013, the HKAC hosted 60 university students from across HK to participate in a three-day program on the negotiations underway among nine nations to reduce barriers to trade in the Asia Pacific region. We partnered with CUHK/Law for a one-day workshop in Central which briefed the students on TPP in regional and global contexts. Students participated in country teams and held intensive negotiations on trade in goods, trade in services, investment, intellectual property, and labor/environment. Write captions for the selected photos. We developed a new respect for how difficult it is to get so many parties with divergent interests to reach agreement in reducing barriers to trade and TTP simulation teams thus stimulating global economic growth. CHINA - HONG KONG DIALOGUE ON CHARITY LAW AND INFRASTRUCTURE Continue newsletter text here. The HKAC and the Asia Foundation collaborated to host a delegation of senior mainland officials Continue newsletter text here. who are advocating a revised law on charity and philanthropy. We organized a week-long program Continue newsletter text here. inContinue January with champions of the “third sector” in HK in government, law firms, charitable newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text here. foundations and universities. Continue newsletter text here.

SPRING ANDtextSUMMER 2013 Continue newsletter here. Continue newsletter text here.

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Continue newsletter text here. PROGRAMS STUDYING HK AND Continue newsletter text here. THE PRD Continue text here. Each yearnewsletter the HKAC assists American Continue newsletter text here. universities to bring student delegations Continue newsletter text here. toContinue study aspects oftext HKhere. and south China. newsletter InContinue April, newsletter we will host 21 text here. students from IES to come to HK to launch an international urban research project. We also brief many delegations of business students from the US studying China and US-China economic relations. In May-June, the USC will send 25 postgradate students for an urban lab to study patterns of integration between HK and Shenzhen. We thank the Better Hong Kong Foundation for assisting in this project.

SIMULATING NEGOTIATIONS FOR THE SOUTH CHINA SEA Hosted by the Macau University of Science and Technology, the HKAC will organize a weekend simulation of negotiations among the parties claiming portions of the South China Sea. About 60 students from three universities in Macau will gather in late February to negotiate a code of conduct for all the parties in this contested region. CONFERENCE ON IMPACTS OF GLOBALIZATION ON QUALITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION The HKAC will co-sponsor with SEAMEORETRAC a two day conference in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on June 20 to 21 on the theme of globalization and regional integration in higher education in Asia. Fulbright scholar Dennis Berg has helped to organize this event.


February 18, 2013

SOUTH CHINA INTERNSHIP (SCI) PROGRAM In support of Obama’s 100,000 Strong Initiative, the Ford Foundation has funded the HKAC to help launch a new internship program for American and Chinese undergraduate students. In summer 2013, 20 American students, and 20 Chinese students from HKBU’s United International College (UIC), will be placed as teams of two in 20 companies and NGOs in the south China region for eight-week, nonpaid internships. This program will grow each summer to reach a steady state of 40 pairs of interns working in a wide range of enterprises and civil society organizations. We thank the American Chambers of Commerce in South China and in HK, and many Chinese and American companies, for welcoming our teams of “tandem interns”. SUMMER INTERNSHIPS AND SERVICE LEARNING PROGRAMS FOR HK AND PRD STUDENTS


The HKAC cooperates with Cultural Vistas (CV) in NYC and Washington DC to offer eight-week, non-paid internships in Washington DC, Chicago and Seattle in fields of business, engineering, law, media and NGO management. Last year HKAC recruited over 90 students for these summer internships. We also assist our member universities to build new servicelearning projects in US and Asia and thematic study tours to Washington DC. Our theme for the summer 2013 program is America’s Energy Policy.

The HKAC will sponsor students from Yale, the University Southern California, New School University (NYC), Ohio State, University of Delaware, Gordon College, Dream Careers, Phi Beta Dingo, Absolute Internships and Next Step Connections for eight weeks of practical learning in HK businesses, media outlets, government agencies and social service organizations. Students will live in the residence halls in local universities and have weekend cultural outings together. Each year we facilitate more than 100 American interns to come to HK.

YOUNG WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROJECT The HKAC and The Woman’s Foundation of HK will conduct a leadership training project for ten young women working in NGOs in HK and South China. With a grant from the National Democratic Institute, this pilot project will enhance practical skills in building organizations that advance women’s concerns across sectors such as early childhood education, reproductive and environmental health, family services, eldercare, and culture and the arts.


February 18, 2013

Hong Kong is an important and exciting place to create programs that engage Chinese and American scholars and students to learn directly from one another. As a small organization, we can do so many of these diverse and high-quality programs only with the active and continuing support we receive from our fine colleagues in our member universities in Hong Kong. We at the HKAC benefit enormously from the gracious help of government offices, business firms and NGOs in HK, Macau, mainland China and the US. We welcome Ms. Nini Forino and Ms. Ann Tsang at the US Consulate who oversee Fulbright and other exchange programs. Dr. Dennis Berg has initiated new exchange activities as the Fulbright scholar-in-residence this year at the HKAC. My staff and I are grateful for the continuing and invaluable services provided to the Center by our host campus, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. the selected I appreciate the HKAC Board’s giving me a three-month leave of absenceWrite in captions springfor2013 to bephotos. a Senior Fellow in the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) at Peking University. We recently said farewell to Ms. Donna Lam and welcomed Ms. Vivian Chiu to work on in-bound programs, especially internships, which is an expanding portion of the centers’ programs.

Through our growing partnerships with universities in Macau, Guangzhou and elsewhere on the Mainland, we extend our horizons and see new potential for Sino-American academic exchanges over the bridge of Hong Kong. As we move optimistically into the future, we wish to take this moment at the beginning of the Lunar Year to thank our many friends for your continuing moral and financial contributions that make the work of the Center possible. We always welcome your suggestions and appreciate enormously your loyal and gracious support. With best wishes for an auspicious Year of the Snake. Sincerely,

Glenn Shive, Ph.D. Executive Director

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