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Enhance laboratory efficiency PathNet Microbiology PathNet® Microbiology allows your micro lab to automate many manual processes and efficiently manage bacteriology, mycobacteriology, mycology, parasitology and virology specimens. In using the solution, you can reduce medical errors and increase staff efficiency while maintaining current staffing levels.

consistency in reporting and promote rapid report entry. PathNet Microbiology provides data fields for suspected pathogen notes, previous positive cultures and nosocomial infection alerts. The system supports abnormal result alerts based on specific procedure, source and organism combinations. Additionally, correlation reporting allows lab Speed result entry staff to identify discrepancies between stain, preliminary and PathNet Microbiology provides you final reports. And you have easy with an intelligent workcard for result access to patient results during entry, allowing your staff to work culture workup. more efficiently in handling result Make informed decisions reporting. You can personalise specimen and patient demographics PathNet Microbiology provides you display, viewing only the data you with an extensive inventory of need. instrument interfaces. These interfaces allow you to use a variety You also have flexible options for of tools and applications in the filtering and sorting worklists. The laboratory. Automatic transmission of solution provides you with susceptibility results, organism identification, biotype number and unlimited space for entering probability (depending on culture observations, free-text instrument) offer you immediate comments, biochemical results access to information. In addition, and susceptibilities—allowing you posted results are available for your to build complete patient records. staff to review, edit and verify. This data drives well-informed decisions User-defined and standardised, and helps you increase the quality of scripted organism workups lead care delivered to your patients. technologists through the workup. Report templates for each procedure help you ensure

At a Glance PathNet Microbiology provides you such tools as: 

An intelligent workcard for result entry

Report templates for each procedure

An extensive inventory of instrument interfaces

Flexibly support the microbiology process

By providing unlimited and easily modified susceptibility panels, PathNet Microbiology offers you the flexibility to support the entire microbiology process. Quickly add reportable or internal comments Microbio PathNet automatically through rules or manually—based on parameters that you define. You can also generate automatic interpretations of dilution and zone size values based on organism, source,

Enhance labor

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Key Benefits Improve departmental efficiency through automated processing and reporting Optimise current staffing levels by automating key microbiology processes Enhance laboratory management through comprehensive user-defined management reports antibiotic and methodology. Your staff and your patients benefit from comprehensive logic for susceptibility result suppression or modification, again based on user-defined parameters.

Enhance batch reporting PathNet Microbiology unifies data, which allows regular standard reporting for large volumes of cultures and the automatic generation of summary reports. User-definable search criteria allow you to dictate which procedures receive reports. The solution provides you with automatic calculation of culture age and the ability to append the actual time

frame to a predefined “No Growth” report or use a standard report. When combined with culturespecific report text, such as “No AFB isolated,” you can ensure consistent reporting across your organisation.

Access critical information quickly PathNet Microbiology statistical and management reporting features allow you to sort and filter reports by various parameters. You can easily produce multiple reports to identify trends, including abnormal activity, antibiograms, infection candidate, correction and result review reports.

Laboratory staff can generate these reports on demand and view them online or print automatically, which gives you instant access to critical information.

Share accurate information As a Cerner Millennium® solution, PathNet Microbiology helps health professionals drive safety, quality and efficiency. Clinicians connected to the centralised Cerner Millennium electronic medical record access vital information for effective decision-making. Sharing information from a common record helps you ensure accuracy and reduce the potential for errors. And in choosing Cerner solutions, you will work with an active partner that has more than 25 years of experience in laboratory information technology. For more information, please contact the Cerner team at +44 (0) 20 7432 8100 or visit our Web site at

PathNet Microbiology allows micro labs to automate manual processes, reducing turnaround times and the opportunity for error. Cerner Limited / 6th Floor, The Point / 37 North Wharf Road / London W2 1AF / United Kingdom / Tel: +44 (0) 20 7432 8100 / /


Pathnet Microbiology  
Pathnet Microbiology  

PathNet® Microbiology allows your micro lab to automate many manual processes and efficiently manage bacteriology, mycobacteriology, mycolog...