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Illinois Test of Basic Skills Sample Practice Test Introduction In order to get into the College of Education, a teacher-to-be must pass the Illinois Test of Basic Skills. In 2010, the Illinois State Board of Education doubled the passing scores on the test. September 2010 was the first test with the increased passing scores. In September, October, and November 2010, over 4,600 people statewide took the test and 77% of all test-takers statewide failed. Of African American test-takers statewide, 96% failed; of Latino test-takers, 91% failed! Study after study shows that there is no correlation between this test and effective teaching in the classroom. In addition, research shows that teacher turnover is highest among new teachers who score highest on Basic Skills. So we wonder—what’s with this test? What is wrong with it? But don’t take our word for it— you try it. Here is a 5 minute test drawn from the Practice Test. The real test is a 5 hour test with over 125 questions, plus a writing sample. There are 4 sections—reading, writing, language arts, and math. The following represents only one partial language arts sample and a few of the math questions. Language arts, sample 1Sweating

under a ferocious sun, Nathaniel Hawthorne and two friends made their way up Monument Mountain in western Massachusetts on a sultry summer day in 1854. 2They were by no means alone in doing so. 3During the nineteenth century, the mountain attracted numerous people in the arts. 4Writers, poets, and painters climbed to the rugged summit to enjoy its solitude or to engage in animate discussions with each other. 5Those frequenting the peak included Asher Durand, whose idealized landscapes established the foundation for the Hudson river school of painters. 6Durand's friend, the poet William Cullen Bryant, also found inspiration in the glittering white quartzite cliffs. 7Quartzite is an extremely hard cliff-forming material dating back to the Cambrian geologic period. 8Bryant's famous poem bearing the mountain's name drew on romantic literary forms to recount a tragic love story set against the untamed natural landscape. 9On one occasion, while picnicking on the mountain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and Oliver Wendell Holmes took shelter under a cliff during a violent summer thunderstorm. 10Between claps of thunder, the three writers engaged in a spirited literary debate, as they did so they drank iced champagne from silver mugs they had carried up the mountain. 11According to legend, Melville stood out on the cliffs, punctuating his part of the conversation with dramatic gestures. 12When the rain subsided, he came away with a new direction for a work in progress that was to become Moby Dick. ��������

61. Which change would most enhance the cohesion of the first paragraph of the passage? A. Reverse the order of Parts 3 and 4. B. Delete Part 4. C. Reverse the order of Parts 6 and 7. D. Delete Part 7. 62. Which part contains an error in sentence structure? A. Part 4 B. Part 5

C. Part 9 D. Part 10

Math questions, sample 107. Use the information below to answer the question that follows. Three families went on vacation. One family went by car, one family went by train, and one family went by bus. .• The Anderson family went to the beach. .• One family went to the amusement park by train. .• The Crane family went by car. .• The Perez family did not go by bus. .• One family went to the mountains. According to the information above, which of the following statements must be true? A. The Crane family went to the amusement park by car. B. The Perez family went to the beach by train. C. The Anderson family went to the beach by bus. D. The Perez family went to the mountains by train. 110. An organization receives $36,000 from membership fees. There are 240 full-time members and 120 parttime members. If the cost of a part-time membership is half the cost of a full-time membership, what is the cost of a full-time membership? A. $ 50 B. $100 C. $120 D. $150 118. A hiker starts from point P and walks at a rate of 3 miles per hour. A bicyclist starts from the same point 30 minutes later and travels in the same direction at 5 miles per hour. Which of the following graphs best represents the time and location at which they meet?

122. Use the diagram below to answer the question that follows

Park personnel want to plant wildflowers around a storage building in the park. One ounce of seed mixture is recommended to cover 100 square feet of area. The flower seeds are sold in 0.5-ounce packages. How many packages of wildflower seeds will be needed to cover the area shown? A. 4 packages B. 8 packages C. 13 packages D. 24 packages

Basic Skills sample test  

Here are some sample test questions so that you can see the test for yourself.

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