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Works of Literature

Novel: A Step From Heaven by An Na

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Quarter 2 2012

Date: _____________

This written assignment is in two parts: Part A: Rationale 150 words In this part you need to describe the creative response you have chosen to write and explain why the text type is appropriate to communicating your response successfully. Part B: Response 500-600 words Write a creative response to an aspect of A Step From Heaven that you feel arises from the chapter “Becoming Too American, pg. 103 to 110. This aspect will be the focus of your new text. Note that you must make clear and effective connections with details from the text. At the same time, you must use your own words. Also, think carefully about the text type most suited to communicating the aspect of the novel you have chosen. It is suggested that you focus on an important moment or experience in the novel in your creative response. You must not just copy from the novel. Please note failure to write the minimum number of words will result in a 1 mark penalty.

Text Types: Select your new text type from: • article, column • blog/diary entry • brochure/flyer/leaflet/pamphlet/advertisement • essay • interview in any form • introduction to a speech • news report • report • review • set of instructions, guidelines • written correspondence Checklist 1. Look at the criterion before you begin planning your answer. 2. After you have completed your rationale and response check whether you have achieved the criteria by ticking one of the columns beside the criteria. Criteria



The rationale is clear and directly linked to the literary work


Connections with the text are effective


There is clear evidence of organization


A wide range of vocabulary is used accurately with few significant errors


Some complex sentences are clear and effective


Conventions appropriate to the text type are effective and varied


Not sure

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