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CONVERSATION 1 A: You should play World of Warcraft man. B: F World of warcraft man that’s all you do. You were up till, you didn’t even go to bed one night playing that stupid game. A: Maybe that’s cause warcraft is better than life. B: (laughing) C: Devon A: Whats up? C: I have like never taken a poop before and I am bleeding really bad. A: That’s a shame dbag. B: Why are you so homophobic Devon? A: Do I think that homosexuality is a genetic defect? B: Ya A: Ya B: Is Adams **** on your back a genetic defect? (laughing) A: Are you kidding me! D-dude get off me. C: Take it easy, I don’t think the Kelley School of Business would let you in if you stabbed me. A: Ha I’d be doing the world a favor. One less **** to worry about. C: Oh ya? A: Ya C: Alright. A: Adam beta is having a rush event tonight. C: Ya? A: Mhmm. C: Think you are gonna get in there? A: Do I think that I’m gonna get in Beta? I dunno maybe. B: No.

A: It’s possible. C: You hear that Green and Yellow remix? B:

Ya its gay.

C: Ya there’s only, there’s only one line that I like the, first of all he is a band wagon fan. He talks about, he talks about how the packers are his team when the saints were his team, like he always talks about the saints how he uh, but its uh, I forget, its like gonna cut it off like troy polamalu’s hair, or something. And I thought that that was like really funny and bad ***

Conversation 2 A: So basically, we are not really in charge of anything because we are not, B: No cause its like we are in charge of, A: Well we are in charge of how it works, but not in charged with credit of it? B: Pretty much. We’re just not the famous people. Professor Castronovez like interviewed for the documentary, from my understanding, like like she, like on her uh like on her pitch, like I gave Dan the reading materials, um and right, and I don’t have them on a blank disc so I cant burn them right now but I’ll burn more copies. But the thing is if you look at her credits which is like blah blah blah, you know, concept by such and such, and game design by Edward Castronovez, its like uh cause he totally made it and its not like he just totally handed it off to students and then goes ahaha I totally made it. A: He told me its your job, B: which is cool cause I want to share this with the everyone A: He said publish it, B: I mean but right now, I mean the documentary is not coming out till 2013 so we can argue as much as we want now but it will be a while before it comes out. A: I don’t really care much for the political side of this project, if I get my name on this, and if I get to see, well I don’t expect to see money out of this, but if I could get credit or something to put on my resume and preferably money, I would be happy. MISS PART OF THE CONVERSATION B: Well I told if we get the money and stuff and get the permission of iu I don’t see why we couldn’t get a space there or an office and hold meetings, create some internships for some people MISS PART OF THE CONVERSATION B: Like there is really nothing cumulative and I’d say I quit and, but people would want to do it.

Havlin Conversation Assignment  

T206 Assignment

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