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Moving Images 3rd year Synopsis Sihong






1 Motivation My motivation behind my decision as to why I chose to a documentary film based on a few personal issues on my Chinese heritage as I felt growing up not able to study the language which left me only able to speak some Cantonese but not able to read or write the language since I didn’t have the chance to go to a Chinese school instead I studied in English schools up till now as I felt different from other Chinese kids with their parents having been born in united kingdom I’m grateful but not knowing my own mother tongue language that is what bothers me the most as my parents and it is more of a reason to do this for my documentary film to explore the Chinese arts of calligraphy and learn more about myself during the process. I’m hoping to add in a narrator to be a voice over in my film. 2 Hypothesis/Problem statements The weather isn’t really an issue at hand, the real problem lies within scheduling the meetings as well as having faith in my team to come along and not at the last moment decide to tell me their side of the story or not paying attention to the camera aside from that booking camera and microphones from university might be the case because I don’t have a equipment of my own. What I’m concern the most is shooting on the field and editing the footage and sound afterwards. What assumptions do you have about the project, the process or the environment? The problems I might encounter along the way is probably not enough lightening on the subject and seeing the outcome of my recordings as I’ll be in the shot most of the time with the interviewee and also getting the subtitles to syncing if needed be also if there is interference from outside public it really is going to be tricky but the key to make this a successful documentary lies within communicating the idea across my team and dealing with sound quality as it can be a real problem. 3) Method How do you intend to analyse the problem? What theory, books, and papers have you read that help you to analyse, discuss, and work with the problem? If I feel something is wrong with the shots taken then I’ll reshoot it again properly. Other obstacles such as filming outside in some situations I’ll have my team to be on the lookout. If the person does not want to be interview for any reason then I’ll have to look elsewhere beforehand as getting a hold of a Chinese calligrapher that is willing to be in the film can be really difficult in a nutshell. I followed a few tips from a reliable website to avoid disaster in the preproduction towards finalise the end result of my documentary film. Moreover, if I bump into a mistake I’ll refer back to my storyboard as well as my written script so I know where exactly I’m going wrong. Since I got loads of time on my side I’ll redo some shots and book out the equipment in advance. Above all else it’ll involve a lot of interview techniques and cross shots of the subject and some scenes where I’m going to meet a Chinese calligrapher and talk in depth about the language in general and about me.



being british born chinese