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Table of Contents 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


A. Market Analysis summary

A. Marketing Strategy

B. Product And Service Offering Summary

B. Channels To Market

C. Marketing Summary

C. Branding Strategy

D. Operations Plan Summary

D. Pricing And Sales Projection

E. Organizational Plan Summary E. Finance Strategy And Projections summary

5. OPERATIONS PLAN A. Scope Of Operations B. Distribution

2. COMPANY OVERVIEW A. Mission Statement B. History and Current Status C. Objectives D. The Concept 3. MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS A. The Market B. Drivers And Trends C. Competitor Analysis D. Target Customer Analysis E. Barriers to Entry

EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE 4. PRODUCT AND SERVICE OFFERING A. The Product B. Services C. Legal Issues And Intellectual Property D. Mid-Long Term Development Strategy


C. Timeline 6. ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN A. Management Team B. The Structure C. Additional Staffing 7. FINANCE STRATEGY AND PROJECTIONS A. Summary B. Start Up Cost C. Profit And Loss D. Cash Flow 8. APPENDIXES

Executive Summary development of the software, and 6 months to test and

Market Analysis Summary

Marketing Summary

The educational software market has gradually grown with

The marketing strategy is based on the two versions of the

the increase of technology in our homes and schools.

software – primary and secondary. The primary edition aims

Children and parents are increasingly turning to computers

to have an even focus within all features, while the

and the internet to help improve academic skills. Because

secondary version has more specific focuses. e-motiv will

Organizational Plan Summary

of this, the market is constantly expanding, but at the same

target primary and secondary school students, parents and

time, technology creates more distractions for children,

schools. We will advertise our product predominately in

The three directors of e-motiv come from different

attributing to the growing gap between parents and their

stores, online, and in schools. We also encourage a word of

creative design and awareness of the issues such as

children. Issues such as these have created the market for

mouth program where we reward loyal customers with

educational software.

children's books. Customers who purchase a bundle of the

obesity among children. They are enthusiastic about

From our understanding, there are no direct competitors offering similar products in the Australian market, making our task more challenging and viable.

primary and secondary edition will be offered a promotional

promote the product.

background but are together through their passion for

helping the youth of today get motivated, while reconnecting parents with their children’s progress.

price, with a $30 saving per unit. Being one of the pioneers of this concept in Australia, we predict that e-motiv will do

Our financial director, Hizkia Irwanto Gouw grew up in

well once launched.

Indonesia and is trained as an interior designer. Mohammad Wazir Zamani, our marketing director, has had a wide range

Operations Plan Summary

of experiences working in a number of design related

Product & Service Offering Summary

e-motiv will be responsible for software updates in

industries in Malaysia and Dubai. Lastly, our multimedia

response to bugs, functionality issues and customer

director, William Coverdale is a multimedia designer, with

The product is based on a credit point system, whereby a

suggestions. We are also responsible for replacing and

good skills and knowledge of the industry.

rewards, by completing tasks set by their parents. The software, which can be monitored by parents, graphs a

refunding damaged software, dealing with contracts, processing online orders and ensuring the customer is satisfied with our product.

Finance Strategy And

in the form of a software package, which can be purchased

However, we are not responsible for printing, packaging

Projections Summary

from stores or downloaded online. Available in both primary

and the burning of the product to dvd. Our suppliers will

and secondary editions, the software will motivate young

take care of that, and our transporters will be responsible

people to achieve and follow through with goals, and also

for delivery and shipping.

child’s progress in school or at home. The product comes

reconnect parents with their children’s progress.

We are looking to launch our product in 12 months, taking in to consideration a 6 month allowance for further

We at e-motiv expect to generate about$150,000 in our first year through sales. We will achieve this through implementing our distribution plan. We hope to gain a $50,000 government grant to help develop our product in it’s initial stage. This will help cover our $15,000 start up cost and the remainder will be spent on wages for our developers.



child accumulates points which can be redeemed for



Company Overview Mission Statement e-motiv’s mission is to develop software which is committed to developing young children with active and creative minds. We focus on achieving this through providing a stimulating environment which promotes the physical and social growth of our younger generations. e-motiv is unlike any other company. Not just in the sense of the

Objectives: The objectives our business include: 1. Product e-motiv aims to provide a program which will enable parents to get more connected with their children, whilst allowing them to monitor their children’s status remotely. This software does not just help, but it re-establishes the goal oriented mindset which gives children something to work for.

product, but in the way we run our entire business. As a company we aim to provide after sales service at a far superior level to that offered by our competitors. We also have pride in our software, and we endeavor to reach out to all Australians with affordable, easy to use and inspiring software

History and Current Status e-motiv is in the development stage of the project. Suppliers, skilled staff and clients are all being researched by the founding members. With appropriate funding, we can expect to start our software development in the coming months, and have a beta by the end of year. The history of educational based software is relatively brief. With the


popularity of computer based devices becoming increasingly affordable in recent years, software companies have begun to spring up with a sense of opportunity. Although educational software is a small contributor to overall software sales, many are beginning to reconsider it’s value, and thus sales are increasing. With the popularity of IT and falling literacy and numeracy skills within our younger generations, many are re-thinking the way educational material is delivered. With children spending vast amounts of time on computers, the concept of delivering educational material through IT has become more accepted.. 7

2. Market We aim to draw desired business from individuals and families, retail stores, and educational institutions in order to provide substantial sale figures. 3. Environment We are committed to a role of environmental leadership in all aspects of our trade. E-motiv strives to develop innovative and adaptable solutions that will bring about change. We encourage consumers to share our vision. 4. Other Additionally, we endeavor to provide a service which benefits society, for a competitive price and good follow up service.

The Concept e-motiv’s concept stems from the startling increase in the number of children suffering from the “couch potato culture”. Children these days tend to spend many hours watching television, playing computer games and game consoles. The result of this has been that our younger generation are becoming lazy, unmotivated, lacking social and academic skills and in extreme cases, becoming overweight and obese. Computers, games and new technology have a tendency to distract children. The result of this means that our youth are less inclined to become engagement in social activities. This continual conduct can eventually lead to more serious issues such as lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, and losing their drive to learn. Based on the statistics of a recent survey by the ABS, 32% of children will be obese come 2020, compared to the 12% of today. This statistic is alarming and are an increasing concern for everyone. An article from the Parliament of


32% Projected Child Obesity Rate by 2020

Australia website states that “reports of an ‘obesity epidemic’ appear with increasing frequency and rising concern in Australia.” It can be said that this issue hails from bad parenting, as schools do encourage extracurricular activities, but that is all it is – extra. Parents have to do their part in encouraging their children to engage in more social activities after school hours. This is where the e-motiv system comes into play. As through equipping the parents with the right tools to encourage this participation, we can expect that



a change in behavior would occur.

Market Analysis The Market

Drivers And Trends

The educational software market has

Increasing affordability of technology:

gradually grown with the increase of

This is one of the key contributing factors in why our

technology in our homes and schools.

youth are becoming distracted. As we all know,

Through access to computers in

technology gradually decreases in price, making it

particular, children and parents are

more affordable to younger children and their

increasingly turning to electronic mediums

parents. Today most young people have access to

to help improve academic skills. Although

advanced technologies such as mobile phones,

there’s no statistics that are available on

computers and the internet. With no end in site, we

the growth of such software, it is

have a strong belief that the e-motive software would

understood that this market is constantly

become increasingly important in helping to shape

expanding. This can be attributed to a

our youth as these distractions grow.

number of ongoing issues including the struggle for parents to engage their

Technology is becoming increasingly popular

children in academic studies.

for educational material:

It’s problems such as this that have

Given that most young children are relatively tech

created the market for educational

savvy, it makes sense to create software that can be

software, as it is a mean to reach out and

integrated into the technological world that we live in.

educate our youth through non-traditional

With more and more educational material appearing


within software and on the internet, our younger generation are turning away from books and focusing on electronic material. With more functionality and customization than traditional methods, e-motive offers a solid frame for parents and their children to build upon.

Xbox 360 price history

$ 700 $ 525 $ 350 $ 175 2005




Percentage of households with a computer

70%42% 2006




Competitor Analysis From our understanding, there are no direct competitors that are offering a similar product in the Australian market and potentially any where in the world. This makes our task all the more challenging as their is nothing to compare ourselves to. However, there are a notable companies and concepts that we can take inspiration from.

What Is It?

How Does It Work?

What Are It’s Strengths?

What Are It’s Weaknesses? Is limited to schools. Doesn’t

Students are given points by their A web based application which

teacher for making a contribution to

aims to motivate students

class discussions, achieving good

through an incentive based

results, eating healthy and

reward scheme.

exercising. These points are inputed by the teacher after class.

A very comprehensive system which has had good feedback. Students enjoy the rewards being offered and therefore really respond to the challenges.

address the fact that parents are becoming increasingly disconnected from their children. Also requires allot of extra time for teachers to input the data. Allot of preparation, organization and money is needed

A website which allows parents to access the child's school marks and attendance.

Teachers input the students marks

Helps to reconnect parents with

Complicated user interface. Not

and attendance onto a online

their child’s progress. Marks are

visually appealing. Appears difficult

database. This allows parents to log

always at hand, and students can

to use. Relies heavily on teachers to

on and view their child’s information.

see where they need to improve.

do extra work in inputing data.


Typically a home made job, this is Reward Wall Chart.

placed on the wall and modified

Very simple to use. Doesn't cost

expanded. Can be damaged easily.

when tasks have been completed.

much to make or purchase. Doesn't

Can be tampered with. Doesn't

Stickers are often added to show

require much thought.

graph progress. Very limited in

completed tasks.


Is very limited in it’s capacity to be

overall ability.


to setup.

Target Customer Analysis Primary And Secondary School Students - Are overweight, lacking skills or motivation.

Customer Research Through recently conducted survey’s we have established that 85% of the time, parents would be more likely to purchase the software rather than their children.

- Have a good knowledge on how to operate a computer - The software presents an opportunity to earn rewards through completing tasks and reaching goals

There’s been a growing concern in the amount of time the youth of today are spending on computers, the internet, gaming consoles and mobile phones. With access to these devices becoming increasingly available, the younger generation has

Parents - Are concerned about their children and their development - Offers the tools to motivate and inspire their children to study

become easily distracted and lack motivation to fore fill what’s really important. Parents are beginning to pick up on this, and are becoming concerned that their kids are missing out on important social interaction, both with friends and the wider community.

and become actively involved in their communities - Gives the parent the ability to visually graph their child’s progress - Enables the parent to reconnect with their child Schools

There also appears to be a

strong correlation between these

distractions and the obesity epidemic. Our proposed product will therefore be aimed towards these parents as a means to control and improve their children behavior.

- Are forward thinking - Recognize the growing trend towards electronic mediums. - Presents at a great resource for encouraging students to set goals, and achieve outstanding results in their academic studies - Presents the opportunity to earn money through the sale of the product


Barriers To Entry - Getting the product into shops, book lists and schools: Getting the product into each of these is very important. For it to be sold in a store, it will need to meet any software standards. To be placed on book lists or book clubs catalogs, we will need to prove to the publishers that this is an essential piece of software that has lasting and positive effects on children. This will be achieved through surveys and reports on the success stories we receive from our trial families. This will also be fundamental in getting schools to endorse our products. - Ensuring the software is bug free before distribution: This is a very important issue that we will need to overcome. We plan to test the product over 4 to 6 months both internally and through our trial families. This will ensure that any significant bugs within the application will be removed. As with all software, updates will be issued to the users via the internet if any issues arise - International Regulations: If we plan on distributing this product internationally, we will need to ensure the we comply with the standards set on exporting and selling software overseas. This shouldn't be too much of a problem as there’s always the option of selling online which would bypass any difficulties we have getting it into stores. However we would hope to achieve this. - Languages and overall package function for international audience: sold. If it is sold in non-english speaking countries, then obviously we will need to modify the software. Some information may also need to be changed to adapt to the the language differences. i.e.; spelling ‘mum’ as ‘mom’ for a US market.



As expected, we will need to tailor our product according to where it is being

Product And Services The Product

Primary Edition

Secondary Edition

2 Copies




What does it do? / How it works? - A credit point system, whereby a child accumulates points through completing tasks set by their parents. - Once a certain number of points are earned, the child can then redeem these for a set reward. - Parents could set tasks such as joining a group, achieving a distinction in a test, reading an entire book or completing homework. And could offer rewards such as a weekend getaway, a new pair of shoes, or an music c.d. - Graphs a child's progress, through the input of their school marks. This enables parents to visually see improvement in their academic studies and also which area’s need work. -Comes in the form of a software package which would be installed on the users computer. Alternatively, the user can also access the software via an internet. The site would have a similar user interface and contain many of the features of the desktop version. It would be programed to sync between one another to ensure both the desktop version and the web application contain the same information. - Available in two editions. Primary and Secondary. Both versions will have similar functions. However the secondary edition would have a greater focus on graphing capabilities than the Primary, as school marks play a much more significant role during secondary college. Additionally, the interface will be slightly different in terms of color and overall layout. This means that it will be better suited for the intended user. This also has the potential to increase our sales, as it would be recommended for the next version to be purchased when the child enters secondary college.

What are the benefits? - Motivates young people to achieve goals and improve their skills. This can be gained through the flexibility of the software allowing parents to focus on particular area’s. - Can help tackle the obesity epidemic. This can be achieved through exercise related goal/task setting. - Reconnects parent with their child's progress at school through the graphing of information



Software Interface


Medium To Long Term Development Strategy:


YEAR 1 - 2

What does it do? / How it works?

What are the benefits? There are a number benefits for having such extensive

Website: - Here the customer is able to purchase the product through the online store. - Once a unit has been bought, the user has access to forums where members can report issues, discuss their experiences and talk about anything related to the product. - There will also be online support for customers with software related questions.

assistance being offered - We are able to develop a relationship with our customers and build brand loyalty - We would encourage our existing customer base

Workshops: These will be offered to organizations and institutions which bulk buy our product or

product for all parents.

- Through constant discussion, we are able to pin point and services

- Although we encourage our customers to consult online material first, we will have limited over the phone service.

- Polish the software and web site - Issue updates YEAR 3 - 4 - Develop mobile application (for

improvements that can be made to both our products

Over The Phone:

- Make a profit

to spread the word to friends and family

become a reseller. This will give the opportunity for a company representative to interact with our customers through educating and promoting our software as and essential

- Establish the business.

- This assistance means people can buy our product knowing that they are fully covered

smart phones) - Develop, polish and distribute a third version aimed at businesses - Develop, polish and distribute a forth version aimed to be used in schools

The e-motiv name and logo:

Color Scheme.

The name e-motiv comes from the combination of two

These color, as featured in the software packing,

words. Electronic, because of the nature of the product

are our color palette which will be used through

being software based. And motivate, because of its ability

out our entire operation. These will help to appeal

to motivate it users.

to our customer base and make the user feel comfortable using the software.

In developing the logo, we wanted something that appealed to both children and parents. The bright color and smooth shape of the logo make it appealing to children. Whilst the modern and slick type face give it the credibility needed to help sell to parents.


- Issue updates. YEAR 5 - 6 - Continue building upon all version - Develop international copies of the software to be distributed worldwide. - Investigate a version 2.0 for all software.

Intellectual Property

Australian Standards

In order to protect the e-motiv concept and everything it contains, we will

To ensure that our operations run smoothly, we will commit to the standards set by

apply for a number of trademarks.

the Australian government.


Australian Guidelines for e-commerce

e-motiv will be a registered trademark of the company. As the registered owner, the company will have the right to the exclusive use of the mark in relation to the products and services for which it is registered. It will be registered in Class 41, which is in the ranges of education, providing training,

The guideline applies to all e-commerce activity in Australia. According to the guidelines, there are some regulations that the e-motiv website has to provide to create e-commerce transaction.

entertainment, sporting and cultural activity. This will also allow the company to prevent unauthorized use of the mark in similar products and services or different products and services.

Business should give consumers the opportunity to let them know the purpose for which they require the product or service or the result they wish to achieve.

Copyright e-motiv will use copyright to prevent the unauthorized reproduction and

Consumers should be able to retain a record of any order, transaction confirmation, or acceptance of any offer they make.

adaption of our software program and the contents of the website. It will give

Business have to keep the privacy of the customer

the owners an exclusive right to copy, publish, perform, sell, license or export

Business has to make sure the customers know the payment

copyright protected creations.

mechanism and the security of it. •

Engaging with minors (Disable and children)

According to the guidelines, there are some regulations for the website within Australia, regarding the personal information collection of the users. •

The websites should display the privacy statements, of what is the purpose of the personal collection.

The information that is collected, should protected by such security safeguards for the purpose to protect against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure and other misuse.



Guidelines for Federal and ACT Government Websites

Marketing Marketing Strategy

Traditional printed material which

We will heavy advertise our products

Having schools endorse our product will

Word of mouth will also be encourage

would be found in shops,

throughout the internet. Places will

reinforce our creditability as an educational

via referral incentives offered to

magazines and on flyers.

include our very own website,

software company and open the door to

customers who spread the word. For

educational forums and relevant

the majority of our potential customers.

example, tell three friends and receive a

website advertising space.

This could come in the form of having our

free children's book.

product on book lists, in book club catalogs and even sold directly by the school.

As mentioned above, the product would initially come in two versions. One for primary and one for secondary school students. The marketing strategy will be based accordingly with certain features being advertised more prominently than others depending on the predicted customer. Primary editions will have an even focus between all features, whilst the secondary edition will focus on it’s ability to set goals and graph academic studies. Of course, the main aim of our marketing will be to promote the benefits this system has on its users. Through encouraging parents to think about what a difference our software would have on their children.


SWOT Analysis Strengths


- No major competitors

- Schools getting onboard would have a very positive effect

- Strong need amongst the community

- Government endorsement could see this product become recognized as

- Won’t become obsolete because of changing technologies or any major market or social changes

a credible piece of educational software - Many of the issues being faced by Australian families in regard to child behavior is being felt across the whole world. Making it possibly to potentially distribute the software internationally.


- The initial team has little business experience which will make it challenging at times. However this can easily be fixed through hiring a PR. - We also have little software programming experience. A key part of making this project work. We will need to hire someone that


- Another company entering the market with a very similar product - Piracy is another issue that we will need to dealt with. Big corporations spend million trying to stop piracy of their products. However usually fail. We would hope to reduce this threat via the user needing to create and account before using the software.


can teach us a few things along the way.


Channels To Market Our software will be channeled through a number of markets to increase our unit sales.

In Store: This could range from places

Schools: We will encourage schools to

Community Groups: Participation by

The Internet: With todays popularity of

such as electrical sales stores, news

endorse and therefore help to sell our

these groups will be encouraged also

online sales, it makes sense to develop a

agents, IT businesses and department

product as a means of improving

through sales incentives. Groups that

product that can be easily purchased

stores. It would be available on the

motivation within the schools student

may be interested in purchasing and

and downloaded via our website.

shelf and sell just like any other

community. School will potentially

distributing the product could include

Customers will be asked to fill out a form

product. In store copies would contain

become a distributer of the product

scouts groups, football teams and other

with all relevant information, and will be

a cd/dvd and printed manual material

through making it available for parents to

community groups who all aim to

encouraged to supply feedback through

to help the user with the initial setup

purchase on site. This will be further

improve the participants output.

our online form. The manual for the

and any problem that could be

encouraged through incentive programs

Workshops would also be offered to

software will come as a PDF, which can


where rewards are given to the schools

groups that have shown commitment

be printed if needed.

depending on the number of units sold.

and enthusiasm towards our product.

Furthermore, schools and parents will be encouraged to come along to free workshops to introduce the software to both those who have purchased, and those who might be interested. This will strengthen our brand image and help to develop a positive relationship with our customers.


Branding Strategy

Our Branding strategy will heavily revolve around these

The Software

characteristics. This will be essential in helping to build our

Having the software appear fun and enjoyable will be an essential aspect that will make it a hit

business identity. These characteristics will run throughout our

with it’s users. Typically anything with data entry, graphing capabilities and lists, appear boring

entire business both in our products, our corporate identity and

and uninspiring. However for our product we will endeavor to strike a balance between the

the way we operate.

technical and fun aspects of the interface and functionality. Thought will be given to the color pallet used for both the primary and secondary editions, to ensure that the projected user can feel comfortable with the software. The high flexibility of our product is a quality that we will also heavily promote. Because traditional task/point systems (simple white boards or a piece of paper on the fridge) are simple and easy to use, we will also need to advertise heavily that it just as easy, more



comprehensive and even more convenient. The Corporate Identity Though our customers will predominately see us through our software and packaging, it will be equally as important to ensure that our image transcends through to our corporate identity. Our logo already incorporates a few of these values. Educational, Fun, Empowering. But the

Easy To Use


branding will go further than this. The set values will be implemented all the way through our advertising, promotional material, business cards and business documents. All values will be considered when developing our advertising material. Our Operations


Our values wont just stretch to advertising and our product, but also throughout our entire operation. From the way we pick up the phone, respond to emails, deal with customers and run our workshops, we will constantly strive to reflect our six values. This will be one of our competitive edges.




Advertising And Promotion e-motiv will advertise in predominately three place. In-store, online and within schools.

Promotion: We will encourage a word of mouth incentive program where if parents gets three others to purchase the product than their entitled to a free children's book. Similarly, if a


school reaches a certain number of units sold, they to will be given books to go towards the library. In Store: This will be in the form of posters, flyers and the packaging of the product it’s self. We will try to attract people through eye catching design, and encourage them to take away a flyer. The printed material will have a basic rundown of the softwares purpose and will be directed towards parents who feel they are losing control of their children and would like to see improvement in particular areas. Schools, community groups and other large bulk buyers will also be offered a free Online:

workshop for potential customers to be given a presentation and demonstration on how

Online advertising will predominately come through our website.

the software works. Sales will increase through this proposed concept. And will also allow

Online advertising space will be considered, however it can be an

us to develop a relationship with our customers through interaction.

expensive process and doesn’t guarantee traffic. Alternatively we would advertise our product for free within forums, social networking sites and blogs. We will also send our press releases to appropriate websites and publications to create some free publicity. Schools: This would come in the form of posters around the school,

Bundled software containing both primary and secondary editions will offered at $110

broachers being sent home with newsletters and the workshops

per unit, A saving of $30 if purchased separately.

we will facilitate to demonstrate our product to the community. Additionally, schools will be offered the software at discounted prices (between 5% and 10%), with the school entitled to either pass the saving on the families or pocket the discount themselves. This will furthermore develop a healthy relationships between us and the schools.


Educational Software Pricing:

e-motiv will retail for $70 both for the primary and secondary editions. We believe that this is a reasonable price to pay for the potential benefits families can expect to see. It is also important to remember that this product is not simply a desktop application, but also an internet based app which can be accessed when away from home. Additionally, our after sales support needs to be included within the price, as this is something rarely offered by other companies.

Expected Sales In The First 12 Months:

900 675 450 225 0

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Bellow are a few educational software packages that will help to reinforce our pricing strategy:

towards both primary and secondary school students. The software helps young people to better understand maths equations. And is tailored for children in primary school. The package retails for $69.95

This biology software package is focused for year 7 to 9’s. Developed by a well respected software company, this product is a great example of the quality we hope to achieve in e-motiv. This software has been recognized by schools and text book based companies, and therefore has had the great opportunity to market through these avenues. The package retails for $79.95

Words Rock! is a spelling and grammar based application which is aimed towards younger primary students. Directed to all families of all different backgrounds, this product offers a very affordable product. The package retails for $49.95


Expected sales


Expected unit sold







































Maths practice is a mathematics based application which is aimed

Operational Plan Scope Of Operations


WE DO: - Software updates in response to bugs, functionality issues and suggestions. - Replacing and refunding any damaged software to customers. - Business related content such as contracts, dealing with personal information and processing of online orders. - Ensure the customer is happy with the product and that it is having a positive effect on its users.

WE DON�T: - Printing, packaging and burning of our product to dvd. We hand the content to the supplier,

In Store


and it is their responsibility to create what we expect. - Shipping is the same. Although it is ultimately our product that would lose out if deliveries are not made, it is the responsibility of the transporter to deliver products to store on time.

Community Groups


On-line Sales


Timeline We would hope to be launching the package in 12 months time. This would allow 6 months of developing and a further 6 months to test and promote the product.

June 09

Jan 10

June 10

- Family Trials

- Distribution

- Organize Suppliers

- Bug Fixes

- Advertising

- Talk With Schools

- Promoting


- Development


Organizational Plan Management Team

Hizkia Irwanto Gouw Gender : Male Nationality : Indonesian

Mohammad Wazir Zamani Gender : Male Nationality : Malaysian

Education : - Bachelor of Interior Architecture (2007) - Bachelor of Interior Design (2009)

Education: - Diploma in Communication Design (2002 ) - Diploma in Interior Design (2008 )

Company Role: Finance Director Hizkia grew up in Indonesia and is passionate about good design. As a trained interior designer, he learned to meet deadlines and budget. His past experience as a junior/freelance interior designer, has taught him essential skills in handling finances and the importance of running to schedule. Being an interior designer, Hizkia has a eye for detail. No bump will be overlooked and our entire operation, in particular our finances, will be studied carefully.

- Bachelor of Interior Design (2009) Company Role : Marketing Director Wazir has had a wide range of experiences over the years through working in a number of design related industries. He has worked in Dubai as a junior graphic designer and Kuala Lumpur as a junior interior designer. His work experiences in these diverse countries makes him the right person for the marketing job. His ability to communicate with people of all

As finance director, Hizkia will be responsible for keeping our operations to budget and in

backgrounds is a great asset for the company. And with skills in a number of mediums, the

good position. Hizkia’s honesty, sense of responsibility, and his ability to work under pressure

company has the potential to tap into these competencies if needed.

makes him perfect for this position. Roles will include updating our records or sales, profits, losses, bills and everything else that is finance related. Hizkia’s responsible nature will ensure that money is saved and spent responsibly. This will be essential in helping to further fund development on existing and future products. Hizkia will present quarterly presentations to the company, to update the members on how our finances are going. The first year of trade is expected to be tough, but come June 2010, we expect to be earning a respectable profit. 25

As a director, Wazir will be able to draw upon these experiences to help market the product in the best possible manner. His attention to detail will ensure nothing is overlooked. And his broad design skills will be drawn upon to market the product though all mediums. Hizkia will play an essential role helping to sell our product. Through being a representative of the company, Hizkia will meet with schools, groups and parents to broaden our customer base. He will also be responsible for developing marketing campaigns and our advertising.

Structure e-motiv is a partnership company between the three founders; Hizkia Irwanto Gouw, William Coverdale, and Mohammad Wazir Zamani. Although e-motiv is a partnership company, each partner will take different roles with in the business structure. The role’s were distributed according to each members skills and past experiences. This will ensure that each member is participating in most effective way.

William Coverdale Apart from the three founders, e-motiv will seek the help of a number of professionals to Gender : Male

develop the technical aspects of the software. This information is provided on the following page.

Nationality : Australian

These are the description of each founders roles:

Education : Bachelor of Multimedia Design (2009)

- Hizkia Irwanto Gouw - Keeping track on budgeting and the company cash flow.

Company Role: Multimedia Director

- William Coverdale - Ensure the software will be designed and the running well.

William grew up with a passion for creative design. He discovered this at a young age

- Mohammad Wazir Zamani - Analyze the marketing of the business.

and has constantly developed his skills and knowledge of the industry. William has been freelancing whilst studying design at Swinburne University, in which he will complete his degree by the end of 2009. With this experience, William knows how to manage deadlines and the importance of constantly pushing the standard. Through his ideas effectively. This will be very beneficial for our company as one of his roles will be to talk with our customers about improvements. William’s roles will include designing advertising and promotional material, working on the website, designing the software interface and will also act as a company representative. This will mean he (like Wazir) will meet the customers, answer questions, and hold workshops. William’s diverse skills will enable him to be actively involved not just in design, but also the companies operations.



working as a freelance, William has had many clients and knows how to communicate

Additional Staffing The company will hire staff to help the owners run the business. However, there will be only one full-timer that is obviously needed, which is a programmer, because he/she will be essential for the operation of e-motiv. In addition, there is also a few staff that will be hired as a part-timers, in order to help the directors run the business. These are the lists of the staff that will be hired:

Full-timer - Programmer/IT - Maintain the operation of the website and software.

Part-timer Graphic Designer - Design the software layout, packaging, and branding. Office Administration - Sales, book keeping, customer inquiries. Public Relation -Help the marketing director to meet the potential clients.

As a full-timer, the programmer will have the work hours from 9 am until 5 p.m. on weekdays. On weekends, if further work is required by the company, he/she will be paid per hour.



Hizkia Irwanto Gouw

William Coverdale

Mohammad Wazir Zamani

Full Time Developer

Part Time Admin

Part Time Public Relations


Part Time Graphic


Finance Plan e-motiv will earn profit through sales from retail stores, online purchases and schools. This will be the source of income for e-motiv in its first year. In the future, e-motiv will generate profits not only through sales but also advertising. E-motiv plans to sell advertising space to other companies who want to advertise their business/service/products through the software and website owned by e-motiv. This will help increase e-motiv net profit. e-motiv expected to generate around $

150,002 in its first year through sales.

Cost To Start Up e-motiv e-motiv will apply for a government grant of $

50,000. The grant is called COMET

(Commercializing Emerging Technologies), and the requirements are suitable for e-motiv, as it is working under small business program. In addition each director will pitch in

$ 5,000.

This money is needed in order to start up the business and to ensure that the business will be able to run smoothly without any financial difficulties in its first year. Below is the necessary expenditure of e-motiv before its opening.


$ 3,289


$ 10,000

Office Rent

$ 1,500


$ 1.000

+ Total


$ 15, 789

Profit and Loss e-motiv will break even at the beginning of


the month two of operations


Cash Flow Balance Sales from retail stores and online purchases will paid up front, although for the wholesaler, e-motiv will give thirty days for the buyer to pay for it. Furthermore for the packaging, manufacturing process, and transportation, e-motiv will have thirty days to pay for the services.




Appendices Images:


src=quick&contractUrl=2&assetType=image&family=creative&phrase=family%20computer MPj04026250000%5B1%5D.jpg j0426562.191125212_std.jpg article-1133707-034727EA000005DC-156_468x333.jpg %20icons&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi











William Coverdale - - 0437044243

Hizkia Irwanto Gouw - 0420724425

Mohammad Wazir Zamani - - 0437211564



e-motiv Bussiness Plan  

e-motiv’s mission is to develop software which is committed to developing young children with active and creative minds. We focus on achievi...

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