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EGYPT●TUNISIA UPRISING Time for Real Change, Time for the Islamic Khilafah ‘The Best Jihad is to speak the word of truth to the tyrant ruler’ The events in Tunisia and Egypt have truly shown the amazing determination of the people to speak the truth against the tyrant rulers. For decades kings, dictators, tyrants and crony ‘democrats’ have ruled the Muslim Ummah, looted the Ummah’s wealth, and allowed the Western powers to steal our resources and occupy our lands. The Muslim Ummah from Indonesia to Tunisia from Uzbekistan to Pakistan have had enough of the oppression of these rulers. Corruption, unemployment, poverty, lack of education, insecurity, sectarianism and violence have been the everyday life of the people for as long as we can remember. We have tried so called ‘democracy’ in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iraq and we have seen the fruits. Whereas in the past one tyrant and his family would loot the wealth, now we have a whole cabal of socalled ‘democrats’ who are looting our wealth and pushing our countries into sectarian chaos. ‘Democracy’ is nothing more than a mirage that the West trumpets to give people the feeling that there is change. They only allow democracy if elections bring to power those they want. Zardari, Hasina, Karzai, Maliki and Erdogan are the products of this democracy. Elections in a system that is so inherently corruptible does nothing more than to give legitimacy to those who serve Western interests. The Ummah needs and is crying for change. This change will only come when we go back to our basis as an Ummah – that is Islam. Establishing the Islamic system of government – the Khilafah - is the only way that this Ummah can regain her position as a nation amongst nations.

The Muslims in Egypt and Tunisia dodged tanks and water canons to speak the truth against these tyrants. Brothers and Sisters, are we going to keep silent or will we rise to act upon the words of the Messenger (salallahu alaihi wasallam)? We must show solidarity with the rest of our Ummah by calling for the real change that the Ummah needs. The call for Khilafah must be raised from all corners of the Earth. Our role here is to refute the attacks on Islam and Khilafah and present how the Khilafah can bring the much desired change not only in the Muslim world but the world over. Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

Rulers with integrity, accountable government, just laws, an end to gross inequality and poverty, and an end to occupation are just some of the fruits of living under the Islamic system where the Khalifah is a servant of the people, contracted through the bayah to implement laws emanating from the Quran and Sunnah, as opposed to what him and his masters desire.


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