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The end of the academic year is coming and plenty of things have happened and been done in our high school. Now, it is time for our students to tell how they have lived those moments and what their impressions are through the articles we are releasing in this second edition of The Student’s Cavern.

With this new number, we invite you again to get into the ‘Cavern’ and taste the pages where students have covered lots of topics ranging from school activities to self- creation essays. So, you will find articles related to education, science, culture, etc. It is not possible to make all the educational members participate in all of the school activities at the same time, so this is the place where everybody will be able to find that information under the participant students’ points of view. They have worked hard to be able to write and transmit their ideas in a language that is not their mother tongue and they got it. Using the English language makes themselves integrate in a society where the management of the lingua franca will allow them to open lots of doors in their future, making them confident and willing of belonging to a world full of opportunities. Writing skill is very important not only for academic purposes but also to communicate one’s emotions in a proper way. No matter which language is used, the ability to express your thoughts or feelings and get the reader feel the same is just ‘Art’. That is the reason why this time we have also welcomed to our magazine creations in other languages and so, you will also find interesting and nice pieces written in Spanish. They show that our high school is full of ‘writers’ who can run stories full of passion and sensibility. As well as the digital and the printed version of the school magazine, you can also read the online blog version at (where you will find the back issues from the previous edition). We hope you enjoy reading and invite you all to participate in our next number. If you do not dare just take into account what North American writer Anne Lamott said: “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere”. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go. All of us can write marvellous things. Eva Raquel Rivero Cabrera

JUNE 2017

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The Student’s Cavern English Digital Magazine IES Mesa y López Magazine cover: Ana Afonso, Alessia Chirico, Stephanie Gundan, María Torrent (4ºA), Clara McCaffrey and Rita Reyes (3ºA) Blog designers ( Adrián Pérez and Saúl Santana (4ºA)

Cover photography: Pino Llinares (Spanish Language Department) and Eva Raquel Rivero Cabrera (English Department) Photo Editing and Retouching: Saúl Santana and Adrián Pérez (4ºA) Layout and Project manager: Eva Raquel Rivero Cabrera (English Department)

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CONTENTS Hiking ‘Barranco Guiniguada’ ……………………………………… 4 Exachanging with Germany ……………………………………….. 5 Discovering Paris ………………………………………………………… 6 Internship in English: Lucía and Adil ……………………………. 8

Education fair at IES Mesa y López ……………………………. 10 Building peace with Alberto Hugo Rojas …………………… 11 Peace under construction .………………………………………… 12 Mind tea …………………………………………………………………… 16 The reality of my high school ……………………………………. 17 Helping ………………………………………………………………….….. 19 Being equal ………………………………………………………………. 20 Peace, love and good vibrations ………………………………… 21

Interculturalism at IES Mesa y López …………………………. 22 Trip to the past …………………………………………………………. 23 United by maths ………………………………………………………. 26 Science Survey ………………………………………………………….. 27 Extracting DNA from cells …………………………………………. 27 Garbology …………………………………………………………………. 28 Science at Santa Catalina park ……………………………….….. 28 Visit to the Elder Museum …………………………………….…… 29

Learning with videogames ..………………………………………. 29 4th year ESO meeting ………………………………………….……. 30 Manga convention …………………………………………….………. 31 Lucy’s iris …………………………………………………………….……. 31 Educational talk on British culture …………………….………. 32 Irish legends: The Giant’s Causaway and Hag’s Head…. 33 Black Friday ………………………………………………………………. 34 Curious things ……………………………………………………………. 35

Anime for summer time …………………………………………… 36 Books: my favourite ones …………………………………………. 37 Reviews: ‘Figuras ocultas’ (Hidden figures)………………… 38 Relatos de la Caverna: Mi vida en cien palabras …….…. 42 Relatos de la Caverna: Relatos al límite ……………………… 44 Reinterpretación de Hansel y Gretel ………………………… 46 June 2017

EDUCATION Hiking ’BARRANCO DE LOS CERNÍCALOS’ by Ana Afonso - 4ºA In our high school, coexisting in harmony among schoolmates is very important so that we can transform our stressful and routine lessons into something funny We

and enjoyable. This year in my group class many of us didn't know each other because lots of us came from different high schools and countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Senegal, Ecuador).

enjoyed a beautiful landscape

since it had been

That is why our tutor teacher, together with other


teachers, organized a trip to the Kestrels Ravine so we


could share some moments together and get to know each another a bit better. Groups of 4th ESO,


Bachillerato and 2nd Bachillerato comprised the group. We took a bus to Telde to start our hiking trip through “Barranco de los Cernícalos” (Kestrel Ravine).

fast, we were chatting for a while and later we kept

The place was very nice, it had been raining recently and

on our way. For a moment we got a bit confused with

we could enjoy the green landscape. Some of the paths

the path to follow but immediately we took the right

were very narrow but with our colleagues and teachers’

direction. We wanted to visit a small waterfall on

help we could overcome difficult walkways. Then, we

top. Some of us couldn't get there because the path

stopped in a flat surface to take some pictures and have a

was quite hard. However, the people who managed


to get there had a refreshing swim although it was so Along the way we could observe different reliefs,

plants and animals. We had to cross some streams with the help of some logs lying on them.

cold that day. After seeing the waterfall, we returned to the coach that would take us back to Las Palmas.

As we were

It was a day full of emotions, fun and laughter.

walking we were joking, laughing and singing. We did a

We should do it more often to promote exercise and

second stop. We stopped to have a rest and some break-

good feeling among the students. It was a great day!

On the right, the students and teachers in a moment of rest during the hiking

4 The Student’s Cavern

EXCHANGING WITH GERMANY by Valentina Pardo and Ana Afonso- 4ºA In our high school the teacher of German has carried out an exchange students project for eleven years. It consists on a group of German students who come to Gran Canaria to meet students at the high school and live the experience of living in the house with them. Then, we would visit them in their homes. This year they have stayed for ten days. My partner’s name is Katharina and she is sixteen years old. We have many things in common: she is very friendly, nice and beautiful, but sometimes she is a bit messy and I don’t like that. The first day here we all had a breakfast together in the library of the high school. There was a lot of typical food from the island and it was a time for each other to get closer. Then, we carried out different activities where our colleagues could know the island. We did a hike to

Roque Nublo, we went to Anfi del Mar beach in the south of Gran Canaria... This day I had a great time because I love the beach and I needed a day to relax with my friends. However, my German partner got a sea urchin spike in her foot and I was very worried but finally everything was ok and we could go on enjoying the day. Then, we went to the dunes of Maspalomas. Nelly said that if you walk the Dunes you spoil the ecosystem.

I have learnt some things from the German society that I did not know. Punctuality for them is very important, not being punctual for them is a rude behaviour. They also said to us that they do not greet each other with kisses, they just shake hands. They also told us that they celebrate the most popular beer festival in the world in Munich every first Saturday after September 15 and lasts between 16 and 18 years. It has been a great experience. I have had the opportunity to know people from other country, I have known at high school that you had never spoken, I have practiced German and English. We are looking forward to go to German. It is our turn now to visit them.

Walking the dunes of Maspalomas with the German students.

IES Mesa y López 5

EDUCATION Discovering paris by Stephanie Gundan and Andrea Naranjo - 4ºA Travelling is important because it guarantees us to see the world from another perspective, and also allows us to discover new traditions and cultures.Last March some students of French went on a five days trip to Paris, France. Every day, we had different activities.


teachers said that it had been the best trip that they had organized so we were very lucky. We left our island in the morning, we flew four hours and we arrived in the airport of Paris, Orly, in the afternoon. From the airport we went to the Bateaux Mouches, an outdoors boat sailing in the Senna River. We sailed the Senna River on a boat and we saw different important buildings and structures of the city. The guide told us it was a sea route where the transport ships passed by. The best part of all was when we went again at night and enjoyed the amazing views of the enlightening city and the Eiffel tower illuminated by hundreds of lights. Later, we went to a restaurant and we had dinner. The food wasn't very good but we were hungry and tired. After that, we went to our hotel and the hotel staff welcomed us. We loved the hotel because it was comfortable and beautiful, also because the hotel was at the centre of the city so we had great views from our windows.

At the Molin Rouge, marked by the red windmill on its roof. we went to a café where a very famous film was shot in France. We also visited some contemporary art galleries and went to a very famous neighborhood in Paris called Montmartre, the French teacher said






Afterwards, we went to La Sacre Coeur, a very big cathedral and from where we could see the whole city and finally we went to the Cathedral of Notre The second day we went on a hike to see the city


on foot. My friends complained that it had been the most

That day we had an amazing hot dog for

tiring day of the trip. First we visited area where the

lunch, my friends said that it was the best hot dog

Moulin Rouge is, this was a site for cabaret shows. Then,

that they had had.

6 The Student’s Cavern

The third day of our trip was great! We did many ac-

Finally, we had to go to the airport and we were

tivities. We entered into an enormous Apple Store and

all sad and wishing to go back to our hotels. I had so

then we went to the Louvre museum. It is huge and

much fun also because every night we had a pyjama

gorgeous, we saw the famous Mona Lisa and some

party and we laughed a lot. I loved our luxury dinners

other very important paintings and sculptures. The

in an Italian restaurant, its food was delicious.

museum was full of tourists and most of them were Asians. We also went to the Eiffel Tower, we went up to the second floor on foot and we enjoyed an incredible view: you can see all thecity from there!

This trip was the best trip I have ever had. Since

I was a child I had wished to go to Paris and my dream has been accomplished and so for my friends. We had a great time, we laughed all together, made jokes to

Then, our teachers let us some time for shopping but

the teachers, met some new friends, took hundreds of

we bought only a few things because they were very

pictures and just had this unforgettable experience. I

expensive in those big and luxurious stores.

wish we could have this trip again, maybe to London

My favorite day, fourth day, we went to Disney-

next year, so I could go with my friends again!

land!. My dream had finally came true. My friends and I were very excited, I had a lot of fun and we were laughing the whole day. The rides in Disneyland were frightening at first but after we rode on we needed to go back because they were very fun! Disneyland was magical and I was very excited because it had been my dream since I was a kid. I bought a lot of souvenirs for me, my friends and family. Finally, we had to go back to our hotel although we didn't want to leave. Anyway, we were so sad and tired that we all fell asleep in the bus. Our last day, we were all wishing to stay one more day or even a week because we all had in mind that we were leaving that day. We went to the palace of Versailles. It is very big and amazing because kings, queens and royal people lived in there. Then, we visited the gardens. They are also very big, even bigger than all Mesa y Lopez street. Our teacher let us finally go shopping, the shopping center was big and

we got lost (hahaha).

IES Mesa y LĂłpezď‚Ž 7

EDUCATION Internship in english: lucía by Alba Rguez., Ana Afonso, Adrián Pérez, Stephanie Gundan and Luciano Brites - 4ºA This year some University students came to do their

Lucía was sent to our school so she can practice

internship to be able to be teachers in the future. At the

teaching students like us. The first time she came to

English class, there were two ones that graduated with a

our class she was a bit nervous. ‘I didn't know how

degree in English Language and they helped us in our

the teenagers would react, if they would pay


attention or they would talk too much, but in the end

One of them is Lucía, she was very nice and we

talked to her. ‘Why did you decide to study English?- we asked. ‘Well, when I was a kid my dream was to be an English

everything went well’. She tried to be in the shoes of

the students because she was like us a short time ago. She tried not to be hard with us and actually she was very comprehensible and patient.

teacher and also an organizer of events. I have always liked languages so when I grew up I decided to study languages.’- Lucía answered. ‘So, what did you study exactly?’ - ‘I studied Translating and Interpreting’ ‘What did you have to study in the degree? I had to

study Spanish, English and German. I have to say that if you want to study languages you have to like languages and practice a lot because it is not that easy. You need to get to be accurate and fluent if you want to be good at it Lucía studied at the University of Salamanca and the

‘What do you think about this group of students in

teachers there were very hard with her. ‘You need to

4ºA?’- we asked her. ‘You participate a lot in the

have much patience, have time and ignore distractions

activities and projects your teacher gives you, you

because to study languages a great effort is required’,

help each other when someone has a trouble with the

Lucía commented to us.

subject and you work very hard.’, Lucía said.

Besides the University of Salamanca, she has studied

Lucía has studied two masters, one as an

in other places too, so she has got a lot of friends from

interpreter and translator and the other one as an

different places of the world, but she didn´t have too

organizer of events. In the future she would like to be

much time to go out and have fun with them and she

an organizer of events and as a second option an

would have liked to have more time for that .

English teacher or interpreter and translator. We are glad that we had Lucía in our class because she helped us many times and she was very sweet and nice with us.

Lucía was doing her internship at IES Mesa y López for two months observing and teaching in some classes.

8 The Student’s Cavern

Internship in english: adil by Alessia Chiricco, Andrea Naranjo, Christine Mae, Saúl Santana and María Torrent - 4ºA Adil is a 21years old boy who studied Modern Languages and has been at our high school doing his internship. Before going to the university, he studied at our high school; he did a bachelor of humanities. He told us that he sees that our high school has changed but it is still a very good centre. He has encouraged us to try to get a

good English level and not to be ashamed of trying to speak, for example, just because we are afraid of making mistakes, we need to be perseverant and with time we will improve and do it better. He studied Modern Languages, and most of the subjects were about English and American culture, history and also the study of different languages. He has liked

Adil studied Modern Languages at

a lot. Another important subject is methodology. He

University of Las Palmas. Now he is

thinks that being a teacher seems difficult but it´s also

applying for a job as a language

great to have the chance of helping people to learn a lan-

assistant in California

guage. Speaking English is also important because it may help us to get a job in other countries. In fact, he has asked for a scholarship to go to California and there he will have the chance to improve his English and work

because sometimes it can be difficult to keep thirty

teaching English or Spanish too.

teenagers quite, motivated and paying attention for

Adil has had a lot of fun at our high school and he

an hour . Anyway, he has liked the experience a lot

has learnt a lot from our English teacher Eva, who has

and had wished to be with us for longer. Teaching

given some advice about how to teach people of our age,

English is definitely an option for his future.

IES Mesa y López  9

EDUCATION ‘Resource GUIDE project’ at the Education fair by Adrián Pérez- 4ºA At the beginning of March, we were told that we

the main health, educational, social, sports and cul-

could show the project ‘ Resource Guide’ of IES Mesa

tural resources are located in the area. This way, new

and López in one of the stands set at the Education

students, their families or even teachers can get infor-

Fair that was going to be held at our high school.

mation of the resources nearby the high school. We

Saúl and I thought it was a very interesting idea so we decided to do it. The Educational Fair took place between 30 and

also showed the people the digital guide and the MyLoc


page that Saúl

31 March. In this fair, some high schools as well as




some universities, different business from the area and

carrying out.

vocational courses centers participated: IES La Isleta,

If you want to

IES El Rincón, IES Tony Gallardo, IES La Minilla

have a look to it

and IES Mesa y López with the aim of showing the

just click on :

educational offer of the area.

http:// for the Digital book and

guia for the web page. The people had a great time at the stands (riding a wheelchair, simulating how to save a person who was drowning, watching the process of an egg factory...) and they had the opportunity to discover and think about what they can do in the future in the centers of the area. There are a lot of interesting vocational courses that are taught in these high schools among them Administration,

Commerce and Construction

management at IES Mesa y López.

There were many stands to see during those two days: stands of video game programming, Arduino programming, architecture, botany, sewing workshop, medicine... and we were in charge of showing the people our Guide of Resources. A group of students coordinated by the teacher Lary Armas started this project last year and the purpose is to make a guide for those people who come from outside the island and do not know where

10 The Student’s Cavern

IES Mesa y López 5

BUILDING PEACE WITH ALBERTO HUGO ROJAS by Airam González 1ºB Bachillerato This year, our high school had the chance of

over Aleppo, driving out the “moderate rebels” (as

having for second time the visit of Alberto Hugo Rojas,

the mass media refers to them) from the city. For

a Spanish freelance photographer who was in Syria for a

us, occidental people, is hard, near impossible, to

long time, and since then, he has been reporting with his

opine or to judge with accuracy about this war, be-

work the situation of the Syrian people, in Middle East

cause we aren’t there and we haven’t suffered what

and here in Europe too.

the Syrian and Kurdish people have seen. And, additionally, we can’t trust at 100% what the mass



media tells. All the journals, newspapers and tv or

how the situation was

internet news have their own interests and business,

in Syria. Nowadays,

and they can’t be trusted blindly. I, personally,

the Middle East is a

support the liberation of the Syrian people from the

melting pot of na-

interests of the Islamic State, Arabia Saudi, USA,

tions, mixed with in-

and allies. If not, the refugee problem won’t stop



growing here in Europe, or worst, they could be


exterminated, just as back in the Nazi Germany. I


and the

State is gaining influ-

can be wrong, as most of us occidental people.

ence over the terrain, while United States and



But the important thing here in this conflict, remember, is the people. Alberto found only death

waste time and resources financing dangerous rebels

in Middle East, every faction committing violence

against the government of Al Assad, ally of Russia.

and spilling blood, and the common people suffering the worst part. And, what is worst, all the

The importance of the photographer’s discourse

world ignoring this.

falls in the pain and agony of the local people, the soknown and called “refugees”. The Syrian people is

I wish this conflict ends soon and what is

suffering the worst part of the war, harsh bombardments

most important, that ends well and the tough and

and racial persecutions, forcing them to live submitted to

resistant Syrian people can find peace in the home

fear and violence, or to emigrate. The ones who choose

they deserve.

to flee, aren’t being properly welcomed in Europe. Meanwhile, the EU isn’t performing their promises about the refugee placement. Alberto spoke about the time he spent in refugee camps. These are the worst places to live you can ever imagine, being in a high social exclusion situation. Some of the refugees that achieved to get there, came back to Syria just because they preferred to die in their homes than to perish for starvation in a discreditable place. Back in Syria, the forces of Al Assad recently took

IES Mesa y López 11

EDUCATION ‘Peace under construction’ by Miriam Marrero - 1ºB Bachillerato “Paz en Construcción” is a project our high school has been taking part in for two years. This project consists in making the society aware about the reality that a lot of people live in different countries and how we can contribute to change the world. Different groups of students at school worked on the topic in different ways. The students of 1º Bachillerato decided to take photos that reflected how different things could be if we look at the world from another perspective. Each student took a representative picture about peace and wrote a little text explaining that picture. Then, our teachers hung them out for all the students to see them. Here you are some of them ‘Let´s make peace’ by Jennifer Tirina 1º A Bachillerato

‘No more wars!!! Let’s create a peaceful world.’ Dácil Betáncor , Javier Santana, Nuhazet de la Rosa and Ramón Otero ‘Lighting the world’ by Abraham Rodríguez and Nerea Pérez 1ºA Bachillerato

12 The Student’s Cavern

1º B Bachillerato

‘Imprisoned: the war makes us prisoners and peace tries to make us free.’ Jacqueline Yepa, Sara Glez and Silvia Yebrí 1º C Bachillerato

‘This wrapping does not define me; it is just Pandora’s Box which keeps my devils’ Bárbara Rodríguez and Víctor Rodríguez 1ºC Bachillerato

‘This photo symbolizes the fight for equal rights among people of different color, religion or ethnia. With the image goes the famous Martin Luther King’s quote , an example of person who fought for equal rights’. Samuel Francis, Daniel Ruano and Abraham Acosta 1ºA Bachillerato

IES Mesa y López 13


EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN TO GET PEACE AND GO AWAY FROM WAR. Jorge González and Larissa Viera 1ºA Bachillerato

A beam is the simpliest things of a dark world. Paula Mateo and Sara Herrera 1ºC Bachillerato

The society searching for free expression, searching for our rights. Sara Jiménez, José Francisco and Nazaret 1ºC Bachillerato ‘

14 The Student’s Cavern

1st year ESO students also participated in the Project. They made nice mobile arts after chosing a topic related to peace such as symbols, important characters, world religions and their symbols, words associated with peace, the word peace in different languages, etc.. Then, they searched the net for information and made their creations. For example, the group that chose the symbols explained the meaning of the symbol of peace (Nuclear Disarm), and learned to draw it correctly using the tools and basic geometry. Once the information


shared, each group made a peace symbol on cardboard, and using different




(collage, charcoal, wax, etc.) created a symbol that were hung at the hall

Mobile Arts made by 1st year ESO students. Places in war, ‘peace’ word in different languages, words related to ‘peace’, important people who has fought for peace in the world.

of the high school. Apart from the photos, a group of students of Bachillerato made a short film showing how important the woman has been seen in wars such as the civil war in Spain. For that, José María Casado and Ramón Otero (1ºB Bachillerato) and Paolo Colella and Víctor Rodríguez (1ºC Bachillerato) based their work on films such as Libertarias, Las Trece Rosas o La Voz dormida where women are seen having an important role during the war period not only as mothers, wives, daughters or sisters but also as human beings with self identity. It has been a very interesting project. We don’t stop and think how many people are suffering violence around the

world but also near us. Small discussions can lead to serious violent situations and we have to learn to solve our diffrernces in a peaceful way.

IES Mesa y López 15

SOCIAL ISSUES Mint tea by José María Casado and Fran Trujillo - 1ºB Bachillerato Last 3rd February, the students of 1st year Baccalaureate went to Teatro Cuyás to see the musical performance “Té a la menta”. Just before starting the play we could see the scenery which resembled a Maghreb’s ancient house in Morocco, in concrete, the inner part of a typical Moroccan house with lots of windows decorated with arcs and geometrical tiles and painted in light nice colours. The central

hall of the house was very big and there was a great variety of typical music instruments. There were some curtains and

ta’ (Mint tea) makes a reference to a Maghreb ritual.

furniture too.

The Arabs invite you to have tea which symbolizes that you form part of them, as a sign of hospitality. It was also explained the reason why they always have the doors open and that is because everyone is welcome. We think that we have to learn about them, about some of their customs… Do you know that some typical songs like the “flamenco” derived from

Arab music? That is because the Arabs were in Spain for 800 years in the known old Al-Ándalus and they left some of their customs. The play started with the main character called Mohamed playing the violin in the house. Two tourists who were walking around the house listened to the music and fascinated by the sound enters the house and ask the violinist about the music. The tourists tell Mohamed they are musicians who come from Spain and if it was possible to stay

there to listen more of that music. Then, Mohamed ask them to stay. Little by little, some other friends join the group and start playing different instruments and singing popular songs from the Berbers, the Arabs and Andalusian tradition. All the time, Mohamed,

his friends and the

Spanish tourists play together exchanging their knowledge on music. They play different instruments like the mizmar, the violin, the tambourine, the bass, the “kárkabas”, little castanets made of metal, the lute, the Spanish guitar, the bongos… but the best instrument they play are their voice

especially one Mohamed’s friend who sing different songs like “La Tarara” or “Las Tres Morillas”. The play was amazing and with it we learnt about the customs and traditions of the Arab people. Something that we found surprising was the tradition of the tea and this is the explanation of the title of the play. 16  The Student’s Cavern

‘Té a la men-




existence of the Arabs and Castilians in Al-Ándalus both they learnt things, during those years the music was mixed and new types of music were created like the Andalusian music… This is what happens when different cultures mix and that’s fantastic because we learn from each other. On the stage the

actors were dressed both with Arab’s clothes and with European and informal clothes. symbolizes

This the

understanding of the two cultures and that is precisely the message of the



Christians, Muslims, Jews…we all are neighbours and brothers. The actors told us that the wars and the hate against the Muslim culture only gives us poverty, paranoia and the destruction of one of the most important cultures ever built. That was a message for us to think over.

THE reality of my high school

by Néstor de la Fe– 1ºB Bachillerato

Last month, in the Philosophy class, we had to do a project consisting on determining which was the reality of our high school. I guess this sounds a bit weird and tricky and you may be wondering how somebody can do that. Well, it is not that complex. To do the project we first had to think

about a hypothesis, for example, 20% of the teachers are not satisfied with their jobs.

As far as our group work’s hypothesis I must say that we could see that many teenagers think that being jealous is normal and positive though just if

you are not that much, something that is clearly not positive. Some students admitted that they don’t trust their partners and that they even spy their mobile telephone. Fortunately, most people have things clearer and do not do that and think that trusting your Next, we had to prove it by making a study depending on our hypothesis. So, in my case, I wanted to determinate the percentage of toxic relationships at IES Mesa y López and that is why I interviewed some students that are dating. Other students used other techniques in order to prove or not their hypothesis: discussions, surveys, observation, etc. A lot of hypothesis were made: the relation between your familiar atmosphere and your school success, the reason for aggressive attitudes from stu-

partner is essential for a good relationship. Most of the couples follow the heterosexual standard where the boy is older, taller and stronger than the girl. Most couples that study in the same classroom are

distracted in class and those ones who are in different classes use their mobile phones to communicate. So, this leads them to academic failure. It was a very interesting activity. It was good to see other groups’ work, other theories and we could see how students at our high school really think.

dents, how motivated the teachers are, etc. Then, we had to come to a conclusion and propose some improvement measures. When we finished our investigation, all the students met to show each other results. At this point, the different groups made speech to talk about the hypothesis, how we had proved them and the conclusions to confirm or refuse de theory. IES Mesa y López 17

Losing innocence

by Esther Caraballo, Abohemi Santana and Eva Santana 2ºB Bachillerato

When we were just children and we had more

Have you ever wanted to be eighteen years old

dreams than now, we believed in things that as we were

to get your driving license, go to parties and study at

growing up and acquiring knowledge, we have missed.

the University? Everyone has dreamt that since s/he

Perhaps, the process of maturity consists of forgetting

is a child, but now, one of us is eighteen years old

our dreams that we have dreamt before, who knows?

and the rest of us will be the same age this year, too.

We cannot believe it! It will happen in just a few months. How has that happen so quickly? When we think in our childhood, we want to come back and enjoy more than we did. Our parents always warned us about that but we wanted to grow up and be independent to do “things adults do”. Now,

we realize we must have a responsible be-

havior and face with problems and situations we

have never lived before.

And although now our

dreams are others we cannot stop missing all those years


we just thought about playing and

laughing in an innocent way. So, we have learned that you have to enjoy the We have just begun this process. We used to think

moment you are living and with people you love be-

that three men brought us gifts on 6th January at the

cause each moment, each period, each experience is

same time in Spain than a man in red gave a present to

unique and it will never be repeated anymore. Carpe

every child on 24th December around the world. None of


us ever wondered how that could happen. We guess you know what we are talking about. Also, we believed in that little mouse which took our teeth and left some money or a little present under the pillow, “Ratoncito Pérez” for Spanish people and “Tooth Fairy” in other countries. But now, when we have lost all those naive feelings, who does not want to come back to those times? Having fun with our family or imaginary friends in fairy tales. Now we wish we could listen to our parents again shouting us in order to wake us up and saying: “Santa Claus is here!” and then run to open all those presents, as big as us or bigger than us. 18 The Student’s Cavern

Helping by María Jiménez and Miriam Marrero-1ºB Bachillerato An NGO is an acronym for Non-Governmental organization, an institution that does not depend on government and carries out activities of social interest. People who work there are usually volunteers and they (presumably) never earn any money. These organi-

zations are devoted to help people's needs. The volunteers gather clothes, food, medicines and some basic elements for home, for example hygiene's products and send them to people in need. These organizations work around the world and throughout the year but especially at Christmas time. They carry toys to hospitals for sick children giving them presents and support. Under campaigns such as “A smile for Christmas” for example, volunteers are responsible for distributing clothes, food and toys to peo-

collect food and organize a small market where you

ple living on the street.

can buy second hand objects at really low prices. You do not even need money but you can use the so

At IES Mesa y López, we also collaborate to make

called TUTOS which you can get if you bring

these people get some happiness at Christmas time. We

something to be given. Then, we send the food, the items and the money to several organizations. It is great to think that with our help all these people in need will be able to have something that will make them happier at Christmas, but this should happen through the year. So if you can, contribute to make these people smile more often.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so

much”. Helen Keller (Northamerican political activist)

IES Mesa y López 19

SOCIAL ISSUES Being equal project by Juan Pablo Gómez and Inés Pacín 4ºA This year, for four weeks, we have had a few talks

In the fourth session, we made a review of

about gender equality. We had four sessions with a girl

everything we had talked about during the last three

called Davinia.

weeks. In this session, we talked about love and

In the first session we introduced ourselves

sex, Davinia delivered some papers with a text and

through a game in which we had to change our name

the students had to decide whether it was love or

from male to female. She asked us if we knew what ma-

sex and why discuss about it.

chismo and feminism mean and for those who had some doubts she explained it in a very simple way. She also talked about the definition of different expressions used every day regarding sexist attitudes. In the second session, we played a game which consisted on distinguishing the difference between the definition of love and the definition of possession or dependence. After finishing the game, she taught us how many sexist attitudes are everywhere even in the lan-

guage we speak. She also gave us some examples of situations where inequality can be seen. For example, if a girl is wearing a pair of shorts means she is exciting and if a boy is wearing it is just funny. Another example could be if a man has many sexual relationships which means that he is ‘the best’ and if a girl does it which means just the opposite .

We worked a lot about domestic violence, which present in daily life more than what we think and want. It’s a serious problem and the population is not really aware of it. Therefore, these talks about equality are necessary, as they can help someone who is in a situation of this type and doesn’t know the options he/she has. Even so, it’s complicated because sometimes the necessary measures aren’t taken, which can lead to a tragedy. In order to prevent such cases, it’s important to start raising people’s awareness as nobody should ever see themselves





In the third session, we analyzed how sexist can

We have learnt a lot and we have thought about

the songs that young people listen to nowadays. We

things we do and we do not realize what they really

listened to some of the most popular songs to discuss

mean as for example something so simple as

afterwards the lyrics. Finally, finally we heard some

listening to a lyric where the woman is treated as an

songs again and we had to decide if they were sexist or

object. For all this, these talks have been very in-

not and why.

teresting and useful.

20 The Student’s Cavern

Peace, love and good vibrations by Alba Rodríguez - 4ºA At Mesa y López High school we celebrate the

Furthermore, students of Ethics and Religion

Peace Day in a different way. This day is celebrated the

of 1st and 2nd year of ESO delighted the rest

30th of January to commemorate the death of Gandhi.

singing the song “Color Esperanza”. Later, in the

This year, at school, all the group classes had to assem-

playground we played a cooperation game using a

ble a puzzle against violence and in favor of peace.


Some days before, each group class was given a

Peace is a joint project, and it must be

piece of a puzzle which had to be decorated with dra-

nurtured by all of us or it will not flourish. At Mesa

wings related to peace. Besides, they could write some

y López high school this was a significant coopera-

lines to be read that day and contribute sharing their

tive day. Thanks to all these activities, we, the stu-

thoughts on what is happening in the world and their

dents, have become aware of the meaning of this


good wishes. So, the 30 of January all the students gath-

celebration. It is an opportunity for the high school

ered at the central garden and in turns they were placing

to become an instrument of peace and unders-

the puzzle pieces and reading their good wishes.

tanding among students with different upbringing, race, culture and religion. At the high school, we are educated for life and it seeks to develop in students the skills needed for active social participation,

cooperation and understanding. This ha-

ppens especially in our center because of the great amount of students who represent the different ethnic, cultural and race groups of the world.

“Not all of us can do great

things, but we can do small things with great love” Mother Theresa IES Mesa y López 21

SOCIAL ISSUES Intercultural interview by Soukeina Traore and Marta Fernández 2ºB Bachillerato

In Anthropology subject we have been doing a lot

culture and the differences between theirs and ours.

of projects during the school year like searching infor-

First I have to say that, we were really im-

mation about ancient villages, being photographers for a

pressed that their school schedule was pretty diffe-

day to take photos about the technological society…

rent from ours. In Ukraine, they have 40 minutes of

Last April, we were doing an interview to the

class and 15 minutes of break. They begin eight 8

foreign people of our high school to know how they felt

o´clock and finish at half past two. But they also

when they first came to our country and to hear some

have 16 subjects.

ideas from them about improving things in the high school because we want it to be more intercultural.

It was quite shocking the reasons they gave me about why they had decided to come to live here. I didn’t know how much a teenager can know

MARTA: I did the interview to an Ukranian boy and an Italian girl, I chose them because I was interested in their

about life. Also, one of them told me that she loves the way that people walked on the city, she said that here, in Gran Canaria, everybody smiles when they

On the map, the places around the world where students at IES Mesa y López come from. 22 The Student’s Cavern

are walking or doing anything. Moreover, she said that

ble and it would be easier for them to speak. Let´s

the way our high school had introduced her was pretty

not forget that they are foreigners and they have just

good, and she was very grateful about it.

arrived to Spain. It was amazing because although I

Languages spoken at school

However, not all

already know some things about Senegal and Mau-

the students want

ritania, I was pretty surprised with the things that

to stay here. Some

they told me. But I also felt sad because, these boys

of them said that

are from Africa, and when you come from there it´s



harder to be accepted in the society. When you´re

lonely, they don’t

occidental you don´t usually have this type of pro-

speak Spanish so

blems but being African and Muslim makes it har-

they can’t speak

der. For them, coming to Las Palmas, was an ama-

with others. We

zing opportunity for their future, one of them told

have to remember

me that he wants to work and help his family. Other

that they are in a

were here to be closer to their parents (that are here

new country, with

to work, mainly) and because of sports, one of them

people they don´t

wants to play football. About school, they said that



studying here is much better, the classrooms are

speak a language

bigger, you have more teachers and you have more

they don´t under-

opportunities. They also said that they didn’t like

stand and missing

how the kids treated the teachers because in Senegal

all their families

and Mauritania they don’t speak when the teacher



and friends they have in their own countries.

explains and they respect them very much.. Another thing that they didn´t like much was not having

It was curious to see how many differences they

Spanish lessons, they just came and they can´t

find when they come here with respect their countries,

speak with no one because nobody helps them with

for example one of them told me that here people have

the language. That is quite sad.

more variety of hair and eyes color. I have never thought about and realized how many differences can be from

It was wonderful for me to have the opportuni-

one country to another apart from the language or cul-

ty to interview these boys and learn things from


them. I would love to do this type of projects anyThis type of things like having a chat should be

time and I would love that all the students of our

done with students that come from abroad. We can learn

high school helped foreign ones who needs it and

a lot from each other.

enjoyed the diversity that we have and we don´t appreciate, we can learn from anyone!

SOUKEINA: I had to do the interview to four boys, one of them

To sum up, we want to say that it was a really

from my own country, Mauritania, and the others from

awesome experience, and we realized that you don´t

Senegal. I speak Wolof (Senegalese language) so that´s

have to go abroad to learn about other countries,

why I talked to them so they would feel more comforta-

you just have to look around you and listen.

IES Mesa y López 23

HISTORY Trip to the past by Marta Fernández and Soukeina Traore 2º B Bachillerato

Some months ago, students of Anthropology made a trip to La Aldea. The journey was really hard, and some of us felt sick, so we did a pause and then we continued.

When we arrived, a man who teaches there, explained to us everything about that place. He took us to the watermill that was made by one of the richest man who lived there years ago. He had practically lived there. He made ‘gofio’ when the water flew down the ravine. Nowadays it is a close water circuit, they use the water will to show and explain their past.

Making cheese in a traditional way And talking about the cheese, the old women

were very careful


the hygiene

of their

hands, it is obvious given that it is something that you are going to eat. While some of us were making cheese with the old woman, they explained us that the government did not want them to sell the serum that naturally comes with the cheese. They also told us about their childhood and how they helped their mothers with all those activities that they are still

doing with such enthusiasm.

‘Gofio’ is the Canarian name for flour made from roasted grains (typically wheat or certain varieties of maize) Then, we went to the forge and we saw how those people who lived there did to communicate La Aldea and could bring things like food, because in the past La

Aldea was a cut off place. We went to an old house where there were old people who were wearing old clothes and did things like cooking in an old way. They did plenty of activities like toasting corn, making some exquisite traditional cheese…

24 The Student’s Cavern

We had to be very careful about hygiene since everything was handmade

Of course, we tried to know more and more about

around the puddle, behind a line, and after the

them because do not forget that we are studying Anthro-

ring sounded they ran into the puddle and caught

pology. After some cheese, we made bread, it was an

fish with their hands. They did this, with their nor-

amazing experience, all naturally made and delicious!

mal clothes but now people think they have to dress

They also gave us to try the bread with a natural made

up to do it, however they do not do it.

jam of peach, such a good combination.

Once the visit had ended, we sat to eat and we

had to explain the history of the food we


brought. Soukeina had brought ‘cubanitos’ biscuits and so she told about such an interesting name story. They are called like that because when biscuits and sweets started being done, they were hand made. They were made by some Cuban workers and that is why the origin of the name. Marta brought the Delicious Canarian chocolate bars called Tirma and she explained explained a little bit

of why they are called ‘ambrosias’. It is because Ancient Greece Gods ate something called ambrosias and it was exclusively for them, that may ex-

Women used to wear a headscarf on their heads.

plain why our chocolate bars are called like that, after all, Canary people are Gods too and the ‘ambrosias’ are unique. We went back a little later we had planned, but it was a really awesome experience and one of

Later, we made a visit to the ancient school, it was

the best trips ever had.

amazing, children learned a lot even not having all the sources for doing it. They had an incredible imagination and they were like little engineers… they did not have the advanced technology that we have now so they made their own toys. The classroom of that period had nothing to do with the classrooms nowadays, but we kind of liked it more, the tables of natural wood and the walls covered of papers… it with the tables of natural wood and the walls covered of papers… it was more tradition-

nal. After visiting the old school, we went to the ‘Charco’, a famous place in the village. People used to go there in the olden days to catch fish. They prepared all

IES Mesa y López 25

MATHS United BY MATHS... by Tatiana de la Nuez and Alicia M. Gómez 3ºA The students of 3A, in the subject of Mathematics,

place ourselves on a map. The second activity was

have been working throughout the year with some stu-

with the Math’s teacher and we had to distinguish

dents of IES Tinajo, a high School in Lanzarote. On 26-

geometric figures in a garden. Finally, the third ac-

27-28th of April, they came to Gran Canaria to carry out

tivity was with the English teacher. We did a tour

a series of activities and get to know each other. Most of

around the farm showing us the different types of

them and fourteen students in the class of 3A stayed in

trees. In the afternoon, we walked to Teror where


they left us free time.

The first day, on 26th of April, we went to the Elder Museum and there we met them. We did a little museum tour getting to know things about science and technology. We visited the planetarium where we knew the constellations which can be seen from the Canary Islands. At the end, those of Lanzarote and the fourteen students of 3ºA went to have lunch at a restaurant. At night, an astrologer came with us and we could see the, some constellations and Jupiter!! On the second day, on 27th of April, all the students spent the day in Osorio, doing different activities. The first activity was carried out with the teacher of Geography. He taught to us how to use the compass and to

26  The Student’s Cavern

The third and last day, on 28th of April, we went to do the so called ‘ruta de los ingleses' (route of the English people) with a guide who explained to us the arrival of the English people to the Canary Islands. We also visited the British club and the English cemetery. At two o’clock p.m. the tour finished and our meeting withh the students of Lanzarote. They had to go

home. I really enjoyed this activity. We met each other and learned new things. It was a very nice experience that I would love to repeat again. We had unforgettable moments.

SCIENCE Science survey by Alessia Chirico -4ºA

Extracting dna by Jorge Tapia and Carlos Cabrera-4ºA

Knowing about science is very important.

One of the most interesting lessons we have had

Science explains to us how is the natural world and

this year was in the Biology class. It consisted on the

how we are part of them. Knowing about science is

extraction of DNA from spinach cells. It was some-

also important to be able to answer very simple

thing different to what we are used to do in class and

questions and difficult questions too!

we were happy for that.

In our school the students of Scientific Culture

In order to carry out this project my colleagues

have taken a test to see how much the students at the

and I decided who would bring the necessary mate-

school know about science.

rials: 200grams of spinach, mineral water, salt, ba-

In the class of Scientific Culture we created a test

king soda, dishwasher, 96º alcohol and a mixer. The

with twenty questions. The test included simple

rest of the materials were in the laboratory and

sentences like “The moon is a planet” or “The clouds

would be distributed by the teacher.

move” but also not very simple statements such as

The procedure of this project was divided into 5

“The galaxies orbit around the black hole at its

steps in which each of us participated in the most

center”. In the test, not all sentences were true and

effective way. It was like following:

students had to choose if the sentence was true or false

In the 1st step, my partner and I prepared the

writing a cross next to it. Each student of the Scientific Culture class took a test and made the questions to some mates at the high school. One week later we combined and compared the results of all the tests and we wrote a report by using these results. According to the results, we can say that the school level in Science is not very high but neither that low…so… we know something about science in our


solution called lysis with water, salt and bicarbonate which served to break the cell membranes. In the 2nd step, two of my partners prepared the biological material beating water and spinach. And then, we extracted the cast liquid from the mixture. In the 3rd step, my partner and I mixed in a flask the lysis and the liquid extracted from the previous mixture. During the 4th step, we let the mixture rest for 5

minutes and then it was introduced into a test tube. Finally, we introduced a glass rod in the tube and we collected the DNA which was appreciated in the form of small chains. This one was a great experience, something different and engaging. IES Mesa y López 27

SCIENCE Garbology

Science week

by Katrina Calderón 2º B Bachillerato

by Adrián Pérez -4ºA

Recycling bins were installed in our school du-

The science week is celebrated from the 9th to

ring the first months of this course. First, assuming

the 11th of November every year for young people

that everyone knew what type of garbage had to be

and adults to have fun and learn at the same time.

placed in each bin. They just coloured them on their respective colors (blue, yellow, green and grey). We have asked the teachers if they could make some signs for the garbage bins indicating what goes in each. People keep on putting trash wherever they want, ignoring the signs. We know this because the anthropology students carried out an experiment with this trash. We emptied many of the bins and analyzed their contents. We found glass in the blue bin, plastic in the green We had the chance to visit the workshops that

ones, full sandwiches in every bin and so on. Students do not know how to recycle, they do not

were set at the science fair in Santa Catalina Park.

know that goes where, and worst of all, they do not care as they do not even bother looking the signs. It is

One of them was a workshop of the Sun and its

true that these signs are a bit awkwardly positioned,

temperatures where we could see the Sun with a

and that is when we suggested to put them up, we

large telescope. Another workshop was about the

meant something a little bit more specific that would

aqueducts in Roman times and how they worked. A

clarify exactly what goes in each bin, and also that

third one was about the PLOCAN platform for the

would be a bit more visible.

investigation of the bottom of the sea and the use of

To make this better, I think

renewable energy. We were also told about 3D print-

teachers should inform stu-

ers and the use of drones in the last years. There

dents about what`s going on.

were workshops of all kinds and very interesting and

Also, better sings should be


put up and some bins that are

After seeing most of the workshops we went to

used a bit less could be re-

the Elder Museum where we could see the recreation

placed by others that get

of an old supermarket and an old school compared to



today's supermarkets and schools. It was very inte-

changing a few green ones for

resting because we saw the great advances of tech-

yellow or blue ones (as they are the ones which get

nology in these last years (digitals whiteboards,

fuller and the green ones are mostly filled with every-

computers, tablets, machines that let you know when

thing that is not glass). It is a waste of space and ef-

it's your turn to buy something...)



fort to keep them if they are being used this way because it only seem like if we’ve got a bunch of former bins now in different colours.

28 The Student’s Cavern

It was a very entertaining and funny experience that we will not forget.




by Laura Quintero 4ºA

by Eduardo Martín 1º B Bachillerato The 4A students at Mesa y López high school visited the Elder Museum on November 8th. The Elder Museum

Nowadays, we live in a world surrounded by

of Science and Technology, located in the center of Las

technology, and is used to many useful things like

Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Santa Catalina Park opened

computers or machines making easier the work for

its doors in December 1999.

the human being. Technology can also be used to

The ground floor of the museum is dedicated to


Technology, like the Energy, transport, space and indus-

The videogames are made to make people

trial production. Here you can pilot a powerful fighter

have fun, but sometimes can be used to learn. The

and know how an airplane is inside.

main videogames made to learn are for kids, like

The first floor is divided into two rooms with con-

“Pipo”, who teaches the kids to learn English, His-

tents of Physics, Mathematics and Biology, where there

tory or Maths. Not all these videogames are made

is a wave dome, a planetary cetacean area of the Canary

for teaching these matters, some videogames can

Islands and a science workshop, where various experi-

teach you how to drive a car like “Forza Horizon”,

mental activities are carried out.

how to fly a plane like “Flying Simulator”, how to

The second floor is the exhibition hall, where a 3D

cook like “Cooking Mama” or to learn about the

cinema is located and where you can see landscapes of

organs of the human body like “Surgeon Simula-

the world without leaving Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

tor”. This way, children and also adults get to un-

On the third floor are the creations of men and women who have forged scientific knowledge.

known areas they don’t know and develop skills they couldn’t image having. For example, some students at high school can speak some words and even sentences or understand some texts in Japan because they play manga videogames. The truth is that it is a way that make kids absorb information quickly, help them with concentration and enhance perseverance or allow them to develop memory skills. But not all the things learned by the videogames are politically correct, some videogames can teach you to kill innocent people like “hatred”, or

It is not the typical boring museum where you can-

steal like “Thief”. A typical thought about this kind

not touch anything. Instead, you are looking for visitor

of games is “this game makes people violent”, but

interaction all the time. You have the ability to get into

the basic idea is make things in videogames that

the cockpit of a fighter plane, experience the effects of

you will never do that in real life, because you

static electricity that will get you all the hair on end and

know is just a game and you don’t think if this is

much more!

ethic or not, because it doesn’t have consequences.

IES Mesa y López 29

SPORT 4th year eso meeting at vecindario by Kaditza Benza, Brenda Marroquín and Jonnell Ricio 4ºD All 4th year ESO students were taken to a trip to

Apart from sports, we could also participate in

Vecindario last April. We were all very happy, some of

some workshops. There were a lot: making book-

us were singing on our way, others just listened to mu-

marks, earrings, mobile phone cases, etc. Besides,

sic on their mobile phones.

there was a very nice exhibition of pictures, drawings

We were almost arriving and it started to rain. When we got on the bus the teacher had told us we had

and mock-ups made by students from the different centres of the island.

to wear a cap and put solar cream lotion on our faces to protect from the sun. However, it was raining. The bus could not stop where he wanted because there were a lot of small puddles and we could not got off the bus. Finally, we found a place to stop and run to the inner of the pavilion where some students were singing and dancing in the opening ceremony of the event. At half past one we took the bus and went back

the high school. On our way back, Héctor, the boy who was doing his internship in P.E. said to us “This is my last day and I want to say thank you for the beautiful moments and experience”. It was very moving. After that, each of us had to participate in a

It was a different day, we had fun, met students

game: football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, ‘brilé’,

from other high schools and could see some things

etc. The teacher of P.E. had organized beforehand the

students do in other high schools.

participants for each team so we all knew where we had to go. Our colleague Andrés was second in athletism and some others could get to second position in other sports. Anyway, we just wanted to have fun.

Our volleyball team

30 The Student’s Cavern

ART ‘el salón del manga’ (manga convention) by María Torrent - 4ºA

Lucy’s iris by Néstor Santana 1ºBachillerato B

In our high school, there are people who love eve-

Last February, my group class went to the

rything from the Japanese world, and with everything I

CAAM which is a museum located in the borough

mean: manga, anime, their food, their costumes… And

of Vegueta. This museum and art centre offers a

we thought that we needed to create a group to talk about

wide programme of exhibitions and an intense

things like this…so the students with the help of the

agenda of contemporary art activities.

teacher of Spanish language created the Manga Club last

The exhibition was very interesting. First, we

year! People who belong to this club meet at the break

visited the ground floor, where the permanent exhi-

time every Thursday.

bition is. Then, we went to the second floor where we could admire the pictures and sculptures created


On the 4 of November of 2016 we went to “El

by contemporary African artists. The exhibition is

salón del Manga” with the members of the Manga club

called ‘Lucy’s Iris’ and the works belong to artists

and some groups of the high school. In that exposition,

from different parts of Africa: Algeria, Benin, De-

we could go to workshops, and there we could do crafts

mocratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia,

like hama, taste typical food from Japan, play ‘Just

Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal,

Dance’… But we could also buy things from anime and

South Africa, Tunisia and Zimbabwe, including two

manga characters, computer games, k-pop bands, Harry

Canarian artists.

Potter, Game of Thrones…Such a paradise for people

Lucy’s Iris shows the work of twenty-five con-

who are obsessed with series and love buying merchan-

temporary African women living in the African


continent. Their works deal with the gender issue There were a lot of different types of people, and

there were even people who were wearing cosplays

and issues related to race, identity, traditions, environment or migration.

(costumes of characters); they could join a contest and

The name of Lucy refers to the skeleton of the

the winner who looked more like the character that he/

adolescent Australopithecus Afarensis discovered

she imitated would win. It was a great day, and if at

in Ethiopia in 1974 and considered for de-cades as

13:00 (the time we had to go back to school) you did not

the missing link of human evolution, with an a-

have enough, you could stay there in the evening.

pproximate antiquity of about 3.2 million years. And how is it that she was not named Amina or with any other African female name? What is her real identity? What is her real look? What is her real ‘iris’? Why did the anthropologists give an occidental name to that human being if she belonged to the African continent? This historical event is the starting point of this project which, in a symbolic way, wants to return to Lucy her own look through the proposals of this selection of African contemporary artists. We were delighted by all the drawings,

Our classmate Saúl with his fans

paintings and photographies. I highly recommend this exhibition. You won’t regret it.

IES Mesa y López 31

CULTURE British culture talk by Luciano Brites - 4ºA We think that since we have been studying English since we are at primary school we already know a lot of things about English culture but it is not like that. Last February we had the chance of attending to an educational talk given by a native Welsh speaker where we learnt a lot of new things.

Charles, prince of Wales. Her grandson is the popular William married Kate Middleton. Paul also told us about the gastronomy. He told about the typical plates British people usually have. For example, for breakfast they usually have a FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST which contains

We had a look to the flags of the different coun-

bacon, fried eggs, sausages, beans and black

tries which form the United Kingdom and we were told

pudding. Quite a fatty breakfast. Another popular

that the UK flag is called the Union Jack (1606). At first

dish is the JACKET POTATO. That is a baked

this flag was formed by two flags: England’s flag (a red

potato filled with meat or chicken or ham and cheese.

cross on a white background known as St George’s

Obviously, the well-known FISH and CHIPS that is

Cross) and the Scottish’s flag (a white saltire on a blue

battered fish with chips. And, BANGERS and

background known as the Saltire of St Andrew’s Cross).

MASH made of sausages and mashed potatoes.

Then, in 1801 the Union Jack was formed by the original Union Jack (1606) and the Irish flag (with the red Saltire

of St Patrick).

It was a very dynamic talk since the speaker used games and videos to be sure we have understood what he was saying. At the end of the talk we would play ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ game. He asked for a volunteer and our colleague Michael was chosen to participate. Although the questions were quite easy, he did not remember the answer to some of them so he could ask the audience. It was really funny when the native man called his mum for Michael to ask her a question. It was a real call and the lady was very kind and answered the question. Our classmate won a super, amazing and extraordinary pen. It was a very interesting and funny talk. We all liked it very much and enjoyed a lot.

After that, Paul explained us a bit about the Royal Family. Some of us already knew the name of the queen Elizabeth II but we did not know that she is the longestreigning monarch in Britain. Next September, she will have been reigning for sixty-five years. Her heir is 32 The Student’s Cavern

Irish legendS... by Guatidamana Machín - 4ºD Well, this is the myth. The scientific explana-

THE GIANT´S CAUSEWAY It is said that the Giant Causaway has its origin in a Celtic myth. Finn McCool was a famous giant who lived in Ireland and does not get on well with the Sco-

tion is that the Giant’s Causaway is the result of a volcanic eruption. You can choose the most you like or believe.

ttish giant Banandonner who lives across the water.



Hag’s Head is the name given to the southern

fighting all the time and

point of the cliffs of Moher, where the cliffs form

threw stones to each

an unusual rock formation that resembles the head

other falling into the sea.

of a woman looking out to sea.

They threw so many of them that a path was

The legend says that the witch Mal fell in


love with the Irish warrior Cú Chulainn. However, he didn’t like her and ran all over Ireland trying to

Then, Finn decided to cross the sea and go where

get away from her. She followed him and thought

Benandoner was. He wanted to fight him. However,

she got it when they arrived at Loop Head in south

Benandoner was much bigger and stronger than him so

Clare. But Cú Chulainn jumped through the rocks

Finn ran away while Benandoner followed him. Finn

to the cliffs of Moher. Mal tried to follow him but

asked his wife Oonagh for help and she disguised him as

she was not so agile and crashed against the cliff.

a baby and put him in a cot. When Benandoner arrived

Then, her blood stained all the sea. The rocks now

their house, Oonagh offered him a cup of tea and asked

called Hag’s Head are supposed to be the witch’s

him to be in silence because the baby was sleeping.


When he saw how big the baby was, he decided to hide away because he thought that if the baby was that big the

father would be much bigger and stronger.


Beanandoner went back Scotland he destroyed the Causaway so Finn could not go after him and that is the reason why nowadays we can only see the beginning and


the end of the Causaway.

IES Mesa y López 33

CULTURE Black Friday by Claudia Masque and Eduardo Roig - 1ºBachillerato B It is known as “Black Friday” the day that begins

This commercial activity has spread around

the holiday shopping season with different discounts in

the world including Spain. At first, only online

many shops and stores. In United States, it is the day af-

retailers offered sales on this day but now a lot of

ter Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated the fourth

them such as Zara, Media Mark or El Corte Inglés

Thursday of November.

offer a great amount of discounts not only on Friday

This festival began in the US in 1932 and it has

gradually spread to the rest of the countries in the world.

but also on Saturday and Sunday, that is the whole weekend.

The term was originated in Philadelphia, where it was

The “Black Friday” arrived in Las Palmas in

used to describe the dense traffic of people and vehicles

2013 and since then it is celebrated every November.

crowding the streets the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Consumers take the streets searching for bargains.

Some years later, this term became famous and people

Most of the discounts range between 20% and 30%

said it represented the moment of the year when retailers

although the luckiest could be done with some items

begin to turn from being “in red” to being “in black”, the

at half price.


But, do retailers really make such discounts?

Black Friday was not originally a public holiday

Are products really cheaper? Are queues worthy?

but many entrepreneurs in many States of the US see this

Some consumers think it is just a trick to drop their

day as a holiday day along with Thanksgiving Day, giv-

attention and make them buy. On the contrary, others

ing the day off to their employees.

assure having got really good bargains. Have you ever had good deals or not?

34  The Student’s Cavern

CURIOUS FACTS Did you know...?

by Sheila Leal, Camila Vera, Kevin Socas and Jairo Lasso 4ºD

In our last edition, we could read some bizarre, hilarious and interesting things that we could not image were true. Would you like to know some others? Fortune cookies are not an Asian invention, they were actually created by American Charles Jung in 1918

A cockroack can live several weeks with its head cut off

When snakes are born with two heds, they fight each other for food.

Russia didn´t consider beer to be alcohol until 2011. It was previously classified as a soft drink.

Leonardo Da Vinci could write with his right hand and draw with the other at the same time

Otters sleep holding hands

Our eyes (the pupa and the lens) are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing

After the Norman conquest, French was the official lan-



You are 1% shorter in the evening than in the morning

Two-thirds of the people in the world have never seen snow

A hummingbird weighs less than a penny

England for more than 600 years.

Elvis Preysler got a C in his 8th music class

Aren’t they curious? Well, we will keep on working on new cool facts like these ones for our next edition. If you know any, just let us know

It would take 100 years to watch al the videos on Youtube

The mimic octopus can change colours and mimic other animals such as the lionfish

and we will include it next time.

IES Mesa y López 35

LEISURE ‘anime for summer time’ by Saúl Santana - 4ºA Summer is coming and you will have a lot of free

Death Parade: Whenever two people on

time. If you like cinema or reading, here there are some

Earth die at the same time, they are sent to one of

anime films or books that I suggest you to enjoy during

the many mysterious pubs. There, they have to par-

that time:

ticipate in Death Games with their lives on the line, the results of which will reveal if their souls will

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). The story

either be sent for reincarnation or banished into the

is about Eren Jaeger and his friends Armin Arlert and

void. This is a very strange but really funny psycho-

Mikasa Ackerman. In this world, the human population

logical anime.

lives in cities surrounded by huge walls which protect them from gigantic creatures that devour people: the Titans. Definitely, a great story of action and fantasy.

Death note: Light Yagami, an outstanding student from Japan, has a "boring" perspective of life and sees the world as a "rotten" place. One day, he finds a Death note, a quite special notebook. This is a really good political and gore anime. No game no life: Sora and Shiro are a couple of

I really love these anime films and books.

hikikomori, they are a urban legend. Both agree that the

They are really interesting and addictive. They have

real world is like a crap game. They think they have been

a great story with very good characters. Here, in

born in the wrong world. This is a really funny psycho-

this list, you have anime of love, action and gore

logical anime.

anime, very different types for different people.

Sword art Online (SAO): The story takes place in 2022, when a VRMMO game called "Sword Art Online" has just been published. If they die in the virtual world

they also do so in the real world. To leave the game first you must overcome a hundred levels. This is a very interesting anime of science fiction and love.

36 The Student´s Cavern

In Japanese , anime

( アニメ)

refers to hand drawn

‘fancy reading in summer?’ by María Torrent - 4ºA Summer time is coming and we will have plenty of time to do different things. One of my favourite hobbies is reading and I am going to make some reading suggestions: Harry Potter and The cursed child.This is the 8th book of Harry Potter’s saga. In this

book, Harry’s youngest son is going to fight some painful memories, and if the things that they have done in the past affect to their present/future, they will have some trouble. I recommend this book to everyone, It is amazing!

The perks of being a wallflower.Charlie is a very intelligent boy that hasn’t

got any friends at his school because his best friend has died. One day, he decided to go to a football match, and there he meets a girl and a boy that are two years older than him. They will make Charlie´s Looking for Alaska.-

life much better. They will make him forget all the

Miles is a 16 year old boy that moves to another

troubles that he has at home, like the death of his

country to study at an interned school. He used to be the

aunt .

kind of guy that has no friends, but at his new school he meets Alaska, a daring girl that makes him feel like he is

living a dream until she disappears. This is probably my favourite book, and it is recommended for people who are twelve years old.

To me, reading is like scaping from reality. Everyone has a book that´s written for them, you may do not like reading a lot, but you will always

have a book that´s special to you; reading also helps you to have more culture and a wider vocabulary; with books, all are advantages!

IES Mesa y López 37

LITERATURE Golpe en la cabeza Jocelyne M. González- 2ºBachillerato B

BARRICADAS IMPALPABLE William Harrison- 2ºBachillerato B

Gracias a una actividad de mi instituto, tuve la

Hemos visto dramas de esclavos, marchas por

oportunidad de sentirme orgullosa de ser una mujer. Y

los derechos civiles, biopics de Martin Luther King,

claro, no sé si esto es más bien triste o no. Muchas veces

de raperos, de pandillas oprimidas que son el blanco

he pensado que si fuera un hombre todo sería más fácil,

injusto de la policía y que acaban sufriendo injusti-

pero… ¿y si me han educado para pensar así? ¿y si he

cias sociales.

sido producto de lo que quieren otras personas para hacerme pensar que la sociedad seguirá siendo machista sin remedio? y ¿si existen muchas más mujeres machistas

que hombres machistas?

La gran virtud de este simpático biopic es que, aunque las protagonistas son negras, mujeres muy inteligentes que hicieron posible la llegada del

hombre a la luna, nos hace pensar que esta película

En cualquier caso, siempre he tenido en mi con-

ya la hemos visto. Sin embargo, es un valor positivo

ciencia esta obligación de defender a las mujeres y aca-

porque, no es nada habitual ver temas como la se-

bar con el machismo, pero considero que en muchos ca-

gregación racial cotidiana, del día a día, asumida

sos nosotras mismas, las mismas que podemos ser o so-

por los profesionales de todo un país, sin un trasfon-

mos, víctimas del machismo, no permitimos que este se

do trágico, de drama judicial.

erradique del todo. Tenemos que pararnos a mirar y dejar de fijarnos en los hombres. Yo vengo de un país subdesarrollado en el que

“Figuras ocultas” evita los clichés, aferrándose a los prototipos que hemos visto pasar mil veces. La subtrama se desarrolla acompasada con armonía

he experimentado en mi propia casa cómo mujeres de mi

hacia un mismo punto, pero con los factores de la

familia se auto discriminaban; cuando se rompía algo en

ecuación alterados con el sarcasmo suficiente para

casa de mi tía Rosa llamaba a su hijo varón para que lo

sacar las vergüenzas a décadas de ficción americana

reparara y si se manchaba el suelo de la cocina automáti-


camente llamaba a mi prima para que lo limpiara. Deberíamos concienciar a las mujeres, ojalá algún día aprendamos a valorarnos tanto como nos lo merecemos. Ese día, en el cine, tras ver “Figuras ocultas”, la historia nunca contada de tres brillantes científicas afroamericanas que trabajaron en la NASA a comienzo de los años sesenta, fue como un golpe en la cabeza. Me di cuenta de que después de tantos años puede que todavía

haya machismo pero no podemos resignarnos a la idea de que nunca acabará.

38The Student´s Cavern

REVIEWS ‘HIDDEN FIGURES’ La importancia del valor ... Bryan García Manzano- 2ºBachillerato B El objetivo principal de este artículo es hacer

quier persona, y no se lo reconocieron.

visible el papel que desempeñaron las mujeres negras en la educación y la lucha por sus derechos civiles. Muchas veces nos han contado la historia de la mujer a medias, nos hacen ver que se han posicionado contra el sistema

por las injusticias. Una de ellas, por ejemplo, la negación del derecho al voto, a la educación o la limitación al vestirse, pero en realidad no nos cuentan con exactitud lo que tuvieron que vivir durante esta transición.

En cuanto ellas querían ascender de puesto o aspiraban a entrar en la universidad, de inmediato se aprobaba una ley que dificultaba su situación

para poder seguir adelante en su camino. El gobierno las sometía a permanecer ignorantes ante cualquier tema, concretamente creo que las veían como una amenaza por su alto coeficiente intelectual y su capacidad de hacer cosas que los blancos

Este es el caso de tres mujeres negras durante la

no podían. Pero como he expuesto con anterioridad,

década de los sesenta, que por el simple hecho de que su

esto no supuso ningún impedimento para cumplir

color de piel era distinto al “establecido”, las discrimina-

sus sueños y poder superarse porque eran mujeres

ban y lo tenían aún más difícil en su desarrollo intelec-

que tenían ansias de progresar y mejorar el mundo y


sabían que podían lograrlo ayudándose mutuamenEra una época en la que los hombres hacían sen-

tir a la mujer incapaz de poder transformar el mundo y

te. A pesar de que ha pasado mucho tiempo

algunas de ellas se lo creyeron pero otras se rebelaron

desde que ocurrieron estos acontecimientos, lo que

contra esto demostrando que en primer lugar, un hom-

las mujeres (negras y blancas) han logrado es para

bre depende de una mujer hasta para nacer, y que ade-

que lo tengamos en cuenta y no creamos que lo que

más de las labores de la casa y el cuidado de los hijos,

hicieron es suficiente y conformarnos porque hoy,

también podían dedicarse a algo con lo que sentirse reali-

aún en el siglo en que vivimos, sigue habiendo de-

zadas. Muchas de estas mujeres negras soportaron si-

sigualdades e injusticias; racismo, machismo y nue-

tuaciones extremadamente racistas como la de prohibir-

vos elementos de discriminación como la homofo-

les usar baños, cafeterías, etc. que los blancos frecuenta-

bia, transfobia… En el caso de los últimos, se les

ban porque para ellos era una ofensa.

pone muy difícil la incorporación al mundo laboral

Siento que estas mujeres a pesar de las adversidades han sabido afrontar este tipo de situaciones bo-

porque algunas personas piensan que dan “mala imagen” para la empresa.

chornosas. Han sido fuertes y perseverantes, además a

Es algo muy similar a lo que las personas

ellas no les estaban haciendo ningún favor dejándolas

negras tuvieron que vivir porque al final es un acto

trabajar en esas oficinas, al contrario, ellas eran las que

inhumano el desprecio por no cumplir el canon es-

brindaban ayuda para el desarrollo tecnológico. Tanto

tablecido por la sociedad. No sé si mi comparación

fue así, que por ellas pusieron en órbita el primer cohete

es la adecuada pero espero que no nos durmamos en

americano y lograron hacer que funcionara una máquina

los laureles y luchemos por nuestros derechos, por-

capaz de realizar ecuaciones en menos tiempo que cual-

que lo que hicieron estas mujeres fue dejarnos un arma muy importante: la educación.

IES Mesa y López39

LITERATURE Figuras de óscar by Katrina Calderón - 2ºBachillerato B “Figuras ocultas” es otro éxito más de Holly-

cosas cambiasen, como en el caso de Katherine con

wood, en el que se dan unos valores éticos y morales

el asunto de los baños o el de Mary con el juez. Co-

presentados justo a tiempo para entrar en la cartelera de

mo si las cosas hubiesen sido así de fáciles siempre.

películas nominadas a los Óscar. Está filmada con la in-

Si las cosas hubieran sido así de fáciles hoy el mun-

tención, no de mostrar cómo fue la historia en la reali-

do sería la representación de un ideal, al que se lle-

dad, sino para agradar al público de todos los sectores:

ga mediante una serie de quejas rápidas y no me-

aparecen las protagonistas, mujeres, negras, inteligentes,

diante una lucha que aún sigue en pie. Y este es el

fuertes, valientes y luchadoras lo que nos complace, pero

problema. Los espectadores veían la película y las

tampoco es suyo todo el mérito, ya que siempre está pre-

situaciones que se iban dando, y reían, ya que la

sente el salvador, el hombre blanco, en este caso siendo

película está hecha para esto; para reír y complacer

el director del proyecto cuya heroicidad consiste en eli-

al público, mientras este ignora cómo estos proble-

minar la clasificación de los baños, o el mismísimo John

mas siguen ocurriendo en el mundo.

Glenn, requiriendo su confirmación para llevar a cabo su misión.

Si eres mujer, se menospreciará en los trabajos importantes. Si eres, además, negra (hoy en día

Además, nos encontramos a un Sheldon Cooper

podemos añadir latina, asiática, o cualquier otro

idiotizado y racista, haciendo el mismo papel de genio

grupo de personas que no sean caucásicas), se te

tonto al cual nos tiene acostumbrados. Sin ellos, la

pondrán aún más difíciles las cosas, y si quieres

misión no podría haberse llevado a cabo supuestamen-

acceder a algún puesto importante o perteneciente

te, por lo que aquí entra en juego el complacer al ame-

al ámbito de las ciencias (salvo de la enfermería,

ricano patriota, que aún necesita de alguna manera ver su

porque claro se nos presupone a las mujeres la ca-

superioridad reflejada en la gran pantalla.

pacidad de cuidar a los demás), ya puedes renunciar a tu sueño y ayudar a los hombres a ser mejores en el suyo.

El problema de esta película es que, a pesar de mostrar las injusticias de la época, de reflejar la lucha de la mujer y de tratar de inculcar ciertos valores, está tan americanizada que simplemente vemos la película, miramos una pantalla y reímos sin pensar en qué ocurre realmente. La vemos y una hora después de haber abandonado la sala de cine, la olvidamos y volvemos a nuestra rutina diaria, Sin embargo, en las salas de cine, muchos ado-

lescentes y adultos reían ante escenas en las que las protagonistas reclamaban sus derechos, con una gracia y una simpatía que conseguía que tras unas pocas palabras, las

40The Student´s Cavern

aburrida y libre de luchas para hacerla mejor, porque las luchas son difíciles, pensar es difícil, oponerse a lo impuesto es difícil, y nosotros solo queremos continuar siendo figuras homogéneas de la sociedad.

REVIEWS ‘HIDDEN FIGURES’ Tras la escoba de una mujer de color ...

by Soukeina Traore- 2ºBachillerato B

La mayoría de las mujeres negras probablemente

cómo la sociedad no le da relevancia, esto pasó y no

no sabían que Katherine G Johnson, Mary Jackson y Do-

del modo en que lo cuenta la película ya que es muy

rothy Vaughan alguna vez existieron. Ciertamente no fue

fantasiosa. Ellas hicieron más que un drama ho-

hasta principios de este año, cuando el fundador de la red

lliwoodiense, ellas lucharon y se ganaron un puesto

de académicos británicos negros envió un enlace a estas

en la NASA.

sorprendentes mujeres negras de la ciencia. Ahora que su

La película no siempre es sutil, pero un cepi-

historia ha sido contada en una película nominada al Os-

llo ancho a veces deja atrás una gran y hermosa

car, ¿podría Figuras Ocultas (Hiden Figures) animar a

franja de color.

más mujeres negras a seguir una carrera en la ciencia?

Este drama, que pone a las mujeres negras en

Hasta hace poco comentaba con un grupo de mu-

su centro, es tan triunfante, destacando tanto el bri-

jeres negras en mi familia qué les había parecido la pelí-

llo como la vida de tres mujeres cuyas historias han

cula y las mujeres que aparecían en ella. Las respuestas

sido descuidadas en los libros de historia, y al mis-

fueron efusivas: "Estas mujeres eran inauditas y son mo-

mo tiempo eleva el perfil de tres grandes actrices.

delos inspiradores para nosotras. Son glamurosas y boni-

Las figuras ocultas son atractivas, entreteni-

tas, pero aparecen en una película debido a su inteligen-

das e iluminadoras, pero al jugar rápido y suelto con

cia ... Ellas hacen que la ciencia sea emocionante, algo

hechos históricos, se corre el riesgo de embotar algo

genial ".

de la emotiva fuerza emocional de la historia.

De hecho, las mujeres en “Figuras Ocultas”

Mi más sentido deseo es el de que estas tres mu-

son modelos a seguir. Y creo que esta película me

jeres no queden como un simple hit, como una pelí-

habría alentado en la elección de estudiar ciencias en el

cula de éxito para inspirar a las pequeñas y peque-

primer lugar. Me habría inspirado viendo científicas ne-

ños científicos de color del futuro (ya que lo quera-

gras exitosas. Todo el mundo ama una buena historia y

mos o no, lo tienen más difícil) sino como un paso

las películas resuenan en muchos jóvenes de una manera

adelante, de progreso en la comunidad negra y de

que las historias escritas no.

aliento a la parada mundial del racismo.

“Hidden Figures” es un brillante relato de un acontecimiento histórico que hace visible a las científicas negras. Sin embargo, es crucial, ahora lo sabemos, lo hacemos relevante y tangible en la sociedad actual. Las científicas negras deben ser modelos a seguir para resol-

ver la grave sub-representación en sus campos. Este drama sobre un trío de mujeres afroamericanas que hacen maravillas matemáticas para la Nasa tiene pocas sutilezas, pero se hace con tal energía que es difícil de disgustar. Siempre estamos buscando más modelos y estoy orgullosa de ver que aunque no fueran conocidas por

IES Mesa y López41

LITERATURE ‘Mi ViDa eN CieN PalAbRaS’ ‘¿qué es la vida?’Aída García - 3º A ESO

‘ENTENDIENDO LA VIDA’ Dylan Marroquín 3º A ESO

Cuando pasa, cuando sucede, cuando lo oyes y lo sientes; cuando estás notando esa hermosa sensación,

Los años pasaban, mi cuerpo cambiaba, mis

como el corazón comienza a latir sin pausa, cada vez

emociones también lo hacían, pero cuando alcancé

más veloz; ahí es cuando noto la mejor sensación que

los doce años, ocurrió algo que no esperaba ni por

nota el ser humano; penetra en tu cabeza, pero notas có-

asomo: mis padres me anunciaron que iba a tener

mo ha pasado por todos y cada uno de los poros de toda

un hermano. Dicho día, no me sentía orgulloso, ya

tu piel. Ahí está; el vello se te eriza y la adrenalina reco-

que en mi interior sentía tristeza, al observar cómo

rre velozmente todo el cuerpo. Se apodera de tu mente y

todos mis familiares no me prestaban atención. Hoy

de tus sentimientos; esto es la buena música. Y así la

en día, ya han transcurrido casi 3 años, y siento que

buena vida.

puedo enseñarle a no desconocer lo que le rodea,

En un día cálido del mes de abril, mis padres orgu-

como yo lo hice, a entender todo.

llosos, presenciaron mi primer llanto, con el que, iniciaba mi vida.

‘Recorridos ‘Alicia Gómez - 3º A ESO Nací un 4 de noviembre de 2002. A los nueves meses de vida tuve que operarme, todo salió maravillosa-

mente. No sabía lo que era la felicidad hasta entonces, cuando mi familia entro en mi vida. He tenido una infancia feliz. Agradezco a mi familia todos sus cuidados y su cariño. Mi hermano ha sido mi guía a lo largo de estos años. Mi gran dolor fue en agosto de 2016, perdí a al-

guien que quise, quiero y querré para siempre. Por momentos mi tristeza y dolor me van y me vienen e intento convertir mi dolor en amor, porque a pesar de todo, la vida sigue caminando, y seguiré recorriendo mi camino hasta donde pueda llegar .

‘Llenos de vida’ Javier Olmo - 3º A ESO Yo nací un 24 de septiembre, día en el que abrí los ojos observando un mundo de color. Desgraciadamente, los primeros mese de vida seguiría en el hospital porque no podía respirar, mis pulmones estaban cerrados. Gracias a los médicos y a la

lucha y el color de mis padres lo superé con creces. Los cinco primeros años de mi vida corrieron felices entre mimos y cuidados de mis abuelas. Cuando cumplí cinco años nació mi único hermano. Desde que me dijeron que iba tener un hermano contaba

los días y las horas. El día que nació y vi su carita brillaba de vida y de luz. Y así se cuenta en pocas palabras mi afortunada vida.

42The Student’s Cavern

RELATOS DE LA CAVERNA ‘Mi ViDa eN CieN PalAbRaS’ ‘Desnudo’ Omar González - 3º A ESO

‘Sintiendo’ Rita Reyes - 3º A ESO Aquel momento en el que crees que todo se va. Pensar que mi vida era “buena” hasta que aquel momento llega. Perder algo que quieres, que apre-

cias. De un momento a otro se va, y nada se puede hacer. Y lo que es aún peor, arrepentirte por pensar que no lo valoraste lo suficiente. Eso fue hace ya dos años, pero siento que aún me queda superar el hecho de que se haya ido, de que ya no volverá. He

podido sonreír, he podido llorar, reír y respirar. Pero siempre quedarán en mi memoria todos aquellos Desnudo llegué y desnudo me iré. Mi vida, una

momentos con mi padre.

aventura. Nací en el norte y me mudé al sur, de pequeño rubio y ahora castaño madera. Entre mis gustos estaba

‘DISTANCIA’ Tatiana de la Nuez - 3º A ESO

nadar, pero del agua pasé a la montaña. Allí me siento feliz cual pájaro en una puesta de sol, cual pez nadando

Mi vida, una maravillosa, pero no gran histo-

libremente. Familia luchadora, eso que no falte, aun-

ria. Todo comenzó cuando por primera vez unas

que a veces me sienta un débil vasallo que perdió es-

vocecitas llegaron a mis oídos. Todo mi vivir ha

pada, armadura y caballo. Así soy yo y así seguiré

estado lleno de cariño, unión y amor. Todo era ale-

siendo, mi vida hoy discurre aquí, pero en menos de lo

gría. El icono principal en mi vida ha sido ese pe-

que el ser humano piensa, a saber dónde me hallaré .

queño trasto, esa pequeña trasto, esa pequeña preocupación, mi gran pequeña hermana.

‘Siete trozos ’ Matías Díaz - 3º A ESO

Un gran día de verano, en un abrir y cerrar

de ojos, todo se nubló, noté que la unión se había

Tener recorridos paralelos. Eso es lo que me hace

separado en un gran hueco. No notaba el mismo

entender las diferencias, ya que, no vivo una sola vida.

cariño y esa gran unión que nos tenía atados, ahora

Sé lo que son las vacas muy flacas, medianas o incluso

se llamaba, divorcio

las muy gordas... Me han alimentado al mismo tiempo. Y todas ellas tenían de bandera honestidad y nobleza. Al nacer, con apenas dos años mis pilares se separaron, pero menos mal. Solo tengo dos recuerdos de la época en la que estuvieron juntos. Y ojalá no me acordara. Desde ahí reparto la tarta de 7 trozos llamada tiempo no como he querido, pero nunca dejando a ninguno en el olvido.

IES Mesa y López43

LITERATURE ‘ReLAtoS aL líMIte’ Introducción a los límites - Mª Pino Llinares - Profesora de Lengua Castellana y literartura Salta, no tengas miedo de lanzarte al vacío sin cuerdas que amarren tu cuerpo. Olvida el abismo inexistente de los miedos que te impiden avanzar. Pon un pie tras otro y toca el aire. Huele la esencia de tu cuerpo y reconoce a tu alma deseosa de dejarse acariciar. Experimenta la duda, el desequilibrio, la cobardía… Escapa de tus rutinas y des-

compón los esquemas. ¡Alguna vez tendrás que arriesgarte! Solo hay que abrir la puerta, mirar hacia dentro y tirar la llave. Sonríete, haz lo posible por llevar las riendas hacia la casa de puertas azules que espera impaciente ser descubierta, aunque, recuerda que nunca te dirá que toques… dos veces.

Perdiendo las fuerzas Silvia Yebrí - 1º Bachillerato C Caigo sin fuerzas, derrotada, para continuar. Mi

fuerte en la vida. Es por eso que puede que esta no

cuerpo me pide que abandone mientras ella vuelve a por

fuera mi lucha, sino la suya interior. Está claro que

otra batalla innecesaria y que solo desembocará en otra

siempre formará parte de mi vida y que todo lo que

más. Le pido perdón de rodillas, como si de un pecado se

soy ahora es gracias a ella, que pese a mis noches en

tratase; ella se proclama dueña de mi vida y decide si

vela preguntándome el porqué de sus arrebatos sé

continúa matándome a ladridos o se me deja descansar

que ella no lo podría haber hecho mejor. Una vez

por esta noche.

más le dedico otra madrugada para buscarle el senti-

Son las dos de la madrugada y los gritos incesan-

do a todo si es que lo tiene.

tes siguen, retumban en mi cabeza una y otra vez; inútil, cobarde, estúpida… Le pido que pare, pero solo me devuelve una mirada aún más aterradora que todo lo que está sucediendo.

Aquella noche, en la que acabó destrozándome por completo, se sentó en el filo de mi cama, me miró con cara de arrepentimiento y su boca pronunció aquellas palabras que nunca olvidaré: “nada de esto es culpa tuya”. No pude contestarle. Solo la miré por primera vez

¿Salto? Jorge López - 1º Bachillerato C

sin miedo y las dos hundimos los ojos en abismos azules

¿Prefieres que salte? ¡Que salte sobre tus lágrimas?

tan profundos como el color de mi tristeza.

Esas lágrimas que corren sobre una cascada vacía y

Nunca conseguí perdonarme. Podría haberla rescatado, pero solo me alejé y la dejé sola sin que nadie la pudiese ayudar a salvarse de ella misma. A veces, me pregunto si era yo quién estaba destinada a cambiarla o si era ella quién me enseñaría a ser

44The Student´s Cavern

seca en la que no puedo ver nada más que tu tristeza. Tristeza que veo en tus ojos y no me deja dormir, pensar y sentir, solo por ti. Y ahí me encuentro mirándote sin saber qué hacer con ese anhelo dentro tu alma como isla que se encuentra en soledad en medio de un mar de desesperación y sufrimiento.

RELATOS DE LA CAVERNA ‘ReLAtoS aL líMIte’ Me va a salir caro Víctor Rguez. 1º Bachillerato C Desearía que te acercaras a mí. Desearía que un so-

Fiel ilusionista Sara Jiménez 1º Bachillerato C

lo instante me fuera concedido para pasarlo contigo. Te escabulles, me esquivas, me miras a los ojos tendiéndo-

me la mano, y en un último segundo dejas que mi cara se estampe contra la dura y caliente tierra del suelo. Puedes ser cruel y deliberadamente complicado. Puedes ser inocente por ser sueños de muchos, pero culpable por ser arma de unos pocos. No quiero seguir sin tu ausencia,

porque no me va a salir barato, pero tú sigues, atraviesas la realidad y caminas por encima del cielo y del infierno y, quizás, para algunos seas la eterna oscuridad que la Dama de Negro confía a quien a su hora llega. Insufrible, ansiada, sangrienta o utópica. Miles de nombres y adjeti-

Querido fiel ilusionista, poco a poco, tus labios

vos te son asignados porque siempre los seres humanos

fueron fuego junto a los míos. Caminábamos sin

nos descabezamos, gritamos nos enfurecemos y llegamos

sentido, sin camino, sin afrontar el muro que nos

al pecado asesino por la ensoñación falsa de tu causa. No

separa. Ahora, se me acaba el cigarro, la esencia de

me malinterpretes, eres cruel, despiadada por tu indife-

aquel beso, la locura de algún te quiero.

rencia, pero corrompida por quien no te acompaña, por voces que ensucian tu nombre, y quién sabe, quizás ya te lo estás creyendo y actúas como tal. La lucha encarnizada por ti no deja en mí más que un cuerpo vacío de fuer-

Huyo de las nubes que intentan ahuyentarme. Vivo el sol y lluevo junto a las estrellas. Paso del tiempo ya que decidió comerme; paso del destino ya que voy con él.

zas, pero rebosante de sueños y puede que esté sumer-

Luna que me da aliento y versos que escribo.

giendo la mirada en abismos azules que solo me dejan

Giro la mirada y comienzo a andar sobre el alambre;

sediento en un desierto con una famélica y cicatrizada

me olvidé de aquel viaje y decidí volar sin previo

mano tendida hacia ti par que una vez más sonrías frívo-

aviso, sin ningún punto y final.

lamente y me vuelvas a dejar a tus puertas. Te aseguro, libertad, que no dudaré en intentarlo otra vez, y no ten-

drás mas remedio que tomar mi mano.

Buscando pisadas Nazaret Lorenzo - 1º Bachillerato C Busco las pisadas que me conducen a tu casa. No me lo pones fácil, pues tengo que pasar por un fino hilo que casi no tiene puntos de apoyo. Con el primer paso que doy, comienza mi des-

equilibrio; mi vida se tambalea en esa fina cuerda que cualquier día se romperá. La luz de amanecer desvelará las huellas que dejé delante de tu casa.

IES Mesa y López45

LITERATURE ‘Reinterpretando a Hansel y Gretel ’ ‘HOY Y SIEMPRE YO’


Abraham Rodríguez 1ºA Bachillerato

Silvia Yebrí - 1ºC Bachillerato

Miro hacia afuera. ¡Pobres niños, pobres abando-

Cuando la inocencia de dos almas se cruzan

nados sin sentido.. Como números perdidos en la his-

con el mal, disfrazado de humildad, solo les queda

toria; como palabras que caen en el olvido. Yo, con

una esperanza para seguir adelante, luchar por en-

dulzura me aprovecho de almas desesperadas. ¿Qué

contrar la salida de aquel torbellino de mentiras y

será de sus padres? Diablos interesados que los traen al

engaños en el que se ven envueltos. Al no tener op-

mundo y luego los escupen en el bosque. Gracias a

ción, por más que lo intenten, siempre acaban cayen-

ellos hoy, ceno.

do en la misma trampa, pero ¿cómo no caer en ella si

Mi máscara tapa mi crueldad, todo mi poder. Ellos

parece el más dulce pecado jamás conocido por el

tan ilusos, tan niños, firman la sentencia de la que yo

hombre? ¿Cómo no van a querer engañar a sus men-

vivo, de la que yo me aprovecho para poder seguir

tes con su perfume de crueldad sino conocen otro

danzando por el bosque.

cielo que el propio infierno en el que les ha tocado vivir? ¿Cómo pueden decidir si volver al lugar al que, supuestamente, pertenecen o navegar sin rumbo durante unos minutos más? No tienen a nadie de su lado, excepto a ellos mismos y eso parecía bastarles.

‘marcada’ Eduardo González - 1ºA Bachillerato Manchada queda mi mente de pensar. Son

sangre de mi sangre y aún así los abandonaré junto

‘sin culpa’ Jorge Naranjo - 1ºC Bachillerato Dos almas jóvenes, sin culpa, castigadas por el destino cruel que los desprende de sus padres.

al fuego que acabará convertido en cenizas. Sin preocupación los traicioné y me fui, lentamente, sin mirar atrás. Cada paso que daba afian-

Me tumbo en mi cama con la cara hinchada de

zaba más mi seguridad. Abandonados en un bosque,

llanto, no sé si por el hambre o por la falta de amor puro

al alcance de las fieras, dejaron que mi conciencia

por parte de alguien que me ayudó a entrar a este mun-

caminara tranquila sin decirme adiós. El día en el

do decorado de colores vivos.

que llegaron de nuevo a esta casa mi alegría se fijó

Dos corazones inocentes de culpa, castigados por

en las riquezas de sus bolsillo y, en ese instante, me

un mundo que los empuja a ser abandonados, apostaron

di cuenta de que ya podría ser feliz, aunque quedara

por la familia perfecta y creyeron que estaban comple-

marcada por el abandono.

tos, sin falta de cosa alguna… Hoy solo sé que no estoy aquí.

46The Student’s Cavern

RELATOS DE LA CAVERNA ‘Reinterpretando a Hansel y Gretel ’ ‘en soledad’ Judith Díaz – 1ºC Bachillerato Padres, que al estar en la miseria deciden abandonar a sus hijos. Niños inocentes, que sin tener culpa de nada de se

ven solos, sin familia, sin hogar y deben buscar una nueva vida. Niños que, seguramente, nunca sabrán lo que es sentirse amado por unos padres que te cuidan y te ayudan desde el día en que naces. Son niños de los que la soledad no se separa.

‘sin RUMBO’ Sarah Jiménez - 1ºC Bachillerato Nos encontramos solas, sin rumbo, sin pensar en algún destino. Poco a poco, se aleja nuestra vida, no

Hermanos mayores ejercen el papel de padre. Hermanos PERDIDA’ menores sienten pre‘INOCENCIA Silviamiedo; Yebrítemen - 1ºCalBach

sente y al futuro pensando en qué pasará con ellos.

logramos ver el horizonte, ni tan siquiera podemos imaginarlo. Sin darnos cuenta el agua palpa nuestra esencia, lágrimas que desprendemos, lágrimas que sin que puedas verlas inundan mi alma, nuestra alma. Somos nubes sin forma que se ha perdido en el cielo. Los pájaros no vuelan ni roban mis migas de

pan. El sol no quiere salir y la luna se apodera de nosotras. Las estrellas son nuestra fortuna; volvemos al camino, aunque preferíamos esa playa sin pisadas. Admiramos la mirada inocente de nuestro corazón hecho pedazos, el alma que, poco a poco, se despren-

dió, los ojos que no consiguen ver, la boca que no siente, los oídos intentando escapar del silencio, un silencio negro, interesado e infinito.

‘CON EL CORAZÓN ROTO’ Carlota Morales - 1ºA Bachillerato En la vida me han dicho muchas veces cuál es mi rol en la sociedad, en mi hogar o cuál debería o parece ser. Una falsa ilusión de control, todo sobre mis hombros, pero en el cuerpo de otra persona. Suele decirse que mi género marca la fortaleza que hay en mí, pero sigo pensando en que esa mujer que me acompaña está forjada con hierro en cuerpo y alama, con la dureza de una piedra y la frialdad del hielo. ¿Cómo ser más fuerte que ella? No tiene caso que intente llevarle la contraria; ella ha llevado las riendas de esta casa, es lo mínimo que le debo. Aún así, me sorprende su confianza y frialdad; esos

niños que han sido acunados por nosotros, día y noche, hoy desaparecen porque ella decide decirles adiós. No sé si es lo mejor, si ellos volverán y quitarán esta amarga sensación que se quedará en mi pecho por su ausencia. Lo único que sé es que no tengo el valor de decirle lo

contrario, soy un cobarde, pero nadie me ha enseñado a mostrárselo o dejárselo ver a los demás. Así que seguiré mi rol de hombre de hierro con el corazón roto.

IES Mesa y López447

LITERATURE ‘Reinterpretando a Hansel y Gretel ’ ‘¿CONFIANZA?’ Nerea Pérez 1ºA Bachillerato Me siento perdida en este mundo. Me invade la tristeza y siento que no me quieren, que mi presencia carece de sentido para el resto, aún cuando para mí

significaban todo y sumaba felicidad a la vida. Y es curioso cómo el hecho de abrir los ojos, a veces, nos hace ver que estamos rodeados de oscuridad, y que las esperanzas que buscamos para que lo malo desaparezca de nuestras vidas, no son más que unas farolas alumbrando el camino, pero que terminan por apoyarse, llenándonos, así, de inseguridades y miedos. Y ahí nos quedamos, quietos, por miedo a que si damos algún paso nos choquemos con algo, y quizás no podamos volver a levantarnos.

‘gretel’ Bárbara Rodrííguez - 1ºC Bachillerato No tenía una casa lujosa, ni unos padres que la

‘EN MARCHA’ Melany Marroquín 1ºA Bachillerato

amaran. No necesitaba que los pájaros se comieran

Siento un dolor profundo en el corazón. ¿Qué está

aquellas migas de pan para estar perdida, ella camina-

pasando? ¿Por qué caen gotas de agua desde tus pre-

ba sin rumbo desde hacía ya tiempo. ¿La casita de

ciosos ojos? El corazón por fin

chocolate? ¿La bruja? Lo mismo, reflejos de su pasa-

¡Huye a un lugar mejor! ¿No ves que no te quiero ya?

do. Podría haberse dado por vencida, podría, pero no

Decidida me dispuse a seguir a mis padres por ese ca-

lo hizo. Cuando su padre encendió aquella hoguera, el

mino. Camino que me prepararía un destino diferente

día que pretendía abandonarla a ella y a su hermano,

al que yo había pensado, lleno de piedras que hacen

miró las llamas sabiendo lo que pasaría; observó có-

que con cada paso que doy pierda la esperanza en

mo la madera brillaba y ardía, y una cálida sensación

ellos. Aquel despertar fue como si me cayera el mundo

la envolvió. No era el fuego, sino la intuición de estar

encima. Ahí comprendí que tenía que sobrevivir junto

encontrando por fin un camino.

a mi hermano, Hansel. El futuro nos prepararía para el

Ella no quería lo que cualquier niña de su edad querría, ni siquiera unos padres que la colmaran de amor, de una lumbre acogedora o de exquisitos manjares, pues en las piedrecitas blancas descubrió el hogar, en las migajas que compartió con él, saboreó el

mejor de los manjares y, en su corazón, halló el más puro amor. Por fin lo entendió, había encontrado su camino y ese era Hansel.

48The Student’s Cavern

grita. ¿márchate!

encuentro con un ser maligno que brillaba a la luz del sol escondiendo su verdadero rostro.

RELATOS DE LA CAVERNA ‘Reinterpretando a Hansel y Gretel ’ ‘un acto de amor’ Laura Benítez– 1ºA Bach

‘destino’ Miguel Marion – 1ºA Bachillerato

¡Corran!, ¡márchense!, ¡huyan!, piérdanse en

Una noche de luna llena dos desamparados se

busca de un paradero mejor. Lejos de aquí, lejos de

enfrentan a su desasosiego que los conduce hasta un

mí hay nuevas formas de vivir. Mis manos están va-

paraíso donde el mismo demonio aguarda en cuerpo

cías, pero mi corazón rebosa de amor. Es mejor ini-

de bruja. Un lugar de cuatro paredes deliciosas en el

ciar la partida. Mánchense las manos con tierra, con

que único propósito es sobrevivir entre las llamas.

tartas de sangre y sigan los senderos de la vida. No se

Entre las dimensiones de esa barbarie surge el mila-

separen, no olviden mi acto de amor

gro: el demonio regresa al lugar del que surgió y los héroes retornan cargados de recompensas. El destino,

‘amaneceres invisibles’ Damaris Tejera - 1ºC Bachillerato

entonces, los acoge con las manos abiertas.

‘INOCENCIA PERDIDA’ Silvia Yebrí - 1ºC Bach

Vemos una luz al final del camino, una mano

‘complementos’ Pablo Liria - 1ºA Bachillerato

que nos salva de la oscuridad, que nos acaricia, ali-

Fría era la tarde en la que los árboles cobijaban

menta y acurruca. Pero esas manos se van haciendo

nuestro ser. Supervivencia basada en el dolor; el pun-

invisibles con el paso de los amaneceres; solo tene-

donor marcaba el destino de un nuevo rumbo. Mi pare-

mos un camino por delante.

ja de viaje y la naturaleza creaban mi entorno. El pasa-

Algún día encontraremos alguna casa de cho-

do no tiene cabida, es momento de levantar la mirada y

colate y entraremos. Ahora nos hallamos en el inicio

cimentar una nueva historia. Codo a codo, con alguien

del camino donde solo existe oscuridad. Preparados

que me complementa y que me entregará todas sus

ya para salir de esa figurada belleza, nos embarcamos

posibilidades por no romper nuestro vínculo. Porque

en la aventura. Lo único diferente es que hemos pasa-

aquí remamos en el mismo sentido, y las dificultades

do página y la historia no es la misma, las manos han

quedarán atrás.


‘déjame’ Andrea Noriega - 1ºC Bachillerato Déjame morir. Déjame estar sola; quiero vivir

en un mundo nuevo. Haz con mis cenizas una nueva vida, una nueva alma, esa alma que nunca dejarás que se escape entre los bosques que la detienen; esas ramas que le impiden ser como es. Esas hojas te ayudarán a escapar al más allá. Déjame salir. Quiero tener

mejores momentos, mejor vida. Crea una nueva persona. Derrite mi cuerpo con esa llama que lo sobrepasa. Llega ya, luz, dame la nueva vida.

IES Mesa y López449


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