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The Student´s Cavern is a digital magazine which has the intention of motivating and encouraging students to make use of the English language as a vehicle to give and receive information. Hence, this will be a meeting place for them to share their opinions, their experiences at the high school, to post arguments and reflections, or just to tell anecdotes. Although at the beginning it became a challenge for students, eventually they got really involved in the project and wrote about a wide range of topics that the reader will find interesting and entertaining. You just have to go into the Cavern and discover them.


Eva R. Rivero

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EDUCATION TWO FACES OF EDUCATION by Paolo Colella - 4ºA Nowadays, there seems boring and normal for our

school, and they feel happy and proud because

teenagers to go to school every day. However, only

they can study.

forty or fifty years ago it was not that way. Even,

They get to schools with no digital boards, with

nowadays, there are children who would like to study

no computers and sometimes, even, with nor

and they are not allowed or do not have the means to

notebooks neither pencils.

do it. In almost every school building in the so called ‘first world’ we can see an interactive whiteboard, a closet

According to last UNICEF report, there are still more than 115 million children worldwide that do not attend school.

full of books, some geographical and autobiographic maps on the wall, several computers and internet

I like a Malala Yousafzai quote that says “The

connection. In my former school in Italy, there were

most powerful weapon in the world is a pencil and

even recorders in every classroom for the students

a notebook”. As long as people think that the most

who could not attend to class for any problem. A

powerful weapon in the world is an atomic bomb,

western student has all the comfort that s/he needs

this world cannot be better and peaceful.

for studying. We have all this comfort and we do not

Education and cultural enrichment are important

realize how lucky we are.

values. If everyone could have the opportunity to keep them, I think the world would be a truer and

Every morning, while I am walking (still half sleep)

more habitable place, where everybody would live

from home to school I think about this, it takes me just

with more respect and consciousness.

twelve minutes to get to school.

I wish someday I could do something to change

In some African, South American and Eastern coun-

things. I wish I could guarantee education, as it is a

tries, there are children that every morning, half sleep

right, for all the children in the world. I hope this

too, walk down from ten to twenty kilometers to go to

becomes reality near in the future.

On the left, a classroom in Africa. On the right, a classroom in Europe

4 The Student’s Cavern



by Heman Talebmoustaph - 4ºA

by Pablo Liria - 4ºA

Last year, I lived in Paris. I was in 2nd year (4th

And what about the future? Someone said ‘Now is

year ESO). It has been curious to find that there are a

the future’, and it is convenient to know what it will

lot of differences on how things are there and how

bring us. That is what I want to talk about, but I will

they are here.

focus on my studies.

To start, the building in Paris was two times larger

It is a perfect moment to analyze my academic

than this one. We had a full equipped laboratory and a

situation, because I am having the last months of my

pool. There was also an internet website for parents to

secondary education (ESO). I think

monitor their children and know their marks.

years studying have been a sweet and unrepeatable

these thirteen

The schedules are quite different too. In my former

period. During this stage, I have met excellent people,

school, we began at half past nine and finished at six

I have being lucky calling some of them FRIENDS,

in the afternoon. We had one week holiday every forty

and I have learnt infinity of things that will build the

five which means that every month and a half we had

base of my knowledge. I will take advantage to say

a week free. When I arrived to this high school I was

THANKS to all those people who have made this

really happy since we spend less time at school, I was


surprised by the amount of holidays we enjoy here.

Also, I have known that I am a “science person”.

In Paris, to let us know that the lessons were over

That is what I like and I think it is an interesting and

they used bells that hurt our ears. It is very nice to

unknown universe. It rests two years until I go to the

listen to music instead.

University, but I have to define what degree I will

Our tests were marked out of 20 and we were never

choose. Today, I am mulling two ones mainly: physio-

told the tests date so we had to be ready all the time.

therapy and physical education. I am crazy and

Most of the exams lasted two hours except Maths’ that

passionate about both of them and next two years will

lasted three. For results, the average of each subject is

help me to decide.

divided into 12 and if your score is higher than 10 you


parents and teachers have told me that it will be the

are successful. The relationship with teachers was not so closer. Even we could not call the teachers by their names. So, there are a lot of differences and from both systems I have learnt something. Knowing different us


best period of my life if I enjoy and work hard. But first, I have to live today’s days. They are wonderful and I have to experiment and enjoy them the

That meant a lack of respect.

cultures make

I think the “University World” is amazing.

most because, unluckily, they will not come back again.

in experience and

knowledge. What is important is to take advantage of it.

IES Mesa y López 5

EDUCATION EXCHANGE 2.0 by Jorge González– 4ºB Each year, at Mesa y López high school there is an

Most of students at Mesa y López get to school

exchange student project promoted by the Department of

on foot. They, however, need to go to school by bus

German Language. So, a month ago some German stu-

and it costs six hundred euros a year!!! They buy a

dents came to our island to stay with us at home and

ticket that costs that amount because if they pay the

learn about our culture, our educational system and, of

bus each day, it would cost ten euros a day and it is

course, to practice both languages, Spanish and German.

not worthy.

While they were here, we could share a lot of things and ask each other about different topics. It was incredible to discover how many differences there are between us.

Something that we wanted to know was if their parents control them, and they answered that they do it and a lot. They said that in Germany there is a hard law approved by the government: if teenagers are less than sixteen years old they cannot stay in the street without their parents at certain hours. Another unusual thing that we did not know is that most of Germans are quiet religious. They are catholic and go to church every Sunday. Well, while they were here, they went to the beach and shopping centres instead.

Their high school is ten times higher than ours with a

The experience with them was fantastic, now it is

big garden and a nice gym. They do not have half an

our turn to visit them. I am sure we will learn much

hour break time before the fourth period, they have fif-

more about their culture and will enjoy as much as

teen minutes break each two hours. They do not attend

we all did here .

the same number of lessons every day like we do. They have from 5 hours to 8 hours at school depending on the weekday. But each lesson always lasts forty five minutes. Nevertheless, not everything is perfect, they told us that there are also many problems at high school that teachers have to cope with. They also told us that they have two weeks holidays in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It was sad for them to know that we have two months holidays in summer and they have less than us.

6 The Student’s Cavern

TRIP TO ENGLAND by Tatiana de la Nuez and Alicia M. Gómez - 2ºA ESO This year, students from IES Mesa and Lopez have

A very interesting visit was Oxford, there we

made a trip, May 11, 2016 from Gran Canaria to England

could see the famous University of Oxford and we

(London). Two teachers from the English Department,

visited the college of Christchurch. We had a great

Angela and Tere, flew to London along with thirty stu-

time together skating on the ice rink and we also


visited the College where the Harry Potter movie

We were preparing this trip throughout the year. When

was filmed. We also visited places like Cambridge

finally it was the day to travel, we all met at the airport

and Canterbury where we had free time to do some

of Gran Canaria, where Tere gave us our pounds! After

shopping and wandering around. We also were in

four hours of flight, we arrived at our destination, Eng-

the famous Dover cliffs.

land. We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Gran Canaria located in Folkestone and from there we moved everyday to visit different places. We visited four museums. First, we visited the Natural Science Museum (in London). Then, the British Museum (in London) but here we only visited three rooms (Egypt, Greece and Rome). After that, we went to Madame Tussauds Museum (in London), the museum that we loved the most. It is a wax museum where there are wax figures of many famous people and celebrities. We took photos next to them. And finally, we visited the Air Museum (Duxford). When we were in Windsor, we could see the favourite residence of Queen Elizabeth II. In London, we visited Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, where we saw the changing of the guard. We saw the British Parliament and we went to the London Eye where we got beautiful views of the city. We also enjoyed a boat trip thorough the River Thames. In Camden, a street full of shops, we had free time to buy. The last day we went to a disco in the hotel, it was the best night that we have ever had. This trip was a great experience that we would love to repeat.

IES Mesa y López 7

EDUCATION URBAN HIKING TO CELEBRATE THE DAY OF THE CANARY islands by Carlota Morales- 4ºA Hi young reader! I'll talk to you about a special event that our high school has been organizing since 2015 the day our region celebrates the Day of the Canary Islands in honour of the Canary people. Most high schools make parties where people eat food made in the Canary Islands and they listen to folk music of the islands too. Most of them also dress the traditional costumes. But our high school is different, last year we tried something new. We took a hike following different routes and it was amazing! So... why not doing it again? 2nd year ESO went to El Parque Doramas And so we did. Although I know most of you have participated in the activity, let me explain a bit more

This type of activity has a lot of advantages. It helps

about it for those who have not joined us these years, so

us to know more our class partners and the island.

keep reading. All the students at the high school partici-

Besides, we do exercise, walking is a good form to

pate in this hiking, so obviously we can't do the same

start the day and we can be in contact with the nature

route. The students are divided into groups formed by

(in some cases, depending on the route). I know that

several group- classes and together with several teachers

sometimes we are too lazy to walk but guys, we need

walk different areas of the town. Every group has a dif-


ferent route but all of them end their walk in the same

If you want to know more about the routes or see

place, Plaza de la Música where all the students of the

more photos check out the twitter account of the IES.

high school meet together again.

You can also share the photos of the route you’ve made with the hashtag #MyLenRuta. See you at the next hike!!

4thA ESO and 1st YEAR BACCALAUREATE went to El Confital

8 The Student’s Cavern

Doing an internship at ies mesa y lópez by Samuel Francis – 4ºB Last March and April, IES Mesa y López received the visit of some Educational Teaching students from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University who came for their

I know how he may feel. I did not realize what I was missing at that time”. The French internship student replied “I was a

teaching internship.

hard working student, I always did my homework.

I had the opportunity of interviewing some of them, to

But as I grew up, I started to change that attitude.

ask them about their experience here with us.

Now I study but not that hard (hehe)”.

“What were your expectations?”,

I asked to the

English practicum student.

The English internship student said “I was also the type of student that was always studying and

“I knew more or less what I was going to face when

did her homework in time. I like students who try

I was coming. But I am very happy with the students.

doing their best. They may not reach the best

They were quite cooperative and they participated in

mark, but eventually it will be shown the effort.”

the classes’ development which helped me a lot when

“Now, it's time to ask you for your tutor

coping with them. And referring to the high school,

teachers. How are they? How have they treated

yes, I imagined it differently.” she answered.

you?”, I asked. They all agreed, “The teachers

“You had the chance of facing a class with 28 to 33

were wonderful; they helped us to integrate with

students. Tell me, how did you feel?” . “It looks like

the other teachers and with the students. They

the methodology lessons at University has nothing to do

gave us hints to improve our teaching skills. All of

with reality. The books describe classes as a perfect

them are marvellous”

place where you can complete your schedule without

And after this, what? What awaits ahead to our

any interruption. But that is quite far of being true. It is

dear trainees? Surely, an uncertain path to their

quite hard to keep students in silence and paying atten-

future. They may be lucky and start working soon.


They might move to another country far from their

“What would you change”, I asked.

family and friends, but starting a fresh beginning

“First, I would change what is written in books

with a bright future. I wish them the best and I hope

about teaching. And the ideal stage would be to have a

that their future becomes clear, for our sake.

small number of heterogeneous students in each group so we could make a plan to assist the real needs of each one. Now, it is very difficult since the number of students in each class is very high and with lots of different levels. “Which type of student do you feel more identified with?” The literature internship student answered “I was a student that did not pay too much attention. I do not mean that I feel identified with that type of student but

IES Mesa y López 9


A REFLEXION ON Our society

by Paolo Colella– 4º A

by Axel Alvear - 4ºC We can see clear examples of how badly society

The European Union is a political and economic

works in facts such as the importance we give to sports

supranational organization which comprises 28 in-

or gossip shows on TV instead of helping people such as

dependent and "democratic" member countries of

the refugees or giving doctors the means or money they

the European continent.

really deserve.

guarantees free circulation of people, goods and

The vast majority of people are aware of the large

The European Union

capital of money in its territory.

amounts of money that is used in sports like football.

It also promotes peace. That is what it is said in

Looking only at the two great teams that exist in Spain,

the European Constitution but in my opinion it is

we can see how in Real Madrid C.F. only one of the

not true. The EU only promotes arms, dirty money

players earns 100

and false peace. The EU guarantees values and the wellbeing of its

million euros, or in F.C.Barcelona

people and fights against social exclusion... False! I

another one earns

think that the EU tries to dominate the people of the

57 million euros a

west. It is only controlled by Germany and USA,

year. Although we

two leader countries that are ruining and destroying

like soccer, and we

living things on the Earth.




UE promotes human rights.... Untrue! EU does


players are very good and they offer good entertainment,

not promote Human Rights; it hides all the Human

it is sad to see this and at the same time how people in

Rights in fields of refugees such as Idomeni, Lesbos

this country, refugees among others, do not have a place

or Lampedusa. UE hides all human rights in all

to live and we are not able to use some of this money to

those children that every 30 seconds die; and, in all

set resources for them.

those toxical goods like alcohol or cigarettes they

Another uneven distribution of money is on TV. There are stupid programmes conducted by unprofessional

allow to be sold to us. That is not to take care or respect its citizens’ wellbeing.

people that earn a lot of money just making nonsenses

In my opinion, the Universe (nature, energy, god,

or gossiping in programmes that last four or five hours a

whatever you want to call it) has not created bor-


ders because of religion, races, social

Meanwhile, healthcare service and education,

which are more important than a football player or a

or gender. Only


evil, meanness

programme on tv, suffer cuts



budgets. Why do the governments allow this?

and cruel hu-

We should fight for a fair society where poor people



have priority on sports world, where hospitals and doc-



tors have priority on tv showmen, where saving lives and

those borders.

equality among people have priority on personal interest.

10 The Student’s Cavern




Committee (HRC) and the

I am very happy to belong to The Human Rights

Equality Commission (EC) are two voluntary groups at

Committee. Around fifteen students meet every week

IES Mesa y López high, which work in a coordinated

to talk about different topics (war, poverty, hunger,

way, with the aim of creating a new commitment and

racism, violence, environment, etc.) and plan activi-

philosophy of life in a society where there is not so much

ties at the high school. This year we have done lots

justice and so much inequality of opportunities.

of things.




The HRC belongs to a network of solidarity schools

Just before Christmas we organized a campaign for

working for the peace and the human rights. They coor-

the responsible consumption. We attended to some

dinate themselves every month and organize acts such as

workshops and exchanged different items using

the March for Peace, the celebration of The Human


Rights Day or meetings at the end of the course to discuss about different topics.

We also celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. We met at the playground and read a manifesto against violence. Later, we gave each other a big hug. In the International Day of Peace we also read a manifesto at break time and then we took part of a flash mob dancing “Abre tus ojos” song. It was really funny. Sometimes we also meet other high school and share experiences. In our last meeting for example,

The Commission of Equality also coordinates its work

we had discussions about the global warming and the

with other centres through the network of schools for the

refugees. There was also a performance about Sah-

equality. It is also present at monthly meetings and par-

rawi people. We did different activities in several

ticipates in join events with other schools in cooperative

workshops: we painted t-shirts with slogans against

acts. In addition, every Thursday, sexual information and

violence, we made purple flowers, we celebrated a

advice are given in meetings at break time to solve

gymkhana, etc.

doubts among the students. But the most important pur-

We learn a lot of things and collaborate to try to make this world works better.

pose for both groups is to transform the life of the centre by means of different proposals and diverse actions, promoting respectful in our relationships and the interest for the social commitment. If you want to belong to any of these initiatives you can find us every Tuesday at break time in room 28. Hope to see you there!

IES Mesa y López 11

SOCIAL ISSUES Alberto hugo rojas by Alba Cabral - 4ºC Our high school has had the pleasure of having Alberto Hugo Rojas with us, a photographer who has

man were killed by a woman he would go to hell, so are a little afraid of the YPG group.

been in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Israel and works with

The photos he showed to us were very tough, the

thirty educative centers around the world showing his

two groups afore mentioned, spend day and night

projects and videos to the students at schools.

protecting the city and they have to sleep in

Alberto first talked to us about the Arabic Spring. It

trenches. The kids of Syria, Iraq and other countries

refers to a revolutionary movement wave of protests and

like these ones think that this is normal. “Arms are

civil wars in the Arab world that began at the end of

like another complement, just like a purse” he said.

2010 asking for political and social reform. In Syria, kids aged between 11 and 15, who protested for their deserving education, were kidnapped. Sometimes they

“ W ith this job I will not make a good living, I can lose my life ”

were converted into DAESH militants and sometimes they appeared killed few weeks later. That caused a big revolt starring by the kids' parents that ended up with two

We could also see some results of the attack to

hundred thousand people captured and thirteen thousand

Al- Hassaka, where the photographer stayed for a

people dead with. They did not get help from the ONU.

long time. The city was destroyed. There was not

Then, Alberto showed us some videos and pictures he

any light and the kids studied in very poor condi-

has taken in his trips to different places. He talked to us

tions, and in places where their books incite to the

about his experience there and told us about the exis-

violence making mathematics problems with guns

tence of the DAESH, a terrorist group which can go in

or solving them using other types of arms.

and out of the cities of Syria and Iraq freely. That is very

Alberto does not get a lot of money with this job,

dangerous for the kids who live in there, so there two

he does not get any fame. He gets knowledge and

groups of people are formed to protect them: the YPG,

with those experiences he knows the reality of the

formed by adult women; and the HPG, formed by adult

world. Now, we also know it.

men. The women fight for the liberty of their families and gender equality. He told us that in the “terrorist religion”, if a terrorist

“Tomorrow we do not want to be women just to get marry, have kids and be housemaids…”

12  The Student’s Cavern

Learning from people with disabilities by Alejandro Gutiérrez and Adrián García – 4ºB At the beginning of the course, some students of Mesa y López high school visited Juan Pablo II park

they also explained to us how many buses are adapted to enable disabled people access to them.

where the ONCE foundation had organized some workshops to let people know about their work. There, we saw and learned how disabled people live with their disabilities and the way the technology helps them to make their lives easier. In the park we visited different stands that dealt with different types of disabilities. The first stand was about blind people. They cannot see so they develop different skills and help themselves

The fourth stand was about sports for paralytic

using some specific objects or guide dogs to perform

people. We saw different sports adapted to them

their day to day life. They showed us a lot of interesting

and we played basketball sitting in a wheelchair.

things and we played a game. In pairs, one of us had to

Finally the president of a group or community for

wear a mask covering our eyes pretending to be a blind

paralytic people talked to us about their condition

person and the other one had to be the guide around the

and ways of live. We used a wheelchair to over-

park. It was a bit difficult since we had to trust our

come difficulties such as dressing up or getting a

partner to get any place.


The next stand was about people with ear problems or dumb people. A boy talked to us by means of sign lan-

We enjoyed a lot and learned how people can adapt to anything.

guage and there was an interpreter who told us what he was saying. They explained to us that new technologies and applications for mobile phones are being very useful to them.

I think that disabled people have a lot of difficulties in their daily lives and with this activity I have learnt to step into their shoes (Nuhaset de la Rosa 4ºB) I think it is admirable how these people live overcoming a huge amount of barriers. (Andrea Alonso- 4ªA) I am very happy to see these people can enjoy life even suffering from a disability. (Davinia García 4ºA) One good use of technology is the one used to help these people (Ramón Oteiro 4ºB)

The third stand we visited was about the means of transport that are adapted for disabled people. They showed us the vehicles and how they are designed. Then,

This experience has opened not olnly my eyes but also my heart (Leonel Cruz 4ºA) We have to make more things to get the city prepared for these people. (Pablo Liria 4ºA)

IES Mesa y López 13

SOCIAL ISSUES Beautiful plus- size women by Carlota Morales- 4ºA How would you react if I told you that an ad with no nudity, sexual or offensive content has been censored



American television networks? The advertising chain of Lane Bryant has been


"indecent" by NBC and ABC. Why? Because in this advertising chain the girls are not like Victoria Secret’s models, they are plus-size models in lingerie, sportswear or breastfeeding a child. This type of television channels broadcast daily a con-

This lets us see that beauty is still within a few ridiculous canons that are almost unattainable for many people.

siderable amount of ads with women who do daily acti-

The so superficial view we have of others is too

vities scantily dressed up and they are not censored, per-

hard on many occasions and this causes that people

haps because they are considered the "most beautiful"

judge others by their lack of “perfection”.

and "best body" models currently.

But what is really perfection? Is it something

NBC has tried to excuse himself saying that they had

that really exists? I don’t think so. I just think that

not discarded the idea of the advertisement but only few

your weight does not measure your beauty and the

changes were requested to issue the announcement. What

beauty is not everything in life.

is not said is that these changes were totally denied for missing ethics and philosophy of the firm. This is not the first time that this happens. In 2010, Lane Bryant was censured by ABC and FOX when a plus- size model staged a spot in which she could only be seen putting on a coat over a set of lingerie.

14  The Student’s Cavern

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial

mole, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.”- Audrey Hepburn (actress)

LITERTURE She, my inspiration

Dealer of ideas

by Carlos Betáncor - 4ºA

by Arhamis Marrero- 1ª C Bachillerato

When she smiles, every sprout of grass, every tree, every flower, every cloud smiles with her. When she smiles, the rain stops, like everything and it contemplates the beautiful landscape of her lips. When she smiles, the planets line up trying to imitate her. When she smiles, every animal sings to his/her couple; the water evaporates to join the Sun to contemplate it. When she smiles, I fall to the ground. When she smiles, she achieves that all my head tries to find the reason of such beauty. When she smiles, all my muscles move to the compass of her breathing, along with her lips, her skin, and her hair. When she kisses me, she transmits the love that she has by means of a heat shock of lips. Her skin with my skin, my hair flirting with hers, joining in a magic and eternal formula. She is my beginning and my end, my distraction and my reason, she is the good thing and the bad thing, she is everything. Her enchanting eyes get into my deep inside, fighting with my soul and scratching me inside. She lightens my wounds. Simply, she is my inspiration, my muse, my moon in this unfair world, my light in all the dark streets which I walk. That is she.

He woke up early in the morning, it was nor day neither night. After picking up the blanket he had been stolen a month before in the market, he went to see, as always, the people that passed by on their ways to work. There, he stayed for a while, just looking. He did not even ask for money for food or for a place to sleep, to have a nice life. He considered he was nobody. He did not play any instrument, he could not write, he could not draw, nobody had ever taught him to do it since it was necessary to have money to be able to learn any of those skills. But he was something: he was a dealer. However, he did not trade with that kind of substance that creates addiction. He dealt with something more powerful, something more valued and more important. He dealt with ideas, though it was something he could not either do serenely due to his appearance. He could not get close to people because they ran away. Anyway, his aim was not to find that kind of people, his aim was to find sensitive people who gave him money and so he could thank them somehow: he would tell them a nice tale, with a new melody, with a new canvas he had in his mind. His creativity did not only appear in the long and narrow streets around Triana, which make this main street not to be so interesting.

Maybe, you reader, have met this person

sometime, and instead of letting him tell you a tale, you have just told him yours.

IES Mesa y López 15

LITERATURE CHANGES IN DISNEY’s female characters by Ariadna Perdomo - 4ºC Nowadays,

there is still a fight for equality

judge the beast by his aspect. But still, it is the

between men and women. This fight has last for

‘girl who falls in love with a prince’, a cliché

centuries but it is making changes, it is working.

that we have seen in all the other movies. The

And, what about shows or cartoons? Are they

first big change comes with Jasmine. She does

changing too? What about the role of female charac-

not want to get married with someone she does

ters that appears in them? Today we will show you

not love, no matter how much money or power

the progression of Disney princesses through the

that man may have. She will not let her father


decide her life and it is the first time a princess

Snow White is an innocent and sweet girl. She is

says ‘no’ to a marriage. This is a change, even

cheated by her stepmother who is jealous of her.

though she ends it up marrying a guy, he is not

She is kissed by a man and ends it up marrying him.

a prince and she decides what she wants. The

That is pretty much all she does, marrying a prince.

princess that makes a big change is Pocahon-

This represents the sexist point of view that people

tas. She is an American native, wise, strong

had on those years. Cinderella is also mistreated

and very spiritual woman. She will fight to de-

by her stepmother and stepsisters, and ends up

fend her land and will do anything for saving

marrying a prince who meets in a party; and Aurora,

that place she loves. Mulan is also different,

who has almost the same story as Snow White,

she is meant to be a Chinese princess, but she knows that that is not the way she wants to

“You do not need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completelY”— Rapunzel

follow. While people sing that ‘girls bring honor having children, boys bring honor going to war’, she decides to dress up like a man and go to war to save China. She is the most different classic princess, being the first one

meets her prince in ‘her dreams’ (it was truly in the

who decides to make what she really wants.

middle of the forest which is pretty weird). But then,

Then, three new princesses are added to the list:

we find a slightly change in the behavior of Ariel

Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida. These ones repre-

character. This little mermaid is in love with a hu-

sent the big change in the mentality of Disney

man, but also, she feels curiosity for the world out-

female roles. Tiana is a girl from New Orleans

side the sea. She ends up marrying the guy, but at

who will make anything just to make her dream

least she is curious and she does not get along with

comes true. She is strong, smart and hard

the only idea of getting married, she looks for a

worker; Rapunzel is even more curious than

different life in a new world. Belle is also a bit

Ariel and the only thing she wants is freedom.

different. She loves reading and she tries hard not to

She is a little bit innocent but also strong and

16 The Student’s Cavern

she does not need a man in her life. She ends up marrying the thief who made her dream comes true. Merida wants to rule her destiny and is not interested in love. She will make everything to be free and she will not let anyone tell her how to do things. She is the first princess who does not marry a man. There is one last princess in Disney world: Elsa. She is smart but needs to learn how to conceal her power. Just like Merida, she is not interested in love and she even says “You cannot marry a man you just meet.” Sorry Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, but Elsa does not approve your marriage. So, as we can see the princesses have changed through the years, just like the way we think. They started needing someone who saved them, but

that shows for boys should be different from those for girls and in Steven Universe, women are the real strong characters. But the biggest problem, and the reason why

now, they are smart, strong and independent. Some

this series has

of them do not even need a charming prince!

appearance of a relationship between two of the

been hardly criticized is


female characters. Some parents think that this is completely inappropriate for their children growth and do not approve that such homo-


sexual relationship appears in the series. In UK,


one of the scenes, where the two women are

by Bárbara Rodríguez - 4º C

dancing in a romantic way, has been censored and omitted.

One of my favourite cartoons is Steven Univer-

We live in the 21st century, freedom of ex-

se. It is the story of a young boy named Steven

pression is a right so, why is it not normal to see

Universe, who lives in the fictional town of Beach

gay couples in cartoons? I do not think that chil-

City with the "Crystal Gems" – Garnet, Amethyst,

dren should be prohibited to see this cartoon for

and Pearl, three magical aliens with super powers.

that reason. It is a good way to let them know

Steven, who is half-Gem, goes on adventures with

that in life there are several options and all of

his friends and helps the Crystal Gems to protect

them are valid. It will be normal for them if their

the world.

colleagues have two mothers or two fathers.

The unusual strong female presence in a series

What is wrong with that?

IES Mesa y López 17

LITERATURE THE MANGA WORLD. AN INTRODUCTION... by Aarón Álamo - 4ºC Manga means comic in Japanese.

The Japanese

Some distinctive characteristics of Manga are,

Manga constitutes one of the three big strip cartoonist

for example, the bulleted are read from right to left,

traditions worldwide, together with the US and the

and most of the Mangas translated to other languages

French-Belgian ones . It covers a large variety of gen-

respect this order. The most popular and recognized

ders and it arrives to different audiences. It is a very im-

style is influenced by Tezuka, who is considered the

portant part of the Japanese publishing house and moti-

father of the modern manga.

vate multiple adaptations like anime (TV Cartoons), real images, movies, videogames and novels.

Manga is divided into different categories: 

Kodomo Manga: Addressed to children.

Shōnen Manga: Addressed to male teenagers.

Shōjo Manga: Addressed to female teenagers.

Seinen Manga: Addressed to adult and young men.

Josei Manga: Addressed to adult and young women.

It uses, however, some Nipponese terms which allow to appoint more specific subgenres that do no have a precise equivalent in Spanish. Some of them are:

 Nekketsu: Kind of Manga in which the action scenes are starred by an exalted character that defends values like friendship and personal overcoming (Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach)

The Manga comics are generally in black and white.

 Spokon: Sport them (Inazume Eleven)  Maho Shojo: Characters with some magic objects or special powers (Sailor Moon).

In Manga, each element has an important function to explain the meta levels of space and mind. The visual resources of the “mangakas” (drawers) are wide (kinetic lines, sound effects impressions among others) and their drawing is simple, the emphasis is done in the narration and characters design.

18 The Student’s Cavern

The number of mangas that are translated and sold in different countries are increasing day by day. Even, some important publishin houses, outside of Japan, have emerged in order ot commercialize Manga comics. It has become a mass phenomenon.

THE MANGA club by Andrea García - 4ºB This year, the Department of Spanish Language pro-

We would like to make it clear that the club is not

posed students who like the Japanese culture to create a

only based on reading comics and watching series in

small space to meet. So the Manga Club was created.

Japanese. Our meeting means more than that. Each

The students have organized some workshops to ex-

time we read new mangas or watch films we make

plain what we do when we meet, but if you have not

discussions about the messages they send: some with

been able to attend any of them, here you are a brief

social content, others about the quest of your dreams.


Not all of them are just action or romantic movies. It may be a weird world for some people but through

Each Wednesday, during break time, around twenty

Manga we can learn many things too. The Club is a

people from different groups meet at the library. Once

place where we can do what we love, without

there, we propose different activities to do.

thinking what society will say, because this is Japan, a place where madness is possible. Our Club is open to anyone. If you really like this topic, join us. To belong to the club we usually play a game: you have to make a card, choosing your

favourite character, because in the meeting you will be called like that. When you do the card, the Club will give you the official club logo to be added to it. That will mean that you have joined the Manga Club.

Sometimes we watch anime series or films or we make discussions about different topics such as the characters, drawing styles, plots… Some other days we play video games based on anime and manga, play anime cards (magic, pokemons) or show our colleagues our techniques in order to draw anime pictures.

IES Mesa y López 19

LITERATURE the city of Galdós by Larissa Vieira - 4ºA Benito Pérez Galdós was born in Cano Street in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on May 10, 1843 and died on January 4, 1920 in Madrid. He lived in Las Palmas until 1862 except during 1851 when his family moved to their house in Lentiscal running away from the cholera epidemic that broke out in the city. He attended San Agustín School in Las Palmas and after that he graduated in Art in Tenerife. Then he moved to Madrid. There are people who keep saying that Galdós was born in Madrid and he did not like the town where he was born. There is a short

born. It is a typical XVIII century house where we

story which says that when he arrived to Madrid he re-

we could see some personal objects such as furni-

moved his shoes and he cleaned them. But others do not

ture, books and clothes that belonged to the writer.

believe that.

Then, we went to San Francisco church, where he was baptized, and later we visited the Gabinete

The students of 4ºESO, guided by Plácido Checa and

Literario where Galdós took drawing lessons.

Pablo Checa from Canarias ebook, walked around the

Nearby, we could see the Cathedral, the Town Hall

streets and visited the places where this writer spent

and the theatre (called Tirso de Molina at Galdós

his childhood and most of his youth years. They

time). These buildings were caricaturized by Galdós

showed us “La Ciudad de Galdós” and explained to us

in his Gran Teatro de la Pescadería and other

that Galdós loved the town where he was born.

drawings. We were able to go into Pérez Galdós theatre, one of the most important tones in Spain

First, we visited the House- Museum where Galdós was

and see the beautiful sights of the town from the top floor.




route offered to us the opportunity to learn not only about Galdós’



also to know our city a bit more.

20 The Student’s Cavern

Cervantes anniversary by Jorge Naranjo - 4ºA Miguel de Cervantes was a soldier,




Spanish dramatist. He was born in Alcala de Henares on Sep-

REINTERPRETING DON QUIJOTE by Lucía Herrera - 2ºA Bachillerato

tember 19, 1547 and died in

There are giants whose feet are trapped in the

Madrid on April 22, 1616. He is considered the greatest

ground, scared of their own shadows. Hidden in

figure in Spanish literature, especially for his work Don

them, they grow older and with them, light and

Quijote. The author of Don Quijote is buried with his

warmth are taken away.

wife in the Convento of the street Trinitarios Descalzos

There are men who lead the path to their dreams,

Lope in the center of Madrid (Spain).

seeming crazy, because in our world craziness

The celebration of the funeral for the soul of the famous writer is a tradition that has taken place in Alcala de Henares since 1922 and has been carried out intermit-

means staying out of the mainstream. There are loyal friends who keep company to

tently since then. In 2016 they are fulfilled 400 years of

those men, even though they do not agree with

the death of Miguel de Cervantes. On this occasion,

those men’s opinion, because deep inside they

Spanish Cultural Action has prepared a program of com-

acknowledge that dreaming is living and not do-

memorative activities that are taking place throughout

ing means making them living death.

the whole year.

There are ladies who do not need the stereotyped

The Institute of Culture of Barcelona is thinking about the possibility of organizing an annual literary contest in honor of Miguel de Cervantes and universal values set in

external beauty to leave the world speechless. There are ignorant people who make fun of the

his work, in the months of April, coinciding with the date

dreamers ,thinking they are ridiculous just be-

of death or the World Day book on April 23.

cause they make mills come to life, they see

In my high school, "IES Mesa y López", we celebrated

brothers in friends, they see beauty beyond

both "The Day of the Book" and the fourth centenary of


Cervantes. For that, students attending the lessons of

There is a world, OUR world, where ignorant

‘Literatura Universal’ and some teachers dedicated some

people are overrated and the ‘Quixotes’ sacri-

words and essays to Cervantes and his Don Quixote. In a very original way, each of them gives his/her vision of

fice themselves losing that spark of craziness

the different characters mentioned in the story of the hi-

and hope in their eyes. Nevertheless, at least

dalgo. They reinterpret the masterpiece making us see

we are relieved knowing that ‘Sanchos’ also

the work from very different perspectives and leading us

tend to “Quixotize” themselves, so they can

to feel this author with his masterly work gaining new life in the twenty-first century. It is a delight to play to be a writer. Here you are Lucia’s version:

stay fighting against giants, giving light and warmth.

IES Mesa y López 21

LITERATURE 400th anniversary SHAKESPEARE’s death by Ariadna Perdomo - 4ºC This year we have commemorated 400 years since the

gether and Shakespeare became godfather of Jon-

death of William Shakespeare (baptised 26th April 1564

son’s son.

(his birth is unknown) - 23rd April 1616). In England,

Through his life he wrote 37 plays, 154 sonnets,

there have been public performances, exhibitions and

and 4 lyrical poetries. Some of his most famous

activities to celebrate the quatercentenary year of his

plays were:

death. Even, the Museum of London has promoted a guided walk of Shakespeare’s London. Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and ac-

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1595), Romeo and Juliet (1597), Julius Caesar (1599), Hamlet (1601), Othello (1604) and Macbeth (1605)

tor. He is remembered as the most important English writer and one of the best playwright in the world. He wrote many famous plays like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet He was born and he died in Stratford-upon-Avon (Birmingham, England). He married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18 and had 3 children (Susana and twins Hamlet and Judith), but the writer had other lovers. There is a dark time in Shakespeare’s life. It is so dark that we do not know anything about it! The last years of 1580s are known as the ‘lost years’. However, they are the years in which he establishes himself as a dramatist. In 1596, his only son died being only 11 years old. Some people think that his death may have inspired him to write Hamlet. Both of his daughters got married but as they did not have any child there are no descendants from the writer. He had many rivals in the competition for audience. One of his major rivals was Christopher Marlowe. There

This year is the 400th centenary of his death, at

are some rumours that talk about Christopher being the

the same time as Cervantes’. Many festivals were

one who wrote most of Shakespeare’s plays. He had

celebrated for them during the month of April and

other rival whose name was Ben Jonson. They used to

in the day of the book (23rd of April, when they

denigrate each other’s works, but they brought back to-

both died) .

22 The Student’s Cavern

Love for theatre by Sara Jiménez - 4ºC I have always liked theatre. Two of the play-

Tybalt Capulet, Juliet’s cousin. That meant that

wrights that I value the most are Shakespeare and

I was on stage for a long time. It was not the

Leandro Fernández de Moratín, and it was a dream

typical serious work. Otherwise, the original

to be able to see any of their plays performed in a

play was told in a funny way so it become very

theatre, especially Romeo and Juliet. Last March, I

enjoyable However, my role involved more

had this opportunity and saw this play performed in

action than words and unfortunately I died in

English by native speakers.

the play!! I participated in some theatrical activities in the past while I was at school and enjoyed the experience, although they were only small roles. These experiences have given me a taste to this profession, so I hope to get more possibilities in the future. It would be a dream to have the leading role in a romantic comedy or musical, even if this meant not earning a huge amount of money. Maybe I will become a great actress and work in films too. I know it will not beeasy to accomplish but sometimes dreams come true.

The actor and actress were a boy and a girl who played Romeo and Juliet but swapping roles, that is, the actor played the role of Juliet and the actress Romeo’s. There was a reason for this as it was explained by them, women at that time could not participate in performances so in order to avoid being discovered, they changed roles. They were not enough to play the work so they chose six students from the audience to help them to develop the play. In the hall there were lots of students from different high schools, but Emmanuel (4ºB) I and were chosen to become Mercutio, close friend to Romeo, and

IES Mesa y López 23

HISTORY BRITISH Presence IN GRAN CANARIA by Ramón Oteiro - 4ºB The British have been very important in the economic

Some students of 4th year ESO could see the ex-

development of the Canary Islands and have also had

hibition that was shown in Guía as a tribute to these

great influence in their culture.

men’ work in the area.

Thanks to their influence, the Canary Islands got great technological and social improvements. The first industries were founded by British people, starting our farming trade thanks to the perfect climate to grow almost everything. In some cases, the number of English people was so high that in certain fields the most used coin was the pound. Even, official documents were translated to English! Not only lots of products were imported from England but also engineers, businessmen, architects... because of their experience and the knowledge of the last technologies. In the mid-nineteenth century the Canary

David John Leacock was a leading exporter of ba-

Islands and especially Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, be-

nanas and built a water infrastructure with more

came the most important logistical,

commercial and

than 100km in pipes. Anthony Harris cultivated

tourist center of the Atlantic. The British companies

tomatoes and bananas, among other crops, and

Swanston and Miller were fundamental in the construc-

shipped them from the ports of Sardina and La Al-

tion of the port of La Luz y Las Palmas.

dea to the port of La Luz, and

As we have said, the British promoted the cultivation of

from there to the UK.

some crops. In the Northern area of Gran Canaria there was a great economic expansion thanks to this Canary Islands-England relationship. English men such as Mr. Leacock, Mr. Harris and Douglas Charles Fenoulhet were three important figures in the production of sugar

Douglas Charles

cane, banana and tomato in that area.




manager of “Fyffes Limited Company”. Nowadays, we can see a lot of things that we have inherited from the British people such as some English words, some sports and also some typical British house structure (Ciudad Jardín). Of course, we keep on working on the banana and tomato crops, and British tourism is one of the bases of the Canary Islands Economy.

24 The Student’s Cavern

Scottish legendary creatures... by Marlon Gil - 4ÂşA In Scotland, there are lots of mythological tales based on

through spells and enchantments, doing that the

Celtic legends and related to superstitions. So, we find

humans go to the sea without returning.

that those beautiful landscapes were inhabited by sea monsters, seals that turned into gorgeous women or little

Kelpies, the water horse spirits

elves. Most of us know the Lock Ness legend. In this

According to the legend of the Loch Katrine

essay, we encourage you to meet the Selkies and the

(located in Stirling), the kelpies appear in front of

Kelpies, other mysterious creatures that also live in the

the drunk men, usually with a horse shape, but they

Scottish lakes.

can adopt human form. Most of times they are males in their human form but there are some tales

Selkies, the beautiful Scottish mermaids

where the kelpie adopt the form of a sweet woman

In the Icelandic, Scottish and Ireland mythology, the sel-

that tries to win the confidence of the travellers,

kies are creatures that look like seals but can shed their

bringing them to the lake and throwing them to the

skin to become beautiful women. The only problem is


that they have to wear their skin again to take back their original form. Otherwise, they will not be able to go back to the sea and they will have to live on land. Traditionally, the selkies are located in Feroe islands, and frequently abandon the sea to live short romantic moments with humans, but they may return to the sea quickly for one or another reason. There are male selkies too, as handsome as the female ones may be. The legends tell that they can summon storms and be violent with the humans that

When they take the horse form they are described

want to kill sea ani-

as powerful and beautiful black horses or dazzling


white ones with a docile behavior. In this case,

In both cases, the

when the travellers ride them, the kelpie gallops to

only way to prevent

the lake and throws them to the deep taking the

their return to the

traveller to a watery grave.

water is to hide their

Most of times, legends are based on superstitious

seal skin, that is the

tales and they are supposed to be fantasy stories that

thing that can give

try to explain what people think to be supernatural

humans the control

or unknown. Just in case, take care if you visit

over them, although there may be the opposite

the Scottish lakes.


IES Mesa y LĂłpezď‚Ž 25

HISTORY 90th birthday of queen Elizabeth ii by Víctor Álamo - 4ºC The queen of the United Kingdom of England,

South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon. Her crowning

Scotland and Northern Ireland, Elizabeth II, has

was in 1953, and it was the first time an event

reached the incredible age of 90, after the longest of

like that was transmitted on TV. From 1953 to

the reigns in British Isles history, counting 63 years

the 1990s she was one of the most popular

of rule.

people in the English speaking world, especially

She was born with the name of Elizabeth Alexandra

in the British Isles.

Mary the 21st April 1926, and was the elder daugh-

There have been six Roman Catho-

ter of Dukes of York (later king George VI and

lic Popes during the Queen's reign

queen consort Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon). After the

(Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI,

abdication of his uncle Edward VIII, her father

John Paul I, John Paul II and Bene-

George ascended the throne by the time Nazi Ger-

dict XVI).

many invaded the Republic of Poland the 1st of September of 1939. Her first public service was in

In 1997, the ex wife of Elizabeth’s son, Charles,

the WATS, the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Ser-

died in a traffic accident, and the popularity of

vice, the women’s branch for the women in the Brit-

the realm decreased due to the royal family’s se-

ish armed forces during the World War II. In 1947,

clusion at Balmoral Castle (Scotland) the days

she married the prince Philip of Greece and Den-

before the funeral, and the failure to fly a flag at

mark, and had 4 children, Charles, Anne, Andrew

half-mast over Buckingham Palace which caused

and Edward. In 1952, his father died, and Elizabeth

public consternation. But when the queen left

was crowned as the queen of England, Scotland,

that reclusion, she was gradually regaining the

Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,

popularity that had lost. In September of 2015 she reached the record of years ruling the country, passing her great great grandmother, the queen Victoria. The birthday of the queen was the 21st April, but that day there was only a little celebration, as the great one, the official one, will be celebrated in June of this year, with outstanding results in popularity levels between the British. 76% of the population is happy with the monarchy leaded by Elizabeth II, more than any political leader in the history of the country. With the prince William, duke of Cambridge, sending the message about

26 The Student’s Cavern

the official celebration to the world, we can also

The celebration of the birthday of the

see that it has occurred a strange situation that is not

Queen of the United Kingdom and the

usual in the monarchies of the world. The first heir of

Commonwealth, Elizabeth II, will be great,

the queen is her son Charles, almost 70 years old, an

and it is for sure that it will be transmitted on

usual age for a heir. The explanation is that neither the

TV .

queen nor the entire realm have the audacity of talking about abdication, at least the continuity of the reign of

Each morning, the Queen's breakfast table is laid out with cornflakes and porridge oats in Tupperware containers, yoghurt and two kinds of marmalade – light and dark.

The Queen is the only person in Britain who can drive without a license or number plate on her state car.

the house of Windsor in British monarchy is secured. As regards the queen, very few things are known about her. We know more about her parents: her mother’s passion for the refreshing gin, or the irony of her father, touching the limits of the bad education. Not too many are the anecdotes about the queen of the United Kingdom, but we have curious and interesting stories as her participation in the Danny Boyle’s film of the agent 007, James Bond, and how she saved up ration coupons to purchase the material for her wedding dress.

She has a weakness for the Corgis. She has had more than thirty during her reign. Photography is other of her passions.

IES Mesa y López 27

SCIENCE Recycling at mesa y lópez high school by José Luis Rguez and Andrea Alonso -4ºA When we recycle, those used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh and raw material from the Earth. Do we recycle at Mesa y López high school? We do not think so. In our opinion, there is not a good recycling program. The bins that are in the classrooms, in the halls or in the playground are for everything. We throw out all the rubbish in the same containers. It does not matter if it is plastic, paper, organic waste or glass, everything goes to the same baskets.

We could also have containers for batteries and toners cartridges and maybe a box to collect bottle caps to help someone who needs them.

 We could organize a contest and every group class could elaborate a video or a wallpaper promoting recycling. The best one would win a prize.

 We could celebrate workshops to make students conscious that lots of things can be done using recycled material. We could have a day dedicated to the environment and we could participate in the elaboration of recycled objects.

We must remember the importance of recycling. We should avoid damaging the environment as much as we can and we should contribute to try to take care of it. That is the reason why we have some suggestions to make recycling at the high school.

 There should be bins in different colours to throw out the rubbish depending on the waste. We should have one for paper and cardboard, another one for glass and a third one for organic waste. Since they will probably be big they could be placed at least in the playground.

 The students could decorate the different bins in a funny or nice way so they will not look so serious, and they will be seen as decorative elements too.

 In the classrooms we could have a place to keep sheets of paper to be recycled.

 There should be workshops to make students understand and apply the rule of the three “R”: reduce (avoid the use of things that cannot be recycled); Reuse (keep things to use them again like glass bottles, rechargeable batteries); Recycle: collect those objects that can be recycled in suitable containers for them to be processed. We do not know if we can do all these things but at least we could try some of them.

28 The Student’s Cavern

MATHS The importance of maths in our lives... by Mouna Mohamed (4ºA) and Emine Ould (4ºC) We have always wondered why mathematics is so important in life and we have realized that it helps us very much in our everyday life. Mathematics is virtually everything around us and is the basis of our life both now and especially in the "future". Even before the first written examples of any mathematical development, some paleontologists found that some drawings and some geometrical patrons were used as kind of elemental mathematical knowledge to measure

solutions may exist; it is applied when calculating

time basing on the stars. There are even some evidences

areas in building structures or when choosing geo-

of marks on stones or bones made by women, in order to

metrical forms (triangles, squares or circles) in tech-

have a control of their menstruation periods. Also, the

nical drawings; it is used in aircraft control; to dis-

hunters and the shepherds used ‘one’ or ‘many’ concepts

tribute the salary to fulfill the monthly expenses;

to refer their droves. After that, we can find mathemati-

and when we measure time and calculate the bus

cal texts in the ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt or Greece.

timetables. If we do not know mathematics, we won’t be able to calculate what we have and rests to make any transaction or business or to get money from the bank. And of course, if we do not know Maths we will be quite far from the new technologies uses: computers, mobile phones, cash machines, etc. So, Maths is present in our personal and professional life. Now, who will ask the teachers why we have to study Maths?

Sometimes, we wonder why we need to study Maths and the truth is that general numerical skills are very important in our daily life. Thanks to Maths, we can measure our height or weight and also the ingredients when cooking; it helps us to calculate distances or amounts;

it is used to find the best answer among

different possibilities or know how many possible

IES Mesa y López 29




by José Francisco Déniz - 4ºA / Adrián Rosado - 4ºB

by Oneisha Pérez - 4ºC

There are lots of people who think that video games

When did the "YouTube" tool go from being just

have many good things, but there are people who think

a search tool for digital content to be "the pro-

the opposite.

fession of the future" of all the content developers?

A lot of people think that video games create addiction

‘YouTuber', will that be the profession of the fu-

and generate violent behavior as well as isolation, lack of

ture, or just a passing fad?" Headlines like that have

physical activity and bad eating habits. Thus, some spe-

been published in the newspapers. But, can we

cialists have tried to eradicate its use with preventive

really say that YouTube is just a passing trend?

campaigns about its bad effects. However, recently studies have proved that video games are not only bad for society. They can develop our brain speed because they make us think faster in hard situations, they can enhance coordination and improve our memory. They also encourage our teamwork making us working with other people to get the victory and so providing values such as perseverance and discipline. What is the bad part in this social network? The statistics point out that the YouTube's users are growing up. YouTube has more than one billion users. The number of hours that people usually spend watching content on YouTube per month increases 50% year after year. It is located in 75 countries and is available in 61 languages. Not only that, YouTube has also become a window for advertising. More than a million advertisers use YouTube's ad platforms to advertise. Taking into account all the advantages that this In our opinion, games do not make us violent or isolated people. It is true that teenagers are easily influenced, so their mindsets can easily change, but if we have good support from our families and control our time in front of the game console as well as its content there won´t be any problem. Even, it may help us to develop good abilities.

30 The Student’s Cavern

platform offers, why is there such a question on the air? Why do many people show so much distrust to YouTube? Is it fear to the unknown or to the advance? Or is it simply ignorance? The truth is that YouTube is a tool that more and more people use to get informed and entertained. It is a window to the world.

Could Virtual reality be used AT SCHOOLS In the future? by Abraham Acosta (4ºB) and Gregorio Cabrera (4ºC) The VR (virtual reality) was invented in 1995 by Nintendo. They created the “Virtual boy”, a strange type of glasses that you could adjust to your head and then you could play feeling that you were another person and inside another world. It was not like playing the ordinary video game watching the scenes on TV. You could feel that you were the main character of the story in that game. However, there was an inconvenience: the images were in red and black. Therefore, this invention failed. But it was the first idea for the new coming VR tools.

Nowadays, we can buy five different of VR

Since virtual reality let people feel that you are inside

headsets, all of them are different and some are very

the display and in another world or universe, it could be

expensive. But like it always happens, when there

really useful in the future of Education. For example, in

are a lot of brands manufacturing the same objects,

English subject, with virtual reality, we could travel to

the prices tend to low down. Then, it will be

London and walk its streets. We could visit museums,

available for almost everybody.

markets or landscapes and speak in English to fulfil

Talking about videogame’s world, developers

some kind of task. We would feel like being really there,

say that this invention will change totally the ex-

in a real context.

perience of playing videogames feeling for the first time those things which we can see in sciencefiction movies, where a real person goes into a virtual world. In our opinion, VR has great future not only in games but in Education too. We believe that it will also change the way of learning. In our opinion, it would be fantastic if in some years students were able to use this technology at schools.

In other subjects, we could practice some contents: repairing a motor in Technology; doing experiments in Chemistry in a safely way, etc. Even, virtual reality would

allow us to do some training before starting

working. For example, for those who want to be doctors, mechanics or welders.

IES Mesa y López 31

TECHNOLOGY USEFUL APPS FOR STUDENTS by Nerea Pérez and Néstor de la Fe - 4ºB Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, student’s life is much easier. There are lot of information on the net and the use of the computer or the mobile phone to look for help is something very normal in today’s time. There are hundreds of apps that can help people . Here you are some of the most interesting ones:

App #1: GoConqr

App #3: Lumosity

This app allows you to study in a more pro-

Lumosity is the best gym you can go. This

ductive way wherever you are. The GoConqr

app combines more than 25 cognitive ga-

app lets you view and share slides, mind

mes to train our brain daily and keep it

maps, memory chips, notes online and tests

active. This way, when we face our stu-

created with the web version of GoConqr.

dies, we will be more prepared and have

You can plan your learning and make a revi-

more mental agility to assimilate know-

sion of it anywhere. It is a tool that helps to


keep up with our studies and share resources with our colleagues.

App #2: Evernote Evernote is another free app that allows students

App #4: Endomondo Sports Tracker

to be more organized. We can save text notes,

For those who encourage sport and raise interes-

voice notes, make lists and texts with images,

ting challenges, Endomondo is an app that in its

among many other features. The best part is that

free version offers plenty of options to record our

all this content will continue to be available from

sports activities, including tours, calorie con-

anywhere remotely accessing the service from any

sumption and keep track of our pulse. The best of

platform (PC, tablet, smartphone). It deserves a fixed place in the mobile phone.

Endomondo are the challenges between friends, a user base of over 13 million 'athletes' and a simple and neat interface. The best personal trainer for Android

32 The Student’s Cavern

App #5: SelfControl A big problem that many students have is when they begin to study and get messages or notifications from social networks, because they stop studying to be with the mobile. To avoid this, SelfControl allows you to block certain sites for a certain time, previously established by you, so you can concentrate on studies and avoid distractions as common as social networks.

App #6: Maths Alarm Clock

App #7: Sleep If U Can

If you are someone who postpones the

If mathematical problems are not enough to

alarm for 5 to 5 minutes again and again,

get you out of bed , there is an even more ex-

here you have a solution to it. With the

treme solution. With Sleep If U Can, you will

Math Alarm Clock you have to solve simple

have to get out of bed and take a picture to

maths problems every time you want to turn

your fridge (or anywhere else you define) to

off the alarm. You will be sure to be awake

turn off the alarm!

and with your brain functioning as soon as the alarm sounds. You will not be late any more!

We will keep on working on our search to tell you about new apps. Meanwhile, check these ones. We hope they will be helpful. Start downloading!

IES Mesa y LĂłpezď‚Ž 33

SPORTS We do not only play football by Pablo García - 4ºA Football or basketball are the most popular sports

different type of physical appearance. Having a big

practiced by teenagers. However, quite a few teens are

body frame is more important than having a muscu-

not interested in these traditional sports and have cho-

lar one. He started at this when some Canary fighters

sen to practice quite different ones. We decided to ask

came to our high school for a demonstration and he

some students at Mesa y López high school about them

saw that he could be a good at it. And so it was, now

and tell you their experience.

he competes at regional level.

Daniel Ruano Abellán (4ªA) does surfing. He started practicing this sport thanks to some of his friends when he was eight years old. He says that thanks to surfing he can get a kind of liberty that he cannot reach with any other activity. He admits that it is a complicated sport to practice not only for the good physical condition needed, but also for the cost of the material or the season of jellyfish. Marlon Gil Garcia (4º A) practices kayak in Las Alcaravaneras beach, which is a beach where lots of nautical sports are practiced. He started in this a few years ago thanks to his brother. In his modality, he sails in an individual kayak around the beach in a not specify route. “You can be free and make your route by your-

Canary Fight. The wrestlers fight in a sand circle called “terrero”. The objecti is to make their opponent touch the sand with any part of their bodies.

self”, he explains.

Daniel Henriquez Pérez (3ºC) practices Parkour, a very dangerous activity. Apart from a good physical condition, the most important thing is your mental capacity. He jumps among buildings, so if you do not have a great conviction that you are able to do it, you will fall, so it makes this sport not suitable for everyone. Careful Daniel! To sum up, there are lots of sports you can practice apart from the traditional ones. If you are getting rid Carlos Cabrera Ramírez (3ºC) does Lucha Canaria

of the typical ones, try some others and choose

(Canary Fight). It is a very traditional style of fight in

which sport you are made for. You can have fun

our islands. Carlos says that for this sport you need a

while you exercise.

34 The Student’s Cavern

Extreme sports in gran Canaria by Mario Cazorla 4ºC The most famous sports in Gran Canaria are football,

ago, and it’s probably the most famous and important

basketball and windsurfing, but… what about other

one. Nowadays, skateboarding is represented by an


association which is fighting for new skate parks and

Lots of teenagers like doing urban sports like BMX

projects in the island. .

or skating. They usually go to Santa Catalina Park or Lloret to practice these sports.


Recently, different BMX brands, like BSD forever,

This is not the most famous sport in the island, but

Nike, Adidas, Trasher, Endless and Vans, have visited

in the last 6 years, the island has been visited for a lot

the Canary Islands because of the parks, places and the

of pro BMX riders and pro teams. This sport is

weather that we have. There are BMX riders that even

practiced in all types of terrain like pavement (streets

mix up both BMX and Parkour styles in very creative

and skate parks) or dirt. These bikes come in all

and original shows.

shapes and sizes to fit the rider with special characteristics. The American rider Tim Kroll describes his style as BMX Freestyle


parkour meets BMX.

Now let me tell you a bit more about these sports Skateboarding Probably, this is the oldest sport practiced in the island. The skateboarding arrived at the island forty

Parkour Parkour is a sport that was invented in France and spread throughout Europe and the United States. It is an activity where you have to overcome various obstacles such as fences, walls and roofs. You can practice almost anywhere in the city. Several students at the high school do. So, not everybody does football or basketball. Gran Canaria is an island where lots of different interesting sports can be practiced and we should promote them more. IES Mesa y López 35

SPORTS SiTHAPHA SAVANÉ VISITS IES MESA Y LÓPEZ by Emmanuel Martín - 4ºB Last 18th April 2016, one of the most important,

participating to which will join some other in a near

polyvalent and cultured pivots of the Spanish basketball

future. He is one of the entrepreneurs of that pro-

league visited us, Sitapha Savané. Coming from Senegal,

ject but it is not the only project he has. He also has

he plays in the Herbalife Gran Canaria team, son of an

new projects for his disadvantaged country where

upper class family, his mother worked as a United Na-

exists a big percentage of youth unemployment. It

tions diplomat and his father as a politician in his own

consists on giving work to young people and there


will not be any poverty because youth unemploy-

He first introduced and talked about himself. He

ment is the main reason of why a country is poor.

started talking about his sport life and those moments he

The people there usually have many children and

specially remembers such as his participation at the

when they grow up they need to get a job, but if

World Basketball Cup celebrated in Japan. It was a very

there is no job for anyone, how can a person live

special moment for him because he could represent his

well? Sitapha Savané knows that and that is why he

country, Senegal. Also, because he could play against the

is doing that for his loved country.

best players in the world who are in the USA team such

He insisted very much in the importance of

as Lebron James and others. He was asked if he wants to

studying. He said that everybody has to have a life

be a basketball couch when he finishes his career as a

planning and must fight to fulfill it. For him, educa-

player, but he answered “no”. He explained to us that he

tion is determining to achieve your goals. He did

is not patience and that is why he does not want to be a

not resign himself to be a basketball player and he

basketball couch. Then, he told us that the worst moment

also studied Economics. He knows that fame is

of his career was when he injured his Achilles heel while

fleeting and he has to have an alternative plan.

playing a match. At that moment he wondered if he

In conclusion, the arrival of this big athlete to

could play again the same way he usually did. But he

our high school helped students to think about the

asked what he had to do to get better soon and worked

importance of education and the values we must

out really hard to get it. His recovery took from six to

have to achieve our aims: thirst for knowledge,

eight months. Eventually, he got it.

friendship, passion, perseverance, determination

When he was a child he had to move from one place to another because of his parents’ jobs and so was able to learn five languages. Besides, it has improved his knowledge of the world. In a moment of his life he thought to leave basketball and work on The Wall Street Journal because he thought that way he could help his country later. He is very involved in the problems of his country. He talked to us about a project he has started in Africa which is called the “ABL”, a national basketball league where there are four countries

36 The Student’s Cavern

and solidarity.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS HEALTHY HABITS FOR STUDENTS by Larissa Viera, Paula Naranjo y Ali Benhammou 4ºA The average college student is often pressed for

do hundred squats. You can run thirty minutes a

time, under a lot of stress, and eating on the go. You

day, you can dance zumba … It is for your

may find it difficult to avoid bad habits like skip-

health and it can be funny too. To be healthy

ping meals or frequently visiting fast food restau-

does not mean that you must have a perfect

rants. But eating a healthy diet can help you feel

body, it is only to be physically and mentally

better, cope with stress, and perform better in the

well. “Change your body because you want”.

classroom and on the athletic field. You can eat a big burger or a sweet chocolate cake from time to time but eating an apple or a salad will provide you plenty of heath benefits. Having a good breakfast is very important, so you


cannot go to school without eating because you

 Full breakfast guarantees all the energy and all the

have been many hours without anything in your

nutrients needed to meet our day to day (especially in the morning, usually at study hours).

stomach and that is not good for your body neither

Consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals,

your mind.

nutrients found in whole grains and whole legumes,

Something we do not understand is, if everybody

vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, eggs.  Have a healthy snack at mid-day, a fruit or a yoghurt

loves sleeping, why do we go to bed so late? The

may be good choices.

humans must sleep eight hours to have good rest,

 Getting the number of sleep hours required is vital to

and we know lots of students who only sleep six or

perform adequately.

five hours each night. How can those people wake

Make physical activity, and always try to stay active, walking away from a sedentary lifestyle.

up next morning?. And for sure, one of the problems is the use of the mobile phones. We spend too many

Celery is good for bones. It

hours with this useful but also addicted technologi-

helps to increase bone mass.

brain. A high intake of

cal device. At night, instead of sleeping, we are in

It also plays an important

foods rich in polyphenols

limiting neuronal damage in

like walnuts and virgin

the brain.

olive oil, is associated

front of a screen sending messages to our friends or

Nuts are good for the

chatting in some social networks. This is the reason

with better scores on

why next morning we look like zombies. If you

memory tests.

sleep well, you will be more concentrate and happier next day. And finally, something very important but people do not like doing so much (we are lazy by nature), though necessary, is to exercise. You do not need to

the tomato is good for heart. It can prevent cardiovascular disease

IES Mesa y López 37

CULTURE The film boom in the Canary Islands by Emebet Rodríguez– 4ºB During the last years, the audiovisual sector of the

Back in time, we also have to remember


islands has been witnessed of the revaluation of the ar-

British production One million years BC (1940) shot

chipelago as film and advertising set. In recent months,

partly in Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria; and

we have seen in the archipelago film directors such as

Moby Dick (1956), starring Gregory Peck, which was

the American Ron Howard, the British Ridley Scott, the

shot on the beach of Las Canteras, in the capital of

Spanish Julio Medem, Isabel Coixet and Gracia Quere-

Gran Canaria. This film was supposed to be shot in

jeta, and actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Chris

the island of Madeira, but because of weather

Hemsworth or Christian Bale, among many others.

problems, the big waves destroyed two models of the whale,

the film crew moved to Gran Canaria at

Christmas 1954 looking for good weather. Here they also found the skill of a group of artisans and carpenters who gave life to the last model of the whale Moby Dick. But is there any reason for this boom? Obviously, there is. Although our islands are beautiful and with great variety of landscapes, the fact that the tax incentives for film productions in our country has changed recently, has encouraged the producers to choose the Canary Islands for their settings.

The Spanish blockbuster Palmeras en la Nieve which was partly filmed in Gran Canaria, has become the most expensive Spanish film the last

To recent films shot in the Canary Islands, such as Wild Oats, Jason Bourne, Fast and Furius 6 or Clash of the Titans, we can add others like the American blockbusters The book of Exodus, shot in Fuerteventura, or In the heart of the sea, a modern adaptation of the classic Moby Dick.

38The Student´s Cavern

Whatever the reason is, the fact is that in short we have seen Brad Pitt walking our streets.. So lights, camera, action!!!

Encouraging reading by Jennifer Tirina - 4º A Victor Miron, resident of Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania made a proposal to encourage more people to read. He proposed his idea to the city’s mayor Emil Boc who put it into action a year later and ran for a week. It was offered a free bus ride to anyone who read a book during the journey. Although the project was offered for a short time period, this helped promote reading. This is not the only initiative that has been carried on to enforce a better reading habit. The “bibliotaxi” is an initiative that started in Brazil in 2014. If you ask for a “bibliotaxi”, you can find inside a kit with several titles that can be downloaded. Other projects to promote reading for example is Book face, where people who have the image of a book in their Facebook profile receive discounts on different types of establishments, from bookstores to beauty salons or sometimes even at the dentist´s.

At Mesa y López high school some initiatives have also been taken. The ‘Reading Project’ (Proyecto lector) makes us read every

Reading makes us immingrans of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, if finds home for us everywhere– Jean Rhys (XX th century novelist)

week for an hour. The students of ‘Universal Literature’ (Literatura Universal) have had “literary breakfasts”. The “Manga Club” meets every Wednesday. And here is my suggestion, what about monthly contests at the library? I mean, the coordinators of the library could suggest a title and celebrate a quiz contest at the end of the month. We could participate in pairs or groups and the winner could receive some prize. What do you think ? Would that incentivize student´s reading?

IES Mesa y López39

CULTURE Breaking news: la provincia by Pablo García - 4ºA Last May, the students of 4th year ESO visited the fa-

Then we could talk with some of the reporters

cilities of La Provincia newspaper to know how it is

who were working on their next articles. One of

edited and published.

them told us the system of on-line news and how it works. We also saw the newspaper archive. F ina ll y,


went outside the building and they took some photos for the Saturday’s edition. It was a great visit to learn how a diary works and There, an employee of the paper who had been

it will help us to the future publications of our

managing director for many years but now is retired, ex-

magazine. Some of us liked it so much that said that

plained to us how he started as an apprentice at a

in the future they would like to become journalists.

soon age, like his father, and how he finally got promoted to a relevant position. Then, he showed the students how things have changed throughout the years in the making of a newspaper. He told us that the articles are written. Then the editors choose the publicity position and they place the articles with photos. Before mid-day the editors says

to the

manager the content of the publication and the number of pages. Everything is checked and later, the articles and the advertisement are sent to layout. Finally, it is sent to the office in Arinaga where it is printed by using a sophisticated system. He also told us the tips to make it cheaper and more attractive. We finished the first part of the visit asking him some interesting questions like if some time he had been pushed to do an article more convenient to the political situation of the moment.

40 The Student´s Cavern

At the end of the visit, the students were given a copy of the edition of the day

VISIT TO THE ULPGC LIBRARY by Abraham Rodríguez - 4ºB Last 18th May 2016, we visited the ULPGC library

vidual tables to study. In this hall all the tables are

which is situated in Avenida Marítima. The guide asked

set facing the sea and everybody is in absolute si-

to us if we had been in the library before. Lots of us

lent. It is the perfect place to relax and get concen-

nodded. However, no one knew too much about the de-

tration. Here, there are reference books and books

vices it offers.

about the Canary Islands history. This hall is called

We were told that the building was built in 2001and

Antonio Perera Cabrera in memory of this teacher

the project was carried out by two Canarian architects,

of University, the first to pass a public examination

Juan Manuel Palerm and Leopoldo Tabares. It is

and founder of the first library.

equipped with the last technological devices and free WI-FI connection.

The guide explained to us that it is very easy to get your library card, you just have to show your ID or passport and you will get it. Then, you can loan any kind of book, CD or e-book. You can also have access to the computers both if you need to search the net or print your works for the school (it only costs 5 cents each sheet). You can even scan. If you need a book for the school and it is not in the library at that moment you can write a desiderata asking for it and they may bring it. If you need a book and it has been taken you can book it, so when it is back at the library you will be called to take it out. In addition, there are painting and drawing exhibitions, free English and French lessons, theatre

We started the visit on the main floor where there is the

workshops, lectures and much more.

newspaper and magazine archive and the children and

The aim of this visit was to promote the reading

teenagers (up to fourteen) hall. It is a very nice room

habit in students. The truth is that it was very useful

with sea sight views. On the ground floor, there is a hall

to know all the resources the library offers that can

with a huge general library collection of books, films,

help us in our day to day as students. If you want to

comics, CDs, e-books, and other formats. Besides, there


is a multi-use room. Here, any group of students can or visit it. It is worthy!


more information

have a look to

meet to exchange ideas while studying or even work together on any project since it is allowed to speak (in a low voice obviously). The first floor is divided into two areas: the computer’s area, where you can have access to the internet, scan or print your works; and, another area with indi-

IES Mesa y López 41

CULTURE The best libraries around the world by Leo Cruz - 4ºA Some of you maybe think that the libraries are those places where all the nerds go to study or maybe where you always get bored, if you were thinking like that you will probably be wrong, libraries can be like a big ''Hard Drive'' of information stored in books, they can also be art, referring to the architecture and some people have as a hobby going to the library. Have a look to the most amazing and wonderful worldwide libraries:

Trinity College Library (Dublin): Trinity College is the oldest University in Ireland (1592). It holds the largest library in Ireland. The main chamber of the library, called “the Long Room” (built between 1713- 1732) stores the 200 000 of the library´s oldest books. This library has some treasures like the lasts copies of the declaration of the independence and some Irish symbols (Not everything related to books). One of the major attractions of this library is The Book of Kells, a manuscript that contains the four Gospels in latin and it is very famous because of its stunning decoration.

Royal Denmark Library (Copenhagen): The new building adjacent to the old one is known as the black diamond, referring to the big and black main square-deformed shaped building. It is located next to the sea, near the harbour. The architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen built it with an external black marble cover and glass through which you can see the sea .

42 The Student´s Cavern

* Biblioteca Vasconcelos (Mexico DF): This library is one of the most beautiful libraries decorated with a whale's skeleton in the centre of the building. It was built amongst a nice botanical garden. In it we can find layered walk ways and a dense root system of hanging floors.

* The Library of Alexandria (Egypt): It was one of the most significant libraries of the ancient world but it suffered several fires in the past losing great amount of books. It was reborn in 2002, near to the place where the last one had been set and with views to the Mediterranean Sea. This building has 8 million of books. But the most amazing in this library is the reading room (70 000 m2) situated



32-meter-high glass-

panelled roof.

IES Mesa y LĂłpezď‚Ž43

CURIOUS FACTS Did you know...?

by Silvia Yebris (4ºC), Sara Jiménez (4ºC) y Nicolle Marroquin (4ºA)

There are a lot of bizarre, hilarious and interesting things that we could not image are true. Here we are

29th May is officially the “put a pillow

going to tell you some of them

on the fridge day”. It is celebrated to bring luck and wealth to the household.

There are more lifeforms living in your skin than there are people on the planet. Once, Charles Chaplin entered a contest for “Charlie Chaplin look-alikes” and he got third position.

Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour (definitely going to try it).

It is unclear where this tradition originated from. However, it is known that before 1930’s, cloth was put in landers to bring prosperity and good luck to the household.

A golf ball can be more dangerous than a bullet, so when a player is going to throw the ball it must be in a big space and the people who are

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Alaska has sands dunes. The Kobuk Valley National


If coloring weren't added to

The letter ”E” is the letter

It´s impossible to

that is more

sneeze with your eyes

repeated in Spanish and in When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop ... even your heart!

Wow, some of them are unbelievable! I bet you probably did not know them (you are welcome). We should search more often cool facts like these ones, but do not worry, we will show you more next time.

44 The Student’s Cavern

him to not get hurt.

Park, has three dunes that together cover 6,757 kilo-


watching have to be at the back of

When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

CocaCola, it would be

Scientists say that the


best time to take a nap is between

Eating an apple in the morning helps you be more awake than coffee



2:30p.m because that is when a drop in body temperature makes us feel sleepy (now you have an excuse to fall asleep during last hour at school).


Shortly before Franco’s

He also posts his sketches in other diaries

death, there was “a boom in


the comic and humour

drawing is a good spreading device in the so-

graphic press”.

cial media. He has won several prizes.

A lot of



that t he humorous

humour graphic cartoonist

In his studio in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,

as well as magazines and

Morgan does

books appeared then.



that time, the professionals


of that sector did not have

drawings for

good work conditions and

weddings and

the intellectual property rights of their works were


not acknowledged. In 1977, more than one hundred

characters and

professionals of the comic and humour graphic


world were integrated in the Graphic Artist Associa-

for events or

tion, searching for their rights recognition


designs clubs,

and advertising campaigns. Besides, he teaches Nowadays, we can find in most of our diaries in

introductory workshops to humoristic cartoons

Spain a cartoonist who shows us in an ironic hu-

and gives conferences to divulge the function

morous way, different aspects of the news. The

of the press cartoon as a journalistic genre.

main graphic humour cartoonists that today are pre-

Most of his sketches are made to criticize poli-

sent in the Spanish press are, among others, Gallego

tics, injustices or social matters. He is great!

& Rey (El Mundo), Forges (El País), Mingote

Here you are my tribute to him

(ABC), Ferreres (El Periódico) and in the Canary Islands, Padylla (La Provincia) and Morgan (Canarias 7). Let’s focus our attention on one of the most famous cartoonists of Gran Canaria. J. Jesús Verdú Medina is a graphic humorist and illustrator known as J. Morgan. He was born in Las Palmas de G.C. in 1963. He has been posting his humorous drawings in the Canarias7 diary since 1983 in its both digital and printed press editions.

IES Mesa y López 45

MUSIC Music TO OUR ears by Nerea Pérez- 4ºB Music is one of the most fabulous expressions of the

a lot of things. Some of them spend more than three

human being because it can transmit different sensations

hours a day listening to music. Hence, we can say

that perhaps other art forms cannot. It allows you to ex-

that for almost everyone music is part of their daily

press fears, joys or very deep feelings of various kinds. It

life, just a really short percentage (2´6%) does not

plays a very important role in our welfare, for example:

usually listen to music.

The children who listen to music from a young age have better verbal skills, become more creative and happier

Do students listen to music while doing their

living beings; Listening our favourite songs helps reduce

tasks? Well, many of them do it, and at the same

anxiety and stress; It helps speed recovery of patients; It

time they appreciate when some teachers play mu-

makes us more positive people; Experts say that those

sic while they are working in class. However, others

who have some kind of musical education have better

say that they cannot concentrate. But, of course it is

school performance. Music is a universal language.

not the same listening to rock than listening classic or relax music. The students were also asked about the music that sounds at the end of each lesson. Most people answered that they find it old-fashioned, sad or depressing in some cases. Many of them recommend to play modern music, because it is something that the majority usually like. Others, however, appreciate it because it relaxes them and find it different to what they usually listen, and this way they can know new styles. Some proposals were made at this respect. Could students choose the type of music

We have made a survey at Mesa & López high school to

that sounds? They suggest that each group class

check how much our students are linked to music. We

could take turns to choose what type of music

asked 176 people of different ages. Most of our students

sounds each week. That way, there would be music

listen to music (pop is the most popular one), but some-

for all tastes. What do you think? Not a bad idea!!!

thing interesting is that the 82´9% of them do it on sites like YouTube or just download them from the net. Only

We are very different and we do not think the

a little percentage listens to the radio. Thus, people do

same. Maybe you like pop or rap, maybe you listen

not spend money in their favourite music. Nowadays,

to music while you are working or not, maybe you

social networks play a very important role in teenagers’

prefer music to relax than to dance. But something

life so it is not surprising that they use this platform to do

that we all have in common is that we love MUSIC.

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BINTER CONTEST by Judith Díaz - 4ºC Binter is a Canary airlines company and every year they organize do a contest in which children aged between 9 and 17 have to write the lyrics of a song after having chosen one of the melodies that Binter has suggested. Our Music teacher told us this and my friend Mouna and I decided to participate this year. Then, we wrote the lyrics of the song and we decided to call our band “Sweet Moments”. We uploaded the song to Binter page before Easter. Apart from us, another band at high school participated in the constest too. The other band was formed by Alba and Sara (4ºC). They are the "Sweet Dreams".

The videos were uploaded to YouTube a month later and then people could begin to vote the one they like the most. However, the winners will be chosen by Binter representatives, journalists and musicians. There will be prizes for two different categories. The winner students will have the opportunity to attend a training course at “Aula de Música de Binter” and will also get a tablet and a digital camera. The winner in the “category of school” will get a music classroom valued at 2000 euros. One is for the band chosen by the audience and the other one for the one chosen by Binter and professional musicians.

Our group (Sweet Moments) decided that we wanted to talk about dreams because it is very important to dream about something and try to get it. We wanted to transmit hope through our lyrics. We drew upon our lives to write as we are fighting to reach what we want. The other band wanted to put some examples of how people differ not only in the way of thinking and facing life. They created an imaginary own world exaggerating a little bit. They mixed the story of Alice in the Wonderland and “Don Quixote”. Two weeks later, two men came to the school to record the song and to record a video too. It was like being recording our songs in a “professional studio”. It was incredible!

Then, on May 30, the results were published. Sweet Dreams got third position. Yes! They got it! It was great! It seemed that all of us had won! But, even though it had not been that way, it would have been fantastic. It was an amazing experience.

IES Mesa y López 47

LEISURE FIVE FILMS TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH by Daniel Ruano - 4ºA I know that for many people it is hard to learn English. Most

and people’s struggle. It is a beautiful movie.

of us have tried to learn it in a funny and motivating way such

3-. Wuthering heights: This movie is based on the

as watching films. We all have tried to watch movies to learn

Emily Brönte’s only novel. It is a complicated movie

this language. But if not, here you are some suggestions. By

with a weird story. The environment is quite gothic I

the way, these are not the best movies to learn English, be-

have to say. It is about a gypsy orphan boy named Heath-

cause it is impossible to know the “best ones” in a completely

cliff whose only life goal is to revenge. It is a bit compli-

objective way.

cated movie with no very clear language so this one will be more interesting to people with a higher level of

5-. Although not everybody is fond of animated films, I have


to say that they are a very good option in order to improve a

2-. This is probably my favourite one. It’s the best sci-fi

language. Most of times these films are for children, so the

movie out there. No, it is not Avatar.

words are enunciated clearly and vocabulary and structures are

The movie I mean is called Interstellar. It is just beauti-

quite easy. Besides, they usually try to send important mes-

ful. It’s about the voyage of a guy whose only aim is to

sages related to social issues and cultural knowledge. Some

find a planet for the humans, because Earth is being destroyed by our own race (pollution, you know). The movie also tells us about the discoveries of modern scientists like Einstein and S. Hawking. Besides, the movie made me cry like a baby.

recommended titles are Inside out, Up or Finding Nemo. 4-. Grave of the fireflies is also an animated movie but it is a Japanese war drama anime film. I am not a big supporter of anime films, but I will absolutely include this one here. The movie is about the life in Japan during World War II. I do not recommend this to sensitive people because it is a harsh movie. It is the saddest movie I have ever seen, but you learn

1-. Oh Yes! We got it, nº1! So now I am going to add

a lot. The film focuses on personal tragedies during the war

something that everyone loves! Twilight! The movie! The best love ever seen! Yeah, I am not serious, but if you like fantasy films this saga will be a good choice. I hope you find interesting my suggestions. If not, just try other titles. The important thing is to make your learning or improving of English something enjoyable and in any film you will find varied language in real context.

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