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1.7 Discussion

Page 6

In pursuit of change


Seema Nair and Nishant Shah Page 59

Page 8 1.1 Essay

Contributors Page 65

Digital natives and the return of the local cause

Anat Ben-David Page 10

Research Institutions

1.2 Essay

Regional Contributors

A digital native perspective on policy

Page 68

Page 69


Shafika Isaacs Page 24 1.3 Essay I’m articulating my hot skills, but are you listening?

Kerryn McKay Page 34 1.4 Photo Essay Mirror Exercises

Leandra (Cole) Flor Page 40 1.5 Reflection Corporate affair

Parmesh Shahani Page 47 1.6 Essay Engineering a cyber twin

Nilofar Shamim Ansher Page 51


Digital Alternatives deel 1  

Digital Alternatives deel 1

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