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Peaceful – Yet Vivid A Tour of the Campus Never a Dull Moment Volda and Surroundings

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Volda is the place you’ll never forget

… the place you will remember for a long time after you have finished your studies. The memories, the warm spring days, the biting cold winters, the feeling of fresh snow on your skin. Read on and enjoy a little journey to Volda…






Peaceful Yet Vivid Volda University College is located in a small town, but our perspective is international.

In 2016, Volda University College reached an all-time high number of international students: More than 200 international students have chosen to spend part of their life in Volda - the small place between the deep fjord and the high mountains. The last twenty years we have received students from more than 100 different countries. They come to Volda, a peaceful yet vivid local community, because of our creative and diverse student body and because of our high quality study programmes in teacher training, social work, administration and planning, or to attend one of our many programs within media and cultural studies, such as journalism, animation, strategic design, media design, music, theatre and drama, sports and outdoor life.

And I think the influx from international students also makes Norwegian students curious of what can be learned and experienced from studying at one of our more than 100 international partner universities abroad. In a small university college, in a small local community there is plenty of room for you to immerse yourself in a different culture and to develop yourself, both in- and out-side of the classroom. Here you will find a wealth of organisations and activities, and if you can´t find it - make it! Johan Roppen, Rector



A Tour of the Campus Volda University College (VUC) is very proud to provide the best possible environment for both students and staff.

Long Traditions The university college was originally founded 150 ye­ars ago, as the first teacher training college in rural No­rw ­ ay. To­day, it offers one PhD programme (joint degree with Mol­de University College), six Master’s program­mes, more than 30 under­graduate pro­grammes and about 450 courses/modules. The studies offered are varied and include among others: media and commu­ni­cation, gen­eral and pre-school education, social sciences, so­cial work, public planning & administration, as well as liter­ at­ure, linguistics, math & science, history, arts & crafts, out­door life & physical education, music and drama & the­atre.

Research and Development Volda University College puts a lot of emphasis on rese­arch and development. It provides a solid foun­ dation for the education offered. Strategic areas of research at VUC include media and journalism, cultural encounters, professional practices, educational re­sea­ rch, welfare studies and applied arts. The nature of the research varies from individual programmes to applied development projects, conducted in close cooperation with end users.

Modern Facilities State of the art IT equipment is easily accessible in

one of the numerous computer rooms on campus. A campus-wide wireless network is open to all students. The library is modern and offers access to books and periodicals from around the world. All around the campus there are fully equipped special purpose rooms such as radio and TV studios, theatre rooms, group study and workshop rooms, an animation studio, etc.

Compact Campus All the buildings on campus are within five minutes walking distance of each other, and very close to the student accommodation. The sports hall is across the street from the main campus and gives students the opportunity to take advantage of facilities such as a swimming pool, a fitness and bodybuilding studio, and the indoor sports hall.

International VUC collaborates with over 100 universities and re­ search institutes around the world, through student exchange, research cooperation, staff exchange and more. All degree students at VUC have the option of taking part of their degree at a university abroad, as well as, being part of an international campus with over 200 international students.





Never a Dull Moment Volda University College is known for its lively academic and social environment. After a long day in the reading rooms, it is always refreshing to go hiking, go for a swim in the lake or to join activities hosted by one of the many student-run organisations on campus.



The Student Parliament is the highest official student body at VUC. It works continuously towards improving student life in Volda.

The student magazine keeps the community infor­ med on everything that happens in Volda and its surr­ oundings. All students on campus, regardless of their background, are invited to be part of the editorial team.

Pangaia A unique office, a home away from home for many students, Pangaia is the perfect place to relax, make friends, sign up for activities, events and trips, or play games. Pangaia is run by an international student trainee, under the umbrella of the International Office. Some of the activities organized for students are international nights, karaoke events, day tours and hiking in the area, movie nights etc.


Student House Rokken

The students’ own radio channel broadcasts every evening from 19:00. Stories, reports and news are made by students with the number one goal of transforming the relatively small radio station into the single most attractive student radio in Norway.

The student house is known as the gathering place for all the students on campus. Apart from the cafeteria, which serves food at student prices, the concert hall hosts a series of social events such as concerts, open mic nights, live sport broadcasting and various cultural programmes.

The broadcast is made by students, for students. Whether you are interested in writing the script, being a news anchor, being cast in fiction movies or making news reports, being the official photographer or working on layout and graphics, you are welcome to become a part of the crew.

Volda Student Radio





Natura One of the student organizations on campus, Natura, is responsible for organizing mountain hiking tours, surfing and cabin trips, as well as various other out­ door activities.

year, in August. It is marked by many outdoor activities, competitions, games and introductory meetings. For the international students arriving in Volda for the spring semester, a smaller welcome programme is organized in January.


International Week

The students’ sports organization (VSI) invites its members to work out in the sports hall, and offers activities such as handball, indoor football, indoor hockey, volleyball and badminton. Their members also have access to the swimming pool and bodybuilding and fitness facilities.

The International Office organizes an annual Inter­ national Week in early February with guests from all over the world. International students at VUC and guests at the event are asked to present their home universities at a large Study Abroad Fair.

Symphony Orchestra

University College Choir

Norway’s oldest and biggest annual documentary film festival attracts many national and inter­ nat­ i o­ n al participants and fans. Between fifty and sixty films are presented during the festival. Producers, students and audiences enjoy days of quality documentary cinema.

Do you like to sing? You are warmly invited to become a member of the college choir.

Animation Volda

The only symphony orchestra in the country connec­ ted to a university college; it has a broad repertoire of popular music, symphonic music and church works.

KRIK Offers an active environment, with a strong focus on Christian values and a love of physical education.

VOKS Volda Christian Student Organization wishes to be including and an actor in the integration process of student life in Volda.

Buddy Week Every semester many new and eager students meet in Volda. Some are newcomers, others are back for their second, third or fourth year in Volda. The main buddy week is organized at the beginning of the academic

Documentary Film Festival

The university college has a nationally and inter­natio­ nally renowned animation department. It educates some of the most creative and skilled animators in Norway. The Animation Festival offers the opportunity to take part in the creative atmosphere in Volda, with national and international participation. The programme is spiced with workshops, world premieres, and distinguished guests from the world of animation.

ISU International Student Union at VUC embraces diversity and welcomes all students, both inter­ national and Norwegian, to its activities. ISU Norway is committed to the social, academic and political interests of all international students studying in Norway.





Volda and Surroundings Situated on the western coast of Norway, Volda is surrounded by mountains, forests and fjords. Volda is a charming town in the county of Møre og Romsdal with almost 9000 inhabitants and a student body of approximately 4000 students (about 2000 oncampus students). The town’s main employers are the university college and the local hospital, but Volda is also known for traditional occupations such as farming, fishing, forestry and aquaculture. Volda is famous for its strong cultural heritage and academic traditions. The town centre is a charming area, located right on the shores of the Voldsfjorden. There are many old wooden buildings - both commercial and residential - but at the town’s heart is a beautiful stone church, built in the 1930’s.

THE SUNNMØRE ALPS The beautiful alpine mountain areas in the vicinity of Volda are called the Sunnmøre Alps, and stun nature lovers. Some of the peaks reach as high as 1700 meters straight up from the fjord, of which the most wellknown are Slogen, Kolåstinden, Hornindalsrokken, Skårasalen and Råna. The Sunnmøre Alps offer unique terrain for hiking, and are visited by large numbers of tourists in both summer and winter.

GEIRANGER Geiranger is the jewel in the crown of the Norwegian

fjords. It is so unique that it has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a fairy-tale landscape with its majestic, snow-covered mountaintops, wild and beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and the deep, blue fjord (

ÅLESUND Approximately 90 minutes away from Volda, you fi­ nd the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund. Mount Aksla, with the view­­points Fjellstua and Kniven, is one of Ålesund’s big­gest attractions. The views of the town, the lov­ely is­lands and the majestic Sunnmøre Alps fur­ ther in­land, are simply fantastic (

GETTING HERE Volda is only 50 minutes away from the capital Oslo by plane to/from our local airport, Hovden Orsta/Volda ( There are several daily flights to and from Oslo and Bergen, and buying a youth ticket is the most afford­ able option. Also, Ålesund Airport Vigra has direct routes to Oslo, Bergen, Amsterdam, Riga, Gdansk and more, but keep in mind the extra cost of the bus trip from Ålesund airport to Volda (, norwegian. no). A more traditional way of getting to Volda is by bus. The regular night bus from Oslo takes 10 hours to reach Volda and stops at Oslo Airport Gardermoen (


Ã…lesund Volda





Courses Offered





Grammar and Lexicology Literature and Culture after 1900 Norwegian Language, Civilization and Academic Life Norwegian Language and Civilization (NIS) Reading Norway Sociolinguistics

Literature and Culture before 1900 Modern American Conservatism in Politics and Literature Norwegian Language, Civilization and Academic Life Phonetics and Varieties of English Religion and Culture in Norway



Adaptation and Script Writing From Ibsen to Fosse Media Concept Development and Pre-Production Outdoor Media Production Visual Communication Web Front-end Design

Advanced Media Production Creative Commercial Photography ERASPORT Sports Course for Erasmus Students Intuitive Composition / Improvisation and Music Philosophy



Animation Production/Specializing Basics of Animation and Drawing-film Documentary Photography Introduction to Film History Photo for Media Production of Animated Shorts Stop-motion Strategic Design Web Documentary

Animation Production/Specializing Documentary Photography Editorial Design Introduction to Film History Photo for Media The Media and The Second Cold War 1975-1990 Web Documentary



Regional Development in the European Union The European Union and Regional Development

Internship with Project Report





Animation The internationally renowned Animation program at Volda University College is the longest running animation degree program at this level in the Nordic region. Many of the Norwegian successes both in animation film, such as Jul i Flåklypa, and animated web-series, such as Norske Grønnsaker, have been made by former students at Volda University College. While studying animation in Volda, you will benefit from the expertise of teachers with international ex­p­er­ ience in the animation industry. The study pro­gramme has a strong and close cooperation with animation professionals and studios in Norway and aro­und the world. Former international students have been part of animation projects like “Frankulstein”, for the ship design and shipbuilding company Ulstein.

gram, and as an exchange student you can learn everything from stop-motion, drawn animation, dig­­ital animation to animation production. The ani­ ma­tion program has several studios with high-end equi­pment for free use. Activities in the courses are ce­ n­t­ered around lectures, projects in teams and indi­vid­ ual work with guidance.

Broad Animation Program

The animation program is also well-known for the film festival, Animation Volda, which takes place every

Volda University College has a broad animation pro­

The Animation Volda Festival



MEET OUR FACULTY: Peter Lord, Oscar-nominated, founder of Aardman Animations Studio

autumn. The festival judges both professional and stu­ dent animated shorts, and is a pre-selection for the Fredrikstad Animation Festival for Nordic-Baltic fil­ms. Animation Volda offers interesting lectures and dis­ cussions, usually based around a specific theme, and meet and greet events to interact with animators, wri­ ters, producers and directors.

The Norwegian Animation Centre The Norwegian Animation Centre, based in the centre of Volda, is an off-shoot of the animation program and is a dedicated gallery space which has been running since 2012. It hosts many exhibitions featuring original animation art from Norwegian and international cre­ ators and studios. The gallery has also been used as a base for animation workshops and will be an essential visit during your stay.

– Animation is an art-form which spins off in endless possibilities in the contemporary world – everything from feature films to emojis. At Volda University College, animation is taught with energy, rigour, and a passionate engagement with the art-form which has led to the international success of many graduates.

Courses offered: (15 ects) • Adaptation and script writing • Animation Production/Specializing • Basics of Animation and Drawing-film • Production of Animated Shorts (60 ects) • Digital/analog cut-out • Stop-motion

Course descriptions:



Photography With its stunning and diverse surroundings and lecturers with high expertise, Volda is the ideal place to develop the core skills needed in a demanding industry. At Volda University College we focus on a high quality teaching and learning environment, providing photo­ graphy courses at both foundation level and special­ ization level.

You will get the opportunity of learning how to produce and edit photographic images for visual communication in a media context. You can also work with advanced post-production using Adobe Photoshop.

From Basics to Post-Production


VUC offers a wide variety of photography courses. As a student you can acquire fundamental skills in photo­ graphy and picture handling based on a digital plat­form, the way photography is practiced in world media today.

Teaching is offered in the form of lectures, individual exercises and class discussions on submitted student work and/or images produced by professional photo­ graphers.



MEET OUR FACULTY: Stuart Franklin, Documentary Photography, award-winning Magnum photographer – I don’t teach people to be camera operators, but directors and producers of their own content. I spent fifteen years working for National Geographic Magazine, and I have published ten books. I use my considerable experience in the industry to support my practical teaching. My latest book, The Documentary Impulse, forms the background for studies at both bachelor and master levels.

Courses offered: (15 ects) • Creative Commercial Photography • Documentary Photography • Photo for Media

Course descriptions:



Media Studies Volda University College has since 1971 trained professionals for the Norwegian media industry and offers perhaps the best-known professional training in Norway today. VUC has a robust academic environment for Media Production and Media Design, and many of our teachers have experience from the industry. Several courses are inter-disciplinary, involving aspects from film, animation, journalism, graphic design, web design and PR strategies. This creates an interesting portfolio of courses.

From Concept to Post-Production At Volda University College you can learn about the

whole media production process, from concept de­vel­ op­ment to post-production. You can work with video production in several genres, focusing on both tech­n­ ique, dramaturgy, and content production for different platforms. You can also specialize in visual expression based on graphic design, photography and web design, with courses that emphasize both technique and



MEET OUR STUDENTS: Katrine Lauritzen, VIA University College, Denmark – In Web Documentary we are en­coura­ged by the teachers to experiment, and explore the web as a new storytelling plat­form.

Courses offered: (15 ects)

content understanding on digital platforms.

Media History As a visiting student you can also study the media’s role and importance in conflicts in the recent past and gain a basic knowledge of film history, with examples from animation, documentary and fiction.

• Adaptation and Script Writing • Advanced Media Production • Editorial Design • Introduction to Film History (5 ects) • Media Concept Development and Pre-Production • Outdoor Media Production • Strategic Design • The Media and The Second Cold War 1975-1990 • Visual Communication • Web Documentary • Web Front-end Design

Course descriptions:



Sports and Nature Our unique location between dramatic fjords and rugged mountains on the north west coast of Norway, makes Volda the perfect place to study sports and nature. VUC is well-known for studies within the field of sports and nature, and has a strong aca­demic environment in this field. Norwegians’ close li­nks with nature are reflected in our courses, many of which are interdisciplinary, focusing on nature ex­per­i­en ­ ces in com­ bination with physical education or me­dia pro­duction.

Outdoor Classroom The Sunnmøre region is one of the most diverse in Norway. In our courses we take advantage of our uni­

que location with fieldtrips, lasting from one day to se­ve­ral days. This creates an extraordinary learning en­viron­ment. Whether you are working on a film in the Sunnmøre Alps, learning how to ski, or learning ab­­out coastal outdoor life at our base on the island of Yksnøya, experienced teachers will share their know­ led­ge with you.

Indoors Facilities We also take advantage of our indoor facilities where



MEET OUR STUDENTS: Maria-Ana Laza, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania – I came to Volda to improve my Norwegian language skills and left Volda not only with that, but also with a love for nature that made me spend my summer holiday exploring Romanian mountains and imagining strategies for applying all that I had learnt during the ERASPORT classes into our national education system.

Courses offered: (15 ects) students can work on film projects and a sports hall where they become familiar with Norwegian physical education and sports. The courses consist of different teaching methods including practical exercises, lec­ tu­res, work in groups, personal tutoring and instru­ct­ ions, and individual work.

• Outdoor Media Production • ERASPORT Sports Course for Erasmus Students

Course descriptions:



Music and Theatre Volda University College has highly qualified and talented teachers in the fields of music and theatre. As an exchange student you can learn to write scripts, create music or study and discuss famous Norwegian playwrights, and benefit from the great variety of student culture. VUC has a number of specialized rooms for both music and theatre courses, from small white and black boxes, to big stages and studios used for a variety of teaching methods. The teachers focus on individual guidance to help the students in their work. Studying at The Department of Drama and Theatre you can benefit from teachers with long experience and specializations including play writing, acting and directing, theatre

and literature history, educational drama and applied theatre. In the Department of Music you can develop and specialize your knowledge and skills learned at foundation level under the guidance of an internationally acclaimed composer.

The Volda Scene Volda has a vibrant music and theatre scene, and the



MEET OUR STUDENTS: Eini Vourinen, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland – Adapting and script writing have taught me so much about how to create drama by using words. We have learned how to create a story and meaningful dialogue, and how to develop and push the story forward and how to keep it exciting for the audience. Once you know the basics, you can change it to suit your purposes, like commercials.

students have a lot of opportunities to get involved. Students participate in free House theatres and House concerts for an open audience. The university college also has its own choir and symphony orchestra, and every year we co-host the Sunnmøre Chamber Music Festival in Volda. The student house Rokken hosts concerts by both well-known artists and local artists, and students can take to the stage on Open Mic nights. Every year the student week arranges a revue combining music, dance and sketches.

Courses offered: (15 ects) • Adaptation and Script Writing • From Ibsen to Fosse • Intuitive Composition / Improvisation and Music Philosophy • Playful truth-approach

Course descriptions:



English Language and Literature Studying English at Volda University College offers a broad selection of courses, from Grammar and Lexicology to Modern American conservatism in politics and literature. The subjects are taught by highly educated and qualified lecturers. Varieties of English In Volda you can obtain a basic introduction to the English sound system, as well as knowledge about and insight into different varieties of English, present-day and historical. You can also learn about English grammar and lexicology, with an emphasis on morphology, syntax and vocabulary. Language is a complex and highly diversified phenomenon and this

variety may have as much to do with society as with language itself. In Sociolinguistics particular attention will be paid to English dialects and Standard English, language variation in relation to social class and gender, and linguistic variation and change.

Literary Courses In the literature courses, students will concentrate



MEET OUR STUDENTS: Louis Perold, Jean Moulin University of Lyon III, France – In Sociolinguistics we learn about the links between people’s identity and how they talk. We learn about linguistic variations with factors like social class, age and gender, and about the dif­f­erence between a language and a dialect.

on explicating literary texts and exploring historical, social, and political issues. A range of literary genres will be represented and students will also be introduced to the standard terms and techniques of literary and cultural analysis. Literary texts will both be related to, and used to illuminate, relevant historical, social and cultural issues.

Varied Teaching Teaching methods in the courses takes the form of lectures, exercises, discussions, group work and individual work. This varied approach to the material makes for an interesting learning environment, which the students appreciate.

Courses offered: (15 ects) • Grammar and Lexicology • Literature and Culture after 1900 • Literature and Culture before 1900 • Modern American Conservatism in Politics and Literature • Phonetics and Varieties of English • Sociolinguistics

Course descriptions:



Social Sciences The Department of Public Administration and Planning can boast a high level of academic qualifications among its staff and the department is also actively involved in local and international research projects. As a student you will also benefit from the department’s focus on practical insights. Practical Insight The courses have both a theoretical and practical appro­ach to improve your understanding of relevant issues. The courses within regional development give an insight into why the European Union was created, how it works, and the regional development taking place to even out the differences between member coun­tries. Current relevant issues, such as Brexit, the

eco­nomic crisis and the refugee crisis in Europe will be discussed. Besides providing a sound theoretical foun­dation within the field of economic and regional develop­ment, the course also offers a lot of practical in­ sights. It includes a trip to one of the EU member coun­ tries, to learn about the effects of EU membership and EU regional development funding. Furthermore, there will be day trips to a small community near Volda,



MEET OUR STUDENTS: Hannah Schaefer, Stuttgart Media University, Germany

which has engaged in a small town development pro­ cess, and to the Maritime Cluster in Søre Sunnmøre, to learn more about innovative companies and how muni­cipalities can help create a good foundation for regi­onal growth.

Internsip With Project Report You can also learn about the public, private or volu­ ntary sector in Norway through an internship course. The first part of the course consists of a method semi­ nar where you will receive an introduction to project work, social ethics and morals, job search and inter­ nationalization. The second part is an internship, lasting from six to eight weeks.

– The course offers a very interesting perspective on the European Union, as it comes from an outsider position. This allows a much more objective view on all the Union’s actions and guidelines. You may be expecting simply a theoretical approach but that is far from the truth: of course you will get the theoretical basis but you will also see European policies in action during an international excursion as well as on daytrips.

Courses offered: (15 ects) • Regional Development in the European Union (10 ects) • The European Union and Regional Development: Theories and Practice • Internship with Project Report

Course descriptions:



Scandinavian Studies Volda University College offers a unique opportunity to engage in Scandinavian studies in the heartland of Fjord Norway. Here you can immerse yourself in the same culture and language that you are studying, and obtain an in-depth knowledge of the academic field. Long Traditions Volda University College has long traditions of teaching Norwegian language and culture to international stu­ dents. Our faculty members have authored books and are internationally active in the Scandinavian Studies com­munity. The university college is also a national center for the New Norwegian language (Nynorsk) in education. Volda is widely known for its schools and intellectual

environment. The teacher training college in Volda was the first of its kind in Norway to be established outside a major city, the Egset library was the first rural library in Norway and the local newspaper was launched as early as 1810. Our area is also viewed as the birthplace of Nynorsk, the second official language of Norway.

Ideally Located Volda and the surrounding areas highlight the traditi­ onal Norway: the coastal farms, the fishing industry,


MEET OUR STUDENTS: Patrick Schuster, Pedagogical University Tyrol, Austria – Religion and Culture in Norway broadened my mind in terms of multi­ culturalism and how much religious history in particular is connected to everyday life. I was in a mixed class with Norwegians and Erasmus students from all over Europe, and it was interesting to learn how other countries are dealing with religion.

Courses offered: (15 ects)

glaciers, a church in every village, Viking ship traditions, bunad and kransekake. Yet, at the same time, the area also illustrates the modern Norway through the hightech marine and maritime industry, an international work force and foreign impulses in architecture, food and media. Here you are ideally located to study the past and present of Norwegian society.

• From Ibsen to Fosse • Norwegian Language, Civilization and Academic Life (5 ects) • Norwegian Language and Civilization - NIS (30/60 ects) • Reading Norway • Religion and Culture in Norway

Course descriptions:




How to apply? Exchange students apply through their home universities. If you want to spend a semester or two in Volda:

1. Contact your international office 2. Follow procedures: 3. Apply within deadlines: 15th May or 15th November

For more information:





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