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Introduction by JDT Writing and Images by Group 3: EP, JDT and MFa Published at Global Citizenship Experience

Introduction This is my group’s art project, created by JDT, EP, and MFA. It is relevant to our school’s (GCE) other courses in many ways. First of all, it is called Parts that Make up the Whole. This is directly relevant to Organizational Systems and Models, where we learn how things fit together. We created molds that make up a system, and beforehand created models for how they would ideally look. Also when answering other questions, we brought globalization and soccer into the mix, similar to our class, “How Soccer Explains the World.” When we were designing our systems we came up with the idea to have the entire system be a cube. The idea was EP’s, and then all we had to do was make sure that our individual parts could work together to be a cube. We mathematically arranged it and our blueprint was ready.

Process: First we developed our questions based on our soccer class in 4 separate categories. Then we found ways to interpret our questions as systems, and linked them into our system. Next we broke down our parts and created individual sketch- ups. We then made our parts to be depicted as shapes. Then we mixed all of our parts together to make a system of a cube on sketch- up. We then created our clay sculptures, which would next assist in creating our molds. To make the molds we created cardboard boxes which we filled with plaster, and inserted our clay sculptures into the plaster. After we removed the sculptures, we could use the empty space to create our molds. We repeated this process 4 times, to make 4 parts per team member.

Haikus Passion awakens your body to focus on the available

Drafting a player Unsure of disappointment Quite Processing

Available sport so there is time and people to meet with your need

Processing legit As the soccer ball gets kicked To integration

Need to stay with it, play as long as possible watch out and be safe

Integration lost Let them fiend like animals Lost in new culture

Safe until you can play without fear; play with heart keep your interest

Culture for the rest Newlyweds run away from The dying reward

Interest keeps eyes on the goals you made back then and fuel your passion. - EP

Rewards are for chumps Intrinsic motivation leads Again to drafting. - JDT

Exceptionalism, is how America wins nationalism Nationalism is to be conformed to ways silly politics Politics have ways of controlling our living by advertising Advertising is a way to show off the world to make some money Money is the world in which we chose to live with exceptionalism. - MFa

Original Designs




Group System

Part Profiles JDT

EP Name of the part: Neighbor

Name of the part: L

Dimensions: 1 in x 1 in x 1 in

Dimensions: 3 in x 2 in Role: My shape is in the shape of an “L”, all of our parts fit together to make a cube, so the 4 “L”s are filler space in the perfect cube.

Role: Each cube supports its neighboring cubes, so that the system can stand up as high as possible.

MFa Name of the part: Right Dimensions: 2.5 in x 1 in x 1 in Role: The right triangle, when combined, builds squares.

Photography EP's System

JDT's System

MFa's System

Group System


must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” ― Albert Einstein

Parts that Make Up the Whole  
Parts that Make Up the Whole  

Mold-making, photography, book-binding assignment based around systems.