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The Infrastructures of Globalization


March 2012 Chicago, Illinois Edition #

This book is dedicated to ______________. Thanks For


For this term's art unit (Parts that make up the whole), our class made this book through studying and creating with four different mediums. First, we learned about systems (relating directly to our math/science class Systems and Models). Next we performed mold making after thinking about our systems and what our shapes would be. After mold making we did photography, to capture our molds. Lastly we had an expert come in and teach us how to bind books, which is how we are bringing our projects together. To create these systems in the first place, we used the lenses of our other classes to develop questions worth looking into, to help us better understand a concept in our other class. Then we thought about how we could solve this problem as a system, and transformed each part of the system into a shape. Next we created 3d replicas of our conceptual shapes through Google Sketch Up and then made the clay molds, for mold making. Hopefully you enjoy this book.

LT Haiku Pillars of value That comes from every dedication That supports the heart

Pilars of Value

Pilars of Globalization


House of Globalization

Field of globalization

HP Haiku

Communities die only with a lack of these commonalities

Commonalities the little things are what count communication Communication the old talking to the young fresh communities Communities now are often separated commonalities

Cycles of Communication

Commonalities this is how people survive communities

Parts Profile Measurements .7 inches height 1.5 inches base 1.5 inches width

Cycles of Globalization

My part (circles) in my system represent 2 different communities which haven’t been connected yet. The bridge is the rectangles which is finding commonalities so they can begin a cycle of communication (the last circle).

DC Haiku

Tradition changes From one person to the next With each new culture Culture is the key To learning new things And diversity


Diversity can Help build new ideas and Create sportsmanship Sportsmanship is the Most important part of Globalization Globalization Is sharing our ideas, Culture, tradition.

Parts Profile

Measurements: 2 inches足height

tribow of Globilazation





In my system my part represents globalization. My system is a soccer field and my triangles represent the goals. They represent the product of diverse people, culture, and traditions.

~Asking Questions And Living The Answers


The Infrastructures of Globalization March2012 Chicago,Illinois Edition# LT GF HP DC ThanksFor Thisbookisdedicatedto ______________.