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Are You Up For The Challenge? A new competition concept just for stunt groups!



Spirit Spotlight


Prevention and Recovery with CheerMed Rehab


Spreading Some Goodwill


Bridging The Gap


I’ll Be The Judge


Mindset Minute

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Silver Lining Follow the journey of Team Canada Junior Coed to a Silver Medal at the ICU World Championships

I am thrilled to present the inaugural issue of Hit Zero Magazine! Hit Zero aims to inspire, entertain and educate Canadian cheerleaders while featuring the great people, businesses, and events happening in our great nation! We look forward to covering all things cheer from coast to coast this season! Hit Zero is bringing together some of the greatest minds in cheerleading to provide our readers with the inspiration to become your best, education to help you get there, and entertainment to keep it fun! We are so excited you are reading your very own copy of Canada’s cheerleading magazine! We want to hear from YOU! Let us know what you want to learn about, be involved in our content by sending in your suggestions and be sure to check out how to get featured in a future issue. We are excited to feature Team Canada Junior Coed and their journey to a Silver medal at ICU worlds 2019. Flip to Page 12 and 13 to read all about it and their plans to go for gold in the future!


Cheerleading For Credit Olympia All Star Cheerleading

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Publisher Deanna Mason Columnists Sahil M, Mandi Spina, Dr. Angelica K Dimopoulus, Jeff Benson Contributors Ryann Lampman Chrystel Morgan

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Owner Anson Wong Cheerleading Background: I began cheerleading at the collegiate level, starting my career at Carleton University competing at multiple Cheer Evolution and Power Cheerleading (PCA) competitions. After being an athlete for 3 years, I became the head coach of Carleton University for the following 3 years. In 2008 I began my All-star career at CheerForce Wolfpack where I joined their IOC6 (6pack) worlds team. Currently I am with PCT Cobras IOC7 Resurrection.

Spirit Spotlight Q A


How was the company founded? Who are the owners? What is their cheerleading background?

What is 88Ronin?


88Ronin Apparel Co. is an athletic lifestyle brand and online retailer based in Toronto, Ontario. We exist to uplift and empower those who have set out on a journey to better themselves and live an active lifestyle. Above all, we hope to provide the community with high-quality products, and a seamless customer experience and service.

88Ronin was created by an experienced competitive cheerleader who was inspired by the community that he found surrounding the sport. In 2016, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially declared competitive cheerleading a sport. Today, the stereotypical image of sideline cheerleading has changed and transformed into a sport which requires agility, strength, and technique. We have designed our products especially for high-impact and high-performance sports while focusing on quality, style and function, while feeling and looking your best.



What does the name of the company mean? “Ronin” - A wandering samurai who has no lord or master.

88Ronin feels that each athlete and each individual is on their own journey. Not one person will have the same experience as another when it comes to a fitness journey, learning a new skill, or in life. We want to create a community and support system to help everyone push past their roadblocks and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


It is never too late to make the jump! There will always be unknowns and there will always be risks, but if you never take a chance on it, you will never know how amazing it will be.


What attributes did you acquire from being a cheerleader that helped you start and run a company?


Being scared is one thing, being Scared with confidence and a plan is another”


The tenacious idea of wanting to achieve a skill or goal.

Why is 88Ronin special?

Through personal experience, we know what is needed for the athletes in the sport of cheerleading to feel comfortable and confident in the apparel that they wear everyday at practice, workouts and full outs. No one likes feeling uncomfortable and unconfident when the 8 count track is on”.

The day in and day out work needed to gain a skill can be transferred to running a company. Not everyday will be a big step forward and there will be times where you feel there is no progress at all, but the continuous work and proper actions toward succeeding is what will help run and maintain a successful company.


Advice for cheerleaders who wish to own their own company one day?

“ Q A

What are the goals for the company in the future?

Where can your apparel be purchased?

88Ronin apparel Co. Can be purchased online at WWW.88Ronin.Com. We also have worldwide shipping and have a NO CHARGE RETURN POLICY when exchanging for sizes. We always want to make sure that you are happy and confident in your purchases!

The goals for 88Ronin in the future is to be the go to fitness apparel brand for athletes in the sport of cheerleading.






Cheerleading in Cuba is practically non-existent. The first Goodwill tour went last year to introduce cheerleading to the country and kick start things. The Cuban people are so passionate and LOVE dance and movement, so it is absolutely something that will catch on rapidly. The athletes will meet together 4 times leading up to the trip to work together, learn the material and how they will teach. They will also learn demo routines to show while we are down there. There is a huge cost to go on the trip of course, so they will be raising money all year in a variety of ways, and be collecting donations all year as well!

ON AND OFF THE MAT, WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! Many cheerleaders have really flexible hamstrings and tight hip flexors. This often is coupled with a weak core and weak glute muscles. So now that we know the why, you must be wondering how we say goodbye to back pain and prevent future back pain. Releasing tight muscles in the back can help relieve pain, but the key to success for preventing back pain is working on proper lifting mechanics and improving strength in your core, buttocks and legs.

Have you ever felt an ache in your low back while performing back walkovers or back handsprings? How about after repeating a stunt over and over? Back pain can present itself in many different ways, regardless if you are a base or a flyer. Back pain is an extremely common injury for cheerleaders given the amount of jumping, tumbling and back bending skills. While you are tumbling and dismounting, the twisting and rotating puts stress on your low back. While you are basing, you need to remain strong through your core and back to load your flyer. Poor posture can also increase the rate of back injury. In other words, when your seat sticks out and your shoulders round (like a granny hunching over), you decrease the amount of strength and power you can generate to support your flyer. As you improve your posture, you will align the stunt’s center of gravity to the base of support. This will allow you to generate momentum from the ground up by channelling the majority of your effort through your legs.

To keep you in the clear of back pain while you cheer, don’t forget the three Cs: Core tight, Check posture, Cue the legs!

DR. ANGELICA DIMOPOULOS BSc (Hons), DC Dr. Angelica holds a Bachelor of Honours Specialization in Biology from Queen’s University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Dr. Angelica continued her education outside of chiropractic with Level 1 and 2 certifications in Fascial Manipulation, as well as concussion management. She believes in an evidence-based practice and is committed to patient-centered care. During her treatment sessions, she incorporates manual chiropractic adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue techniques, active rehabilitation and modalities, when appropriate. She values working with her patients to educate them on their health and wellbeing. Dr. Angelica loves being a member of the CheerMed team. She enjoys helping athletes and members of the CheerMed community feel better, move better and perform better! Dr. Angelica grew up in Toronto, Ontario. From a young age, she was always active and participated in several sports. She is passionate about dance and is technically trained in a variety of dance styles. She continued to dance throughout university and taught several classes for the Queen’s Dance Club. She is also an avid ultimate frisbee player. She enjoys travelling, spending time outdoors, and watching hockey (Go Leafs Go!). Dr. Angelica is a professional member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the Ontario Chiropractic Association and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario. 6

Joy Mitchell, owner of East Coast Spirit Athletics and Atlantic Showdown Cheerleading Championships is taking on a new initiative this season aiming to spread goodwill through cheer.

I plan to always be involved in the Goodwill program for both cheer and baseball. So much good work has been done over the last 5 years and is now reaching to other countries, so I look forward to continuing this in future seasons. The Goodwill trip is one of the best ways to help through sport, and teach our local teenagers about other countries, cultures and the challenges they face. It is life-changing and I want to be part of it forever!

5 years ago I discovered the Goodwill tour program, which started with baseball. My husband and I organized our community’s first trip for our son’s team, and 4 years ago traveled to Cuba to play ball. While there, I suggested to the organizer that cheerleading would be something incredible to incorporate in the Goodwill tour program, and it stayed in the front of my mind until last year, when they finally included Cheer! Originally I wanted to go last year, but with too many “regular” gym owner obligations I had to sit on it for one more year. I wanted it to include athletes from all over New Brunswick, and as many gyms as possible, and luckily we were able to do that when we travel to Cuba in April 2020.


Athletes who were interested in the Goodwill tour applied with an essay on why cheerleading was important to them and why they wanted to share that love with the Cuban people. We had some girls do in-person interviews that live locally, and got an overwhelming response from all over NB. 20 athletes were chosen from over 40 applications. We have athletes from 5 communities and 2 provinces (PEI has a coach and athlete taking part as well!). This is not a “gym” thing, but simply 20 athletes with a deep love of the sport working together to spread the love to another country. Athletes and coaches have been spending the year leading up to the trip fundraising for the trip and equipment, collecting donations of uniforms, sneakers, cheer gear, bows, mats, basically any and everything cheer related that we can bring to the Cuban people to help grow cheerleading in their country. When we arrive in Cuba, we will spend 4 days traveling to different communities and instructing clinics. We will teach the basics of cheerleading and dances, visit schools to deliver the donated supplies, and enjoy mingling with the local people. 7

If you wish to donate to the Goodwill tour or would like more information contact organizer Joy Mitchell by emailing her at




Stunt Challenge T

here is an exciting new concept hitting the Ontario Cheerleading event scene this season, Stunt Challenge offered by Cheer Challenge Canada!

Bridging The Gap

Taking you from amateur to expert tumbler with these tips from Addicted To Tumbling

Stunt groups can enter into a head to head competition where there is a compulsory and freestyle round. Compulsory routines are sent to registered teams via video link and your coach or your group creates the freestyle routine. All groups will compete in both rounds.

Body Shaping In All 3 Dimensions For Better Tumbling Skills So the first step is to fix the shape. However, just holding a perfect bridge isn’t enough. That’s only training the shape in the 1st dimension! The 2nd dimension involves executing the bridge while doing some kind of movement.

In case you didn’t already know, pretty much every tumbling skill you have -- or want to achieve -- is built from fundamental body shapes. You can think of them like individual bricks; not too special on their own, but when put together by someone who knows what they’re doing, you end up with some truly breath-taking structures.

Both routines will be a max of 60 seconds. The group can showcase their creativity in the freestyle round, anything goes as long as it is legal for the level with IASF rules! Divisions offered: Mini 1 and 2, Youth 1, 2 and 3, Junior 2, 3 and 4, Senior 3, 4, and 5

That’s where shaping complexes come into play. A complex is a combination of shapes and movements combined together. An example of this would be the Back Bend (falling into bridge from standing). Again, if the bridge isn’t perfect in this dimension, the actual skill that needs it (the BHS) will suffer.

While my tumbling system is based around 12 shapes (Click Here to learn more), you can always add more. So it should go without saying that if you aren’t spending the time perfecting your shapes, you can’t expect to perfect your skills.

This is a great division for those strong stunt groups that are perhaps ready to stunt above their current team level, groups looking to get more time in the gym working on their stunt technique and those who love competing and want to do more of it!

Once that’s mastered, it’s time to train the shape in the 3rd dimension -- also known as drills. A good example of this would be to do the BHS over the Octagon barrel and see if your bridge is as perfect as it was in the 1st and 2nd dimension. If not, you’ve got some work to do!

As an example, athletes will email me asking how they can fix the bent legs in their BHS. They’re looking for drills or the “magic pill” solution. Yet when I ask them to show me their bridge, guess what I see?

So spice up your training by perfecting all 12 shapes in all 3 dimensions. I promise you’ll notice a significant difference in your technique!

Yup, bent legs!

Both rounds will be scored on the Cheer Canada partner stunt score sheet, each round is worth 50% of your final score. About THE AUTHOR

Groups can have up to 5 athletes and you can register by visiting


Coach Sahil is the founder of Addicted To Tumbling and -- two resources which have become the “go-to” destination for coaches and athletes in the cheer & tumbling community. He is also the Co-Owner of a gym out in Canada called CheerCore and is the author behind the best-selling book The Cheer Diet. 9




I’ll be the Judge Jump Your Way to a Perfect 10!

Who here loves to jump?? Chances are, most people didn’t jump for joy when I asked that question. Jumps are either your favorite or most hated part of the routine…..BUT they can make such a huge impact on your score, and sometimes your jump technique score can be the difference between first and second place! Jumps are one area on the

score sheet that doesn’t require being in the gym to get extra work in. You can do jump exercises, jump on most surfaces and work on core strength all while being at home! 3-4 days a week of extra work will make such an improvement on your jump ability! So what do judges look for? Jump technique is based


off five different “drivers”: Approach, Leg Placement, Arm Placement, Landings and Synchronization. Every team who steps on the mat starts off with a perfect 5.0 technique score. Each driver can deduct 0.1-0.3 off of your score for any technique issues noted. Most people tend to just focus on the height of their jump. But height is only one

piece of the total score (it’s included in leg placement). If you can work on your approach (how you set for your jump), your arm placement (are your arms level and in the correct position?), landings (are your feet together?) and then synchronization as a team, you have met 4 of the 5 criteria for a technical jump. Height can always come later!

are the counts when you are swinging down to prep for your next up or even just the first jump.

About Author

This season, make jumps be the “it category!” Focus on your jumps as an individual and as a team and make it your WOW category!

Mandi Spina has over 20 years of all star cheer experience. She is the current All Star Director for Cheer Fusion in Virginia. Mandi also judges for Varsity and was a speaker at Varsity University this summer. Mandi was elected to serve on the USASF National Advisory Board and is also a member of the USASF Connection Leaders and serves on multiple other USASF committees. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Mandi cheered at the University of Pittsburgh and started her coaching career with Fire & Ice All Stars.

As a judge, I love seeing a team perform effortless, flawless jumps. Teams that can land with their feet together (especially in between double jumps), have amazing arm placement, pointed toes and a crisp approach are the best to watch! One tip I can give on how to work synchronization is to focus on your “down counts” in your jumps – down counts 11





an entire routine and one team will be selected to represent the country.

RedOps Represent On The World Stage In 2018 two Ontario gyms combined to take the International Cheer Union Silver Medal in the Junior Coed division. Read on for more on their process and experience that lead them to a silver podium finish

Talk about the Coaching philosophy and the approach the Coaching staff took with the team There isn’t necessarily a specific coaching philosophy that we took. I think it was difficult for some of the kids to adjust to the different coaching styles from the different gyms. However when it came down to it, we needed the absolute best from the kids at all times to perform our best at Worlds. The athletes fell in line and started to push themselves to our standards, and that’s how we experienced the success that we did. How was training for the team set up? How often, where etc We practiced once a week from September to December alternating between Bluewater Cheer Athletics facilities in Sarnia and Power Cheer Gym’s facilities in London (an hour apart). January up until Worlds, we increased practices to twice a week. This was all in addition to the practices the athletes had for their all-star teams.

Who were the Coaches of Team Canada Junior Coed? Jodie Bore Sarah Faubert Kaitlyn Harvey Garrett Skinn How many athletes made up the team and what was the age range? We had 24 athletes ages 11-17 (all met the age bracket in the

differently. We knew that we could get a leg up if we could convince more boys to join. Bluewater had two boys already in our allstar program. We bribed Jodie’s son Jaxon to try and he ended up enjoying it. We were also able to convince Jaxon’s friend Nash to give cheerleading a try, who also had a sister in our allstar program, Bluewater Cheer Athletics. Nash and Jaxon’s first competition ever

respective year, of course) Tell us about the selection process for Team Canada Junior Coed? Blue Water Cheer Athletics and Power Cheer Gym combined to put together the team we called Red Ops to compete for the chance to represent Canada at the ICU World Championships. Both gyms did this a little


was Worlds! As for our girls, we hand-selected within our program. Power Cheer Gym did a mass tryout within their gym to select their athletes. From there we had to film a skills video with different sections of the routine for a judging panel from Team Canada Cheer to review. From all of those video submissions, only three teams are selected to move on. If your team is selected, you have to film

What challenges did you face along the journey of winning a silver medal at ICU World Championships? Anything you did that you wouldn’t do again or things you would do differently if given the chance again? One of the biggest challenges we faced was not being a singular team from a singular gym. It made training more difficult. However, I don’t think we would do it differently. It taught our athletes so much about sportsmanship at competitions and so many great friendships were made across the gyms. What was the reaction of the athletes and parents when you found out your team was selected to represent Canada? I think shock and joy all mixed into one! We had come so close the year before and

came up short. It was almost unbelievable at first.

different countries. It was all incredible. Both the athletes and coaching staff made memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Tell us about your experience at Worlds We had the most amazing experience at Worlds. Not even just at the competition itself, but the entire trip. Our kids were given the opportunity to practice with the premier teams and it was truly so special to watch. Seeing kids that we have been coaching since Youth 1 in a Team Canada uniform was absolute magic. Watching Coed Premier hit in an arena that was absolutely electric was unforgettable. Seeing the athletes making friends and engaging with kids from

Describe the feeling hearing Canada being called for winning the Silver and taking your place on the podium? It was AMAZING but also bittersweet. We were obviously hoping for Gold, but have nothing but respect and admiration for the amazing Thailand team.


Will Red Ops be aiming to be chosen to represent Canada again at Worlds? Absolutely! Our experience was incredible and we feel that we learned a lot about what ICU is looking for and how to hit the score sheet, and HOPEFULLY take home Gold!



MINDSET MINUTE Would you like the competitive advantage?


improving their skills, not worrying about how fast they learn skills or getting upset when

competitors aren’t doing.

they are struggling, but instead on being better.

Mindset is the way you look at your talent and intelligence. A fixed mindset focuses on

In each issue, we are going to tackle how to gain the competitive advantage by growing our

talent or being a “natural”. When using a fixed mindset, a person compares themselves to

brains and shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. It’s important to remember

others (teammates and competitors) and focuses on trying to be perfect; something most

that no one has one mindset or the other, rather depending on the situation, we flow

n order to gain the competitive advantage, you must be willing to do the thing your

between the two types of mindsets.

cheerleaders do. Instead, a growth mindset focuses on how hard they work and on

Jeff Benson is one of the most sought after and knowledgeable tumbling and Or made excuses or placed blame on others, maybe in your stunt group?

The goal here is that the more aware you are of your mindset, the easier it will be for you to

reach your potential by growing and developing If so, you were using a fixed mindset. You were saying (though maybe only temporarily) your abilities, rather than being overcome that you were never going to get that skill or were worried about how others saw you. Have

by disappointment. Have any of you said the following:

no fear, let’s view those times where you have used a fixed mindset as an opportunity to

- “I can’t” - “I’m just not good at ______”

grow our brains and instead use a growth mindset next time.

- “I’m never going to be able to ______”


cheerleading coaches in the industry. He has worked with teams and programs all across North America. His undergraduate degree focuses on kinesiology and movement, while his masters degree is in counseling psychology. Blending his two passions together, Jeff started Mind Body Cheer. MBC is a sports performance company, that focuses on the mental, physical and emotional demands of the competitive cheerleader. He is also the best selling author of unBlocked: The Walls Come Tumbling Down.




Cheerleading For Credit Tell us about the Sport Studies program, what it involves for student-athletes and why Olympia wanted to offer the program? Students train at Olympia for three 75-minute classes per week. The Academy transports the athletes from school to training. In exchange, athletes will receive a credit for the program. We are very fortunate that Olympia has a top of the line facility, which is a perfect training facility for this program.

How many athletes can be admitted into the program each year? Is it a full year program or semestered?

Students must be enrolled in the Francophone South School District and be grades 6-12. Currently the athletes are part of the Olympia cheer family and we hope to grow the program next season to offer the experience to new athletes. Parents are provided information packets from the Academy during the school year.

The program is based on the two semesters per school year and the athletes train 4-5 hours a week. There are no limitations at this time for enrollment.

The Academie Atlantique de Sports-Etude is a program supported by the francophone district here is Moncton, NB. They offer other disciplines like hockey, dance, and ringuette.

Can beginners be admitted to the program or is this for experienced athletes only? Do the athletes need to have required skills to enter the program?

The program is open for anyone!

Olympia is working with the Academy of Sports and the Francophone South school district to introduce cheerleading into their programming. It is a fantastic collaboration and dynamic partnership for middle school and high school athletes to learn the sport of cheerleading! •

with administration to adjust schedules, the Academy helps make the transition into the program a seamless one.

Le programme est offert en collaboration avec l’Académie de sport-études, le District scolaire francophone sud et notre club de cheerleading. Deux fois par semaine, les athlètes ont des entraînements au gymnase d’Olympia. Les élèves du secondaire y vont le matin et ensuite l’autobus de l’Académie les reconduit à l’école, alors que pour ceux de l’intermédiaire, les entrainements sont l’après-midi.

Le programme est accessible aux athlètes qui fréquentent les écoles du niveau de la 6e à la 12e du District francophone sud dans la région de Dieppe et Moncton.

The demand will grow for the program as it builds, especially as our athletes head into school boasting about how much they love it. All athletes and skill levels are welcome to participate.

La majorité des athlètes inscrits au programme faisaient déjà partie de la grande famille de l’Olympia. Nous souhaitons élargir le recrutement pour la saison prochaine, mais nous profitons de cette première année pour gagner de l’expérience. Nos équipes sont petites ce qui nous permet d’offrir un entraînement adapté aux besoins de chaque athlète.

En ce moment, le programme est ouvert à tous ! Cependant, les athlètes actuellement inscrites ont toutes de l’expérience. Can athletes who are a part of other all-star programs be a part of the sport studies program? Absolutely! There are 2 groups/teams - Middle school athletes who train in the afternoon after regular classes and High school athletes who train in the morning before classes.

What will the training for these athletes look like? Will they compete or simply train?

involvement. We worked closely with great parents and the District to ensure to offer objectives and materials to fit the learning environment. Olympia is fortunate that we do offer a bilingual facility. The four components are mental well-being, physical conditioning, sports evaluation and leadership.

Chez Olympia, nous visons toujours à l’amélioration de nos programmes et le développement au complet du potentiel de nos athlètes. L’offre d’un tel programme s’inscrit tout à fait dans notre vision et permet un rapprochement avec des partenaires très dynamiques avec qui il est fort agréable de collaborer.

Comme plusieurs athlètes fréquentent les écoles francophones de la région où d’autres programmes de sports-études étaient déjà offerts, une partie du processus était déjà en place avec l’Académie de sports-études, le District scolaire francophone sud et d’autres clubs sportifs de la communauté. Nous nous sommes donc basés en partie sur ce qui était déjà en place.

En collaboration avec le District scolaire francophone sud, nous avons élaboré un programme d’étude sur mesure. Ce programme comprend toutes les valeurs de la grande famille de l’Olympia et correspond aux critères du Ministère de l’éducation en matière d’objectifs d’apprentissage. Le programme comprend notamment quatre objectifs généraux soit : les capacités techniques, le conditionnement physique, les critères d’évaluation du sport et le leadership.

What was the process like to get chosen/approved to offer the sport studies program? The process was long and at times difficult. Cheerleading does have a very good reputation in our area, but it is still a growing sport. Proving to the school district staff and scholastic provincial government that cheerleading is a respectful sport to invest athletes in was the toughest aspect. Sharing the knowledge of what our sport has to offer athletes. Teamwork, Athleticism, creativity, confidence, role models. Language did play a huge role in our approval process. As an official bilingual Anglophone, we challenged ourselves to ensure that quality of our evaluations, and coaching would be in-line with respect to the French language. Hiring a French university student, and with the help of our francophone Olympia families, we worked together to ensure we could offer this amazing program to as many athletes as possible. In the end, we have been approved in 8 local schools, middle and high school.

What is involved in getting into the sport studies program for cheer athletes? As our program builds, all students are welcome to participate in the program. As students and athletes are interested in the program, they contact the Academy, and they handle all of the details from there. From arranging transportation, or working

A part of the process was already established when we were approached by the Academy based on our community 16

Pour l’instant, il n’y a pas de nombre limite d’inscriptions au programme. Il s’agit d’un programme annuel.

Yes, especially since this season we have opted out of competing.

Training will be in all aspects of cheerleading and focusing on teaching the principles and techniques of cheerleading (levels, judging, deductions) in classroom style. There will also be sessions on health, leadership, and communication. Athletes will be invited to take place in local competitions and showcases.

Absolument! Le programme est ouvert à tous les athlètes du District scolaire francophone sud de la 6e à la 12e année. Why is Olympia a great fit for the sport studies program? Olympia offers a large training facility with specialized equipment and bilingual staff. We are also very appreciative of the support of many parents who are involved with the education system and offer guidance.

Ultimately, our hopes for the program is that athletes will receive regular training to advance not only their cheerleading specific skills like jumps, tumbling, stunts and dance, but their confidence and strong mental capabilities, fitness levels and scholastic support. This will help to benefit the athlete individually, and for their separate preferred team. Our goal for the program is to have 12 athletes in each the middle school and high school teams and to compete competitively as a scholastic team. For our inaugural year, we have decided not to compete, but to perform a stunt group routine at a few local competitions in the spring.

À l’Olympia, nous avons l’environnement idéal pour accueillir un programme de ce genre dans lequel nous pouvons trouver 3 tapis de cheerleading, un trampoline, et une tonne d’équipement spécialisé. De plus, nous avons plusieurs entraîneurs bilingues qui, pour ce programme, sont en mesure d’entraîner les athlètes en français. Nous avons également reçu l’appui de plusieurs personnes dans le domaine de l’éducation qui nous ont guidé dans les démarches à suivre pour édifier ce programme.

L’entraînement des athlètes se fera en tenant compte de tous les aspects du cheerleading. Nous allons surtout mettre l’accent sur la perfection des principes de base du cheerleading. De plus, nous allons enseigner aux athlètes les bases des grilles de notations des juges, ce qui leur apprendra donc toutes les mesures de sécurité, les compétences requises pour chaque niveau, les déductions possibles etc… Il y aura également quelques sessions qui porteront sur le leadership et la communication puisque ce sont deux éléments indispensables dans ce sport d’équipe. Notre but sera de participer à quelques compétitions locales, mais surtout de nous appliquer sur le développement individuel de chaque athlète.

Is Olympia the first gym in New Brunswick to offer the program? Yes and we are very excited and honoured. Oui! C’est la toute première fois que la province offre un programme de sports-études pour le cheerleading. Do you expect to see Sport Studies for cheerleading expand into other parts of the province? We sincerely hope so! We are just commencing the program but it is really a success which benefits cheerleading in the province. Nous espérons que oui! Nous venons tout juste de commencer ce programme, mais nous pouvons déjà constater que ce sera un grand succès. 17



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Inspiration, entertainment and education for Canadian cheerleaders. Coverage from coast to coast.

Hit Zero Issue 1  

Inspiration, entertainment and education for Canadian cheerleaders. Coverage from coast to coast.