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Vol. 2 No. 5

May 28, 2014

Team Work Makes the Dream Work for Stepping Stone Farm  by Lindsay Yandon In 1974 Sandy Kelly settled on a piece of land 20 minutes east of Albany in Postenkill, New York with a handful of school horses, ten stalls and a dream. From those roots Stepping Stone Farm has grown to 70 stalls, an indoor arena and a familiar presence at A-circuit shows spanning the East Coast. “I was a trainer at Woodland Stables when they decided to close up their business,” said Kelly. “They gave me all their horses and sent me on my merry way. From there, the business expanded quickly grew and grew.” Kelly admits she still looks around the barn she built from the ground up and it renders her speechless. “Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but we are a team – that’s how we get it all done.” It’s a team pieced and held together with family and friends. When Amy Momrow, now a grand prix rider, was nine years old, she and her older sister entered the farm’s lesson program. Kelly and son Monty trained Momrow throughout her junior career and after a brief break while a student at Sienna College, turned to riding professionally in 1999 and joined the team at Stepping Stone as a trainer. “We work together every second each day and that’s how we make it all happen,” said Momrow, who can be spotted scheduling the day in the barn, coaching at the shows and competing herself. Two years ago, Stepping Stone experienced growing pains in the best sense of the phrase –

Riders to Watch: Page 3 Mckayla Langmeier

Week I

Cornetto Royal Finds a Home in the Hunter Ring  by Lindsay Yandon Heather Caristo-Williams first saw Cornetto Royal, a striking gray Westphalian stallion, four years ago schooling at a horse show in Belgium and immediately recognized potential in the young horse. While not intentionally shopping for a stallion CaristoWilliams tried him anyway, and the decision is paying off in full.

Francesca Eremeeva and Owen in the $10,000 Marshall & Sterling Insurance TuffRider/Equine Couture Child/Adult Jumper Classic before crossing the timers a single one-hundredth off the lead. ©ESI Photography

they grew too big for their facility. “We were on the road most of the year – six months in Florida and six months in Saugerties – but still didn’t have a facility that would hold us,” Kelly said. “Saugerties became our home for almost a year while we added a barn to our farm. The facility now houses our entire string.”

“We saw hundreds of horses that day, but he stood out,” she said. “I got on him, took a deep breath, dropped the reins and when he did the same, knew I wanted him.” After an early career as a jumper, Cornetto Royal’s first experience in the hunter ring was last year competing in the Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final qualifiers as a seven-year-old gelding.  continued on Page 9

With room to grow Kelly recently dedicated part of her lesson program to the Albany County community, designed to give children, junior and adult riders at any level the opportunity to learn, ride and compete. “There’s a serious lack of opportunity for riding and showing in our area. We want to give people from the ground up a place to come.” With a variety of clients competing in divisions from crossrails to grand prix, continued on Page 4

Heather Caristo-Williams gives Cornetto Royal a pat of approval after producing the winning round in the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix. Photo by HITS Staff

2 | HITS News Weekly

Vol. 2 No. 5

RIDERS TO WATCH: Juniors Eye Bayer’s Legend $250,000 Injectable Solution (hyaluronate sodium) Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Prix Read on for an insider’s look at who we think will be the top contenders in the HITS Championship at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York September 3-7.

Mckayla Langmeier According to Linda Langmeier, her daughter Mckayla has been riding since before she was born. The East Granby, Connecticut trainer for Kelianda Farm introduced the now 14-year-old rider to the saddle while still pregnant with her, and didn’t have to work very hard to ensure that she caught the horse fever early.

by Lindsay Yandon

HNW: What’s it like to have your mother as your trainer? ML: I really respect my mom as a rider and trainer. When I go in the ring she always tells me to make good choices and she rides every step with me. HNW: What’s special about Classic Care? ML: Scope! If I make a mistake and leave a stride out, I always know she is still going to jump the fence nicely. We got her from Andres Rodriguez and I can’t thank him enough – if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have her right now. HNW: What’s her favorite treat after a class? ML: She’s always waiting for peppermints at the gate. HNW: You were one of seven fast contenders in Sunday’s jumpoff. What was your plan? ML: Definitely to win – my horse has a big stride, so I was able to leave out a stride in the last bending line. I always try to pick the moments where I can be faster than everybody else and I picked right. HNW: When you aren’t riding, what are you doing? ML: I’m in eighth grade at East Granby Middle School, but when I’m not riding or in school I’m playing volleyball. When we are done at the barn I always get all the grooms together and play.

Mckayla Langmeier and Classic Care. 

©ESI Photography

Despite being only 14 and winning in the grand prix ring, McKayla is already a dedicated horsewoman in her own right – working tirelessly to one day ride professionally. “She’s up every morning ready to work hard – she’s one of the more dedicated young riders I’ve seen,” said [Linda] Langmeier. “This sport is our passion and now it’s her passion as well. We do it for that reason, not just because it’s how we make our living.”

“She has such a great feel for the horses and gels with each one in different ways,” said Langmeier. “She knows what they like, and in return, they like her on their backs.” Mckayla, coupled with her mother and father Kenny Langmeier, are putting her special bond with 10-year-old Holsteiner mare Classic Care to good use this season and have made big plans for the Bayer’s Legend Injectable Solution (hyaluronate sodium) $250,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Prix at the HITS Championship. Langmeier was quick to prove that she’ll be one to watch come September, guiding Classic Care to a win in the $10,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner High Jumper Classic qualifier during HITS-on-the-Hudson I. Here’s a closer look at Mckayla Langmeier: HNW: Having just started in the upper-level jumpers, what’s your reaction to the possibility of riding for $250,000? ML: I started doing the High Juniors halfway through the winter and immediately set a goal to come here [to HITS Saugerties], get my five classes and compete at the [HITS] Championship. It’s a great opportunity for me and I couldn’t be more excited. And, it’s going to be so much fun.

Vol. 2 No. 5

per ateur-Owner Jum $10,000 Junior/Am ©ESI Photography e honors after the lac t-p firs s ept r acc Mckayla Langmeie ’s Legend.  sented by Bayer High Classic, pre

HITS News Weekly | 3

News Weekly

2014 Saugerties Edition Publisher

Thomas Struzzieri

Associate Publisher After only five days, the front of the Stepping Stone Farm barn is already boasting impressive honors. Photo by HITS Staff

continued from Page 1 Stepping Stone is fully realizing their “something for everyone” vision and bringing home ribbons in the process. During HITS-on-the-Hudson I, they returned to familiar territory and did so in style, with top placings in nearly every ring on the property. This was highlighted by junior riders Hannah Patten and Francesca Eremeeva. Patten was champion in both Modified Junior Hunter and 15-17 Equitation, while Eremeeva won the Sore No-More Children’s Medal and only one hundredth of a second shy of winning the $10,000 M&S TuffRider/Equine Couture Child/ Adult Jumper Classic. Likewise, Stepping Stone’s Isabella Usenza took blue in the THIS Medal and was first and third in the Antares’ Children’s Hunter 15-17. Stepping Stone riders are well on their way to qualifying for the 2014 HITS Championship from all directions. “We have riders aiming for both [Diamond

Mills $500,000 and Platinum Performance $250,000] Hunter Prix and high hopes Patten will be ready for the Bayer’s Legend $250,000 Junior Amateur Owner Jumper Prix.” Momrow also noted that if the summer goes as planned, she will find her way back to compete in the Zoetis Million with her grand prix mount Baldino Du Rouet. Stepping Stone is developing some exciting horses on the horizon. “We have young horses ready to begin the grand prix track and a strong relationship with VDL Stud in Europe,” added Kelly. Kelly’s daughter Shaine Brooks is currently bringing these prospects along, prepping them for bright futures in the show ring. “Saugerties is like a second home for us and one of the most exciting times for our riders,” said Momrow. “It’s been an amazing start and looks like the HITS Championship will be an unforgettable experience. We enjoy it every year.”

STEPPING STONE HIGHLIGHTS From the Ring – HITS-on-the-Hudson I

FRANCESCA EREMEEVA • 1st in Sore No-More Children’s Medal 15-17 • 2nd in $10,000 M&S Insurance TuffRider/Equine Couture Child/Adult Jumper Classic • Reserve Champion in Intermediate Equitation HANNAH PATTEN • Champion in Modified Junior Hunter • Champion in 15-17 Equitation • 1st in USEF Hunter Seat Medal, ASPCA Horsemanship Medal and M&S Jr/Am Horsemanship Medal ISABELLA USENZA • 1st and 3rd in Antares Children’s Hunter 15-17 • 1st in THIS Medal JESSICA PLETKA • Reserve Champion in Modified Adult Hunter BROOKE TAYLOR • Ribbons in Adult Equitation 18-35 MICHELLE JOHNSON • Ribbons in 2’ and Level 0 Jumper CATHERINE CECH, GIGI STETLER AND ALFRED FAMIANO • Ribbons in Adult Jumper 4 | HITS News Weekly

Tony Hitchcock


Lindsay Yandon


Chris Mayone

Sponsor Relations Chris Mayone


ESI Photography


HITS Art Department

HITS, Inc.

319 Main Street Saugerties, NY 12477 845.246.8833 HITS-on-the-Hudson 454 Washington Ave Ext Saugerties, NY 12477 845.246.5515

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Vol. 2 No. 5

Vol. 2 No. 5

HITS News Weekly | 5

The Equestrian Health Coach: Summer Smoothies and Frozen Beverages immediate energy, but when you come off that sugar high, you tend to crash and crave more sweets for energy. These whipped-up sugary carbs tend to be digested quickly as well, leaving you hungry again very soon. This sugar roller-coaster ride can also put stress on your body and make you want to reach for foods that are not a part of your healthy diet! Sticking to berries, green apples and vegetables, as well as adding a healthy fat and protein can help to keep blood sugar stable, slow down digestion and provide steadier energy. There may be nothing more refreshing than a cold smoothie or frozen beverage during the hot summer horse show days. Of course, there are many mouth-watering choices and each can have an effect on how you feel and can influence your health. Below are a few truths and tips you may want to consider before ordering 16+ ounces of frozen deliciousness. Serving Size: Before even looking at the actual ingredients blended up, consider how much food was actually liquefied. Is this a snack or a meal? Would you ever sit down to eat a banana, a handful of berries, a cup or so of fruit juice, a giant bunch of kale, a few slices of mango or pineapple, a dozen grapes, a big gob of nut-butter, a spoonful of honey, half an avocado, part of a cucumber, chia seeds, flax seeds, goji berries, and a scoop of enhancers or powder? (Okay, maybe not all in one smoothie, but hopefully you get the point!) Depending on how you balance the contents of your smoothie, it could be a meal replacement or an unknowingly huge snack! Additionally, blending foods breaks them down so they end up being easily digested. This can be good in the sense that it’s already “chewed” and puts less stress on your body, but it also means you might digest very quickly and be hungry again soon (despite having a huge serving size). The Fruit Smoothie - also fondly referred to as “the sugar bomb” (even if it is green): While it is encouraged to eat whole foods, blending large amounts of sugary fruit (such as tropical fruits) with fruit juices can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. These sweet frozen concoctions may be extremely satisfying to your taste buds and tend to give you 6 | HITS News Weekly

The Bright Blue Frozen Slushy: These beverages are usually created by blending ice with syrup. While it may seem like an innocent mixture, most are loaded with artificial dyes, flavoring and high fructose corn syrup, or other sugar substitutes. Artificial coloring and flavors have been linked to side effects such as allergies and behavioral problems. Some foreign countries even view these chemicals as toxins and won’t allow them in food. High fructose corn syrup is a cheap industrial food product used to sweeten processed foods, but due to its structure, it can cause metabolic disturbances that can actually increase appetite, weight gain and other chronic disease. Sugar replacements (or artificial sweeteners) are not a good alternative either as some of their side effects can include headaches, anxiety, nausea, mood changes and gastrointestinal disorders. Your best bet when it comes to a slushy is to use real fruits and natural sweeteners (such as honey, maple syrup, or even organic cane sugar). Consider these a sweet treat to enjoy only on special occasions. The Protein Shake: As busy athletes, protein shakes can be an easy way to get the energy needed to ride well while out in the hot summer sun. They can be used as meal replacements when horse show life is too hectic, and can be a good option for those who tend skip breakfast. With protein powders, quality is an important factor to consider and be sure they aren’t loaded with sugar (or sugar substitutes) and artificial flavors. Hemp, rice, and pea protein tend to be easily digested and if you can handle whey (which is derived from dairy), choose grass-fed sources whenever

by Kimball Willson, Certified Health Coach possible. Protein shakes can be blended up with veggies, fruit and a healthy fat, or mixed up in a blender bottle on-the-go. The Frozen Latte: These refreshing coffee drinks have another consideration – caffeine. While you may feel the energy buzz after drinking coffee, this can also take you for a ride on the blood sugar rollercoaster, and has the ability to affect your sleep. Sleep deprivation can impact your mood, appetite, and leave you feeling a little foggy. If whipping up a frozen coffee drink, choose the best quality ingredients you can find such as organic beans, and minimally processed milk (whether it’s a nut milk, coconut milk, or organic dairy). Sprinkle with cacao powder or cinnamon for some extra flavor. Kimball Willson is a certified Health Coach with an extensive background in the equestrian industry. As a lifelong rider and competitor, she understands the dietary and lifestyle struggles faced by today’s equestrian athletes. She specializes in guiding and supporting riders of all levels who want to gain more energy, improve their diet and lifestyle, and ultimately perform their best in the ring. Learn more and get your free copy of “3 Common Health Mistakes that are Ruining Your Ride” at www.


“I always start my day with a healthy breakfast and when I have to ride first thing in the morning, I make a smoothie with vegan protein, fruit and greens powder. It’s a quick meal that doesn’t weigh me down and it gives me the energy I need to focus and ride well.” - Lisa Arena Davis Amateur-Owner/Rider Vol. 2 No. 5

Ringside Shots

3. 2. 1.


5. 4.

9. 8. 7.




Photos by Lindsay Yandon 1. A break between courses. 2. Sore No-More ads a new jump to the Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium. 3. Darragh Kenny collected first and third in Sunday’s grand prix. 4. Ringside cuddles. 5. The Darraghs (Kenny and Kerins) walk the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix Course, presented by Zoetis. 6. The ever popular Diamond Mills Hotel & Tavern waters were a hit in the Verizon Club VIP Club. 7. The Verizon VIP Club welcomed new china thanks to Back on Track. 8. Candice King and Christine McCrea pose during their grand prix course walk. 9. Hunters jog in the Hunter Stadium. 10. Amanda Steege gets some early-season jumps in. 11. Ronan McGuigan shows off his daughter’s leadline ribbon. 12. It was a good day in pony land.

Vol. 2 No. 5

HITS News Weekly | 7

8 | HITS News Weekly

Vol. 2 No. 5

used Florida to teach him the ‘outside line, diagonal, outside line’ concept. His fluidity and easy acceptance confirmed being a hunter is his forte,” she said. Cornetto Royal was a quick study and earned Caristo-Williams a 3’3” Open Hunter Circuit Championship over the winter before returning to Saugerties and qualifying for the HITS Championship again. “He’s consistent, always with me and completely understands what I’m asking him to do. He performed on the Outside Course this weekend like he’d been doing it his whole life.” Cornetto Royal in the jumper ring as a six-year-old with Caristo-Williams in the irons.  ©ESI Photography

continued from Page 1 According to Caristo-Williams the winter circuit was all about perfecting the natural hunter in Cornetto Royal. “He was a brilliant jumper, but so beautiful over fences—we had to try him in the hunter ring. He’s soft, correct and lovely in the air,” she said. “We

Cornetto Royal, now eight, is living up to his Cornetto Obelinsky breeding and led both Devoucoux Hunter Prix rounds during HITS-on-the-Hudson I last week with scores of 89 and 90. The young hunter’s half-brother, Cornet d’Amour, won the 2014 World Cup Final with Daniel Deusser aboard for Germany. With Cornetto Royal settling into his new career, Caristo-Williams can bask

in her duel personalities. Going from the Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium to the Hunter Stadium and back again keeps her on her toes and enjoying both. “It’s a fun challenge,” she said. “The hunters keep me smooth for the jumper ring – when I start getting anxious over a grand prix course, I think like a hunter and remember that rhythm.” Caristo-Williams has her sights set on redemption in this year’s Diamond Mills Hunter Prix Final. After an unlucky rail in the first round of the 2013 HITS Championship, the pair is back in top contention. “I, along with my whole team, am elated about a second shot at that class,” said Caristo-Williams. “It’s a great opportunity to give these horses experience over different types of courses and exposure to an event you can’t find anywhere else. The HITS Championship in Saugerties is the only place in the world where hunters can jump for that kind of money – I’m honored to be part of it.”

Circuit Standings Top 3 - Hunters - Week I HORSE




Malibu Royal Z

Ivory Times LLC Christine DeLeyer Catrine Golia

Leann Kelly Andre De Leyer Brooke Chasin

34 20.5 20.5

Spin Off Djorko Umberto III

Redfield Farm Silver Oak Stable Meghan Keegan

Tess Lee Jessica Longo Meghan Keegan

26 22 16

Larger Than Life Tivoli

Linda Corvari Linda Corvari Chris Steer

Linda Corvari Linda Corvari Chris Steer

40 22 17

Iberia Elena Church Road

Jim Toon / JT Farm Hidden Hills Farm Cindi Boudreau

Ellen Toon Kim Uniss Cindi Boudreau

36 26.5 13.5

Valentine Peggy Sue Weatherman

Jaime Auletto Kristi Smith Christa Carson

Jaime Auletto Sydney Smith Todd Karn

32 22.5 21

Gestell Mirror Image Peron

Sarah Redman Ellen Toon Doreen Toben

Sarah Redman Amanda Steege Darby Toben

37 34 33

Coryell Rosinate Caleesi Artistik

Julia O’Neil Peregrine Falcon Farms LLC Lisa Filsaime

Kristen Newton Chance Dan Wolski David Josiah

28 20.5 18

Smitten 57 Parroco Z Austin

Olivia Magliochetti Nina Columbia Sara McCloskey

Raleigh Hiler Nina Columbia Sara McCloskey

34 22.5 10

Adequan Hunter Noiziman

Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35

Adult Amateur Hunter 36-49 Eastwood Adult Amateur Hunter 50 +

Amateur Owner Hunter

Amateur Owner Low Hunter

Baby Green Hunter

Children’s Hunter Horse 14 & U

Vol. 2 No. 5 

HITS News Weekly | 9





Hey Sailor The Banker Sebastian

Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center Sarah Gordon Monty Kelly

Alex Trolli Sarah Gordon Isabella Usenza

32 24 18

Avallach’s Coco Chanel Olivander Benlea Sea Wolf

Gia Sarkis Cloe Hymowitz Chloe Terestcheuko

Gia Sarkis Kathryn Pizzuti Chloe Terestcheuko

31 18 13

The Mystic Jewel Heavenly Zechariah Ledinjadon Exclusively Dun

Red Oak Farm LLC David Bakutis Janis Shaneberger

Samantha Koeppel Blythe Novick Danielle Boyle

21 15 14.5

MTM Hands Down HH Himself Denmark

Beechwood Stables LLC Double H Farm Patricia Adikes-Hill

Amanda Steege Jimmy Torano Michael Zukerman

38 26.5 23

Aramis Z Ranger Checkandino

Niffer Cancian Brook Run Farm LLC “Volo Farm, Inc.”

Hannah Lavin Robert Lee Hannah Lavin

34 32 21

Clovermeade All About the Bunny Bedford Falls Greystoke’s Jamaican Vacation

Rabbit Hill Farm

Abigail Brayman


Nicole Boyle Gwyneth Kehoe

Nicole Boyle Gwyneth Kehoe

40 13.25

Cinderella Man Riomarkable Darkest Hour

“GDF Equine, LLC” Olivia Venezio Elizabeth Kirby

Leslie Miller Brooke Chasin Kelly Wilson

35 33 24

Gran Turismo Pomme D’ Happy Every Widget Way

Paul Hanchett Christina Clarke Brasenose Farm

Paul Hanchett Nicole Schaaff Samantha Koeppel

22 14 11

Riviera Avallach’s Coco Chanel Coming Home

Mr & Mrs Ralph Caristo Gia Sarkis Joanne Rothenberg-Steinberg

Holly Caristo Gia Sarkis Katie Milton

38 12 12

MTM Hands Down Maraschino Grey Street

Beechwood Stables LLC Linda Langmeier Teddy Vlock

Annabel Revers Mckayla Langmeier Teddy Vlock

32 21 17

Moneypenny Friend Request Cayetano

Animation Equine LLC Kandis Wrigley Christina Kourgelis

Samantha Perlman Kristen Wrigley Christina Kourgelis

31 19.5 18.5

Daybreak Eternity Arabella

Matthew Kracklauer Hannah Benhamo Alexandra Griffin

Ketzel Feasley Hannah Benhamo Alexandra Griffin

38 29 17

Elena Smitten 57 Eastwood

Hidden Hills Farm Olivia Magliochetti Linda Corvari

Kim Uniss Erin Hastings Linda Corvari

30 26 20

Dream Girl Cosmic Soprano

Autumn Farms Nicole Shahinian-Simpson Alexa Stiegler

Abigail Brayman Dakota Champey Alexa Stiegler

33.5 28 16

Larger Than Life Blue Monday Till Tomorrow

Linda Corvari Jessica Pletka Sara O’Connell

Linda Corvari Jessica Pletka Maura Zaldonis

20 16.5 16

The Graduate Aramis Z All Time

Kiley Prime Niffer Cancian Reilly Cookingham

Kiley Prime 16 Hannah Lavin 14 Reilly Cookingham 14

Children’s Hunter Horse 15-17

Children’s Hunter Pony Large

Children’s Hunter Pony Sm/Med

First Year Green Working

Green Conformation

Green Pony Hunter

Green Working & High Perf (Comb)

HITS 2’ Hunter

HITS 2’6 Hunter

Junior Hunter 15 & Under (comb)

Junior Hunter Large 16-17 (comb)

Junior Hunter Low 3’3”

Low Hunter

Med/Lg Pony Hunter

Modified Adult Hunter

Modified Amateur Hunter

10 | HITS News Weekly

Vol. 2 No. 5

Vol. 2 No. 5 

HITS News Weekly | 11



Parroco Z Fantabulous Gira - Gi

Nina Columbia Michelle Shaulinski Julia Boral

Nina Columbia Alexa Schwitzer Julia Boral

26 20.5 10

Agostino Boomerang V Gameplan

Hannah Patten Sara Echevarria Samantha Hurley

Hannah Patten Sara Echevarria Samantha Hurley

22 20 19

Grey Street Mirror Image Prestige

Teddy Vlock Ellen Toon Margaret Von Ebers

Kristi Smith Amanda Steege Sarah Barge

28.5 24 20

Friend Request Catalyst Spotlight

Kandis Wrigley Colin Cash Vivian Zetterstrom

Hillary Rheinheimer Caitlin Venezia Brooke Chasin

32.5 20 16.5

Blue Malena Monet

Joseph Di Menna Emily Rhodes Gerriann Hart

Emma Dwinells Emily Rhodes Gerriann Hart

22 18 13

Cyrano Hocus Pocus Pegasus

Lauren Lindner Claire Follmer Jamie Mohr

Lauren Lindner Abby Carlson Caroline Lynch

26 26 8

Mirror Image Iberia Live From New York...

Ellen Toon Jim Toon / JT Farm Jenny Fischer

Amanda Steege Amanda Steege Jenny Fischer

22.5 22 20

Golden Opportunity Prince Ali Noteworthy

Emily Cooley Affari Horse Farm LLC Mitchell Steege

Emily Cooley Eliza Lewis Billie Jo Kelly

14 12 11

Pono Lio Woodland’s Berry Hazy Gira - Gi

Connie Stevens Elizabeth Van Nostrand Julia Boral

Hillary Rheinheimer Anne Widder Julia Boral

17 12.5 11

UToo de Roton Penny Lane Guidean

Dennis Sisco Janet Rizzo Show Horses Inc

Joanne Kovacs Nona Garson Joanne Kovacs

20 18 17

Modified Children’s Hunter

Modified Junior Hunter

Performance Working Hunter 3’3

Performance Workng Htr 3’6

Pre-Adult Hunter

Pre-Children’s Hunter

Pre-Green Hunter

Saugerties Adult Hunter

Saugerties Children’s Hunter

Schooling Hunter

Junior and Amateur Hunter Riders Battle for Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Final Kimberly Maloomian of Needham Massachusetts competed in four qualifiers for the Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final during the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit and pocketed her fifth with a bang this weekend. She and Terry S. Maloomian’s Urlala dominated both rounds with scores of 86 and 84 to win by more than ten points. “We came to Saugerties to get more experience on the Outside Course – it’s not something we get to see anywhere else,” said Maloomian. “Urlala jumped off the bank perfectly both times and that was a big accomplishment for us – winning was icing on the cake.” Maloomian has been in the irons of Urlala for three years and will return to HITS-on-the-Hudson this September to compete in the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Final during the HITS Championship. “It’s great to have something this prestigious for children’s and adult riders to shoot for at the 3’ level,” she said. “The qualifiers are always very competitive because we are all here for one purpose – to make it to the Championship.” 12 | HITS News Weekly

Kimberly and Urlala

©ESI Photography

Vol. 2 No. 5



Pamina Celtics Creek Friar Tuck

Kara Hagler Erin Dombroski

Kara Hagler Nicole Boyle

26 22

Losander’s Camelot Hollister Benlea Sea Wolf

Deerfield LTD. Olivia Golden LLC Chloe Terestcheuko

Lindsey Hurley Nicole Boyle Chloe Terestcheuko

31 24 18.5

Ledinjadon Exclusively Dun Enchanted One Fish Two Fish HORSE

Janis Shaneberger The Ivy League Preschools Deerfield LTD. OWNER

Danielle Boyle Tomiko McGovern Lindsey Hurley RIDER

28 28 19 POINTS

Close to Home Sneek a Peek Lady Bug

Jody Moraski Nicole Boyle “Storm Ridge Capital, LLC”

Alaina Aureliano Lanie Sharinn Vivienne Witty

20.5 16 15

Everyday Enzo The Magic Word Just Darlun

Rose Hill Farm Sydney Berube Samantha Takacs

Emily Aitken Sydney Berube Samantha Takacs

36.5 33 32

Ponte Vecchio Regal Island Out And About

Bernadette Keyes Leslie Miller Solene Rodrigue

Alexandra Carlton Leslie Miller Solene Rodrigue

35 28 22

Rooster Scottsdale Sweet Virginia Breeze

Top Field Farm Samantha Pandolfi Carly Stirewalt

Amy Kriwitsky Samantha Pandolfi Jessica Anselmo

42 36 18

Coryell Rosinate Signal Hill Caleesi

Julia O’Neil Daphne L. Richards Peregrine Falcon Farms LLC

Kristen Newton Chance Heather Caristo-Williams Dan Wolski

30 20 17

Schooling Pony Hunter - Large

Schooling Pony Hunter - Medium

Schooling Pony Hunter - Small

Short Stirrup Hunter

Small Pony Hunter

Thoroughbred Hunter 1

Thoroughbred Hunter 2

Training Hunter

Circuit Standings Top 3 - Jumper - Week I HORSE




Follow My Heart OMF Moncheri Bacidin

Julianne Marklin Oak Meadow Farm Danielle & Jimmy Torano

Julianne Marklin Morgan Taniwha Margaret-Whitney Lind

20 20 6

Stoerlee Boucheron Equifit Cayenne 178

Oakland Ventures LLC Karin Forrester Lovelite LLC

Gareth Evans Karin Forrester Alexandra Cherubini

14 12 10

Trans Atlantic Royal Ace Limited Edition

Alyson Griffiths Catrine Golia Olivia Catherine Graham

Alyson Griffiths Amanda King Olivia Catherine Graham

14 10 10

Steely Dan Granberg Impaired Judgement

Nicole Kapusta Caroline Williams Martha Nevins

Karin Forrester Caroline Williams Martha Nevins

36 16 6

Adult Jumper High 18-35

Adult Jumper High 36 & Over

Adult Jumper Low 18-45

Child/Adult Jumper Low

Purina Animal Nutrition Kids Day Returns to HITS-on-the-Hudson June 8 Show jumping fans of the younger variety will be well-entertained June 8 as Purina Animal Nutrition Kids Day returns to HITS-on-theHudson. From 12-2pm, families can enjoy face painting, pony rides, a horseless horse show and so much more. Sunday admission is only $5 with all proceeds benefiting Family of Woodstock. Children 12 and under are admitted for free. For more information, visit HitsShows. com or call 845-246-8833. Photo by HITS Staff

Vol. 2 No. 5 

HITS News Weekly | 13

Peter Leone and My Pleasure Win the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix presented by Zoetis, Kicking off HITS Saugerties 2014 Competition and Festivities Peter Leone put the antics of nine-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding, My Pleasure, to good use on Friday when he jumped to win the first of 16 grand prix offered during the 2014 HITS Saugerties Spring Circuit – the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis. “My Pleasure is a character,” said Leone. “He preserves his energy and when it’s time for him to do his job, he is full of it.” My Pleasure, sired by For Pleasure – the mount of Germany’s Lars Nieberg in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics – came alive at the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, according to Leone. While still an inexperienced jumper, Leone introduced My Pleasure to the top tier of the sport this winter, competing him in the debut of the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix. Despite being out of the money, Leone recognized the foreshadowing of a bright future.

Peter Leone and My Pleasure

©ESI Photography

Ronan McGuigan Pockets $10,000 Brook Ledge Open Welcome Ronan McGuigan and his own Capall Zidane started to appear in top grand prix placings this winter before kicking HITS Saugerties off to an exciting start with a win in the $10,000 Brook Ledge Open Welcome on Wednesday. They topped a field of 24 and returned to familiar territory. “Capall Zidane always jumps great here and started his grand prix career in Saugerties,” said McGuigan who hails from Far Hills, New Jersey. “Nice to begin the week with a win ­­_­ we are focused on working up to Sunday’s grand prix.”

Ronan McGuigan and Capall Zidane

14 | HITS News Weekly

©ESI Photography

Brook Ledge Horse Transportation will continue to present a weekly jumper class throughout HITS Saugerties. Aside from the winner’s purse, Brook Ledge Open Welcome riders also compete for the Brook Ledge Rider Bonus, which includes a $1,500 shipping credit for the rider who accumulates the most points in those classes throughout the HITS Saugerties circuit. Vol. 2 No. 5



Children’s Jumper High 15 & U Scandal LS Nut Des Forets Hat Trick

Kathy Mason Maechtle Liliane Kaissar Clementine Talmage

Ireland Maechtle Liliane Kaissar Clementine Talmage

20 12 11

Roranoa Z Cevin 24 Rustic Gold HORSE

Olivia Greenwood McLain Ward Redfield Farm OWNER

Olivia Greenwood Alexandra Rose Christina Kourgelis RIDER

16 10 10 POINTS

Van Schijndel’s Cindy Wallstreet Coolman

Natasha Merback McLain Ward Mackenzie Kane

Selene M Ramer Eliza Month Abigail Brayman

26 10 10

Bellisima Linda Stensvang Leon

Autumn Farms “Volo Farm, Inc.” Kristen Guadagnino

Jane Widder Lily Hitelman Kristen Guadagnino

20 16.5 11

Big Shot Winter White Lexx

“Smithfield Farms, LLC” Elizabeth Kirby Corri Goldman

Callie Smith Elizabeth Kirby Corri Goldman

10 10 10

Elian 5 Love Captain Krutzmann

Maria Costa Hannah Patten “Smithfield Farms, LLC”

Maria Costa Hannah Patten Callie Smith

12 10.5 10

Penelope Z Alright Cessna 13

Sheer Levitin Fairplay Farm “KR Horse Sales, LLC”

Sheer Levitin Samantha Kasowitz Kyle Regenye

16 10 6

Linda Stensvang Without A Doubt Chantal

“Volo Farm, Inc.” Mrs Hadley Ford Elizabeth Tarter

Lily Hitelman Leslie Teetor Margaux Plaumann

16 10 10

Texas Tea Carson Vanilla Ice

Michael Kirby Lucy Huber Caroline Williams

Kirsten Ostling Phyllis Cervelli Caroline Williams

30 25 14

Granberg Cava le faye In The Groove

Caroline Williams Robin Thomson Shanel Salvzzo

Caroline Williams James Fairclough Shenel Salluzzo

20 14 10

OMF Moncheri Aquila VDL Rupert

Oak Meadow Farm “Highpoint Farm, LLC” Judith Sprague

Morgan Taniwha Alanna Fischer Leann Kelly

10 10 10

Wanda Calantus SR Doctro

“Palm Meadow Farm, LLC” “Fidelity Farms, Inc.” Blythe Masters

Jimmy Torano Danielle Cooper Ronan McGuigan

16 10.5 10

Children’s Jumper High 16-17

Children’s Jumper Low

HITS 2’ Jumper

Junior / Amateur Jumper Low

Junior / AO Jumper High

Junior Jumper Low

Level 0 Jumper

Level 1 Jumper

Level 2 Jumper

Level 3 Jumper

Level 4 Jumper

Thoroughbreds get a second chance at HITS Amy Kriwitsky and her off-thetrack Thoroughbred Rooster jumped themselves to a HITS-on-theHudson I championship in the Take2 Thoroughbred Hunter Division last week. The division is sponsored by the TAKE2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program Inc. as an effort to promote second careers for retired Thoroughbred racehorses as hunters and jumpers. Vol. 2 No. 5 

Supported by members of the racing and breeding industries, the program rewards those who compete on Thoroughbreds with awards and prize money in restricted classes and divisions at top-rated horse shows across the country, and highlights the success of the Thoroughbred in the sport horse world. Amy Kriwitsky and Rooster

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HITS News Weekly | 15

16 | HITS News Weekly

Vol. 2 No. 5



Zena D Vegas Du Houssoit Castlegate Farm La Beaute HORSE

Emerald Isle Jumpers “Fidelity Farms, Inc.” Julia Workman Brown OWNER

Jimmy Torano Todd Minikus Elizabeth Sanden-Mulvey RIDER

10 10 10 POINTS

Zwelgje Zena D Heart of Gold

Lauren Myers Emerald Isle Jumpers Katie Hicks

Todd Minikus Jimmy Torano Anne Kursinski

12 10 10

Quickley Aries Backstory

McLain Ward Noel Love Gross David Hopper

McLain Ward Todd Minikus Jennifer Rossire

10 10 6

Vegas Du Houssoit Undercover Upstaire

“Fidelity Farms, Inc.” Honorway Farm LLC “Smithfield Farms, LLC”

Danielle Cooper Leann Kelly Callie Smith

12 10.5 10

Marchesa Don Juan VL Hollis

Susan Stein Blythe Masters Wolver Hollow

Michael Desiderio Blythe Masters Matthew Metell

12 10 10

Cardella Coneja DHM Golden Sun

Dorothy Matz Blair Cudmore Matthew Degrande

Todd Minikus Todd Minikus Todd Minikus

14 12 10.5

Level 5 Jumper

Level 6 Jumper

Level 7 Jumper

Modified Jr/Am Jumper

YJC 6-year-olds

YJC 7 & 8-year-olds

Circuit Standings Top 3 - Equitation - Week I HORSE




Basilio Blue Shamrock Aviendha

Sherrie Abbruzzese Monica Hunt Casey Lorusso

Mary Abbruzzese Alexa Bayko Casey Lorusso

9 5 5

Eastwood Anucci Tivoli

Linda Corvari Monica Hunt Chris Steer

Linda Corvari Maryellen Sardella Chris Steer

15 11 6

Fair Wind Landmark

Kim Miller Ellen Kelly

Kim Miller Julia Hogan

20 3

Prince Ali Arion Cousteau

Affari Horse Farm LLC Denise Rifenburg Kirsta Gehl

Eliza Lewis Denise Rifenburg Kirsta Gehl

13 10 9

Folie A Deux Leon Kodak Moment

Sofia Kaufman Kristen Guadagnino Jodi Ebersole

Jennifer Kaufman Brittany Strube Teri Henry

15 12 11

Portofino Summers Dark Saint Guinness

Tricolor Sales LLC Ashley Christiano Beechwood Stables LLC

Sarah Gleason Amanda Christiano Lise Revers

18 14 2

Enchanted Chick Flick Almost Magic

The Ivy League Preschools Alexandra Talmage K & S Show Services

Isobel Boettcher Lily Johnson Sophia Ruscitti

10 8 6

Lady Bug Wizard Of Oz Chick Flick

“Storm Ridge Capital, LLC” Kallista Kuhn Alexandra Talmage

Alexa Lignelli Kallista Kuhn Beatrice Johnson

13 11 3

Enchanted Mr. Knightly Farnley Jumping Jack

The Ivy League Preschools Lily Murrin Holly Hill Farm

Isobel Boettcher Alexa Lignelli Sophia Gremley

12 11 8

Adult Equitation 18-35

Adult Equitation 36-49

Adult Equitation 50 & Over Adult Limit Equitation

Adult Maiden Equitation

Adult Novice Equitation

Advanced Beginner Equitation

Beginner Equitation

Cross Rail Equitation

Vol. 2 No. 5 

HITS News Weekly | 17





Royal Z Smitten 57 Caloux Z Equitation 15-17 Charlie Castle Walk Lets Dance Intermediate Equitation The Artful Dodger Bako Walk The Line

Catrine Golia Olivia Magliochetti Autumn Farms

Olivia Venezio Raleigh Hiler Sarah Kessler

15 11 9

Monty Kelly Daniella McCormick Teddy Vlock

Hannah Patten Daniella McCormick Teddy Vlock

17 7 5

Beacon Woods Monty Kelly Kathryn Stocks

Phoebe Backman Francesca Eremeeva Kathryn Stocks

20 9 8

Cinnamon Toast

Elle Haymond

Yasmin Ali


Lorentin Caliato Parroco Z

Redfield Farm “Lynnewood Stables, INC” Nina Columbia

Nicola Boulter Sofia Muchnick Nina Columbia

13 12 8

Hocus Pocus Smartpak Woodland’s Berry Hazy

Claire Follmer Hayden Weinstein Elizabeth Van Nostrand

Abby Carlson Hayden Weinstein Anne Widder

13 13 5

Campino Stay Gold Entourage

Alexandra Murphy Patrice Gordon Brenna Doherty

Charlotte Malling Danielle Markey Olympia Davison

14 8 6

Think Pink Lucrece De La Warande Close to Home

Leslie Kogos Ruth Nicodemus Jody Moraski

Annika Srivastava Samuel Gleason Alaina Aureliano

13 8 8

Equitation 14 & Under

Leadline Equitation Limit Equitation

Maiden Equitation

Novice Equitation

Short Stirrup Equitation

Alpha VDL is Worth the Wait for Darragh Kenny as They Win HITS Saugerties $50,000 Grand Prix, Presented by Zoetis Darragh Kenny first saw Alpha VDL at the VDL Sport Horse Auction in Florida two years ago, and instantly knew he wanted to ride the then 7-year- old Dutch Warmblood gelding. Kenny had to be patient however, until this past January, for his wish to come true. The pair was quick to find their way to the top, winning the $50,000 Grand Prix during Week V at HITS Ocala before topping the field in Sunday’s $50,000 HITS Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, at HITS Saugerties.

Darragh Kenny and Alpha VDL

18 | HITS News Weekly

©ESI Photography

“I knew he was going to be a winner,” Kenny said about his attraction to Alpha VDL, who is owned by Eva Castegren. “I wasn’t able to find someone to buy him for me when I saw him at the auction, but lucky that Eva gave me the opportunity this year. He tries so hard, is careful, eager and easy to ride.”

Alissa Kinsey Works the Clock for Win Alissa Kinsey, who is no stranger to wins at HITS Saugerties, was in top form over the weekend, piloting her own Grisset to blue in the $10,000 M&S TuffRider/Equine Couture Child/Adult Jumper Classic. Kinsey and her 17-year-old partner rose to the top of a competitive field and clinched the victory by a single one-hundredth of a second.

Alissa Kinsey and Grisset

©ESI Photography

Vol. 2 No. 5

Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final Preliminary Top 50 Rider Standings Updated 5.26.14


1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 31 32 33 35 36 38 39 40 Vol. 2 No. 5 


Kimberly Maloomian Haleigh Landrigan Betty Oare Lena Reeb Emily Miller Kirsten Ostling Polly Sweeney Sara McCloskey Jacquelyn Maggiore Emma Townsend Katie Cook Alexa Bayko Jenna Weiner Jordynn Shaffer Stephanie Goodson Heidi Kane Helen Kirbo Jerrie Calandra Meghan Keegan Sabrina Tirador Tyler Bui Larsen Murvin Patti Hooker Rachael Hopkins Dudley Mac Farlane Sarah Hellman Corinne Milbury Erica Lipke Pamela Moellenhoff Kylie Harvill Sidney Jefferson Marissa Sterba Lauren Quigley Rebecca Clawson Abigail Friedman Janet Steeper Macy Mitchell Sophia Lothrop Briana Sukert Olivia Lawton


Urlala Acovibu Baricello Private Ryan Bellefield Freedom's Storm Duet Austin Contina CR Haribo Symphony Modigliani Ferragamo's Feature Wonder Street Poetic Samba Gracious Patrick Wonderwall Umberto III Caspar KEC Kool Kat Derby Carmina US Marshall All Carolina Frederick Kavalier Aate Serantino Something to Be Proud Of Socialite Sea Smoke No Wonder Kennebec Sociable Audible Ringmaster Castell SideKick Granit

Sum of Points Per Entry

# of Unique Platinum Perf HP

218.00 213.00 194.00 187.00 178.00 178.00 168.00 161.00 157.00 137.00 118.00 111.00 108.00 102.00 91.00 86.00 83.00 76.00 76.00 76.00 72.00 68.00 65.00 62.00 61.00 60.00 58.00 58.00 55.00 55.00 54.00 48.00 47.00 47.00 46.00 45.00 45.00 44.00 43.00 42.00

5 6 7 5 6 5 6 5 6 7 4 6 4 3 3 4 2 3 3 3 2 4 6 5 2 4 4 4 4 3 3 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 HITS News Weekly | 19

2014 Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final Preliminary Top 50 Rider Standings - Updated 5.26.14


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 29 30 31 32 33 34

37 38 39


Tracy Fenney Caitlyn Shiels Megan Wexler Hunter Holloway Amanda Steege Jenny Karazissis Adrienne Iverson John French Jennifer Jones Donald Sheehan Harold Chopping Marisa Metzger Buddy Brown Dorothy Douglas Hope Glynn Jennifer Tate Greg Prince Ashton Alexander Nick Haness Greg Crolick Sulu Rose-Reed Lynn Seithel Melissa Feller David Wilbur Abbygale Funk Janine Weatherby Alexis Taylor-Silvernale Landon Cassidy Mikayla Stuart Eleanor Hellman Patty Stovel Gretchen Lof Kelsey Landrigan Katie Eppinger Kristin Hardin Martien Van der Hoeven Aaron Vale Annabel Revers Morgan Ward Heather Caristo-Williams

20 | HITS News Weekly


MTM Hands Down Kenya Allawishus Lyons Creek Bellini Zidane Undeniable Huehuetenango Comex Gold Clear Sailing Quintessential Caramo Maillisko Cosineval S & L Braydon Quinnus Cavallino Maraschino Fieona Edgewood's Cilantro Carson Forever Versace Serafino Till Tomorrow Rock On Derringer Carnado Carpendale Verdana Nigel Cinderella Man Corduroy Kavalier KEC Felix Slim Shady Black Label What About Me Quebo Comissario Cornetto Royal

Sum of Points Per Entry

# of Unique Devoucoux Classes

327.00 292.00 268.00 259.00 244.00 236.00 197.00 193.00 183.00 172.00 159.00 155.00 151.00 148.00 135.00 134.00 134.00 129.00 123.00 117.00 114.00 103.00 103.00 99.00 97.00 96.00 90.00 90.00 89.00 88.00 86.00 82.00 79.00 76.00 76.00 76.00 69.00 66.00 63.00 63.00

8 8 7 7 5 7 4 6 9 7 8 4 5 6 7 8 6 3 4 6 3 7 4 7 4 4 4 2 5 4 2 3 3 4 3 1 6 5 2 1 Vol. 2 No. 5

Bayer's Legend Injectable Solution $250,000 Jr/A-O Jumper Prix Preliminary Top 40 Rider Standings - Updated 5.26.14

Rank 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 13 14 15 16 18

21 23 24 26 27 28

31 32 33 34 36

39 40

Vol. 2 No. 5 

Rider Kady Abrahamson Alec Lawler Frances Land Karl Cook Laura Linback Haley Gassel Robert Lee KC Van Aarem Dakota Schramer Hayley Waters Hannah Von Heidegger Michael Hughes Adrienne Dixon Lily Berlin Saree Kayne Stephanie Novas Melissa Rudershausen Saree Gordon-Solanki Eduardo Sanchez Navarro Olivia Chowdry Tara Couch Mckayla Langmeier Catherine Tyree Jacqueline Steffens Ali Wolff Jay Land Alex Parrish Simonne Berg Brenda Riddell Paige Dotson Callie Smith Hannah Holik Tamara Morse Erin Haas Kelsey Van Ackeren Andrea Torres Guerreiro Maisie McSwain Morgan Garnett Delaney Flynn Jenny Calandra Taylor Siebel Ellicia Edgar

Horse Basco H2 Caresse Vieanne Farrari Whittaker MVNZ Werner 61 El Grecco Mastermind No Autograph's Please No Doubt E-Unanime De La Haie Leopold Ramazzotti 54 Quasiboy Rexar Du Houssoit Amyra R Gunner Elastique Alfie Scappino BMW Gaja 20 E.V.Celine Classic Care Wetter Quercus Van Generhese Brianda Nepal Frisco Sancerre Wan Architect Rockford I Captain Krutzmann Cupido De Laubry Heads Up 3E As Di Chupito Vernon G Anabella Chanel Magno LS Quite Quick Caruso Chawi De Laubry Cippolini VD Gasthoeve

Sum of prize money $8,550.00 $7,500.00 $7,500.00 $6,600.00 $6,500.00 $5,950.00 $4,950.00 $4,400.00 $4,400.00 $4,000.00 $4,000.00 $3,550.00 $3,400.00 $3,300.00 $3,250.00 $3,100.00 $3,100.00 $3,000.00 $3,000.00 $3,000.00 $2,800.00 $2,800.00 $2,300.00 $2,200.00 $2,200.00 $2,100.00 $2,050.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $1,900.00 $1,850.00 $1,600.00 $1,550.00 $1,550.00 $1,500.00 $1,500.00 $1,500.00 $1,440.00 $1,400.00 $1,400.00 $1,400.00

# of Eligible Jr/AO Classics 4 5 4 5 6 9 5 5 4 7 6 5 6 5 4 7 6 4 1 1 3 1 2 5 2 4 5 5 4 2 4 4 3 4 2 8 5 5 2 2 2 1 HITS News Weekly | 21

2014 Zoetis $1 Million Grand Prix Preliminary Top 40 Rider Standings - Updated 5.26.14 Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

39 40

Rider Ashlee Bond Clarke Andre Thieme Kirsten Coe Nayel Nassar Kent Farrington Beezie Madden Candice King Todd Minikus Tracy Fenney David Beisel Lisa Goldman Jordan Coyne Rich Fellers Dr. Fernando Cardenas Rodrigo Pessoa Margie Engle Richard Spooner Bryn Sadler Darragh Kenny Matias Fernandez Elizabeth Gingras Bjorn Ikast Aaron Vale Jared Petersen Charlie Jayne Jenni McAllister Enrique Gonzalez Michelle Parker John Pearce Francie Steinwedell-Carvin Eduardo Menezes Alec Lawler Rusty Stewart Bliss Heers Daniel Damen Scott Keach Ali Wolff Saer Coulter Michael Hughes Jaclyn Duff

Leading Horse Chela LS Contanga 3 Baronez Lordan Willow Coral Reef Via Volo Kismet 50 Quality Girl MTM Timon Ammeretto Centurion B Lazaro Flexible Quincy Car Status Royce Cristallo Bon Giorno Imothep Alegria Floreen SFN Colorado Spirit of Alena Titus 2:11 Chill R Z Legis Venice Quilebo Du Tillard Clintord Son of a Gun Taunus Quintol Mercedes Benz Dauphin De Muze Bristol Cesar Quintus 66 Coco Casall IV Springtime MacArthur Stakkarus

Sum of Prize Money

# of Eligible Grand Prix*

$477,580.00 $354,750.00 $240,000.00 $222,330.00 $207,500.00 $104,500.00 $103,500.00 $91,000.00 $82,250.00 $80,000.00 $58,000.00 $54,500.00 $44,100.00 $43,050.00 $40,000.00 $40,000.00 $36,500.00 $33,000.00 $32,000.00 $26,000.00 $24,342.50 $23,500.00 $23,000.00 $22,500.00 $22,500.00 $20,350.00 $18,860.00 $18,500.00 $18,250.00 $18,000.00 $17,750.00 $17,170.00 $17,000.00 $15,950.00 $15,750.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $14,500.00 $13,950.00

15 7 5 13 2 2 5 5 20 18 13 17 4 7 4 3 9 6 5 6 10 6 16 18 6 14 9 10 7 7 10 13 4 9 12 8 3 1 10 7

*In order to be eligible to for the Zoetis $1 Million Grand Prix, a rider needs to compete in eight (8) or more Qualifying Grand Prix at HITS. Once a rider has competed in eight (8) Qualifying Grand Prix, the money won on their leading horse will place them in the 2014 Zoetis Million Rider Rankings. 22 | HITS News Weekly

Vol. 2 No. 5

Calendar of Events HITS-on-the-Hudson II

Mar. 28 - Jun. 1

HITS-on-the-Hudson V

Jul. 23-27





1 pm: $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

2 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Htr Prix in Outside Course 2 pm: $10,000 Marshall & Sterling Tuff Rider/ Equine Couture Child/Adult Jumper Classic, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


1 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Outside Course. 11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $75,000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

HITS-on-the-Hudson III

Jun. 1-8


1 pm: $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

2 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Htr Prix in Outside Course


1 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Outside Course 11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $75,000 HITS Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

HITS-on-the-Hudson VI Jul. 30 - Aug. 3


1 pm: $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


1 pm: $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

12 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Htr Prix in Outside Course

2 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Htr Prix in Outside Course

2pm: Eaton & Berube Children’s Hunter Pony Finals P hase 1 & 2 in Outside Course 3 Sunday 1 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Outside Course 11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $100,000 Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 3 pm: Eaton & Berube Children’s Hunter Pony Finals Phase 3 in Outside Course



12 pm: Purina Animal Nutrition Kids Day 1 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Outside Course 10 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jpr High, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $100,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

Showday National Jul. 2-6 5SATURDAY

12 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in Hunter 1 2 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Hunter 1


11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Grand Prix Stadium 1 pm: $40,000 Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Grand Prix Stadium

Cavalier Classic

Jul. 9-13


12 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in Hunter 1 2 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Hunter 1


11 am: $10,000 Junoir/Amateur-Owner Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Grand Prix Stadium 1 pm: $40,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Grand Prix Stadium

HITS-on-the-Hudson IV

Jul. 16-20

18FRIDAY 1 pm: $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


2 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Htr Prix in Outside Course 2 pm: $10,000 Marshall & Sterling Tuff Rider/ Equine Couture Child/Adult Jumper Classic, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix


1 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Outside Course 11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $50,000 Horze Equestrian Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium Vol. 2 No. 5 

Winston National

Aug. 13-17


12 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in Hunter 1 1 pm: USHJA Tad Coffin Junior Equitation Finals Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Hunter 1


11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Grand Prix Stadium 1 pm: $40,000 HITS Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Grand Prix Stadium

Constitution Classic

Aug. 20-24


12 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in Hunter 1 1 pm: USHJA Children’s & Adult Amateur Jumper South Regional Championship Team Championship in Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Hunter 1


11 am: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Grand Prix Stadium 1 pm: $40,000 HITS Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Grand Prix Stadium 3 pm: USHJA Children’s & Adult Amateur Jumper South Regional Championship Individual Championship in Grand Prix Stadium

HITS-on-the-Hudson VII

Aug. 27-31

29FRIDAY 1 pm: $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


2 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix Wild Card in Outside Course


1 pm: $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Wild Card in Outside Course

1 pm: $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic Wild Card in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: $50,000 HITS Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis , in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium

HITS-on-the-Hudson VIII HITS Championship

Sep. 3-7

3WEDNESDAY 10 am: IJF Four-Year-Old Eastern Regionals round 1 in Jumper 2


8 am: IJF Four-Year-Old Eastern Regionals round 2 in Jumper 2 10 am: USHJA Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper North Regional Championship Individual Qualifiers in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


8 am: Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final round 1 in Outside Course 10 am: $30,000 SmartPak Wild Card Grand Prix in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 1 pm: USHJA Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper North Regional Championship Team Championship in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 1 pm: Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final round 1 in Outside Course 5 pm: New York Equitation Classic round 1 in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


8 am: Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final round 2 in Outside Course 10 am: Bayer’s Legend ® (hyaluronate sodium) Injectable Solution $250,000 High Junior/AmateurOwner Jumper round 1 in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 11 am: Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final round 2, 3 & 4 in the Outside Course 5 pm: New York Equitation Classic round 2 in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium


8 am: Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final round 3 & 4 in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 10 am: New York Equitation Classic round 3 & 4 in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 11 am: Bayer’s Legend ® (hyaluronate sodium) Injectable Solution $250,000 High Junior/AmateurOwner Jumper round 2 & 3 in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 1:30 pm: Horseware Ireland Parade of Circuit Champions in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 2 pm: Zoetis $1 Million Grand Prix in Strongid® C 2X™ Grand Prix Stadium 5 pm: Concert in Hunter Stadium.

Marshall & Sterling National League Finals

Sep. 10-14

Culpeper Finals

Sep. 24-28

27SATURDAY 12 pm: $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in Hunter 1 4 pm: $10,000 Pre-Green Hunter Classic in Hunter 1


8 am: $10,000 Pyranha Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Low Classic in Grand Prix Stadium 10 am: $15,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Bayer’s Legend, in Grand Prix Stadium 12:30 pm: Parade of Champions 1 pm: $40,000 HITS Grand Prix, presented by Zoetis, in Grand Prix Stadium HITS News Weekly | 23

Equine influenza virus (EIV) and equine herpesvirus (rhinopneumonitis) cause the most common respiratory diseases in horses — and without a second vaccination, the risk increases.1,2 Don’t take the gamble. Help protect your at-risk horse by vaccinating with FLUVAC INNOVATOR® EHV 4/1 every six months. Download the Equine Influenza Calculator on iTunes® or learn more at Join our community /eqstable EQStable™ available in the Apple® App Store®

24 | HITS News Weekly

*EHV-1 and EHV-4 1 Fretz PB, Babiuk LA, McLaughlin B. Equine Respiratory Disease on the Western Canadian Racetracks. Can Vet J 1979;20(2):58-61. 2 Manley L, Caceres P. Retrospective Cohort Study of an Equine Influenza Outbreak in the Chilean Army in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile, during 2006, in Proceedings. 12th Symposium of the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, Durban, South Africa 2009:64. All trademarks are the property of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2013 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. FLU13013

Vol. 2 No. 5

HITS News Weekly Vol. 2 No. 5  

The debut of the HITS News Weekly - Saugerties Edition tells you what's happening in the winner's circle and behind the scenes at HITS-on-th...

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