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Will Simpson Dominates HITS Thermal Grand Prix

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FEI World Cup Qualifiers By Emily Stoermer

By Emily Stoermer

FEI World Cup qualifying competition returns to HITS Desert Horse Park during Desert Circuit V, as yet another round of high stakes showjumping resumes. In Desert Circuit IV, top riders competed under the lights of the Grand Prix Ring as all but two encountered faults and were eliminated from the possibility of making the jump-off. Winning was the number 10 United States Equestrian Federation-ranked rider Lucy Davis, and number nine-ranked horse Barron, who trumped a field of two dozen competitors to take home the blue ribbon and earn FEI qualifying points, after making the trip down from northern Will Simpson, on S.F. Arlantha, owned by Olivia Cox-Fill, gives his signature thumbs-up after winning the HITS Desert Circuit III $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix. ©ESI Photography

In 2008, Will Simpson took home the team gold medal from the Olympic Games in Beijing, along with other members of the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team Beezie Madden, McLain Ward and Laura Kraut. The Olympian is now racking up Grand Prix wins at HITS Desert Circuit in Thermal, California – six to be exact – in the first half of the circuit alone. He plans to come back for more competition during the second half of the circuit, after some R&R during the off-week.

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“I got into a zone,” he said of his success this year. “I’ve been coming to the Desert Circuit since the inception of this place. This is just like my home. I feel real comfortable here.” Simpson said he got off to a nice start this year with “a young horse that came on strong,” The Dude, a 9-year-old “mostly Holsteiner” gelding, and, “a horse I’ve been having some problems with,” 15-year-old Katie Riddle, a 16.3 hand mare. “All of a sudden it all came together at the same time. A lot of times (Continued on page 3)

Alec Lawler and Agamemnon make the jump-off and finish second in the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix CSI-W2*, presented by OSPHOS®, at HITS Desert Circuit IV. ©ESI Photography

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Thermal, after going clear in the first round and only striking the last rail in the jump-off. “Hannah’s riding great, so she makes my job easy,” Simpson said. “She’s going clear in the Grand Prix.” Simpson will be back in the Grand Prix ring when the HITS Desert Circuit resumes February 17, for Week IV. After Thermal, his HITS plans for later in the year? Simpson hopes to go to New York for the Saugerties $1 Million Grand Prix, which is now an FEI sanctioned CSI5* event.

Will Simpson and The Dude jump in the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix at HITS Desert Circuit I, the first of six Grand Prix Simpson won so far this circuit. ©ESI Photography

one good horse brings a whole string up,” he said. “I’m in a groove; I’m feeling groovy.” Katie Riddle, he said, “is a temperamental woman. Got to do things her way. But usually it’s right. She’s getting into her full stride.” Simpson rides for the von Heidegger family, whose company, Monarch International, owns The Dude and Katie Riddle. He also trains 17-year-old Hannah von Heidegger, who recently placed seventh on Monarch International’s Axl Rose in the $30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix on Sunday, February 8, at HITS

Vol. 3 No. 1

“That was a real good time,” he said of last year’s Zoetis $1 Million Grand Prix, where he rode Monarch International’s Warrant. While Simpson might have his eye on the remaining HITS Thermal Grand Prix, he thinks it’s unlikely he’ll compete in the second FEI World Cup qualifier of the circuit, the $50,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix CSI-W2*, Saturday, February 21. Previously, he scratched The Dude from the same class in Week IV. “Maybe he needs it; he’s a little bored already. But I don’t want to go too fast with a young horse.” Simpson currently holds the North American record for highest outdoor jump – 7 feet 9 inches – which he set in 1985. He is also five time World Cup finalist and has won over 75 Grand Prix. So far, at HITS Thermal, Simpson has collected $61,500 dollars for his wins. Outside the ring he boasts about his skills making barbecue ribs, and spends time with his wife, Niki, and children, Sophie and Ty.

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VIRAL SHEDDING. Only Vetera® 2XP and the VETERA® XP portfolio have been updated with the most relevant equine influenza (flu) strains, Ohio/03 (Clade 1) and Richmond/07 (Clade 2), to provide comprehensive flu protection for horses. Less current vaccine strains can provide partial protection from clinical disease, but the viral shedding that puts other horses at risk can be similar to an un-vaccinated horse.1

Choose VETERA XP vaccines for direct protection, to reduce the chance of disease and viral shedding.

Reference: 1. Paillot R, Prowse L, Montesso F, et al. Whole inactivated equine influenza vaccine: Efficacy against a representative Clade 2 equine influenza virus, IFN-gamma synthesis and duration of humoral immunity. Vet Microbiol 2013;162(2–4):396–407. Vetera is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, licensed to Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. ©2014 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. VET 7/14/14

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Lucy Davis and Barron, owned by Old Oak Farm, in the presentation photo after winning the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix CSI-W2*, presented by OSPHOS®. ©ESI Photography

California to compete at HITS. The FEI World Cup Jumping Final takes place this April in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bright lights shone on the jumping course that Saturday night as all but two riders were eliminated from the jumpoff. Just Davis, 23, and Alec Lawler, also 23, remained. But a refusal put Lawler over the time allowed and in second place to Davis’ perfect ride around the ring. The fellow riders and Stanford University students (Lawler is a recent alumnus; Davis studies architecture there) congratulated each other after the victory gallop. “I’m very excited. I haven’t been in California much this year, so it’s always great to come back and see everybody, and my horses love it. This is our first show of the year,” said Davis, who spent much of last year successfully competing at major events in Europe. “I’ve been at Stanford with Barron and a couple other horses, having a bit of a break after a big year last year. As he showed, he’s really fresh and fit and ready for the year, so it’s a really good start and I hope it continues.” Davis believes that the course, designed by Martin Otto of Muenster, Germany, was a major factor in her win. “I always think that if it’s a hard course, like it was, and big jumps, that you should be a little bit rewarded for going clear,” she said. “I think both Alec and I were really happy Vol. 3 No. 1

that we could get good placings, just by going clear in the first round.” It is Davis’s second year riding Barron, owned by Old Oak Farm. “He’s by For Pleasure, and he’s a Belgium Warmblood, now 11. He’s a superstar. I can’t say anything bad about him. His quirkiness is why he’s so amazing. And he has scope; he’s quick, he’s careful, he’s brave – he’s pretty much everything ,” she said. Lawler, who has ridden alongside Davis for over a decade, “since short stirrup,” graduated Stanford in June with a B.S. in Earth Systems, and is competing at HITS Thermal for the entire circuit, after returning from shows in Belgium last November. “It’s my first World Cup (qualifier) of the year,” he said. “I’m not really aiming for World Cup Finals, but it’s fun to get a great placing. I’m just enjoying the class – World Cup classes are great – they raise the level of competition in California.” Desert Circuit V will determine who wins the second HITS Thermal qualifying event, the $50,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix CSI-W2*. That class takes place on Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. PST. For those who can’t make it to Thermal, the show will be broadcast and free to watch on the USEFNetwork. com, so be sure to check it out. The webcast can also be found via the HITS home page at

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By Emily Stoermer

To be sure, Bragg isn’t the only hunter rider having success at HITS Thermal thus far this season. Rider and trainer Hope Glynn placed third in the Devoucoux Hunter Prix during Desert Circuit I, the same day her student, Molly Baumhoff, riding Lauren Henry’s chestnut gelding, Esteban La Paz, took the blue ribbon in the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix. “It was very exciting,” said Hope Glynn, who has trained Baumhoff for 10 years. “Molly gets to show one, maybe two times a year. She’s a busy mom,” Glynn explained. “That she’s able to come out and lay it down speaks to her abilities.”

John Bragg and Social Hour, owned by Laura Strasburgh, pose in their fist of three presentation photos so far at the HITS Desert Circuit, after winning the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix in week one. ©ESI Photography

John Bragg dominated the Devoucoux Hunter Prix during the first half of the HITS Desert Circuit, following up a win at the fall National Sunshine Series, and plans to come back for more when the circuit resumes February 16. Bragg’s first-place victories come aboard Social Hour, a chestnut gelding that Laura Strasburg purchased last fall, and has proven his significant skills in the hunter ring since. A Rancho Santa Fe, California, native, Bragg is no stranger to the HITS Thermal spotlight. In week one of the HITS Desert Circuit, he took home ribbons for first, second, fourth, eighth and ninth place in a single $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix. “It’s always a fun class. The courses have been great,” said Bragg, after finishing on top.

The Devoucoux Hunter Prix, held each week, is a qualifier for the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix Final at the HITS Championship in Saugerties, New York, this September, while the Performance Hunter Prix is a qualifier for the $250,000 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Final, also in Saugerties. Hunter rider Jenny Karazissis has ridden close on Braggs’ heels since November but, by her own admission, has yet to top his scores. “John has been pretty impossible to beat. He beat me in November; I was second to him. And then I’ve been second to him Week II, and fourth last time [Week III],” said Karazissis, after she placed second to his first in the Week IV Devoucoux Hunter Prix. In that class, riding Sierrah Gonzalez’s Norwegian Wood, Karazissis bested Bragg in the first round with a score of 87 to Bragg’s 86, but Bragg trumped Karazissis in Round 2 with an 88 to her 85, to take the blue ribbon and secure his third Devoucoux Hunter Prix win of the year. Bragg said he plans to continue in the second half of the circuit. Whether he can maintain his lead is yet to be seen.

During the new National Sunshine Series, which was held in the fall for the first time at HITS Desert Horse Park, Bragg also took home blue in the Devoucoux Hunter Prix during Week II of the event, on Strasburg’s then-new mount. Social Hour had arrived just two weeks prior from Europe and seemed to quickly become accustomed to the new setting, pleasantly surprising Bragg, his new rider/trainer, and owner Strasburg, of Los Altos Hills, California. “We love his gentle, kind attitude and willingness to please us,” Strasburg said at the time. “We are all just getting to know him and watching him is a delight.” Bragg has also taken a series of Devoucoux ribbons on other horses this circuit, including his own Quesera, on whom he took second place during Desert Circuit I. Penelope Murray’s Nostalgic, Grady Lyman’s Cansas and Pamela Moellenhoff’s Lukatoni have also earned Bragg top awards. Vol. 3 No. 1

Molly Baumhoff, riding Lauren Henry’s chestnut gelding, Esteban La Paz, took the blue ribbon in the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in Desert Circuit I. ©ESI Photography

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Flu strains are always changing. Give your horse the vaccine that’s kept up. Don’t settle for an outdated influenza vaccine

For horses, the Organization of International Epizootes (OIE) has an Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza consisting of globally recognized influenza researchers. Their recommendation, based on monitoring influenza viruses and antigenic drift, includes vaccinating for Florida Clade 1 and Clade 2 strains of the equine influenza virus.

Getting a flu shot each year is second nature for most people. Although it has been thought of as a risk-based vaccine for horses, in reality, most horses could be at risk. As human influenza flooded the news in late 2014, it’s time to take a closer look at what makes some equine influenza vaccines work better than others.

Outdated vaccines put horses at risk If your influenza vaccine doesn’t include the Florida Clade 1 and Clade 2 strains, it’s outdated and your horse is not getting full protection. An outdated vaccine can put your horses at risk by means of:

Not your grandpa’s flu strain Influenza viruses, human and equine, change as time goes by through a process called antigenic drift. Influenza vaccines need to be constantly updated to reflect this change in the circulating flu strains.

7Viral shedding. Even if your horse does not get visibly sick, it can shed the virus to other horses as much as an unvaccinated horse.1

Antigenic drift occurs in both human and equine influenza, and different organizations work to prevent flu outbreaks by determining the current circulating viruses and then recommending what strains should be included in vaccines.

7A lower level of protection. An outdated vaccine is less effective than one containing currently circulating strains.2 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. is the only vaccine manufacturer that has followed OIE Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza’s recommendation to include both Florida Clade 1 and Clade 2 equine influenza strains in its vaccines. The Vetera® XP vaccine line provides direct antibody protection from the most recent strains of equine influenza to ensure your horse receives the highest level of protection.

For humans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts which strains will be circulating in the next flu season. However, because of antigenic drift, there is occasionally a new strain circulating that was not included in the year’s vaccine. Such was the case late last year when the CDC announced the 2014 influenza vaccine would not be as effective against the current circulating flu strains.

Vaccines with relevant flu strains and direct protection decrease viral shedding.V VETERA XP vaccinated

7Direct protection against disease 7Reduced viral shedding

Risks of using some outdated vaccines 7Mild to no clinical symptoms 7May shed as much as unvaccinated horse2


7Shows clinical signs 7&#"/0++0&#.&+./#/

1. Cullinane A and Newton JR. Equine influenza — A global perspective. Vet Microbiol 2013;167(1–2):205–214. 2. Paillot R, Prowse L, Montesso F, Whole inactivated equine influenza vaccine: Efficacy against a representative Clade 2 equine influenza virus, IFN–gamma synthesis and duration of humoral immunity. Vet Microbiol 2013;162(2–4):396–407. VETERA is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. ©2015 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. VET 1/6/15

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New HITS Skin Style Spa in Fourth Week of Operation

Show Jumping. Dressage. Hunter.

To the delight of customers, HITS Skin Style Spa is now in full swing at HITS Desert Horse Park.

Sometimes It’s What Happens Behind the Scenes Thoroughbred. Warmblood. Quarter Horse. California. Florida. Virginia. No matter the discipline, breed or geographic area, competitive horse owners have one thing in common – they want to win. In an inspiring video from Merial, makers of ULCERGARD® (omeprazole) and a new HITS sponsor, the message is all about what happens behind the scenes before competitive horses and riders ever ride a course. View the video at “Many of us in the equine group at Merial compete, so we understand the kind of effort, dedication and commitment it takes to be successful,” says Beckie Peskin, senior product manager, Equine, Merial. “There is one aspect of showing horses that is common to everyone – the amount of work it takes behind the scenes and the desire to win. That’s what we wanted to capture in this video.” Horse enthusiasts know winning in the ring depends heavily on a very lopsided ratio of preparation hours to actual showing hours. They also know that being successful comes as a result of a comprehensive approach to competing. And part of that approach includes a health care regimen that lays the groundwork for horses to perform at 100 percent. “Horses competing at the level of the HITS shows are incredible athletes,” says Megan Green, DVM, manager, equine and large animal veterinary services, Merial. “Keeping them healthy, happy and sound so they can be at their best is foremost on every competitor’s and trainer’s mind.”

The Spa is conveniently located on the far end of the Go Rentals VIP Club. All VIP patrons receive exclusive discounts on spa services, including massage therapy, peels, masks, laser and LED light treatments. The HITS pop-up Skin Style location of the celebrated Beverly Hills medispa has experienced a tremendous and encouraging response from the horse show community. HITS was also delighted to distribute and share with its VIP table patrons full-size products from the new luxury unisex skin care line Retrouvé, one of the horse show sponsors this year. Spa clients are also pampered with Retrouvé skincare formulations at the completion of facial treatments, where Retrouvé samples will also be available. For information or to make reservations, contact Chris Mayone at Chris@

Because two out of three nonracing competitive horses have been shown to have equine stomach ulcers, Green recommends an overall health care strategy that includes ulcer prevention. “Even though these horses are accustomed to a show schedule and all the training, traveling and new places that entails, they still can be under stress, which can lead to the development of ulcers,” she says. To help prevent ulcers from occurring, horse owners can administer ULCERGARD for a couple of days prior to and during competition. ULCERGARD is the only proven and FDA-approved product for the prevention of equine stomach ulcers. Ensuring horses have the stomach to win is just one component of a winning strategy. Visit for more information. Proven to effectively prevent gastric ulcers in horses exposed to stressful conditions when administered for 8 or 28 days. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: ULCERGARD can be used in horses that weigh at least 600 pounds. Safety in pregnant mares has not been determined. ®ULCERGARD is a registered trademark of Merial. ©2015 Merial, Inc., EQUIUGD1510 (01/15)

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Help Is Available for Today’s Investors These are confusing days for investors. For example, on the one hand, we hear about how anemic this economic recovery has been. But on the other hand, the major stock market indices – usually pretty good indicators of how the economy is doing – have hit record highs this year. Who can blame investors for scratching their heads? The top strategists at Wells Fargo Advisors have issued a new report titled, “Ten Things Investors Should Know Today.” Here are examples of what it covers: Corporate America is still strong. Although it’s true the recovery has been frustratingly slow for the most part, it appears corporate America has “got it” and has figured out how to generate profits in this slow growth/ low inflation environment by becoming leaner and more efficient in recent years. These efforts have paid off, and as a result, corporate earnings have hit record highs this year. Stock prices appear in line with earnings. Stocks have reached record highs just as corporate earnings have hit new record levels. Investors tend to gravitate toward companies that generate profits. How much they’re willing to pay for those profits is gauged by a company’s price/earnings, or P/E, ratio. As the name suggests, the P/E ratio is simply the stock’s price divided by the company’s earnings per share. The higher the ratio, the more expensive the stock is considered to be. Going back to 1986, investors have been willing to pay $16.70 for each dollar of earnings. In other words, the median P/E for the S&P 500® for that period is 16.7. As of the end of this year’s second quarter, the P/E for the S&P 500 was only slightly higher than 16.7, which suggests stock prices are in line with corporate earnings. Most investors’ results fall short of the market. It seems many investors believe the key to success can be found in

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how they respond to day-to-day market activity. Unfortunately, studies have shown most investors’ actual results fall short – substantially – of the overall market. What are they doing wrong? Historically, one mistake many investors have made has been to allow their emotions to cloud their decision-making. For example, they have panicked and sold when the market has declined and then were too slow to get back into the market in time to participate in its recovery. Rather than attempting to time the market, the report recommends investors consider having an investment plan with an asset allocation designed to help them work toward their long-term goals with a level of risk they’re comfortable with. Asset allocation is how a portfolio is divided up among different types of investments, primarily stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives. Although there are no guarantees, especially in a declining market, asset allocation can help reduce a portfolio’s volatility over time. Instead of buying and selling based on today’s market news, the report recommends sticking with your plan, periodically rebalancing your portfolio back to your target allocations, and adjusting your plan when you experience a significant life event – a birth, marriage, death, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about these and other issues, you can get a complimentary copy of our “Ten Things Investors Should Know Today” report by contacting me at Antonio G. Coppola 866.810.6917 | Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.

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2015 TUFFRIDER/EQUINE COUTURE MID-CIRCUIT AWARDS - THERMAL DESERT CIRCUIT HORSE OWNER RIDER Low Hunter Ch Campari Helen Mc Evoy Hope Glynn Res Falcon Sabrina Hellman Nick Haness training Hunter Ch WT Who Knew Katie Lee Hope Glynn Res Veritas Rebecca Bradley Hope Glynn HITS HunTer Ch Corason Suzanne Jain Suzanne Jain Res Ransom Alivia Hart Alivia Hart BABy green Hunter Ch Croquet Robin Kellogg Shelley Campf Res Kismet Sabrina Hellman Ned Glynn adequan Hunter Ch Chacco Boy Hannah Erickson Jamie Taylor Res Ciao Jane Fraze Peter Lombardo Pre-green Hunter 3’ Ch Falcon Sabrina Hellman Nick Haness Res Foreign Affair Hiller Farms LLC John French Pre-green Hunter 3’3” Ch West Lane Jaz Creek, Inc. Buddy Brown Res Small Talk Catherine Runk Rose Carver First Year green Hunter Ch Countdown Sachi Kawabata Nick Haness -Porto Res Social Hour Laura Strasburg John Bragg second Year green Hunter Ch Zaretina Emma Waldfogel Jamie Taylor Res Saphir West Coast Equine Nick Haness Partners LLC green conFormation Ch Sable Road Balmoral Carleton Brooks Res Playlist Alexandra Zell Shelley Campf HigH PerFormance working Hunter Ch Dealmaker West Coast Equine Tommi Clark Partners LLC Res Dinner For Two Rebecca Reyes Hugh Mutch PerFormance Hunter 3’6” - 3’9” Ch Ivory Coast West Coast Equine Nick Haness Partners LLC Res Cipriani Claire Follmer Jamie Taylor PerFormance Hunter 3’3” Ch Zapateada Briana Sukert Jenny Karazissis Res Tache Rouge Janie Andrew Peter Lombardo reguLar conFormation Hunter Ch y Wonder y Teton Farms LLC Carleton Brooks Res Academy Award Mary-Kathryn Dick Peter Lombardo amateur-owner Hunter 18-35 Ch King’s Peak Emma Waldfogel Emma Waldfogel Res Zaretina Emma Waldfogel Emma Waldfogel amateur-owner Hunter 36 & over Ch MTM Inside Mr & Mrs Didi MacKenzie Scoop Ken Mackenzie Res Ivory Coast West Coast Equine Gail Ellis Partners LLC amateur-owner Hunter 18-35 3’3” Ch Countdown Sachi Kawabata Sachi Kawabata -Porto -Porto Res Norwegian Wood Sierrah Gonzalez Sierrah Gonzalez amateur-owner Hunter 36 & over 3’3” Ch Brent Bernadette Mulliken Bernadette Mulliken Res MTM Do Right Mr & Mrs Didi MacKenzie Ken Mackenzie aduLt Hunter 18-35 Ch Carinja 14 OrChard Hill Farm Samantha Sommers Res TypeCast Homestead Sybil Rose Lane Farm aduLt Hunter 36-45 Ch Chasing Fireflies Lori Johnston Jihan Murad Res Brisinger Jihan Murad Jihan Murad aduLt Hunter 46-55 Ch Buddha Spartan Stables Pam Theodosakis Res Serantino Pamela Moellenhoff Pamela Moellenhoff aduLt Hunter 56 & over Ch Patton Marion Lowry Marion Lowry Res Maldini Star Lane Farms INC Gail Horrigan smaLL Junior Hunter 15 & under Ch Krave Mountain Home Hunter Siebel Stables Res Red Rooster Mountain Home Hunter Siebel Stables smaLL Junior Hunter 16-17 Ch Fine design Laura Wasserman Ransome Rombauer Res Autumn Lane Eugenie Kilb Eugenie Kilb Large Junior Hunter 15 & under Ch Nonchalant Tylor Nowell Tylor Nowell Res Cansas Grady Lyman Grady Lyman Large Junior Hunter 16-17 Ch Wish List Kaitlyn Van Kaitlyn Van Konynenburg Konynenburg Res Verdana Magnolia Farms Mikayla Stuart Junior Hunter Low 3’3” Ch Undeniable Hope Town Farms Noah Cyrus Res Czechers Gretchen Draper Gretchen Draper cHiLdren’s Hunter 13 & under Ch Manhattan Laura Strasburg Brooke Morin Res Fine Design Kaitlyn Lovingfoss Kaitlyn Lovingfoss

14 | HITS News Weekly

HORSE OWNER cHiLdren’s Hunter 14-17 Ch Askarii Laura Brown Res Guest List Katerina Baney cHiLdren’s Hunter PonY Ch Salt Water Taffy Kaitlyn Lovingfoss Res Goldhills Marquee Lauren Flather sm/med green PonY Hunter Ch Small Suggestion Iwasaki & Reilly Res Small Addition Iwasaki & Reilly Large green PonY Hunter Ch Kingston Ava Peck Res Small Soldier Iwasaki & Reilly smaLL PonY Hunter Ch Bit of Laughter Iwasaki & Reilly Res Wink And Smile Virginia Bonnie medium PonY Hunter Ch Madeline Laura Strasburg Res Small Suggestion Iwasaki & Reilly Large PonY Hunter Ch Party Favor Laura Strasburg Res Kingston Ava Peck sHort stirruP Hunter - Horse Ch My Way Morning Star Sporthorses, LLC Res Jackie-O Heidi Klingler sHort stirruP Hunter - PonY Ch Maddox Paige Walker Res Heavenly Patch Kellie Purfoy of Blue Pre-cHiLd Hunter Horse Ch Riesling John Bragg Res A Secret Keeley Poloni Agent Man Pre-aduLt Hunter Ch San Francisco Linda Barker Res Theodore Joann Goltermann tHermaL cHiLd Hunter 2’3” Ch Riesling John Bragg Res Le Co Q As Woodgrove Farm tHermaL aduLt Hunter 2’3” Ch Andiamo Shabe Behzadpour Res Sailaway Bonnie Moe modiFied cHiLd Hunter Ch Captivated Emmeline Sears Res Santos Pamela Moellenhoff modiFied aduLt Hunter Ch Hide your Heart Danielle Kaiser Res Evoque Jennifer Boyce Hits cHiLd Hunter 2’9” Ch Idyllic Idyllic Imports Res SGT. Pepper Caroline Goodman Hits aduLt Hunter 2’9” Ch Valor Cindy Lyons Ch D’Anconia Copper Patricia Perry modiFied Jr/am Hunter 3’3” Ch Zapateada Briana Sukert Res Sprinkle Emily Winkler scHooLing PonY Hunter - smaLL Ch Wink And Smile Virginia Bonnie Res Wicklyn’s Patricia Beary Blue Scarab scHooLing PonY Hunter - medium Ch Always Happy Brooke Morin Res Madeline Laura Strasburg scHooLing PonY Hunter - Large Ch Party Favor Laura Strasburg Res Champagne Madison England Wishes Long stirruP Hunter - Horse Ch Genias Sophia Von Henkle Res Wild Spirit Pot Creek Meadow Farm LeveL 4 JumPer Ch Legacy Makayla Barta Res Godspeed Kristy Gregg aduLt JumPer 18-35 Ch Boulahrouz Shannon Becker Res Gibraldie Nadia Tanner aduLt JumPer 36-49 Ch Lara 368 Troy Christiansen Res Hologram Bonnie Edmonds aduLt JumPer 50 & over Ch Musketeer Blue Meadows, LLC Res Cassius Blue Meadows, LLC cHiLd JumPer 15 & under Ch Cavaliers Creed Karen Shurtz Res Irco Dento Savannah Roberts cHiLd JumPer 16-17 Ch TouCh of Luck Carly Stacey Res Indian Creek’s Kelsy Van Ackeran Mighty Magic aduLt JumPer Low Ch Sir Blue Haley Farms, LLC Res Galileo Lori Bidwell cHiLd JumPer Low Ch Tindari Olivia Schneider Res Kangaroo Lauren Enz-Bowlus

RIDER Lauren Burke Katerina Baney Augusta Iwasaki Lauren Flather Augusta Iwasaki Augusta Iwasaki Ava Peck Augusta Iwasaki Augusta Iwasaki Virginia Bonnie Brooke Morin Augusta Iwasaki Brooke Morin Augusta Iwasaki Bailey Rose Heidi Klingler Evelyn Walker Shiloh Roseboom Jackson Hinz Keeley Poloni Jen Bell Joann Goltermann Jackson Hinz Katie Lee Shabe Behzadpour Bonnie Moe Emmeline Sears Anna Moellenhoff Rachel Jacobs Jennifer Boyce Eva Chiocchetti Caroline Goodman Cindy Lyons Patricia Perry Briana Sukert Emily Winkler Virginia Bonnie Sarah Coker Brooke Morin Brooke Morin Brooke Morin Madison England Sophia Von Henkle Laurelann Burke Julia Madigan Kristy Gregg Shannon Becker Kelley Meredith Troy Christiansen Bonnie Edmonds Leslie Cox Leslie Cox Kaelyn Shurtz Savannah Roberts Haley Wright Lara Shelokov Kathleen Butler Duncan Peters Olivia Schneider Sophia Siegel

HORSE OWNER modiFied cHiLd/aduLt JumPer Ch Mason Jackie Chipman Res Pikador Brenna Puckett LeveL 5 JumPer Ch Lion Heart DP Racing LLC Res Charlie Antonio Ramos LeveL 6 JumPer Ch Cavarola Spruce Meadows LLC Res Wender Hester Equestrian LLC LeveL 7 JumPer Ch Karino 445 Alix Fargo Ch S.F. Ariantha Olivia Cox-Fill amateur JumPer Low Ch Chawi De Laubry Mountain Home Stables Res BiscoCho Nancy Shurtleff amateur-owner JumPer medium Ch Shima Jackie Herod Res Vintovara Julia Madigan amateur-owner JumPer HigH Ch Contact Andrew Chang Res Convaro MiChelle Kerivan Junior JumPer Low Ch Dulce de Abbygale Funk Leche SCF Res Powder Day Lusa Olle Junior JumPer medium Ch Cayman Kera McCandless Res Estelle Anna Ishiyama Junior JumPer HigH Ch NKH Barbosa Alexandra Ozymy Res Quintana 57 Sarah Baz Res E-Unanime Monarch De La Haie International YJc 6 Year-oLds Ch Juweel Van Maarle Sabine Cooper Res CCF Caramel Dana B Nemeth YJc 7 Year-oLds Ch VEX Cassandra VEX Sporthorse LTD Res Ohlala Z Monarch International

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Vol. 3 No. 1


pectator Parking

Barn 11 / FEI

Grand Prix Schooling


New this year, HITS, Inc. is inviting clients to make HITS Post Time Farm in Ocala, Florida, or HITS Desert Horse Park in Thermal, California, theirVIPpermanent or semi-permanent home GoRentals Club with Custom Barns that will be available at each locationHorse for Crossing the Hunter 2015-2016 show seasons. Jumper Schooling

Vendor Area


Ring 1

Veterinary & Farrier

Barn 13

Barn 15

Barn 12

Barn 14 Equipment Storage

Hay Storage

Tent 28

Barn 10

Jumper Ring 2


Barn 9 Barn 8 Barn 7

Tent 25

Barn 6

Jumper Ring 3

Tent 43

Tent 30

Tent 42

Tent 31

Tent 41


Tent 40


Snack Bar & Restrooms

Barn 5


Tent 33

Tent 24

Barn 4

YOUR Tent 23 CUSTOM BARN Tent 22 Barn 13 HERE

Barn 3 Barn 2 Barn 12

Tent 39 Tent 38

Tent 34 Barn 6

Tent 35

Tent 37

Vet & Blacksmith

Stabling Entrance

Tent 21

Barn 1

Car Parking

Past Line

Exhibitor Car Parking

Tent 7

Tent 36 Tent 5

Barn 11

Jumper Schooling

HITS Souvenirs

Show Office

Hunter Schooling

Crossing Hunterthe best options available.Horse “We want to give our clients That RingHITS 5 includes the ability to make home, throughout the show Staff season and year-round. Through this opportunity, our clients will Parking Hunter Jumper have a centrally located base with barns that are customizable Ring 6 Ring 4 for their needs, and that offer – as with all HITS products – the best equine amenities available,” said HITS President and CEO Hunter Thomas Struzzieri. Ring 7 No Vehicles

Tent 29

Horse Crossing

Jumper Schooling

Horse Crossing


Vendor Area



Hunter Schooling

Outside Course

Press Conference Room Media Office &


With the new private barns, exhibitors and trainers have opportunity to have a barnHunter on HITS property that is more like Ring 2 way one likes – and have it to home. Barns can be set up any come back to year after year, customized to the needs of a client Hunter or business. If clients want to stay longer than just the show Ring 3 season, they can now do so, as it’s theirs 12 months of the year. And even if only used duringHunter the show seasons, private barns can make ones stay as home-like Ringas 4 possible.

Ring 1

HITS DeSerT HorSe Park | THermal, Ca

Jumper Schooling

Vendor Area

HITS Debuts Grand New Barns for 2015-2016 Show Season PrixPrivate Stadium Jumper

Car Parking

Tent 4

Barn 20

House 3

Barn 7

Paddocks Fields

Grand Prix Schooling

HITS Post Time Farm | Kristen Vale-Mosack |


Jumper 1



House 4

Jumper 1 Schooling


NO Ship-In or Trai

Barn 19

Coutesy of MD Barn Master

Vol. 3 No. 1


NW 137th Ave

HITS Desert Horse Park | Asia Manning | Or call our Corporate Office at 845-246-8833

Barn 9 Main Hunter Ring


Barn 18

For information on pricing, options, and customization, interested clients should contact us as follows:


Barn 16

tInsect misting system.

Hunter Schooling

Tent 8

Tent 8-1 Entranc 1 e

tBathroom, laundry room, feed room

Barn 17

Tent 10 Barn 8


t12 x 12 foot tack rooms

Tent 11

Tent 9


t40 by 80 foot paddocks with fourboard fencing

State Route 326

t12 x 12 foot stalls with rubber mats

Barn 15


tRubber paver aisles

HITS PoST TIme Farm | oCala, Fl

tCenter aisle barns with doors

Barn 10

Main Entrance

Barns are available on a five-year lease and can be built with 24 or more stalls. Features include:

Barn 14

Airport Boulevard

HITS News Weekly | 15

THE OAK GROUP OF WELLS FARGO ADVISORS Serving The Wealth Management Needs of Families And Institutions

Investment & Retirement Planning Investment Advisory/Risk Management Estate Investment and Philanthropic Planning Insurance and Long Term Care Planning Antonio G. Coppola, Associate Vice President-Investments Gary Ben-Ezra, CFA, Senior Vice President-Investments Anthony A. Kaplan, Managing Director-Investment Officer Ryan Peek, Senior Vice President-Investments Anthony Wojda, Financial Consultant Jennifer Nelson, Senior Client Associate 2649 South Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 845-483-7951 866-810-6917 WWW.OAKGROUP.WFADV.COM


Investment and insurance products: NOT FDIC-Insured Katie Cook and Symphony

NO Bank Guarantee

MAY Lose Value

wells Fargo advisors, LLc, member siPc, is a registered broker-dealer and a ŠFlying Horse Photography separate non-bank affiliate of wells Fargo & company

Calendar of Events Desert Circuit | Thermal


Feb. 17-22



Ocala Masters

HITS-on-the-Hudson | Saugerties

Feb. 17-22



$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix

$33,500 HITS Desert Classic


Winter Circuit | Ocala


$50,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix CSI-W2*



$30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix



Feb. 24 - Mar. 1






Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final

Ocala Tournament Feb. 24 - Mar. 1


$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix



Sep. 2-6

Stal Hendrix $25,000 Pre-Green Futurity

$50,000 HITS Grand Prix


HITS Championship 2015





Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final Vetera Vaccines速 XP $250,000 Junior/ Amateur-Owner Jumper Prix Saugerties $1 Million Grand Prix, presented by Wells Fargo

$50,000 Ring Power Grand Prix

$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix



Ocala Winter Finals

Mar. 3-8

$15,000 UltrOz Level 8 Jumper



$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix


Parade of Champions $50,000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix


Mar. 3-8



$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix


Saturday Sunday

$50,000 CardFlex Grand Prix




$25,000 SmartPak Wild Card Grand Prix


$15,000 UltrOz Level 8 Jumper $25,000 California Horsetrader Junior/ Amateur-Owner $50,000 East Challenge






AIG $1 Million Grand Prix, presented by MortgageCall

Vol. 3 No. 1


$50,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix

Introducing the all-new

Ocala Winter Celebration Mar. 10-15



14 $50,000 East Challenge

Saturday Meets



$25,000 U-Dump Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic

Mar. 10-15



$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix

$15,000 UltrOz Level 8 Jumper



$25,000 Marshall & Sterling/Team Barber Child/Adult Jumper Classic



$100,000 Sullivan GMC Truck Grand Prix, presented by Great American Insurance Group

Ocala Championship


Mar. 17-23


$25,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix Horseware Ireland Parade of Circuit Champions Great American $1 Million Grand Prix

HITS News Weekly | 17

HITS News Weekly Vol. 3 No. 1  

HITS Desert Circuit coverage from Thermal, California.

HITS News Weekly Vol. 3 No. 1  

HITS Desert Circuit coverage from Thermal, California.