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national certificate in


cutting Level 5

advanced cutting Advanced Cutting is the perfect opportunity to develop and improve your cutting skills, building on what you’ve already got. • Gain skills you can use immediately, both in the salon and on the competition floor. • Improve your presentation abilities • Learn how to put together a top quality portfolio • Improve both your profile and profile of your salon. All our graduates say their confidence in their abilities has improved, and they feel more inspired and invigorated than they did before. It’s a talking point with clients, encourages teamwork, promotes better understanding of assessments and gives them knowledge to share with their colleagues. If you’re not sure about your eligibility, please call us on (04) 499 1180.

who is it for? To apply for this programme, you must already hold a National Certificate in Hairdressing or its’ equivalent. Our learners come from a variety of backgrounds, and all of them recommend this programme for newly graduated apprentices. It’s perfect for anyone training staff or who has been in the industry for a couple of years.

“The best part of this course was the sense of accomplishment I received. All the work I put in putting together my portfolio, doing the research, getting inspiration together, and creating a look for my model was immensely rewarding.” VICKI MCCLIMONT, ADVANCED CUTTING GRADUATE

“I would recommend this qualification and course to anyone who is a hairdresser and needs motivation or wants to expand and go more in-depth into their cutting skills.” CHARLOTTE COLTHURST, ADVANCED CUTTING GRADUATE

what do you learn? Advanced cutting is a thoroughly modern online learning programme. Many of our graduates found that challenging, but immensely rewarding. Our graduates achieve: •

Improved cutting skills

Knowledge of current trends and the ability to predict future ones

The ability to apply to apply these trends in their work

Confidence in presenting a haircut to a live audience

Research and portfolio development skills

The programme will help you form your ideas about future fashion trends, create style guides when developing your portfolio work and demonstrate your ideas to your colleagues.

“It was great being able to talk to hairdressers from all over New Zealand, from right down in the South Island to right up North. There’s such a wealth of information we could share.”

You might even feel reinvigorated WORK BY PAUL SKIDMORE

online learning system You will use our online learning system to take part in discussion forums with hairdressers across New Zealand where you will share your ideas in a community discussion. The website is easy to navigate, and we will give you all the login details when you apply. Think of it as Facebook for learning new skills. The requirements are simple. You must have one of the following browsers installed on your computer: •

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer 8 or above

HITO can’t guarantee that the online learning system will work with any other browsers. As you progress, you will be able to ask for help and support from your peers and from HITO. Top New Zealand hairdressers will also make appearances on the forums to help you out and answer any questions.

“I was nervous at first about the online aspect of the programme as I’m not that techno savvy. I found the process was great though – I was surprised at how easy the website was to access and to find your way around. I received amazing support from HITO as well” VICKI MCCLIMONT, ADVANCED CUTTING GRADUATE

qualification details The National Certificate in Hairdressing (Advanced Cutting) is a Level 5 qualification made up of 3 unit standards for a total of 40 credits. All of the standards in this qualification are compulsory because they outline the skills and knowledge required of someone competent in advanced cutting. This qualification builds on the National Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist). Qualification Structure: Unit





26232 Create a portfolio of advanced haircuts and styles







Research, present, and analyse a portfolio of advanced haircuts and styles reflecting current and emerging trends

Perform a platform presentation of an advanced haircut and style in front of an audience

cost & duration Advanced Cutting costs $750. There may be some extra costs in developing pictures and hiring equipment for your platform presentation. The programme should take six months to complete. We recommend that you set two hours aside a week to do research and online work. Set deadlines to achieve goals and stay on track.


hear from our graduates Hear first-hand why our graduates recommend the course:

“The course will undoubtedly help with my photographic and video work. It elevated and improved my skills and helped me be a better trainer. I can pass on knowledge to current and future employees. This course makes you a better all-round hairdresser.” IVAN SHEW, FRENZ HAIR DESIGN.

“The course helped me get my confidence back in fashion forecasting and on the competition floor. Anyone feeling stagnant in the industry should do this course. I feel reinvigorated, and it has helped me get my spark back.” PAUL SKIDMORE, PREMIER HAIRDRESSING ACADEMY.

“The course definitely helped me with developing new ideas and looking for inspiration. I am constantly being inspired now, and I am also really motivated.” CHARLOTTE COLTHURST, CHARLOTTE DAWN HAIRDRESSING.

“I would definitely recommend Advanced Cutting to anybody who is looking to update their skills. It is a great confidence booster for someone who has done their National Certificate to gain more confidence.” HEIDI CHRISTIAN, WAIKATO SCHOOL OF HAIRDRESSING.


national certificate in


cutting Level 5

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Advanced cutting L5 Brochure  
Advanced cutting L5 Brochure  

Advanced Cutting is the perfect opportunity to develop and improve your cutting skills, building on what you’ve already got. • Gain skills...